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masterpost of iconic lines/moments in Froot (2015) by Marina and the Diamonds


  • when the chorus effect starts on the line “melted away like I was free” and my soul escaped my body, went to hell, and was immediately forgiven by the benevolent god that is marina diamandis
  • “I realize to be happy, maybe I need a little company” and I started crying one minute and forty seconds into the album
  • the sheer force with which my head was ejected from my body when she hits the high note on “I believe someone’s watching over me”
  • the chord changes in the bridge making me feel melancholy realness, honey
  • invented the piano, invented happy songs that sound sad, invented music
  • I’ve fallen asleep crying to this song an uncountable amount of times


  • THE FUCKING BASS RIFF IN THE FIRST TWO SECONDS which precisely and methodically severed my ear canal from my cranium
  • everything about this song
  • “ju-u-u-uice, la la la la la la la” >>> the entire discography of the rolling stones, the beatles, led zeppelin, and all of your dusty-ass “iconic” faves 
  • the sultriness of the fucking low G she hits perfectly and consistently throughout the verses
  • “but I ain’t in a patient phase” probably the most iconic modern music will get
  • the way she sings “come on fill your cup uuuuuuuUUUUUPP” shattering my femur
  • “i’ve been saving all my summers for you” assassinates all of the poetry by William Shakespeare combined
  • every part of the second verse, especially “baby I am plump and ripe, I’m pinker than shepard’s delight, sweet like honeysuckle late at night” which was better sex-ed than I received throughout my entire adolescent academic career
  • “birds and worms will come for me, the cycle of life is complete” making fucking DECOMPOSITION the sexiest thing anyone has ever said in the compendium of human history
  • The Fucking Bridge Melody that she sings well beyond the troposphere, above the stratosphere, and sitting sexily in the mesosphere
  • “oh my body is ready, yeah it’s ready, yeah it’s ready”

I’m a Ruin

  • marina single-handedly addressing the complexities of young-adult relationships with “I could treat you better but I’m not that smart”
  • the insane degree to which I scream “yeah yeah, uh huh, woo hoo, yeah yeah” at the end of the chorus, thus startling my neighbors and setting off car alarms
  • “It’s difficult to move on when nothing was right and nothing was wrong” making me spray tears out of my eyes like a machine gun
  • the way the back up vocals come in on “I’ve had my share of beautiful men, but I’m still young and I want to love again”
  • the dichotomy of “I’ll ruin you” and “I’m a ruin” are proven to be one and the same, thus ending the careers of marriage counselors across the world


  • the iconic and instantly-memorable backing track
  • the continuity between the themes of the last song with the opening line “we’ve broken up and now I regret it”
  • the FORESHADOWING of “and I don’t know why but I can’t forget it” which alludes to the themes of the NEXT song, Forget, basically proving Marina doesn’t need references to any body of literature but her own goddamn songs
  • “gimme love, gimme dreams, gimme a good self-esteem” ejecting my wig at mach 3 into another dimension
  • the sheer craftsmanship of the pre-chorus, which is perfectly catchy and memorable while refraining from cliches
  • the way the beat picks up on the chorus and I demand my non-existent ex to “gimme one more night”
  • “I’m sick of looking after you, I need a man to hold on to, I’m bored of everything we do, but I just keep coming back to you” proving marina is just as fed up with fuckboys as we are, but is just as flawed and hypocritical as us, showing her imperfections and making her more worthy of our worship
  • ending the song on the pre-chorus like the fucking INNOVATOR of MODERN MUSIC she is??? like please tell me WHEN will your fave


  • this list doesn’t include the visuals from the music videos but I will make an exception for the ICONIC wig she wears in the video
  • the vocals for “never heal” sending me into a tailspin and crashing into a ditch at 70 mph
  • 50% of the chorus is the word “forget” and it is STILL the height of modern literature
  • after her mention of an “abacus” in the second verse, abacus sales went up 2000% and surpassed their unprecedented popularity in ancient Greece
  • “yeah it’s time to be letting go, yeah baby you know what I’m talking about” probably the most iconique start to a bridge physically possible in this dimension
  • the way she fucking develops the lyrics of the chorus throughout the song and makes each line the best life lesson you ever heard??? who is this woman?????


  • by FAR the most underrated song on the album for no goddamn reason like, have you demons even listened to it?? hmmmmm????
  • i have no idea how the accompaniment was made for the song but whoever did it was a genius and needs to be remembered for the rest of time
  • “doesn’t matter long as I am your star, sta-AAARRRR” melodically groundbreaking, please take notes everyone
  • “don’t think i want what I used to want, don’t think I need what i used to need” addressing the pains of growing out of old friendships and passions in a fun approach
  • “you can’t take away the Midas touch, so you better make way for a GREEK GOLD RUSH” YES MAMA REPRESENT YOUR COUNTRY LIKE THE GODDESS YOU AAAARE
  • knew she could rhyme “El Dorado” with “Colorado” and fucking did
  • the fade out at the end of the song painting her as a con-artist or corrupt gold-dealer being hauled off to jail while reveling in the near success of her schemes is what???? I C O N I C

Can’t Pin Me Down

  • this song is direct proof that marina is a straight up motherfucking KUNT in charge of her destiny. the album is labeled as explicit because of this ONE song and only ONE line: “you might think I’m one thing, but I am another. You can’t call my bluff, TIME TO BACKUP MOTHERFUCKER” like not only is this the most badass line in the history of language, but this line was so important to her that she made the album explicit JUST FOR THIS ONE LINE. SHE IS AN ICON. END OF STORY.
  • she is a feminist! BUT! “Do you really want me to write a feminist anthem, I’m happy in the kitchen cooking dinner for my husband” proving that you do NOT know this bitch. she is nothing you think she is. except that she is an I C O N.
  • the meter of “just another girl in the twenty-first century” has me unpredictably and immeasurably shook because she is just! that! kind! of! girl!
  • “You think I’m like the others, boy you need to get your eyes che-e-e-e-e-e-ecked, che-e-e-e-e-e-e-ecked” blew the skin clean off of my face
  • “i can be your russian doll” like,,,, gag
  • the entire concept and existence of this song is revolutionary and cements her position as the strongest female artist of our generation


  • holy FUCK you guys love to hate amazing songs, don’t you?? this song is without a doubt one of my favorites and you fuckers have the NERVE
  • the production on this song is one of a kind and continues to prove her versatility in style on this album. any reservations you had about her from electra heart better be EVAPORATED by this point.
  • the melodies on this song are, besides Froot, the catchiest on the album for me. they are so well crafted and inventive, i am shaking
  • “hard like a rock, cold like stone, white like a diamond, black like coal, cut like a jewel, yeah I repair myself when you’re not there” is such an amazing pre-chorus for this song like it could no possibly be better than that
  • the way the mood shifts from the verse to the chorus cut off my arms with raw blunt force
  • the flourish on the line “and I’ll admit all I wanna do is get drunk and silent” gave me an aneurysm
  • holy fucking SHIT the end of the bridge is for sure a highlight on the album. “but I’m not cursed, i’m not cursed, I was just covered in dirt” like damn marina go all the way off
  • the extra-dimensional high notes on this song are second to none, babes

Better Than That

  • “You’re just another in a long line of men she screwed” is the FUCKING WAY TO START A SONG, GIRLS. ARE YOU JOTTING THIS DOWN??
  • “So why’s she looking like a cat who got the cream?” ugh marina is so perfect I cannot deal with this bitch anymore
  • the sheer vocal talent on the chorus, like how high can this girl go? someday she’s going to rupture my eardrums and I will thank her personally
  • “with an angel voice, devil in disguise” the vocal production for this is perfect and successfully made me shit myself
  • “and she’ll network till her dreams come true, even if it means getting in a bed with you” miss marina is out for BLOOD everyone, the music industry is cowering in fear of her objective talent and lack of fucks
  • “i’m not passing judgment on her sexual life, I’m passing judgement on the way she always stuck her knife in my back” whoever this woman is she is getting READ for FILTH by lady diamandis and you all need to watch your backs


  • this song is straight out of a sappy rom-com and I am fully living for it
  • “but it keeps growing back like WEEDS” I am currently screaming please give me a moment
  • “and God knows what sex is, a way to feel a bit, a little bit less lonely” marina chose sex to be a prominent theme on this album but she has shown she can handle it in the moment mature way any woman in the industry can. it’s subtle, it’s methodical, it isn’t vulgar, it’s just straight real and honest and such an important thing to discuss! this song is another aspect of how sex can be important in our lives. she better preach tbh
  • the aesthetics can reserved character on this song are a beautiful contrast that the album needed. filler tracks who???


  • full disclosure, this song blew a hole right through my body with the sheer impact of its lyrics and chorus
  • there are so many fucking good lyrics on this song, it’s truly baffling that anyone has a career in the music industry after this was dropped
  • “I’m not afraid of God, I am afraid of man” I am Screeching
  • the first beat of the chorus, my bodily fluids are already dripping from the ceiling and my bones are crushed into a fine powder
  • “underneath it all, we’re just savages hidden behind shirts, ties, and marriages” she is prophet, the chosen one, the woman who will deliver us from our mortal coils
  • “another day, another tale of rape, another ticking bomb to bury deep and detonate” Marina is fully aware of the important problems our nation is facing at the time the album was released and even to today. she isn’t a shallow artist like the persona she created in electra heart, she has become almost the exact opposite. She is taking on these issues with a clear judgment and grace and I am so proud and appreciative of her work.
  • “are you killing for yourself or killing for your savior?” YES YOU BETTER ASSASSINATE THESE MOTHERFUCKERS
  • the buildup in the last chorus to the E T H E R E A L ending is clearly the climax of modern pop music


  • you could play this song for me and tell me it’s a message from an angel and I would 200% believe you
  • the melody on this track is so fucking pristine it’s like a glacier melting in your mouth
  • it continues the themes of humanity from Savages but looks at a completely different issue about it. this album is cohesive, planned out, and a complete and full body of work
  • the moment the chorus hits with “I’m forever chasing after time” my limbs are being forcibly extended by a device of love and torture
  • “but if the earth ends in fire, and the seas are frozen in time, there will be just one survivor, the memory that I was yours and you were mine” ok not kidding anymore this is STRAIGHT up MOTHER fucking POETIC genius and innovation at its most concentrated and talented moment
  • when she says “twice” on the high note in the chorus, it’s like the most beautiful bell shattering in my ear, tbqh
  • THE FUCKING BRIDGE is actual art. “I just wanna be able to say the I live my life” the way she executes this melody is cold-blooded and frankly she should be charged with manslaughter for it

bottom line, Marina Diamandis released the biggest breakthrough in pop music to date in 2015 and all of you demons let it flop. if you have the nerve to call this album a failure, I have literally 0 respect for you and no one is ever going to love you

Imagine Deadpool trying to set you and Spiderman up

As you set the small bandaid over Peter’s final wound you sighed, feeling a presence over you as you rolled your eyes, “Personal space Wade,” you reminded as the red and black clad hero behind you’s breath left your shoulder, “Right, sorry (Y/N)” Wade breathed, still a little too close for your liking, although knowing there was no way to get him to back up further. You look from the bandage on Peter’s forehead to his brown eyes glaring at Wade, although softening as they land on your (E/C) ones. He offers you a small, thankful smile, although knowing that he despised having to breath the same air as the merc with a mouth who was probably making faces at your best friend as we speak. “I’m gonna go get some more ice for your eye,” you tell the curly haired brunette who only offers you a, “Thanks (Y/N),” before you leave Wade’s bedroom to his kitchen to look for something cold. Peter hated it here. It was dirty and smelled like month old mexican food which, knowing Wade it probably was. He had no choice though, with May at home and no other shelter, Deadpool literally picked up the teen and raced him to his home for the opportunity. Luckily, you had been there, chilling at Wade’s home like you did sometimes when you needed to be away from your home for a while. You immediately went into action when you saw Peter’s injuries, using whatever first aid crap Wade had lying around, which wasn’t much to be honest, to the best of your ability while Wade sat and watched not so patiently– Peter’s thoughts were interrupted as a ball of paper hit his face. His eyes snapped from the door he was trained on to Wade, who laughed at Peter’s confused expression. Peter rolled his eyes at Wade’s annoying antics. “Watcha thinking about?” Wade asked curiously as Peter turned red, not wanting to admit that he was thinking of you, and the way your eyes lit up when you smiled, and how you were perfectly imperfect in every way. “N-nothing,” Peter mumbled, giving Wade a harsh glare, “Screw off Wade,” he added on, almost surprising himself with his rude manners. Wade gasped dramatically, putting a hand over his heart to feign hurt, “Rude,” Wade declared, “If your going to insult me, do it right. Call me a c*** s*cker or someth–” Wade stopped, “really writer? You’re seriously gonna censor me?” he groaned angrily, “and c*** s*cker? That’s the best you got?” he furrowed his brows, or lack thereof, “I mean, if you’re writing for me at least do it right.” the ugly potato rolled his eyes, scoffing at the writer once more, “Oh wow, reeeal mature of you,” he slow clapped, ignoring Peter’s horrified face. “Uh-” Peter spoke, interrupting Wade’s insanity as Wade looked at the young lad, “A-are you okay?” Peter asked uncertainly as Wade groaned angrily, “Not with this f*cking writer!” he exclaimed, “See! There it is again!” he said exasperated, laying diwn on the bed as Peter sat, more confused than ever in his life. Slowly, Wade raised himself up, giving Peter a knowing look, “Oh I know what you’re thinking,” he smirked under the mask. “Y-you do?” Peter asked uncertainly, heat rushing to his cheeks as Wade nodded so fast Peter swore he’d get whiplash, “This kill-joy writer won’t let me say it, but I found a loophole,” Wade grinned, grabbing a notebook and box of crayons as he began scribbling on the white sheet. Eventually, he finished with an “a-ha!” holding up a picture of–***** ******* *** ***** and ******* *** ****** **** to ****** slowly ***** until **** “God Dammit writer,” Wade mumbled under his breath as Peter, turning 50 shades of red, stared at the picture in horror, quickly ripping up the erotic picture. “N-no Wade!” Peter declined, “I-I mean, I-I wouldn’t ever!–” “Look Spidey, we both know you got a thing for (Y/N). You wanna tap that, I get it, I get it.” he pressed a finger to Peter’s lips as he parted them to protest. “Now, (Y/N) is like a little sister to me, making me the hot older brother that makes out with all her friends.” Wade paused, shaking his head, “No, that’s not right…anyways, I am very protective of her, and I just want to say that,” Wade stopped, moving his gloved finger from Peter’s lips to slide down and pat his shoulder, “I think you and her would be adorable!” he exclaims as Peter shakes his head, attempting to get Wade to shut up, “Okay fine. I am head over heels in love with (Y/N)…but I can’t so anything about it,” he mumbled twiddling his thumbs nervously as Wade gives Peter a strange laugh, standing up and dusting imaginary dirt off his suit, “No need to fear, your friendly neighbourhood Deadpool is here,” Deadpool states, running for the door when Peter immedietly shoots hit webs to stick Wade to the doorknob. Wade gives Peter a “what the f*ck” look and Peter glares, “You can’t tell (Y/N)!” he delcared as Deadpool whined like the child he is, “Aww why not?” he asked as Peter glared harder at the red and black clad “hero”. Neither of them knowing what was behing the door. As you stood, listening to their conversation, you couldn’t help but the smile that makes it’s way across your face. Peter likes YOU! No, LOVES you! You were trying to keep your cool as you smirked, imagining how much fun you were going to have with this information.

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* next to normal sentence pack ( act 1 )

❛ what are you doing up? it’s 3:30. ❜
❛ it’s the seventh night this week i’ve sat ‘til morning, imagining the ways you might have died. ❜
❛ you’ve got to let go, mom/dad. i’m almost eighteen. ❜
❛ everything’s great! why wouldn’t it be great? it’s great. ❜
❛ some days i think i’m dying, but i’m really only trying to get through. ❜
❛ what doesn’t kill me doesn’t kill me. ❜
❛ it only hurts when i say ‘it’s just another day,’ ❜
❛ we’re a perfect loving family.  if they say we’re not then fuck ‘em. ❜
❛ i think the house is spinning. ❜
❛ everything’s fine. i’m just… making sandwiches. on the floor. ❜
❛ so you graduate early, you’re gone as of may, and there’s nothing your paranoid parents can say. ❜
❛ we’ve gone to school together for, like, six years. i sit behind you in like four classes. ❜
❛ you give up way too easily. ❜
❛ he knows my deepest secrets. i know his name. ❜
❛ oh, you’re one of those pretentious stoner types. ❜
❛ what did mozart know anyway? he should have just smoked a bowl and jammed on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. ❜
❛ i was so young. and so dumb. and now i am old. ❜
❛ now there’s no sex; she’s depressed; and me, I’m just tired. ❜
❛ they say love is blind, but believe me: love is insane. ❜
❛ i don’t feel like myself. i mean, i don’t feel anything. ❜
❛ your mom is, like, in the next room. ❜
❛ i’m one fuck-up from disaster. ❜
❛ this is one fucked up seduction. ❜
❛ how do you know this isn’t a sign saying we belong together? ❜
❛ how do you know it’s not a sign saying ‘get new rubbers?’ ❜
❛ i miss my life. ❜
❛ everything’s great here. fantastic! i disinfected the entire house, rewired the computer, and did some decoupage. ❜
❛ we’ve been going out for nine weeks and three days. don’t i get to meet your family? ❜
❛ i know that you’re hurting. i’m hurting, too. ❜
❛ it’s like living on a cliffside, not knowing when you’ll dive. ❜
❛ you don’t know what it’s like to live that way. ❜
❛ are you wanting all that she can’t give? ❜
❛ i wish i could fly. i’d fly far away from here. ❜
❛ i love you as much as i can. ❜
❛ they have depression chatrooms? ❜
❛ when i was young, my mother called me high-spirited. she would know. she was so high-spirited, she was banned from the PTA. ❜
❛ most people who think they’re happy just haven’t thought about it enough. most people who think they’re happy are actually just stupid. ❜
❛ this is never going to get better, is it? ❜
❛ you know, _____, it’s not all about your comfort. ❜
❛ if you won’t grieve me, you won’t leave me behind. ❜
❛ the baby wasn’t planned. neither was the marriage. ❜
❛ i couldn’t hold him/her in the hospital. ❜
❛ that’s the first time you’ve mentioned _____ in weeks of therapy. ❜
❛ well that seems very… fucked. ❜
❛ i know i have to help her/him/them but hell if i know how. ❜
❛ what makes you think i’d lose my mind for you? ❜
❛ take this chance ‘cause it may be our last. ❜

Prométeme - Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request - “Hii could you do a 13rw/Hispanic reader x Zach where there both besties but secretly like each other but never will admit it…”

A/N: I actually did a lot of research for this one, as I didn’t want to be culturally false or insensitive, but still be able to portray the Hispanic character. Apologies if it has come across wrong, and please let me know! *the abuelo says “one language is not enough” and “I liked the guy when I met him. he is handsome. Is he rich? What does your mother think?” the title means “promise me”. Please correct me on anything that is wrong!

“Please, Zach? It’s just one night and you know you love me…” you begged your best friend, Zach, to come to your annual family party, which was always a huge bore. You came from a very large Hispanic family who took this opportunity every year to join everyone together. Problem was, you were one of the few youngest bar your baby cousin and always had to answer questions about your future etc etc.

“There’s booze, right?” He asked as he opened up his locker.

“Yes. Plenty.” You nodded. He was silent for what felt like ages. “And hone-”

“I’m in.” He interrupted.

“You just wanted to make me sweat, didn’t you?” You hit him jokingly.

“Obviously.” He turned to walk to his class.

“Asshole.” You called after him.

You and Zach had been friends since kindergarten, after he’d given you his spade in the sandpit. The other kids had teased you for making a bad sandcastle, but Zach had come to your rescue. And he had continued to do that in all the years ever since that day, and you to his. You trusted Zach unconditionally, he was your rock through everything. However, the only issue was the small problem of your not-so-small crush on him. Honestly, it wasn’t even a big crush, it was full-blown-deep-down feelings for your best friend.

It wasn’t entirely clear to you when this had happened, but sometime around puberty you had noticed that you loved the way Zach laughed only when he was with you, and how his hair poked up without any product in it.

Both your families were very traditional, but culturally different, which sometimes caused issues. However, you and Zach remained strong throughout.


Your parents had already left for your abuela’s and abuelo’s home, leaving you to arrive with Zach.

Although it wasn’t a majorly fancy party, you always had to dress a little on the nice side. So you’d decided to wear a summery yellow dress.

“Beautiful, as always.” Zach was leaning at your door, you hadn’t even notice him come in.

“Pffft. Hey Zach.” You scoffed, taking one last look at your reflection, before joining him at the door. “You ready?” You gave him a knowing smirk, he had no idea what was coming.


“Promise me you won’t stop being my best friend after this?” You whispered up at Zach as you made your way into the house.

He chuckled as if the idea was absolutely insane, but before he’d had a chance to respond, you were greeted by one of many. The uncle who you could only vaguely remember sauntered up to you and kissed you on both cheeks.

“Chula! Muy buenos! Oh! And who is this young man here?” He looked Zach up and down. “Boyfriend?” He nudged you with his elbow.


“Boyfriend?! Y/N has a boyfriend? Why have I not heard this before!” His wife came up to stand beside him.

“Oh well-”

“You two make the sweetest couple!” She enthused, jumping up and down a little. “Sofia will be so excited!” You remembered Sofia from the previous year, she was one of the few who were your age.

“Thank you, Miss. We appreciate your blessing. I’m Zach.” Zach held his hand out for her to shake. What was he doing? He basically just told them you were dating! Disagreeing at this point would only make things more difficult.

“Yes, thank you. We should probably go and greet everyone else now, but it was lovely to see you.” You smiled warmly at the two in front of you, before dragging Zach in a way that was rough, but looked tender, off to a corner.

“What in the hell was that?!” You whisper shouted. Zach shrugged his shoulders.

“Seemed like the best way outta there.” He was grinning slightly, evidently pleased that he’d peeved you off.

“I hate you.” You shook your head.

“Love you too, girlfriend.” He winked as he moved you into the centre of the room.

“Did I hear that correctly? You’re Y/N’s boyfriend?” Asked your Abuelo. He had met Zach on occasion.

You looked up at Zach reluctantly. “Yes Abuelo. You’ve met Zach before?” You smiled sweetly.

“Oh yes, lovely boy. I’m glad you picked this one. ¿Hablas español?” He turned to Zach, who looked slightly baffled. On realising his lack of response, Abuelo muttered to himself; “Un idioma nunce es suficiente.”

You rolled your eyes at this, since he clearly didn’t actually ask if he could speak more than one language or not.

“Me gustó el tipo cuando lo conocí. es guapo. ¿Es rico? Que piensa tu madre?” He grabbed your shoulder. You chuckled. Your abuelo was always very overprotective of you.


After sufficiently convincing many family members at the party of your relationship, Sofia approached you and Zach.

“A few of us are gonna go upstairs and watch some horror movies. You in?”

You looked at Zach, your eyes nodding at him.

The room was fairly packed due to the small space, but there was an unoccupied beanbag in the corner, big enough for you and Zach. The other teens were already comfortable.

“Hey, Y/N! Who’s this?” Asked a boy in the corner.

“This is Zach.” You motioned to your best friend.

“I’m her boyfriend.” He gave a small wave, warranting a small shove in the side from you.

In all honestly, you loved hearing the words come from his mouth, but the whole thing hurt so much more knowing they weren’t true.

The girls gave each other a few looks and giggles, noticing how attractive Zach was. You internally rolled your eyes.

About half an hour into the film, you started to feel afraid. Despite your desperate attempts to disguise your fear, Zach still noticed. Being in the corner of the room, no one could hear you two say the occasional word to the other.

“Come here,” he whispered into your ear, pulling you into him. You folded Into him like paper, using him as a stable reminder that what was happening on screen was not real life. Inhaling his strawberry scent, which smelt like home, you gripped one of his hands.

“Easy, tiger. I’m not unbreakable.”

Despite his verbal complaints, (which were lacklustre, at best), Zach drew circles on your back with his spare hand, and rubbed his cheek against your hair.

“SHIT!” You screamed, when a jump scare came up on the screen, causing you to curl into Zach even more than before.

“It’s okay, baby.” He whispered into your hair, gripping your hand. The term surprised you, as Zach has never called you as such before, but you were in too much of a state to complain. Apparently, the term surprised Zach too, as he had a look of ‘I’m-kicking-myself-right-now’, which slowly turned into an expression of ‘fuck-it’.

What you had no idea of, was the fact that Zach himself had reciprocated your feelings, always assuming you’d never feel the same. He’d decided tonight that he couldn’t go on any longer pretending he felt nothing for you.

After another jump scare, Zach’s hand was red from how much you’d squeezed it.

“Shhh, you’re safe, i’m here.”

“You know what i Said earlier?” You finally spoke to him. “About disowning me as a best friend?”

He chuckled as he had the first time.

“I can promise you that I won’t stop being your best friend, but I can’t promise you that that’s all I’ll be.”

You didn’t understand. Were you hearing him correctly? Did he really just insinuate what you thought he had?

“Do you mean-?” You had contorted your body so that you were facing him now, completely ignoring what was happing on screen or in the rest of the room.

Zach gulped a little, clearly trying to conceal nerves. “I really fucking like you, Y/N, and not just as my best friend.”

“Are you taking the piss because I’m scared?”

He looked hurt. “I’d never! I’ve been so worried this would ruin our entire friendship, but I realised recently that although you probably don’t feel the same, our friendship is strong enough to get past this. I just realised I had to tell you.” He loosened his grip around you slightly, showing that he was feeling unsure.

Without words, you smiled and leaned your head up to his, pecking him on the lips.

“I really fucking like you too, boyfriend.”

Masking Nerves (peter parker x stark!reader)

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Warnings: My first fic, please be nice!!

Summary: Despite being the daughter of the self-proclaimed billionaire genius playboy philanthropist, Y/N Stark always had an issue with confidence. Maybe it was her sheltered childhood, maybe it’s the fact most of her friends are the Avengers. But maybe, she’s not the only one who needs help.

Word Count: Just short of 1k

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Kiss, Kiss, Fall in Love!~

Hey everyone! Here’s an FFXV headcanon requested by the wonderful @itshaejinju. If the title weren’t indication enough…

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Welcome to the XV Host Club!

“Headcanon request: what if the cast of ff15 were to be a host club like they meet the cast of Ouran Host Club? Who would like who and what position would they play? Hmm!”

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*I was only able to do this for most of the main men of FFXV (I say most because I’m not entirely comfortable writing Ardyn). I’m really sorry if you also wanted to see the girls! Depending on the reception of this headcanon, maybe I’ll make a separate HC for the girls. :3

*The division is as follows: Host Type, Maybe You’re My Love? (aka who they are most likely to become friends with) and Kiss, Kiss, Stay Away? (aka who they almost certainly dislike/are freaked out by/who they bully, in Gladio’s case)

*There’s a little bonus content at the end for each character, a little more insight into the crossover, if you will.


Noctis Lucis Caelum

- Host Type: He tried to pull off the Princely Type, and it didn’t quite work out. The others thought that maybe the Cool Type or Bad Boy persona would suit him better, and so he tested them out for a while. The guests, while they enjoyed these kinds of Noctis, admitted that they truly fell in love with the lovable dork behind his sulky and edgy facade. Since then, he has been dubbed the Natural Type.

- On days that he’s feeling particularly mischevious, the Chosen King pairs up with Prompto to do the Little Devil act. The two can play either top or bottom, but Noctis mostly dominates. On many an occasion, Gladio will tease him and pull off a Honey and Mori-type of act for the guests. This usually ends with one red-faced brunette and the other in the clinic trying to recover from laughing so much.

- Maybe You’re My Love?

a) Haruhi: Noct likes her blunt honesty, plus the fact that she’s pretty chill despite being around the other Hosts practically 24/7. She, on the other hand, likes the fact that he’s so down-to earth despite being literal royalty (unlike a couple of rich bastards she knows). Noctis enjoys hearing her stories about commoner life, while Haruhi enjoys his stories about the group’s travels around Lucis.

b) Hikaru and Kaoru: Noct gets along with them like a house on fire. He helps them with their pranks against Tamaki…provided they also affect the other chocobros in some way as well (except for Ignis…the twins barely escaped with their lives the first, and last, time they tried!). They’re also video game buddies, Noctis introducing them to King’s Knight while they tell him about all the latest games on the market. He gets along with Kaoru better though, getting into arguments with the mutually hot-headed Hikaru plenty of times.

c) Mori: Whenever Noct is looking for some peace and quiet, the Wild Type Host is his go-to. Mori’s calm and solid presence is quite comforting to the Prince. Once he finds out about Piyo and Pome (the chicken and tanuki from the manga), he becomes their co-caretaker alongside Prompto.

- Kiss, Kiss, Stay Away?

(a) Kyoya: To be honest, the Ootori boy unnerves Noctis a lot. The kind yet chilly smile, the crazy sense of cunning…it was like meeting a money-making verson of Ardyn, for Astrals sake! Eventually seeing the Shadow King’s caring side when it comes to the other Hosts makes Noct less wary of Kyoya. Still, he never interacts with the Cool Type unless absolutely necessary.

(b) Honey: Noctis doesn’t hate Honey, definitely not. However, the young Haninozuka heir completely baffles him. How is he so tiny when he’s actually the eldest and strongest of the Hosts? What sort of stomach does he possess to be able to eat that much cake in one day? Oh-kay, he actually has a sadistic side to him…is he insane or something? Most importantly, what the hell is up with that rabbit?! Noctis only approaches Honey when armed with caution, fascination and cake.

Bonus Content!: The twins tried playing a prank on Noctis once for shits and giggles. His reaction was priceless! The Hitachiins were laughing their asses off…until Noctis almost summoned Ramuh. The clincher? It just so happened that the club’s theme for that day was based on Free! (Renge’s idea), complete with poolside hosting.

Needless to say, they never pranked him again.


Prompto Argentum

- Host Type: The resident sunshine boy can actually play one of two types, depending on his customer set for the day. His usual clientele consists of girls his age or older women. With the former, he plays the part of the Boy Next Door: the sweet and wonderful one-who-got-away kind of person. If dealing with the older crowd, the Little Brother Type works out best for him. The mesdames fall at his feet with this, showering him with gifts and affection. Hell, even a couple of them offered to be his Sugar Mama! (He politely refused these offers, though.)

- On days that he’s feeling particularly mischevious, the gunslinger pairs up with Noctis to do the Little Devil act. The two can play either top or bottom, but Prompto mostly goes along with the scenarios Noct chooses.

- Maybe You’re My Love?

a) Tamaki: Like definitely attracts like! Tamaki is all over Prompto, mainly because of (1) the latter’s sunny and talkative disposition and (2) the fact that Prom is a commoner. The Host King pretty much assaults our beloved chocobutt with so many questions about his life as one of the masses, being careful to avoid testy topics though such as Prompto’s childhood and his parents. The two dog lovers also bond over stories of Antoinette and Pryna, Tamaki letting Prompto come over to Suoh Mansion #2 to meet Antoinette at some point.

b) Honey: These two are practically inseparable. Sweets, cute things…these two could talk for hours on end! Admittedly, when Prompto first saw Honey fight, he got a little freaked out. That lasted for all of two seconds, though. He soon after begged the Haninozuka heir to teach him how to fight like that so that he could better protect his friends on the battlefield.

c) Mori: The Morinozuka heir pretty much views Prompto as another Honey, so he’s very protective of him. The blond never fails to put a smile on the normally stoic teen’s face, especially when talking about animals he’s seen on their travels. Mori has an album given to him by Prompto, filled with snapshots of all the fauna in Lucis (mostly chocobos, though!). Once he finds out about Piyo and Pome, he becomes their co-caretaker alongside Noctis.

- Kiss, Kiss, Stay Away?

a) Hikaru and Kaoru: Prompto gets along just fine with the Hitachiin twins. Hell, he even documents all of the results of their pranks (especially if he had a hand in them)!  The problem? He doesn’t like the fact that he’s normally the target of their pranks out of all the chocobros. 

b) Kyoya: The Shadow King unnerves Prompto, for similar reasons as Noctis. But what especially scares him is Kyoya’s ability to gather information (plus that impressive police force…). Of course, the Ootori boy knows of Prompto’s past, plus all the implications of the barcode on his wrist. However, since this doesn’t affect him or the other Hosts in the slightest, Kyoya agrees to keep the gunner’s secret for him. Despite this, Prompto pretty much avoids Kyoya altogether.

Bonus Content!: Haruhi is a little put off by Prompto’s exuberance. It just reminds her a little too much of Tamaki, y’know? However, she also deeply admires his sincerity and strength of character, as it reminds her of herself. Haruhi, when not busy, takes up Prompto’s offers to browse his photo collection, paying close attention to his stories.


Gladiolus Amicitia

- Host Type: Like Prompto, his persona depends on his clients for the day (and trust me, this man gets a lot of kinds of people). His default type, however, is surprisingly (or unsurprisingly, depending on your point of view) the Princely Type. His looks, natural charm, and silver tongue make him perfect for the role of a rugged prince. Younger clients are treated to a slightly different experience, the Big Brother persona coming into play. He still treats them as royalty, thought there is an underlying sense of familial affection stemming from the fact that he has a younger sister. For guests who are into roleplay, he becomes their Knight in Shining Armor, a more chivalrous version of his normal Shield tendencies.

-  On many an occasion, Gladio will tease Noctis and pull off a Honey and Mori-type of act for the guests. This usually ends with Gladio in the clinic with a stomachache from laughing so hard and so much.

- Maybe You’re My Love?

a) Haruhi: Of course he has a soft spot for the Host Club’s secret princess! Haruhi reminds him a lot of Iris, so he tends to dote on her like a mother hen. The Natural Type appreciates his company, he being able to help her keep focused on her studies either by personally tutoring her or by scaring Tamaki and the Hitachiins away.

b) Kyoya: Gladio is mostly unfazed by Kyoya’s attitude and methods. While he can seem a little bit shady about it, the Cool Type’s resourcefulness is something that the Shield admires. He and Kyoya frequently discuss books in their spare time, especially since the latter is also quite fond of historical literature. Another hobby the two share is people-watching, usually making a little contest of how accurately they can guess at a person’s background with just a quick glance.

c) Honey (and by extension, Mori): The cousins are wonderful sparring partners for Gladio, especially Honey! For a shrimp, the Haninozuka heir sure can strike hard and fast. He takes to training physically and mentally with the two every day after hosting, Yasuchika and Satoshi even calling Gladio “Big Brother”.

- Kiss, Kiss, Go Away?

a) Tamaki: It’s not that he hates the Host King. Gladio is actually downright amused by Tamaki’s antics, especially whenever he goes to his Corner of Despair. He just isn’t a fan of the fact that he’s so flippant all the damn time, plus the fact that he keeps disturbing Haruhi. Tamaki is someone Gladio takes great pleasure in intimidating and messing around with.

b) Hikaru and Kaoru: To be honest, he mostly gets along with the Hitachiins. The twins love hearing Gladio’s stories about the other bros, especially the embarrassing ones from childhood regarding Noctis and Ignis. They also love his stories of travel, being big on travelling themselves. Their pranking though…is another story altogether. While Gladio can appreciate a good prank, he hates being the target of one. He embarrasses the hell out of the twins if they try to prank him, or at the very least, puts them in headlocks until they cry ‘uncle’ and apologize.

Bonus Content!: Chika idolizes both Gladio’s physical strength and strength of will, especially after he heard about the Fall of Insomnia from the large man. Gladio helps Chika, on the other hand, realize that there are many forms of strength, similarly to how Tamaki helped out Honey.


Ignis Stupeo Scientia

- Host Type: Given the fact that he has had to deal with many different types of people over the years as part of his training to be Royal Adviser, Ignis is the most flexible out of everyone. Give him any persona, he can and will play that part to perfection (just don’t try giving him Boy Lolita again; that was just hella awkward for the others). His default host type, however, is the Cool Type. From his confidence to his graceful movements…Holy Astrals, for someone whose name means “Fire”, Ignis is cooler than even Shiva. Like Gladio, he gets guests who are into roleplay as well. His most highly requested roles are those of Teacher, Smooth Criminal, and Butler.

- Maybe You’re My Love?

a) Haruhi: She and Specs are practically attached at the hip. Haruhi is a fan of the man’s overall countenance and personality. She does her best to emulate him, becoming a more responsible person in the process. Ignis, on the other hand, really admires the Natural Type’s quiet determination (plus the fact that she seems to have the most common sense of the group). Of course the two bond over cooking, exchanging new recipehs recipes every time they meet.

b) Kyoya: Apart from being the Cool Types (and Team Moms) of their respective groups, Ignis and Kyoya get along quite well because of their smarts, establishing a friendly rivalry of sorts. The strategist is impressed with the fact that a high schooler can go toe to toe with him in a battle of wits, even besting him at times. Kyoya, on the other hand, treats Ignis as a teacher of sorts, eager to learn any and all tricks he can in order to further give him an advantage in becoming head of the Ootori group.

c) Mori: In a room mostly full of noisy idiots brats people, Mori is Iggy’s shelter from the storm, if you will. Whenever he needs a break from taking care of the other bros or helping Kyoya get the other Hosts under control, he turns to the young Morinozuka for company. The two have deep conversations about many things, mostly about their concerns regarding their friends.

- Kiss, Kiss, Go Away?

a) Tamaki: The Host King is somewhat scared of Ignis at first, even screaming that there were two Kyoyas in the room before bolting. When he eventually calmed down, he tried to become friends with him the same way he did with Kyoya. Ignis tolerates Tamaki’s shenanigans for the most part, but when things get too crazy for his tastes…a glint of the knife, and the Princely Type runs for the hills.

b) Hikaru and Kaoru: The Hitachiins treat him with a fearful sort of respect, knowing full well not to mess around with Ignis even on a good day (the were mentally scarred from the first and last time they tried to prank him). They are also annoyed and in awe of how, whenever Specs gets wind of one of their pranks, he’s able to put in perfect countermeasures. They end up bugging him about this for a while, much to Iggy’s annoyance. All Ignis had to do for them to leave him alone is glare over the rim of his glasses, the gesture sending them to the other side of the room.

Bonus Content!: Like with Noctis, Ignis is simply baffled with Honey’s entire nature and being. He hides it better though. He, for the most part, is content with not finding the answers to the questions he has regarding Honey. The only thing that both scares and amuses him about the young Haninozuka is his insatiable appetite for sweets. He was once asked by Honey to prepare the cakes for the latter’s nightly cake fest with Usa-chan…

…Ignis never wanted to do that again.


Cor Leonis

- Host Type: Cor is the one who manages the XV Host Club, making sure that the others don’t get into any trouble with the customers. Occasionally, however, he receives a request himself. He is definitely the Strong and Silent Type during these rare moments, the ladies constantly making bets on who would break open the Marshal’s professional exterior. Even rarer are requests for roleplay. These occasions he typically decides to grace with his Military Superior persona, punishing any and all of his ‘bad subordinates’.

- Maybe You’re My Love?

a) Kyoya: The two get along well as fellow handlers of their respective groups, usually meeting up to exchange ideas on how to increase guest count and the like. He admires Kyoya’s business sense, which is so developed at such a young age. The Ootori boy, on the other hand, admires Cor’s management skills with regards to keeping the men of XV in line.

b) Mori: While Cor is currently doing this gig at the whims of the Prince and his friends, his first priority will always be as Marshal of the Crownsguard. Whenever Gladio and the others are busy, he usually asks Mori to be his sparring partner, not wanting his skills with the blade to rust even for a second. The Wild Type deeply respects the Immortal, and ends up becoming his disciple in the course of their training.

c) Honey: Cor first heard of Honey through his military reports, that particular compilation containing the subject “Biggest Threats to National Security”. Disbelieving at first, he proceeded to challenge the young Haninozuka to a duel, only for him to lose…badly, much to his embarrassment. Since then, he’s been training in Honey’s family dojo apart from his normal sword practice bouts with Mori, trying to absorb all he could in order to further help him take down the Nif threat in Lucis.

- Kiss, Kiss, Go Away?

a) Hikaru and Kaoru: Cor admires the sense of cunning that the twins share, plus the strength of their bond in order to be able to communicate without words. What irks him is the way they’re utilizing that strength, channeling their energy into pranks and tricks. He constantly reprimands the two for their actions, Kaoru slightly less than Hikaru.

b) Tamaki: The Immortal is sympathetic of Tamaki’s situation, and respects the strength of Tamaki’s heart and mind. The thing that ticks him off about the Host King is the same thing that Ignis is pissed about: the teen’s flamboyant nature. While he recognizes it as a possible coping mechanism, Cor wishes that Tamaki could’ve picked a more practical and productive way to go about it.

Bonus Content!: Cor and Kasanoda met one day when the latter came to visit Haruhi. The two immediately engaged in a staring match, lasting quite a long time before being interrupted by the Natural Type. Since then, whenever the two lock eyes, they give each other a little smile and a nod out of respect for the other’s sheer strength of will.


Ravus Nox Fleuret

- Host Type: Ravus projects himself as a no-nonsense, cold and uncaring person, only showing care to those he truly loves and cares about. He is the other Cool Type of the XV Host Club, seemingly the toughest shell to crack among all the hosts. However, for those customers who took the time to patiently get him to come out of his shell, he is known as the Secret Prince. He is very tender with those guests, taking care to truly make them feel like they were his entire world.

- Maybe You’re My Love?

a) Haruhi: Much like with Gladio seeing Iris in the Natural Type, Ravus sees Lunafreya in Haruhi. He is strict yet kind with her, making sure that she doesn’t overexert herself like Luna tends to do. Sometimes, he’ll even forcibly snatch away her materials or ask Kyoya if he (Ravus) can do her share of the work instead, even resorting to making bargains with the Shadow King just so Haruhi can relax even for a little while.

b) Kyoya: Their constant interaction because of Haruhi has caused the two to become quite close. They are each other’s most trusted confidant, Kyoya with his doubts at being able to become the head of the Ootori group and Ravus with his uncertainties for the future of the world (and more importantly, of his sister and of Noctis). They perfectly understand each other, knowing the importance of behaving like the bad guy sometimes to truly protect the ones they love.

c) Honey: Surprisingly, Ravus didn’t want to hit this small ball of bunny-related cuteness, as is his normal response to that kind of person. He was, in fact, drawn into Honey’s pace the moment they met, much like how Kyoya was with Tamaki. Ravus comes over to Honey’s house quite often, the only other person able to attend Honey’s cake parties with Usa-chan.

- Kiss, Kiss, Go Away?

a) Tamaki: The reason for his dislike of the Host King is simple: He reminds him too much of Loqi. The young general is quite the flamboyant man himself, pissing him off during their rare conversations with long-winded speeches on how much he hates Cor, and what he wanted to do to him. Tamaki’s monologues on beauty and the like are a painful reminder of that, one which he wishes to shut down as soon as possible.

b) Hikaru: Ravus could tell the two apart from the minute he saw them, and immediately distinguished that Hikaru would be more trouble for him than Kaoru could ever be. The two go out of their way to snipe at each other whenever the guests are gone, Ravus calling the younger man out on his immature behavior and Hikaru telling the High Commander where he can go and stick his complaints.

Bonus Content!: There are times where Ravus iss a little less annoyed with Tamaki: when the students of Ouran are allowed to bring their pets to school. Ravus instantly fell in love with Antoinette, calling over Umbra and Pryna for them to have a little playdate of sorts. The day was filled with talk about dogs, their care, etc.

The next day, Ravus tripped Tamaki as the teen was about to give another speech on the importance of looking good.


Nyx Ulric

- Host Type: Nyx is definitely the Wild Type in every literal sense of the word. The man’s confident and debonair aura practically scream of a tantalizing type of danger, one that you would glad to find yourself being in. He charms the pants off of his clients, most of them thrill-seekers like he is. Roleplay requests have him either as the Roguish Hero or the Smooth Criminal like Ignis.

- Maybe You’re My Love?

a) Hikaru and Kaoru: The two troublemakers make an instant connection with the Glaive, a mutual love of adventure and mischief permanently binding them together. The three go on epic prank sprees, prompting everyone in the vicinity to run for their lives. Hikaru and Kaoru love hearing about Nyx’s missions outside of Insomnia, especially those which involved direct battle with the Nifs.

b) Tamaki: Nyx’s natural charisma initially causes Tamaki to become a bit defensive of his popularity and position, causing the two to have a little hosting competition of sorts to see who the ultimate charmer really was. The pair came to a draw, and have been close ever since. Tamaki loves hearing stories about Nyx’s espionage and rescue missions, and greatly admires his sense of loyalty to his King and to the people of Insomnia. The Princely Type’s selfless nature, on the other hand, resonates deeply with Nyx.

c) Haruhi: When Nyx first met the Natural Type, he was immediately filled with the desire to protect and care for her the way he wanted to do so for his sister if she hadn’t passed away. Together with Gladio and Ravus, they form the Haruhi Protection Squad: their goal being to help her out with anything they can do within their power. Haruhi is grateful for his help, though initially put off by his arrogance.

- Kiss, Kiss, Go Away?

Actually, just one person:

Kyoya: He is very distrustful of the young Ootori, going so far as to call his methods “shady” to the young man’s face and comparing him to Luche. Another thing that pisses the Glaive off about Kyoya is his uncanny ability to gather information and use it as power to do with as he damn pleases. The Ootori boy takes it all in stride though, sniping back only as needed since he is aware of the reason for Nyx’s wariness. 

Bonus Content!: Nyx heard about the Marshal’s defeat at the hands of Honey, and proceeded to challenge him himself, even going so far as to say that the young Morinozuka could also join in on the battle and that he could take both of them at once. The battle was surprisingly even, Nyx winning by only a hair because it was time for Honey to eat his mid-afternoon snack.

He conveniently leaves that part out though, when telling the others of the battle.

Thanks for reading this! Hope you enjoyed it :3

Superdad (Vernon)

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Type: Fluff


~I did do a reaction/scenario thing for Seventeen about them being on The Return of Superman: 1 and 2 ~

You stood in the kitchen washing your hands before you started breakfast as you looked up at the camera “this is so weird” you say to the camera. “Vernon is in for a hard two days” you tell it before heading to the fridge. You got out eggs, veggies, and a thing of porridge before a tired Hansol made his way out of the bedroom. “Good morning” you said as you made a sound. “Are you ready for this?” you ask him as he sits down at the table “of course not” he says as the two of you chuckle. “Don’t worry they should be easier than you think” you tell him. “Come here” you tell him as he quickly gets up “you’re going to heat Hudson’s porridge” you tell him as he nods. “You’ll have to learn how to cook as well” you continue as he clears his throat. “Can’t I order out?” he asked as you roll your eyes “you aren’t making our children fat because you can’t cook” you hint as you hand him the container.  

“I have a cookbook here for you” you tell him as he nods. “I’ll put my list of things to do while I’m gone” you tell him as he nods heading over to the microwave. Soon a soft cry came along “mommy” you hear getting ready to head over “I got her don’t worry” he says as he quickly makes his way to your bedroom to get Amora. He sat her down at the table before heading over to the microwave.


“Hello my name Hansol Vernon Chwe. I’m a father of 3” he spoke to the camera as he held his small 10 month old in his lap. “3 year old Effy. 2 year old Amora. And 10 month old Hudson” he continued as Amora came into view of the camera, well one eye and some of her messy morning hair “I am glad to have this chance to be with my children and give my wife some free time” he says as Hudson started squirming “alright alright” he said putting Hudson down. “My wife tells me compared to most children, our’s are relatively calm. And I shouldn’t have too hard of a time with them” he says as a crash sound occurs behind camera and it soon pans out to reveal the large mess of blocks now covering the floor. “She was trying to make me feel better. I know about that. Since she left this morning I’ve cleaned up at least 3 messes already and it’s not even 10 AM” he nods to himself as Hudson waddles over to him holding a block. “Please don’t make me regret it” he said to Hudson who smirked walking away from him.


After a few episodes Hansol was growing used to being left with his children and they were difficult but at the same time not the worse thing ever. He even began planning days out himself for him and his kids to bond with. On last weeks episode they had celebrated Hudson’s birthday as he was officially a year old and they had a cute little party that Hansol bought a blank cake for and after he wrote Hudson’s name on it he allowed his girls to decorate it but in the end they ate most of the icing. But they had a fun day so he had no problems with it. This week they were going on an outing to a park because of the lovely weather.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy” Hudson repeats over and over. Hansol smiled as he heard how cutely his son said it. They were walking through Seoul Forest before they sat down for a picnic “I met mommy here” he told his children as they were engaged in their finger foods “daddy” Hudson says again as he was now holding onto Hansol holding a apple slice. Hansol opened his mouth and Hudson pushed it into his mouth before he fell. Hansol caught him before he hit the ground and sat him back down.

“I love this” he says leaning back with a smile enjoying the warm weather, a yell came and Hansol quickly sprang to see Effy standing up scared “honey” he coos as she cried. He opened his arms as she rushes over to him “what’s wrong?” he asked as he looked around  “bee” she said pointing into the grass as Hansol looked over closely “sweetheart that’s a butterfly” he coos as he rocks her. “You’ll be fine, you can sit on my lap and I will keep you safe from all the mean bugs” he said as she nods. He leaned over and grabbed some fruit for her as she gladly takes it and starts eating again.


After waving you off again Hansol was left with he little misfits who seemed to be crowd pleasures to many of the people who watched. The spokesmen for their family was little Amora who rarely spoke and was often seen eating something. Not that his other children weren’t adorable, people just seemed to have a favorite out of each family.

Effy stood in front of the tent staring in at the VJ “uncle will you play with me?” she asked as he remained silent. Amora and Hudson were still asleep since it was rather early in the morning “Effy leave him be” Hansol calls as he brings her a sippy cup of juice “today we get to meet the other families you know?” he says to her as she climbs on the couch and he sits down beside her. “Others?” she asked as he chuckled “this show isn’t only about you guys” he said as he scrolled through his phone. “Why not?” she asked sassily as he turned to her. “The world can’t take you for the whole hour and thirty minutes” he responded as she pouted sitting down. 

“Who are we meeting?” she asked him as he went into his photo album pulling up the folder he created for this moment. “Okay this is Lee Joongi and his little girl Taeran she’s your age” he starts showing her the first set of people “this is Jang Dongwoo and his sons Minkyu and Woongin one is older than you and the other is Amora’s age” he then says as she nods. “Oh I forgot” he said as she smiled “uncle Junnie and Houli” she says “they’re on the show too” he tells her. “And finally Lee Soohyuk and his twin daughters and his baby daughter. Inseo and Miseo, who are your age. Then the little one is Doosim who’s younger than Hudson so we have to be careful with her” he finishes as she nods. 


Hansol seemed to instantly notice Houli’s signature dark curly hair as he was playing with a few of the other kids so he knew he was at the right place and the last to show up. “You brought the bag with the leash?” Junhui comments as Hansol chuckles “Hudson wanders now that he can walk” he said as he undid the tail to the bag letting his son take off running before he fell and was helped up by his big sister. “Hello” he said bowing as all the dad’s did the same. “The leash bag seems like a great idea” Dongwoo comments “before when Effy was around 2 years old and could eat solids she would leave her seat at restaurants and go bug other families for food” he states as Dongwoo laughs “my sons just leave and talk to other people” he explains as Hansol nods. 

After a while the dad’s were talking as if they were best friends. “We live in the same area?” Dongwoo asked Hansol who nodded “I think we’re only a few blocks apart” he said “I think our kids would want to hang out then” Dongwoo continues “I think my kids would like that” Hansol says. Soon Hansol felt a tug on his sleeve making him turn Amora stood there. Hansol grabbed the bag he brought and pulled out a thing of skinned apples wedges for her which she took “make sure you share” he tells her as she gave him a look. “There’s four apples worth of wedges in there. If you eat them all you’ll get sick” he calls as she started walking off. 

“You challenge her too much. This is the same girl that ate large bowl of bibimbap and side dishes at the last get together” Junhui says talking about when Seventeen last got together with their kids. “No need to worry she’s sharing” Joongi calls as they all glance over at the group of sitting kids snacking on apples. “Can Hudson already eat apples?” Soohyuk asks amazed as Hansol chuckles “not really he shoves them in peoples mouths. If he eats one it takes him like 30 minutes or so” he tells them. 

“You know since I became a parent all I could talk about is kids” Joongi continues as the all agreed. “I don’t think I go a day without telling the members of Infinite about my boys” Dongwoo tells them. “I call my wife every night we’re filming to talk about them” Junhui says as Hansol sinks into his seat “my wife sends me a text saying ‘are the kids alright?’ and if I say yes she doesn’t respond anymore” Hansol tells them as they all looked shocked “after the first few episodes she stopped being overly insane with messaging and what not. When she gets home I tell her about what we did” he continues.

Soon the younger children made their way over to them “oh thank you” Dongwoo says as Hudson gave him a slice. A large smile came to Hudson’s face as he accepted the compliment and went over to Soohyuk trying to get on his lap “Hudson-” “it’s fine” Soohyuk tells him as he let the young boy up. “Be gentle” Hansol warns as Hudson looks at 7 month old Doosim. Hudson pets Doosim’s cheeks “do you think she’s pretty?” Soohyuk asks “yeah Hudson who is the prettiest?” Junhui asked. Hudson sat there as he continued patting Doosim. “Mama” Hudson says as they all make sounds “mama is pretty” Hansol says “who’s the prettiest baby?” Joongi clarifies. 

Hudson gets down off of Soohyuk before he starts walking off “I guess it’s a mystery” Dongwoo says with a smile “no he has a crush on a member of our group, Jeonghan’s 6 year old daughter” Junhui says. “He likes older woman?” Joongi teases Hansol as he shrugs “my wife is older than I am” Hansol hums before they laugh.


You came back home after the 48 hours with a smile on your face. And the filming had stopped for the night and the cameras were off. You had rang the doorbell and heard yelling instantly as you came into the home. “Mama mama mama” Hudson calls pounding on the gate that blocked his path to you. “I’m coming Hudsy don’t worry” you call slipping your shoes off. “Did you guys have fun with daddy?” you ask as you got a chant of yes before walking in passed the gate. Hudson was soon attached to your leg before you picked him up. “How was meeting the other families?” you ask “it was nice. Amora shared food. Hudson touched a baby gently. Next week Dongwoo and his sons are coming over” he said as you nodded. Sitting down on the couch you were quickly grabbed and climbed on by your children who were glad to have you home. “So you went to the doctors right?” Hansol asked as you nodded. “Congratulations daddy” you tell him as his eyes widen “wait you’re kidding right?” he asked as you shook your head no.

His eyes were wide as he looked away from you. “I thought it was a stomach bug” he groaned leaning back “mama sick?” Hudson asked “no baba mama isn’t sick” you promise as he nods. “At least you don’t have to watch this one until it’s around 7 months” you tell him as he shakes his head. “Four is so many. They’re all so young” he continues as he soon had Amora on his lap. “I’m not even 30 yet” he mumbles. “Honey contain your excitement” you respond sarcastically. “Your right. I’m sorry. This is good news” he said smiling “just shocking” he finishes as he soon had hands smashing his face.

Aflutter (Commission)

Rating: G

Pairing: Saitama/Genos

Summary: Genos is a fire demon with a purpose and he wants Saitama’s heart

A/N: Commissioned piece by @thecruixe

Genos looked out upon the darkened plain. Beyond the ring of charred dirt he had left was long stretches of fallow ground. He frowned and got up. He had barely scorched the ground when he landed, a clear sign that the old man’s heart wouldn’t last much longer.

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i’m in love with your body

“i came to the gym to work out but holy god i can’t stop watching you do one armed push ups that’s so hot” spitfire no powers au 

happy valentine’s day @icanhearyouglaring !!! sorry i’m a lil late for @yjficexchange but i’m a trash person and have no excuse. also it’s been so stinkin long since i wrote spitfire so fingers crossed it’s not terrible (and yes the tite is from an ed sheeran song sorry not sorry lmaoo)


The gym is Wally’s favorite place to hate. He goes, begrudgingly, because this whole fast metabolism thing isn’t going to keep up forever and he hates every single second of it.

There’s nothing fun about running on a treadmill at 10 at night after a long day in the lab. It’s boring as hell, actually, especially on days when he forgets his headphones and has to listen to the crackling gym radio that’s echoing through the space.

It’s not the running that bothers him. He loves finding that perfect pace and the adrenaline rushing through his body, the slightest strain in his muscles and the dryness in his lungs. He ran track and cross country in high school and college because that was something he could get into- the varying workouts, the comradery, the competition.

But it’s just Wally on the treadmills tonight, there’s hardly anyone in the gym at all.  Most people are behind him, on the bikes or back by the weights, and there’s no one here to entertain him except for the celebrity news show that’s on the TV in front of him.

Like he said, he’s bored.

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anonymous asked:

Mace knows he should really stop watching young Obi-wan, but the Master thinks the teen is the most beautiful thing in the galaxy. His staring has gotten so bad the entire Order knows Mace will ask Obi out the moment he's a Knight. Everyone knows he's infatuated with the red head, everyone but the Oblivious Kenobi

He’s pretty.

He’s so karking pretty that Mace might have gone a bit insane honestly.

He moves like a damn dancer, like a twi’lek pleasure worker, worth every bit of credit in the galaxy in a confidant prowling swagger.

If Mace Windu had hair, he’d have torn them out in frustration by now and if Yoda doesn’t stop sniggering under his breath every time Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan is in the council chamber, Mace will shove him into one of the pools of the Fountain room.

Obi-Wan is completely oblivious to Mace gaze, standing a step behind his master and to his left with quiet dignity, his braid slightly frazzled and resting against his tunics. Oh Force Mace wants to caress it, rub it between his fingers, figure out if it was as silky as it looked.

Or press kisses to his clefted chin until Obi-Wan smiled or laughed so he could press kisses to the dimples instead, chase his lips with his own and test the experience the other had.

How the hell was he suppose to focus on Qui-Gon speaking when Obi-Wan was right there with his quiet dignity and flashing eyes.

Speaking of Qui-Gon…

The man was sending him warning glances now and then, blue eyes ever so faintly narrowed though he otherwise looked serene. The master did not approve of Mace infatuation with his padawan, hadn’t since the moment it had been obvious to all that Mace wanted to bed Obi-Wan a year ago.

Not that Qui-Gon could stop him when Obi-Wan became a knight eventually.

He’d be an adult then, would be able to say yes and no to what he wanted and who he wanted and Mace so dearly wanted…

Kark what kind of noises would Obi-Wan make while held?

When someone pressed kisses along his neck and tickled his sides?

Would he laugh freely or would he try to contain it, squeaking until the dam broke?

What would he sound like when sitting on Mace lap, with hands stroking and teasing above and beneath the others clothes.

Would he sigh and moan, clench his hands into Mace tunics or return the favor.

Was Obi-Wan a shy lover or a loud one?

Mace shifted discreetly and took a deep breath that he let out through his nose as quietly as he could. ‘Blast it, I’m no fripping teenager anymore, having an erection at a breeze is not respectable.’

He’d figure out what noises Obi-Wan made one day hopefully but for now he had to be the respectable Mace Windu of the Jedi Order, master of the order and creator of the Vapaad. He could wait a few more years.

“Congratulation Padawan Kenobi, you’re turning into a prospering Jedi.” Ka-Adi offered warmly to the young man when the report finished.

Obi-Wan blinked at the council member, visibly surprised.

And then he smiled, a tiny, soft and utterly shy smile as he bowed to the master with his braid swinging lightly in the air. “Thank you Master Mundi, but all I did was my duty.”

Oh someone knock him out already, Mace was going to die from distraction, he’d walk into a pool of water and drown while watching that karking precious man smile.

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vader: (team Old) rigs things with invisible tripwires that activate “What’s Up Pussycat” on repeat. only Team Old knows the passcode to turn it off. 

sidious: (team Old) pours mayo into people’s things: jacket pockets, socks, bedsheets, what-have-you. he keeps the mayo pockets in his robes.

maul: (team Young) hides rubber snakes everywhere, eventually replacing them with real snakes. he bought the snakes with Team Old’s money. 

savage: (team Young) glues googly eyes on people’s things, including the people themselves when they’re asleep. it is frightening how quiet he can be when he is determined.

asajj: (team Young) master of food pranks. when Team Old stops eating the treats she “brings home”—such as the onion disguised as a candy apple—she starts to mess with their food. mixing ~spice~ into dooku’s actual spice cabinet.

dooku: (team Old) at first he refuses to indulge in this childish game, but finds that leaving notes that take Team Young on infuriating treasure hunts is very pleasant. sometimes it actually leads to a prize, preventing Team Young from refusing to do the note quests.

kylo: (team Young) takes it to the next level: TECHNOLOGY. hux helps him acquire anonymous numbers and addresses to spam Team Old with preposterous texts, phone calls, and emails like “Hot Twi’leks In Your Area” or just aggressive cat noises.

nihilus: the rogue pranker that hides in random places to scare the shit out of everyone. that’s not how you prank someone, nihilus. 

grievous: (team Old) repurposes old battle droids to follow around Team Young members and talk non-stop. if you destroy one, it is immediately replaced and its annoyance level is increased tenfold. 

inquisitor: (team Old) creepy cardboard cutouts galore. someone wakes up to the Babadook taped above their bed. another is greeted by the girl from the Ring on their tv. a naked sheev in their show-oh christ that’s the rEAL SHEEV

lana: (team Young) rearranges people’s stuff just enough to drive them insane. she, too, rolled her eyes at the prank war, but quickly realized this was a good chance to enact revenge on the old bastards.

Sleep in my sweater P3

Part One Here
Part Two Here

Pairing: Sam x reader
Characters: Sam, the reader, unnamed driver, mention of Dean 
Warnings: light swearing, angst, violence, gore (yeah guys this one gets real)
Word count: 1233
Tag list: @amanda-teaches @myplaceofthingsilove@evyiione @mogaruke@aliensdeservebetter@27bmm@craving-cas @cleverdame @samwinchesterfluffandsmut @spnfanficpond @spnfanfic @writingthingsisdifficult @winchesterfics @samwinchesterficrecs @spnf @spnficlibrary dancingpanda137
Summary: The reader and Sam want to get breakfast together, but the drive doesn’t exactly go as expected. 
A/N: Yes, that’s all I’m going to tell you in the summary bc I want your jaws to DROP when the plot twist happens;) Love, Sam 

Masterlist Here!

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“Young master mm..” He moaned as he pressed his lips against the little lord’s endlessly.

“Sebastian?” He looked at the demon, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

He didn’t respond, just continued to kiss his lips gently, his tongue entering his cute little mouth.

“What’s.. gotten into you?”

“I just woke up with a craving for your lips..” He mumbled sheepishly, pressing kisses on the little one’s neck, moving them back to rosy lips.

“How odd. You usually wake up with a craving to fuck me..” He snickers, small fingers moving through Sebastian’s hair.

“I love kissing you..”

“Love it’s a strong word, demon. I’d use it for something else.”

“I love being inside you as well.”

“That’s cheating. You only get to choose one. What would it be?”

“Both.” He decided.

“Are you telling me that you don’t know which? Then pick the one I prefer, you greedy moron!” He insulted him yet his voice was holding a playful tone.

“I m greedy. I want all of you. And I’ll make you swallow your previous words one day. Admit that you’d go insane without my kisses.”

Ciel laughed softly before falling asleep one more, Sebastian pressed tightly against him.
That peacefulness only lasted for a few minutes.

“Young master it is time to wake up…” He kissed him again.

“Don’t try to trick me.I have one more hour of sleep.”

“But young master it is time.”

“Time for what?!”

“Time for me to fuck you..” He whispered into his mouth.

“Oh… Then I think I can get up earlier.. In a half hour..” He moaned, trying to turn on his side.

“Now…” He said, pulling Ciel on top of him.

“Oh alright. You horrible, horrible, petty man. You keep me up all night, then wake me up one hour earlier with your needy little kisses..”

“But you wouldn’t have me any other way…” He smiled gently, lifting the boy’s chin up to kiss him once more.

“I wouldn’t have you any other way…” He smiled back, hooking his arms around the devil’s neck, losing himself into the kiss.

The reason I get so pissed off when terfs talk about trans women having male privilege is because to me, male privilege was being told I wasn’t allowed to study what I wanted since that was too feminine, instead I got forced into studying something I neither had any interest nor any skill in.

To me, male privilege was growing up as a sensitive person who would cry easily and be shouted down whenever it happened because “this crying is driving me insane, shut up kid!” turning me into an emotionless husk who still can’t show my emotions properly.

To me male privilege was having to stay with my abusive, sexist, homophobic and transphobic father after the divorce because “oh the boys need their dad”.

To me, male fucking privilege was getting beaten in school because I was “faggy”, being pushed out, alienated and threatened on several occasions because I wasn’t their stereotypical image of a young boy.

Imagine sitting next to Chris on a flight to New York.

You slung your bag over your shoulder as you strolled through the air-bridge along with your fellow passengers headed for New York City. You were finally headed home after spending the last two weeks in and around Rome; it was meant to be a holiday but somehow you let work get in your way. You were a huge fan of Italian cuisine and couldn’t pass up an opportunity to do some research for your restaurant. You were a lot like your father in that manner, you were always more than willing to work yourself to the core if it meant improving in the kitchen. How did people think you ended up with the title of ‘New York’s Finest Chef’? There was a plus side to your exhaustion, you were promised sleep the entire flight home.

You passed your first-class ticket to the stewardess and upon looking at your seat number, she grinned. “Aren’t you lucky?” She commented, much to your confusion. “On the right.” She directed you to your seat with a gesture of her hand.

You narrowed your eyes in confusion as she passed your ticket back to you. You shook your head with pressed lips then glanced at your ticket as you made your way down the aisle, scanning for your allocated seat.


You found your seat by the window, in the seat next to you was a very well-built man in a tight blue Henley shirt. Even though you couldn’t properly see his face because he was hiding it behind a black cap and a pair of Ray Bans sunglasses, it was obvious he was very good looking man from what you could see.

“Hi, um- sorry, excuse me.” You addressed the man and he looked up at you, his face prompting continuation. “I just need to get to my seat,” you told him and pointed to the empty seat next to him.

“Oh, right.” He spoke and you found his voice oddly familiar. “Uh- sorry.” He chuckled softly then smiled and flashed his perfect white teeth before getting to his feet. “After you.” He stepped into the aisle so you could get through to your seat.

You sat down and got settled then watched as he did the same. He looked incredibly familiar and you didn’t know why. If only he’d just take off those damn sunglasses so you could get a glimpse of his face and figure out where you’d seen him because- you were about ninety percent sure you knew him from somewhere. You wondered if you had been of service to him before. It was possible, your restaurant had catered many A-List parties as well as served quite a number of the rich and famous. You wanted to ask but he didn’t seem to recognize you so you left it, fearing the risk of being wrong and embarrassing yourself.

“Thanks,” you turned to him with a smile. “And don’t worry about standing up again, I’m most likely going to sleep through the entire flight anyway.” You told him as you pulled out your iPhone and headset from you bag before shoving it back under the seat in front of you.

“Here I was thinking I had a companion to chat with.” He joked then chuckled lightly and you felt yourself doing the same. “Are you in Rome for work?” He quizzed and you nodded. “Same here. Are you headed home?”

“Mm hm,” you nodded. “How about you?”

“Not quite,” he shook his head. “I’m an American, obviously, but um- I’m not from New York. I’m just there for a week for a few more press tours before I’m allowed back to Boston to see my family. Let’s just say that it has been a loooong six months for me,” he stated it out dramatically then laughed when you did.

You turned and looked out window, thinking about what he had just said and replayed it in your head. You picked out a few words and phrases that stuck out for you; 'New York’, 'press tours’, 'Boston to see my family’, and 'loooong six months’. It kind of reminded you of the interview your favorite actor, Chris Evans did a couple days ago. Your body stiffened in your seat and you turned back to the man sat next to you and you narrowed your eyes at him. He was too busy reading something on his phone to realize you were gawking at him. The longer you looked at him, the more you noticed how much he looked like Chris Evans; you’d seen enough pictures of him to recognize that magnificent jawline, even when it was hidden behind his beard.

“Captain America?” You blurted out before you could stop yourself. He laughed softly and though you were embarrassed, it did tell you that you were sitting next to Chris Evans. “Oh my God,” you breathed out, feeling your hands sweat.

“Shhh.” He pressed his index finger to his lips and you immediately did as he asked. “You don’t want me to share my attention with other fan girls, do you?” He teased and a breathless laugh escaped your lips. “I’m Chris Evans, but I’m sure you already know that.” You nodded, your lips still slightly parted. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” You answered and he whipped off his sunglasses, his eyes wide and his lips parted; he looked about as stunned as you were. “What?” You asked nervously. “Is there something on my face?” You asked then consciously touched your face.

“You’re not that young chef that owns that restaurant Clover, are you?” He asked and you chuckled in amazement that he’d heard of you. “Holy shit!” He exclaimed, drawing slight attention. “I love Clover! Seb introduced me and now I eat there every time I’m in New York. Seb’s in-love with you by the way, he is going to freak out when he hears that I met you.”

“Bucky Barnes likes my food?” You found yourself giggling like a school girl, drawing laughter from Chris. “Oh my God, this is insane! I can’t believe you know who I am,” you shook your head in disbelief. “You’re Captain freaking America.”

“And you’re Y/N freaking Y/L/N!” He exclaimed then laughed. “What’s your secret, how did you become such a good chef?” He asked then spoke again before you could answer. “And how the hell did you manage to remain smoking hot?” Your cheeks flushed and you bit back your smile. “I’d been ten times my current size if I can cook as well as you.”

“Passion and a lot of exercise,” you answered with a light chuckle. “You should know, you work about as hard as I do. Speaking of your work, you did a great job on The Civil War. Everyone was fantastic but you, Captain, were my favorite,” you admitted and he smiled with lightly tinted cheeks. “I particularly enjoyed the helicopter scene.”

“Of course you did.” He laughed and grabbed his left boob; a signature move. “Well, color me honored and incredibly lucky to be sitting next to you.” You chuckled. “I promise I won’t be too much of a bother, as soon as the plane takes off- I’ll let you sleep.”

“Sleep when I’m sitting next to you?” You laughed and you saw his smile widen. “My brother would murder me if he heard I had pass up an opportunity to get all the dirt from Captain America himself, and I’d murder myself.”

“Don’t you dare,” he warned teasingly. “What would I do for food when I’m in New York?” He asked rhetorically and you laughed. “Tell you what, since you’re giving up sleep for me. How about I take you to dinner, somewhere you don’t have to do anything but relax?”

Did he just ask you out on a date?

“I don’t think my boyfriend would appreciate that,” you told him.

You were very much single, you just thought it’d be fun to make him work for it a little. Of course you were going to say yes, single or not. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to have dinner with Chris Evans, otherwise known as Captain America. If you were in a relationship, your boyfriend should have understood how great that opportunity was and allowed for it to happen. If he didn’t then well- you clearly chose wrongly.

“Oh um-” Chris winced. “I am so sorry, I thought- um- don’t- yeah,” he rambled and you suppressed your urge to laugh. “You tell your boyfriend he is a very lucky man,” he finally got out an coherent sentence.

“I will when I meet him,” you giggled and his eyes narrowed in confusion. “I’m single, Cap. I was just teasing you,” you told him then laughed when he did. “That was cute, you were very flustered.”

“Is that a yes to dinner then?”

“Mm hm.” You nodded and held your hand out for his phone, he passed it to you without hesitation. “But a no to not cooking.” You started to key in your number. “I just got back from a research trip, I’ve got a lot of ideas, and I could use a guinea pig,” you explained and he chuckled softly. “My number is in there, I’ll text you a time and date. Think you can handle a degustation menu?” You asked, holding out his phone for him to take.

“With you?” He smirked and purposely brushed your hand as he took his phone back. “Definitely.”

Here’s part 2 and part 3 enjoy.


Could you possibly write an imagine were the reader is Graves’ daughter and gets severely hurt by him (cause he’s Grindelwald) and that’s when she tells Newt that is not him and he comforts her?? That would be great, thank you!!!

Warnings-Use of Cruciatus curse, one smol swear word. 

You were being dragged to one of your dads boring work meetings. 

“Dad, why do I have to come?” you ask. 

“Because I said so” he replied sharply. You roll your eyes and cross your arms. 

“Nice one dad. No wonder you’re not a lawyer” you spat. 

You dad’s eyes flared with anger. He grabbed your wrist harshly and dragged you to the meeting room. He practically threw you into the chair. You held your wrist and rubbed it. Yes, your dad was harsh sometimes but never physically rough. Soon many important wizards filled the room. Including you and your dads boss, President Picquery. You zoned out for most of the meeting, still confused about your dad’s behavior. Your dad hit your shoulder and you focused on the meeting again. 

“I will not be lectured by the man who let Gellert Grindelwald slip through his fingers” you heard Madam Picquery. You snickered at the comment, you loved how sassy she could be. 

“Madame President, I’m so sorry to interrupt, but this is critical..” You look up to see one of your good friends Tina Goldstein standing in the center of the room. Most people steered clear of you as your father was a very intimidating man but Tina was never afraid of him. Holding a brown leather case. You watched Tina and Picquery engage in conversation. You were more focused on your dad’s reactions. His stare was filled with anger but a hint of curiosity, excitement, and confusion. You expected disappointment, not excitement. Your dad always got frustrated by the young Aurors actions so why the excitement?. 

“Where is this man?” you hear Picquery ask. 

Tina places the case in her hand on the ground and knocked. You shifted in your seat, suddenly interested in what was happening. Suddenly, A man’s head pokes out of the case. He stepped fully out accompanied by another man. 

“Scamander?” the British envoy asked. 

“Oh-er-hello, Minister” the man says. 

“Theseus Scamander? The war hero?” Another person asks. 

“No, it’s his little brother” the minister replies. You studied the young scamander. His posture slightly hunched and he didn’t make eye contact. His voice was soft as he spoke. 

“And this is Jacob, he’s a no-maj that was bitten by one of Mr. Scamanders creatures” Tina rushes out. 

Your eyes widen at the word no-maj. Was this man insane? You watched as he bit his nail as he glanced at the dead no-maj. 

“This was an Obscurus” he said. Gasps rippled through the crowd. 

“You go too far Mr. Scamander. There is no obscurial in America” 

Madame Picquery says, slight anger in her voice. You studied obscurials in school, you had to admit, the marks were eerily similar to the pictures you’ve seen. 

“Madame President If I may-” you cut in. 

Your dad glares and you shut up. Madame Picquery stares at you as if you were to continue. 

“Um, nevermind” you whisper. 

You take a quick glance at Newt. His eyes are on you, his eyebrows furrowed. 

“Impound that case graves” Picquery commands. 

Your dad raises his hand and Newt’s case flies to his hands. He throws it at you and you catch it softly. 

“Give that back!” Newt yells pulling out his wand and aiming it towards you and your dad. Your dad raises Newt up in the air and throws him back down harshly. 

“Dad!” you yell standing up. 

“Stay out of this Y/n” he growls. 

You take a step back and watch as Newt and Tina are helplessly dragged away. Your dad turns around and glares at you. You gulp and move back, you dad grabs your wrist and roughly drags you to his office. He throws you into his office and locks the door. 

“Dad! What the hell!” you shout. 

He just glares, he moves creepily closer to you. You looked into your fathers eyes, you looked for emotion but all you say was cold black hatred. You step back until you hit the wall. 

“D-Dad?” you ask shakily. 

This wasn’t the man who raised you. Realization washed over your face a new look of horror appeared. 

“Who. Are you and what have you done with my father?” you snarl. Your “dad” pulls out his wand and aims it at you. 

Confringo” he hissed.

You ducked your head and the books behind you exploded. You scrambled away and pulled out your wand, 

Petrificus Totalus” you yell. 

Fake-dad dodged and grabbed Newts case and held it in front of him. 

“You seem so attached to that man, willing to keep quiet for this case” he growls. 

You keep your wand still, you didn’t know that man at all but you knew he cared about his case. You carefully lowered your wand and raised your hand in defeat. Fake-dad smirked and set down the case in the table and turned away. You sighed and reached for the case when he suddenly turned around,  


You were overcome with burning pain. You fell to your knees and tears streamed from your eyes. 

“P-please” you beg silently. 

You got hit with the curse a couple more times before almost fainting from the pain and exhaustion. 

“I have an interrogation to get to” he says. 

He walks out he door leaving you on the floor, trying to stay conscious. 

“Y/n?! Y/N!” you heard someone shouting. 

You opened your eyes slowly and groaned out in pain. You looked up and saw Tina, Queenie, Newt, and Jacob. You tried sitting up but was met with excruciating pain. 

“Oh honey dont get up, Newt is your case big enough for another person?” 

Queenie asks. You knew Queenie was a  Legilimens, you became close to her when you became close to Tina. You were slipping into unconsciousness again. 

“Hey, it’s y/n right? I need you to stay awake. Please” You hear Newt ask. 

You nodded and tried your best to stay awake. Newt picked you up and tried to carefully take you down into his case. He placed you on a cot in his case and started rummaging through his potions. You propped yourself up and watched Newt work. 

“Your case is amazing” you whisper. 

Newt jumps at your voice, “You should be lying down” he says. He brings over some medicine and a potion. 

“Drink this, It will help you feel better” he says. You take the potion and then the medicine. 

“Newt, My dad, he’s not really my dad” you say. 

“Come again?” Newt asks confused. 

“Someone is impersonating my dad.” you say. 

“I’m sorry. I tried to protect your creature but he went through your case and. im just so sorry.” you sob. 

Newt sits next to you and delicately hugs you. 

“It’s okay. He would have done something worse if you hadn’t done anything” he comforts. 

“Oh Y/n, Sweetie I’m so sorry” you look up and see Queenie standing at the doorway. 

“The Cruciatus curse!” Queenie gasps. 

Newt looks at you concerned and hugs you a little tighter. 

“Queenie, w-what do you think happened to my dad, my real dad?” you whisper. 

“Honey, I’m sure he’s okay” she comforts. 

“Y/n, If I may, You are one of the strongest people I have ever met and I’ve only known you for a couple hours. But, if your dad is anything like you, I’d say he’s okay.” Newt says. 

You smile at him and throw your arms around him. Newt freezes but lets you cry on his shoulder. 

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been so physical” you apologize shrinking back. 

“It’s quite alright y/n, Would you like to see my creatures?” Newt asks in hope to get your mind off your father. 

“I would love to” you say. You stand up but almost fall back down. 

“Right, Cruciatus curse.” you say clutching your side. 

“Oh right, maybe later. But, I have one creature I can show you” Newt says. He reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a green stick creature. 

“This is Pickett, he’s a bowtruckle” Newt explains. 

He let you play with pickett for a bit before Pickett got tired. 

“I’m going to let you rest now and When you start to feel better than we’ll see my other creatures “ He says. Y

ou nod and nestle your head in the pillow. Newt stops at the door and turns to look at you 

“And y/n, We’ll find your father, I promise” 

I’ve been watching A bunch of Broadway stuff and I just. Really love Les miserable and I really want my school to put on Les Mis one year because you bet your ass I would try out.

Ephemeral [4]

(adj.) - lasting a very short time; short lived

Member: Namjoon

Genre: Angst, Fallen angel!au, Romance (?), Fluff 

Words: 1.8k

Summary: There is a man in your dreams. You don’t know what he looks like or what his name is - you only know the sound of his voice. His voice. His voice follows you where ever you go. These dreams are your only source to see him, yet these dreams feel so real.

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this. I know it took a while to write, but writer’s block is an evil thing. 

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“N-Namjoon? How did you get here? What-what do you—”

“Y/N. It’s me, you don’t have to worry.” Namjoon steps closer to you, but you’re still in shock.

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Habituate {Shiro x Reader} Gang Au!

Chapter 1

Warning: Drug use, indications of rape, cursing, abuse, depression, and more throughout the story.


You knew this would happen yet you still refused everyone’s help. If only you would’ve let one of your friends walk you home after the study party.

You felt menacing eyes burn a hole on your back as you nervously walked down the street. With each step you took you could feel the sexual intentions of the man behind you. With every step you took he seemed to get closer.

You’re skirt blew with the soft breeze that hit your thighs. A terrified chill went up your spine as you wrapped your arms around your chest. After a few minutes your timid steps thankfully brought you to the doors of a mini mart.

When you got through the clear doors you were greeted by a burst of cool air. The man at the register looked just about done with life. You walked towards the back of the store feeling safer knowing there was someone else around. You opened your book bag and took out your phone to hopefully call help.

Each attempt lead to nothing; not a single person you knew answered. You’ve been inside this place for twenty minutes, you had to leave soon. You peeked through the shelves and saw the creep still standing outside.

You need help. If you don’t get any who knows what that guy will do once you get outside? Oh to hell with it; you’re leaving right now. You had the police on dial and ready to call if anything did happen so it would be okay, right?

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Hamliza in the afterlife

(Hamilza 50) “I found you–in the afterlife”

“Mom…” A voice whispered in a soft tone, a small whimper broke as the touch of a hand no longer felt warm. It felt…like nothing.


Not…”Mm” Eliza rolled around in her bed, she never felt so good. Nothing ached, nothing was sore and for once she slept through the night like she was a child again. She rolled her shoulders and felt a hand gently stroke the space between her shoulder blades. “Mm-hmm-hehe” She giggled that was a spot that had plagued her with aches for years but decades before it use to be the spot that filled her with joy and giggles. However, few knew of her secret ticklish spot. Only one had really taken advantage of it whenever he was feeling playful.

“Still as beautiful as the day I met you, Betsy” His voice smooth and cocky.

Eliza’s eyes fluttered open, she twisted her body back and tears filled the widening corners of her blinking irises. “Alex?” Her eyes scanned his face over and over again, he looked so young still. Like the first day they had met. Hair still glossy and brown, not a trace of gray, eyes filled with fire and ambition. And that smirk that was perfectly framed by lovely fuzz. “Alexander!” She threw her arms around him and pinned him back against the bed. The tears didn’t stop falling, she clutched on to him, breathing him in, gripping like her life depended on it.

Like her life…”Oh.” Eliza pulled away from Alexander for a second. Was this real? Was it a cruel dream?

“I waited so long to find you again, in the afterlife.” He ran his hand down the length of her high cheekbone, following down the side of her face. He touched her like he was blind trying to read Braille. He re-memorized the face of his now-youthful wife. A glossy moisture came over his eyes as he did, he slowly shaped his hand around her chin and pulled her into a kiss.

All the decades that passed never stole the sweetness from Alexander’s lips. All the years of being without those eyes did not steal the skill he had in making her poor heart pitter-patter like the first night they met. She never out grew being helpless for him. “So…this…I’m…” she looked over her hands and noticed they were delicate and rosy again. “I’m not sure what I expected…”

“Your paradise…our paradise.” He chuckled. “That’s all this is…think of all the happiest thoughts you ever had and its here.” Hamilton blushed a little, he was part of those thoughts. Years of waiting for her on the other side he had wondered if he was part of her paradise. Would she want to see him again…would he spend an eternity waiting for her? After all he had done to her, Eliza still tethered her happiness to him. “Would you like the grand tour, Mrs. Hamilton?”

“Mm what a gentleman.” She giggled standing up from the bed. Alexander took her arm and led her out of their home, instead of being in the heart of the city, their home was transplanted to a rural field, a place in her fondest memories. The land she had been raised on, the park she used to walk with her family was only just over a hill. And the lake she knew from her fading childhood.

“Betsy! You’re here!” Eliza’s eyes honed in on a young voice, coming bounding towards her in a yellow dress.

“Peggy!” Eliza released her hand and went running towards her youngest sister. She threw herself on to Peggy, sobbing through laughter. “Oh Peggy…Peggy!”

“Jesus Elizabeth, how long were you planning to outlive us for! Alexander was driving us insane with all his talks how you’d live forever.” Peggy pulled away, her own tears flowing freely from her eyes.

“Is that so?”

Alexander rejoined Eliza and gently placed a hand on her shoulder, “…what can I say, I missed you…dearly.” He spoke in a soft voice, full of emotions he couldn’t fathom, all of them were happy. “I do believe there are more people we have left to see”

“My parents…Angelica…P..” Eliza paused and looked at Alexander with strained eyes, “is he…?”

“Let’s find out, shall we?” Alexander teased, taking her arm again. Eliza had half the mind to slap her husband if she wasn’t so happy to see him again. She clung to his arm as they walked the winding country road down towards the park. She remembered this path, she remembered the carriages her father would take them down to the lakeside… “I’m so sorry I never…took that time to visit this place with you.”


“I’m sorry, I…left you with so much. Eliza…I left you with so much and you did so much..you did more for me that I” He began to ramble, his grip on her arm fading. Fear went through Eliza, his loosening grip triggered the fear of losing him all over again. She quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him back to her. “How could you still love me after all this time, Elizabeth?”

“…because when it was all said and done. I knew who I married, I knew that behind it all, you are the same man I chose and continue to choose.” She held on to him with her chin a little higher. “Because you are, my, husband.”

They walked a little slower, arms swinging like a young couple. They eyed the trees and birds, taking in the beautiful sighs around them. They retold their favorite stories, and to much of Eliza’s content Alexander had always been there with her. Watching her and their children, soon they came close to the park and music played. Eliza’s steps got anxious; she started to sprint, tugging Alexander along with her.

There at the end of the path was a piano with two figures sitting side by side. “Keep it up, she’s going to love it.”

“I guess I really did forget what she taught me” He chuckled, nudging his aunt a bit. Angelica giggled, her head turning feeling the presence of someone behind them. Her eyes widened a bit as she slowly rose to her feet from the piano bench.

“Eliza…” She whispered soft first, then sang out with her arms opened wide, “Eliza!”

“Angelica!” Eliza abandoned Alexander’s arm and barely made it to Angelica’s embrace. She pulled away and looked her over, “its really you…isn’t?” The last time she saw Angelica she was…well it wasn’t anything like this. Her eyes slid from Angelica’s to the back of someone else. Slowly Angelica’s arms released Eliza.

She swallowed hard and slowly made her way to the piano bench; the figure there stiffened hiding behind his fluff of hair. “May I?” she whispered slowly sitting down beside him. She noticed his hand was frozen over a few keys, his fingers trembling too hard to play. Very gently she placed her hands on his, sliding her fingers between the gaps of his. “Philip…” her voice broke as her son slowly turned his head. His eyes filled to the brim with tears.

“Hi ma.” The nineteen year old boy immediately leaned into his young mother’s shoulder and silently allowed himself soft sobs.

Alexander placed his hand over Philip’s head, unable to contain his tears either. He placed a kiss on the top of Eliza’s head and whispered. “Welcome home, my dear Eliza.”