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[To be fair, Jane had not tell Rafael not to offer any money. But only because she never thought he’d do something so stupid

´<` hemehmh to cut the long story short; i wanted to draw some lawlu for cal-cla and !! yeah!! 



If I slowly just keep introducing characters to this will anyone blame me

Kylo Ren x Reader request for Anon


- fluffy smutty goodness


Warmth. That was the first thing you were aware of.
“Ben?” Your voice was still heavy with sleep.

“Right here.” His voice was warm in your ear, comforting. Not really what you would have expected, considering who he was outside this room.

“I had the nicest dream…” You rolled to face him.

“Yeah?” Dark eyes surveyed you with the faintest hint of tenderness.

“Yeah,” you looked up at him, a smirk on your face.

“Oh,” he returned the smirk, “that sort of dream, huh?”

“Mmhmm,” you leaned up and kissed him, slow and deep, enjoying the moment where he seemed at peace.

“So…” He smirked down at you, “seeing as I can read your mind like a book….”

“Oh.” You blushed; you had forgotten about that rather annoying power he had.

“Maybe I’ll just…” He trailed off, hands wandering. It was a habit of yours to sleep either naked or in very little. Today was the former, so his hands wandering was quite the pleasant experience.

“Ben…” You hated how weak you sounded as you whimpered his name.

“Wrong name, sweetheart.” He slid two fingers inside you at once, with very little warning.

“I hate that other name,” you managed to pant; he had started pushing his fingers in and out of you just as you started to speak.

He kissed you roughly, silencing any further protest - and the moans that threatened to escalate in volume as he continued his ministrations.

“Oh god, Ben…” You moaned, “please…”

His smirk was almost predatory; “wrong name.”

He shifted, parted your legs and teased your entrance almost roughly.

“I’m going to give you a few seconds…” His voice was low in your ear; he slid into you just a few centimetres, enough to draw a tiny moan from your lips.

“Three…” The smirk was fixed on his face as he slid another inch into you.

“Two…” He withdrew, teasing you.

“One…” He slammed into you fully, hands gripping your waist.

“K-Kylo!” You gasped, nails digging into his back as he started pounding into you, setting a deep, rough pace right from the start.

“Much better,” his smirk was smug, but his eyes blazed with lust.

“Please…” You whined as he gripped your hips tighter, “please don’t stop!”

“I don’t plan on it.” He shifted your legs, allowing him a deeper angle. You cried out; the feeling was exquisite.

One of your hands shifted to his forearm; under all the black armour he wore, he was surprisingly strong. The other tangled in his unkempt hair; you wanted to guide his lips to yours, but it seemed he had other ideas.

His lips settled on one of your nipples, then the other, alternating between them as he continued pounding into you.

You were close, so close, and you could tell he was too; the bond between you was stronger when you were like this. How could it not be, when you were locked in the most intimate of embraces?

“Please…” You whined, “please Ben… Kylo… Please…”

He glanced up at you, lips leaving your breast; he kissed you deeply, thrusting deeper and harder, pace becoming more erratic; he rolled, pulling you on top of him.

The new angle was deep, slow, and perfect… It sent you over the edge; you reached your climax with your toes curled and your hands buried in the sheets and his hair. For a moment there was nothing, just the feeling of his hands on you, his lips on yours.

And then you recovered, gasping for breath as he groaned, spilling himself inside you; he pulled you down onto him with each thrust, a groan escaping his lips each time.

For a moment, he was breathless beneath you, and then he pulled you flush against his chest, arms tightening around you.

“Time and time again you surprise me.” He smirked.

“I know…” You smirked back, “someone has to keep you on your toes.”

“Too true.” He sighed, “too true.”

All too soon he would suggest you get dressed and back to work; for now, you decided to savour the moment, the few minutes you had with your Ben, rather than the Sith Lord he was to everyone else.

Adding tags in an NCT related post be like...

Step 1:

Step 2:-

*Counts all the members*

Step 3:-

Me: Okay so there are 6 members in NCT U …oh! I forgot Doyoung and Mark.

*types Doyoung and Mark*

Step 4:-

*Counts again*

Me: ELEVEN?Wait lemme think….

 *after a few minutes*


Step 5:-

Step 6:-

Step 7:-

Step 8:-

Step 9:-


Step 10:-



  • [Akashi invites the GoM to his house]
  • Akashi:Oh, I forgot to warn you, the security system in my house is a little, well, advanced.
  • Aomine:What does that mean?
  • Akashi:It means don't touch any buttons and you'll be fine.
  • Kise:Well that doesn't seem so bad.
  • Akashi:It also means run for cover as soon as I open the door. Let's go in, shall we?
  • Everyone:WAIT, WHAT?
Black Canary Gets Animated, Again

Dinah, Dinah, Dinah how I love you. Dinah Laurel Lance or Drake depending on what world/age/event we are now in or past, is the second longest running female superhero in DC Comics IP (do you even have to “wonder” who is number one?)

Black Canary is, I believe, currently about to be homeless in the new 52. Oh wait, I forgot Futures’ End where she is homed, face only, on the chest of Frankenstein.

Yeah. Moving on …

In addition to her long comic history, Black Canary has appeared in multiple live action programs (Birds of Prey, Smallville and currently Arrow) and she’s also been in the modern DC Animated Universe as part of Justice League/Justice League Unlimited/Batman Brave and the Bold and Young Justice). She also appeared in the Green Arrow short that was tagged on to the end of Superman/Batman Apocalypse.

And now she is back in animation in a new round of DC Nation animated shorts (aside: they are still making these? And, um, hello where is Super Best Friends Forever, season 2?). Green Arrow is the star but is his partner. And her design is … interesting. Care to weigh in?

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I am always SO INTENSELY BAFFLED when people try to pull out “omg westallen fandom is so toxic” because I have witnessed so many toxic fandoms and so many just shitty fandoms and obviously WA fandom isn’t perfect, but it is so obviously one of the good ones??????

WA fandom is:

- Constantly mobilized to doggedly defend a female character and actress from sexist and racist attacks that she’s regularly bombarded with and doing so loudly and successfully enough that the actress has repeatedly been vocal about her appreciation.

- Constantly spreading positivity in and of itself as well about female character and actress so as to avoid only be reactive.

- Constantly going out of its way to spread positivity about other characters entirely, including ones who are OBSTACLES to WA (e.g. trending for Linda and Eddie).

- Constantly contributing more meta to and investing more interest in the canon as a WHOLE than most OTP fandoms I’ve ever seen.

But oh wait, I forgot, WA fandom drags people who pop up in the tags being assholes and don’t hesitate to call out racism when they see it, so clearly MOST TOXIC FANDOM EVAR OMG.

1000th post celebration

Heyyy everybody, so this is my 1000th post since I joined it the crazy world of Tumblr. It has been quite a ride of meeting people, reblogging things… serious business.

I want to celebrate this with all of you… followers, fangirls, small and big blogs, meaningful and crazy, calm and shy… oh you know what, you can forget that.

I just itch for making another long gif post… judge me, block me, hate me, you are never gonna change who I am. Enjoy the party, people.

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i was tagged by @superbatlane​ and someone else i don’t remember who because i’m the worst person ever so forgive me to post my lock screen, last song i listened to and last selfie and tbh i’ll use any excuse to get to post that photo of katie and me so…

this is the last selfie i have saved on my phone @ me for being a dog filter hoe i dare you

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Rant/Opinions of Irritating Things I Seen in the LiS Fandom as of Today(possible spoilers below).

The moment I  finished up episode 5, I was so ready to join in this fandom like,

Past me: ,“Oh the fandom is gonna be so cool, and nice can’t wait to talk about it among my fellow Lis Lovers.

Oh  naive past me ,you really got so moved by the  sacrifice chloe ending, you forgot two things:

1.) The people on internet 

2.) The people on tumblr

Like omg I’ve seen a lot of: 

*Pricefield bullying other shippings.  Posting their pics of their shipping and negative opinions of other shippings , Mainly on grahamfield or scottfield, in other tags besides their own! 

*So much hate on warren for no legit reason other, than He’s a threat to my shipping, to the point they find any small things to make him look evil . Like I don’t get it, He doesn’t force max into anything she doesn’t want to,knows when to give her space/ not being touchy,helps her out Whenever she ask and see that she needs it. I honestly feel like Warren has to be a girl at this point for some of his haters to like him……..

*Anyone that dont like the pricefield like it’s the OTP, gets called either a homophobe, a lesbophobe(……didnt even know that was a real thing, till I walk into this fandom) retarded,just a bunch of other mean things. 

*People just ignoring how Chloe acts and  even say,” Chloe’s the perfect bae ,she do no wrong”……..cept the fact she guilt trips whenever you DON’T do whatever she say (let’s not forget her guilt tripping/blaming even cause Max to feel bad and try to go back in time to make her happy,which that’s when things gets bad, and what do you know even in wheelchair Chloe’s time line, she still tries to guilt trip her pal…..)  Lets also remember she gets Max into trouble and never really apologise till around episode 5 . Also people said she had character development  throughout the game. Unsure about that, seems to me she has some character development in episode 5, when she decides not to be selfish and realize it was wrong to blame things on others, when it’s not their fault. Hell I applauded her when she was willing to not be selfish for once and sacrifice her life to save arcadia bay,but idk she could have have some depending on how you play but I doubt it. She just reminds me of Kenny from walking dead and he also never realize hes behavior/actions, until he’s facing true death. Since they haven’t talk in 5 years to the point Chloe replace her bestie with another gal, who she clearly had fell in love with.  You can like chloe ,I like chloe feel free to ship her with Max in a romantic way no hate from me ,but at least don’t pretend she hasn’t done bad things to max.

*People stating max is straight out lesbian: Don’t think she is. Think she bi/demi/pans due to her thoughts and how the player can chose who she like-like can kiss both and have never said, “ugh I would never date boys/girls only boys/girls.” She hasn’t in any of that in the playthroughs thus far I seen, but if you seen it and have proof let me know. Feel free to think it ,but if someone doesn’t ,no need to to call them a homo/lesbophobe.

*People saying that if it's an action that didn’t need a choice its cannon. I mean it’s true, but how they try to use it in arguments is just dumb…..so dumb 

*People stating max hates or is a afraid of men ,as if it’s a fact and not treating it as a theory due to the nightmare world. And if you were to disagree to this thought fact then You arn’t paying attention to crucial detail.” To me if that was the case, why would she go to a co-ed school, be friendly to luke, daniel, justin, trevor, befriended warren who is a “clingy as fuck stalker even before you try to be friends with them”, had respected and Like jefferson, as a teacher or act like she did. Quick someone be a dick to all the males somehow ,and tell me how it goes.

Sigh  it’s most likely pointless and no one will care I type this out, but I  really needed a way to vent this irritation and thoughts out. It pretty much feels like naruto shipping wars all over again. Crazy intolerant shippers want to ruin a fandom for their own pleasure.Usually why I don’t really draw fanart or talk about fandom things unless to my friend(to bad for him XD).  Again had to rant a bit about this sorry

I’m loving haters’ excuse for tagging Anti-Richonne Richonne.

“I tag it that way so I can find it on MY blog.”

Like, my bad. I didn’t know there was such an urgent need to keep track of your own posts about how much you hate a particular couple. You’ve converted me…

Oh wait. I forgot, you can keep track of it on your own blog using the ANTI-RICHONNE TAG! With the added bonus of keeping it out of Richonners tag! WOAH. Rocket science right there!

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Besides keeping track of their own hate posts being a truly odd concept to me, the fact of the matter is, these haters just want a particular set of eyeballs to see their posts but they don’t quite want to be labeled a troll, which is why they try to defend their use of the tag by shouting, “But organization!”


I’m just ranting.