oh wait otps i forgot

I am always SO INTENSELY BAFFLED when people try to pull out “omg westallen fandom is so toxic” because I have witnessed so many toxic fandoms and so many just shitty fandoms and obviously WA fandom isn’t perfect, but it is so obviously one of the good ones??????

WA fandom is:

- Constantly mobilized to doggedly defend a female character and actress from sexist and racist attacks that she’s regularly bombarded with and doing so loudly and successfully enough that the actress has repeatedly been vocal about her appreciation.

- Constantly spreading positivity in and of itself as well about female character and actress so as to avoid only be reactive.

- Constantly going out of its way to spread positivity about other characters entirely, including ones who are OBSTACLES to WA (e.g. trending for Linda and Eddie).

- Constantly contributing more meta to and investing more interest in the canon as a WHOLE than most OTP fandoms I’ve ever seen.

But oh wait, I forgot, WA fandom drags people who pop up in the tags being assholes and don’t hesitate to call out racism when they see it, so clearly MOST TOXIC FANDOM EVAR OMG.