oh vilkas

Having been separated from his companion, Vilkas searched high and low on the streets of Markath. He eventually found the Wizard sitting on the doorsteps to the Temple of Dibella, looking obviously quite distraught.

Vilkas: …Where were you? I’ve been looking for you.
Wizard: I ran.
Vilkas: I thought you were captured. By Ysmir, do that again and I’ll– I’ll… Don’t do that again.
Wizard: Sorry.
Vilkas: That mace looks disturbingly familiar.
Wizard: I… Retrieved it at the abandoned house.
Vilkas: You went back to that accursed place?
Wizard: I wasn’t exactly in a right state of mind. Well, it doesn’t matter now. I have something to ask of you.
Vilkas: Speak.
Wizard: I will turn myself in, so that this bloodbath and cycle of vengeance may end.
Vilkas: Fool. You were right to fight against such tyranny!
Wizard: I have to find Madanach, or all of this would be for nothing. If I find him, perhaps the Forsworn Conspiracy may be resolved, and we may be able to form an alliance of sorts. But, that is a one-in-a-thousandth chance, and, in case I’m unable to get out of prison, I need you to promise me one thing.
Vilkas: What is it?
Wizard: If the Divines take you before I am released, I do not know what I will do. Will you, even if it means no longer being a true Nord, join me?
Vilkas: I know what you want. Say it. Out loud.
Wizard: …
Vilkas: Say it.
Wizard: That’s my line, jerk.