oh this season is pure greatness

People who liked Reign should definitely be interested in Still Star-Crossed.

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From the window-dressing point of view both shows are period dramas with beautiful people and gorgeous costumes.

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And they both center on the court machinations of lords and ladies and royal families (as well as the outside threats).

And though Reign is based on a fictionalized version of the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, while Still Star-Crossed is about the events following the deaths of Romeo and Juliet and focuses on Lady Rosaline Capulet, there are absolute similarities in the way the stories are told.

First of all the main focus of both shows is a woman. And both are ensemble cast shows.

And the differences are in my opinion what would make the viewing for Reign fans even more interesting.

Reign centered around royalty and often dealt with the tightrope act Kings and Queens have to exercise for their Lords and Ladies.

While SSC is more from the point of view of the great houses.

Though a big part is also focused on Prince Escalus and Princess Isabella, the brother and sister who are holding their city together and away from an all out civil war only barely.

But lets look at the ladies.

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Mary was a queen who had grown up hidden in a monastery and then brought to court for her arranged marriage with the Prince of France. Her great wish was to free Scotland from under the thumb of Queen Elizabeth and Britain.

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While Rosaline is a highborn Lady who after the deaths of her and her sister’s parents was made to be a servant in her uncle’s House. But then her cousin dies and she’s the heir and being thrust into an arranged marriage by the Prince to the new heir of a rival House (and she was planning to escape to a monastery).

Both shows have great romances, love triangles (which usually are something I can’t stand, but which actually is being done on SSC in a way that makes sense and doesn’t grate), court intrigue and murders.

And let me ask a question, how many of you have a weakness for arranged marriage enemies to friends to lovers trope? Because this show offers the very definition of that and it is AMAZING.

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Oh and like on Reign, Still Star-Crossed too has multiple complicated and fascinating relationships between women.

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For example Rosaline’s relationship with her sister runs in similar vein to those between Mary and her ladies.

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Rosaline’s sister Livia is still a servant, because after their cousin Juliet’s death only Rosaline was reinstated as a Lady, so though the sisters absolutely love each other, this imbalance in station will probably add some complications.

Then there’s the relationship that’s starting to uncover between Rosaline and Princess Isabella which is rather starting to touch on the complicated nature of the one between Mary and Catherine in the later seasons.

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Isabella cares about Rosaline, but she will inevitably put her duties for Verona ahead of that.

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Actually Princesss Isabella is proving to be an interesting character all by herself as well. She’s the brains behind the throne and probably would prove to be a much better ruler than her brother (Prince Escalus has the education while she has the experience and the ruthless streak that makes for a great ruler).

Let’s see what else? Oh, Bash. Torrance Combs plays Prince Paris here (he lives), so if you miss watching the actor, this should be a treat.

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Basically. Still Star-Crossed is an amazing show that will absolutely fill the emptiness left behind by the end of Reign. And as a REALLY great plus the diversity in this show makes the whole thing a 100 times better than it would have been otherwise.


Season 1 & 2: The Girl Squad is the greatest thing to have ever happened to television, so good and pure, girls supporting girls, YES

Season 3: I’m so sad we don’t get The Girl Squad…. hold the fuck up this a group of boys supporting each other?? Sign me tf up

Season 4: I hate the Girl Squad, they can just fuck off and let Sana and Chris should the boys.. oh wait nvm they’re great :)


I really - just HONESTLY - can’t put into words what Miss Annie Briggs did to me with this pure and passionate way of art!

Sure, the Dean is evil, but seeing this makes it just… I mean, my amazing hot-chocolate-girl did such a breathtakingly good act here, that I’m on my way to lose my mind.

Oh and another thing:

I definitely NEED more of Negovanlis-acting, as she hits a great hight of rank in acting this season. So please MORE NATASHA NEGOVANLIS in any form of acting!

I appreciate her so much! And same with Annie.

I love all of Carmilla’s cast. But these two have something within that hits my very own creativity. They create a specific class that touches my sense of art in a stunning way.