oh wait im already dead


he’s such a babe. ♡

I’m actually on the verge of crying right now, he looks so good that my physical and mental state can’t comprehend the emotions that I’m experiencing. ♡

Please Don’t Take My Sunshine

So I was inspired to write a small fic based on this art by @bakapandy and this art by @hissorihaka! Hope you enjoy! (Beware of angst and fluffiness! ;P)

   Loud cheering floated over the water and reached Rin’s ears whenever he came up for air. The Samezuka swim team had decided to spend a day at the beach to celebrate the completion of the Nationals and give a sendoff to those who were graduating. Of course, the team couldn’t do anything without making it a competition, so Rin was currently taking part in a race to see who would be the fastest to reach the boat they had chartered, anchored about a quarter of a mile offshore. They would all be sore tomorrow, Rin knew, but he was having fun.

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