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Legolas reports back to his father.

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an implied Ken and Leo moodboard requested by @jaehwaniverse [ pt. 1 ]

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Hoseok - Dope Series

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You were a boring office worker who met race car driver, Jung Hoseok, at a bar and things progressed in the backseat of his car.

Genre: Fluff | Smut
Members: Hoseok x Reader
Word count: 5179


Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook

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  • Licht enters the room looking disheveled: Sorry I was doing things.
  • Hyde, entering the room also looking disheveled: HE PUSHED ME DOWN THE FUCKING STAIRS!!

19 AUS FOR JUSTINE :: Prodigy AU [15/19]

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“…all in one place. I’m a little starstruck!”

In which the original Big Four each pick a successor that will inherit their job as Guardian when the time comes

How Will I Know (END) - Jaebum

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.”  ― Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets

Warning: slightly suggestive

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i finally clicked on ur blog and im in love w the fact that a) u like heith/hance more than k/lnce b) ur Great opinions and c) like no mentions of matt (i love pidge and want her to be w her brother but hes had like 3 lines and 2 appearanced @ vld fandom chill with only focusing on the skinny yaoimaterial boys) so Keep it Up

one time i went two days without eating any food because i didn’t want to get out of bed and when my mom gave me a hamburger i cried over it

{Reaction} EXO finding out another member is dating their sibling.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol.

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You tried your hardest to keep the fact you were dating Baekhyun a secret from Chanyeol, you really did.

The relationship started a few months back when Baekhyun asked you out with a grin and a bouquet of roses. Since then, you’ve been visiting the EXO dorms much more often, pretending like you’re really just missing your ‘brother dearest,’ but Chanyeol isn’t an idiot, and he’s noticed how Baekhyun is always lingering around you, hugging you much more now than he’s ever done. It wasn’t like you couldn’t trust Chanyeol with this information, but you couldn’t trust Chanyeol with this information. He was the most likely to accidentally spill it online, or say something in front of fans which could cause a lot of damage. But inevitably, he was going to find out, and when he did, you kind of wish you’d told him before.

Baekhyun: “We locked the door, didn’t we? I think I just heard Chanyeol downstairs.” *Pulls away from the kiss as you both sit on the sofa, his hands on your waist under your shirt.*

Chanyeol: “Hey {y/n}! Look at this awesome cat picture I f-” *eyes widen for a brief second before smirking.* “Oh… sorry, I didn’t realise you had company.”

Though honestly, Chanyeol is over the moon about the news since Baekhyun is one of his best friends and Chanyeol trusts him fully not to hurt. But oh boy if he does, Chanyeol won’t hold back.

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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You didn’t really know how Kyungsoo would react to finding out that you’re dating Chanyeol. He’s a very supportive brother, so you supposed this would apply to this situation as well.

You know that Chanyeol and Kyungsoo have a very playful relationship, something that held the line between liking and annoying each other. For a little while, you made no attempt to tell Kyungsoo, unsure how to break the news to him, there was no casual way to inform him of this development in relationship.

Somewhat luckily, you don’t need to tell Kyungsoo, he finds out on his own accord. You don’t know if this is better or worse really. (But he doesn’t seem to be too fussed about it, if anything he’s happy you’ve found someone that makes you happy.)

Kyungsoo: “I know you’re dating” *Looks at you both with a raised eyebrow*

Chanyeol: “How do you know?”

Kyungsoo: “Next time you go to shove your tongue down {y/n}’s throat make sure you’re not stood next to a window.”

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun isn’t stupid, he knows something has changed the second you come to see him after being out on the first date with Minseok the night before. He takes note of how you dance around the topic of the other members, so he plays on that, seeing who of his friends you’re trying to avoid talking about until he pins it on Minseok.

He’ll pull the confession out of you, he has his way and knows how to read you better than anyone else. He’d feel happy about the development, and excited that you’re dating someone he trusts.

Baekhyun: “Did he kiss you?”

{y/n}: “That’s private!”

Baekhyun: “Not to me, {y/n}.” *Smirking. Will take every opportunity to tease you.”

Oh Sehun

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This is probably the most nerve wracking thing you’ve ever had to do. Tell your brother that you’re dating one of his best friends.

Luhan would tell you not to worry, and that even if Sehun wasn’t too happy about it at first then he would soon come around and realise how good this development is. You weren’t so sure, so you made Luhan come with you to make this daunting confession. When you finally break the news, Sehun reacted in a sarcastic way, added a bit of banter with Luhan, but really he’s happy for you. Like Luhan said, there’s really no need to worry, because Sehun secretly finds happiness in knowing that you’re dating Luhan, knowing that Luhan is the best man for you.

Sehun: “You’re dating Luhan? I see… I have a question… who is the ‘manly’ one in this relationship?” *Smirking.*

Luhan: “That’s funny, coming from someone who can’t last longer than eleven minutes in bed.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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As expected, Yixing wasn’t bothered at all when he found out that you were dating Kim Jongin. He’d respond sweetly, more than likely giving you a hug and congratulating you on the situation, knowing how happy Jongin would make you.

He’s also the kind of person to be obvlious to certain things, such as when the bedroom door is closed he definitely shouldn’t come in. But despite all of that, he’s the sweetest and supports you through everything. If you and Jongin meet a rough patch, he isn’t going to take sides or get angry at either of you, instead he’ll just be there to support you both when you need it.

Yixing: “I only have one condition if you’re going to date him.”

{y/n}: “Which is?”

Yixing: “I’m still the best dancer you know.”

{y/n}: “Always, brother.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Jongdae will more than likely be the most whiny about the situation. He wouldn’t understand why you wanted to date Sehun of all the men you could choose from on the world.

It’s not that he’s unsupportive, but he doesn’t like the idea of change, or the thought of you two breaking up because that would more than likely cause a lot of tension. But after a while, and a lot of persuading by you, he starts to see the upside to the situation and will eventually see the best points and will do everything he can to support and help you both. But he will back away if you tw hit a rough patch, he doesn’t like being caught up in the complications.

Jongdae: “… And one more thing, if you guys dare go in my room I will have your heads.”

Sehun: “Right… noted for future reference.”

Jongdae: “What do you mean future reference? You haven’t done anything in there already have you?”

Sehun: “Uh… No?” *Terrible liar*

Jongdae: “I hate you both.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Being the sometimes maturest and oldest member of EXO, he doesn’t really have much of a reaction when you tell him that you’re dating Kyungsoo. He’d be happy for the two of you, because he knows how much you can offer for each other.

Often, after being on tour he’d let you know how Kyungsoo is doing and if he’s keeping well. Sometimes he’d call to let you know what mood Kyungsoo is in before he comes home so you can prepare him a hot drink and a movie he likes to soothe his agitated nerves or tiredness.

But Minseok isn’t always going to be so kind and considerate, sometimes he’ll let his less mature side know and tease you both, just because he loves the way you both blush.

Minseok: “Kyungsoo-ah, I know you have the power of strength, but you and I both know who’s really the strongest here. Take that as future warning if you decide to hurt {y/n}” *Smiling ‘sweetly’*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao isn’t going to hold back his annoyance when he find out you’re dating Yixing.

It’s not the fact that you’re dating Yixing that upsets him, it’s the fact that you didn’t tell him into quite a way into the relationship. He’d be annoyed and would probably give you both the silent treatment for at least a week until you persuade him to talk this out (with the help of Wu Yifan.)

Once he gets over the fact you kept it a secret from him for so long, he’d be happy for you both, and it would probably bring him and Yixing closer together once they’re seeing so much more of each other. It would also help that you all speak Chinese fluently since Tao struggles with his Korean sometimes.

Tao: “From now on, I want you to tell me everything, okay?”

{y/n}: “There’s probably a few things you don’t want to know about…”

Tao: “No, I want to know it- oh wait… yeah, I don’t want to know every detail.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Suho is really happy when he find out you’re dating Kris, mainly because he knows how much you both need a relationship.

He knows how stressful it is to be the leader of EXO, and since Kris is the leader of EXO M, Suho knows that Kris will need the support that you can offer him after long days. And likewise, he knows how hard you work as well. He knows that you’d need each other to pull through.

But we all know how savage Suho can be, so he’s going to take every opportunity to sass you both.

Suho: “Thanks {y/n}, you’ve stolen Kris from me, now I have to look after all 10 kids on my own.”

Lu Han

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Luhan isn’t really going to be bothered when you tell him that you’re dating Tao. He’d be happy for you, mainly because you didn’t steal his Xiumin Hyung.

He’d probably spend most of his time teasing you when he’s hanging out with you and Tao, just to poke fun since he knows Tao will react to it.

Luhan: “I don’t know why you date him, {y/n}, he can’t even watch scary movies without crying.”

Tao: “Hey Luhan, you should probably remember who’s the martial arts expert in here.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Jongin doesn’t notice anything is different, even when you’ve been dating Jongdae for a while, even after walking in you you both countless times in different sometimes awkward positions. (for example, that time Jongdae had you pinned against the wall, or time time you were sat on his knee, cuddling him as you watched a movie.)

When you finally break the news to Jongin, a look of realisation seems to hit him.

He is happy for you though, but he’s the best for being oblivious to things, you will get let off for so much.

Kai: “I can’t believe how loud you were.”

{y/n}: “Uh… I can explain.”

Kai: “Yeah, please do. Why would you jump on the dorm beds? They’re not bouncy castles! And if the manager finds out he won’t be happy.”

{y/n}: “You thought we were jumping on the beds?”

Kai: “Well what else would you be doing to make that much noise?”

{y/n}: “…”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Kris is going to be very happy when he finds out you’re dating Suho. But you’d be nervous confessing that to him at first as you wouldn’t know how he’d respond to this development, but in the end he reacts much better than you imagined.

Kris would tease you both undoubtedly, but most of all he’d be happy that you’re happy.

Kris: “As long as you’re happy, {y/n} then I am too.”

No Promises :: Shawn Mendes

A/N: So this is my first attempt at writing something Shawn related. I’m gonna try to keep it nameless. All these charaters and events are fictional and all thay other stuff. Tell me if it’s any good x

Today was the day.
 After three months of not seeing him let alone the two weeks of pure torture because I wasn’t able to hear his voice, he was finally coming home. For the past two weeks Shawn has been travelling for the most part, non-stop. Different countries and states and the worse reception possible while doing so. I blame the concrete dressing rooms and terrible hotel wifi but having to get a new phone card for every country doesn’t help; and this long distance thing is a pain in the ass in itself but when you can’t speak to the person you’re missing the most it’s hell.
I mean, I’m sorta glad because I’d rather him resting then staying on the phone all night but it’s been hard. Nonetheless, Shawnie is making his way home today and I can’t wait to see my boy again. I still had a whole day ahead of me before I made my way to the airport but I still got dressed as if I was going now..

Whenever Shawn had been away for an extended amount of time I always dressed cozy when picking him up because he couldn’t resist giving me a big ol’ cuddle and after three months I needed that big cuddle, so sweats and his old maroon jumper it was. I through my hair up in a small bun on my head and attempted my morning phone call with Shawn.
 "Hi Babe" his voice crackled through the phone. The line was weak but even then I could hear the smile in his voice. Just hearing him gave me that warm, bubbly feeling in my belly. “Hellooo, where are you?” small cracks could be heard but it made what he was saying completely inaudible. “Are you on your way?” More cracks soon followed. I moved around the room trying to better the signal but after a few minuets the line had went dead.

 Shawn: I’m sorry.

 The message came through almost immediately.
It wasn’t his fault that the reception was bad but I’ll be seeing him soon so I don’t care that I only heard him for a second.

 -: Don’t be sorry, see you soon. Love you xx
(Message can’t be delivered!)

Long distance sucks. Before picking up Shawn I was meeting up with my friend, Haley to go pick out prom dresses. That’s another good thing about Shawn coming home today, prom was next week and he promised me he’d make it somehow, someway. We’d been talking about it for a while because if fell on the eve of our one year anniversary so we wanted it to be special.  

“I can really picture you in a light blue dress with your hair up” the shopping assistant, although trying her best, wasn’t really helping. She was an elderly lady with pointed green glasses at the end of her nose where she couldn’t possibly see through them and wore a minted green skirt and jacket to match. Haley and I had caught her looking at a mannequin for a very long time, Haley was afraid she was trying to determine if it was a customer or not.

“Maybe something peach instead” Haley whispered in my ear giving me sincere advice. “But you really would look good in the blue” I returned the favour. We searched for a little bit before we both found a few dresses matching our preferences and tried them on. “Are you excited?” She spoke from the dressing room beside me, a small bump on the wall here and there indicating she’d lost her balance while trying on her gown. “For prom? Yeah it’s gonna b-” “I meant for Shawn coming home” she laughed unlocking her door and stepping out. “Oh… yeah I can’t wait. I feel like I miss him more now knowing he’s coming home today then I have the past couple of months and that’s saying a lot” I glimpsed at my phone shyly looking to see if he’d tried to call or text but it was blank.

“That looks amazing Haley” The blue of the dressed worked so well with her complexion. “You look beautiful” i smiled as she spun on the spot testing it’s ‘twirl abilities’. “Okay okay stop sucking up, it’s your turn” she collapsed the dresses into my arms and pushed me into the dressing room.

“What about prom? Have you got your mask yet?” She asked as I stripped. “Yeah I’ve got it I bought it yesterday but I seriously can’t wait” I beamed. “Not only do I get to have fun with you guys but it’s a masquerade so Shawn is able to come. It’s the day before our anniversary and I don’t know it just feels like everything is coming together knowing he’s coming” “you two are so cute” she groaned. I zipped myself up and unlocked the door “you’ll get a girl eventually” I chuckled. “I know but I’ve been single since Hann– woah” I looked at myself in the mirror, switching weight between my legs as I turned to see each side of the dress. “You look gorgeous” she stood beside me in the mirror as we exchanged looks. “I don’t want you to even try on another one dude, that’s the one” it was a simple spaghetti strap peach dress that fell just above my knees.
“You think? I want this to be perfect” I mumbled under my breath. She stepped up behind me and grabbed my by my shoulders before resting her head. “that dress is gonna make him wish he never left in the first place” she teased.

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can you tell me more about Wilde's influence on BBC Sherlock?

Omg CAN I. Like, sorry it took me actual eons to respond to this ask, and thank you for sending this ask. I’ve been avoiding answering it, in part, because I wanted to get all my ideas together. I don’t think I really succeeded, but here’s my attempt at an answer.


PART THE FIRST: Oscar Wilde & ACD Canon

Since Oscar Wilde influenced ACD when he was writing the Sherlock Holmes stories (they were living at the same time and had met, more on this in a second) anytime anyone adapts ACD Holmes they are inherently influenced, at least a tiny bit, by Oscar Wilde.

So how was ACD influenced by Wilde?

  1. Wilde and ACD met for the first time at a prearranged dinner and basically both left agreeing to write a new story. Inspired by that dinner, Wilde wrote The Picture of Dorian Grey. ACD wrote The Sign of Four. Here’s Sherlock Holmes fanboy and Oscar Wilde biopic star Stephen Fry telling you more about that, because why the hell not. 
  2. After Wilde was put on public trial for sodomy and his reputation was essentially destroyed, ACD distanced himself from knowing Wilde, even though he had spoken positively of him in the past. [As mentioned in this biography.]
  3. But ACD didn’t forget Wilde. Many people believe that ACD referenced Oscar Wilde’s trial in 1895 in “The Adventure of the Three Students,” an Sherlock Holmes story where Watson says they had to leave London because of “a combination of events, into which I need not enter.” Which is the way one might reference a super-scandalous and highly upsetting public scandal in a piece of popular literature set during one’s lifetime. Here’s more tumblr meta from johnnlocked about the dates of the trial.  


PART THE SECOND: Characters in 221B (or Oscar Wilde as a Persona)

Part of Oscar Wilde’s influence during his lifetime was the sheer amazingness of his public persona. He spent almost a year early on his career (in 1879) not writing but lecturing through the United States, London and Canada on ideas of the aesthetic, or this pretty radical concept of the value of beauty all on its own, rather than art that existed to share an obvious moral.

Which is to say, Wilde thought the outside mattered–and part of his super-strong personal brand were his funny quips, outlandish (for the time) outfits and overall larger-than-life personality. His ideas were so popular at the time that Gilbert and Sullivan wrote an entire operetta mocking the aesthetic movement.

So just on a basic level, let’s look at how the outside of some two of our most major BBC characters compare to Wilde:

  • Moriarty: Obsessed with his expensive clothes (Westwood!); always ready with a quip or snark; outwardly performs his sexual identity (both as “Jim the IT guy” flirting with Sherlock, but also once he’s revealed to be Moriarty); uses people as props/playthings (kind-of like Wilde manipulating actors by writing plays); Moriarty’s Irish background also reminds me of Wilde‘s own Irish background; Richard Brook’s CV includes a major role in The Importance of Being Earnest.
  • Sherlock: Many items in the above list apply to Sherlock, too. Again, a very smart dresser who clearly cares about his overall look; snarky around everyone (but especially people from Scotland Yard). Sherlock carefully cultivates a public persona (albeit not always a popular one) and I think Sherlock’s perpetual lack of faith in the government (as seen through his insolence with Scotland Yard and his frustration with Mycroft) can be perhaps be seen as the legacy of Oscar Wilde’s own troubles and frustration with the law. At the very least, Sherlock is a nonconformist, just like Wilde was. Finally, take a look at the thesis of one of Wilde’s essays, “The Soul of Man Under Socialism.” It’s basically “people who try to help out based on feelings just waste everyone’s time and everyone should focus instead on what they’re actually good at if they want to improve the world.” Does that sound like anyone we know? Like. Anyone at all.


PART THE THIRD: The Most Wilde-Esque Episodes

If the characterizations weren’t enough, let’s take a look at two episodes of BBC Sherlock that make direct (or indirect) allusions to Wilde:

  • The Reichenbach Fall: Sherlock’s defamation of character, wherein he falls from a celebrity to a man doubted by society on the run from the law, parallels with Wilde’s own fall from public approval, public trial and conviction after he was accused of committing sodomy (a crime in England during Wilde’s lifetime). couldntpossiblycomment points out that Moriarty’s trial was set in the same courthouse where Wilde’s trial actually took place. I think there are many more connections we could draw between these two incidents (for example, how the press discusses John and Sherlock’s relationship and sexualities throughout the episode), but I’ll leave that for another discussion/other people to unpack. I will only say that TRF ends in Sherlock’s separation from John and society for two years, much like Wilde’s trial ended in him going to prison for two years.
  • The Sign of Three:  John has green carnations in the floral arrangements at his wedding. Oscar Wilde and his followers wore green carnations, which came to be associated with homosexuality–so it’s no surprise that these flowers appear in an episode where Sherlock publicly expresses his love for John. It’s a little surprising the flowers show up blending into the background of the set of John’s heterosexual marriage.
  • The Christmas Special?: We already know the special is set in 1895, which, again, let’s just link that timeline meta once more to remember everything that would have gone down by Christmastime that year. Also, posters have been photographed from the set that may reference Wilde’s hugely popular play, The Ideal Husband (h/t heimishtheidealhusband).

Again, I’m sure these few comparisons are just the tip of the iceberg of Sherlock and Wilde connections. But they’re not a shabby start.



So, literally any version of Sherlock Holmes is going to be connected to Oscar Wilde in some way. The writers of BBC Sherlock have gone out of their way on more than one occasion to reference Wilde on their own–and that shows no sign of stopping, based on what we know about the special.

This is huge, in a way, for TJLC (<–that links to the infamous “Softly, Softly” meta from loudest-subtext-in-television​, because how could I not). I think it would be hard for me to understate the importance Wilde has for the queer community. He is a beloved author and artist, but also a key figure for his honesty and the trauma he endured.

His tomb in France is covered with lipstick kisses, and when authorities put glass in front of his tomb in 2011, people who visited started kissing the glass.

The Legacy Project in Chicago, celebrating major figures LGBT history, included Wilde in its first set of members. Wilde’s plaque includes this text describing his legacy: “The publicity surrounding Wilde’s trials…led to the development of a nascent gay and lesbian consciousness that became central to the success of the GLBT civil rights movement that was to follow.“

Tying BBC Sherlock to Oscar Wilde is no small act on the part of Moftiss. It’s tying their show to a deeply meaningful, landmark moment in British history and queer history.


Also: more ties to Oscar Wilde in BBC Sherlock, courtesy of heimishtheidealhusband.

Pairing: Kuroo/Kenma
Theme: confessions

“There’s… someone I’m interested in.”

Even though he knows they’re the only two in the room, Kuroo still looks around three times before focusing on Kenma again.

“…Wait,” he says. “…You?”

Kenma stares at him, like he and Kuroo hadn’t been sitting in the otherwise empty classroom for the past fifty two minutes. 


Clearing his throat, Kuroo takes a moment to drop his eyes. His teeth bite down a bit more harshly than he intended on his bottom lip and clears his throat quickly, hopes that’s enough to mask the way he flinched. When he looks back up, it’s like the numbers of his math homework weren’t swimming just a second ago and grins. “There is, huh? So you going to tell me about them?”

Kenma shrugs and presses his lips in a thin line, doesn’t say anything more. Kuroo momentarily forgets the burning sensation in the middle of his chest and gives a lopsided smile, tilting his head. Cute…

He goes back to his homework because Kenma’s not someone Kuroo can push. Other people are pushable. Kenma isn’t. Kuroo likes provoking people for fun; he’s really good at it, but the one person he can’t derive joy from annoying is Kenma. 

Kuroo finishes his homework and has switched out his calculus textbook out for a history one when Kenma talks again. And while it makes him happy that Kenma’s confiding in him, it also leaves him feeling hollow at the idea of Kenma replacing him one day. He realizes it’s selfish; he does want Kenma to be happy, but what he really wants is to be the one who makes Kenma happy. Kenma being happy makes Kuroo happy. Kuroo making Kenma happy makes Kuroo happiest.

“…He’s pretty stupid,” Kenma says at last, brushing a few strands of hair between his ear only for them to cascade around his face again.

Kuroo laughs. “That’s not a nice thing to say.”

“He is,” Kenma mumbles with a lopsided shrug. “But… he’s kind. He can be a little immature, but he has good intentions and always owns up to his mistakes. He’s got the worst sleeping habits… both the way he sleeps and the fact he either sleeps all day or not at all. He… he’s really popular. Everyone likes him… even though he’s stupid. He drives me crazy. …He drives everyone crazy, but… they still like him. And when he’s with this other stupid guy… they’re really… really…”

He trails off, so Kuroo offers, “Stupid?”

Kenma nods. “…Yeah.”

Kuroo laughs again. The tip of his pencil breaks when he presses a bit too hard while writing his name, so he nonchalantly reaches for a pen and pretends he doesn’t notice Kenma staring at the broken tipped pencil. “Why don’t you confess to him then? He might feel the same way, you know. You’re a catch, kitten.”

This time, his pen makes a hole in the paper, but Kuroo manages a smile. “Guess I can’t keep calling you that, huh? Wouldn’t want someone else calling my boyfriend a nickname like that.”

When he looks up, Kenma’s staring at him with an unreadable expression. His eyes narrow a bit and Kuroo blinks, darts his eyes around the room before looking back at Kenma. “…What?”

Kenma keeps staring. “…He’s really stupid.”

Kuroo nods slowly. “Yeah, we’ve… established that. In fact, you’ve described him as that more times than you’ve described any other–”

“He’s. Really. Stupid.”

“Yeah, you’ve–”

Kenma keeps staring.

Kuroo stops breathing.

Kuroo realizes.

Kuroo’s eyes grow wide and he straightens, pen clattering to his textbook. “…Oh.”

Kenma sighs and brings his hands up to cover his face, stifling his groan. “God…”

“…Oh. I… wait, really?”

“Yeah,” Kenma breathes. “I… I don’t know how this happened either because you’re really…”

Reaching a hand out, Kuroo dances his fingers against the inside of one of Kenma’s wrists. He moves one hand and when Kuroo leans in, the other hand moves. When their foreheads bump, Kenma wrinkles his nose. When Kuroo kisses his cheek, Kenma wrinkles his nose again and glares gently. When Kuroo kisses the corner of his mouth, Kenma bites his lip and furrows his brow, but doesn’t wrinkle his nose. 

When Kuroo leans in and stops just short of their lips brushing, he grins when Kenma’s scoff comes out hot against his mouth. Closing his eyes, he waits for Kenma to confirm the first move before reciprocating. Once their lips touch, Kuroo kisses back slowly and gently, bringing a hand up to cup his face. His thumb brushes over Kenma’s cheek and he takes his bottom lip between his lips, lingering for a moment before capturing his lips in a second kiss. Kenma’s the one who pulls back and Kuroo gives a shaky sigh, feels his heart racing, decides that nausea’s better than burning.

“…Stupid,” Kenma finishes in a mutter, sounding breathless. “You’re… really stupid.”

Kuroo laughs, opens his eyes to see Kenma’s soft blush and small smile.

“…Yeah. I am.”

I wish I could go back to the easy days…

So, i realized i never posted one of my works here and that needs to be fixed. I based this off of a piece by @istehlurvz which can be found here. (yeah this fic is super old)


Word Count: 2022

Summary: Just holy shit… Lance was desperate. He had an assignment due and nothing was working. What could possibly happen when he spots a cute guy running around on campus and happens to bump into him. Something good right?


Nothing was working. The flowers looked flat. The birds were blurry…Even though they were just sitting there. Hell, Lance couldn’t even manage to take a different picture of a tree. And those never moved!

Ready to throw his camera in frustration, Lance groaned and fell back on the grass. He loved photography, he did, but this? This stupid freaking assignment was going to be the end of him. Might as well strap him to one of the aeronautic or astronautic majors’ rockets and launch him into space.

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This is from the Sailor V manga official English translation Volume 12.

Artemis is fully awakened right?

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  • [Dazai, Atsushi and Kunikida eating out]:
  • Atsushi: Dazai-san, can you pass me the bottle of chilli over there ?
  • Dazai: *throws Kunikida over* Well.. He's hot.

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Requested: @highest-quality-of-trash

Word Count: 1,673

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry it took so long!!! I wanted it to be perfect for you!! I really hope you like it! Let me know if it’s what you wanted. I kinda made to where they both had feelings.

It was the beginning of senior year and you were still on the fence to confessing your feelings to Jeonghan, your best friend. I mean, he was your best friend after all, you didn’t want to ruin the friendship you had with him but also you were just too shy to do so. Every time you thought about confessing to him over the summer, you got anxious and scared. You would think about every possible outcome there is, good and bad. You’ve wanted to tell him exactly how you felt and how happy he makes you but, it was nearly impossible because of your shyness and his popularity. All the girls in school flocked to him, like he was Prince Charming himself. Always crowded him, buying him gifts and confessing their love for him. You didn’t want to be like the other girls. It was particularly one reason why Jeonghan liked you so much, you weren’t like the rest of the girls in school. You weren’t head over heels in love with him, well at least to his knowledge, you weren’t.

You weren’t always in love with him, your feelings for him came over time spent with him. From all your late night talks to your morning walks to school. From spending holidays with each other to rooftop met ups. Feelings for him developed more and more. You’ve never liked a boy like Jeonghan nor have you ever confessed your feelings before.

You’ve been thinking about confessing to him for awhile now. Give that it’s senior year and you wanted to make the best of it. Hoping that revealing your true feelings wouldn’t damper your last year of high school. You figured you would do it during lunch, when the two of you would go off and eat up on the rooftop of the school. No one ever bother you guys up there, since no one ever when up there besides you, Jeonghan and twelve of your friends. You secretly hoped that they wouldn’t be there today but you knew they would be. Lunch was the only time all fourteen of you could hang out during school.

When made it to your guys spot, you found Jeonghan and the gang goofing around like they normally did.

“Y/N! You’re finally here!” Mingyu came up to you with open arms.

“Mingyu.” You hugged the boy back.

“Y/N what took you so long? You missed all the fun.” Jeonghan wrapped his arms around you and pulled you in closed. It was at times like these that you wish you could tell him about your feelings but, you couldn’t. At least not while everyone was around. It was bad enough you were already shy about it, you didn’t need an audience too.

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Summary: You were dating Emma Duval, until you weren’t. You find yourself at home, alone and mentally unstable. Audrey comes to your rescue with a confession to make.

Request:  alivebecauseof1d asked: Hi! Could you maybe do an Audrey imagine where her and the reader and dating and the reader self-harms but Audrey doesn’t know, and then she finds out, and maybe lots of fluff? Unless you’re uncomfortable writing about that, which is totally okay. Thank you! @alivebecauseof1d

Request: joycebycrs asked: i havent talked to you in 30 years but this is a reminder ily and also if you need any ideas; Emma and the reader just broke up because emma believes the reader is in love with audrey, which gets around to the whole school. so the reader avoids audrey like the plague but audrey shows up at their house and tries to calm them down, saying its okay and that she wishes she knew sooner.. and then… nice things. dont make it sad or ill sue u ._. @joycebycrs

So I really hope you don’t mind that I combined the two requests! And please forgive me I know this isn’t the best and it is quite rushed but it is 4:30 AM give me a break. 


Your eyes were polaroid cameras, filtering the world in and out, focusing and un-focusing, searching for beauty. You were lost and alone, isolated by your former peers. Left to die. Your camera eyes turned sad, fluttering and confused. Snapshots of dead bodies and murder and-

Beauty. A light and a- Beauty. You didn’t know how many pictures you took, but there were many. Curled, blonde hair. Blondie. Beauty, you had found it, you knew it. You remembered the way your heart tugged as you wrote her name down on half-crumpled paper, hand trembling with nerves as you tried your best to make your hand-writing as neat as possible.

Emma Duval, It read. You remembered how proud of it you were, oddly enough. It was only a scrap of paper, with a name that was scratched onto it with a really crappy mechanical pencil. However, you wrote it the day you felt it, whatever it was. The feeling you got when she walked into a room, when she talked to you. The way your chest felt like it was on fire, but in a good way- In the best way possible.

The small scrap of paper was taped up in your locker, and your eyes softened whenever you saw it. Emma Duval, the blondie, the beauty. Your beauty.

A date, then two, then three- Then a kiss. A mind-blowing kiss that made the world spin and you were her girlfriend before you knew it. You were in love with Emma Duval.

And then you met Audrey Jensen. At first you ignored the small voice at the back of your head that kept on nagging at you, and the butterflies that pinched at your stomach as they fluttered around endlessly. The emotions that you seconds before would describe as annoying and bothersome disappeared just as quickly as Audrey left. But for some reason, you wanted them back. You wanted her back. You wanted to slap yourself. But you supposed you would look rather silly doing that, so you silenced yourself and forced a smile onto your face. You’ve been smiling quite a lot lately.

What were you to do? If you advanced upon these emotions, you would break Emma’s heart, and that’s with the small chance that Audrey would even like you back, which at this point you deemed near impossible. And even if your romantic emotions towards her were ever reciprocated, there would be no way that she would agree to go out with you, having too much respect and loyalty for Emma to do so.

And yet you still imagined what her hand would feel like in yours. How her lips would taste, or the small noises she’d make when you lightly nibbled on them, claiming her as your own. You couldn’t help but imagine how she would laugh with you, the way her ice blue eyes would twinkle in the pale moonlight, her features bathed in milky beams, her voice drowsy and tired, raspy but beautiful. Always beautiful. Beauty-

“(Y/N)? Hello?” Emma’s voice had brought her out of her delusions and into the real world, where you found yourself placed at a fancy table with plates of food and wine glasses. Your eyes traveled up to your girlfriend, her blonde hair perfectly curled and done up in a bun, small strands lining her face. Despite her alluring aesthetic, her green eyes were narrowed and angry, betraying the look of innocence and grace her red dress and heels gave her.

Your eyes widened slightly as you realized that you had zoned out on your date with her, internally smacking yourself on the head for the late reaction. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. What- Oh, FUCK. This isn’t very good.

The silence was deafening, her eyes unmoving and kept on yours, the clock ticking away menacingly, perhaps even counting down the seconds to your death? I mean, it’s not that irrational of a thought. She looks like she’s going to kill me. Well, I did zone out during a date like this. After another minute of the awkward silence, you decided to open your big, fat, dumb mouth.

Pardon?” You asked with a nervous chuckle, watching as she looked taken aback, but quickly regained her composure as she answered. “I was just saying how you never seem to listen to me anymore when I talk to you, or always have a delayed reaction when I ask you something. But, curiously enough, whenever Audrey is in the room she has your undivided attention. Care to explain why?” She sat back in her chair, arms crossing over her breasts.

When did I- Oh yeah. Wait, I never- Yes I did. You didn’t know what to say, your eyes downcast as you sat in your chair awkwardly, fidgeting around with your hands. “I love you, not her.” You spoke weakly, looking her in the eye. However, it didn’t sound as convincing as you intended it to, perhaps because it wasn’t true.

You looked into her green eyes, and saw that they were clouded over in anger. However, small parts of them were swimming in sadness, glimmering in pain. You felt like you had been punched in the gut and your breath had been stolen from you. You had never meant to harm her, ever. But now you have, because you’re stupid and you fell in love with the girl that isn’t your girlfriend.

You saw Emma’s lip quivering, and you knew she was trying to hold back tears. You looked her in the eyes again, which was exceptionally hard to do, and she looked away, as if she were wounded. You assumed she was. “As much as I want to believe you (Y/N),” She started with a shaky voice, jaw clenching as she looked back towards you, green eyes now drowning in melancholy, her trembling lips parted, “I don’t.” And with that, she stood and marched out of her own house, heels slapping angrily against the floor.

Outside, the sun was shining. However, small pellets of rain zoomed down from the sky, splattering against the sidewalk. It was raining and the sun was shining, and you thought back to your childhood when your mother told you an old tale of what it meant, when there was rain falling in front of a shining sun. You smiled, nostalgia running through your veins. The devil’s beatin’ his wife, You thought. The devil’s beatin’ his wife…


The breakup happened before you knew it, the blonde haired girl that was once everything you dreamed of, now turning her head to you and marching off. You weren’t very sad about it honestly, nor were you surprised, you were in love with someone else, and apparently not very good at hiding it.

You scoffed at your insensitivity, a tear rolling down your cheek numbly as it fuelled your hatred towards yourself, urging you to bring the blade closer and closer to your skin. You let out a shaky breath as you felt the cold metal touch your skin, wincing as you pressed harder and harder and harder- Fresh red hot blood cascaded down your skin satisfyingly, trickling down to your elbow slowly.

You looked up at the mirror in front of you, almost surprised by your disheveled appearance. Your hair was messy, your makeup smudged, and your eyes were rimmed red from crying, streaks still evident on your cheeks. The numb expression on your face startled you, yet you showed no emotions. It felt like you were staring into an endless black pit, calling out to you, and you were beckoning to it.

Perhaps you searched for beauty so often because you were void of it. Perhaps it was because you knew beauty didn’t exist, and you filled your head with lies to avoid the underlying truth. Perhaps you knew what beauty was. Perhaps you were trying to avoid that too.

You let out a frustrated growl as Audrey kept popping in and out of your thoughts, her lips stretched out in a warm smile, her eyes happy. You wondered what she was doing right now. You checked the clock, 12:30. She was still in school, you were in your bathroom, crawled up on the cold, tiled floor with a razor in your hands. She was in biology class, cutting up frogs. You were at home, cutting up your arm.

The contrast was comforting in a weird, twisted, sort of way. You were here, she was there. You knew where she was, she did not know where you were. Cutting up my arm in a bathroom, You thought.

You missed her, you knew you did. Small echoes of her voice whispered to you, but you knew she wasn’t really there. Sometimes you would talk back, other times you would stay silent. Still, the result was the same, she did not answer.

You looked down to the oozing red liquid with a grimace, but you took it in stride. You knew you deserved this. Minutes later, you smiled at yourself. No, contrary to common belief, the first cut is not always the deepest, not always, no.


Audrey growled, the sound low in her throat, as she slammed her phone down on the cafeteria table she was sitting at. “She’s not answering!” She said, running her hands through her hair and pulling on it slightly as she slumped her head down in defeat.

“Well, probably because her feelings for you were just announced to the whole school, right after her breakup with Emma, who is-“

“Noah, I do not need your smart-ass comments right now, ok?” Audrey spat, anger evident in her eyes. “Fine, fine.” Noah spoke, rolling his eyes at her irrational behaviour. He was just speaking the truth.“I’m sure she likes you back.” He said, smirking when he saw Audrey’s eyes go wide as she immediately sat up in her chair.

Wha- What? I don’t like her! I’m just… worried.” She trailed off, her voice now suddenly very small and quiet. Look up at Noah’s smug face, she knew she had been caught. Face red and grumbling in annoyance, she spoke up. “Fine! So, what if I do?”

“I knew it!” Noah shouted, pumping his fist in the air triumphantly, not noticing the odd looks they were receiving from other students in the cafeteria. “Noah!” Audrey hissed, reaching for his hand and pulling it down forcibly. He looked back with a startled look. “Keep it down.” She whispered venomously, her face inching closer and closer to his. He gulped, only then noticing the people looking towards them.

Shrugging it off, he turned back to her and continued their previous conversation. “You should tell her.” He said. Audrey was very quick to turn that down, but Noah persisted. “Why not? You know she likes you back! What’s the big deal?” “The big deal is that she and Emma just broke up! I can’t do that to her! She’s my best friend!” Audrey whisper-yelled, her eyes bold and eyebrows raised.

“They broke up because (Y/N) has feelings for you!” He said, pointing an accusing finger towards her. Audrey looked down in defeat as a deafening silence fell over the two of them. “Look,” Noah started, causing her to look back towards him, ebony hair moving with her. “(Y/N) hasn’t been at school for a three days. She’s obviously upset, and she’s obviously avoiding you. If you do not tell her, she won’t come back, at least not for a while. There is a killer on the loose, Audrey. You may never get a chance to tell her. Do it now, while you have the chance.”

And without saying another word, Noah stood up, and left, his sneakers squeaking against the tiled floor of the cafeteria. Audrey sighed, standing up as well, and leaving in a different direction. She was going to get you back.


You didn’t know how long you were in your room for, and you didn’t care. The unbroken silence that had fallen around you hours before was comforting, like it had it’s arms wrapped around you and it was not intent on letting go. But you knew it was poisonous, and that you shouldn’t tamper with things like these (like what?) And behind door number one we have…. Razors! But dont’cha worry, you ain’t goin’ home empty handed! And behind door number two…

Your bedroom door creaked open, and soft footsteps were heard ahead of you. You closed your eyes. You heard the soft pitter patter of rain outside your window. You smiled. Opening them, you saw the familiar silhouette of a raven haired girl standing in front of you.

You saw her blue blue eyes widen and noticed she was staring at your arm. You grimaced ad you looked at it again, you hadn’t bothered to clean it up. Dried, cracking, blood could be seen on your arm, a dark, dark red.

“Oh my god, (Y/N.)” She muttered, running over to you quickly, lifting your arm and inspecting it closely. You hadn’t noticed the tears in her eyes. “Are you… The Devil?” You asked, eyes wide in feigned childhood innocence as you stared at her, unblinking. She looked taken aback, eyebrows furrowing in great concern. “(Y/N-“ She started, but you cut her off, looking towards the window. It was raining. The sun was shining.

“My mother always told me that if it were rainin’ and the sun was shinin’, then the devil was beating his wife.” You voice was small, broken, yet fluent and raspy. You looked at her once more. “So tell me… are you the devil?” It took her a while to answer, her eyes desperately searching yours for some form of normalcy. She found none. “I- what makes you think that?” She asked, quietly, her eyes watching you very closely. You didn’t answer, pouting as your felt tears gather in your eyes. “I’m sorry…” You spoke, tears trickling down your face.

It didn’t take long for you to start crying fully, and you felt yourself being enveloped in her arms. She shushed you, stroking your hair as she felt tears of her own well up in her eyes. “It’s alright, (Y/N). I’m here. I love you. I love you.” She continued to rock you back and forth, your tears somewhat subsiding as her words sunk in.

You looked back up with tear-stained eyes, looking at her closely. You smiled a broken smile, your hand finding it’s way to the back of her head, pulling her close.

The rain stopped. The sun shone on.