oh thought bubble

I was trying to not make comments about this and I’m not sure if anyone is going to read this but I need to get this out of my brain.

I completely get if you want to hate Gilinsky for the video that has been circulating. What he said was pretty harsh. BUT. ((I hate thinking that I have to say this)): You. Don’t. Know. Them. Personally.

We don’t know why Madison’s friend decided to record them while having a fight (Side note: what kind of friend would do that and have the balls to post it? That doesn’t seem like something a friend should do. Poor Madison.). We don’t know how long ago the video was taken. We do not know every detail of their relationship. We only get a glimpse of what they decide to put on social media.

As people around social media, it is SO important to not get wrapped up in other people’s lives. The thing about people is that they’re going to disappoint you. They’re going to do things that contradict with your morals and beliefs. It’s okay to enjoy the music they make but it is not okay to act like you know them. You only get what is presented to you.

Jack and Madison are both hurting. We don’t know what happened before/after the camera was off. We should try and make sure we don’t get caught up in what’s in the tabloid or what a “friend of a friend of Madison’s ” may hear.

Honestly. Please. Do not idolize these people then drop them once they do something like this. This life is already a struggle but it becomes worse when you depend on people.


“It’s a little ugly, but…”


((How I feel Paps should find out if he ever does))

my favourite lbpq songs:

sex (the 1975 cover) - lauren aquilina. a classic tbh. she’s got a boyfriend anyway

cartoon girl - b. steady. alternate link to a slightly different version. absolute pure candy floss. don’t say you love her; this girl could be trouble. oh, what’s in your thought bubble? i’d really love to know

recessional - vienna teng. ridiculously beautiful. like, the most beautiful song you’ve ever heard. and the words, they’re everything and nothing. i want to search for her in the offhand remarks