oh to be that cat

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Now I'm thinking or atsushi, akutagawa and chuuya and I'm quite certain they all act like cats I'm VERY different ways oh gosh I didn't need this in my head

Atsushi is a cat. And can be very skiddish.

Chuuya is prissy, prim, and very likely to knock your glass off a table and still want your attention.

Akutagawa is a badbox cat who is unpleasable till you give him food and pap his head just right. 

Kyouka is also included and she’s just spot on the middle between destroys everything and looks up at you like you know you want to give her the world after she does.

And as you may have seen, Kouyou is beauty and grace and taking a sword to your face.


!!!!! oh snap, it’s munday—
which means gifs of me??
trying to be cute from my
first accent challenge on
here… i promise i’ll post
something new once it’s
something i rlly like. and
my cat bc he is an angel
and i love him.

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Oh uh yeah I'm fine. Just started thinking about my grandparents cat, Echo. He was a little troublemaker as well and I was really close to him. I miss him a lot... sorry to bother you with this.

You’re no bother. Here, why don’t you hold Charming a little longer?

Totally inspired by this clever illustration (x)

Facebook is getting too good at this

Today I shut my cat in the fridge.

Okay, so here’s the deal.  Tali loves the fridge.  I don’t know why, but every single time we open it, she bolts for it and jumps in.  She crawls into the back of the fridge and nestles int the smallest little corner she can.  Now naturally, my biggest fear has been that I’ll close the fridge without knowing she’s in there.  And of course, today I went to go grab my Brita filter to pour myself some water.  I wasn’t really watching the fridge, and I just opened and closed it really quickly to put the Brita back while I was looking somewhere else.  And then I looked around and realized that Tali had been in the kitchen, and now she was nowhere in sight.  So immediately, I throw open the fridge door, and there is is, hanging out in the back, content as can be.

I’d love to be in a wintery, witchy fairy tale. My home would be an old quaint castle hidden in the forest, I’d be the young witch of the woods villagers would brave traveling to for tinctures, cures, and spells for ailments. And I’d always be known as kind, but very dangerous.