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Barn Mates - One Year On

Barn Mates was first aired exactly a year ago today… and what a monumental episode it was for both Lapis and Peridot!

For those of us who were already shipping Lapidot, it was a dream come true – and for some of those who weren’t, it opened their eyes to a whole new (and now completely canonically viable) ship.

I’ve written about this episode a few times in the past, but it feels fitting to look back on it again today; for day one of Lapidot Anniversary Week!

So, without further ado…

The episode opens with Peridot wistfully speaking into her tape recorder about sharing her new home with Lapis.  Only a couple of episodes prior to this point, Peridot had made the decision to stay at the barn by herself whilst the other Crystal Gems returned to the temple. The fact that she now so enthusiastically wants to share her home with Lapis (as opposed to going back with the other Gems or staying by herself in the barn) just shows that she already has some level of admiration for Lapis.

Peridot says:

“Why don’t we watch the sun come up and figure out what we’re going to do with all this time, eh Lazuli?”

Watching the sun rise with someone is an old romantic tradition/cliché, so the fact that Peridot specifically mentions wanting to do this with Lapis certainly speaks some volumes.   And it also transpires…

…that this line was foreshadowing a scene that came later in the show – in Room For Ruby, not only are they watching the sun rise together (just as Peridot wanted to do), they’ve actually been sat together all night stargazing prior to this point, which is another activity that has obvious romantic connotations.

After Peridot has finished speaking into the tape recorder in Barn Mates, Lapis expresses her desire to live in the barn all on her own. Steven suggests that the barn be split down the middle, with each of the two Gems having their own “side”, which leads to a very interesting shot of the pair of them:

Notice how they’re effectively framing a picture that’s behind them.   This picture is of the barn’s previous owners – Greg’s aunt and uncle, who Greg described back in Space Race as follows:

“My aunt and uncle had a great love for aviation, and each other.  They cherished the years they spent together, and they held on to every belonging they ever owned.”

It’s interesting, then, that a picture of a happy couple has been placed directly in-between Lapis and Peridot in this shot.  This becomes something of a trend as the show progresses, with the picture being placed in-shot with Peridot and Lapis on occasion in a fair few other episodes, such as these:

This could well be foreshadowing a romantic relationship between Lapis and Peridot.  The fact that Greg mentions “aviation” is also something interesting to think about, considering that Lapis can fly and Peridot was the pilot of the Hand Ship back in Jailbreak.

Lapis isn’t keen on the idea of splitting the barn, telling Steven that Peridot is the problem:

“I can’t stand the thought of looking at her everyday!”

This statement is now somewhat ironic because, in the episodes since Barn Mates, Lapis almost always has her eyes on Peridot – and gives her some extremely suggestive looks, too!

Peridot and Steven both try to assure Lapis that Peridot has changed, but she doesn’t want to hear it. Steven thinks it’s “sweet” that Peridot wants Lapis to see how much she’s changed since their last encounter, and he helps her to make an apology card which has a very interesting picture drawn on the front of it:

Steven may well have the intent of getting Peridot and Lapis to be friends, but he’s drawn them looking like an actual couple here; they’re even holding hands.

Eventually, after some persuasion from Steven, Lapis joins them – and a beaming Peridot hands over the card.  This still fails to win-over an unimpressed Lapis, much to Peridot’s disdain.

“It took me over an hour to compose [the message in the card], and I was the most sincere as per Steven’s instructions!”

The fact that Peridot put so much time into her apology message gives us an indication of how highly Peridot thinks of Lapis – and how much she wants to make her feel better. She then spends some time deliberating what she could give to Lapis as a gift (upon Steven’s suggestion), and they come up with an idea…

“H-2-Oh my GOSH!” … “It’s a gift for you!  You know, ‘cause water’s your thing.”

Peridot’s mannerisms and tone of voice here are very flirtatious.  However, given Lapis’ previous traumatic experience of being trapped on the bottom of the ocean, this is another idea that falls completely flat.

And what does Peridot do?

“A pool?!  What a cloddy idea!  Of course she wouldn’t like that!”

She actually blames herself for the mistake.  This is very uncharacteristic of Peridot, who normally has a very lofty opinion of herself and her intellectual capacity – which, again, shows how highly she must think of Lapis.  She even uses the word “cloddy” to describe her own idea; with “clod” being an insult that she usually only ever levels at other people when she’s at her most angry.

She then decides to make a very grand gesture…

…and offers her most prized possession – the tape recorder – to Lapis as a gift.

She’s very flirtatious in doing so here, as well.  With a wink and a smile, she tells Lapis:

“See, the ribbon is even blue.  I got yo’ number!”

Peridot has offended all of the other Gems at some point in the past, but she’s never been seen to perform as grand a gesture as this one in order to win them over. 

Peridot is, in a lot of ways, incredibly materialistic - she has been shown on more than one occasion to hold her very few possessions really closely to her.  By Peridot’s standards, handing the tape recorder over is essentially the biggest thing she could do for someone, which is a very clear indication of her feelings towards Lapis.

This gesture is completely lost on Lapis, however, who proceeds to crush the tape recorder in her hand.

Usually in these situations, Peridot would be distraught that one of her possessions had been destroyed (see, for example, Peridot on her knees begging Amethyst not to throw away her beloved tablet in Too Short To Ride).  However, this time, she actually seems to be upset by the fact that she’s managed to upset Lapis once again, exclaiming:

“What, were you trapped in a tape recorder too?!”

Peridot is exasperated by this point, and gives a very heartfelt speech which, I believe, really gets to the root of one of the key reasons why a relationship between Lapis and Peridot just makes perfect sense:

“Look, I get it, you know?  You’re confused!  You can never go back to Homeworld.  This place doesn’t exactly feel like home yet.  You’re alone, no one could possibly know what that feels like!  Oh wait, I do!  We’re the same, except…  you don’t have to be alone.”

She and Lapis are going through the exact same thing at basically the same time; namely, being stranded on earth with no way of returning to Homeworld.  There’s literally no-one else who they could bond with over this, except for each other – it’s a common ground that they share with each other and only each other.  It’s logical and sensible storytelling, therefore, to have these two characters stick together and share the experience with each other.  It puts them on equal ground, gives them both an acute understanding of each other, and enables them to both support one another as they adjust to life on earth.

At this point in Barn Mates, however, Lapis still isn’t having any of it.  Peridot, clearly at her wits end, asks what Lapis wants from her.  Lapis angrily tells Peridot that she wants her to leave… and that’s exactly what Peridot does.  She wants Lapis to be happy so much that she’s even willing to give up her home so that Lapis can live there instead.

As she walks away, Steven reprimands Lapis for treating Peridot so badly.  As he’s talking, Lapis folds her arms and shifts on the spot, her gaze meeting the crushed tape recorder on the floor.  Everything about her body language in this scene exudes guilt.  

Peridot comes screaming back towards them moments later, however – being pursued by a Roaming Eye that she’s convinced is after her.    

The trio flee from the ship, but eventually come face-to-face with it, which causes Peridot to cower behind Steven in fear.


…Lapis steps forward, and glances back at a wide-eyed Peridot.

This scene is very important because it’s the first time we ever get to see that Lapis does actually care about Peridot, despite the pair of them getting off to a very turbulent start.  She steps up to defend the helpless Peridot from the Roaming Eye, and makes sure to specifically ask Peridot if she’s ok after the threat has been neutralised – proving that she didn’t only have Steven’s interests at heart when she took out the Roaming Eye.

What happens next needs no introduction…

Originally posted by geekylaugifs

Peridot has still, to this day, never looked at anyone else with such love.  The way that her hands are clasped to her chest makes it the typical “cartoon character looking at their love interest” pose.  That smile on her face is literally the biggest one that she’s ever given.  And Lapis’ deep blush, that she actually turns her head away from Peridot in an attempt to hide, is also a reaction from her that’s unique to this scene – and very much implies that the apparent feeling of attraction is mutual.  There appears to be some symbolism behind the sun coming out as Peridot smiles, too.  This could well be an indication that Lapis is warming up to Peridot and seeing her in a new light.  It also has a somewhat poetic quality to it, with the storm clouds (both literal and metaphorical) dissipating at this very moment.  

Originally posted by giffing-amethyst

Steven picks up on what’s going on, giggling to himself as he looks at Lapis.  It’s also very interesting that Peridot’s loving look is still lingering even after the camera angle has changed – this is no fleeting “micro expression”, it’s a very prolonged and deliberate look…

…which was the first of very, very many that the pair of them have since gone on to give each other (the above images being a small handful of examples).

All in all, Barn Mates was the start of a very beautiful relationship between these two Gems, which has well and truly endured throughout the past twelve months – and has gotten ever stronger with each episode that they’ve appeared in together.

  • Qrow: Alright everyone. This is Oscar.
  • Oscar: H-hello everyone. *awkward wave*
  • Qrow: He's-
  • Jaune: Your son?
  • Qrow: What? No.
  • Nora: Oh, I get it! He's possibly your son who you are waiting for the dna test to come back right?
  • Ocsar: What!? NO!! He isn't me dad!
  • Ren: *places his hand on Oscar's shoulder.* It's okay. I know it must be difficult to accept someone like Qrow to be your father.
  • Jaune: Uh, Then why are you hanging with a kid?
  • Qrow: He's... a student of Ozpin's. Ozpin told me if he ever died I was to give him his cane and continue his training.
  • Oscar: *whispers* Nice cover.
  • Ozpin: Agreed. Qrow always was good at think on his-
  • Ruby: OH THANK GOD! *Qrow, Oscar, and team jn_r all turn to stare with raised eyebrow at a little to happy Ruby, who notices this and starts to blush.* I, uh... I'm just... glad that Oscar isn't, uh, rela-IIIIII mean A LONG LOST SON! Yeah that's it! Hehe...hehe...
  • Oscar: *Starts blushing as well.* Uh , Y-yeah... It would be unfortunate if we were relat-LONG Long lost relative.
  • Qrow: *looks between the two before pointing to Oscar* No. *then points to Ruby.* No! *Points back to Oscar.* HEEEEELL No!
  • Ruby/Oscar: Waht?
  • Ozpin: Oscar I know your hormones are hard to control but you can NOT date one of my students.
  • Oscar: *whispers* What ar-

Hooked | Guard

Series: Worth Fighting For

Note: Hey! This is Day 1 for write-a-thon! I’m kicking it off with part one to an amazing series that I’m super excited for. Like, seriously, I’m so fucking excited to share this series with you guys. I really enjoyed writing it. Also, I’m gonna try to incorporate boxing terms into each title for this series…I’m gonna fail, but might as well try lmao.

Word Count: 3623

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

AU: Boxing

Warnings: No smut…yet.

Summary: Thomas Jefferson, a world-famous boxer who is pegged as a self-centered asshole that has everything — good looks, fame, fortune, talent — trains for his big fight against Alexander Hamilton. When he moves to Washington D.C. to be closer to his family, he meets someone who will look past his outer shell and get to know the real him.

“The #2 pound-for-pound fighter and current world cruiserweight champion Thomas Jefferson is rumored to have moved to the DC Metro Area for personal reasons. Many are wondering how this is going to affect his preparations for his big match in three months when he defends his title against newcomer Alexander Hamil–”

Thomas turned off the TV with a sigh. He was sick of this. The media never gave him a break; they were always up in his business, exposing everything that went on in his personal life for profit. Thomas felt like he never had a break from anything. But then again, he wasn’t supposed to be taking it easy. He was supposed to be training for a huge fight he had in three months, but instead he was in his new, half-unpacked apartment in the center of D.C.

Thomas’ thoughts were interrupted by his phone ringing in his right pocket. He groaned as soon as he saw the caller ID before he pressed the green button, holding it up to his ear.

“What?” Thomas snapped, somehow already annoyed with the person on the other line.

“What the hell are you doing in D.C.?”

Keep reading

“Look, I get it, you know?  You’re confused!  You can never go back to Homeworld.  This place doesn’t exactly feel like home yet.  You’re alone, no one could possibly know what that feels like!  Oh wait, I do!  We’re the same, except…  you don’t have to be alone.”

This scene in Barn Mates is a wonderful example of why the Lapidot pairing makes perfect sense – and always has made perfect sense, even before the pair of them interacted on-screen.

As Peridot remarks here, she and Lapis are going through the exact same thing at basically the same time; namely, being stranded on earth with no way of returning to Homeworld.  There’s literally no-one else who they can bond with over this, except for each other – it’s a common ground that they share with each other and only each other. 

It’s logical and sensible storytelling, therefore, to have these two characters stick together and share the experience with each other.  It puts them on equal ground, gives them both an acute understanding of each other, and enables them to both support one another as they adjust to life on earth; discovering all the new and exciting things that come with living on a totally new planet, together…

…just like Ruby and Sapphire did before them.

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an implied Ken and Leo moodboard requested by @jaehwaniverse [ pt. 1 ]

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It has been a year since Barn Mates had aired in the U.S.(sadly I live in Asia, but still gonna celebrate this official date)

I remember when snippets of the episode were leaked months before airing and there was a heck ton of theories about them(Lapis and Peridot).

It has become my third favourite episode next to Mr. Greg and Giant Woman, but why?
Because this is the first time Lapis and Peridot had actually interacted so much on screen, this is the first time I saw Peridot say such significant things like:
“This place, doesn’t exactly feel like home yet. You’re alone, no one could possibly know what that feels like! Oh wait, I do! “ 
and “ We’re the same, except! you don’t have to be alone..”. (this is actually my fave Peri-quote)
It was glorious, though kinda sad since Lapis decided to break Peridot’s precious tape recorder and tell her to leave, but Lapis in the end listens to Steven and give Peridot a chance hence she saves both of them from the Roaming Eye.

also if you’re curious:

i wonder what the songs are gonna sound like do you think it’s gonna be mostly edm or???? like i have no idEA what to expect is it gonna be mostly upbeat songs to dance to or are there gonna be some slower songs or omg what if there are acOUSTIC COVERS of some of the songs on there too like just his voice and a guitar like oh my goDJSSJNS THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS I CANT WAIT AND LIKE THE SONGS ARE GONNA KICK MY ASS LIKE I ALREADY KNOW THE LYRICS ARE GONNA READ MORE BEAUTIFULLY THAN ANY SONNET EVER WRITTEN EVER


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.01 | Atomic Canary


anonymous asked:

Any fics where Stiles and Lydia are siblings?

sure do!

a latte problems can be caused when you cannot espresso yourself by HaleHole (SweetFanfics) (1/1 | 8,786 | NC17)

There’s exactly one hundred and forty-six minutes left until his shift is over in addition to another thirty-five minutes of leaving, biking home, racing up to his room and turning on his laptop so that he can check out the video Erica has sent him and it’ll be just about the longest evening shift he’s had.

Highschool/Coffee shop AU where nerd!Derek is crushing hard on rich!stiles but neither of them have the courage to act on their feelings. It’s a good thing Lydia and Jackson are there to give the pair a necessary push.

Then a Sweetheart’s by orphan_account (1/1 | 4,751 | R)

“Alright, alright, we’ll ask when we get up there, okay bud? But you can’t be sad if he says no. He’s probably gotta triple check the list.” The man scoops the kid into his arms and grins at him and Derek’s heart skips a traitorous beat.

Quite a Pair by Inell (1/1 | 5,000 | PG13)

When Scott and Lydia insist Stiles get out of his post-break up funk by going out to dinner with them, he isn’t expecting Scott to invite a friend. Stiles knows it’s a set up as soon as he meets Derek Hale, who just moved to town after a bad divorce. As the evening progresses, he realizes maybe it’s time to let the past go and focus on the future.

Stiles and the Shy Guy by Alpha_Sourwolf (3/3 | 2,605 | PG13)

Stiles Stilinski is a mute fox. Derek Hale is a quiet wolf. What could possibly go wrong? Oh, wait. That’s right. Everything!

Get to the place we both know where we need to be by Marishna (1/1 | 3,798 | PG13)

Stiles was at the house again.

Fuck, Derek thought to himself, then immediately thumped his head lightly against the living room wall because he honestly wasn’t sure if he meant that as a curse or verb.

Political Animals by FiccinDylan (1/1 | 8,042 | PG13)

It’s the worst day in Stiles’ life and the last thing he wants is to deal with Derek Hale’s bullshit.
Derek feels pretty much the same. 


also ended up doing some more backstory work on zviadi–who isn’t actually yuan-ti, just using yuan-ti stats for ease of use in gameplay. she’s a gorgon in the IRL mythical sense, though since ‘gorgons’ in dnd lore are metallic magical bulls, that brought up a conundrum…

after some brainstorming and tossing around ideas with @thatferrybroad i’m now INTENSELY into the idea of her being a statue brought to life by a combination of latent magic in the sculpture and the aftermath of the spellplague. just…oh, man. the possibilities. i can’t wait.

The Secret’s Out!

Anonymous asked: “May be too specific but prompts for person b’s friends seeing the hickeys on person a’s neck for the first time not knowing they were together??”

1. “Whoa. Is that what I think it is?”

2. “Um, you have a little something on your neck.”

“What is it?”

“A huge secret, apparently.”

3. “So, I had no idea you were dating anyone, much less a vampire.”

“Excuse me?”

“Have you seen your neck lately?”

4. “Well, this is awkward.”

“What is?”

5. “So, who gave you these? Wait, not-”

“Yeah, we’re… Together.”

“Oh. My. Gosh. That’s not possible.”

6. “Why is everybody staring at my neck?”

“Well, we’re all hoping someone else will ask.”

“Ask what?”

“How long this has been going on.”

7. “Oh, my gosh! I’m so happy for you guys! But maybe you should wear a scarf or something?”

“Are you saying that I have-”

“Oh yeah. Big time.”

~I hope these help!~


EREN YEAGER  - Little piece of shit who tends to have mental breakdowns if he has’nt revenge himself. Suffers anger management issues and prefers killing things then solving problems. Too honest to say things that he’s scream at a horse if he hates them.

MIKASA ACKERMAN - OP Exotic Asian who is the only one left who doesn’t play Starcraft, star in JAVs or eat exotic Asian food, because she’s the last Asian in the walls. Obsessed with angery little boys who likes to kill giant mexicans that hate Trump and his three coencetric walls.

ARMIN ARTLERT - Coconut cinnamon roll that looks exactly like some trap in a shitty hentai. oh wait, he does… Likes to think all day and possibly can become the next Archimedes without the barrel thing that is. Screams in E minor when his friends get eaten.

LEVI ACKERMAN - Probably the only one who shoplifts all the cleaning products and the growth pills in your friendly neighboorhood marketplace. Too sazzy to hide his depression and really likes to drink tea so much that everytime you say black tea is shit, he’ll dfksdafrfskerfoejnmtienbiwanbdkasn msdfsdfgsdgujuyiujjhgxdfhthyt

JEAN KIRSCHTEIN - probably came to be from a new magical breed of unicorns and humans. They say that if you hate Eren, you’ll be given magical powers by Jean like flight, laser vision and teleportation. His hobbies is cosplaying everyone he hates and @hajime-isayama-official likes him so much that even @zekejaegerofficial​ considered him as a seedling.

SASHA BRAUS - The only reason why @asktrollkeithshadis even existed… Eats everything she sees and will leave you paying for the bill. She gets exhausted easily but can run up to 200km/s if potatoes were involved.

CONNIE SPRINGER - Not to be confused with Springles, he might be Krillin teleported into another universe, he might be the avatar or the One Punch Man or possibly Mr. Clean’s child but from what I know, he’s actually the Hobbit.

REINER BRAUN - Mad delusional shipperfag as they say. He ships himself with Krista all the time if he’s not busy breaking other’s walls or sneaking in girls rooms to watch them sleep while breathing heavily like a gorilla.

BERTOLT HOOVER - The only one in the group who seems indifferent, is it because the way he only stick to his friends or is it because he’s gay for Annie or is it because the way he smells just because he sweats 24/7?

ANNIE LEONHART - Possibly the pre-existence of pure anger and a perfect example of confining objects, in this case anger in a small space. Likes Eren secretly which makes her a big target to Mikasa and little did we know that she actually turns into a titan by extending her nose

MARCO BODT - The one in the squad who probably died a virgin. Never got the chance to use his freckles in battle which is originally a missile launcher and doubles up as christmas lights. His favorite song is “Half Way There” by Big Time Rush.

KRISTA LENZ / HISTORIA REISS - Bow down to the queen, bitches! She’s best in playing hide-and-seek especially when it comes to her identity and getting away with her bitch of a father. Hangs out with lesbians and would likely join the girl scouts if she hadn’t had a choice between the military or the labor camp.

YMIR - Lesbian titan deity of some sort, thinks of marrying blondies when they become queens and is too much of a dick or pussy in helping the enemy get away. The reason also why Krista’s mind is broken AF.

HANGE ZOE - likes to discover the world in dirty ways like dissecting giagantic humanoids and tortures the fuck outta them. would never hesitate to kill you if you never gave her a titan body pillow before she sleeps.

MOBLIT BERNER - Alcohol is his favorite pasttime. He enjoys weekends by finding ways to never be Hange’s assistant. And probably throws people into wells when explosions as big as Tsar Bomba or Megumin’s explosions were involved.

ERWIN SMITH - Lonely man who wants a peek to what he tought the greates Porn Stash in all of the Walls. His eyebrows were actually culture and it actually grows hands to punch the next person to insult hifokmadndfnsaknamsadfasfkdsgmfrlhmfdghdfgdfgd

NILE DOK - Much of a chicken he is… A good family man and is just man of honor. Too bad he did’nt join the Survey for the laughs everytime someone they hate gets eaten by a titan.

DOT PIXIS - Not to be confused with Springles, After his retirement, Pixis who is also called by his alternate name Mr. Clean; enjoyed life by joining the military. He enjoys drinking Wine and having long naps atop the walls… Too bad he doesn’t fall down.

DARIUS ZACKLY - Pedophile who enjoys torturing nobles by his favorite fetishes. Calls his hobby, art… And possibly holds the World Recored for Man With The Best Facial Hair.

GRISHA YEAGER - Stole the BEST DAD AWARD from Van Hohenheim, Goku and Gendo Ikari for the act of turning his children into titans. 

ZEKE YEAGER - Isayama’s fetish buddy. has too many good attributes that I can describe off.. @zekejaegerofficial​, do you even have bad attributes? Best son ever, ironically speaking…

HAJIME ISAYAMA - Award winning author of the whole goddamn series. His favorite pastime is watching UFC, Game of Thrones, fapping to Momoiro Color Z members and drinking the tears of all his fans everytime he kills a character in the manga.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I've been thinking about the episode Barn Mates after the loud criticism and/or hatred directed towards it. The main critique is usually that Lapis forgiving Peridot was "forced", "rushed" and what have you. I admit I did find it a bit weird in spite of being a long time Lapidot shipper... but going through everything I realised there's an often overlooked detail. Namely, no one forced Lapis to stay anyway near the barn, but she kept hovering in the near vincinity. (1/4)

She knows where Steven lives; it’s not like she could never find him again if she left. If Peridots presence caused her such grief, there’s no reason she would stay around; Steven already made it clear that the barn was given to Peridot first. Personally, I think she held something akin to a grudge against Peridot for bringing her back to Earth and just didn’t want to accept the fact that she had changed so drastically. (2/4)           

It fits into the theme of Same Old World when Steven shows that Earth is constantly changing - something she never realised out of the spite she held for the planet she was trapped on. In Barn Mates, Steven tried to show her that people change, too. How does her character evolve in Alone at Sea? She allows herself to start working on her past trauma, being forced into a state of staticity, when she lets herself change with her new experiences and apologizes to Jasper for mistreating her. (¾) 

You can’t have any of these episodes without the others. Seeing it from this perspective has made Barn Mates one of my favourite episodes because of the underlying theme of allowing to let go and look ahead (and, well, I’d lie if I said that I didn’t enjoy the Lapis/Peridot interactions). What are your thoughts? Maybe I’m way off, haha. Anon love from Sweden! (Sorry for spamming your inbox by the way!) (4/4)            

Hi Anon, and thanks so much for sending this through!

I honestly think you might be onto something there.

No-one was forcing Lapis to stay at the barn, you’re right.  I think that, at first, she might have wanted to keep the place for herself; of course, in the end her and Peridot decided to share it instead.

I do wonder if this might have been the first time that Lapis ever actually forgave someone, thanks to Steven.

We know that Lapis has a tendency to lash out at people when she feels wronged (such as when she attacks the Crystal Gems in Mirror Gem and then, of course, trapping Jasper in a toxic fusion).  She really doesn’t forgive very easily - and she certainly has a lot of resentment towards Peridot at the start of Barn Mates.  I think the turning point was when she broke the tape recorder and Peridot said:

“Look, I get it, you know?  You’re confused!  You can never go back to Homeworld.  This place doesn’t exactly feel like home yet.   You’re alone, no one could possibly know what that feels like!  Oh wait, I do!  We’re the same, except… you don’t have to be alone!” 

I think, at this point, Lapis may have began to “get” Peridot’s true intentions.  She still lashes out at Peridot and tells her to leave, but I get the impression that she felt bad for that (as well as breaking the tape recorder) - especially after Steven called her out for it.  She certainly looks like she’s contemplating something, and almost looks to be feeling a bit guilty judging from her body language in that scene.

And I think that is why she saved Peridot from the Roaming Eye.  She even specifically stopped to ask Peridot if she was okay afterwards (and we all know what happened next, don’t we~)

After she forgave Peridot, I wonder if she did some soul-searching and began to wonder if she herself could also be forgiven for her past actions - hence the apology to Jasper.  She sought the forgiveness of someone who she mistreated, just how Peridot did in Barn Mates.  She even refers to herself as a “monster” - a far cry from the Lapis who’s always been the victim in the past.  Although, of course, Alone At Sea didn’t end as well as Barn Mates - which is probably deliberate, actually, to directly contrast a toxic “relationship” with a healthy one.

As for Lapidot being “rushed”.  I’ve said this before, but it’s literally because Lapis and Peridot don’t live with Steven.  We see everything from his perspective; so if he doesn’t see what’s happening, then neither do we.  It’s unfortunate, but it’s to be expected.  As important as Lapidot (as well as Lapis and Peridot themselves) is to us though, we must remember that they’re minor characters.  They live on their own, away from the main cast, and of course we’re not going to see anywhere near as much of them as we do the main Crystal Gems.

If they’re happy together, them I’m happy.  The ship is basically canon at this point anyway ;)