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Wow! You did it, Jakei! You finished animating Underverse 0.3 part 1. Oh wait! There's another part, right? What will you do now? Are you gonna take vacation for a month? Or just take a rest for a week and then try animating again?

I’m working now with X-Tale and The Truce as. I’m reaching the end of both comics so when I’m done with them I can spend all my time in Underverse. If I work in two weeks everyday I’m sure I can finish them. That’s why I haven’t make new uploads of Power Witch and also I haven’t been streaming often. 

tony wearing clothes on clothes on clothes in that trailer. black suit jacket over black pullover over black shirt. 

‘it’s a multi-purpose look, pete.’ gestures at himself. ‘now i’m a businessman.‘ takes off the jacket, exposing pullover. ‘now i’m a dad.’ takes off the pullover, down to his shirt. ‘now i work backstage on Hamilton.’ puts on his black sunglasses. ‘now i’m a jazz musician.’


*stares into the camera like he’s in the office*


Oi oi oi bois, since I write summaries for fuzz’s streams I decided to summarize my stream in a drawing. So here we have @fuzzisaloser @thefriendlykerfuffle @notegoraptor and I playing Drawful at 3 in the morning. Of course I won in the end and Fuzz was all like “Yo dawg, step up.” and I was like “No dawg, calm down.” Yea thats how it totally went down. Im half asleep while typing this and Finn is keeping my sanity together. Thank Finn. Aight, l8r bois.

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Oh wait I think I did have a prompt I mentioned in my rambles haha Aaron feels a panic attack coming on and Robert calms him with his hands on his face (keeping it clean ha) x

Day 8 of my Aaron comes home drabble prompts:

Lungs bursting and yet he had no air to fill, how could he be at once so full and still so empty.

He wanted to run, to keep running but his limbs wouldn’t move and he was trapped. Held in his own prison. Kept in place by fear, no not fear it was something else, panic they called it and yet that wasn’t right either.

Aaron felt disconnected and out of control.

He was a scared kid alone in his room hoping the door wouldn’t open.

He was drowning.

He was alone.

Nobody loved him.

He was alone.

No one ever stays.

He is alone.

He was in prison.

He was alone.

Robert was going to leave him.

He was going to be alone.

He is alone.

He is alone…

“Aaron! Aaron! Breathe, you have to breathe for me,” Robert’s voice breaking through.

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Exo reaction - His tomboy girlfriend debuts with a cute concept

(Thank you dear anon for this request! This was really fun to write! I’m also trying to only write with OT9, so you could write to me and tell me if you think i should keep OT12 or do OT9 from now on <3)


“Oh look at that ball of sunshine! She’s wearing a skirt and a hairband! I so do not regret coming here” He would just giggle and watch you with proud eyes.

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“Cute concept? Really? And i thought you said you didn’t even own a dress? I will happily sit on the front row when you make your debut!”

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“Oh well well, what do we have here? My girl has become a princess. Well i approve this”

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“Does this mean that i get to see you do aegyo sometime now? Oh i can’t wait!”

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“Way to go baby! You rocked the stage, and i know that your idol carrer will be the best it can be, work hard! Fighting” 

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“I saw you up there on stage! You never fail to surprise me. I’m really proud of you”

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He would meet you backstage after your debut stage with flowers and a proud smile. “I love this style on you. You should be proud! You did it!”

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“Wow, so this is what it’s like to see a princess?” He would be proud of how good you did on stage, and of course the change of style since he knew that you usually never wear cute stuff.

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“I would be proud of you, whatever style or music you did. Still though, i can’t say that i’m not surprised about your style up there”

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Watching an episode that you haven’t seen for a while is like bumping into an old friend. This morning, as I got ready to be late to go to work, I put s1e3 on for company. Here’s the stream of consciousness that accompanied my search for matching socks:

Oh, look. The little nun looks so sweet. I wonder if she’s happy? Chummy. I loved Chummy in that series. Such a lovely goof. Oh, wait, this is the one where Sister Evangelina plays matchmaker. That’s where they caught me, you know. The scene in the kitchen and I was all in. Oh no. Old Joe Collett. I’m gonna cry. Ugh, Jimmy. Why can’t I delete Jimmy? At least we get the whittering about vegetables line. But am I ready for Winnie and Ted? Sigh. How is it that gp does it to me every time?

I like art well enough and we have a small museum on campus - they mentioned they had applications open for student tour guides and I was like “Oh sweet that’s an awesome job!” and guess what … unpaid. :^) Oh wait! They give you two credits if you stay the whole year. Two credits of art history. Yeah. No.

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so like, i have notifs on for your blog and now whenever i get the notif i always think, "oh, mom posted!" (/~\)


You think you can escape by hiding in a divine sword, Aku? Oh no. Oh no no no.

Well, he sealed the evil into the earth. Which, as we know, didn’t work out. I feel the right way would have been to ask the sword to alight with divine fire, burning out the evil coating it, but what do I know, it’s not like I’ve spent actual years writing about magic swords before.

Oh wait.

Hey stab that tree.