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Request:I need me some Jerome circus imagine in my life!!! Maybe you could do one were the reader is into 80’s/90’s fashion and rocks it?. She’s blonde and loves clowns and freaky shit so when they bump into each other in Gotham’s carnival they’re both instantly stunned!? They could be super flirtatious and both as bad as one another.

Word count:447


I sigh loudly and turn over in my bed. My roommate glances over and laughs. “Bored?” I grab another slip of paper and burn it from one of the candles lighting the room up. “Yes. Blackouts are so boring.” My roommate looks at me in shock. “(Y/n) the bleach has gone to your head or something because if you haven’t heard Jerome Valeska is alive and well. He’s the one who did this. You call that boring? The man was just reborn!” I huff and swing my legs. “Boring.” I slip my combat boots and my large red flannel over my black skater skirt and crop top. “I’m going out.”

I walk out the door and I walk down the dark streets. I hear gun shots, laughing, and then running. I follow the sound and find a…circus?

I walk through the big entrance and see a world of fantasy. I laugh and look around with giant eyes. I walk up to a dunk tank and see piranhas swimming around. I then realized who’s sitting atop of the tank in fear. “Hi-a Mr. K!” I wave at the asshole teacher. “(Y/n)! Please help me! Please. I’ll do anything.” I laugh and roll my eyes. “Oh no you won’t. Just take this as a lesson. Everyone take this as a lesson! You make fun of someone and treat them less of who they are. You get put out in the end.” I grab a ball and throw it directly at the target making him fall into the tank.

I laughs and run up to the tank for a closer look. “What an arm!” I turn around and see the one and only Jerome Valeska. I shy away and giggle. “Thank you Mr. Valeska.” I slightly bow as a princess would.

He then stands in a straight striking pose like a prince and bows at me. “What’s your name dollface?” He asks holding his hand out. “(Y/n) (y/l/n).” “Ah lookie there. Beautiful name for an even more beautiful face.” I giggle and blush. “No no you are! Do you think so Brucie? She’s beautiful ain’t she?” I look behind Jerome to see billionaire Bruce Wayne from school. Though I was a year or two older.

He looks at me in a glare. “Are you crazy?” I think for a second then smile. “Yeah.” Jerome spins around and laughs. “Oh just how I like em! Crazy and beautiful! Care to tag along baby? Got a big night planned! Could use an assistant!” I jump into his arms and giggle. “Anything for the amazing Jerome Valeska.” “Oh I’m gonna keep you.” He says and carries me off.

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Hallucinations: His Return

This is Part 2 to my original imagine Hallucinations! I suggest if you haven’t already read part 1 go do so! Warnings - a few choice words, innuendos, and a brief sensual scene Also, thank you everyone who reads and comments and likes and reposts! It absolutely means the world to me! I love all 3,000+ of you! :3 now enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


“Miss me, doll face?” The ginger smirked at you, his smile a little off putting. You took a few steps back, his presence and reality causing you to lose your breath.

The events from last night were playing through your mind. Everything else around you was blurry and tuned out. You saw him die and now 8 months later here he was, alive and well. Well maybe not “well”, but well.

You were now standing on a roof of the building. Jerome was looking through binoculars at the damaged he caused at an abandoned warehouse. He knew you were still in awe and maybe even confusion. You didn’t say one word to him the last five days. You couldn’t bring yourself to.

“I know. You’re speechless, how could you be here, I can’t believe my eyes! I’ve heard it all before. So…how you been? If you ask me, I’ve had a not so great few days. Woke up, some dude steals my face, you know I had to go through all this work to find you.”


“You don’t have to stand there and say nothing.”


“Almost a week and not one word. That just chomps at my dick, but I guess that’s fair, considering the face, the voice, and all heh. But how about kiss?” He walked towards you already expecting you’d just plant one right on him. However, that’s not how you were feeling tonight. You were planting something on him alright, it just wasn’t what he’d thought it would be.

Anger, finally eating up the fear inside you, you gave the undead psychopath a giant fist to his “face”.

“I honestly just stapled that into place!” He whined. “You sure do pack a punch though, hot stuff.”

You stumbled back once more after seeing a piece of his skin bend over his eye.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t you hear? Stapling your skin back together is the new style! Apparently so is coming back to life.”

“What’s wrong with you?” You blurted out, your now bloodied hand in a fist.

“Lots of things. You’re gonna have to be more specific.” He closed one eye as he stapled his skin.

“You come back and think everything would be fine again? That you could sit here and make jokes? That I would just kiss you because your back? Well I’m not laughing, Jerome. Especially since this was all your fault! You don’t know what it was like, seeing you dead. To be living without you. I told you NOT to go to that show that night and you didn’t take what I said into consideration at all. I suffered pain, depression. I cried every night realizing you weren’t by my side anymore. But for some reason I felt like it was all my fault. And you made me feel like it was my fault.”

Jerome stifled a laugh. “Class acting, baby. You want an award?”

“Screw you.” You pushed past him, walking down the stairway.

“Please do. I have a major boner from seeing you this angry.”

“Please just take me back home. I’d rather not see you ever again.”

“Whoa, whoa don’t be like that.” Jerome smirked, grabbing your waist and trapping you on each side with his arms. “You mean to tell me you don’t miss me? All the things I said to you…all the things I did to you. Remind me, dollface. Where’s that sweet spot of yours again? Somewhere down here?”

You bit your lip as Jerome’s hand found it’s way into your pants. Your eyes fluttered closed and the memories then began to float back like a calm river. You used to tell Jerome all about your dirty thoughts and he’d satisfy them, leaving you out of breath and seeing stars for days. His lips met yours and then made their way down your neck. It gelt like those old times again. You almost forgot what was actually going on.

You let out a quiet moan and arched your back against the wall. Jerome then proceeded to make his way down to your breasts.

A deep chuckle came from the back of his voice, vibrating through his chest. It snapped you out of your thoughts and you pulled away from him. Now you were even more angry than you were before. You couldn’t believe you almost let him put his fingers in your-

“Pussy.” He laughed at you. “You used to give in to your needs.”

“They’re not wants nor needs, Valeska! And I told you…I don’t like that word.”

“I on the other hand love the word and I for a fact love how it tas-” You kicked him down the stairs and all you saw was a ginger tumbleweed rolling down three flights. An audible “ow!” during each step he rolled down.

As he finally made it to the last step, he winced. “That hurt more than I thought it would.”

You hopped off the very last step with grace and ease, giving a little bow to taunt. “I actually do kind of miss you. This is kind of actually the most fun I’ve had in a while.”

“Then how about it some more fun?” Jerome wheezed, holding his now hunched over back. “In fact! I have a plan! And yes, you’re involved.” He pulled out a gun pointing it at you.

“What do you think you’re doing?” You backed away from him, eyes on the weapon in his head.

“Turns out there’s a few loonies out there who worship me, heheh. Mm we get them and we find Bruce Wayne and kill him! I have been meaning to for awhile now. Just couldn’t point my mind in the right place.”

“Why do you need me then?”

“Because you cupcake, are the hostage.”


“Mmphmmmmpgh!” Jerome tied you up so you wouldn’t scream or give away anything to Bruce. “Mmmmphhgghhh!”

“I love you too.” Jerome smiled, leaving a kiss on your forehead. The Wayne Manor was a wreck by now. Bruce and Alfred standing right in front of you. His eyes furrowed deciding on what he should do.

“Bruuuuccccieee. I’m not going to ask again. The girl or the Butler. I mean I’m still going to kill you afterwards, but I want you to choose here, buddy!”

One of the loonies, pushed you forward so you fell on to the floor.

Bruce’s eyes immediately met yours, worry and fear playing on his features. He couldn’t let you die, but he couldn’t let Alfred die either.

After the thug placed the gun to your head, Bruce finally spoke up. Trading his life for the both of yours. Jerome snuck a wink at you, to assure no harm was ever going to come to you.

Take her to the car.“

It had been at least ten minutes, and the manor lamps glowed from within, not a shadow or sign of movement in sight.

"AHAH! GREAT NEWS!” Jerome screamed startling everyone in the car! “Looks like Bruce will be joining us for the carnival!”

Carnival? What carnival?“ Lennie asked.

"It looks more like a circus!” Gregory butted in.

“Shut up you two! You’ll see when we get there.” Jerome groaned. He then turned to you and smiled at you. “Sorry, I forgot.” He shrugged, pulling the tape off your mouth.

“Ow!” You screamed headbutting his nose.

He only laughed in response. “I would take you right here and now but this might not be suitable for all ages.” He motioned to Bruce.

“Over my dead body, Valeska.” You rolled your eyes as he began to run his fingers up your thigh.

“Preferably IN your dead body.”

You leaned forward so Bruce could see you. “Next time, I suggest you pick me.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lights and rides and games surrounded all of you. The air was filled with screams and death. Dried and fresh blood on parts of the ground. These were innocent people. You and Bruce shared a glance.

Jerome took a deep breath and nodded. “Perfect.” You admit it was little things like those that turned you on and he knew it to. You could see he truly wanted things to go back to the way they were. A part of you wanted the same. But that quickly left your mind when you saw a knife perfectly thrown into someone’s skull.

“Oh fu-”

Not interested (Jerome x Reader)

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Part 1, Part 2

A/N: There will be just one more part of this story.

Summary: Reader is Ed’s younger sister. She met Jerome while working for GCPD.

˝Y/N, Y/N! Wake up! ˝ Your brother Ed yelled coming into your room. After hearing his voice, you covered your ears with your pillow. You hated when somebody would wake you up during the night. The traffic outside was loud and you heard sirens in the distance.

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Come & See Me. (Jerome Valeska x Reader)

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Could I ask for a fluff fic where Jerome is the Reader’s friend and takes care of the Reader when she’s sick and he makes her chicken noodle soup? Afterwards they watch a movie together. Later on, Jerome puts the reader to bed and while she’s sleeping, he whispers in her ear how much he loves her, but can’t bring himself to say it in front of her. The reader hears this and pretends to be asleep. A week later, the reader confronts Jerome and confesses her feelings to him. They both hug and kiss.

Y/N’s throat was dry as dust. “I’m sick, Jerome. I can’t go to the movies.”

“Well, it’s pretty damn obvious,” said Jerome. He lifted his hand and pressed it against Y/N’s forehead and felt a hot surface. “Yeah, you’re burning up. Want me to come back another time?”

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List 2 (with Jerome Valeska)

 Who is on top? You: Jerome will put you on top just so you can have some control. He likes to watch you move from both ends. 

Who is on bottom? Jerome: He likes to watch you move around on him. He likes to grab your breast and pull your hips down. 

Who has the strangest desires? Jerome: He always has something in mind…

Any kinks? Blood, Dominance, Bondage (sometimes), Knife, Choking, Nicknames, and  Praise
Who’s most dominant? JEROME VALESKA: Oh good lord! He is always in control even if hes supposed to be sub he still acts in his dominant nature. 

Is oral an equation? Hell yeah!

If so who gives it the most? Jerome: Normally when you get upset, when you have a headache, or when he just wants to he’ll eat you out. He does it really really well too.

Ever had public sex? YES!

Who moans the most? You: He’s good at what he does…

Who leaves the most marks? Jerome: Most time you look like you’d been bitten by vapmires and been best up.

Who screams the loudest? You..(;

Do they ‘fuck’ or ‘make love’? Both! Depends on the day (;

Rough or soft? ROUGH! When does it seem like Jerome would be soft.

Is protection used? Nope: He doesn’t care about the consequences.

Does it ever get boring? NOOOOOOOO

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Me while watching Gotham s3e13
  • Jim: He's gonna bring back Jerome...
  • Me: And he'll be ded
  • Joker Card: Im an easter egg lol
  • Dwight: We.Are.Jerome
  • Me: Lol slow down budd I know you like J but chill
  • Ozzie: I need Ed, he's the only one
  • Me: I KNOW *sobbing while hugging the cat*
  • Jerome: Boo! *giggles*
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Lee: ... *totally chilling while J is pointing with the fuckin gun at her*
  • Dwaight: We.Are.Jerome
  • Me: Ugh
  • Jerome: You and me... *pointing his gun with a gun*
  • Jerome: What is it? Gingers are not your type?
  • Lee: ...
  • Me: Well gingers are MY type
  • Ozzie: Eddie
  • Me: *falls down*
  • Dwaight: We.Are.Jerome
  • Jerome: Sorry! Didn't see ya!
  • Me: *remembering Heath while crying*
  • Selina: Did you know?!
  • Me: no..
  • Bruce: Yes
  • Me: No...
  • Selina: *punches him*
  • Me: NO
  • Dwaight: We.Are.Jerome
  • Eddie: Oswald, help
  • Jerome: Death...is...dull
  • Me: Well I don't know
  • Jerome: Do whatever...kill
  • Me: For you obviously *awkward wink*
  • Dwaight: *dies*
  • Jim: Oh no...
  • Me: OH YES


Oh my god ;) <3

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: I lo-
  • anyone who has ever spent five seconds around me: Yes, you love Jerome Valeska, we know, you love Jerome Valeska so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Jerome Valeska, we KNOW, you love Jerome Valeska, ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE JEROME VALESKA. WE GET IT.

Imagine being the only one who could make Jerome sincerely smile

Jerome: Y/N…are you watching another Disney movie?

Y/N: And you aren’t?

Jerome: No Y/N, I may be from a circus, but not even I’m that crazy to watch this.

Y/N(joking): Yeah I muse be crazy if I have you as a best friend.

Jerome: Oh be quiet.