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Christmas At The Kim's: Part II



Day 1 - Christmas Eve

 “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US YOU WERE COMING BRUH?!” Bobby’s older brother boomed, eyes wide, arms raised high in a “what the hell?!” pose.

Laughing, Bobby ran to his brother in the living room and they both jumped and chest bumped before his brother tackled him into a hug, laughing and slapping him on the back.

Mr. Kim quickly emerged from the kitchen and wrapped both of his sons in a giant bear hug, lifting them off the ground. “WHO CARES? HE’S HERE NOW. WELCOME HOME SON!” Mrs. Kim joined in on the family hug too as Chicken, the Kim’s Golden Retriever puppy, jumped up and down by Bobby’s leg, yapping and wagging its tail happily, also wanting attention from the youngest master.

Bobby barely had time to wipe his tears after greeting his mom before a fresh batch started forming in his eyes. “I’M BACK!” he exclaimed, sniffing loudly.


“You’ve lost too much weight. You’re all skin and bones!” Mrs. Kim remarked, alternating between slapping and smooching Bobby’s cheeks. “What kind of diet does your company put you on? Air and water?”

“Ackkk. Mom~’ Bobby whined, leaning away from her as he simultaneously tried prying her hands away from his face. “I’ve just been working out more.”

“You must be real proud of the results because I’ve seen you take your shirt off many times on TV,” Mrs. Kim raised one eyebrow critically, pushing her round glasses up the bridge of her nose. “I’d prefer it if you left your clothes on.”

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