oh u!!!!


I’m entering the fandom at full speed jesus take the wheel


New Friends and Foes + Steven Universe: Wanted


Hi I literally don’t want to leave Zora’s Domain for more than like two minutes and I’ll give you three guesses why

(I’m not content with hylian(?)sidon yet his hair looks like a dr pepper but I’ll keep workin on it)

new strategy for dealing with straight girls who jokingly refer to each other as girlfriends: take it seriously and watch them struggle to explain how they ‘didn’t mean it that way’ and blunder their way through a justification of why it’s funny to them

voltron, where everything is exactly the same but they have a total drama island confession booth and in the middle of a battle a galra soldier tells lance he was an ‘easy target’ then they cut to the confession booth and lance is like ‘oh he did NOT just call me an easy target’ and cuts back to lance shooting this galra guy, then back to the booth and lance is sitting there checking his nails before looking right into the camera and raises his eyebrows

consider: this is deadass how victor describes his fiance to strangers when he’s looking for him lmao (insp)