oh wait you already did that when you got hooked into monster hunter

Magnetic Chapter 2: No Place to Hide

Dean Winchester x Reader

2000 Words

Summary: After your hunt was messed up, you’re ready to leave town. But you stop for a drink first, running into someone you had hoped to never see again.

Catch Up: Chapter 1

Still fuming after your run in with those two ridiculously tall, handsome and annoying men, you quickly cleaned out your hotel room, planning on skipping town as soon as possible. There was nothing holding you to this place, and you were ready to move on, to find another hunt to take your mind off of the fact that you were alone, and would always be that way.

That’s why that handsome blockhead’s words stung so much. Because you didn’t hunt with anyone, you hadn’t let anyone get close to you since your Dad had died all those years ago. You didn’t want to open your heart, only to have another monster come and make it hurt once again. It was easier being alone.

It was then you made the rash decision to pull into the bar at the edge of town. One beer wouldn’t hurt, and hopefully it would mellow the mood you were in.

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Request: Hey your blog is realy cool! Could you maybe write one where reader is a huge nerd ? And dean really likes that? Including a lil smut?🤘🏻 – @dauntlessbookgeek

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut

Word Count: 3304

ARGH. I’m sorry I haven’t posted, please blame my exams. But here, alas, I finished one! It’s fluffy, and smutty, and nerdy. 

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

It was around 6 when you woke up. It was quite early and Sam must be out on his morning run already and Dean, Dean’s obviously still asleep. You trotted to the kitchen and grabbed a fruit and some yogurt and went back to your room to eat peacefully as you placed a book in front of you. You engulfed yourself in the little bubble until soft knocks were heard a little over an hour after.

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The Kids Are Alright - Part 3

Word Count: 2742

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, bad smut.

A/N: Told you I couldn’t write it. 

Series Rewrite Masterlist

Sam held up the flamethrower and a lighter but the Changeling Mom kicked the lighter from his hand before kicking him again and throwing punches to his face. When she was satisfied she’d beaten him enough she flung him across the room. He landed with a hard crash right next to you. Dean was back on his feet, charging her with a 2x4, but she was too quick. She threw one punch and knocked Dean back to the ground.

“Ben, get them out of here!” Dean yelled. Ben immediately helped the kids up and through the window, putting an empty bucket in front of it as a step. Dean got back up on his knees and grabbed a brick, beating the Changeling Mom with it. You silently got up and crept over to Sam’s lighter and flamethrower, lighting it and standing behind her. Dean continued to fight with her and got ahold of her long enough for you to set her on fire, burning her to a crisp.

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dean/cas fic: The Great Outdoors (2,6k, nsfw)

The Great Outdoors; 2.6k, nsfw, first time.

Written for the Destiel Smut Brigade Summer Challenge Fic Dump. My prompt was camping.


“Are you sure that goes there?” Dean asks.

“Yes,” Cas replies, but he pauses for a few seconds, splitting a frown between Dean and the tent pole in his hand. “Reasonably sure, anyway.”

“That doesn’t look right.”

“Well, it is.”

“How do you know? The instructions are in French.”

“I can read French,” Cas points out. He’s wearing Dean’s brown and yellow flannel, and the collar is crooked, sticking up at the back of his neck. “Besides, the diagrams are very clear.”

Dean snorts; the diagrams look like stick-figures drawn by a drunk person. He snaps together the pole in his hand and drops it on the ground with the rest of them, then glances around the campsite, watching out for the other campers. There are only two groups nearby: a family of four set up about a hundred yards deeper into the valley, and two chicks in a tiny tent tucked right up against the mountain. The family left for a hike shortly after Dean and Cas arrived, and the chicks disappeared into their tent about the same time and haven’t come out. Dean thinks they’re on a date. He doesn’t see the romance in a weekend of bad food and no showers, but they look like they’re college-aged. They probably can’t swing any alone time without sexiling their roommates.

“No one’s looking,” he tells Cas. “Why don’t you just –” he flaps his hand around “– you know.”

Cas shrugs, his mouth thinning, and Dean immediately wants to kick himself. Cas’ grace has been a touchy subject since Hannah sealed off heaven. He still has it, and he can still use it, but sometimes it acts a little wonky. Dean doesn’t really understand it, except that some days Cas is just more plugged into the matrix than others.

“We’re supposed to be… roughing it,” Cas says. “Isn’t constructing your shelter part of the experience?”

Dean snorts again. He fucking hates camping; he’s not interested in any part of the experience. He still doesn’t understand how he landed the Daniel Boone portion of this hunt. Sam’s the one who goes on early-morning runs so he can commune with nature or whatever, but right now he’s playing federal agent, either at the ranger’s station or the frat house. Somewhere with a roof and walls and electricity and running water.

“That still doesn’t look right.”

“You’re more than welcome to help me,” Cas says, offering him a pole.

“Come on, dude. I don’t know where that goes.”

“You should. Sam said you two have been camping before.”

“Not really,” Dean says, shaking his head. They went on a few camping trips as kids, but they’d all been thinly-disguised hunts. They’d stayed in creepy, tumbledown cabins for all but one; that time, his dad had handled the tent and the fire. “Not like this.”

“Here,” Cas says, shoving a limp handful of tent material at him. “Just hold this. I can’t see what I’m doing when it’s on the ground.”

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It’s Only A Game

A/N: This is for the zodiac writing challenge. I’m not going to lie, I had a bit of a tough time getting this started, but, even so, I’m happy with the way it turned out.

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Angst, Language

Word Count: 2,763

Italics are the flashbacks.

You and Dean were bed buddies. Translation: When in a shitty motel room, you always shared a bed with Dean, and occasionally, after an adrenaline-fueled hunt, you’d use each other as release. That’s how it’d been for six years, and that’s how you had intended it to stay. 

But your mind had a different plan.

It started with the damnedest thing. You had zoned out, and he just happened to be the focal point. It was then you realized, while watching his lips wrap around the mouth of the beer bottle and his brow drop in concentration as he surfed the web for a case, that he was beautiful. I mean, sure, you had always known that. Hell, everyone did, but something about the simplicity of him in that moment hit you upside the head like a wake up call. You saw him in a different light, and now everything he did was new and exciting. Now, when you watched him prop his feet up on the table, leaning back in his chair as he had done thousands of times before, it was unfamiliar, but the only difference was the way it affected you. Racing pulse, dry mouth, sleepless nights were all symptoms of a crush you’d never experienced before. Or at least, not so powerfully.

“Crush”… God, you hated putting you and that word in the same sentence. It sounded so immature and young. But that’s what it was; a ridiculous schoolgirl crush.

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