oh to be young and drunk

I know I run a book blog so maybe this isn’t the right platform for this, but girls: Please look out for other girls. Tonight I was stuck at a bus stop in Shoreditch circa 2 AM and saw another young woman getting harassed by a drunk, aggressive dude, and at first I thought, “She’s got it under control.” But then he started touching her and I went “No, that’s definitely not right.” So I barged over and shoved him out of the way and said, “Beth?? Oh my God, how are you, I haven’t seen you since grade school!” And this girl I’d never seen before in my life threw her arms around my neck and whispered, “You are an angel, thank God.” We talked for fifteen minutes, the creep lost interest, I watched her get on the bus and I will sleep so much better knowing she got home in one piece. If you see something weird happening, intervene. The worst that can happen is embarrassment, and I think that’s worth the risk when you consider the alternative.

Beautiful Bromance in Dramaland

We love it when our favorite characters in a drama got crazy chemistry that involves endless bickering, awkward moments, a little bit of hatred but brotherly affection inside. When those things happen between good lookin dudes, it’s called bromance and that makes a drama more interesting to watch. So, let’s check out some of the beautiful bromance in dramaland!  

School 2013 - Go Nam Soon & Park Heung Soo 

The rollercoaster bromance, between ramen lover Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo. They were once best friends, turned enemies when Nam Soon broke Heung Soo’s leg by accident and crush his dream as a soccer player. But thanks to Teacher Jang Na Ra, they reconcile and are finally best friends again. 

Boys Over Flower - The F4

The exclusive bromance. The legendary F4. They are childhood best friends who share the same sophisticated wealthy lifestyle. Everyone has their struggle and sadness, but in the end they prove their friendship. Besides, they still support their buddy, Gu Jun Pyo, who curls his hair and wears that fur to school. That’s love. 

The Heirs - Kim Tan & Choi Young Do 

The hormonal bromance. They were childhood best friends, they fought due to hormones and family issues during puberty. Later they survived puberty, fell in love with the same ordinary poor girl. Though their old conflict was resurfacing again, they could find peace and reconciliation in the end. Bless them. Love is their moment. 

Jealousy Incarnate - Lee Hwa Shin & Ko Jung Won

The full of jealousy bromance, between a famous anchorman and his super rich buddy. They get jealous of each other because they fell in love with the same lady. Even though all the love triangle troubles are caused by Hwa Shin, later Ko Jung Won became a bigger person who chose friendship over love. Their drunk moment is the sweetest btw. 

Fantastic - Ryu Hae Sung & Doctor Hong Joon Gi

The in sickness and health bromance. A sad yet beautiful bromance between Hallyu star Ryu Hae Sung and a cancer patient/doctor Hong Joon Gi. They were love rivals who turn into best friends. Though their friendship was short due to sickness, the bond is strong. They bicker over stupid things, shop together, have deep talks, and eat ramen secretly during hospital stay. 

Oh My Venus - Coachnim and his boys 

The healthy bromance. Coach Kim Young Ho took in two little brother-buddies, MMA athlete Joon Sung and little manager Ji Woong. They stay together, overcome troubles together, train together, get healthy together and do the cute dance together. 

Cheer Up! - Kim Yeol & Ha Joon 

The surviving bromance. Ha Joon is a tortured soul who experienced a suicidal attempt, while Kim Yeol is so afraid that Ha Joon might disappear someday. Ha Joon knows about Kim Yeol’s fear so he’s trying his hardest to survive for his best friend. And as always, they happened to fall in love with the same girl. 

Descendants of The Sun - Captain Yoo Shi Jin & Sergeant Seo Dae Young

The military bromance. They always got each other’s back in the battlefield. They bicker sometimes as they are best friends, but Sergeant Seo always respects his big boss who has higher rank than him. In the end, nothing makes a bromance stronger than flying bullets and fanboying a girl group together. 

Bad Guys - Detective Oh and prisoner boys. 

The badass bromance, between a detective, a gangster, a contract killer and a genius psychopath. Though in the beginning they didn’t trust each other well but their special bond becomes stronger through every case. Together they fight crimes and support each other with their special skills. 

Another Oh Hae Young - Park Do Kyung & Jin Sang

The natural bromance, between two long time buddies who turn into brothers in law. Jin Sang might have given Do Kyung wrong advice at times but he always be there when Do Kyung is down and Do Kyung always saves Jin Sang from his troubles which makes their friendship so natural and beautiful. 

A Gentleman’s Dignity - Kim Do Jin and boys. 

The ahjussi bromance. 40s are the new 20s for Kim Do Jin, Im Tae San, Lee Jung Rok and Choi Yoon. They are successful mature men with boys at heart when they hang out together. Through ups and downs they manage to protect their friendship, survive their love life and maintain their dignity. 

The Three Musketeers - Crown prince and his warriors

The historical bromance, back in Joseon era when a crown prince wants to fight crimes in his country secretly. He gathered a group of warriors who loyally follow him to set justice and peace in the country. 

Hwarang - Dog Bird & Mak Moon

The till death do us apart bromance. Mak Moon and Dog Bird/Moo Myung grew up together as orphans, Moo Myung is a fearless fighter and adventurer while Mak Moon is cowardy and weak. They always stay together and protect each other. Even though their friendship ends up in sadness but it’s really amazing to see them sacrificing themselves for each other till the end.

Goblin: The Lonely & Great God - Goblin & Grim Reaper

The immortal bromance. Goblin accidentally saved a missing soul who was supposed to be taken by the Grim Reaper. One is hot, one is cold. They share a mysterious conflicted fate yet fate brought them to live together as housemates. Since they have been living for hundred years, they are both anti-social but they find each other’s company quite comfortable.

Fall For You | Drabble 01

Summary: Jungkook thinks that midnight is the best time of night, but he thinks the midnights where he gets to see you are his favorite.
Or: the party where Jungkook decides to quite drinking.

Word Count: 3.188

Original Scenario: Part 01 - Part 02 - Part 03

 Mood music: X

A/N: Thank you to @workofteaguk for encouraging me to post this drabble and return to this world. I hope you guys like this return!!

Midnight is Jungkook’s favorite time of night.

It’s his favorite because once that clock strikes twelve, Jungkook’s night is either just getting started, or he’s falling into bed to sleep peacefully. He’s either seated between pretty thighs and thick lipstick, a hookah pressed to his lips, or he’s lying naked in bed with a pleasantly fucked out girl on his chest.

In high school, people have something to prove. Parties are always more extravagant and always go on longer, as if there’s some kind of reward that can be found by keeping the party going until the sun’s rising in the sky. Jungkook isn’t a huge fan of those parties. He goes, of course, usually with Taehyung and Jimin flanking him and a pretty girl waiting on the other side of the room, but he refuses to stay much later than midnight. Whether he goes home or back to a pretty thing’s house- once a senior from the local university had taken Jungkook home, thinking him to be older than he was. Taehyung had full out cried when he heard the news, and Jimin high-fived him so many times that Jungkook’s hand stung, and well, that was a different story altogether.

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Somebody Else Pt 1

Pt 2

Genre: Smut, Angst, college AU 

Pairing: Jungkook x reader x Taehyung

Summary:  You had met Jungkook on a summer day at the age of 10,  at 12 you became best friends,  at 14 you had your first kiss,  at 15 you fell in love and at 16 you made love. You’ve never really knew what heartbreak was until at the age of 18 he broke your heart.

Inspired by Somebody else by the 1975. 

A/N: Sorry if i have grammar mistakes, English is not my first language.

You had met Jungkook on a summer day at the age of 10 when a moving truck parked down at the house next door, from which a small boy with rabbit teeth and black hair came down. Your mother told you to help the neighbors pick up the boxes from the truck while she would welcome the new neighbors. You had never been a very conversational person so when your mother ordered you to help your neighbors you could not help grumbling. You left your house and approached the moving truck where the black haired kid was struggling to lift a large box, when he noticed your presence he left the box on the floor and looked a little surprised by the sudden appearance of a new face in front of him.

“Emm… hello, I’m the next door neighbor, do you need some help with that?” You said pointing to the box that was now on the floor. The boy smiled broadly, showing his rabbit’s teeth and exclaimed; “Yes please!” You approached him and together carried the box to the door of his house. “I’m Jungkook by the way” he said.

“I’m Y/N” you answer with a little grin.

From that day on you began to spend more time together and became friends really fast but it was not until the age of 12 that you became best friends after your first crush broke your heart and went with another girl, Jungkook was so annoyed that made the other kid trip on purpose at school making him loose a tooth, the principal had to call Jungkook’s parents and he was grounded for a week without being able to see you, a week that became eternally long but worth it.

At 14 you had your first kiss, it was at a party playing spin the bottle, never in a thousand years it had crossed your mind to give a kiss to your best friend, sure … he was cute, but he was your friend, it was just something forbidden to think. It was your turn to turn the bottle and when it stopped, pointing at the young man with black hair, your blood froze. No no no! This could not be happening, but Jungkook thought otherwise, he slowly came up to you putting his right hand on your cheek and gave you a small but warm kiss on your lips.

From that night everything started falling in its place, your friendship was evolving into something more, into something real; dates, little kisses, holding hands and cuddling.

At 15 you fell in love declaring your love under the stars. You had decided to spend the holidays in the Jeon’s summer house together with your family and his parents, a little bored of the conversation of the elders you and Jungkook excused yourselves and went outside to see the stars. His house was on the beach and Jungkook loved the ocean so he did not miss an opportunity to crawl you with him into the water.

You stood waist deep in the ocean at 11:00pm in nothing but your undies and bra, Jungkook was in nothing but his boxers. You asked him to kiss you and he smiled simply moving closer and kissing you, he didn’t hesitate to add tongue. After a few moments you both pulled away. In that night in the shelter of his arms, and the starts as your witness he said the words you have been dying to hear ever since he first kissed you.

“I love you Y/N”. You tried not to smile too much so you didn’t look like a weirdo but you were too happy to hide it, you put your hands in his shoulders and kissed him harder than ever. “I love you too Jungkook”.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, can you do a hc about the rfa (and v and saeran, if you write about them) on a mc that they have met before when she was drunk and was flirting with them really smoothly? And then the storylines happens and she doesn't remember them but they do?

(*´ω`*) np! I wonder if I’d flirt when drunk….So far when I’m tipsy I just get really stubborn. I think the RFA would have a handful dealin with me, haha!


-When he finally met you in person, he suddenly realized why your voice seemed so familiar.

-You were that chick from about a month back!

-But…You didn’t seem embarrassed? You just smiled and joked just like you did on the chat (albeit with a bit more blushing). Did you even remember?

-He sure did. He remembered just hanging out with his fellow co-actors, just relaxing at a local bar he enjoyed and having a few beers. He was used to women coming up to him and trying to flirt, but uh…Not drunk women who didn’t realize who he was.

-”You- You know? You look a LOT, like a LOT, like this actor guy dude from the local theater. God, you should just see that dude. His name is? Is uh. Zenny? Something I can’t fucking, remember…But god I’d lick his abs, he’s so handsome. You look like that guy man! That cool guy. That beautiful dude.

-Oh my god. He felt so fucking embarrassed for you. You just kept going and going, not realizing the whole time, until your friends finally dragged you back home.

-He thought of that scene a few times, but oh my god, your friends never told you? (GOOD FRIENDS GOOD FRIENDS)

-He decided NOT to bring it up then, not when the two of you were finally meeting in person for the second first time. 

-(A few weeks later, he finally brought it up. Your face was so red as you called your friends for confirmation. When they finally admitted what had happened, you just stood in embarrassed Shock. Until Zen finally admitted you were the one girl who managed to flirt with him at a bar and he actually got interested in you.)


-Jumin had given her so ‘free’ time. Which was, of course, allowing her to go on a wine tasting event with him. It was a bit better than working (and he’d probably have her set up a few meetings anyway), so she agreed.

-She didn’t drink often, but she could see how some lightweights could become overwhelmed with the all the samples.

-At least, that’s the excuse she came up for you. God, as soon as she heard your voice on the phone, she instantly remembered how drunk you had gotten at that simple wine tasting event. But you didn’t remember her? It stung a little, but you were…Very. Very drunk.

-She remembered you trying to casually walk towards her. She thought you were wanting to talk to her about Jumin, praying that it wasn’t about how you could get a date with him. But when you slid your arm around hers and slurred, she nearly had her heart stop.

-”You-You are literally the only pretty person here. These dudes are so uuugly. Oh my god, how come rich guys can’t even look decent half the time. Do you like girls? I like girls. I’m a girl. You’re a girl. Lets. Lets hang out. Blow this popsicle stands. We’ll have fun.”

-When security dragged you away (Jumin’s doing, with light murmurs of complaints from him), Jaehee had to try her best not to blush and laugh.

-You were cute, but oh my god she had never been flirted with like that.

-As the two of you started dating, she never, ever mentioned it. Not until about a year later after a night you had gotten tipsy again, and thankfully you two just laughed together about it.


-As soon as he heard you voice, he knew it was familiar. A nice one, something that didn’t urk him that much.

-Seeing you in person made him immediately want to ban all wine from the RFA party. How you were so shameless he never understood.

-A few months back, he had attended an event that allowed for extra guests to be brought. He didn’t really remember which one. He had went to so many they just blurred together at times.

-He did, however, remember clearly of a drunken woman suddenly grasping his arm. He immediately was annoyed, thinking it was some other woman who had tried flirting with him earlier, but when it was someone new, he gave you a moment to talk.

- “These rich dudes are so. Boring. Are you boring too? You look cool. You look…Cool. Not borin’. Not borin’ at alllllll. Do you wanna be not boring together? Like. The dude who brought me doesn’t even know where I am. Fuck em. Fuck em all. I’d even fuck you if you’d lemme.”

-Oh my god.

-Security had came and gotten you later, and he just sighed and fixed his sleeve. He thought you were ridiculous. 

-So at the RFA party, when you said you were introducing yourself the first time, he called you out on it. It wasn’t the first time you two had met.

-He ended up going in full detail, exactly what you said, how your hair was messed up, how everything about you was just. Embarrassing.

-Your first RFA party was filled with many embarrassing moments after that, especially from a teasing Seven.


-He was just hanging out with Zen when the drunk you came sauntering up, looking strangely confident and slightly confused.

-He almost pulled his phone out, getting ready to film what was possibly Zen’s most embarrassing moment.

-Instead, his hands froze when you passed by Zen and went directly to him.

-“You’re. You’re weird lookin. Not in a bad way though. Like. You look weird but cool. Cute. Yeaaah. I like redheads. Are you into girls? Or guys? Because i wanna. I wanna take ya out.”

-Omg. He was dying. He never really had this happen before, and Zen’s shocked expression was totally worth it.

-Before he could give you a reply, your friends finally found you and pulled you away while spouting apologies.

-So when he found out exactly who you were when he did his background check, he laughed so hard

-He wouldn’t bring it up with the others around (Maybe Zen), but he’d tease the FUCK outta you about it.

-“I guess you got what you wanted, huh?”


-Poor baby. He’d NEVER bring it up to you, except on his deathbed.

-He had finally agreed to go to the bar Zen wanted to take him to. He was a bit nervous because of how often he was being carded. His hands wouldn’t stop shaking!!

-Of course, to make matters worse, there were girls flirting with Zen constantly. He was just here as a third wheel!

-He watched as another girl kinda. Stumbled over to Zen. Great. He couldn’t even have drunk girls- Oh god she was going to him, not Zen!

-“Heyaaa, cutie? You’re preeeetty young, huh? Barely able to get in here huh? Hahaha.. but you’re so so cute. Hey, cutie, gimme your phone number! I’ll be your girlfriend!”

-Oh my god. Oh. My god. He was mortified. Even Zen was watching! Oh my god.

-Before he could gather the courage to respond, he saw a few girls come and drag you away, full of scolding and giggles.

-That night, Zen just laughed and patted your back.

-Of course Zen wasn’t laughing now as Yoosung kissed you, vowing to keep that memory to himself.

-(Until Zen told you literally a day later)


-V didn’t really go to bars or anything of the sort. But when he visited exhibitions, especially ones he was also featured in, they tended to offer wine to drink.

-Unfortunately, not everyone could hold their alcohol.

-He watched a woman stumble a bit, quietly murmuring to several different pictures.

-Eventually she made over to where he was standing.

- “God. I love this one. This. This is a good one. Better than the others. Wait. No, that’s mean. Those are good too. But this one, this one is like. Good good.”

-Oh god. He was trying his best not to laugh. He decided to stand beside his own just in case he could answer questions, or interest people in more of his works. He was not expecting this.

- “But man. This guy has to be sooo fun to be with. I’d love to date this guy! Have coffee! Talk about. Flowers and shit. God, I’d probably sleep with him too.”

- Wow?? He didn’t even know how to respond. So… He didn’t. He watched you sleepily study his picture and… Walk away.

-Flash to him finally meeting you after the RFA party, and you didn’t seem to remember him OR his pictures at all.

-He worried a bit if his pictures just didn’t last well in people, but when you looked as if you never saw them, he concluded maybe you just didn’t remember that day whatsoever.

-Later on, when you two had been together, he always kept you away from the wine at his exhibits. When you questioned him about this, he finally told you about the first time he met you.

-Needless to say, you never drank at exhibitions ever again


-The first time he met you, before the whole RFA mess, was at a bar.

-Needless to say, he pegged you as a target before you really said anything.

-He had watched you from a corner, just basically watching everyone. He was just trying to see what the fuss was about with bars.

-The drunks were annoying. And stupid. Annoyingly stupid.

-But… He wasn’t expecting a decent looking one come to him and try hitting on him.

-He watched, slightly amused, as you stumbled over your words.

-“You’re a little black parade looking punk, aren’t you? Lookin. All tough. And like a punk. Very punky. Can I sit with you, punk? You’re. Cute punk. Yeah! I like punk stuff too, imma even gonna get this badass tattoo one day, man! Whoop!”

-He didn’t even manage to give a response before you sat down and promptly conked the fuck out.

-He didn’t really know what to do, and since he didn’t feel like getting mixed up in anything, he left the bar before any of your friends could question him.

-So when the two of you finally met in person, and you introduced himself, he just laughed for a while.

-“Do you not remember me?”

-After a brief explanation, he ended up laughing for a looong time with how red you had gotten. He actually joined Seven in teasing you.

Drunk [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Could u pls do one where the reader is younger and has never been drunk or had sex and rick has always been the closest to her and watched out for her. So one night he lets her get drunk at his house while he stays sober to watch after her and she gets wasted and horny and tells him shes a virgin and comes onto him but he keeps saying no bc she’s too young. But she starts taking off her clothes and seducing him and he gives in. Thnk u so much! 💕

OMG, I LOVED this request. Enjoy anon! ❤️

Words: 2,246

Warnings: Smut, Loss of virginity, seduction, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex, swearing

A/N: Ohhhh dear lord, this is some filth right here! 

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Baby Boy

A/N: Okay, firstly, I have zero knowledge when it comes to mommy kinks so please forgive me if this smut is not the most accurate mommy kink you’ve read. Secondly, I wanted to include a sex scene in this smut but I found that if I added it in, it felt a bit overdone if you know what I mean. Thirdly, since some of you mentioned that I should try writing in second/third POV, I decided to make a first attempt at it! This one is in second POV and it worked out well, so thank you to the anon who gave me this suggestion x lastly, remember to leave me some feedback in the ask box, okie? <3

Pairing(s): Sehun x Reader

Warnings: Mommy kink, stripteases

Genre: Light smut

Requested: Yes

Summary: Baby boy Sehun just needs some love and attention from his mommy.

Word Count: 2129

Originally posted by kaisoh

To those who know Oh Sehun well, he’s a young and handsome young man without a care in the world, choosing to spend his youthful years by getting drunk on tequila and getting into harmless trouble with his usual gang of friends. To the eyes of the outside world, he’s a completely normal twenty-one-year-old living a completely normal life. He goes to work daily, he owns an adorable dog named Vivi and he has decent fashion sense. Oh, and he also has a mommy kink. Wait a minute, that last bit doesn’t sound too normal for a twenty-one-year-old man, does it?

At twenty-six years old, you have dozens of men falling for you, willing to kiss the ground you walk on, to which you are fully aware of. To your own eyes, you’re actually decent-looking. To men, however, you’re practically a goddess. Unfortunately for at least half of the male population, you only have eyes for a particular man. Or to be more specific, a particular boy.

Oh Sehun, five years younger than you and utterly drop-dead gorgeous, is your boy toy. Honestly, you have no flipping idea when he developed a fetish for older women but along the way, you started growing attached to the idea of pampering a man younger than you are. As far as it gets, you have to admit that it’s pretty weird for a carefree young woman like yourself to fall in love with the idea of babying another legal adult; you should be running around in lingerie and shaking your ass in the faces of men older than you are, indulging in impulsive flings and breaking hearts everywhere you go.

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Fire Whiskey - Fred Weasley

Requested by anonymous.
Warnings: Drinking

“Well, at least we got the fire out,” you said, sitting down on the stoop outside of the burrow next to Fred. He smiled softly at you as you rubbed his back. “How’s-”

“Not much could be saved. Hermione’s working on fixing what she can.”

“I’m sorry.” He shrugged and looked at you.

“It’s not your fault. I did find this, though,” he said, pulling up a bottle of fire whiskey from behind the step. You smiled as he opened the bottle and took a swig. He handed it to you and you took a drink as well.

“What am I going to do at school this year without you?” you asked. Fred frowned at you as you leaned your head against his shoulder. This was your seventh year at Hogwarts, but Fred left last year. Your boyfriend was your best friend, and was often your support during school. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll send you a Howler at least once a week.” You giggled and shook your head.


“Definitely,” he said, kissing your forehead before taking another drink. You took the bottle back from his hand and took a drink, too. “Promise you’ll wreak havoc for George and I?”

“Promise.” He smiled and leaned in to kiss you. 

“Do you remember that time we blew up all the toilets in the girls’ lavatory on the third floor?”

“Too often, actually. I wasn’t a part of that. You and George did that on your own,” you said.

“I feel like you were there, though,” he said, taking another drink.

“I was. I was in the bathroom,” you said, pushing his shoulder a little as he laughed. 

“You were in there!?” he said, laughing hard. 

“It’s not funny. I still have a fear of bathrooms.” Fred laughed and you snatched the bottle out of his hand. 

“I’m sorry, I promise to never blow up any bathroom you may use.”

“Aww, and who said romance is dead.” He laughed and put his arm around you. You curled up into his arms and sighed, looking out onto the field that had hours before been scarier than it was now. 

“So, I was thinking, after school is over, maybe you’d like to, I don’t know, um-”

“Freddie?” He looked down at you and laughed nervously. You handed him the bottle and he took a big swig, seeming to calm his nerves.

“I was wondering if you’d like to maybe move in with me. Well, us.” You smiled at him and squeezed his knee. 

“Well, would you blow up bathrooms in our shared apartment?”

“No,” he said with a grin. “I promise there will be no bathroom explosions.”

“Hmm, that’s definitely tempting. Where would we live?” He smiled and pulled you closer into him. 

“The space above the joke shop.”

“Really?” you asked.

“Unless you wouldn’t want to live there.”

“No, I just didn’t know you could live up there.”

“Well, it’s kind of just an attic right now,” he said. “But it’s enormous, and with a lot of work, it’ll be gorgeous.”

“It sounds awesome,” you said. He let out a sigh and you looked up at him. “Were you worried I was going to say no?”

“I was a little worried, I’m not gonna lie.”

“Why?” you asked, taking a swig and then handing him the bottle. 

“Because not many people would want to live above a loud, sometimes annoying bright, joke shop.”

“But I like a loud, sometimes annoying bright boy,” you said, smiling up at him. He smiled and leaned in as you grabbed the collar of his shirt. “George, I meant.”

“I hate you,” he said, closing the gap to kiss you. “But I’m glad you’re moving in with us. Even if it is just to look at George’s handsome face.”

“Fred! Y/N!” Mrs. Weasley called from inside the house. You both looked back, nearly bumping noses, forgetting how close you were. He stood up, and stumbled a little bit, and then held out his hand for you. You stood up, too, and realized how drunk you were.

“That’s strong stuff.”

“Mhmm,” he said, frowning as he nodded. He opened the door and you walked in first. Fred followed and stopped you just before you walked into the kitchen. He grabbed your waist and pressed his body up against yours to whisper in our ear.

“Don’t let Mum know we’re drunk.”

“Okay,” you said, taking a deep breath before swinging the door open. 

“Oh, there you two are! Don’t frighten me like that. We only just got Harry and Ginny back! If you young lovers would realize that there are other things besides-”

“Mum!” Fred and Ginny whined at the same time. It was then that you realized that Harry and Ginny were in the kitchen as well. They didn’t look too happy about being called away either. 

“Alright, alright, I just wanted to make sure you were all safe. Go back to whatever you were doing. And be safe!” she said again, stressing the word a bit differently than before. You and Fred walked out first, closely followed by Ginny and Harry.

“What were you two doing?” she asked.

“Nothing. Right, Y/N?” he asked, nudging you. You stumbled forward and he grabbed onto you arm before pulling you closer to him, so you could keep each other steady.

“Right, nothing.”

“Ugh, you reek of booze,” Ginny said, scrunching up her nose and walking up the stairs. Harry smirked at you both as he followed the red head closely. Once they were out of sight, you and Fred started giggling, you falling into his chest. 

“Come on,” he said, taking your hand. “She’ll hear us.” He lead you back outside, sitting back down on the step. You laughed and sat down, too, immediately resting your head on his shoulder. He took another drink and you looked up at him.

“Oh, do you want some?” he asked.

“No. I feel floaty right now.”



“What does floaty mean?” he asked with a laugh.

“I don’t know,” you said, wiggling your arms to describe how you were feeling. Fred laughed and so did you, eventually. 

“I love you,” he said, kissing your forehead. You grinned and wrapped your arms around his waist, snuggling him. 

“I love you, too. Are you as drunk as I feel?” you asked.

“I don’t know. Feel me,” he said, before snorting. You laughed too and squeezed him tighter.

“That’s not how it works. Also, your jokes are much better when you’re sober.”

“I’m sure,” he said, running his fingers through your hair. He pulled you closer if that was even possible, and leaned back against the step. The two of you looked out onto the field of tall grass surrounding the Burrow until it was dark and the mosquitoes started to bite at your ankles. Fred then took you up to his room, which he claimed was practice for next year, and the two of you snuggled all night, and nearly all the next day until your hangovers were gone. 

Things I Associate With the Hogwarts Houses:

Gryffindor: the colours red, gold, orange and brown, bandaged hands, coffee, bruised Knuckles, red lipstick, leather boots, volcanoes, fist fights, being sent to the principal, golden chandeliers, fall, mahogany wood, demonstrations and protests, retro vintage, travel, ‘Oh shit’, loud laughter, drinking games, stopping a bully, forests, eyes glowing from excitement, yellowed paper, bonfires, ginger hair, golden jewelry, cozy sweaters, heated arguments, road trips, bold changes, bluntness, detentions, adventures, whiskey, spontaneous actions, beer pong, frat parties, lions, bears, wolves, dragons, swearing, angry tears, fireplaces, dares, christmas, partners in crime, pranks, wide grins, ‘I have an idea’, fast food, chimney smoke, martyrs, roller coasters, fireworks, young delinquents, soldiers, chaos, flares, speaking up, war, rebels, taking risks, adrenaline, stubbornness, breaking rules, band-aids, drunk laughter, truth or dare, alarms, hangovers, energy, leadership, fighting sports, running, snowball fights, neon lights, cinnamon, riots, razzias, messy hair, swords, explosions, bluelight, anonymous masks, arm wrestling

Slytherin: emeralds, the colours green, black and grey, poison, foxes, snakes, silver, platinum blonde hair, hissed threats, vodka, blood drops, amulets, black leather jackets, money games, casinos, hired assassins, curses, motel rooms, grey skies, abandoned places, cheating on something, blue veins, frowns, vengeance, fake smiles, oppressiveness, strict parents, subways, quiet tears, dark lipstick, matches, tattoos, highways, smoke, tired eyes, ravens, short haircuts, snarls, coats, empty hallways, dyed hair, poker, roses, thunderstorms, ocean’s, black nail polish, soot, B/W, fancy cars, matt black, bones, smirks, wine, medusas, old mansions, haunted houses, perfectionism, winks, sexual tension, sweet torture, cemeteries, the moon, sleepless nights, the sound of a knife snapping open, latin, black eyeliner, secrets, traps, fog, pestilence, viruses, sass, extravagance, ‘devil’s advocate’, having status, ambition, persistence, character development, elegance, headphones, lockers, mints, cigarettes, hardwood floors, busses, chameleons, wild flowers, sins, cracked glass, broken mirrors, quiet nights, railroads, black tea, secrecy, dark humor, mystery, predators, hidden emotions, held grudges, dust, horror movies, ripped jeans, velvet, lipstick stain, magic sigils, icy anger, cold mornings, empty hallways, ear piercings, champagne, incense, skeletons in the closet, chills running down your spine, collarbones, solitude, baths, nettles, silver eyeshadow,  expensive evening dresses, ice, lightning, blurred pictures

Hufflepuff: vibrant colours, sunflowers, marketplaces, fruit, colorful candy, pastel, strawberry blonde hair, ponytails, blue skies, summer, kids laughter, ladybugs, random acts of kindness, voluntary work, freckles, hippies, hummed songs, meditations, flower patterns, brightly lit rooms, smiling at strangers, orange lipstick, laughter lines, hugs, pancakes, summer drinks, spring break, open air festivals, sprinkles, slush ice, walking barefoot through grass, frozen yoghurt, the 70′s, dresses, easter, cotton candy, world peace, glitter, candy wrappers, giggles, holding out a helping hand, happy dreams, daydreaming, umbrellas, floral wreaths, sharing a meal, dances, butterflies, second chances, bees, wide open fields, happy tears, gifts, beach cruisers, soft kisses, blushing, milkshakes, confectioneries, cupcakes, beaches, attack hugs, parades, dandelions, donations, clumsiness, rainbows, animated films, relaxation, comfort food, first love, imagination, playfulness, nostalgia, positive mantras, harmony, romance, picnics, one of a kind, holding hands, childhood memories, newborn babies, warm blankets, freshly baked cookies, braided hair, fairy tales, bubble baths, watercolour paints, fuzzy socks, homemade pie, fluffy things, crystals, light shining through trees, bells, big beds with lots of blankets and pillows, lace, popsicles, tooth gaps

Ravenclaw: asymmetry, the colours: blue, white, silver and beige, glass marbles, tidiness, neat handwriting, ballett, ‘best in class’, certificates, museums, photography, art, hair buns, glasses, bookstacks, journals, libraries and bookstores, perfectly done nails, clean mirrors, desks, foreign languages, cafés, poetry, white bedsheets, macbooks, water bottles, sketches, polaroid, coffee shops, hastiness, deadlines, white clouds, astronomy, snow covered trees, feminism, 50′s, patent leather shoes, typewriters, tidy rooms, science, history, ikea furniture, raised eyebrows, sarcasm, lists, modern offices, mac cosmetics, the smell of new books, ties, rolling eyes, sitting at your homework until past midnight, jeans, vogue magazines, feng shui, yoga, classical novels, calligraphy, greek, owls, newspapers, research, documentaries, winning a debate, competitions, solving problems, riddles, curiousity, multi-tasking, historical figures, hackers, classical music, the new york times, fancy pens, caffeine, salads, cold waves, smartasses, ink stained hands, live theatre, hot espresso, impatience, responsibility, dry humor, knowledge, early mornings, changing schools, dark chocolate, alone-time, numbers, fresh scents, deep thinking, concepts, quills, technology, finals, formulas, sealing wax, falling asleep on your desk, sculptures


shitfacedanon  asked:

companions react to say a drunken sole revealing their parents were abusive as fuck and getting upset and emotional about it

Trigger warning for mention/discussion of abuse.

Cait: She understands all too well. But the only way she knows how to deal with those feelings is with substance abuse. She sits Sole down with an assortment of drugs and pours them both a glass of liquor, pausing to take a swig from the bottle before setting it aside. “It doesn’t go away,” she states, more serious than Sole has ever seen her. “But they’re fuckin’ dead now, and we’re not. Now we drink ‘til we forget they ever existed. Sláinte.”

Codsworth: “Oh, Mx. Sole…” He was programmed with the knowledge of how to deal with Sole’s particular issues, but hadn’t ever thought to wonder what caused those issues. Codsworth speaks gently as he escorts Sole to bed, holding their hair back when they vomit and tucking them in. He has hangover cures in the morning, and a hot bath prepared. “Good morning, Mx. Sole,” he says. “Ready to face a new day?”

Curie: She listens as Sole sobs out their trauma, and when they’re more coherent, she speaks. “I have never thought I could hate someone,” she says, a delicate furrow to her brow. “But I believe I may hate your parents, even if that is a terrible thing to say.” She shakes her head, and leans forward to place her hand over Sole’s. “I do not know how much help I can give, but as your nurse, and as your friend, I will help you, however you will let me.”

Danse: Normally he doesn’t care for inebriation. “Sole, this behavior is not-” But this time, he sees Sole’s eyes. Sees the years of struggling and crying, of burying terrible things deep inside oneself to try and cope. He makes a choked, angry noise, and rushes forward to hold them close. “I’m sorry,” he murmurs into their hair. “So sorry, Sole.” He doesn’t know what else to say. He hugs tighter, whispering those words over again, trying to drown out Sole’s demons.

Deacon: He struggles, for a moment, to find the right answer, the right joke or piece of advice to make it all better. That evades him, and he sighs, taking a breath and speaking honestly - for once. “I hate to see you beat yourself up like this, boss. Whatever they did to you, they don’t own you. You gotta remember that. Everything you’ve done, here, now? Shows you don’t need to be scared. They have no power over you. You’re safe.”

Dogmeat: At first he thinks Sole’s agitated movements are a sign of play. But when Sole starts to cry, he understands, ears drooping as he whines, bumping his nose against their leg. He doesn’t leave their side, pacing around them in circles and making noises at them until they stop and pet him. Then he jumps up and licks their face, trying to get rid of their salty tears, trying to distract them from whatever’s made them sad.

Hancock: At first, an irrational rage takes him. Anybody who’d hurt a kid like that - let alone Sole like that - deserves an immediate stabbing. But comforting Sole takes precedent. “Hey, now. Come on.” He takes their cheek in one rough hand, pulling them to him with the other. “What do some bastards from two hundred years ago matter. You and me? We got the whole world ahead of us. I won’t let anybody hurt you.”

Nick Valentine: “Alright, I think that’s enough of that.” He takes away the liquor despite Sole’s protests, taking them home with a hand on their back. “Guess it was only a matter of time before you confessed - and yes, I had an inkling.” He gives them a gentle, bittersweet smile, ruffling their hair with his claw. “Let’s get you to bed, kid. We can talk about this tomorrow.” He sighs, shaking his head. “Sometimes I can’t stand how Justice is so fickle.”

MacCready: “Goddamn.” For a moment, he forgets not to swear. “I’ve heard of Commonwealth discipline, but… Jesus. That’s a little much.” He shakes his head, awkwardly reaching over to rest his hand on Sole’s shoulder. “That sucks. I, uh… I never really had parents, so I don’t know what that’d be like, but. That doesn’t deserve to happen to anybody.” He presses his lips together, and holds up a liquor bottle. “What do you say we get even more drunk?”

Piper: Tears appear in the corner of her eyes, and she comes forward, gripping Sole in a tight hug. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry, Sole. I can’t believe something like that happened to you.” She’s not sure what to do in this kind of situation, but she insists on doing something for Sole. “Come on, Blue. Anything. We gotta do something positive together. Gotta show those bastards that we’re better than them. We gotta try and be happy.” 

Preston: He nods solemnly. “A lot of the young kids who joined the Minutemen had home lives like that,” he says. “They joined up to get away from their parents. I can’t imagine what it was like having to live through that, Sole. I’m sorry. If there’s anything I can do, you let me know.” He gives a weak chuckle, observing Sole’s drunken form. “If you remember this in the morning, that is. … I will, though. I won’t forget.” 

Strong: PARENTS? ABUSE? Super Mutants have no concept of family aside from all other mutants being their ‘brothers.’ But that’s more in a clan sense than a family unit sense. Sole goes on and on, slurring their words the more they drink, and Strong isn’t sure what they mean by all this, but nods when Sole looks at him for input. That’s the best he can do. 

X6-88: “I understand.” He stares blankly at them as Sole lifts their head, surprise showing through their drunken stupor. X6 hesitates, displaying a rare emotion. “Courser training procedures are… intense,” he says at last. He offers no other explanation, but. Perhaps that is enough. Sole nods, slowly, and gestures to the seat next to them, taking out another glass as if to pour into it. X6 nods in turn, takes the seat, and they drink, quietly, together.

Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (7/15)

Originally posted by captainamerica1-6

AU Summary: Y/N goes on her first mission out in the field with the Avengers.

Notes: yeah this is sort of a sucky chapter but it’ll have to do to speed things up lmao i have no patience. forgive me you guys.and yea a mysterious figure appears in this chapter so there’s that. ALSO im not sure if this is a steve x reader fic because i plan on having bucky added as a main character soon. and i like bucky. like a lot. ok cool

Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8


The sound of glass breaking echoed through the halls and all around the empty mansion. A large man wearing a tactical vest and heavy boots stood by the door with his arms crossed and observing the scene in front of him.

“Do they know about her abilities?”

The large man nodded. “Most likely. She’s residing inside SHIELD’s Avenger hq. Extremely hard to break in and kidnap her.”

He watched as the owner of the mansion picked up another glass of scotch, gulped it in one go and flung it across the room, smashing it to pieces. The 5th one this morning.

“Avengers.” he snarled, grimacing as he spoke the name. He took off his white lab coat and wiped the blood of his hands on it. “They took everything I have. Everything I cared about.”

The scientist slumped on a chair and poured himself another drink, this time, keeping the glass unscathed. “They took my creation. And I’m going to get her back.”

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iamatrashfan  asked:

18. Things they'll never admit, OtaYuri pls 🐻🐯💗💗💗💗💗 ((ily so much thanks))

Salmon, ily2!!! ;_;

This is also for the lovely @madamredwrites because she asked the same!

18. Things they’ll never admit.

Yuri: Many things. How much he admires Yuuri and Victor as skaters. Maybe you can coax it out of him when he’s feeling very vulnerable or when he is drunk but he would rather eat dirt than just say it like that. Also, how much he feels he has found extended family within Victor and Yuuri and how hurt he initially was when Victor, this brother-like figure he had, abandoned him for Yuuri when he flew out to Hasetsu. How badly he feels hurt by his mother and father. How hard it is to be so young and work relentlessly and try to be the best at something. How lonely he felt before he met Otabek. Oh, and that he he might have had a silly, boyish crush on Yuuri when he was 14.

Otabek: How restless he feels in Kazakhstan. This boy has traveled so much, living like a nomad, so when he finally returns home to be the pride of his home country, he plans on it to be a permanent base. Then he meets Yuri again and home doesn’t really feel like home anymore. Not when he can’t have Yuri at his side. But he can’t admit to it, all because he feels he has this duty to fulfill as the ‘Hero of Kazakhstan’. He also won’t admit, not even to himself to an extent, how LONG he has been pining after Yuri. Maybe years, at least on a subconscious level. 

B-b-boonusss: They both don’t want to admit they think JJ is kind of hot. Okay kind of very hot. 

Thank you for asking!! <3

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homoryder  asked:

for the Five Times meme fShenko and /almost/ kissing


It’s late, and Shepard knows she’s going to have a hell of a headache the next morning. It’s always this way with wine. She drinks too much, thinking she’s something classy and mature, and then a bottle or so later, she’s woozy and feels the need to eat everything in sight.

“Shepard,” Kaidan says, hiccuping halfway through her name. She laughs too, and he holds a hand up. “Stop. You’re not making sense either.”

It started out innocent, just the two of them splitting cheap wine after dinner in the mess. They’d swapped stories, talking about the worst soldiers they’d shared crew quarters with. His worst was an aggressive snorer, hers was a rookie private who seemed to think the Alliance was a glorified dating service.

“I totally am,” she giggled, and hiccuped too.

He shakes his head, and wobbles forward on the bench. She catches him as he hiccups again and covers his mouth to keep from laughing. Shepard always knows she’s drunk because she feels it in her face first. It goes numb and tingly, and the world feels floaty and fuzzy. But now that her hand is on Kaidan’s body, she feels stable, coherent… in the moment. Her thumb brushes along the strong muscles under his shirt, and they both go quiet.

He swallows, and she looks at his lips. She swears he’s begging to be kissed looking so handsome and getting this close to her. She parts her lips and leans forward. Suddenly, the door to the crew quarters pops open and Kaidan jolts away and rubs the back of his neck. 

“Mmm, sorry,” Ashley mumbles, half asleep and stumbles into the bathroom.

“It’s… it’s okay,” Shepard replies under her breath.

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Note: I’m just spitting fics out today! :D Hope you enjoy this one. I love TJeffs so freaking much.

Request: I JUAT DISCOVERED THIS BLOG AND I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND IT. Can I request a fic with Jefferson with the prompt: “Are you flirting/hitting on her for me? - @tems-promise

Word Count: 992+

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Warning: None

AU: Hamiltime

Originally posted by hamiltongifs

Being a bartender had its ups and downs. The cons were obviously some of the idiots who get drunk off their ass and attempt to get into your pants. Some perks included seeing lots of different faces throughout each day, sometimes seeing foreigners, sometimes friends. But overall, it wasn’t a bad job. It paid well for you being a woman.

“What can I get for you boys?” You asked, approaching two men at the counter. One of the men caught your eye. He had big curly hair, well-trimmed facial hair that adorned his face, a slight smirk that graced his lips, and gleaming chocolate eyes that you could stare into for ages. He was stunningly handsome to say the least.

There was a couple moments of silence as the other man turned to the curly-haired man for an answer. He was met with silence.

“Two glasses of your finest whiskey, please.” The other man spoke up kindly.

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anonymous asked:

A McKirk AU based on your generic father figure Craigslist add you just posted Bones is the dad

  • It was the joke that wasn’t really a joke – but something Jim didn’t expect anyone to take serious at all. Craigslist allows odd ads all the time, why would “generic father figure” be taken serious by anyone? And yet, Jim’s phone exploded the moment he posted that stupid ad. So much so, that after some deliberation with roommates Chekov, Uhura, and Sulu, they decide to just host an open day to meet all “generic father figures” for their BBQ party. And boy, do these figures not disappoint.
  • There’s literally 20 dads just looking to get away from their “generic fatherly duties” for the evening, and instead be a pretend-dad to a bunch of early college graduates who haven’t quite figured out how to adult yet. Most of them are only in it for the food and some time with youngsters. Couple of them openly hit on Uhura – they’re dismissed quickly. “We’re looking for a father figure,” Sulu says as he guides those men out the door, “not a daddy.”
  • Jim doesn’t particularly care who they pick, because he just wants to eat and get drunk. And so he’s not really part of the auditions, mostly just on his phone, and all. But then there’s one that catches his interest instantly. A bit too young to have 18 years of experience. “Jo’s only 8,” the guy admits, “I want to take her with me to this party of yours.” “Oh,” Chekov says immediately, “I don’t think that’s what we’re looking f-“ “We’ll take it,” Jim says instantly, reaching out to shake the guy’s hand, “see you Friday.”
  • “The fuck, Jim?” Sulu says after Leonard left, and Jim shrugs. “Can’t have a generic father figure without a generic annoying little sibling, too.” “Chekov is our annoying little sibling,” Uhura says, “we’re going to get drunk. I’m going to get Spock drunk. Sulu will probably be making out with Ben all night. This isn’t really a good environment for an 8 year old.” “He fancied Leonard,” Chekov says, and Jim huffs. “I did not-“ “Oh my God,” Uhura says, “that’s it. You fancy that grumpy doctor father.”
  • And he does. He really does. It’s a big party, but Jim lingers around the BBQ much longer than he needs to. There’s handfuls of beautiful men and women around. All laughing, eating, drinking, and some are goofing around in that inflatable pool Jim bought on a whim. And Jim knows, putting his mind to it, he could probably get a couple phone numbers. And still, he talks to Leonard. Chats with Joanna. Eats way more than he can, but it gives him an excuse to stick around the grill a little longer.
  • Grumpy doctor isn’t nearly as grumpy as he was during this “audition”, frequently smiling with a beer and talking about things he’s passionate about. So maybe that’s not the sports and stuff Jim wrote down as a requirement, but it’s still something, and Jim finds himself listening to him speak. About being a doctor, about Joanna, about his love for movies, and Jim’s like: “well, we should go see one together sometime” before he even realizes it. Leonard looks at him a little surprised, but then ultimately nods and says: “sure.”
  • “You totally fancy him,” Uhura says a day or two later, after they’ve cleaned up the whole place. Theyre just enjoying a cold beer on the porch, and now Uhura’s putting him on the spot. “I don’t fancy him,” Jim says, “I’m simply interested in him. One human being to another.” “Jim!” Joanna calls out, waving at them as she passes their house, and Jim instantly smiles at Leonard. “Hey, both of you. Where are you going?” “The park,” Joanna says, “are you coming, too?” “Sure!” Jim says, getting up instantly, and he shoots Uhura a glare before she can say anything.
  • They spend the afternoon in the park, and when Leonard asks Jim to join him and Jo for a few rounds of putt-putt, Jim readily agrees. “Let me take you two out for dinner,” Jim suggests afterwards, and Leonard shakes his head. “You don’t have to do that. I can pay for us.” “No, no,” Jim says, “I can pay. Nothing fancy, but I can pay. Pizza or burgers?”
  • The things he does with them is so mundane, compared to his usual lifestyle, but he finds he’s actually enjoying their company much more than the mindlessly getting drunk and partying. Joanna stays with Jim when Bones is called in for surgery, and that’s pretty much when Uhura and the others fall for Joanna’s personality, and is accepted as one of their roommates. When Bones returns later that night with french fries and chicken wings, Bones is, too.
  • As great as it is, it’s also really frustrating, because he’s increasingly more attracted to this man, whom he spends almost all of his free time with. They go out for movies, they cook together at Leonard’s place, or prepare something for everyone in Jim’s household. And the more Jim spends time with him, the more he also misses being intimate with people. Not just any people, like before, though. Leonard. “Are you okay?” Leonard asks, and Jim shrugs. “I think so,” he replies. They’ve been spending the evening at Jim’s place. Much food, and many boardgames later, it’s just the two of them. “You think so?” Leonard presses, and Jim sighs. “I just. I feel like I’m basically your boyfriend, but we’re not. Right? I mean, I’m the boyfriend without the benefits.” “The benefits?” Leonard repeats, “you mean sex.” “Basically,” Jim agrees, “but I didn’t know. I mean, how do you even see us?” “I think there’s more benefits to dating someone than just sex, for starters,” Leonard replies. “I didn’t mean it like that,” Jim says, “I’ll happily spend time with you even if you don’t, you know-“ but Leonard leans in and kisses him. Slowly, leaving Jim breathless. “Does that answer your question?” Leonard asks, and Jim smiles lightly. “I think… maybe, you should show me again, a few times.”
Blonde Beach Boy

Blonde beach Boy

Alex Summers X Reader

Warnings : None

Prompt: Could you do a fix or an Image where the team gets annoyed at you and alex because it is known you both like each other but refuse to admit it? So the team plans on something to get you together.

Requested by: anon


“Hiya sweet cheeks.” The drunken man slurred to her as he slams his beer down on her table. It was only four in the afternoon so why on earth this man was drunk was a mystery to her. Still she ignores the man and his painfully annoying antics.

“Aw come on!” the man whines, this was a public display of drunkenness . Unfortunately for her, she cannot expose herself as a mutant which meant she could not turn invisible.

“ Hey Candice! Whats up?” A women with blonde hair walks up to the young mutant pretending to know her.

Going along with the blonde haired woman’s plan she responds, “ Oh you know just sitting.” Internally she was thanking God for this miracle he had just bestowed upon her.

After about ten minutes of them talking about local gossip, the drunken man walks off bored and mutter something about wanting more booze. (y/n) breaths a sigh of relief and smiles to her savor.

“Oh my lord thank you so much.” She says to her new friend.

“Your welcome, also I need you to come with me, I know you’re a mutant so am I and uhhh we are recruiting so lets go!” She grabs (y/n)s hand and pulls her towards the exit.

“Woah woah woah nope sorry you have got the wrong girl here.” (y/n) states pulling her hand away and slowly backing up.

The blonde woman rolls her eyes and gives her the biggest you have got to be fucking with me look. “Oh Charles is so much better at this” Raven sighs, she had begged Charles to let her find the girl who could turn invisible, and convince her to join, but now this.

“Please I know you have felt alone but you’re not alone. So join me and a bunch of others like us.” Raven pleads.

(y/n) sighs, ‘maybe this will help me.’



It’s been a couple months since raven picked (y/n) off the street and brought her to Charles. There she has been able to fine tune her abilities and even learn combat. She gained a new crush as well but of course who wouldn’t gain a crush on the blonde beach boy otherwise known as Alex.

(y/n) grabs one of her root beers out of the fridge, when she turns around she comes face to face with the sandy blonde headed man she had come to like.

“Ah!” She shouts, “Jesus Alex that’s one way to get slapped.” (y/n) says as she opens the soda.

“Maybe so but I still want something to drink.” Snagging the root beer from her hands he takes a swig of it, and hands it back to her.

“Hey Alex come on you know those are my favorite!” She whines following Alex outside.

“Yeah well you’re my favorite but I can’t drink you.” Realizing what he had said he turns around only to see that you were not there. Believing that you had walked off after whining and didn’t hear what he just said he lets out a sigh of relief. His face still blood red from almost spilling his secret.


Meanwhile (y/n) did in fact hear what he said only to turn invisible and run to storm and jean.

“ I mean he literally said that. I don’t think he was trying to be flirty or anything maybe he was trying to make a funny come back yeah that’s it.” (y/n) buries her face into a pillow. Jean and storm both look at each other, and smirk of course they knew both Alex and (y/n) like each other but would never say anything.

So when the young mutant left the shared room. They formulated a plan to get (y/n) and Alex together.


“Hey Alex.” Jena walks up to the blonde mutant. Alex turns around to face his brothers girlfriend.

“ I accidently got a cat stuck in a tree I was practicing my telekinesis on a twig and the cat walks by and suddenly it’s up in the old tree and I’m afraid I might hurt it trying to get the cat down.” Jean mades the string of lies and set her trap.

“ Alright alright  I will go and get the cat down.” he starts to walk to the old tree. “ But you owe me one.” jean smirks ‘ now all storm has to do is finish her part.’

Meanwhile storm dares (y/n) to swing upside down on one of the old tree branches. They were thick so it wouldn’t break but the one (y/n) was hanging off of was so high up if she fell she would surely break something. And that was the whole idea strom would make the branch break by striking it with lightning. MAking her fall and he would catch her and then out of fear of losing her he will admit his feelings. The plan was foolproof. Storm was on the roof waiting also snapping pictures.

“Hey (y/n)!” Alex shouts to his friend.

“Yeah!” She shouts back as she swung upside down on the branch.

“ Have you seen a cat on the tree, jean says she got it stuck up there.” Alex shouts looking up using his hands as blinders from the sun, only to fully see (y/n) upside down on the branch.

“ Nope been here for a long time she hasn’t even been near here.” (y/n) says confused.

“ Hey isn’t that a little dangerous the branch could break.” he asks looking a little concerned.

(y/n) blows raspberry “ No…” She was cut off by the branch snapping and (y/n) falling to her doom. Lucky for her Alex caught her just in time.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Alex smiles still holding (y/n) bridal style.

“What was that about it not being dangerous.”

The young frazzled mutant blushes, “ You can put me down now.”

“ Oh right sorry.” Alex laughs nervously and helps (y/n) stand up.

“So what do I owe my hero?” (y/n) looks up at her savoir.

“ Hmm how about a date and a kiss on the cheek.”

As (y/n) leans to kiss him on the cheek he turns his head so He ends up with a kiss on the lips instead. After it was done (y/n) blushes.

“ Oh for God’s sake (y/n) I like you so much. Go out with me?”



“Hey Storm did you break that branch?” Jean asks.

“Actually no I forgot I was too busy taking pictures.” Storm replies “Then who did?”

“That would be Erik I paid him fifty dollars, money well spent.” Charles says as he wheels by

anonymous asked:

Do you have any dialog or prompts for a group of teens/ young adults who are partying?

-“I’m drunk. I’m soooo druuunk. God, why did you let me get this drunk?!?!”

-“We’re gonna die tomorrow!”
*cheers of agreement*

-“How long can you hold your breath?”
“I dunno.”
“Wanna make out to find out?”

-“So…are you like…single?”
“Not interested.”
“Oh, come on, I’m one of the good guys!”
“Let me rephrase- not interested in dick, you idiot.”
“Don’t get mad at me, I’m drunk.”

anonymous asked:

bts reaction to another member kissing their gf since they're drunk, with gifs pls xxx

Jin: It was the after party of BTS’s last concert in Japan and Jin was maneuvering his way through the crowd of people, slightly panicked since he couldn’t find you. When he pushed the slightly ajar bathroom door open, he saw Yoongi hunched over someone, kissing them feverishly. For a moment he was totally embarrassed and was about to awkwardly close the door until he realized who that someone was. In shock and disbelief, Jin grabbed Yoongi by the back of his shirt and was chuckling in anger and confusion, stuttering out, “W – what do you two think you’re doing?” It was obvious that you were both wasted but that didn’t make him feel any better about the situation.

Suga: “Yah! What’s going on here?” Yoongi knew the answer to that but couldn’t help asking anyway. He was able to deduce what had happened in mere seconds – Jimin was drunk and horny and you just so happened to be nearby. It was only a short, sloppy kiss because you had quickly pushed him away and wiped at your mouth angrily. Jimin was giggling, stupid from drink, as he looked between you and Yoongi. With a sigh, Yoongi grunted, “Hey, help me put this idiot in bed,” to you.

J-Hope: He had been so numbed from witnessing you and Namjoon lip locked that he just watched you two for a moment, hands tangled in each other’s hair. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. In a small voice, he calls out your name. You pulled away from Namjoon, lips plump and bruised. He continued trailing kisses along your jawline as you looked over his shoulder at Hoseok. Without grace, you pushed Namjoon off and hobbled over to him, falling into his arms. “Oppa,” you slurred, “I’m really horny – kiss me! Oh nooo, why are you crying?” Sniffling, he pulled away from you and walked off. The whole incident was sorted out through lots of talking but Hoseok hated whenever it was brought up by the others to annoy him. He would get sassy and give them one of his famous J-Nope looks.

Rap Monster: Immediately, he ripped Jungkook away from you, using all of his will power not to beat the shit out of him right then. “You’re young and you’re drunk so I get that this is just a stupid mistake. But that doesn’t mean I’m okay with you kissing my girlfriend so don’t think you’re getting off lightly. I’ll deal with you when you’re sober though.” Despite his rage, he just couldn’t get angry with you, no matter how hard he tried. He was just so hurt and upset, blinking away tears. Storming off, he refused to talk to you for a few days. Then, when he did, he was sulky for weeks. It took a lot of sexual favours and kissing to get him back to normal.

Jimin: Drunk Joonie had been hitting on you all night and Jimin was getting pretty sick of it. Possessively wrapping an arm around your waist, he glared at Namjoon, who was using the wall for support as he spewed out corny jokes and bad pick-up lines. Which pissed Jimin off ofc but he really drew the line at Namjoon kissing you. He grabbed him by the collar and pushed him against the wall, saying, “You may be our leader and you may be drunk but if you ever try that again, I’ll … ” he trailed off, being far too gentle and kind to actually get violent. Jin and Yoongi intervened, pulling him away. Later on, a sobered up Namjoon found Jimin (with you wrapped protectively in his arms) and apologized to you both. The issue was dealt with easily and sometimes the others would make jokes about it, to the annoyance of Jimin and embarrassment of you and Namjoon.

V: He forced a laugh, slipping in front of you so that he was face to face with Hoseok. “Look, I know that she’s very beautiful and that sober you would never do this but,” his smile dropped and his eyes turned stone cold, “if you ever try this again, I won’t be so understanding next time.”

Jungkook: “Hyung?” His voice broke and wavered. “What are you doing to my girlfriend?” He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment, wondering if this was all just a bad dream.

Seventeen as Girl Group Songs

Scoups- Gfriend ,Me Gustas Tu ( Scoups Tu Scoups Tu,Su tu ru johaeyoooo )

Jeonghan - Unnies Slam Dunk, Right ( a song about confirming how pretty you are , this would be his debut song. )

Joshua - Rainbow , Whoo ( Clap Clap, ClAp cLAp )

Jun - Red Velvet, Dumb Dumb ( tell me he didn’t hit the beat drop at irenes part )

Hoshi - Apink - I don’t know (listen to the high note and tell me that’s not hoshi trying to copy seungkwan in pretty u )

Wonwoo- Pristin ,Wee Woo ( Bbu Bbu !!, he spoiled this in his predebut years, psychic?, I think yes.)

Woozi- Twice,Signal (lets get serious now, if you listen to the song itself forget the music video, the alternative style with the classic electronic opening is something that Woozi would’ve tried out had seventeen taken a different path)

Mingyu - Produce 101, Pick me ( sohye and him are destined to become friends)

Dk-  Mamamoo - Piano Man ( Dk is Wheein, Wheein is Dk, they are one )

The8- IOI , Very Very Very ( because of his reaction to sejeong and the way he tried to follow the dance

Seungkwan- Girls Generation , Literally Any Song but for the purpose of this I choose ‘The Boys’ because that moment on the radio show was iconic

Vernon- K.A.R.D ,Oh na na  ( idk if this counts but we all know that he would be on the grind with them body rolls ) 

Dino-  Twice, Cheer Up (because hes still a child figuring himself out in this cruel world)

bonus- jeonghan -dino where are you

dino- I’m with my friends, shy shy shy

j- get home this instant

d- you’re killing my battery

j- I said now young man

d-yes mother


wth I’m too drunk on my tea , like literally who was that bonus for


Imagine being the first and only girl in the Penetrator Russ bus.

Author’s note: I like drama way too much for my own good hahahah here is part five guys! Sorry I let y’all waiting for too long. Now, I’m finally home and I can write as I used to. Also, please go show my beta writer Alyssa (@imyourliquor-youremypoison) some love. She is always taking time to fix my mistakes and helping me to improve. Check her fics with Chris too, because they’re incredible!! Let me know what you guys think about this part.

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