oh to be on the receiving end of that look

Something New  // Jude & Dallas

Juggling a pizza box and a liter of soda proved rather hard for Dallas as he looked down at his phone, double checking the room number that Jude had sent him earlier. Reaching the end of the hall he realized he had passed the room already. Taking a deep breath he turned around continued to search for the room. He was still on edge from the text message that he had received earlier, but he didn’t want to be anymore awkward and miserable than he already was today so he tried shaking it off. “Happy thoughts. Fluffy puppies. Clowns. Oh god no not clowns are you crazy?” He said mumbling to himself as he stopped at Jude’s door and stared at the knob. Taking another deep breath, he put a smile on his face and knocked on the door. 

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Alistair x Fem!noble warden “Shit, are you bleeding?!”

Alistair wasn’t sure when Evelyn had left their bed that early morning, but when he finally was coherent enough to push himself up from the mattress and push back the blankets the sun was barely peeking over the horizon and spilling into their room. He could hear her in the washroom attached to their royal chambers, the sounds of her retching a familiar one for the last several months.

It concerned Alistair to no end—he didn’t think her morning sickness would last this long into her pregnancy. Over the last few days she had been feeling progressively worse and even though Evelyn was stubborn and claimed to be alright, Alistair was worried there was something wrong. Ever since she had announced her pregnancy he had been overly protective, caring for her every whim and want so that she would have an easier time. The fact she was carrying his child was a miracle, and he wanted to make sure their child arrived safely.

When he heard her soft sobs echoing from the other room he pushed himself from the bed, pausing when the door swung open to reveal his wife.

Shit!” It was rare for Alistair to ever curse without reason, but as he watched his wife exit from the washroom he was instantly worried about her appearance.

Evelyn was holding her nightdress up around her thighs with one hand, the other resting against the doorway as she struggled to keep herself upright. Alistair nearly leapt from his spot near the bed to his wife’s side as her face contorted in pain, her lips quivering as she let out a low groan. He could tell she had been crying and he regretted not waking earlier when she needed him.

Alistair wasn’t sture what was wrong, but his heart couldn’t stop racing as he glanced down at her rounded stomach before trailing his gaze further to where he saw a streak of pink and red along her thigh and knee.

“Are you bleeding?” He asked, panic rising in his chest as he gathered her in his arms, Evelyn quick to grab onto him tightly.

“Y—yes.” She barely got the words out through a series of pants and Alistair noticed a sheen of sweat gathering on her brow. “I’m…in labor.”

“B—but it’s too early!” Alistair exclaimed as he helped his wife cross back over to the bed. Evelyn sat down, her hands snapping to her stomach as she groaned out in pain once more. “Evelyn…”

“It’s going to be ok Alistair.” She breathed as he hovered over her, unable to calm his anxiety. “Just…” She trailed before nodding once more. “It’s going to be ok.“

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In regards to your Instagramer/edit thief problem may I ask who? If you would like I can politely ask them where they got the photos and suggest they give credit where credit is due. I'm kind of a stickler for credit going to the rightful owner as I have been on the receiving end of people claiming my edits as their own.

Oh you don’t need to ! It was a problem when I first noticed but I’m not on instagram (not as plovercrest) and I think others  repost it too so I don’t care anymore.Is just funny.I was looking your insta this morning ! You still have the Nero link ?

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Jenny, 15, brown hair + eyes, really fucking long rapunzel hair, surprisingly energetic and optimistic despite having the typical "emo" appearance, horrible at making decisions, a bit hyperactive, introverted, anxious af

Jenny sat on their couch, leafing through an old photo album. They traced the edges of the pictures with a delicate hand. Irreplaceable images. No one used film anymore.

“Jenny,” a voice interrupted, and they jumped, slamming the album shut. Their home-bot, Matilda, looked at her from the end of the room.

“Oh, hey, Matilda. What’s going on?”

Matilda tilted her head. “Your mother left a message while you were out. Shall I play it?”

“Oh! Oh, yes, please.”

Matilda’s eyes glazed over, and her voice morphed into one that was not her own.

“Jenny… I have received word that you received top marks during your most recent robotics study’s class… I am very proud… as always, I am thinking of you… I will ask The Boss if I can visit the surface for the holidays this year… I’ll call you back when I can… love always.”

Jenny smiled. Messages from Mom were always bittersweet. They glanced at their robotics textbook across the room. The only way she’d get to visit the surface was if Jenny was able to break into the bot world, and pay her way up. They sighed.

“Thanks, Matilda. Give me fifteen minutes, and then we’re going to work on some upgrades.”

Send me your name, and a little bit about you, and I’ll write a couple paragraphs of a fiction story with a character based off you.

So this is why I hate most fandoms. Do some people not understand how the “terms and conditions” of posting stories works?

These are the reviews this kid is replying too.

@Reasons that Raven and Robin like each other!, Ch 1
1. This isn’t a story.
2. This goes to the forums.
3. Don’t post this stuff in the stories section.

This isn’t hate, this is simply the rules you “agreed” to. Please read the rules first before spamming the site full of this.

I’ve left “reviews” as such on many incorrectly placed posts and usually receive a simple “Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t realize” and that’s the end. Done. Problem solved. But after posting this I realized this person kept updating this thing, and that there were plenty reviews with the exact same warning… I looked to the reviews they were “replying” to in these updates and they were obviously fake flames that they them self had posted. Sooooo after delicately reading through their ALL CAPS REPLY RAGE REPLIES I placed another “review” (if one could think this thing really deserved titles for it’s comments) suggesting the following…

@Reasons that Raven and Robin like each other!, Ch 5
Also, how much caffeine do you drink? You should probably stick to lemonade from now on.

Now I find it strange that their replies were always posted on  their story (LIST)  and that mine received a “special non-public” reply, and I was honestly insulted that this person implied that I was “flaming”. 

Now I know this isn’t just some troll, they have legitimate stories. And for anyone wondering, here is a link to the “story” 

If you do go there report it. If they won’t drop it, We should have it dropped by force. I’m not flaming on any ships, I just don’t want this list scrap spamming up my favorite site.

I have this problem where one of the things I do to cheer myself up when I’m in a bad mood is put on on loads of makeup but then people notice because I don’t usually wear much so I end having conversations like

‘oh you look nice today!’


*mutters FUCK YOU under breath*

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A scream slowly increasing in volume is heard as an anon carrying a chicken runs toward you. The anon pushes the chicken into your hands and keeps running, looking terrified. The chicken looks up at your wings and affectionately nuzzles your head.

        ⊰ 翼 ⊱

   Wait wh–” But Pit couldn’t finish his sentence as the masked person ran away just as quickly as he had appeared. Blinking hues would look down at his arms, at the chicken he had received. Why was that man so scared? He obviously had some issues. Oh well, now Pit apparently had a pet chicken. For whatever reason he had no clue, but eh, it was a cute chicken. And now she was nuzzling against him. A sigh would fall from his lips, as he ended up petting her. “Hey there, you got a name, or want me to give you one?

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  1. Whats your ethnicity? I’m white. (a lil chinese down the road but really just white.)
  2. Where do you live? I live in the U.S, South Carolina
  3. What are you thinking about RIGHT NOW? Uhhh food
  4. Write a random fact pls. (aint a question but why the hell not right?) Um ok so.. I can play volleyball pretty well but i’m really bad at any other sport. I basically just hate physical activity. 
  5. How would you describe your fashion sense? Mostly dark, neutral colors. Lots of longsleeves. Same with my makeup, very natural but dark-ish. Not very exciting but some outfits are pretty awesome. It’s basically fall all year round for me. 
  6. okay i cant do this lemme look up some shit.. okay: What is the most recent picture on your phone? Oh i’ll put that at the end
  7. Whats the best compliment you’ve ever received? That I have good music taste. 
  8. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? Fried frog legs when I was little. I was tricked into it lol. They are popular in the south for some reason idk it’s gross in my opinion. 
  9. If you could spend the day with anyone, who would it be and what would you do? Ummm probably my future self. 
  10. What famous person do people tell you that you most resemble? I got Keira Knightley once when I was little, but other than that idek man.

Oh holy crap… can I start the hashtag trend #SundaySadness? Ugh. Came across these incredibly sweet and loving notes from the one - my ex who I simply wasn’t good enough for. It’s so sad to look back at something as “little” as a note and remember the happiness in your heart when you received it because no matter what ending up happening between the two of you, you felt like you really, truly and actually meant something to them. There is no doubt that memories are going to be the death of me. 💔