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Pairing: Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader (Platonic), Avengers x Reader (platonic)

Warning(s): the kinda language Steve would smh at

World Count: 3827

Author’s Note: I got so into this it’s not even funny. After like, two years of not doing anything on tumblr, it isn’t surprising that i write a Steve oneshot for the first time since. But on that note, I don’t only do Steve works, please feel free to request other characters and/or fandoms: masterlist - prompt list.

Preference ★ Imagine ★ One Shot ★ Drabble

[Y/N] [Y/L/N] was an asshole.
You were an asshole.
You are an asshole.

You were slightly narcissistic with an ego as big as the tower, you were very beautiful, and the last person on earth to ever be considered shy.

That made you and Tony Stark best of pals (most of the time), and you and Steve as foes (all the time). He wasn’t rude or a jerk or at all hostile, Steve was just always on edge with you. He didn’t know whether or not your jokes were jokes (you always reverted back to slitting your enemy’s throats – Steve being a righteous guy and all, he wasn’t all that optimistic with that choice), or if you really were here to save people and not for the money the government and Tony Stark paid you — eh, what can you say, it’s very, very good money.

Humble was also not on your list of qualities.

Bold red lips, a wide grin to showcase your pearly white teeth, and heart shaped sunglasses. That was you in your room as you blasted out music at exactly 2100 hours.

You and Steve shared a floor in the Avengers tower.

Why? It was a decision that was absolutely not your choice, but you had no problem with it. Fucking with Steve was fun.

See, Tony had a whole floor to himself, same as Bruce and Vision. Nat and Clint were right below them (Clint usually at his place with Laura, though), Sam and Scott also had their own floor, Wanda and Pietro, then last but not least, Thor either in Asgard or London with Jane – which then pretty much left you and Steve together. Peter kind of lived here during the day then and back at his apartment with May during the evenings. He was a total pest.

A knock went by unnoticed by you. But an upset looking Steve did. He stalked into your (much larger) room and paused your music. He turned and gave you a look.

You raised your brow as you paused your late night dancing. You pushed your sunglasses further down your nose to peak up at the Captain. “Captain.” You greeted, nodding your head towards the brooding soldier once. “May I help you?“ You raised your perfectly sculpted brow in questioning.

Steve took a deep breath and crossed his (also very large) arms. “Your music was too loud and I’m trying to sleep. Can’t you at least keep it down?”

You snorted. “It’s barely nine o'clock, grandpa.”

Steve rolled his eyes. “I’m not a grandpa.” He grumbled with an offended frown. “Just turn it down, will you?”

You smirked and pushed your glasses back up. “Oh, I’m sorry, have I spangled your stars, grandpa?”

With a final narrowed stare, Steve twisted his Dorito-body around and stalked back to his room.

You chuckled and resumed to your midnight dancing with wine.

That was the first time you got on his nerves. It was also the first time you were on the receiving end of his very famous looks.

The second time you received a stupid look was during a mission - in the middle of combat, mind you. This stupid robot who called himself Ultron was trying to ruin everything, and apparently, it was up to you and the rest of the Avengers to stop him – or it. It’s not that you wanted to. it was kind of what Tony Stark paid you to do. And like hell would you pass up Tony Stark’s pay checks.

Steve trusted you now, at least. You only saved his ass, like, a hundred (three) times after S.H.I.E.L.D. fell and he found out his best friend from seventy years ago was still alive. A wild ride, that year was.

Anyway, you and the team were in Sokovia fighting robots.


Fuck this shit, if the money wasn’t so good you’d drop your signature double pistols and walk the opposite direction. But one, your pistols were very delicate (silver with diamonds), and you were asked very nicely to stay by Bruce - and you could never say no to Bruce.

In hindsight, the view wasn’t so bad and I guess – I guess – that saving people felt a little good (don’t tell anybody). Sokovia was so far high into the sky that you could have sworn that you could see angels flying around in the distance – some helpful angels, huh.

The sky was beautiful, though. And so was Captain America’s ass.

You beamed at the sight and turned to Steve. “Hey, Cap?” You called out, shooting a robot.

Steve grunted in acknowledgement as he kicked another robot and decapitated it with his shield. “What?” He gave you a glance that barely lasted a second.

You shot another robot. Then another. Then another. Then you turned to him. “Nice ass.”

That was look number two.

"Hey F.R.I.D.A.Y.?”

"Yes, Ms [Y/L/N]?”

"What’s your faculty on nicknames?”

"Activated by Mr Stark, Ms.”

"Huh … so, like, what are you allowed to call me?”

"Whatever you ask, Ms [Y/L/N].”

“Right, right … how about Supreme Leader [Y/L/N]?”

"Activated,  Supreme Leader [Y/L/N].”

"Huh … thanks F.R.I.D.A.Y.”

"Of course, Supreme Leader [Y/L/N].”

Of course, that didn’t go unnoticed for long. You were eating dinner with the team – something that didn’t happen often – and Steve took this time to lecture the team about a mission in a few days time. Three days, to be exact. It was located in Paris, and you were all to attend a gala crawling with HYDRA agents, mercenaries, psycho bitches, and anything else in between.

“ – so we’ll go over the plans again after dinner – ”

You groaned loudly and threw your head back. You dropped your knife loudly causing a clink made by the knife and plate. “Rogers!” You whined, “We went over this yesterday! And this morning at breakfast! And two seconds ago while I tried to enjoy my dinner in peace, fighting the urge to grab this fork and shove it through my eye – ” you ignore his wince, “and now again tomorrow?! If you even bring this stupid mission up again, I will resign.” You threatened. “Resign, you hear me. R. E. S. I. G. N.” Drama Queen is also in your list of qualities. “F.R.I.D.A.Y. tell him.” 

Natasha rolled her eyes, Sam cleared his throat, Steve still had his wince and sullen/guilty face, Clint looked bored as he played with his peas, Thor looked confused, Pietro look amused, Wanda was too busy chatting up Vision, Scott was – where was Scott? Tony had a smirk, and poor Bruce just didn’t know where to look. Peter just chewed his chicken in anticipation, looking back and forth between you and Steve for a reaction.

F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice rang out soon enough. “Of course, Supreme Leader [Y/L/N].” Then the AI began repeating your every word.

Natasha’s brow shot up. “Supreme Leader? Really?”

“ – And this morning at breakfast. And – ”

You shrugged your shoulders.

“ – seconds ago while I tried to enjoy my dinn – ”

Steve groaned. “That’s enough, F.R.I.D.A.Y., please stop.”

“Yes, Captain.”

You rolled your eyes. “Traitorous bitch.” You mumbled.

Cue look number three.

The fourth time you received a look was when Steve was fixing a lightbulb and he suddenly found himself on the floor. He did know you guys hired people for that kind of work, right?

Anyway, you and Pietro - bored as hell and without anything to do - you both decided to race from the ground floor of the Avengers tower, to the very top – on foot – using the staircases.

And the silver asshole was absolutely not allowed to use his powers. If he did, you had every right to shoot him in the shoulder with your trusty diamond pistols and he would have to take it like a man. He promised so, himself. “Scouts Honour.” Pietro said, saluting you.

To which Wanda replied with a snort and, “What Scouts Honour?”

You were enhanced, yes, but you were tired. Not too much, just enough not to be tired after running twenty-six flights of stairs. You and Pietro both slammed into Steve’s ladder as he fixed a lightbulb.

You didn’t even bother looking back.

You could not lose this bet.

The entire time you ran, you repeated the same thing in your head over, and over again. Run, Forrest, Run! Whatever - If Pietro won, you had to massage him whenever he felt like it for an entire month. If you won, well, he had to give you a piggy back ride whenever you felt like it. Also for a month.

Steve was really upset after that. He wouldn’t look at you for a week, and when he finally did, he gave you a long lecture about racing inside the tower. “Blah, blah, blah, someone could get seriously hurt, blah, blah, blah, if I see you two race again, blah, blah, blah.”

You leant over towards Pietro who sat beside you. He was also slouched on his chair, eyes looking at the ceiling in boredom. “Are you also feeling the urge to shove your foot up his ass?”

That was look number four.

Look number five + look number six was kind of your fault.

Steve had arrived after being gone for months. He, along with Sam, had been off around the world searching high and low for James Buchanan Barnes. You wanted to go, you really did. Despite your love for annoying the living shit out of Steve, you still cared about him more than you let on. That was not your fault. How? Well, you know the whole shebang: 

Tragic back story: check. Trust issues: check. Daddy issues: check. Issues with not being able to express how you feel without wanting to physically vomit: check.

However, it was in your job description to be able to read people. You were an intelligent person. You knew a lot, you sensed a lot, you observed a lot. You just didn’t show it a lot. And without saying anything, you knew how people felt and most importantly, what they needed.

And Steve just needed his own space – Sam excluded. You were actually kind of jealous of Sam (tell anyone, and you won’t live until the next day). Sam was kind of Steve’s boyfriend (along with dear old Buck-a-roo and Tony).

So while he was gone, you kept your distance. Steve didn’t need any more on his plate, let alone more of your shit. Whenever he called the team for a report or to simply catch up, you never said anything. You had told the crew to just inform him that you were on a mission, in the gym, or off gallivanting somewhere - anywhere, really.

Steve really cared about you though, you knew that. Every time he called he’d see if you were there. And you were. You were there, right behind the monitor that projected him along with the the camera that projected the team from your end. Your face would be resting on your hand, your elbow propped the table. You actually smiled whenever he asked about you. It was cute.

Anyway, you kind of deserved look number five.

Steve had finally arrived with Bucky by his side. Sam had already said his hellos and received his welcome-home handshakes and hugs. Steve stayed behind the Quinjet for a few short minutes before hopping off and finally introducing the famous James Barnes. 

But you didn’t know that.

And neither did Scott.

You two weren’t racing – nope. You were simply just running to get to the last slice of cake in the main kitchen. In both your defence, it was the last slice of the cake Pepper brought home from Paris. Paris. You loved Paris. And apparently, Scott did, too. If that wasn’t worth running for, what the hell was?

You distinctly remember Pepper saying that it was from Paris, and that it was the best cake she’d ever tasted.

So, without looking, you barged through the team yelling bloody murder. Scott was a little behind seen as though you’d throw whatever the hell you could at him. That last slice was yours, and ramming, pushing, throwing off the building, and threatening whoever you needed to just to that slice, you would sure as hell do it.

You felt your hip slam into a corner of a table: ignored. You tripped over a step: ignored. You felt your shoulder ram into a very strong and metal-like object: ignored. You saw a couch: ignored + jumped over.

But alas, you held in your hand … the slice.

A grin erupted on your face. Poor Scoot looked crestfallen.

“Sorry, Lang. This one’s mine.” You grinned.

A clearing of the throat made you jump. What the hell did they want? 

When you looked up, you saw the entire team + Steve + The Winter Soldier.

Well, shit.

“Oh.” You trailed off. You gave Steve a sheepish smile. “Hi, Steve, good to see you again. Did I tell you I missed you? Because I did.”

“Didn’t I tell you to stop running in the tower?” Steve stared into your [Y/E/C] eyes with his blue ones.

“No. You told said to stop racing.”

Steve didn’t reply. Instead he gave you look number five.

You chuckled nervously and stalked towards them. “Sorry.” You looked to Sam and gave him a large hug despite already giving him one earlier. Your right hand still refused to let go of the platter of cake. Then you looked towards James Buchanan Barnes.

Steve cleared his throat. “Buck, meet [Y/N] [Y/L/N]. [Y/N] [Y/L/N], meet Bucky.”

Neither of you did anything. Just kinda stared at each other in thought. He tried to read you while you tried to read him.

He was lonely.

Okay, you thought. So you reached your right hand up and gestured him to take your plate. “Here you go. Nice to meet ‘cha.” 

Steve gave you another look, only, this one was different. It looked funnier – more odd and curious. A look that you had never seen before. That was look number six.

And this time, you didn’t see anyone’s reactions. You just stared at James Buchanan Barnes, while he stared at you, to the cake, then back to you again. 

Thus, a beautiful friendship was born.

Few months later,
Look number seven.

You found yourself in this position a lot, it seems. It would be two in the morning, your head in your hands and your ears perked up.

As an agent, you were trained this way. Your mind had its own mind. Every morning at exactly one o'clock your eyes would flutter open, and without a single thought, your body would move almost mechanically. You’d get up, wash your face, then throw a hoodie over your head. Afterwards, you’d find yourself sitting on the edge of you bed, head in your hands, and your ears waiting for Bucky.

After sleeping in the same floor as Steve and Bucky, Bucky’s room was right across yours. Both your doors were so close you could stand in the hall way, spread your arms, and you’d be able to touch both your door knobs.

Insomnia was something you had as a child. It came very naturally. So, as a cure, you’d take sleeping vitamins – not pills. Though it would help you fall asleep, it was up to you to keep yourself asleep. Five hours was your maximum. If your sleep was disturbed, that’s when you would wake up every day from then on unless you trained yourself otherwise all over again. That could take days, or even weeks going up to months.

So every day, it was up to you. You didn’t want Steve waking up and losing precious sleeping hours. So instead of training yourself to sleep for five hours all over again, you allowed yourself two hours of rest every night. From then on, you’d stay awake and listen for Bucky’s screams.

Then you’d find your feet silently landing on the floor and rushing towards Bucky’s room.

Here are your steps:

  1. Lightly press a pillow on Bucky’s metal arm and cover it.
  2. Sit on his arm to keep him from attacking you.
  3. Softly say his name as many times as it takes for him to wake up.
  4. Press your body harder onto his as he thrashes around.
  5. Then hug the hell out of him and cradle his head when he wakes and begins to weep.

This would have been the one hundredth time you’ve done this. Even now, you could still remember the fourth time you had done this. You had accidentally left Bucky’s door ajar.

You were observant and smart. 

You knew Steve was there.

You guessed you just took a little longer that time to wake Buck up.

You definitely saw Steve’s look then. And again, this look was kind of different. It was a funny look that you had no idea how to read.

The fact that this look was so different, to say it irritated the hell out of you was an understatement. Out of the both of you, it was meant to be you that got under his skin.

You hated feeling this way.

Nowadays, you’ve been more confused than in control.

Back then, you saw Steve, you’d feel the urge to irritate the hell out of him. But now, you’d see Steve, and suddenly, you’d feel a funny feeling in your stomach.

So, naturally, you absolutely despised him for it. Tonight – or morning – when Bucky woke up, he didn’t cry. He just asked if you were hungry. And, naturally, you had said yes. You were always hungry.

Soft music was playing. You didn’t want to wake up Steve, after all. So you stood in the kitchen of your floor and began making pop tarts. Bucky was sitting by the kitchen island while you decided to cheer him up. While the pop tarts were cooking up, you decided to change the music to pop. Then you began dancing.

You were not a dancer. Add that to your list of non-existent qualities.

You sort of just threw your hands in the air and hoped for natural rhythm to save your dignity. 

Bucky looked somewhat amused, so that was the goal accomplished.

It all came to an end when Steve cleared his throat. He stared at Bucky in a way that made all of you uncomfortable. Bucky was going to be just fine, that’s what you thought, anyway. Steve thought otherwise. Steve treated him like a broken vase.

That’s how you and Bucky got so close. 

You refused to look or listen to any of Steve’s old war stories about Buck. Thus, why you called Bucky “James”.

He wasn’t the Bucky he was in the 40’s. And he wasn’t The Winter Soldier, either. He was someone else.

Steve’s eyes bounced from you, to Bucky, then from Bucky, to you. “[Y/N], maybe now isn’t the time to – ”

“No, Steve,” Steve’s eyes snapped towards Bucky, “it’s fine.” Bucky said quietly. “She’s actually making me happy here.” 

After that, nobody talked to a while. Bucky stood from his stool and began to walk off. 

You stepped towards him, “James - ”

He shook his head. “It’s alright [Y/N], trust me. I’ll be fine tonight. I’m gonna try and go back to sleep.”

Well, that was new.

You gave Bucky a funny look but nodded. “Okay. Call if you need me.”

Bucky didn’t say anything after that. He just walked back to his room.

Your pop tarts popped out from the toaster. After that it was left untouched.

Steve cleared his throat. “[Y/N] – ” 

You shook your head. “Nope.”

Steve’s forehead frowned. “What?”

“Do you want Bucky to get over what HYDRA did to him?” You asked. You didn’t wait for him to reply. “Well, too bad so sad, he isn’t going to get over it. Bucky needs to accept it. Then he needs to be angry. Then he needs to be sad. Then after all that, he needs to forgive himself.” You said, your hands on your waist. “And you making him feel like broken glass isn’t gonna help. It’ll confine him and make him feel crazy. Treat him like a normal person, you jackass. Let him feel like a man. Not a baby.” You took a deep breath and pulled your eyes away from his piercing blue ones. You looked at your pop tarts briefly before turning around and walking away.

And you didn’t miss his look when you did. Steve had already realised he was wrong the moment his eyes fell on the toaster.

You left your pop tarts.

Look number nine:

Again, it was in the kitchen. Bucky’s nightmares were slowly fading. Whenever he woke, you’d stay until he fell back asleep. Then you’d proceed to the kitchen and rummage for food.

“Hey, Supreme Leader.” Your head snapped towards the kitchen entrance.

You gave a nod to the blond man in acknowledgement. “Captain.” You said in a mocking soldier’s tone.

You both stood in silence for a while. You didn’t mind it for a while. Your arms were preoccupied with balancing cartons and containers of food as you boldly chewed on your Lucky Charms cereal – and then the silence just got too long. Steve stared at you with a funny look. Eh, eating cereal without milk at three in the morning wasn’t all that unusual – but for some reason, you had a really big feeling the look wasn’t about the cereal. That was actually the reason why Tony always complained about all the marshmallow gone in the morning. Not your fault. Marshmallows were the best part and everyone knew that.

You squinted your eyes as you watched him watch you. A silent growl of impatience rose to your throat. You couldn’t really speak so you opted with growling.

Still no reply.

Finally, you forcefully swallowed your marshmallow and pointed an accusing finger at Steve. His look was different again. It wasn’t annoyed or of frustration. Really it just frustrated you.

You huffed. “You’re looking at me funny.”

Steve just smiled softly. “Bucky loves you.” He said from his position by the entrance of the kitchen.

You just smirked and shoved another handful of marshmallows into your mouth. “Figured that one out a long time ago, Rogers.” Your hand reached into the box once again. “What can I say, I’m good at making friends.” 

Steve chuckled silently. Then he swallowed and looked directly into your eyes. “I love you. And not the way Bucky does.”

You swallowed. The you nodded slowly. Your heart felt so full, you had no idea what to say. And so you said the first thing that popped into your head. You said what you would say, and not stupid Nicholas Sparks movies.

“I know.” You grinned. “And I may or may not feel the same.” Before he could reply, your smile wiped off as you pointed your finger at him again accusingly, “I said maybe.”

a collection of ginny weasley’s best moments, because the movies butchered her character so badly i think we all need a reminder of how amazing she is

  •  “famous harry potter,” said malfoy. “can’t even go into a bookshop without making the front page.” “leave him alone, he didn’t want all that!” (cos, pg 61)
  • his eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad, his hair is as dark as a blackboard, i wish he was mine, he’s really divine, the hero who conquered the dark lord (cos, pg 238) this is literally the cutest thing can you imagine little 11 year old ginny writing this
  • “so i made ginny write her own farewell on the wall and come down here to wait. she struggled and cried and became very boring” (cos, pg 313)
  •  “oh, that,” said ginny, giggling. “well - percys got a girlfriend.” … “it’s that ravenclaw prefect, penelope clearwater,” said ginny. “that’s who he was writing to all last summer, he’s been meeting her all over the school in secret. i walked in on them kissing in an empty classroom one day.” (cos, pg 341)
  • “ah, there’s penelope!” said percy, smoothing his hair and going pink again. ginny caught harry’s eye, and they both turned away to hide their laughter as percy strode over to a girl with long, curly hair, walking with his chest thrown out so she couldn’t miss his shiny badge. (poa, pg 71)
  • “go away, ginny,” said ron. “oh, that’s nice,” said ginny huffily, and she stalked off. (poa, pg 74)
  • “er - why are you calling that owl pig?” harry asked ron. “because he’s being stupid,” said ginny. “its proper name is pigwidgeon.” (gof, pg 52)
  • “she just didn’t want to go with neville… i mean, who would?” “don’t!” said ginny, annoyed. “don’t laugh -” (gof, pg 399)
  • “fine! ginny - BED!” ginny did not go quietly. they could hear her raging and storming at her mother all the way up the stairs… (ootp, pg 91)
  • “yeah, size is no guarantee of power,” said george. “look at ginny.”… “you’ve never been on the receiving end of one of her bat-bogey hexes, have you?” (ootp, pg 100)
  • “don’t call her a mudblood!” said ron and ginny together, very angrily (ootp, pg 108)
  • mrs. weasley was wiping her face on an apron, and fred, george, and ginny were doing a kind of war dance to a chant that went “he got off, he got off, he got off -” (ootp, pg 156)
  • “i’m nobody,” said neville hurriedly. “no you’re not,” said ginny sharply. (ootp, pg 186)
  • “he [hagrid] isn’t a very good teacher, is he?” “yes, he is!” said harry, ron, and ginny angrily. (ootp, pg 200)
  • hem hem,” said ginny in such a good imitation of professor umbridge that several people looked around in alarm and then laughed. “weren’t we trying to decide how often we’re going to meet and get defense lessons?” (ootp, pg 345)
  • “yeah, the d.a.’s good,” said ginny. “only, let’s make it stand for dumbledore’s army because that’s the ministry’s worst fear, isn’t it?”  (ootp, pg 392)
  • ginny was teamed with michael corner; she was doing very well… (ootp, pg 394)
  • “we’ve got another seeker!… ginny weasley…. she’s pretty good, actually.” (ootp, pg 453)
  • “yeah?” growled harry, his hands deep in his pockets as he watched the snow now falling thickly outside. “all been talking about me, have you? well, i’m getting used to it…” “we wanted to talk to you, harry,” said, ginny, “but as you’ve been hiding every since we got back -,” “i didn’t want anyone to talk to me,” said harry, who was feeling more and more nettled. “well, that was a bit stupid of you,” said ginny angrily, “seeing as you don’t know anyone but me who’s been possessed by you-know-who, and i can tell you how it feels.” harry remained quite still as the impact of these words hit him. then he wheeled around. “i forgot,” he said. “lucky you,” said ginny coolly. (ootp, pg 499)
  • “c’mon, ginny’s not bad [at quidditch],” said george fairly, sitting down next to fred. “actually, i dunno how she got so good, seeing how we never let her play with us…” “she’s been breaking into your broom shed in the garden since the age of six and taking each of your brooms out in turn when you weren’t looking,” said hermione from behind her tottering pile of ancient runes books. (ootp, pg 574)
  • “well,” said ginny slowly… “if you really want to talk to sirius, i expect we could think of a way to do it…” “come on,” said harry dully. “with umbridge policing the fires and reading all our mail?” “the thing about growing up with fred and george,” said ginny thoughtfully, “is that you sort of start thinking anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.” (ootp, pg 655)
  • “hi,” said ginny uncertainly. “we recognized harry’s voice - what are you yelling about?” “never you mind,” said harry roughly. ginny raised her eyebrows. “there’s no need to take that tone with me,” she said coolly. “i was only wondering whether i could help.” (ootp, pg 735)
  • ginny was still trying to stamp on the feet of the sixth-year girl who had both her upper arms in a tight grip. (ootp, pg 744)
  • “but ginny was the best, she got malfoy - bat-bogey hex - it was superb, his whole face was covered in the great flapping things.” (ootp, pg 760)
  • “excuse me, but i care what happens to sirius as much as you do!” said ginny, her jaw set so that her resemblance to fred and george was suddenly striking. “you’re too -” harry began. “i’m three years older than you were when you fought you-know-who over the sorcerer’s stone,” she said fiercely, “and it’s because of me malfoy’s stuck back in umbridge’s office with giant flying bogeys attacking him-” (ootp, pg 761)
  • “okay, fine, it’s your choce,” he said curtly. “but unless we can find more thestrals you’re not going to be able -” “oh, more of them will come,” said ginny confidently… “what makes you think that?” “because in case you hadn’t noticed, you and hermione are both covered in blood,” she said coolly, “and we know hagrid lures thestrals with raw meat, so that’s probably why these two turned up in the first place…” (ootp, pg 763)
  • “not anymore,” said ginny resolutely. “he [michael corner] didn’t like gryffindor beating ravenclaw at quidditch and got really sulky, so i ditched him and he ran off to comfort cho instead.” (ootp, pg 866)
  • “whereas bill and fleur… well… what have they really got in common? he’s a hard working, down-to-earth sort of person, whereas she’s -” “a cow,” said ginny, nodding. “but bill’s not that down-to-earth. he’s a curse-breaker, isn’t he, he likes a bit of adventure, a bit of glamour… i expect that’s why he’s gone for phlegm.” (hbp, pg 127)
  • “tonks is okay looking when she isn’t doing stupid things to her hair and her nose, but-” “she’s a damn sight nicer than phlegm,” said ginny. (hbp, pg 129)
  • the door opened again and mrs. weasley popped her head in. “ginny,” she whispered, “come downstairs and help me with the lunch.” “i’m talking to this lot!” said ginny, outraged. “now!” said mrs. weasley, and withdrew. “she only wants me there so she doesn’t have to be alone with phlegm!” said ginny crossly. she swung her long red hair around in a very good imitation of fleur and pranced across the room with her arms held aloft like a ballerina. (hbp, pg 130)
  • “’e is always so thoughtful,” purred fleur adoringly, stroking bill’s nose. ginny mimed vomiting into her cereal behind fleur. (hbp, pg 146)
  • “but you’re moving through boyfriends a bit fast, aren’t you?” ginny turned to look at him, her hands on her hips. there was such a mrs. weasley-ish glare on her face that harry was surprised fred didn’t recoil. “it’s none of your business. and i’ll thank you,” she said angrily to ron … “not to tell tales about me to these two.” (hbp, pg 163)
  • “au revoir, ‘arry,” said fleur throatily, kissing him good-bye. ron hurried forward, looking hopeful, but ginny stuck out her foot and ron fell, sprawling in the dust at fleur’s feet. (hbp, pg 175)
  • zabini gave a tiny little cough that was clearly supposed to indicate amused skepticism. an angry voice burst out from behind slughorn . “yeah, zabini, because you’re so talented… at posing…” (hbp, pg 192)
  • “that’s right,” said ginny staunchly. “neville and i were both there too, and all this “chosen one” rubbish is just the prophet making things up as usual.” (hbp, pg 193)
  • “he saw me hex zacharias smith,” said ginny. “you remember that idiot from hufflepuff who was in the d.a.? he kept on and on asking about what happened at the ministry and in the end he annoyed me so much i hexed him.” (hbp, pg 195)
  • after two hours… harry had found himself three chasers… ginny weasley, who had outflown all the competition and scored seventeen goals to boot. (hbp, pg 292)
  • “and ginny, don’t call ron a prat, you’re not the captain of this team-” “well, you seemed too busy to call him a prat, and i thought someone should.” (hbp, pg 368)
  • “i don’t want too find my own sister snogging people in public!” “this was a deserted corridor till you came butting in!” said ginny. (hbp, pg 369)
  • right,” said ginny, tossing her long red hair out of her face and glaring at ron, “let’s get this straight once and for all. it is none of your business who i go out with or what i do with them, ron -” “yeah it is!” said ron, just as angrily. “d’you think i want people saying my sister’s a-” “a what?” shouted ginny, drawing her wand. “a what, exactly?” “he doesn’t mean anything, ginny -” said harry automatically… “oh yes he does!” she said, flaring up at harry. “just because he’s never snogged anyone in his life, just because the best kiss he’s ever had is from our auntie muriel-” “shut your mouth!” bellowed ron, by-passing red and turning maroon. “no, i will not!” yelled ginny, beside herself. “ive seen you with phlegm, hoping she’ll kiss you on the cheek every time you see her, it’s pathetic! if you went out and got a bit of snogging done yourself, you wouldn’t mind so much that everyone else does it!” … “you don’t know what you’re talking about!” ron roared… “just because i don’t do it in public-!” ginny screamed with derisive laughter, trying to push harry out of the way. “been kissing pigwidgeon, have you? or have you got a picture of auntie muriel stashed under your pillow?” … “harry’s snogged cho chang!” shouted ginny, who sounded close to tears now. “and hermione snogged victor krum, it’s only you who acts like it’s something disgusting, ron, and that’s because you’ve got about as much experience as a twelve year old!” and with that, she stormed away. (hbp, pg 369-371)
  • … ginny having scored four of gryffindor’s six goals… (hbp, pg 381)
  • “ginny, where’re you going?” yelled harry, who had found himself trapped in the midst of a mass midair hug with the rest of the team, but ginny sped right on past them until, with an almightly crash, she collided with the commentator’s podium. as the crowd shrieked and laughed, the gryffindor team landed beside the wreckage of wood under which zacharias was feebly stirring; harry heard ginny saying blithely to an irate professor mcgonagall, “forgot to brake, professor, sorry.” (hbp, pg 383)
  • “it looks like he’s [ron] eating her face off, doesn’t it?” said ginny dispassionately. “but i suppose he’s got to refine his technique somehow.” (hbp, pg 387)
  • “ginny’s been nice, though. she stopped two boys in our transfiguration class calling me ‘loony’ the other day-” (hbp, pg 400)
  • “you could’ve taken anyone!” said ron in disbelief over dinner. “anyone! and you chose loony lovegood?” “don’t call her that, ron,” snapped ginny. (hbp, pg 401)
  • don’t push me, please, dean,” she said, sounding annoyed. “you’re always doing that, i can get through perfectly well on my own…” (hbp, pg 611)
  • there was ginny, running toward him; she had a hard, blazing look in her face as she threw her arms around him. and without thinking, without planning it, without worrying about the fact that people were watching, harry kissed her okay not a total ginny moment but take notes @hpdirectors this is how you write a quality kiss (hbp, pg 681)
  • you’d think people had better things to gossip about,” said ginny… “three dementor attacks in a week, and all romilda vane does is ask me if it’s true you’ve got a hippogriff tattooed across your chest.” … “what did you tell her?” “i told her it’s a hungarian horntail,” said ginny, turning a page of the newspaper idly. “much more macho.” “thanks,” said harry, grinning. “and what did you tell her ron’s got?” “a pygmy puff, but i didn’t say where.” (hbp, pg 684)
  • “just because i’ve given my permission doesn’t mean i can’t withdraw it-” “your permission,” scoffed ginny. “since when did you give me permission to do anything?” (hbp, pg 684)
  • “we can’t be together.” she said, with an oddly twisted smile, “it’s for some stupid, noble reason, isn’t it?” … “voldemort uses people his enemies are close to… he’ll try and get to me through you.” “what if i don’t care?” said ginny fiercely.  “i care,” said harry. “how do you think i’d feel if this was your funeral… and it was my fault…” …. “i never really gave up on you,” she said. “not really. i always hoped… hermione told me to get on with life, maybe go out with some other people, relax a bit around you, because i never used to be able to talk if you were in the room, remember? and she thought you might take a bit more notice if i was a bit more - myself.” … “well, i can’t say im surprised. i knew this would happen in the end. i knew you wouldn’t be happy unless you were hunting voldemort. maybe that’s why i like you so much.” (hbp, pg 822)
  • “i couldn’t think what to get you,” she said. “you didn’t have to get me anything.” … “i didn’t know what would be useful. nothing too big, because you wouldn’t be able to take it with you.” … “so then i thought, i’d like you to have something to remember me by, you know, if you meet some veela when you’re off doing whatever you’re doing.” “i think dating opportunities are going to be pretty thin on the ground, to be honest.” “there’s the silver lining i’ve been looking for,” she whispered, and then she was kissing him as she had never kissed him before, and harry was kissing her back, and it was blissful oblivion, better than firewhisky; she was the only real thing in the world, ginny, the feel of her, one hand at her back and one in her long, sweet smelling hair. (dh, pg 99)


Anyone can make a Webcomic Name comic, all it needs is blobs doing silly things and an “oh no” punchline. They can be as mind-bogglingly creative or as mind-mushingly bad as you like!

I will select some favourites to be official Webcomic Name updates, and a winner will receive a special prize!

The competition ends on 22nd March 2017, winners announced soon after.

Send entry as an image file to ohnocompetition[at]gmail[dot]com

I look forward to seeing your creations! <3

if you haven’t already watched Netflix’s Castlevania, let me give you just a few reasons why you should drop everything and go hit ‘play’:

• first of all, you don’t need to be a fan of the videogames to understand/appreciate the series. I had no idea what it was about and loved it all the same. You won’t be catapulted in a story you know nothing about: all you need to know is already in the show. So yeah, Castlevania really *is* for everyone (except little kids – it gets violent)

• the animation is simply wonderful.
I’m no expert, but the colours and the actions and the characters and the settings MY GOD THEY ARE MAGNIFICENT, THAT’S ART™.
[“okay but hOW CAN SOMEONE BE THIS TALENTED”, me, two seconds in]

I MEAN, THE SCRIPT IS INSANELY FASCINATING AND CLEVER AND ?? RELEVANT?? ALSO FUNNY??? I LAUGHED SO HARD I know you won’t believe me but I’m telling The Truth and screaming

• as I said, it is a bit violent and gory, but I guess it’s bearable? even for the most squeamish ones? anyway, it’s just a few scenes, promise

• remember when I mentioned the characters…? well. to say I was awe-struck would be a euphemism. Not to be dramatic, but I love them and will protect them with my life [especially one particular whip-wielding vampire hunter] just hear me out THEY ARE PRECIOUS AND FUNNY AND WELL-WRITTEN AND SO ??? REALISTIC ??? I’M DEAD. HONESTLY. CHAPEAU.

• okay now read even more carefully because this is very important: THE CAST IS EVERYTHING YOU HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED OF BUT NEVER THOUGHT YOU DESERVED.
Graham McTavish as Dracula will strike you dead and yOU WILL FUCKING PITY HIM AND HOPE HE KILLS EVERYONE IN THAT STUPID, BIGOTED COUNTRY AND YOU WON’T EVEN REALISE IT but then you’ll be introduced to the love of my life, the drunken, sassy star of the show: the exiled prince and vampire hunter Trevor Belmont. I promise, you will be like “Dracula whO??” (or that was just me, idk), PLUS he’s voiced by Richard Armitage and I SWEAR TO GOD he’s a jewel, he’s so good at modulating his voice it hurts I should probably mention he’s also a fucking baritone and if *this* won’t make you scream “I NEED TO SEE THIS THINGY” with pure joy, I pity you.
You are missing out.
You are a bad person
I hope Trevor finds you and kicks your ass with his whip.

• seriously, all this show needs is a chance. ONE (1) CHANCE. That’s all. Just give it 25 minutes and it will blow your mind and you will end up like the rest of us, wondering how you even got into this mess and please, don’t look at me

• oh, Netflix confirmed season 2 on the day season 1 premiered and it received HUGE praises BOTH from the ignorant ones (hello, it’s me) who didn’t even know what they were doing AND from those who were already familiar or grew up with the original videogame (and cared about it) ((a lot)).


Originally posted by chibijinebra

Repay You

2,500 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “I miss the days when you were cute and innocent.“

Pairing: Daddy!Dean x Reader

Requested by: @kas-not-cas


All Dean sees before him is god damn pink. How did he get here? Why is he here? This isn’t good. And he doesn’t fucking like it one bit. He’s not ready for this shit. He’ll never be ready for this shit. It’s inevitable but Dean isn’t prepared enough for this right now. 

“Can we move this along, sweetheart? I’m hungry.” Dean whines out, heavily pacing in front of his daughter’s dressing room.

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library boy

j e o n   w o n w o o

cr to @soonrongs for making this precious gif & letting me borrow it :)

word count : 8.5k words (hOW)

[ (college!)au, f, a ] 

genre : will probs make u frustrated ngl 

bio : unrequited love is hard— especially when after you’ve given up he realizes he feels the same way.

author’s note : I tried to end this angsty but my heart is weak and my feels are strong

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hastrix  asked:

EXCUSE ME can i have HEADCANON IDEA → REAPER, MCCREE, GENJI, 76, HANZO, JUNKRAT: Fem!S/O is eating at sushi restaurant with Talon/Overwatch and so she eaTS A LOT OH MY and so, S/O is tired and so she's falling slowly asleep and rests her head on the man's shoulder. He wakes her up when they go back at home, and it's his turn to drive but he refuses, so S/O can sleep on him. Once at home, he puts s/o on her bed but she begins to makes dirty noises. If too specific tell me ! Ends with nsfw pls ?

When you fall asleep on him:

  • McCree: chuckles slightly to himself, he’ll pet your hair softly as you rested quietly
  • Hanzo: pretends to ignore you and ignores the looks he receives from the other heroes, this doesn’t help that he cannot stop blushing.
  • Genji: looks at McCree who is sat opposite him and McCree just winks and gives Genji a cheesy thumbs up
  • Soldier 76: sighs and just leaves you be to rest there in peace, if anything he wishes he could do the same
  • Reaper: has no shame in pushing you to the other side so that you’re now resting on Sombra, who smiles devilishly
  • Junkrat: laughs and cracks jokes about it, but goes dead silent when he realises you’re sleeping

When you’re in the car:

  • McCree: gives you a piggy back out to the car and puts his arm around you and holds you close
  • Hanzo: wakes you up and helps you just slightly as you walk to the car sleepily before collapsing on him again in the car
  • Genji: he’ll put his arm around your waist out to the car and raises his suit temperature to keep you warm
  • Soldier 76: similar to McCree, only he’ll carry you bridal style and let you just rest on his shoulder
  • Reaper: lets you sleep against the window as he just watches you and makes sure your okay
  • Junkrat: gets Mako to carry you for him and blushes when you curl up next to him in the back

When he puts you to bed:

  • McCree: he’ll help you get undressed, to which you took the opportunity to tease him a little
  • Hanzo: his normal calm personality was gone as he was a stuttering mess and he still couldn’t stop blushing
  • Genji: he’s soft and caring towards you when he puts you down but when you start to want him more, his playboy instincts kick in instantly
  • Soldier 76: he was unsure if he should actually go through with it because he didn’t want to take advantage of you
  • Reaper: he just lays you down and goes to walk out, even though you want him to stay, so you whine for him to come back
  • Junkrat: very clumsy, ends up stumbling all over the place with you in his arms and taking the hits for you to stop you getting hurt.


  • McCree: you’re in for one hell of a ride - literally. If you weren’t worn out before, you definitely were after he was done with you 
  • Hanzo: embarrassed and nervous the whole time. He’d probably en up getting dominated by you, and he wasn’t mad about that.
  • Genji: in true ninja fashion, not a single trace of him was left behind, no marks. Despite that, it didn’t mean you didn’t enjoy every moment.
  • Soldier 76: he just couldn’t resist you, he stared at you in awe as you begged for him. He’d be gentle with you and give you what you wanted
  • Reaper: goes full on dominant mode. Huge daddy kink and punishes you for being a brat
  • Junkrat: excited as hell. Bite marks and hickeys everywhere on you. Scratch marks down his back. Kinda rough, kinda messy but you loved it
Only You

Prompt: First Love, Sasusaku Month Day One

Summary: When Sasuke and Sakura realise who their daughters first love was and in the process find out about eachothers. (Post Gaiden)

“I think Sarada has a crush on Boruto.”

Sasuke has always taken pride in being a careful person, he’s rarely the kind to let things fall from his only hand and even if on the off chance something does, his reflexes are fast enough for him to catch the item before it hits the ground.

But when Sakura walks into their house after a long shift at the hospital to make one of the most ludicrous announcements he’s heard in a while he can’t help but drop the stirring spoon he held in his hands.


His voice is silent and deadly. On a normal mission it’s enough to paralyze whoever is on the receiving end in terror but Sakura simply laughs it off, her husband hardly looks threatening in his his homely blue apron which matches the head band that thier daughter had helped him tie to keep the hair out of his face.

“I’m going to kill him.”

“Oh darling I think you’re over reacting.” Sakura states as she wraps her arms around his waist and stands on her tip toes so that she can peer over his shoulders to see what he’s making (it’s Sarada’s favourite sweet dish) “I think it’s cute that he’s her first love.”

Sasuke sighs, his immediate plans of killing a certain blonde haired idiot (No, not that one, his son) subsiding.

It’s easy to give into his wife in moments like these when they are alone. He knows she’s tired, the soft yawn she tries to stiffle as she presses her cheek to his back is a testament to that.

Sasuke doesn’t have the heart to break out of her grip for he knows that at times like these when Sakura is tired, chakra depleted and cold he’s her favourite pillow.

He’d never admit it out loud but he was quite proud of that particular designation.

Plus it’s not like he’d actually be able to wriggle out of her embrace considering her ungodly strength.

Besides the more time he’s given to think, the more painful he can make that moronic brat’s death.

He suppose Sarada would be mad at him for the first couple of days but he was sure she’d get over it after he taught her a new jutsu.

Sakura hums softly as he stands there letting his brief spike of anger simmer down along with syrup he’s stirring to her soft tune. It’s a lullaby she’s humming, one that he’d sung once to her during her pregnancy days when she had trouble sleeping. It’s the same one Itachi used to sing when he was a child and it’s calming effect still holds true after all these years.

“Darling.” Sakura starts,“Who was your first love?”

Sasuke blinks, all his creative plans to kill Boruto brought to a abrupt stop by her sudden query.

“What do you mean?” Sasuke’s voice is harsher than he means it to be and while he tries to convince it’s because something is stuck in his throat he is well aware that it’s just an excuse to cover up the fact that he’s the slightest bit hurt that even after all these years the answer is still a mystery to Sakura.

“Oh!” She says jerking away from him, her hands falling away as she steps back. Wide veridian eyes stare back at him as he turns around to face her, irritated that she let go.

For a moment she stands there still before she starts stuttering out,“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t realise. I didn’t mean to pry- I was just curious and-”

“Sakura.” He interrupts,“What are you talking about?”

She blinks,“Your first love, she was an Uchiha wasn’t she? I’m sorry I didn’t mean-”

“What gave you that idea?”

She blinks up at him. Even after all these years there are some insecurities she can’t shake off. It this habit of hers that bothers him the most, maybe because every time she displays her unsurity about their relationship Sasuke is overcome with a tidal wave of self loathing for he knows that all her insecurities stem from the fact that he’d treated her like crap through out the course of their childhood.

“I just thought-” she sighs breaking off,“Never mind.

“Tch. Annoying.”

She lowers her head,“You’re right that was a stupid.”

He lets his lips curve into a small smile, amused by her reaction. For some reason he never gets tired seeing her like this; embarrassed and shy.

It’s one of the more contrasting things about his wife because while she’s one of the strongest people he knows, nothing less than deadly in battle, she’s also one of the kindest. As a kid he never believed one could be both, strong and kind but in the past fifteen years of their marriage Sakura has spent everyday of it proving him wrong.

While she’s kind to everyone she meets, this side of her, the one where she’s shy and unsure is reserved only for Sasuke and he isn’t ashamed to admit that, that’s just how he likes it.

And that’s why he loves teasing her at times like these because he’s the only one who can and get away with it.

“Who was your first love?“ He asks nonchalantly.

Sakura looks up at him incredulously.

“What?” She asks,“ Is this a joke?”

Sasuke simply shrugs as he turns away from her to add the finishing touches to his dish.

Her eyes are defiant as she pokes her head into his line of sight,“I’ve loved you since we were five years old I’ll have you know. It might have been a superficial crush at first but I’ve only ever liked you.”

“Only me?” Sasuke says as he pours the contents into a bowl,“That’s hard to believe.”

Her eyes narrow,“If not you, then who? It’s only ever been you.”

“Not even Lee when he saved you during the Chunnin exams?”

“No.” She replies,“And if you recall I hugged you then and not him.”

“Not even Naruto when you kissed him?”

“That was CPR by the way.” She counters,“And you kissed him too. Twice.”


“Are you kidding me?” She started,“That’s ridiculous.”


“Where are these names even coming from?” She huffs,“ This is-”

Before she can finish, Sasuke quickly bends down and brushes his lips against hers shocking her into silence. It’s an awfully short kiss and when Sasuke pulls back he smiles as he looks down at his wife’s closed eyes and puckered lips.

“For the record you were the first and only person I’ve ever loved.” Sasuke states.

Her eyes flutter open and she stares at him confused for a moment before her mouth forms an ‘oh’. Then her questions begin,“Really? How? When? I thoug-”

“Sakura.” He cuts her off giving her a look.

“Right. I’ll shut up.”

“Good, then it’s easier to do this.” He leans down and kisses her again.The tips of his fingers graze against her skin as he cups her cheeks and lifts her face towards him his lips moving against hers effortlessly.

While Sasuke is a reserved man, there is absolutely nothing reserved about his kisses.

Sakura still remembers the first time Sasuke had kissed her she’d felt all her unsurity about their relationship melt away. While his kisses are commanding, they’re all consuming and absolutely and completely honest. He leaves no room for her to doubt his feelings for her because the way he kisses her always makes her feel like he’s laying his soul bare for her to see. Only her to see.

Because in the end for both Sasuke and Sakura it had only ever been each other since the very begining.

Sakura is about to wrap her arms around his neck and pull him closer to deepen their kiss but Sasuke abruptly breaks away once again leaving her hanging.

Sakura pouts as Sasuke starts walking towards the living room. She can’t see the smirk on his face but she knows that he’s thoroughly enjoying messing with her.

“You don’t play fair.” She grumbles as she follows Sasuke.

He sits on the couch and gently pats his lap. Sakura happily bounds towards him, her complains forgotten and takes her place on the couch by lying across it with her head resting on his lap.

They stay like that for a while as Sasuke reads a scroll regarding the latest details of his mission and Sakura stares up at him carefully memorizing all the details of his face for she knows that when he’s gone it’s these moments she’ll cherish the most.

“You know we both married each other’s first love.” Sakura comments offhandedly,“Do you think Sarada will do the same?”

“The brat won’t live long enough.”

Sakura snorts,“You’re not going to kill him, Naruto will never let you hear the end of it if you do.”

“I can handle the dobe.”

“You’ve been trying to get rid of him for eighteen years now, how’s that working out for you?”


“If you actually consider it, it’s kind of cute really.” Sakura continues,“Naruto and Hinata’s son with our daughter. Plus Sarada is really open about her feelings too. I thought she’d be like you and be in denial about it for at least five years.”

“I was not in denial about it.”

“If I was your first love that means you must have loved me since we were genin, right?” Sakura prompts,“And you were pretty much an ice cube those days.”

“I wasn’t in denial, I just didn’t show it.”

“So you were in love with me since we were genin.”


“Okay fine, I’ll drop it.” Sakura relents,“So anyway today I heard her and Choucho talking about Boruto and that’s how I gussed. They were fawning over how his blonde hair catches the sun rays perfectly and-”

Change of plans, Sasuke was going to first torture the brat and then kill him.

“- just how mature and responsible he is-”

When did he brat become mature and responsible? Just the other day he remembered his daughter complaining how childish and careless the dobe’s son was.

“- how his blue eyes pop perfectly against his white clothes and-”

Sakura stopped abruptly when she saw the look on Sasuke’s face.

“What’s wrong?“she asks lifting herself up from his lap and turning around to face him properly.

“The brat kid only wears black.” Sasuke deadpans,“His training clothes are black and pink.”

“Then…..” Sakura trails off as realisation dawns on her.

For a moment they stare at each other, green against mismatched black and purple.

The next second Sakura is up and Sasuke is right behind her, heading for the door.

“I’m going to kill the dobe.” He mutters poisonously as he opens the door.

Sakura brushes past him,“Not if I get to him first.”

All the way across town in the Hokage’s office, Naruto sneezed.

I’ll be honest I really want to see Sasuke appear in the Hokage’s office with his apron and matching headband and beat the hell out of Naruto with his stirring spoon.


Forelsket- Danish; “The euphoria of falling in love”

Summary: Jungkook’s sure about his feelings for you, but he isn’t sure of yours. Taehyung suggests he use a love potion on the off chance you may confess, and it’s all downhill from there. [Harry Potter au]
Pairing: Jungkook x reader
Word Count: 2,564
A/N: inspired by a late night conversation with @minsvga and @jungkxook about Jungkook as a Ravenclaw, possessing bits and pieces of traits from all four houses yet still not being brave enough to confront his feelings. This was written on a whim, and truthfully, Katie’s will make mine make way more sense.

Originally posted by jeonkookiemonster

In the beginning of Jungkook’s fifth year at Hogwarts, he likes to think he understands everything about the school. He’s been sent into the Forbidden Forest, (no longer terrifying, but the name was kept after the Great War, and honestly, he’d only gone in on a dare,) he’s broken his arm in a few Quidditch matches, used the Marauders Map to sneak his way into Hogsmead the year he forgot his permission slip. But try as he may, there are still a few things Jungkook can’t figure out.

Take, for example, the way Jungkook catches you glancing at him in the library, eyes glazed as if you were lost in thought, only to look away before it became obvious to any bystander that you were staring. Innocent enough to anyone else’s view, but it’s happened too many times for Jungkook to write off. Or the way you claim to hate Quidditch, only to show up to any game Jungkook played in, cheering for his house and never your own. Or three weeks ago, when Jungkook had postponed an essay until the night it was due and you’d showed up at the door to his common room with four coffees, his favorite snack, and your favorite blanket.

Jungkook was pretty sure he knew how he felt, but he couldn’t be sure how you felt.

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when you just debuted pt. 2 ; pt. 1

“when we go in here, don’t act like fools or i sw-”

“you swear what?” kookie cut namjoon off with a question that could’ve been answered if he let him finish.

“again, he doesn’t know.” taehyung said, holding in his urge to laugh.

“you don’t intimidate us, especially my old ass so stop trying to act tough.” jin added on.

namjoon nodded his head and flicked his tongue on the roof of his mouth. when he was salty, he made it obvious until someone apologized to him.

“stop acting bitter.” jimin said as he crept up beside him and tightly side hugged him.

“we’re sorry.” jungkook sarcastically mumbled.

namjoon stopped his act and walked away from the group and to the back doors of the building that inkigayo took place in. he entered and the boys followed.

the performance schedule was located across from where they were when they entered.

the maknae line didn’t waste any time to look for your name after greeting the staff and other groups.

“i found her name!” jungkook semi yelled, causing a few heads to turn and the boys to come over.

yoongi and hoseok knew exactly where you were but they didn’t let anyone else know because they knew that it would cause commotion.

while everyone else was busy fanboying at the sight of your name, yoonseok was busy staring at you.

you were getting your makeup and hair done. you even brought your own makeup and hair moisturizer/oil because you knew that these people wouldn’t fix you up (they would use a lighter shade/try to put chemicals in your hair) right.

yoonseok noticed you reaching into your bag to grab your products, how you pouted your lips when speaking in broken korean and how you often pulled up your clothing since it was a little too small.

they adored you.

yoongi replaced his blushing facial expression with a more cocky one and turned to hoseok. “i respect her but in all honesty, i’d marry her and hit that a thousand times.”

hobi chuckled and nodded in agreement. he bit down on his lip while eyeing you and spoke. “she is fine as hell in person…can i tell you something? man to man?”

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Imagine being Dean's daughter and starting your period.

Being the only girl in a group of three men was not the ideal situation for a teenage girl. With so many changes going on in a teenagers life, having another female around was better for everyone, especially the teenager. She would have someone to talk to, ask questions, receive advice, and most importantly guidance. You, though, had to accept all of those things from three adult men who were terribly awkward around females to begin with.

Sam was the only one that wasn’t so awkward you could cringe. He used google and sent it through text message so you could read it while you were alone. Believing it was science and knowledge based helped through the uneasiness, but god, the pain in his eyes while looking at female anatomy was enough to make to the atmosphere around him turn sour.

Dean was the second worst, nearly tied with Castiel, even though he was your father. The mention of puberty and Dean was pale and sweaty. All that he wanted to do was change the subject as soon as possible, so he was never any help. And poor Cas was the worst. His knowledge of teenagers was so small that he didn’t even understand the change in hormones.

So, when you decided to stand up one early morning after breakfast for another delicious plate a pancakes, fear laced the little nerdy angel as well as the Winchester brothers. There on the back of your jeans was a small stain of blood.

“Holy shit, Y/n,” your father cursed standing up. “What happened?”

“What? What do you mean?” The paper plate bent as you flopped in two more pancakes.

“You’re bleeding!”

“What? Where?”

“T-The back of your pants…”

Warmth covered your hand as you felt around to find the wet spot. Eyes wide and heart pounding, tears began to fill your eyes. “W-What the- Dad! What’s happening!” He froze and looked over to his brother. “Uncle Sam?”

“You don’t know?” he asked dryly.

“Know what!” Oh, of course you knew about the menstrual cycle, but was it supposed to be that much blood? It was freaking Niagara Falls!

“A-About…uh…you know… monthly things…end of a sentence…?”

“A period?” you asked nervously only to receive a nod as a response. Frozen in place, realization hit you. God, now what! You had no pads, tampons, or panty liners to block the red flow and your Dad and Uncle were sure as hell not taking you shopping for those products. Screw being a woman, damnit!

“Y/n, hey, where are you going?” Dean asked as you bolted to the bathroom and locked the door. “Y/n, it’s okay!”

With much practice after all these years, it wasn’t too hard to ignore your father. This trait developed after all the times he freaked over stupid events, not to mention all the times he called your name to tell you to start cleaning. Honestly, it came in handy more often than not.

Shaking hands made it hard to call the only close female you knew, Charlie. Luckily, though, she answered on the second ring. “Y/n! What’s up?” Silence. That was all that filled the room. “Y/n, is something wrong? Where is your dad? Come on, answer me!”

“I-I…I-I started my period…”

“That’s what this is about…?” the redhead asked gently. “Babe! This is normal! You’re a girl! A teenage girl!”

“I know, but I don’t know what to do! Dad is freaking and Sammy is trying to explain it and-” A groan interrupted your train of thought and flow of words. Why the hell was she so excited? This shit hurt! Hot flashes, mood swings, cravings, and the constant fear of leaking was thrown at you without a single warning. Mother nature threw a curve ball your way yelling, “Watch out” when it was too late. Smack. Straight in the face.

“Just stay calm,” she giggled. “I’m on my way.”

“Thank you….oh…and one more thing.”


“Bring ice-cream.”

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Has the ship sailed? - Sebastian Stan

Summary: Sebastian is interviewed and of course the interview at the Late Late show is brought up. 

Part 1 Ce Faci?

AN: I tried to write a sorta part 2 to “Ce Faci” and I hope you guys catch the Angel name thing. ;) <- when you try really hard not to spoil the story haha. I might consider writing the first date in the future, no promises ;)

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“Hi, welcome,” the excited interviewer said smiling widely.

“Thank you,” Sebastian answered giving her a warm smile as he settled into the chair.

He was currently doing an interview so he could promote the new Marvel movie, but his manager did warn him that there would be other questions, too.

“How are you?” 

“I’m really great, working on this movie was so much fun even though I had to deal with Chris’ boob grabs,” he chuckled thinking about the many people who actually wished they could be on the receiving end. 

The interviewer laughed along cracking a joke about this particular action admitting she could understand why people loved it. After that, she continued talking about the movie and asking about the shenanigans the cast got into before moving on to other subjects. 

“I have to say, I saw the interview with James Corden…” she trailed off giving him a smirk. 

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supercat sexting/flirty texting (if you're not comfortable with smut or dont wanna write it) while in the office or something?

Side note: I haven’t written smut in literal years, but I gave it the ol’ college try.


Kara truly enjoyed her job as Cat Grant’s assistant, something that no one else seemed to believe.  Yes, her job was demanding.  Yes, Cat was difficult at best, but Kara liked the challenge. Cat Grant was one of the first humans that Kara actually understood. She could anticipate Cat’s needs and assist the woman before even being asked. Cat pushed Kara to excel, and nothing brought Kara more joy than when was able to exceed even Cat’s expectations.

There was one downside to being Cat Grant’s assistant, however. Cat Grant was a gorgeous woman, and as her assistant, Kara spent almost every moment at work either by her side or right outside her glass office. Spending an extended amount of time with a beautiful woman shouldn’t be the one negative of Kara’s job, and yet, it was like a special brand of torture to follow Cat around as she sashayed through the office, no hope of ever acting on her attraction.

Most of the time Kara could ignore her growing interest for her boss or write it off as hero worship. Most of the time, Cat’s demands were enough to keep her distracted. So, when Kara received a text from Cat before her boss arrived at the office, she was grateful for something to do to stop her current train of thought.  She was grateful, at least, until she opened the message.

Cat:  Fired personal shopper. Go to La Perla and grab my latte on your way back to the office.

Kara felt her face flush as she read the name of the designer. The designer that specialized in lingerie…

It’s as if Cat could sense Kara’s hesitation because a second text quickly followed.

Cat: Chop chop.

This quickly set Kara in motion. It wasn’t a big deal, she told herself. It’s just like picking up Cat’s dry cleaning or purchases elsewhere. The clerk will hand her the bag, and she’ll be off. As long as she doesn’t imagine what’s in the bag, she’ll be fine.

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there's a new app or something
  • Girl: Did you get the new app?
  • Boy: What app?
  • Girl: The new app, stupid.
  • Boy: What does it do?
  • Girl: It's new! Check it out. *fires up app*
  • New App: *in a fresh and cool voice* Welcome to the new app.
  • Boy: I still don't understand what it does.
  • Girl: You can press this button here and it checks for the latest version of the new app. Watch. *boop*
  • New App: Boop received. There are ZERO new updates.
  • Girl: Isn't it cool?
  • Boy: I'm really not into it.
  • Girl: C'mon. You have to be. Everyone's using it.
  • Boy: I'm not really into the same things everyone else is.
  • Girl: You're always such a hispter, but that's your choice.
  • Boy: Yeah, it's my choice and I'm proud of it.
  • *later, elsewhere*
  • Group of People: Wow, the new app rules, right? I love it. I like booping it to see if there's any new updates. We should all boop it now. No, I think we should wait. You're stupid. Yeah, let's all boop it forget the other guy. *boopboopboopboopboopboop*
  • New App: Bbbooooppppp rreeecciiieeeevvvveeedddd. Ooonneeeeee nnnnnneewwww uuuuppppdddaaaattttteeeeeee aaaaavvvvvvvaaaillllllabbbbbl-
  • Boy: *watching from afar* What a bunch of sheep. How can they get excited over a stupid app that does nothing. It's mob mentality if I've ever seen it. One person downloads a useless app, so everyone else has to. Thank god that I'm appless and entirely free from banal social dogma.
  • New App: New update has finished downloading. Activating new feature, outcast locater. One outcast located directly to the south of your group. He's watching from the alleyway.
  • Boy: Huh?
  • Group of People: *rush over the alleyway* Whoa, there really was a guy watching us from the alleyway! What a weirdo! Does he really not have the app? No one doesn't have the app, it's the newest app. Hey, do you not have the app?
  • Boy: I have to go.
  • Group of People: Don't go! Why don't you have the app? Actually, fuck off if you don't have the new app, freak!
  • Boy: *runs away* Why did they all gang up on me like? *stomach growls* Now I'm hungry after running like that. I best go to that sandwich shop over yonder and eat a... hmmm sandwich.
  • Cashier: Hello, sweetie. What kind of sandwich can I get you today?
  • Boy: Just a bread sandwich. Like, a sandwich with three slices of bread and meats, vegetables, cheeses, or condiments.
  • Cashier: *phone vibrates* Hold on, sweetie. The new app is booping me, there might be a new update.
  • New App: Hey, do you see the kid standing in front of you?
  • Cashier: You mean that very cute boy?
  • New App: Yes, him. He doesn't have the new app.
  • Cashier: What!?
  • New App: It's true.
  • Cashier: You have the new app, don't you?
  • Boy: Well, no.
  • Janitor: *stops mopping the floor* That's kind of weird.
  • Cashier: It's actually very weird.
  • Boy: I don't understand what the big deal is, it's just a dumb app.
  • Cashier: It's not dumb, everyone's using it!
  • Janitor: *locks the doors* It's suspicious that you're not using it, son. Why don't you take a seat and wait here for a moment.
  • Cashier: Yeah, me an my colleague, the janitor, have to talk. Your sandwich will be out in a moment.
  • Boy: *nervously sits*
  • *the janitor and cashier huddle behind the counter and whisper to each other*
  • Boy: *internally* This is ridiculous. Why is this stupid app getting me into so much trouble. I'm not required to download it. It's just an app. So why is everyone getting so aggressive about it.
  • Cops: *knock at the door*
  • Janitor: *lets them in* Welcome officers.
  • Cops: So we hear that someone isn't using the new app, eh?
  • Janitor: Yes officer, he's sitting right over there. He's terrible! TERRIBLE!
  • Cops: Calm down, sir. We'll take care of this. *walks over to the boy, very authoritatively* Hello, son. Now, don't be intimidated just because we're cops and all. We simply want to know why you aren't using the new app.
  • Boy: I don't know, I just don't feel like using it.
  • Cops: But you realize it's the most innovative app to be released in the past decade. It was developed by Darkheart Studios, and you know those Darkhearts always make good stuff.
  • Boy: I just don't get why I have to download it. Like, what's the big deal? All it does is update itself.
  • *cops look at each other puzzled*
  • Cops: *phone vibrates* Oh, looks like the app has something to tell us. Lemme just give it a boop. *boop*
  • New App: Boop received. New has update finished downloading. Activating new feature, extermination of the sacrilegious. Kill the boy, officers. End his miserable life.
  • Cops: Are you telling us to shoot the boy because he hasn't downloaded the app.
  • New App: Not necessarily, but any means of extermination is sufficient.
  • Cops: I don't think we should kill the boy. The new app is great an all, but not worth killing over. In fact, it's getting kind of old. I think we should take the boy down to the station for safe keeping while we figure out what's going with this here bizarre app. Hey there, little guy... oh.
  • Boy: *gone*
  • Cops: He's gone. Now where did he run off too?
  • Boy: *runs panicked down the street, the cellphone of every single person vibrating and ringing as he passes them*
  • Boy: *runs into his house and locks himself in his bedroom* What did I do to deserve this? I should just download the app and spare myself this hell. No! I refuse, I won't fall in with trends like all the sheeple. I'm special. I'm different.
  • Sister: *knocks at the boy's bedroom door, clutching a knife behind her back* Little brother, open up. I have to talk to you about something. It's important.
  • Boy: I don't feel like talking, leave me alone.
  • Sister: Come on, I'm your sister. You can trust me, open up. *tries to force the door open* Open the fucking door!
  • Boy: You're acting crazy, leave me alone!
  • Sister: Fine. *stomps off*
  • Boy: *hides under his blankets*
  • *a cacophony of cellphone notification sounds come from outside of the bedroom window*
  • Boy: *sheepishly peaks out the window, his blanket still wrapped around him*
  • *a mob of people, some armed with weapons stand in his backyard*
  • Leader of the Mob: Kid, we all know you didn't download the new app. Unfortunately, the app says we gotta kill you unless you do. I personally think that's unreasonable, but it is the new app after all, and who am I to question it?
  • Boy: Fuck your stupid app! It doesn't even do anything!
  • Leader of the Mob: What a bad attitude. It's the new sensation.
  • Boy: You're sheep!! You're all stupid sheep!! I'm never downloading the stupid fucking app!!
  • Leader of the Mob: Then we have to burn down your house, kid.
  • Boy: My dad is super rich and influential. If you burn down my house, he'll have you guys taken care of.
  • Dad: *from the mob* I actually support them, son. It's disconcerting to me as a father that you don't have the new app when everyone else does. I could support your through anything, but not this.
  • Boy: Wha- dad!? Argh! Just burn the house! I don't care! I'm not afraid to die!! At the end of the day, I'll be a martyr and you'll all still be fucking nobodies!!
  • Leader of the Mob: Whatever ya say, kid. *tosses torch at the house*
  • *the rest of the mob follows and the house quickly goes up in flames*
  • Boy: I guess this is it. This is how I die. All over a dumb app that doesn't do anything but boop.
  • *flames reach the bedroom window*
  • Boy: Oh god, oh god, oh god! I've changed my mind! I don't want to die!! *frantically pulls out his phone as the flames grow and downloads the new app*
  • New App: *boop* Thank you for downloading the new app, boy. Now, you've been forgiven. You may live. Please be sure to boop me to check for updates.
  • Boy: I feel so fucking stupid, but at least I'll live. I just have to get out of here.
  • Boy: *rushes into the hallway, but the flames have engulfed the entire house*
  • *the ceiling collapses, trapping the boy in the hallway and ceiling any exits*
  • Boy: No! Someone help me! *coughs* I'm sorry! Please help! I downloaded the app!
  • Boy: *curls up in fetal position* I don't want to die. Fire fighters will come and save me or something like that, I'm sure of it! I'm so scared! I don't want to die! I don't want to die! It can't end like this!
  • *The End*

The only picture I have of myself as a kid in kindergarten is with a little seersucker and an expression that’s not really a smile, not really a frown, just something. But every time I look at the little girl, I always thought, “Oh, it’s a cute outfit, but she was always hungry, she was always shy, she was always kinda in the background, but inside she had big dreams bursting.” And the only thing I could think about is that saying: “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.”

Congrats to Viola Davis for receiving her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Auston Matthews - He left to Continue His Dream

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Hello! This is a new blog that I have created strictly for NHL imagines. So, please give this account a follow, along with any request you may have. I want to get this account into full swing so please share as well. I hope you all like it!

Word Count: 1,309

Pt. 1

Thank you,


Part 2

We grew up as friends that did everything together. Ranging from playing little league, street hockey and yes, even sometimes Barbies. With our mothers being close friends, it was easy for us to be the same. They were sure to keep us together from our kindergarten through high school years. He was a constant in my life that I didn’t expect to lose.

Auston didn’t talk a lot about the future towards the end of our high school years. He knew he was going to leave at some point; I knew too, I just didn’t want to believe it. He never mentioned to me that he was thinking about going to the Switzerland Pro League for a year to advance his game either. Nor did he bring up his dream of playing in the NHL. Thinking back, I knew that was what he wanted. However, I didn’t want to think about my best friend leaving me. Yet, he did, he left to continue his dream.

When Auston left to Switzerland, it was hard. I knew when he left there was going to be a void; however, I didn’t think it would be as big as it was.

“Hello?” I answered my cell phone. It was him. After two weeks of being in Zurich, Switzerland and the last time I talked to him, he was calling me.

“Hey Squirt, miss me yet?” I can hear the smile in his voice.

“I’m sorry, who is this?”

“I know, I know. I didn’t call you last week like I said I would. Things here just got crazy with unpacking, practicing, and getting to know my teammates. I’m calling now though, that has to count towards something right?” Shuffling comes from Auston’s side of the connection.

“What? Pro hockey players don’t know how to send a text either?” I lightly chuckle back my fellow Arizona native.

A sigh came from Auston, “You know it’s not like that”, his voice serious.

“I know, I’m just messing with you.” Except I wasn’t. Auston was doing more important things then having to worry about calling his friend back in Scottsdale. I don’t want him to forget about me, or even replace me.

“I can hear it in your voice, you are worrying. I am not going to forget about you. That’s not going to happen. I promise you. Even if we don’t talk every day, you will always be my best friend, squirt,” sincerity being heard in his voice.

“I know but you know me. I can’t help—" I was cut off my talking on the other side of the phone. In the back, guys are heard talking. They must be Auston’s new teammates.

“Hey Auston, hurry up dude. We are already late for the party,” A muffled voice said in the back.

“Yeah alright let me just finish talking on the phone,” Auston yelled back.

“Come on, dude we have to go,” the voice stated, getting louder. Shuffling once again can be heard through the cellular device, “Hello? Auston has more important people to talk to. Call back later”

“Tyler! Dude, give me bac—” then the line went dead.

Months passed where I tried calling again but, he was always too busy to answer. After each voicemail, a text reading, “Sorry. I was with the team. I’ll call you back later,” was sent back in place of a phone call. Yet, he would never call back. Things back home didn’t help. Auston was generally my only friend. He was the social butterfly that everyone wanted to be friends with while, I was the quiet one that he pulled along for the ride. Once he left I didn’t talk to his friends very much. Occasionally, they would ask if I had talked to him recently or, how he was doing. Each time, I would come up with a lie so it seemed as though we were still as close as ever. In reality, I hadn’t talked to him for months.

I had high hopes for the draft. I prayed that he would get drafted to the Arizona Coyotes. He would be close to me, living out his dream while I would be going to Arizona State for college. Everything would be back to normal. I can see him and talk to him in the same time zone.

When the draft lottery ended, I knew my prayers were not going to be answered. It was evident, he would be packing his bags for the cold, snowy city that is Toronto. He was going to be in another country, another time zone, another team to get close to yet again. I didn’t want the events of Switzerland to happen again, instead of being the lonely friend waiting for his call, I forgot about him. Actually, tried is a better term to be used. It was hard but, it needed to happen. I couldn’t be the girl that I was in high school. I need to become my own person, make my own friends, and create my own path.

I didn’t end up going to Arizona State. I didn’t care for the University particularly. I only had my eyes on the college because I thought it would help keep Auston and I close. Instead, I headed west to Boston University. BU was a better fit for me, it was a new place far away from anyone that I knew. I made friends quickly with the girls in my dorm. I stayed busy with work at a local coffee shop and school. I thought it would help me keep my mind off of him yet it didn’t. Little things would spark my memory of him. Whether it be someone’s laugh that sounded like his to someone in the distance looking vaguely like him. Nothing was enough to keep the 6”3 giant out of my mind.  

Every so often Auston would call. I wouldn’t answer. If I were to answer, I wouldn’t be able to get over him. There were other was for him to know how I was doing, me not being one of them.

“Hey, the girls and I are going to go to that new bar in town. Do you want to come with us?”, my roommate Kelsea came into the room wearing a tight black dress.

“No, I’m fine. I have to study for my Econ class,” I said, sitting up from my position on my bed.

“Come on girl you need to hang out once in a while,” she said, “But since you aren’t going can I borrow your heels that you wore last week?”

My response was put on hold as I heard my phone alert me with a text message. “I found out from your parents that you didn’t end up going to ASU like you had planned. Good for you squirt, that wasn’t the school for you. You need to follow your dreams too. Have fun in Boston, not too much fun though kid.”

When I decided not to go to Arizona State, Auston was the first person I wanted to talk to. It wasn’t easy for me to choose to go somewhere else. I had to come to terms with Auston leaving before I could, in the end, it was for the better.

“Hey, so is that a yes?” Kelsea stood there waiting for my answer.

“Oh, um, yeah go ahead. I have no use for them tonight,” my mind still on the text that I have just received. How do I respond, should I respond? Do I really want to be the one that ends this friendship? Is there even a friendship left?

“Wouldn’t dream of it, kid,” is all I respond with.

“Okay cool. thanks, babe. Don’t wait up,” Kelsea said as she walked out the door.

I look down at my phone once again.

“Good.” Was all it said.

No Inhibitions

I wanna follow where she goes, I think 
about her and she knows it.
Oh, I’ve been shaking, I love it when you go
crazy. You take all my inhibitions. 
You take me places that tear up
my reputation, manipulate my decisions.
Cause if we lost our minds and we took it way too far. 
I know we’d be alright. If you were by my side and we 
stumbled in the dark, I know we’d be alright.

Tom had been lucky enough to meet [Y/N]. It had been at a party in downtown San Francisco, everyone under the sun was invited to that party. It was wild. People were stumbling through rooms, slurring their words, crawling down the stairs, slinging liquor around, and the music had been so loud, Tom could feel it in his bones every time his heart would beat. 

After some drinks were in his system, he came across the pretty singer lounging on the balcony. With all the liquid courage he had consumed, it was easy to talk to her and when they decided to meet up days later on sober accords, it was even better. 

She had shown him around her home. Took him to places he would have never seen or even bothered to go to. [Y/N] was a different kind of person with a different kind of life, and he enjoyed every bit of it. She was a singer, someone who took great pride in music and made it her life. [Y/N] knew all the best places to go for someone who had never experienced that kind of thing. He had a fun ride that week he stayed in San Francisco. Part of him, never wanting to leave and the other part wanting to take her with him back to London. Take her to his home, show her his kind of life. But with her about to embark on her first ever world tour, he knew he couldn’t. 

It had been a months since the two of them had last seen each other but it had only been a few days since they last spoke. They kept in touch, him finding parts of him he never knew about when he was talking with her. [Y/N] was a wild child and he loved it. She had no limitations and saw the world as her oyster. Tom really liked that about her, her ability to just do what she wanted because no one could tell her otherwise. She wasn’t afraid of anything.

[Y/N] didn’t care what the media thought of her or what kind of consequences her actions would have. She lived in the now. It was exhilarating to be involved with someone like that. All she did care about were her fans and what they thought of her. [Y/N] never wanted to disappoint her fans but just like Tom, they loved that she was carefree and erratic. 

“Very convenient that you live so close to home.” [Y/N] commented as Tom led her into his apartment. She looked around, chuckling to herself. It was obvious that a guy lived here. Not that it was messy but the lack of decor and reason gave it away. 

Tom gave a nervous chuckle, “Yeah, mum found it and I thought why the hell not.” He walked towards his kitchen, “Want a beer? I was actually going to move to Los Angeles.”  

[Y/N] gave him a dazzling smile, the kind of smile that would cause him to lose his train of thought if he were to be in the middle of a conversation with someone else. “You know I do.” Following him, she thanked him when he gave her a bottle. “And that would have been easier than a ten hour flight. We could meet in less than two hours by plane.” 

Sipping on his own, he smiled. “I know but London’s my home, you know? Speaking of which how are you liking London?” Tom was ecstatic that she was finally done with her ninety-four day tour. And he was especially happy that she decided to fly out to London to give it a chance. He had talked it up so much and [Y/N] had only spent a few days in it during her tour that she wanted to experience it more. So, she enlisted in the best tour guide there was. 

Shrugging, she took a sip. “It’s alright.” Flashing him another one of those smiles, she followed him to his couch. Taking a seat on the opposite end, she pivoted towards him. “But, I can see the appeal.” 

Tom pretended to feel offended, “London is the best, way better than your San Francisco.” 

“We will see about that.” She laughed.

Tom was about to respond but received multiple text messages. Reaching into his pocket, he juggled his beer and his phone. Opening the texts, he internally groaned at them. Just before they had gone to his apartment, he had stopped by his parents home to introduce [Y/N], really to Tessa, but also his family. They ended up staying for dinner even though he had tried to stress that he was going to take [Y/N] to his favorite pub. 

[Y/N] quirked a brow, “You okay? Look like you’re reading something bad.” 

Tom gave a nervous chuckle, “What? Oh, no. Nothing bad.” Shoving his phone back into his pocket, he shook his head, “It’s nothing, not bad. Uh, just my family texting me…about you, that’s all.” 

Smirking, “About me? Should I run for the hills?” [Y/N] wouldn’t deny that how she was portrayed in the media was a wild child. If she was on the outside looking at herself, she’d be a little weary. But, she always held herself to be respectful and kind. 

He shook his head, laughing. Looking at his beer bottle, he sighed. “Actually, no. Quite the opposite.” 

This time, her brow quirked in curiosity. “The opposite? Most people think I’m reckless.” 

Sucking in air, he debated if he should reveal what the messages were saying. Tilting his head back and forth, he just went for it. “Nah, my mum really likes you. I think she likes that you’re determined and spontaneous.” Looking back down at his bottle, he started to peel the label. “She told me that I should take you on a date…..” 

“A date, hm?” [Y/N] murmured with a bit of humor in her words. 

“Yeah,” he chuckled. “And dad agrees.” 

Sipping on her beer some more, she chuckled. “The dreaded what are we to each other conversation hasn’t even come up and I’m already pre-approved.” She winked. [Y/N] wouldn’t lie about it but she did find Tom to be rather desirable. Far from the kind that she usually gravitated towards, usually the bad boys that used her. [Y/N] had a thing for bad boys, accents, and brains. Tom wasn’t necessarily a bad boy but he was an actor, it wouldn’t surprise her to find him in that kind of role eventually and her to go crazy. But, he had an accent and from what she had learned from their friendship was that he was incredibly smart as well. 

“That’s rare, you know.” Tom pointed out. “Usually my parents find at least one thing that they don’t like about the girls I’ve brought home.” 

“Give them time, I’m a book of flaws.” She muttered. 

“I don’t know,” Tom answered, “You’re pretty popular out here in London. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least bit if my parents knew all about you.” 

“Yikes.” [Y/N] chuckled. Bringing the bottle to her lips, she shrugged. “Although, dating you wouldn’t be bad.” 

This surprised him, “What?” 

“Come on, Tom.” She breathed, giving him a smirk. “You’re hot.” She laughed at his facial expression “But let’s be honest, you couldn’t handle me.” 

He rose a brow, “You don’t think I can handle you? I spent four nights in a row drinking myself into oblivion with you.” 

“Oh, Tom.” She sighed, shaking her head. “That’s not what I meant.” Pursing her lips, [Y/N] thought about if she should go into detail. Running her tongue over her teeth, she leaned forward. “What I mean is that, I’m a very intimate person.” Tilting her head, she smirked a little. “Out in public, I might be a little out of control but typically reserved but behind close doors,” leaning back, she snickered. “it’s a whole different world. That is what you couldn’t handle.” 

Tom could feel his insides burning at the thought of what she could be like behind closed doors. Deciding to be a little brave, he shot back with, “How do you know if you haven’t tried?” 

“A little bold, aren’t we?” She commented. 

He shrugged, “You said I couldn’t handle you but I think you’re wrong.” 

“Wrong, huh?” She mused. Taking another swig of her beer, “Alright.” She set down the bottle on his side table before climbing over and sitting in his lap.

“Wha? What are you doing?” Tom stammered.

Smirking a smirk that sent chills down his back, she leaned forward. “I’m about to prove you wrong.”  Without giving Tom a second to register what she meant, she pressed her lips against his. Rocking forward, she nipped his lips before he finally kissed back. It didn’t take long for the heat to build up in their bodies.

Her nails were digging into his shoulders while his were digging into her hips. Tom had never felt a kiss be so exhilarating before. It was a different kind of feeling that he had never felt and it was already too late because he was addicted. A feeling of a grand euphoria pouring out of her lips and into his. He’d bet that kissing [Y/N] was just like taking ecstasy all night. 

Pulling from him, she nipped down his neck and all over his collarbone before going back to where it started. Kissing him for a few more seconds, she chuckled against his lips and pulled away completely. She tore herself away from him and stood up. Walking back to where her beer sat, she snatched it up and took a good swig. “I’ll admit, Holland. I’m a bit impressed by your kissing skills. Who have you been snogging?” 

Tom gave her an amused look, “Ha, ha.” He was still in a bit of a high to really concentrate on scolding her for mocking him. Shaking his head, he tried to clear his fuzzy thoughts. Running a hand over his hair, he muttered out, “Bloody Hell.” 

Plopping down next to him, she leaned her head back. “Too much?” 

Tom rubbed his jaw, glancing over at her. “Not enough, actually.” 

She gave a loose laugh, quirking a brow. “I’m warning you.” Sitting up straight, she looked at him sincerely. “You do not want to get involved with me.” 

“I think I do.” Tom whispered, staring into her eyes. Getting lost in them, wondering what kind of things they’d get themselves into. He wasn’t nervous like he had been with his previous girl friends. Something about [Y/N] was calming with a bit of lust for adventure. 

[Y/N] shook her head, “You really don’t. I’m a mess, Tom. I’m indecisive, a work-a-holic, impulsive, irresponsible, irrational, and slightly neurotic.” She smiled lightly, shaking her head again. “Those aren’t good qualities to have to be worthy of your affection.” 

Tom smiled sincerely, turning, he brought his hands to her face, cradling her worried expression in his hands. “When I’m with you, I feel like I can take over the world. All my insecurities and everything I’ve ever thought badly of myself just disappears. I don’t care if you’re indecisive, impulsive, or irrational. That just makes you, you. And I’m a work-a-holic too, I love my job. Acting is something I want to do forever. And the whole neurotic thing? Well, that can be easily medicated.” Tom smirked, winking after his medicated joke. 

She laughed, “You are insane to justify my bad traits.” 

Tom dropped his hands and pressed his lips together. “I like you, [Y/N]. I do. Life with you sounds great, amazing actually. You’re saying no without giving it a chance.” 

[Y/N] grabbed his hand, “Because I’m trying to spare you from my crazy, chaotic life.” 

“I don’t need sparing, love. I can handle my own. I promise.” 

[Y/N] stared at him for a few minutes, pressing her lips together as well. She couldn’t lie that the connection she had with the Brit was amazing, she missed being with him during her crazy tour days. [Y/N] spent her nights singing, dancing, and drinking. And every single time, she’d have a moment of clarity and miss the one person she told herself not to catch feelings for. 

She lived a fast paced life, it was what she always wanted. [Y/N] wasn’t sure if she had room for a relationship. But, it didn’t mean she didn’t crave it. She wanted both. She wanted him. Sucking in air, she set down her beer, “Fine.” 

“Fine?” Tom questioned. 

Nodding, “Yup. Fine.” She smirked, “You don’t want to heed my warning, Tom. Then okay. Buckle up, love. Loving me will be one hell of a joyride.” Moving in close, she grabbed his chin and crashed her lips against his. Enjoying the moment and relishing that for once aside from pursuing her dream that making this decision would be the best one yet. Pulling apart just long enough for her to whisper against his lips, “Because there’s nothing holding me back.” 

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I know that la la land has already received a lot of praise from critics and audiences alike, but my favorite thing about this film is that it’s a romance film that ends with the female lead choosing to put her career above her love life, and she isn’t criticized for it. it’s not a “oh, look how heartless she is, choosing to sacrifice her relationship for a successful career in her chosen field,” – in fact, her boyfriend encourages her to pursue her big break, even though he knows that it will mean ending their relationship, and he’s happy for her success even after they’re no longer together. after seeing so many movies where career women are painted as coldhearted bitches for not choosing love, it’s so refreshing to see a hugely popular, oscar-nominated film letting the audience see it for what it really is – a young woman following (and achieving!) her dreams.

Protective Or Possessive - Part Three | Jughead x Reader

Originally posted by kulo-ren

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: Sticking with your friend Veronica’s plan, you head to Pop’s to confront Jug and it becomes a whirlwind of emotions between the two of you.

Warnings: none.

Word count: 1,763

A/N: the support for this has been incredible and i really hope you enjoy this! so many of you asked for a part three and i hope this lives up to the expectations <3


“He hates me,” you sighed, flopping down onto your bed with your phone pressed to your ear. The moment you’d got home you’d called Veronica since she was the mastermind behind this whole thing. You’d told her his reaction and how horrible you felt that you’d upset him so much. Part of you wanted to go and come clean to Jug but when you’d voiced this to Ronnie, she’d shut it down instantly. The plan was in motion and there was no stopping it.

“He doesn’t hate you, (Y/N). Stop being such a drama queen.” Although you couldn’t see her, you knew that Veronica was rolling her eyes at you right now.

You snorted. “Says the biggest drama queen I know.”

“Shutup. Look, Jughead doesn’t hate you. Our plan kind of worked, right? We got a reaction out of him. Just sit tight for a few hours then show up at Pop’s. I know for a fact he’s not going to be too mad to want to talk to you.”

“I don’t know, V.”

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