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together-we-ride asked:

Imma ask you a few more cause I'm bored af and my dad-father is taking forever and a half to get here: 20, 34, 40, 43 and 47!

Okee dokee!!!!
20. 3 things that make me happy
Cats! Also video games and talking to my friends~ (and BTS but u already knew that lmao)
34. An embarrassing moment
Oh no! Uh… I can’t think of any off the top of my head. I guess my entire freshman year existence was pretty embarrassing lmao. I went through an emo phase… e.e’
40. My favorite store(s)
JoAnn’s because I am a DORK and also a fabric whore tbh
43. Something I’m talented at
Being a trashcan lmao
47. My favorite blog(s)
You!!! And also a bunch of others!!! And I would tag them all, but I’m on mobile #thestruggle