oh to be young and drunk

I know I run a book blog so maybe this isn’t the right platform for this, but girls: Please look out for other girls. Tonight I was stuck at a bus stop in Shoreditch circa 2 AM and saw another young woman getting harassed by a drunk, aggressive dude, and at first I thought, “She’s got it under control.” But then he started touching her and I went “No, that’s definitely not right.” So I barged over and shoved him out of the way and said, “Beth?? Oh my God, how are you, I haven’t seen you since grade school!” And this girl I’d never seen before in my life threw her arms around my neck and whispered, “You are an angel, thank God.” We talked for fifteen minutes, the creep lost interest, I watched her get on the bus and I will sleep so much better knowing she got home in one piece. If you see something weird happening, intervene. The worst that can happen is embarrassment, and I think that’s worth the risk when you consider the alternative.

Oh sinners, let’s go down, down to the valley to pray


tonight’s drawing is Young!McCree and Reyes because I want to know more about their history so much. This was totally inspired by a short fic here by @narkissus where Reyes makes Jesse get dressed up for an Overwatch party  then I imagined Morrison gets an award and Reyes gets bitter about his ex and then him and Jesse sneak off and have sexy drunk shenanigans lolol 

we made each other better || a hollstein s3 fanmix

1. sick of losing soulmates - dodie clark // 2. tearin’ up my heart - kina grannis // 3. ease my mind - hayley kiyoko // 4. talking body - tove lo // 5. drunk in love - mackenzie johnson // 6. potions - see // 7. heartlines - broods // 8. high hopes - kodaline // 9. blood love - young summer // 10. you and i - pvris // 11. lovesick - banks // 12. without you - oh wonder // 13. latch - daniela andrade // 14. will you still love me tomorrow - sweet talk radio // 15. a million drums - claire // 16. gimmie love - carly rae jepsen // 17. still falling for you - ellie goulding // 18. dance with me - sweet talk radio // 19. forever falling - mia wray // 20. there’s nothing better - shake shake no // 21. i will go anywhere with you - julia nunes

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i will never forget this new avengers chapter because billy started out as these cute teenage boy and then he was all depressed and literally tried to kill himself thinking “I wish I was someone better” and now look at him all “I love you you big goof” and doing the dishes and having a family and stil being like before all ‘i have anxiety and i hate myself” and they sitll stayed together

and teddy, because the fandom and the AUTHORS forget about him, Teddy who has so much responsibility on his shoulders now being KING OF SPACE and Teddy who lost his whole family, a prince without anyone to turn to
still dating Billy nd having a family of his own

that is so impowering for a tiny depressive self-loathing person like me, because they had so many problems and they had their rocky parts  but they stay together and they get better

they get a happy ending and it makes me think

you know, rena, you might get one,too

and that’s why representation matters

and theycalled their daughter KATIE oh gosh, oh gosh


Okay so, when Catelyn and Robb find out about Theon taking Winterfell why is Cat so convinced that she should be the one to talk with Theon? Like what makes her think Theon would listen to her? Unless maybe they were way closer than things appeared? I don’t know… seems suspicious to me… oh I know, I know what you are going to say: “she’s just volunteering to talk to Theon because Robb can’t return to Winterfell and she is concerned for the safety for Bran and Rickon, not because she and Theon are having a passionate love affair. Go home selkiewife, you’re drunk.“

But then did you catch her look of despair when Robb says that Theon must die. Here it is again slowed down a bit:

Maybe it is because she is grieved at the thought of her former ward hot young gallant slut pirate being put to death… just a thought.
The Crumbling Kingdom Ch. 4

Oh wow I couldn’t stop writing this chapter! I feel like the plot is finally going to begin.

Genre: Mafia!Jeonghan, Mafia!Soonyoung, Angst, Romance, Violence

Word Count: 5,265

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“Oh Dongwon you are too funny!” You giggled and hit the young man’s shoulder playfully. You hated acting this way during kills, but playing dumb usually gained people’s trust.

“No, Y/N,” the drunk CEO laughed, “you’re just nice enough to laugh at my jokes." 

You and Soonyoung continued to butter up Dongwon until he was pliable enough for the two of you. Soonyoung came up with a fake proposal for the restaurant/corporation Dongwon was running. You didn’t pay attention to the details of it too much though, because you were too distracted by Jeonghan. When you had first left, you noticed Jeonghan and his father were bickering. It was mostly Jeonghan who was irritated, but Gaewon looked smug. Why were they arguing? Did Jeonghan fail a mission? Even though you were upset with Jeonghan, you couldn’t make yourself not worry about him.

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asoiaf meme (minor characters): 2/3 events ~ the siege of riverrun

“The siege drags on. The Blackfish sits inside the castle, we sit outside in our camps. Bloody boring, if you want the truth.” Ser Daven seated himself upon a camp stool. “Tully ought to make a sortie, to remind us all we’re still at war. Be nice if he culled some Freys too. Ryman, for a start. The man’s drunk more oft than not. Oh, and Edwyn. Not as thick as his father, but as full of hate as a boil’s full of pus. And our own Ser Emmon … no, Lord Emmon, Seven save us, must not forget his new title … our Lord of Riverrun does nought but try to tell me how to run the siege. He wants me to take the castle without damaging it, since it is now his lordly seat.” // vildan atasever as genna lannister, xavier samuel as daven lannister

GOT7 as Things My Parents Said/Done
  • JB: "You always cried when I held you, it offended me but I love you"
  • Jinyoung: "Yes it has to match! What kind of fashion icon mom would I be if my earrings didn't match my shirt Ji Sang!?" (mmmooommm)
  • Mark: "Should I do a flip?" *I tell him no* *does it anyway* "OH WHAT'S UP! YOUR OLD MAN STILL GOT IT! "
  • Jackson: "And this was my best friend" *asks why they aren't anymore* "Because Carla was a bitch and couldn't keep her hands off my man"
  • Youngjae: "Why do you hug her more? I feel offended, that's it young lady, you're grounded for lack of affection"
  • BamBam: *drunk* "What, what ish that new dance all the kids do?? That um, that watch me Nae and Whip Whip song?? I can do it watch" *Slips while trying to whip*
  • Yugyeom: "You can't be lazy! You're young! ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS BEFORE YOU AGE LIKE ME"
My Ryden Playlist:

Backseat Serenade - All Time Low
If these sheets were the states - All Time Low
Oh calamity - All Time Low
Stand by me - Ben E King
Done for you - Black Veil Brides
Follow you - Bring Me The Horizon
Don’t go - Bring Me The Horizon
Go to hell for heavens sake - Bring Me The Horizon
Talking to the moon - Bruno Mars
Liquor store blues - Bruno Mars
It will rain - Bruno Mars
Young girls - Bruno Mars
Moonshine - Bruno Mars
If I knew - Bruno Mars
Teenager in love - Don & The Belmonts
Lego house - Ed Sheeran
I’m a mess - Ed Sheeran
Photograph - Ed Sheeran
Kiss me - Ed Sheeran
Give me love - Ed Sheeran
Drunk - Ed Sheeran
This - Ed Sheeran
Sunburn - Ed Sheeran
Can’t help falling in love - Elvis Presley
Space bound - Eminem
Jet back blues - Fall Out Boy
Fourth of July - Fall Out Boy
Favorite record - Fall Out Boy
Here we are - The Fray
Be still - The Fray
If you told me to - Hunter Hayes
Bleeding out - Imagine Dragons
All of me - John Legend
Hurt - Johnny Cash
Lost - Michael Bublé
Everything - Michael Bublé
End of May - Michael Bublé
Home - Michael Bublé
Hold on - Michael Bublé
To love somebody - Michael Bublé
Human nature - Michael Jackson
Remember the time - Michael Jackson
If I could fly - One Direction
A.M - One Direction
18 - One Direction
Fools gold - One Direction
Hold on til may - Pierce The Veil
White noise - PVRIS
Eyelids - PVRIS
Only love - PVRIS
Air catcher - Twenty One Pilots


If you have songs to add, go ahead. But keep in mind, some of the artists on here aren’t ones I like as people, or any of their other music. These are all just songs that remind of me ryden other than the ones by Panic!

babswings  asked:

Oh! A understand it! I mean, I'm and old sister too, but actually I don't see problem with a 12 years old reading something about drugs or drunk things since the fanfic or whatever he's reading does not talk about it as something good. If it's a criticism or talk about it as a bad habit, then good, the kid would see it as bad too. Now, if is something where the writer put drug as something good I'd disapprove it// And yes, you're young, but so much talented.

Well yeah, I guess it’s more the sexual tension, innuendos, and encounters that I’m concerned about. Because although I try not to revolve things around it, it does happen sometimes. I don’t want to ruin a precious 12 year old’s mind /.\

the comet

wine fueled this will be short
wine fueled into a mood
fit for writing
I shall say this:

we might
or might not
in the future
will burn oh-so-bright like a

right now
we are beautiful and
like a young celestial body
heating up
speeding up

tinigling up all all all your insides

a comet
either passes earth by
or sensationalised
we are yet to be determined

but to me

to me to me to me
you burn

you burn you burn you burn

Things i want in series 4:
  • Drunk Moriarty
  • For it to happen before 2056
  • John to say “no shit, Sherlock”
  • John to get pissed off at Sherlock and shout “WILLIAM SHERLOCK SCOTT HOLMES”, to which Sherlock replies “JOHN HAMISH WATSON”
  • Moriarty to walk into 221B with Staying Alive playing from his phone, and just says “suprise bitches”
  • Season 4- Mrs Hudson welcomes in two young girls who are interested in buying 221C.The two girls state that they’ll only be needing one bedroom and then look anxiously over to Mrs Hudson who say “oh don’t worry dears, we’ve got all sorts round here…i’ve got practically married ones upstairs

babswings  asked:

Oh! normally the age of fanfic readers is between 12 to 25 years old. You are young, but most of your readers too. If they are not younger than you, they are just a little old as me ;) And you minimal? I don't think so. You are my favorite writer, and your age doesn't matter for me <3

Well I don’t if 12 year olds should be reading about drugs and drunk excursions just yet…. That makes me a little nervous just because I’m an older sister, and I really wouldn’t want my brother reading the things I write until he’s like 15 or older lol. Idk I have maternal instincts. 

But it is surreal to me that people older than me like my writing! 

anonymous asked:

high school rhink on nye counting down together and sharing their first kiss at midnight and it makes them both giggle and blush adorably

oh my gosh yes!! like they’re so tiny and in love and maybe just a little bit drunk and rhett’s got his long arms around link’s neck and they smooch right at midnight and giggle all sweet and young about it like!! you dumb boys!! many more kisses to come!! kissing your whole lives!!