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AOS 4x18: Through A Child’s Eyes


  • Blanket fort
  • Easter Candy
  • Pillow to scream into
  • Tissues
  • Daisy Funko
  • Lets do this!

And here we go!

  • The Truth Behind Fitz!  MOMMY!!!!!
  • Mace/Coulson
    • Well done Mace
    • So and accent!!!!
    • Who?! Trip?!  Please be Trip!
    • Be nice to Jemma!
    • He has been brainwashed so shut up
    • Super Jump!
    • I love these two
    • AHH!
  • Daisy/Fitz
    • Fitz now is not the time for our hair
    • Its DOCTOR jemma says that
    • BJ!!!!  BJ!!! HE”S  TRIP!  MOMMY!  TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  MOM TRIP!
    • Yeah we need to get you to Jemma.
    • Come on Fitz…no!
    • Doctor Fitz needs to go!
  • May
    • Yes, dwell on the past! Wake up!
    • Oh no…no…no may…crap!
    • You have something to lose and his name is Phil!
    • Crap
  • Playground
    • Mack!
    • Yeah where is Hope
    • Mom is she not there, if Hydra has her this is bad
    • Can’t imagine why she doesn’t like you
  • Coulson/Jemma
    • Yeah risking his life…mommy I have a bad feeling.  Jason was all scruffy at Wondercon.
    • Ward is evil
    • HA! HIves!  
    • Wow Jemma, honesty
    • Yeah ITS DOCTOR!  Oh man like Fitz…oh…Fitzsimmons need each other
  • Hydra labs
    • Crap that is the bad stuff
    • Hey isn’t that guy from another season
    • Oh HYDE
    • NO MAY! No smiling that stuff is bad!
  • Jemma/Mace
    • T Shirts, you said that dude
    • Ward looks confused
    • Really well, you had her kidnapped
    • No, No, No, and no
    • Mom…we are learning to much about him
    • Quiet Ward
    • Yeah he wouldn’t, he’s been brainwashed
    • You two leave her alone!
    • She needs her Fitz!
  • Fitz/AIDA
    • Boo HISS there better not be any kissing
    • She persisted mommy!!!!  the Womans March (that’s my baby)
    • No no no touching
  • Fitz/Daisy
    • She called her Daisy!
    • Yeah you be mouthy
    • AIDA your nuts
    • You tell her Radcliffe!
    • PIKACHU!
    • Oh no! AIDA
    • No
    • no
    • no no nonononon!
    • AIDA you are….screaming into pillow
    • Ohhh you can bring him back!
    • Giving people what they want is a lie
  • Playground
    • Mommy THE BUS is back! Its just not like the last one
    • Ohh Backstory!
    • Wait I need backstory!
    • Oh man…this is gonna hurt…
    • Hope
    • Jemma go get the book…dang it
    • Awesome undercover Coulson
  • Fitz
    • ANTIQUE…. TRIP!  Trip used old stuff!!!
    • Mom…who is this
    • Had to pause for screaming into pillow
    • HIS DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Yes be conflicted!  Come on Fitz!
    • He knows about the woman…JEMMA JEMMA HE’S THINKING OF JEMMA
    • Tea..that is Jemma’s thing…
    • I dont’ like him
  • Prison
    • Dun dun dun Undercover Coulson
    • BAKSHI!!!!
    • OH they are hiding in the body bags…ew
  • Radcliffe
    • Poor Radcliffe
    • He’s so sad
    • He’s being controlled and she was already dead
    • Yeah AIDA changed him!
    • Yeah please be a backdoor
    • She can’t destroy it!
    • Safeguard…daisy you need to know about the safeguards
  • Fitz’s
    • He’s proud he’s the Doctor
    • He’s showing remorse
    • Shut up Fitz’s Dad
    • SHUT UP!
    • Let his mother out!
    • He didn’t know about the science
    • Just shut up!
    • He was awful to Fitz
    • STop telling him he loves her!  He loves JEMMA
    • Mom!!! Something this isn’t right…how he is saying it isn’t right!  I bet he and AIDA are working together!
    • That’s why I”m here…yeah that is why you are here to manipulate him…ranting went on for a bit…
  • Prison
    • Its a trap
    • Called it!
    • Oh its all going to blow up on them now
    • Yeah Coulson make it right
    • Hey Burrows!
    • TRIP!!! FIND TRIP!!!
    • Well done phil
    • TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • We had to pause for dancing and screaming
    • TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • THERE HE IS!
    • Yeah pictures are in those boots right mom?  Cause Trip is awesome like that!
    • Wohoo on the bus!
  • Fitz/May
    • Oh this is bad
    • Ew
    • Big needle!
    • Bad needle!
    • Oh man May!
    • This is the best episode!
  • Jemma/Mack
    • I need to see that book
    • Wow mom…this is heavy political
    • He’s a good dad
    • Leaving her is gonna suck
    • Shut it Ward
    • SHe knows you as someone else
    • You don’t want to nwo what you did
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • No! Come one! NO!
  • Prison
    • Yeap Trip is awesome!
    • YES PLANS…wait kill Inhumans
    • Oh no
    • Coulson don’t
    • No not the mission!
    • Coulson…. Stop
    • Yeah not good
    • Run Burrows!  RUN!
  • Ward/Jemma
    • Leave Mack alone
    • Jemma
    • Those people mean something to her
    • NO! Not okay! Partner
  • May Mace
    • Oh snap! (good thing she doesn’t know curse words)
    • Ahhhh!!!!!!
    • Holy COW!
  • Coulson
    • Bakshi VOICE!
  • Battle royale
    • May is MAD
    • Oh my!
    • Oh! 
    • Yeah be worried about her shooting you
    • OH Mommy!
    • Mace…he’s indestructable right
    • May…May…wake up…wake up!
    • PHIL! WAKE HER UP!  Kiss her or something!
    • PHEW! GO MACE!
    • May…oh
    • IS she waking up!!!
    • COME ON MAY!
    • No….
    • No!!
    • NO
    • NO
    • NO
    • Mommy!
    • My baby is crying
    • He’s find…he’s indestrutable mom, just wait, he’ll be fine
  • Fitz
    • Oh I hate those two, let him go!
    • Both of you get away from Fitz!
  • Real World
    • Mace isn’t dead right mom
    • Mom he’s really dead?
    • NO! MOM! HE DIED!
  • Tag
    • DAISY…May?
    • Oh
    • Did she wake up?
    • That’s it Daisy get up!
    • CRYSTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine: doing a college paper with Sam.

College!Sam x Reader

Content: Fluffy fluff

You slipped into the classroom a fraction of a second after the clock stopped tolling in the courtyard. The Professor raised an eyebrow at your flimsy half wave, but returned to writing on the whiteboard nonplussed. You flopped in your usual seat- first row closest to the door, three back. Everything about college was hectic. You opened your notebook trying to find the pen you’d haphazardly tossed between the pages in your last class. You wiped back the hair from your face casting a glance at your classmates. It was a never ending source of amazement and crushing frustration to see your fellow student body perfectly composed. Surely you weren’t the only one here that felt like they had no clue what to do…

“As I said at the beginning of the semester, you will have a group project on the assigned literature. Each group will be assigned a certain aspect of the time period to research and will be required to present it to the class.” The Professor recapped the vague recollection you had from nearly two months ago. “By now most of you have probably seen who is in your group on the website and may have even discussed the project. So, you can use this time to touch base again, go to the library, organize notes, or ask questions.”

Immediately the classroom sprung to life. Your classmates pulled together desks chatting animatedly about the book and project leaving you to feel completely isolated. You hadn’t checked the website or found your partner or talked to your partner or even seen what research you needed to do for your project. Anxiety settled in your mind sowing panic and despair in its wake, leaving you to sit as reservedly as possible to not draw attention to your failure.

“Y/n?” A soft masculine voice said your name. Apprehensively, you glanced up. A student stood by your desk, backpack slung over one shoulder.

“Um… yeah?”

The guy smiled shyly, ducking his chin down. His long bangs hid his eyes for a moment, then he lifted his head just enough to look out from under them. He glanced at the board awkwardly before meeting your eyes unwaveringly.

“Hi. I’m Sam Winchester.” He haltingly sat down in the desk in front of yours, twisting his body so he could offer his hand. “I’m your partner for the, uh, project.”

“O-oh…” You shook his hand.

“Yeah…” His expression softened with uncertainty. “You know, I tried emailing you with the address on the site, but I don’t know if it went through or…”

“I- I’ve been having trouble remembering to check my email.” You admitted lamely. “I didn’t even remember this project was coming up… sorry.”

“Yeah,” He chuckled softly ducking his head again. “I hear you. College is, uh, pretty stressful.”

“That’s for sure.” Relief cooled your worries. “I thought it was three to a group?”

“Apparently, the other person in our group hasn’t been showing up to class.” Sam explained. “The Professor said to just do it without him and let him know if he never shows up.”

“Ah, okay.” You licked your lips nervously. “I’m so sorry, but what is our project again?”

“It’s okay. I actually printed everything out.” He pulled a notebook from his bag and flipped it open to reveal several loose pages. “So, we have to research the time period specifically relating to religion at that time.”

“Did you start yet?”

“Sorta. I didn’t get a lot done because I had a midterm for another class, but why don’t we meet up at the library to work on the research?”

You agreed on a time and a place to meet once in the library fairly easily. While you were majoring in different things, it seems the academic stars aligned just right for your study session. That morning you grabbed coffee and head to the library. It was easy to spot Sam at the table on the second floor near the quiet room. He slouched in the wooden chair bent over a book. Already he had gathered quite a stack of books, which surrounded him like a barrier. A pen hung between his lips as his eyes traced the print. You sat down softly not wanting to disturb him. He didn’t seem to notice your arrival, so you slipped a book from the pile and begun to skim the contents. You were an adept reader, but this content was incredibly dense. After the first page, your mind was buzzing.

“How can you read this?” You asked torn with amazement and incredulity.

Sam shot up in his seat, eyebrows disappearing under his fringe in surprise. “Y/n! Sorry, I didn’t hear you sit down.”

You giggled. “You seemed pretty intense, so I didn’t want to say anything.”

His lips pulled back into a weak smile. “Yeah… sorry. I was… just thinking.”

You tilted your head, but changed the subject. “So, how are we doing this?”

“Okay, so… I think there’s three main points we have to address…” He began his explanation pulling out his notebook where an outline was hastily drawn out. Butterflies fluttered in your stomach every time he looked up meeting your eyes, but you pushed away the nerves more concerned with the paper at hand. He seemed to anticipate your questions and never appeared anything less than perfectly happy to talk to you when you made comments. At last, it felt something was going well.

“So, I was thinking we could pull up those pictures to have as support in our assertion here.” You suggested.

“Yeah, great.” He smiled. “Oh, you know what? I think there was some really good pictures in the records section. If we used those than it would probably look better than using the ones in the book. What do you think?”

“Sounds great.” You paused. “But don’t we need permission to access them? Our Professor’s office hours aren’t until Monday.”

Sam’s grin brimmed with playful confidence. “C’mon.”

“W-wait!” You sprung from your seat rushing to follow him.

He strode easily to the special documents section leading you straight to the window where a Grad student flipped through a book lazily. As you approached, his flicked up from the pages, but he didn’t move.

“Records are for Grad students and professors.” He droned eyes dropping back to his book.

“We actually have permission from Professor Oberman.” Sam lied, looking as relaxed as you were anxious.

The Grad student sighed pulling away from the counter to look at a clipboard hanging on the wall. “I don’t see anything here for his students. Sorry.”

He bent over the counter again, demeanor reflecting he was anything, but sorry. You glanced up at Sam. He merely licked his lips and leaned on the counter.

“C’mon, could please just check again? We asked him on Friday if it was okay. We really need this for our grade.”

If you didn’t know this was a ruse, you would have believed his earnest pleading without question. The Grad student, on the other hand, seemed less convinced. He rolled his eyes.

“Doesn’t matter how many times I look. It’s not going to change.”

Sam sighed. You started to turn away when he pulled his wallet from his back pocket. Your mouth fell open as he plucked a few bills from its confines and dropped it on the counter. The Grad student raised an eyebrow. His hand came over the money and pocketed it.

“Now can we go in?” Sam asked with a little bite to his tone.

“Why would I let you?” The Grad student replied. “Now get lost.”

“Sam…” You pulled on his sleeve. “Let’s just go.”

“Yeah… alright.”

He let you pull him away from the window, but when you turned the corner he grabbed your arm, gently stopping you. You turned to see him glancing around the wall like a spy in a movie. He turned back to you, excitement coloring his eyes.

“Okay, here’s the plan. We’ll duck under the window. I’ll distract him and press the button. You just pull open the door when the lock disengages.”

“W-wait! Sam!” You lowered your voice to a fierce whisper. “We can’t do that! We’ll get in trouble!”

“I won’t make you.” His hand squeezed your shoulder reassuringly. “But if we do, I promise I won’t let you get in trouble.”

You wavered, then muttered under your breath. “Fine, but it’s a good thing you’re cute.”

“What?” A bright grin broke over his face.

You felt your skin begin to burn. “I- I said, “Fine” like, let’s do this!”

He chuckled, bring his chin down. “Okay, sure.”

He lowered into a crouch. He peeked around the corner before signalling for you to go. You squated down awkwardly, putting a hand on the wall for balance as you went forward. You paused below the window. You could hear the faint turning of a page and adrenaline shook your nerves. You glanced back at Sam. He gave a reassuring nod. You hesitantly nodded back, moving forward again. You gingerly put a hand on the door knob, looking to Sam for the signal, then watched in avid disbelief as he snuck two books off a nearby shelf. He tossed one back at the shelf. A shadow movement came from the window as the book crashed with a startling bang. The Grad student turned to come from the back, when Sam chucked the second book over the counter into the far corner of the room. The book hit a cart sending several books falling to the ground. The Grad student jumped spinning to face the wreckage in completely confusion. Sam leaned over the counter hitting the button. You heard the metal lock disengage and yanked the door free. In an instant, Sam was at your side. He held the door letting you sneak in first.

As the door closed behind you, Sam shifted his touch to the small of your back. He urged you forward passing the office door where the bewildered Grad student picked up the fallen books. You reached the safety of the archive room, the tension immediately releasing from your body. You laughed suddenly feeling overwhelmingly giddy. Sam chuckled, grinning down at you.

“C’mon.” He took your hand. “Let’s go get those pictures.”

It was the best day at the library you had. You hung out a few more times with him, finishing up the paper and presentation over pizza and takeout. The project went well, earning a final grade of an A, but you never saw Sam again after that semester. You thought you spotted him across the campus a year later, but his hand was locked in another girl’s so you pushed on to your next class without any acknowledgment. You regretted not asking him for his number when that initial semester ended, but regrets were best left in the past, you supposed. At least, that’s what you had forced yourself to believe until you were sorting through old emails. You clicked open a thread of two unread emails, the first, a greeting and invitation to start an old class project, the second, a friendly message asking to see you again.


Here are some of my favorite pictures of people’s amazing Undertale cosplays I was able to take pictures of at Katsucon 2016. Interestingly enough, I only saw like two box Mettatons and two Mettaton NEOs, but I encountered so many EX cosplays that I actually lost track! 


(Although I guess the Frisk and Chara cosplays possibly outnumbered them. Which makes sense; all you have to do is just wear a striped shirt and be done with it. Way easier than having to deal with all that makeup and high heeled boots and only being able to see out of one eye.) 

Also, if you’re wondering what Lucina is doing in these Undertale pictures…that’s me. I was cosplaying as Lucina. XD

A Letter From A Not So Stranger | Ch. 16

AU:Karma Ashcroft has everything. She’s popular, never misses a party, and is always up to date with fashion thanks to her friend Shane. She’s a straight A student and has a perfect attendance record. She’s head of the cheerleaders with her co-captain and best friend Lauren. Her life seems perfect, other than Lauren’s who has to cope with her stepsister Amy. She is the school’s troublemaker with her best friend Liam. One day Karma receives a mysterious love letter from someone who knows a bit too much about her life.

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