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Giant!Mettaton and Giant!Chara are the best things to come out of this fandom. Like OMG they Chara's so precious and Mettaton is so big and fabulous.


oh no, I can`t stop thinking that it happened after Megatron’s death T_T

I know that we, as a fandom, joke about Optimus Prime dying and coming back but lets be real here, Megatron doesn’t die. He just takes long naps enforced by serious injury. And sometimes death.

It’s fine, all you gotta do is dump his corpse in space/the ocean and he’ll be back (possibly as Galvatron/with a sick new paintjob/literally God) in like, a week.

And I didn’t even feel motivated to try and look up his deaths in comics. Has he been dying in IDW? I feel like he’s died or at least been assumed dead at least once. Maybe twice.

Anyways, the point is, don’t worry.

briefest YOI episode 5 review: i looked up the underboost.ru site on yurio’s phone browser and got redirected to, of all places, a russian anime streaming site


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“Who are EXO anyway?” Well…..

Oh (Brother), you fought Darth Vader. I am so proud of you. You got him. And I helped too!
—  My cousin’s preschoolers went to Disney. The little sister provided moral support via “using the Force” while her big brother went and fought Darth Vader (his mom was briefly worried he was going to just drop the saber and opt for giving the dark lord a hug instead)

My favourite angsty trope in G/t is when a giant accidentally scares their tiny friend in an argument or something (maybe they yelled too loud or threw something in their anger) and their tiny friend suddenly sees them as a giant monster again- they get afraid and the giant realises they’ve really scared their friend and they feel terrible.

The giant then desperately tries to apologise and coax their friend back to trusting them, but nothing works so the two merely avoid each other completely.

Of course I only like this trope if it gets sorted out in the end! Maybe the tiny finally approaches the giant as the giants crying and they try and make it up to each other- the giant relieved that they haven’t lost their friend.

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I l o v e y o u 💙 (There I spaced it out so anons cant dissect it lmao)

but what could this mean………could it mean that you actually DONT love me because its spaced out? could it mean that in those spaces are tiny letters that spell “just kidding loser”??????? oh the horror 


Waverly Earp with a gun...

I mean, she looks so tiny and sweet and then she takes a gun and thinks 
“OH NO! YOU WON’T DO THAT, BITCH!” and from one to the other second she’s a tiny badass! 

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All ours.

Without another word, the doctor leaves the room and closes the door behind her.

Katniss turns to face Peeta again.  His eyes are still closed and he’s begun rocking back and forth a little, humming tunelessly under his breath.

Tentatively, Katniss walks over to her husband and the baby he’s cradling in his arms.  With her fingertips she gently caresses the girl’s arm.  She runs her hands through the wispy hair on top of her tiny head.  She touches the baby’s cheek, her skin so soft it almost makes Katniss gasp in shock.

A moment later, she’s in Katniss’ arms.  She’s so warm.  And so tiny. Oh, god… 

“I love you,” Peeta murmurs.  Katniss doesn’t have to ask; she knows he’s saying it to both of them.  He wraps the two of them up in his arms and Katniss instinctively leans her head against his chest.

“Let’s go home,” he murmurs into her ear, and the baby sighs against her neck, and Katniss has never felt more whole.

The three of them walk together down the short hallway – slowly, and very quietly, so as not to wake the baby.  Peeta fills out the necessary paperwork as quickly as he can while Katniss cradles their sleeping daughter in her arms.

Katniss counts her sleepy little breaths – each inhale and exhale – barely realizing she’s doing it, her heart full to bursting with joy.

From Little Green  by Jeeno

“At first, I didn’t want to read this because the plot seems really sad but I was wrong it was beautifully written. This made me cry and made me smile from ear to ear.” - akosiroxy

two of my favorite pages from forthcoming the tiny tim zine (less than 10 days away!). there’s also an illustrated key describing these duds, because some of this just does not translate majestically into black and white. for example, the larger outfit on the left is a BRIGHT TEAL GLITTER JUMPSUIT WITH GOLD ACCENTS AND GOLD SPACE BOOTS. for real.

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i just want to thank the internet for all the gifts it has given me over the years. [i don’t know anything about the origin of this photo, otherwise i would love to credit it to someone.]