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Close Call ~PART 1

Some writing to celebrate VLD’s one year anniversary! This may be a bit late in the day, but I was really busy… whoops.

This is the first of four parts, and the parts are just going to get longer, so sorry if this is too short. The next three parts should be up soon. Yes, I’m posting a multi-chapter-ish thing. Today seemed a good day to do it.

Vague Summary: Lance and Keith get captured while on a solo mission… and separated. Lance is very badly injured already, which is not a situation one wants to deal with when in a Galra prison cell. And Keith is worried. (This is also kind of inspired by Jeremy Shada’s “I mean, Lance dies, so that’ll be fun,” when talking about season 3).

Catch this fic on AO3

Psst: @voltronpaella the best beta, @dogsahoy this is the thing I was telling you about,  and @taylor-tut you’ll probably like the other parts better, but I wanted to tag you with my angst anyway if you want me to stop tagging you in my whump/illness/injury stuff just say the word

Keith woke up to an empty cell. The room was dimly lit, a faint purple glow  making it just possible to see. As his eyes adjusted, the ache on the back of his head reminded him of exactly how he ended up here.

Keith supposed he should feel lucky. After all, once the sentries surrounded him, he figured they’d just kill him. Still, it was hard to feel optimistic when he was stuck in a Galra prison cell with no hope of escape.

It’d been no one’s fault, really. The rebel group Matt was a part of had been reported captured, and taken into this prison base. They had to act fast, before the prisoners were sent off to other locations. Two of the Paladins infiltrated, while the rest monitored from the castle, opting for a stealth job.

And, like so many other plans before it, everything had gone to shit.

Keith had been holding off a large crowd of sentries, but once Lance’s location was discovered—


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it kind of amuses me that every time I see a victuuri angel/demon au it’s always ‘innocent angel yuuri’ and 'seductive demon victor’ bc yall are forgetting that the gpf is an actual thing that happened. I mean, sure, your little innocent angel yuuri katsudon katsuki got drunk off his ass, stripped, pole danced, seduced the figure skating legend, and then left him for months to die of blue balls bc he forgot all about it in the morning like some inconsequential fling he has dozens of

like, come on now 

clonewarswriter  asked:

1 4 5 13 for forge please?

1. Their physical weak spots

4. Best places to kiss on their body

Tawn belongs to @the-pyromaniacs-lily!

5. Guilty pleasures

13. What gets them flustered

Tonev is forge’s sister-in-law and she can beat him at pretty much anything he can’t stand it

12 Days of Deadpool, #1

Deadpool x Reader

Wade tries to bring a little Christmas spirit to the apartment.

#1, #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6 , #7 , #8 , #9 . #10 , #11, #12, #13

You get off the elevator carrying several bags of groceries and walk toward your apartment. Several paces from your front door, you hear loud music blaring from inside. Specifically, loud Christmas music. Retrieving the key from your jacket, quickly you unlock the door and rush into the apartment.

“Wade! The neighbors are going to be pissed!” you groan, walking into the small kitchen to place the bags on the counter. Your back is turn away from the living room as you put away the milk and eggs.

‘Really Wade? Last Christmas? Wham!?” you chuckle, closing the fridge door and finally turning to walk into the living room. But you halt in shock.

“Holy shit,” you mutter.

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I just finished reading Karamel Fanfiction HOLG The Saga written by @gldngrl7 for don’t-know-how-many times…
And then as I stared at this photo… I couldn’t help but notice, ooh those long fingers….. 😍😍😍

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Shiro Edition

”Reader saves an alien creature and sneaks it on the ship, they take care of them constantly sneaking around leaving everyone suspicious so they follow them”


– Ryan

Lance || Hunk || Pidge || Shiro || Keith || Coran

Shiro: There’s a knock on your door that you weren’t expecting, and you panic. Oh no. You jump a few times to collect your helium fur balloon of a pet, and finally reach her, pulling her close to your chest before looking for a place to hide her.

The knock sounds again, but it’s louder and more persistent. “I’m coming!” You shout, and lift your covers, and shove your alien pet into them to hide her. You turn to the door, and open it at the third time your visitor knocks.

“Shiro?” You ask, and look up at him, “What are you doing here so early? It’s a day off.” You say, pretending you’d just gotten out of bed. He looks to you, and smiles gently.

“I know. But you weren’t at breakfast, so I assumed maybe you forgot. Today we agreed to do a team building exercise.” He looks over you a little concerned.

“Oh, right, team building. Right, of course, how could I forget? Silly me.” You laugh and go along with his assumption, although it wasn’t accurate in the least bit.

“Well, just make sure you eat something before you tag along, alright? We’ll be waiting.. um…” He stutters, as he notices something in your room. “We’ll be waiting in the.. hangar..”

“Hm?” You ask, looking at Shiro, then follow his gaze into your room where you know what he’s staring at. It’s probably the anomaly under the sheets that’s making them float across the room.


You hurry over to your floating sheets as they squeak, and you grab the floating lump, trying to hold her down. “Oh.. you know. Um. Gravity. Man, sometimes you gotta-”

“[y/n], what is that?” Shiro asks a bit cautiously, not sure of what to make of the scene before him. You hold the wiggling bedsheets, but before you can answer the little puffball escapes your arms and floats around the room, chirping in excitement.

Shiro stares at the oddly colored helium alien for a while, before giving you a look. You pout to him, and put on your cutest face. “C’mon, Shiro, she’s not entirely bad!” You say, and the little furball floats her way over to Shiro, and latches herself onto him. You in turn make your way over to him, as well, and latch onto his arm.

“Pretty please, can I keep her? Pleeeeease?” You bat your eyes at him, and he sighs deeply. The two of you together were undeniably adorable.

“Alright, I don’t see the harm in keeping a pet.” You cheer and jump up, wrapping your arms around his neck, and give him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you so much, Shiro!”

He sputters a little, a blush coating his cheeks. “D-don’t forget to clean up after her!… And don’t forget to take care of yourself, too. Go get sometime to eat, everyone’s waiting.”

Typo Graphical Goodnight

Did anyone notice?  Tagged my last poem as potery.  No wonder it didn’t get featured.  ;)  Oh wait, I forgot, we don’t do that anymore do we?  Ah yes, change happens, and yet some things it seems remain the same, such as the love I feel for each of you, and I for one am glad you’re here, yes you! 

Goodnight and love to all,
Mike <3

anonymous asked:

Do you have a to do list for your writing projects? Can we see?

I do have a to do list. I was keeping it all in a journal, which eventually migrated to my basecamp profile (online calendar/organizer thing). I am more than happy to share it with you! Be forewarned, my inbox is currently 50 messages deep…so there’s at least 50 things on my to-do list. XD 

It’s not in any specific order.

- 4 Music Prompts from today
- Famous!NewtxOblivious(Not Famous)!Graves
- Howl, Florence + The Machine - Werewolf!Graves
- Multiple Orgasms (Gramander)
- Graves in work boots/casual wear + Auror!Squad reactions
- Bottom!Graves/Hung!Credence
- Graves/Auror!Squad Shenanigans
- Vampire!Graves
- Newt Enjoying Graves’ Smol-ness Way Too Much >:)
- “Are You Limping?”
- Grindelwald in a collar
- Newt/Percival fight - Cue Sadness when Newt almost Dies in battle
- Newt thinks Percival is a magical creature because he sees how his Auror!Squad (and everyone, really) thirsts after him
- Dragon!Newt/Dragon!Graves
- Chubby Retired!GravesxNewt
- Newt has a competency kink; Graves is quite competent 
- On the Run AU - Gramander (with mpreg!)
- Dragon!Newt gives Werewolf!Graves a belly rub (⺣◡⺣)♡*
- Gravesx??? (Scar Worship)
- Gravesx???  “you’re trembling so much, does the vibrator feel that good?”
- Graves w/ a Praise Kink!
-  “Kindness is a choice. Mercy is a choice. And now I am inclined to choose neither.”
- Dragon!Newt teaches Dragon!Graves to fly feat. Graves is afraid of heights (I’m crying!)
-  “oh, you look so frustrated…” with Dom!Newt and Bottom!Graves
-  Gramander “Go on, you said you could get away from me. You lose, pet.”
-  “See? You can’t move at all, you’re completely under my control” gramander with top newt?
-  “Face down, ass up. This is how I want you.” with Percival?
-  “You’re going to take all of me, I don’t care if it’s too much.” for Graves
-  Pilot!Graves x Cocky customer!Grindelwald “Do you want that hot guy be your new daddy?” Grindelwald asks his son, Credence. (I’M STILL CRYING)
-  During WWI, Percival Graves saves Theseus Scamander by taking a curse intended for him. Theseus returns the favor by performing triage healing to stop the bleeding and getting Percival the hell out of there.
-  Gramander AU: The Graves family are, secretly, selkies. Newt finds Percival’s stolen sealskin.
-  Gramander AU, where both Newt and Original!Graves are Grindelwald’s captives - and end up falling in love in the Dark Lord’s dungeon.
-  add more onto the newt/graves fic where newt gets a crush after graves saves him from the nundu??
-  May I softly demand for Graves riding Newt and calling him Mummy
- Shy!Anon: power bottom!Graves - have him tie Newt up and ride him silly
- Shy!Anon: Alpha!Credence’s first time
-  vampire!gramander AU: how about sire!Newt and fledgling!Graves exploring the bond between them?
-  Graves struggles with ptsd and depression after being rescued. Newt slowly helps him get better, i.e. talk and smile again.
-  Can you expand more on that Graves being hopelessly attracted to himself idea?
-  Graves and Grindelwald being normal actors, Co staring in a movie with dark vibes and Grindelwald being a little TOO MUCH into it during a sex scene. Like. Really too much. Manhandling Graves, grinding down on him. The director thinks it’s good acting on his part, a nice personal touch, and then he has to yell cut and put a stop to this bc wtf. And Graves is just a little bit shocked.
-  Ghost!Graves living in the same house he died in, and Newt moving in bc it’s cheap. Graves tries to chase him at first but Newt keeps being unimpressed by the supernatural displays so Graves tentatively appears in front of Newt at night, at dinner. Just materializes in the chair in front of Newt while the latter is chewing on his hot dog. Newt has a heart attack but then he’s like “Holy shit, it’s you? You’re… You’re gorgeous!” Newt says excitedly. Graves gawks at him. What?! 
- Newt doting on Graves (Who doesn’t know how to handle being loved)
- Graves is accidentally made young (like, early twenties) during a raid gone wrong and Charles/Oliver take care of him more than ever >:)

- And The Tag Read Simply: Pretty
- Say When (Prequel to above fic)
- Merman AU (Grindelgraves)
- Pirate AU (Grindelgraves) (Maybe Gramander)
- To Die Just A Little (Obscurial Graves) (Gramander)
- In Plain Sight (Grindelgraves) (Maybe Gramander)
- True Nature of Percival Graves (Grindelgraves)
- When You Were Young (Gen)
- Fairy!Graves AU
- Little Blue Riding Newt
- Dark Creature AU (Graves’ Turned Into Werewolf)
- The Beguiled AU
- Shameless (w/ @fantastic-beasts-smut)

…I think that’s everything…XD 

OH WAIT NO I FORGOT - Gangster AU w/ Grindelgramander for @firebyfire Now I think that’s everything… xD


If I slowly just keep introducing characters to this will anyone blame me

Kylo Ren x Reader request for Anon


- fluffy smutty goodness


Warmth. That was the first thing you were aware of.
“Ben?” Your voice was still heavy with sleep.

“Right here.” His voice was warm in your ear, comforting. Not really what you would have expected, considering who he was outside this room.

“I had the nicest dream…” You rolled to face him.

“Yeah?” Dark eyes surveyed you with the faintest hint of tenderness.

“Yeah,” you looked up at him, a smirk on your face.

“Oh,” he returned the smirk, “that sort of dream, huh?”

“Mmhmm,” you leaned up and kissed him, slow and deep, enjoying the moment where he seemed at peace.

“So…” He smirked down at you, “seeing as I can read your mind like a book….”

“Oh.” You blushed; you had forgotten about that rather annoying power he had.

“Maybe I’ll just…” He trailed off, hands wandering. It was a habit of yours to sleep either naked or in very little. Today was the former, so his hands wandering was quite the pleasant experience.

“Ben…” You hated how weak you sounded as you whimpered his name.

“Wrong name, sweetheart.” He slid two fingers inside you at once, with very little warning.

“I hate that other name,” you managed to pant; he had started pushing his fingers in and out of you just as you started to speak.

He kissed you roughly, silencing any further protest - and the moans that threatened to escalate in volume as he continued his ministrations.

“Oh god, Ben…” You moaned, “please…”

His smirk was almost predatory; “wrong name.”

He shifted, parted your legs and teased your entrance almost roughly.

“I’m going to give you a few seconds…” His voice was low in your ear; he slid into you just a few centimetres, enough to draw a tiny moan from your lips.

“Three…” The smirk was fixed on his face as he slid another inch into you.

“Two…” He withdrew, teasing you.

“One…” He slammed into you fully, hands gripping your waist.

“K-Kylo!” You gasped, nails digging into his back as he started pounding into you, setting a deep, rough pace right from the start.

“Much better,” his smirk was smug, but his eyes blazed with lust.

“Please…” You whined as he gripped your hips tighter, “please don’t stop!”

“I don’t plan on it.” He shifted your legs, allowing him a deeper angle. You cried out; the feeling was exquisite.

One of your hands shifted to his forearm; under all the black armour he wore, he was surprisingly strong. The other tangled in his unkempt hair; you wanted to guide his lips to yours, but it seemed he had other ideas.

His lips settled on one of your nipples, then the other, alternating between them as he continued pounding into you.

You were close, so close, and you could tell he was too; the bond between you was stronger when you were like this. How could it not be, when you were locked in the most intimate of embraces?

“Please…” You whined, “please Ben… Kylo… Please…”

He glanced up at you, lips leaving your breast; he kissed you deeply, thrusting deeper and harder, pace becoming more erratic; he rolled, pulling you on top of him.

The new angle was deep, slow, and perfect… It sent you over the edge; you reached your climax with your toes curled and your hands buried in the sheets and his hair. For a moment there was nothing, just the feeling of his hands on you, his lips on yours.

And then you recovered, gasping for breath as he groaned, spilling himself inside you; he pulled you down onto him with each thrust, a groan escaping his lips each time.

For a moment, he was breathless beneath you, and then he pulled you flush against his chest, arms tightening around you.

“Time and time again you surprise me.” He smirked.

“I know…” You smirked back, “someone has to keep you on your toes.”

“Too true.” He sighed, “too true.”

All too soon he would suggest you get dressed and back to work; for now, you decided to savour the moment, the few minutes you had with your Ben, rather than the Sith Lord he was to everyone else.

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LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: ‘Not Today’ by BTS (still very proud of them for the BBMAs)

LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: It’s been too long since I’ve watched movies :’) , the last one was probably Kimi No Na Wa

TOP 3 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Nakahara Chuuya, Makishima Shogo and Nagisa Shiota (it was very hard to only choose 3) (Also, sorry if I spelt their names wrong)

TOP 3 SHIPS: THERE’S TOO MANY! Ummm.. Edward x Winry, King x Diane, Ryuko x Mako

BOOKS I’M READING: I haven’t realy been reading many books recently, but I’m rereading the Tokyo Ghoul manga :)

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Make No Mistake
One Piece College AU. This is an account of a series of events 
poorly defined as the best days of their lives. Zosan/Frobin+

like FATHER, like SON - dedicated to queenamileena

child i will hurt you crystal castles | pet a perfect circle | ballad of a politician regina spektor | mordred’s lullaby heather dale | cat’s in the cradle henry chapin | father’s son tori amos | mowgli’s road marina and the diamonds | hast thou considered the tetrapod the mountain goats | teenage disease black rebel motorcycle club | the old timer’s 2x4 the lawrence arms | i’ll cut you vuvuvultures | human emotion digital daggers | sins of my father tom waits | papa was a rolling stone the temptations | who are you? andrew jackson jihad