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Always and Forever (Tom Riddle X Reader)

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 Fandom: Harry Potter

 Pairing: Tom Riddle x Reader(Female)

 Words: 827

 Warnings: Mild sexual suggestions

Author’s Note: There’s not enough Tom Riddle one-shots, so I’ve made this! Enjoy!

It was your seventh year at Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry. The date for mid terms was arriving too soon, so naturally all the students began to hustle about and cram their noggins full of knowledge. Including your boyfriend, the famous Tom Riddle.

You skipped leisurely down the empty hallway towards the school’s massive library, only to find it overflowing of your fellow wizards and witches. Your legs wandered past colossal shelves, brimming with all sorts of textbooks and scrolls, until a familiar set of thick wavy hair caught your eye.

“Oh Tooooom,” you sang, approaching the young man from behind. Wrapping your arms around his shoulders, you leaned forward, pecking his smooth cheek quickly. Unfortunately, it didn’t cause him to remove his face from the book he held.

You frowned slightly. No matter, you thought, there are easier ways to capture his attention.

You let go of his form and walked to the nearest shelve. Your fingers skimmed the leather bound books carefully, searching for anything that piqued your interest. When nothing turned up, you gave a shrug and grabbed the nearest binding.

Plopping down in the chair, across from Tom, you released a sigh and dug your face within the ancient text, mimicking your boyfriend.

Finally gaining his attention, you break away your eyes from the text, seeing Tom studying you with curiosity. You smile at him, knowing you’ve won your little battle.

“Yes darling,” you cooed at him, dropping your book and giving the sweetest smile you could manage.

Tom coolly raised one brow, still staring at you and opened his mouth to retort, “Y/N, what are you doing?”

Crossing your arms, you frowned and glanced away, looking at the dull painting of an old man washing himself. “Studying, duh.”

“You don’t study,” he simply responded, no hint of emotion in his voice.

You furrowed your brows and looked back at Tom. He sat there, emotionless, resting his hands on the oak table that sat between the two of you. You noticed how handsome he looked with a blank face.

Forgetting to be frustrated with Tom, you suddenly reached forward, grabbing onto both of his hands and stared at him with pleading eyes. You watched Tom narrow his brown eyes, softening, and a small smile formed on his perfect face.

“Let’s do something,” you begged, giving him your best puppy eyes.

Tom’s smile grew a little. At that point, you knew you had won over his thoughts. You watched him as he gazed down at your entwined fingers, obviously thinking about your proposal.

Tom glanced back up at you. “All right,” he whispered softly, squeezing your hands gently.

“YAYYY,” you screamed, suddenly jumping up in the air in excitement. A large number of hushes soon filled the air after you interrupted everyone’s studying.

You mumbled an oops, causing Tom to chuckle lightly at your new demeanor.

“You can yell all you want when we get outside,” Tom stated, taking your hand and causing you to blush. Public affection was not Tom’s preferred take of action.

As you walked out of the library, an evil grin spread across your face, gaining Tom’s attention. “Oh, and what will we be doing that causes all my yelling, Tom,” you breathe quietly into his ear, earning you a small blush forming on his porcelain features.

You watch as Tom visible gulps and clears his throat as a response to your question. A giggle escapes your chest , provoking Tom. He gains back his coolness, then snatches you up into his arms, making you yelp in surprise.

“This is what is going to cause your outbursts, Y/N,” Tom says, raking his fingers into your stomach, tickling you as he made his way down the hallway. You laughed and flailed in his grasp, kicking at the air.

“STAHP,” you huffed heavily. Tom then gently put you down on the ground and smoothed out the wrinkles on your robe.

“Thank you,” you managed to say, still getting your breath back. Tom nods, his way of saying “your welcome.”

Tom stares at you intently, causing you to panic slightly, causing you to think there’s something on your face. He chuckles again, but says no.

“You have given my existence such happiness, Y/N, and I thank you for it,” Tom calmly says. You smile sweetly at him, then reached out, wrapping your arms around his figure and nuzzling his chest.

“I love you, Tom.”

You feel his strong arms cloak around you, warming your body and giving you that feeling of safety. You hear him exhale heavily.

“I love you too, Y/N. Always and forever.”

His grip strengthens, not wanting to let go. You found yourself silently wishing that this moment would never end. You would always remember the day where the famous Tom Riddle admitted he loved you. Always and forever.