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so like were you just one day making out w your ex and then thought "oh wait nvm you're brother is sexier" and then got up and went to go fuck lou bc that p much what i'm imagining happened rn

hmm nah it was a bit more complicated, lol. If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll remember The Breakup™ in December when he broke up with me over Instagram dm because I wouldn’t have sex with him¿ and lou was already like my best friend anyways and like a month after that he told me he loved me and had since we were smol kids and I was like,, y didn’t u just ask me out u nerd and then we made out. How romantic.


                                    Glory to Mankind.

My hand slipped—-but it was torn with what it wanted so it did two designs for him. NieR Automata has taken over my life and I weep for this game. I just had too design a thing for Prompto, but I definitely had a hard time trying to come up with something for his YorHa outfit more than the Resistance one! I like both though, y’all gotta stop me from creating AU’s for this man. It’s not healthy LOL 

Happy belated (is it belated already where you live??) birthday, @the-flame-and-hawks-eye!!

…wait, we don’t even know each other, you say? Haha, oh boy, now it gets embarrassing. So basically I saw all the amazing birthday wishes yesterday on your blog (mostly because of @mellorad‘s great art which was posted at 4am my time yesterday and I didn’t want to sleep) and I liked some because they were so nice and YOU SAW, and YOU FOLLOWED MY PERSONAL BLOG. And I felt so BAD for not also wishing you happy birthday, even though we haven’t really talked ever. So here you go, have this tiny royai doodle (because I heard you liked angst, otherwise this might be a rather unfitting birthday drawing oh god I am sorry) and all the best for your next year!!!! 

I like how my life just cannot decide if things are going good or not.

Like yesterday I had matriculation examination and I was almost having breakdown because of it….

But at the same time…








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Different reactions of the students and teachers of Kunugigaoka Junior High when receiving Valentine's Day Boxed Chocolate


Nagisa: W-wait are you sure that’s for me? Thank you so much! Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

Kayano: Wow, I don’t know what to say… I didn’t expect this! Thank you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Karma: Eh? For me? I didn’t really think I’d get one this year but oh well… You must have some sort of special feelings for me then? Interesting~

Isogai: Thank you for the chocolate! I can’t wait to eat this with my family!

Maehara: Wow 35 boxes already! That’s a record!

Nakamura: Oh? I got one too? This is rather new… How sweet~ I’m flattered~

Kataoka: Thank you but this is the 45th box already

Okuda: F-for me?! A-are you sure t-that’s for me?? I-it is…? Thank y-you! I didn’t k-know I was g-gonna get one today but thank you!

Kanzaki: Oh my, chocolate! Thank you so much for the chocolate! I’ll make sure to eat this happily! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sugino: W-woah for me?! I’m actually getting something? Man this is cool! Thank you!

Itona: Oh? You made this? It’s rather bland in taste and the color and shape are slightly off but it’s appreciated.

Chiba: Thank you, Happy Valentine’s Day

Hayami: Thank you, Happy Valentine’s Day

Kurahashi: Woah! Chocolate for me! I bet it’s really sweet! Thank you!

Okano: Wow this is really for me? Not sure why it’s for me but thanks anyway!

Yada: Ah, thank you so much! I wonder how it tastes! Happy Valentine’s!

Fuwa: Is this like one of those situations in anime where people confess their love? Are you inlove with me?! Woah!

Ritsu: Thank you! I didn’t expect to be given chocolate today! Sadly, I cannot eat it, but thank you anyway! I appreciate your gesture!

Sumire: Is this homemade? Teach me your recipe next time okay? I love it! Thanks and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kirara: Does this chocolate contain darkness residing in it? How cursed is it? Give me details of the darkness of this sweet

Terasaka: Mine? You… to me? Uh… This better not be poisoned or I swear Imma bash your head in… Thanks too

Yoshida: Woah this is cool! Thanks!

Muramatsu: Man this is sweeter than anything I’ll ever make! You better show me how to make this!

Mimura: This is mine?! I mean- for me?! Woah I can’t believe this! Happy Valentine’s Day and Thank You!

Takebayashi: A 3D person could never compare to the work of a 2D person… But this… May be an exemption… Thank you…


Kimura: I’m already pretty chubby but if it’s you who made it for me, I’ll eat it!

Sousuke: The way you made it! It’s beautiful! So artistic! This is my type of chocolate! Thanks a lot!

Koro-sensei: Nyuya!! Someone is giving their beloved teacher chocolate!! I knew someone wouls appreciate me!!

Karasuma: Hmm, chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Makes sense, thank you.

Irina: Hmm? My my, giving your teacher chocolate on Valentine’s Day hmm? Is this your way of trying to get with me? Know that it isn’t gonna work but maybe I should kiss you as a reward- NO WAIT DON’T WALK AWAY COME BACK


Gakushuu: I appreciate the fact that you decided to give me something today but so have 156 other students at this school by far regardless of gender. I will accept it if you would still want to give it to me but know that I will not be able eat this immediately. Thank you, I suppose.

Ren: Ah, my dear… Giving me chocolate on Valentine’s Day… Does this mean you have something you want to tell me? How much you admire me? How much you love me? Hmm…

Seo: Heh? Chocolate for me? Pft, as if it’ll be any good compared to those from abroad! But… Alright alright, I’ll accept it since it seems to be made with a lot of effort

Araki: Are you trying to stuff me up even more? Haha just kidding! I can’t say for certain whether or not I’ll really like it but thanks!

Koyama: Chocolate made with a certain recipe… Did you memorize the recipe? Do you know all the ingredients and the procedure? Show me to prove your chocolates worth!

Gakuhou: Generic. Chocolate on Valentine’s Day is generic. To be given chocolate on this day is nothing new, especially to me. However, if you expect me to accept a gift on this day, it must have importance. I am the Chairman of this school nonetheless and chocolates are… too plain. What did you expect from giving me this? Extreme gratitude? Praise? This chocolate must be extremely delicious and pique my taste then. If it is not, then how do you expect me to give you praise? It has to be atleast moderately good. If it cannot even be the least bit delicious then what was the point-


isak bitting this inside of his cheeks as the guys start discussing the difference being pansexual and bisexual, he’s like “ok ok it’s said i said it, i had a thing with even, no one seems mad, no one seems disgusted. oh wow they already moved on from the subject of me having a thing with even to this small discussion about sexuality? ok that was quicker and easier than i expected, i’ll just wait here” and he is holding back the biggest sigh of relief. like he is sooo relieved. I CAN’T STRESS ENOUGH HOW AMAZING TARJEI’S ACTING IS, his facial expressions are so diverse and subtle and realistic and perfect for every complex emotion he’s trying to convey. he never ceases to impress me 

imagine guzma meeting bug pokemon from other regions

kanto: “okay you got a great big butterfly thing with psychic powers? hell yes. oh shit, does that bee have fucking drill hands?? THAT THING HAS SCYTHE HANDS? Y’ALL”

johto: “THIS IS WHERE ARIADOS IS FROM. ALREADY GREAT. does that beetle punch things? AWESOME. i don’t know what a ledyba is but it can join team skull if it wants”

hoenn: “wait wait wait… you’re telling me that this one evolves into two pokemon at once?! TWO BUGS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. kukui’s brat is NEVER gonna see this one coming.”

sinnoh: “……………what the fuck is that noise. plumeria did you just hear that? holy shit”

unova: “LOOK AT THIS THING IT’S FAST HUGE AND FUCKING PURPLE I WANT TWENTY. ninja bug! sewing bug (PLUMS C’MERE WE CAN FIX YOUR HAT)! holy shit this joltik thing is FUCKIN’ AMAZING, I LOVE THIS REGION - is. is that a legendary bug. with a cannon. I’M MOVING TO UNOVA”

kalos: “so… it changes its appearance depending on where it’s from? huh. I WANT ALL OF THEM.”

The 2ps Read Killing Stalking

2p America: Why does the killer dude have nice clothes and shit? I would rob him if he wouldn’t fucking kill me. And the kid needs to man the fuck up and beat the motherfucker! I wouldn’t let this asshole kick my- Oh shit, he’s sucking his dick!! See, this is why gets treated disrespectfully. The dude is literally is sucking his dick!

2p Canada: Crazy motherfuckers.. I want to feel bad for the scrawny one but he does deserve it.. I guess not to this level. I mean, look at him. He can barely keep himself at a healthy weight! This is some shit America would do. The fucker has a baseball bat and that stupid look on his face, like he knows he’s trouble but pretends to be a good.. *hates Sang Woo a bit for that*

2p England: That poor child! Someone save him! *gets more shocked as he continues reading* *starts crying* I just want him to be free! No honey, don’t crawl! You can do it!

2p China: Yeah, he’s fucked. No way in hell he’s getting out of there alive or without being dragged back inside. *continues reading* Ok, I’ve heard of kissing ass but..sucking dick is new!

2p Russia: *hates it* Why is there so much blood and violence?

2p France: What the fuck is?! Oh shit- *continues reading for boobs* This guy is so bipolar. First he wants to kill the guy then wants him to suck him off then kill him then never wants him to leave him. For fuck’s sake, make up your fucking mind..

2p Italy: Torture him more! That’s what he gets for breaking into people’s houses! (He starts feeling a little bad as he continues reading) This dude is so hopeless.. Also, how did the cop fuck up that badly??

2p Germany: R.I.P the country whore! (He loves that name for him)

2p Japan: (He secretly takes this as a competition and plans to make a better manga than this one) Is this a doujin of Shingeki No Kyojin? Fucking Korea..

2p Romano: Aw, they’d make a cute couple, if he wasn’t, you know.. He’s hot and crazy but that’s ok as long as he doesn’t hurt the child too badly *reads the part with Ji Eun* Bitch, you better lose the attitude before you end up like him! *continues reading* DID THIS MAN FUCK THIS BITCH IN FRONT OF HIM??? BITCH, I’M SHOOK!!!! (He laughs at the part where she gets a wrench thrown at her) Talk shit, get hit!

2p Prussia: *relates to Yoon Bum on an emotional level* I really hopes he gets out of there.. Or at least fix Sang Woo. I really like the art style and story of this, though it’s a bit nerve-wracking

2p Austria: This is hella sadistic, I love it!! The torture in here is perfect! I’ll have to take notes and use it someday!

OK I know this has been brought up a lot already, but since his mother is technically a Disney princess….. does this mean Kylo Ren = actual Disney prince Ben Organa-Solo ?? ?

aand to no-one’s surprise this emo space prince is my most terrible of faves

At this point the no sex thing isn’t even a big deal to us. I only remember that how our relationship is is different than others when someone brings it up
Like last night I was out with friends and I was talking about how I went to the Museum of Sex and that one of the exhibits was enough to make me NEVER want to have sex lol. And then one of my friends was like “well at least it wouldn’t be hard for you since y'all already not doing it”. Then people who were with us who don’t know me like that were like “omg you’re not having sex??? How long have you been dating?? How why??”
And I was just like oh yeah, this is still a thing. People still are shocked when someone is like yeah I’m happy yeah I’m in love no we don’t have sex yea we’re waiting for marriage. I always forget that it’s a thing


The camera trailed behind Alex and Marco as they entered your apartment building. Alex turned to Marco excitedly. “Hey Marco, do you think she’ll be happy to see me?” Marco was about to reply when Alex cut him off. “Don’t worry, I already know she will. Oh! What do you think she’ll say about my movie with Spielberg?”

The pair walked into the awaiting elevator and pressed the button for the 12th floor, Marco being forced to listen to his friends animated one-sided conversation he was having. Once they reached the 12th floor Alex was eagerly heading down the corridor towards your penthouse apartment that you stayed in during filming. He knocked on the door and waited for you to answer only to wait for a few moments and knock again. The group outside your door heard you reply. “I’m coming! Just a moment.” 

You opened the door, only to see it was Alex and you immediately shut it again. Alex turned to the camera confused and let out a sigh. “Y/N! Open the door!”

A loud “No!” was heard from behind the door.

“Come on, just let us in.” Alex said, the camera capturing Marco scrolling through his phone bored out of his mind. 

“Why? Why are you even here?” You asked.

Exasperatedly Marco called out. “You agreed on Tuesday that we could come over for pre-drinks at your’s before we head out.” 

“Did you forget Y/N?” Alex asked laughing. He turned to the camera and mouthed ‘she forgot’ before turning back to the door still laughing.

“So what if I forgot?” A groan was heard from you and you finally opened the door. “Fine. Come in. No camera though.” 

Alex gave a baffled look between you and the camera. “The camera goes everywhere. Don’t worry though. I’ll make sure they capture all your best angles.” He beamed at you and looped his arm around your waist before directing you to the table where Marco had set up the beers. As he led you away he turned back to the camera and sent a wink it’s way.

The three of you were at the club and Alex was flirting with some girls while you went to get drinks. The camera approached you and you quickly turned away from the lens. “No, no stop. No camera’s please.” 

The scene then went to Alex who was staring at you from across the pub. “How gorgeous is she.” He was staring at you with a loving look in his eyes. He resembled a puppy, his eyes were so wide. “We would make a really beautiful couple you know, because she is super hot and so am I, so. It’s a match made in heaven, right?” He said, laughing to the camera. “Oh! Or should I say ‘a match made in Valhalla’ eh?” 

“She is pretty great.” Marco replied. Alex let out a loud groan and dropped his head on the table. 

“But she doesn’t even like me. What am I supposed to do? I’ve done it all. I even walked past her in nothing but my underwear and nothing!”

“Well you could try getting up ‘cause she’s heading over.” Marco said nudging for Alex to sit up. You had 3 beers in your hands and you stopped short at seeing the cameraman sitting in the booth with the guys. 

“Uh, Alex?” You said, looking over at the cameraman and then back to him. It took him a moment but once he got the hint he immediately jumped up and offered you his seat instead. That way you didn’t have to have a camera pointing in your face. “Thanks.”

“Anything for you Y/N.” He replied beaming at you. The camera caught you looking at him oddly, not sure why he was acting so differently tonight. You became aware of the camera pointing in your direction and you ducked your head quickly.

“She’s a bit shy.” Alex said to the camera.

You, Alex and Marco were dancing on the dance floor and chatting to one another when the camera zoomed in on Alex hugging you from behind. He placed a kiss on the back of your head, taking a small sniff of your hair and turned to the camera, giving it a lovesick face. He mouthed to it ‘Wow, Oh my god! She smells so good!’

You turned around a few moments later and Alex dragged you and Marco further onto the floor and began trying to get you both to dab alongside him. You and Marco shook your heads in disagreement but Alex wouldn’t give up, walking up to and moving your arms into position. He sent another wink to the camera and began to try and dance with you. Reluctantly you danced along with him as he tried to jig in the pub. He kept dancing ridiculously trying to make you laugh and when he succeeded he cheered dramatically in the camera frame and flexed his muscles at you who was standing awkwardly in the background rolling your eyes.

You and Alex sat on his couch as you chatted about his movie audition and it’s conflicting schedule with his best friend’s wedding. He had called you over because he knew you were great at giving advice.  Earlier he had told the camera ‘I called over Y/N because she’ll know what to do. She’s like my guru. Like a super hot, super smart guru with really great smelling hair… anyway, she’s coming over now.’

The camera kept zooming in on your face as you talked and it captured a lot of side glares and eyes being rolled at them. Alex on the other hand was staring intently at you, nodding at everything you said and only speaking rarely. Your bodies were pressed shoulder to shoulder as you sat and Alex was playing with your hands and intertwining them as you leaned on his shoulder. He made eye contact with the camera and smiled at it every now and then, but his attention was still focused on you. He was in love, that was obvious. It was also clear that you felt the same way for him and it showed through your body language and your actions when you were around him. 

He turned his head towards you and subtly tried to shoo the camera away as he pushed a strand of your hair behind your ear. The camera crew backed away into the hallway but they still had a clear view of the pair on the couch. However, neither you or Alex noticed as you were both lost in each other. He leaned in and pressed his lips against yours softly, smiling into the kiss as you reciprocated his actions. You brought your hand up to the back of his neck and let the other one grip onto his hair as the kiss became more intense. Alex’s hands rested on your hips and he began to grapple in an attempt to try and climb over you, but you quickly broke away from the kiss. 

“Uh, Alex?” You questioned quietly, your lips red and swollen, pupils blown wide. To Alex you looked like a goddess and he wanted to kiss you senseless but he stopped and listened to what you had to say.

“What? What’s wrong? Did I hurt you? Do you not feel the same way?” He rushed out, his words barely comprehendible.

“No no no! I like you, I just don’t like the idea that there’s a camera crew here, that’s all.” You replied, sitting upright a bit more. The broad-chested man stood up and walked over to the crew and had a few words with them before they left. He didn’t miss the opportunity to give them a victory dance and a thumbs up before they left though. He then headed back to where you sat on the couch and reconnected his lips to yours with a huge smile.

Alex stood outside in Central Dublin as the camera crew followed him around. He was divulging his feelings about you, the movie and the wedding to the camera. “Ah, you know, it’s just difficult because there are all these things that are important to me and I can’t just choose one. But I have to. If I go to Kaspar’s wedding then I miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime and if I go to the audition then I risk destroying our friendship over something that might not even work out. The only good thing that’s come out of this is that I finally got Y/N to agree to be my girlfriend! I’ve been pining after her for so long and she finally said yes! Can you believe it? I mean, of course, who wouldn’t want to date me? But, yeah, I’m really happy. I just have to make a really important decision now. But at least I’ll have Y/N to come back to no matter what happens.” 

AH OMG IT’S DONE! This was obviously based of the mockumentary and it was actually really hard to write. The perspectives of what was being seen through the camera and what was actually happening was difficult and i’m still not super happy with it. Anyway, enjoy!

Based off this request - HAHAHAHAHA( evil laugh) thank you! I only wish to see 2 things on the mockumentary: Alex acting like a love sick sick,and YN dodging him and Marco every time the camera is in (it’s a “mockumentary”)

Shadowhunters season 2:
  • Clary: mom, this is Izzy she's my girlfriend
  • Clary: she's also Simon's girlfriend
  • Clary: and of course can't forget Raphael, Simon's boyfriend
  • Clary: the one who's silently judging you in the corner is Alec, Izzy's brother
  • Clary: and this is Lydia, his ex-fiance
  • Clary: and you already know his boyfriend, Magnus
  • Clary: oh and there's also Jace, Izzy and Alec's adoptive brother
  • Clary: who's Alec used to be in love with
  • Clary: Simon and Jace have this little gay thing going on
  • Clary: and I was in love with Jace, that is until we found out he's my brother
  • Jocelyn:
  • Jocelyn:
  • Jocelyn: wait I'm confused, what's the situation?
  • Clary: what do you mean?
  • Jocelyn: how does it work?
  • Clary:
  • Clary: \_(ツ)_/¯
  • Simon: don't worry once you get used to it, it's really not that complicated...
Prompt #9 (Barba x reader)

#9 Jealousy requested by @weezyonthemoon

This one is a bit longer, but I only have one explanation for that – jealous, sassy Barba.

Warnings: jealousy, sass, arguments, kissing

(I’m also tagging @supercarricat )

* * *

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This will be one of the most romanitc places on Earth, just you wait and see!’

‘I already do~’

@rupphirebomb Day 2: Date Night!

I love the idea of the gems just like, traveling around and meeting famous historical figures/places with nonchalance like ‘Oh Leonardo? He was such a sweet little human! I told him that his Mona Lisa would be a hit!’ so here’s Ruby and Sapphire having a little day out in Paris circa the 1800′s when the Eiffel Tower was in construction!

Jealous Grump

Ho Ho Ho. I’m your Levihan Secret Santa @thebluemoondragon Hooo, I hope you like this *sweats*

Summary: A man arrives to the SC and Levi feels threatened by his presence.

Read here for notes. Levi birthday comic here.

“Stop fidgeting, Four Eyes.” Levi warned Hanji. He only warned her because it was irritating him. “Why are you like this? I thought you hated the MPs?”

“Only the lazy kind.” Hanji beamed. “The smart ones are my favorite.”

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Gang and their Tattoos

Anon: What tattoos would the boys have had?

Ok YESS I love this ask I LOVE tattoos and like man WOO (I honestly can’t wait to get some like I already have like a list of ones I want to get) (also I did this on mobile so it’s kinda sloppy but oh well I wanted to do this ask)

Ok Steve (doesn’t he already have a janky ass tat already) ANYWAY you know he has a tribal tat like ugh and I bet you he was drunk “one night” at Bucks and let someone tattoo them with a homemade gun and shit (*important don’t let anyone do that it is so much more likely to get infection and the lines will be so dark so covering it up will be a b*tch)

Darry: b*tch he ain’t got no tattoos and I would like to quote my stepdad “I wanted to keep my French Canadian skin clean and pure” (even though he has two tattoos from when he was drunk on a homemade gun and that’s one of a big regrets of his /among others/)

Pony: he’d get some fake deep emo shit tbh like literally the poem or like those simplistic flowers idk just something very soft (??) small and simplistic for the aesthetic

Dally: ok there is this kid in my class that has his birthday in Roman numerals on his wrist and that’s what I see Dally getting like what a dork OR OR like I freaking bet you one night he got drunk and got Sylvia’s name I freaking bet you $100

Two-Bit: wow what a guy.
Honestly though he’d get Mickey Mouse on his upper arm and also he’d be the one to get tattoos just for the hell of it like I know this guy that just has jack skeleton on his leg for like no reason like that’d be him

Johnny: AWWWW ok like the only tattoo I’d think he’d have is like a cute little matching one with pony idk what but I can imagine him being all excited to show everyone OR WHATIF he convinced the whole gang to get matching ones and that’s the only one Darry actually got because that’s the only one he would want is with the gang and they all went together like you guys that would be so cute like honestly would be like “brothers” or something cheesy but they all have the same one together like can you freaking imagine

I’m A Multishipper Really.

I just realized i ship everything of Voltron, litteraly/almost everything.

Klance? ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sheith? I swear the first episode KEITH FRICKIN SAVED HIM

ShiroPidge?? O M G OTP 10/10 (I do not care about those age differences, or whatever, you can shut your mouth already, besides, they aren’t even confirmed, until then, i’ll be shipping it)

Kidge/Keidge???? Wait is that even a ship? *sees ship, doesn’t have much shipper tho) HEY YOU CAN TAKE ME TOO I SHIP IT TOO NOW

Lance/Pidge????? I think it’s a ship, oh wait i’m on it.

Hunk/Shay huh? *claps*

Pidge/Hunk??????????? Hell. Yes.

Shallura? PREACH


Coran/Alfor???? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Allura/Keith??? It’s a ship, yes, although i’m probably the only one on it ;-;

Lance/Shiro? I’m SO IN

ShiroMatt?? I. SHIP. IT

(almost) E V E R Y T H I N G

so i recently hit 2k 🎉 and to thank you guys i thought i’d do a little celebration and since i’ve never done something like this before i thought i’d do almsot all options at once? cause i hate myself and have a lot of work to do already oh lord

blacklist ‘#cerian hits 2k’ if you don’t wanna potentially get spammed by stuff :)


  • you can get a blograte + one moodboard type only
  • simple blograte (like this one) 💐
  • url moodboard 🌹
  • name aesthetic moodboard 🌻
  • archive moodboard 🌺
  • a moodboard for a character/thing of your choice 🌸


depending on how popular this gets it might take me a while to get round to your request but i promise i will get round to them as quickly as possible! :)

i love you guys so much and i don’t think you understand how much i appreciate all of you! thank you so much!! ❤