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Heechul accidentally revealed more about himself.


he really is the prettiest boy i love him 😭💗💓💞💝💖💕💘💕💖💗💗💓💞


shows i started watching in 2017 meme
1. the good place - “you’re a giant chunk of spinach in the teeth of the universe.”

Also props to Andrew Buchan for his portrayal of Mark. In that church scene it really looked like the only two options left for him were to kill Joe Miller or kill himself - he played him so broken, and so full of rage, it was almost primal. Also I really liked the contrast between how Mark and Beth responded to their suffering. Beth chose to find meaning in it, and help others; she found the light, but Mark is hung up on anger and revenge. He’s trapped in the dark and it’s consuming him. This theme of light v. dark and the rising sun also finds expression in how the church scene was composed. The camera framed Mark and Paul against the west window, away from the chancel and east window. The congregation faces east, towards God in heaven and the rising sun when they worship, but all we saw of the church was the west window and some of the south entrance - towards darkness and the setting sun. It would’ve been so easy to turn the camera around and get that gorgeous view of the light in the east window, but no, we’re forced to look west, into the dark and away from God.

If I were an award-giving body but thank goodness I’m not

1. Best Intro Scene / Opening Credits Award
2. Most Realistic Medical Drama in K-Drama History—Squirting Blood And All Award
3. Best Open-Mouthed Kiss With Epic Background Music Award
4. Most Daring Move Award: Kiss In The First Episode – Kang Dong-Joo + Yoon Seo Jung In The Supplies Room
5. Most Daring Line In Any Drama Award: “I Like you, sunbae. I want to sleep with you.”
6. Most Fast-Paced Drama Every Damn Episode Is Worth It Award
7. Best Wrapped – Up Ending in K-Drama Award
8. Best Squad Walk Scene Award

1. Favorite Fusion Saguek – Fantasy Drama of 2016 Award
2. Freaking Tearjerker Drama of the Year Award
3. Drama With The Most Subbed Versions In K-Drama History Award
4. Best Fandom Award
5. Drama With The Most Close-Up Views Award
6. Drama With The Most Ridiculously Obvious Editing Mistakes But Who Cares Award
7. Drama With The Best Couple “Spot” Award
8. Best Soundtrack Including The Instrumentals Award

GOBLIN Awards:
1. Drama With The Most Slo-Mo Scenes Ever Award
2. Snail Turtle Sloth Award: Story Development
3. Drama With The Most Cars Destroyed Award
4. Unique Plot Awards
5. Breathtaking Cinematography Award

1. Drama With The Most Disasters Award
2. Best Unplanned Confession Award
3. Most Military Equipment Being Abused Award

1. Drama With The Most Beautiful Youth Cast Award
2. Best Shower Scene Award (4-in-1)
3. Most Beautiful King of Fusion Saguek Award: Sam Maek Jong
4. Most DIVIDED Fandom Award
5. Most ‘Eye-candy’ Cast In A Fusion Saguek Drama Award
6. Multi-talented Female Character Award: Kim Ah Ro
7. Fast-Learner Male Character Award: Dog Bird/ Sun Woo
8. Youngest Old Person Character Award: Pa Oh, The Forever 22
9. Best OTP Of The Year Award: Sae Ro (Gae Sae and Ah Ro)
10. Most Kissy Male Lead Ever And We Love It Award: Dog Bird

1. Best Second Male Lead Scene Stealer Award
2. Creepiest Male Lead But He Is Hot AF Award

1. Most Creative Kiss Award: Kissing Off Froth From SO Lips
2. Longest Kiss In Front Of People In A Party Award: 40 Seconds

Special Awards:

“Adorable Crybaby Of The Year Award:”
Hwarang: The Beginning (Ah Ro/Go Ara)
Another Miss Oh (Oh Hae-Young/Seo Hyun-Jin)

“Most Lovable Villains:”
Joseon Gunman (Choi Won-shin/ Yu Oh-Seong)
The K2 (Choi Yoo Jin/Song Yoon Ah)
Scholar Who Walks The Night (Gwi/Lee Soo-Hyuk)

“Best Office Setting:”
She Was Pretty (THE MOST Magazine)
The Witch’s Romance (THE TROUBLEMAKER Magazine)

“Most Demented Mothers in K-Drama:”
Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (Empress Yoo/Park Ji-Young)
Hwarang: The Beginning (Kim Ji-soo/Queen Jiso)
Uncontrollably Fond (Shin Young-ok/Jin Kyung)

“He Is Everywhere Award:”
Sung Dong-il
(Hwarang: The Beginning)
(Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
(Legend of the Blue Sea)
(The K2) cameo
(Dear My Friends)
(Reply 1988)
(Pied Piper) cameo

Mine - Damon Salvatore x Reader

Title: Mine

Pairing: Damon Salvatore x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: Can you do a Damon fic where the reader gets super pissed/jealois of him and makes a show of how he’s here? ((you said Tvd I assumed Vampire Diaries sorry if that’s not what you meant))

Originally posted by feedyourvanity

“Make it double please, I like my drinks strong.” Damon flashed the bartender one of his usual smiles but not one that he meant completely you knew it all too well.

“Something tells me it’s not the only thing you go hard on, huh?” the woman’s smirk was impossible to miss just as was the way she was leaning over the bar, giving him a full view of her cleavage instead of preparing what Damon asked from her.

“What can I say, guilty.” he shrugged, giving her a cheeky grin “But I’ve got my girl so, sorry but I’ll take only that drink for now.” he simply turned her down but she wasn’t having any of it. Obviously.

“Aw shame” she pouted her incredibly red lips “Because you know, I really would be in the mood to have it rough tonight.”

By this point Damon himself was starting to lose his patience, and you could clearly tell so even if you were a good few feet away “Look, you maybe be the kind of girl I’d go after but that was before I got my girl, and let me tell you she is a really special one. Now, the drink if you’d have no problem?” he raised an eyebrow but she didn’t move an inch.

“Oh I would have no problem if you’d give me something else too, you know.” she rested her chin on her palm and Damon gave her a strained chuckle.

“I told you. Not available.” he shook his head.

“And I heard that, I just thought that maybe you and me- after I’m done with work- I can get something else done too?” she bit her lips at him suggestively and you had such a hard time keeping a groan in.

“Really?” he asked back “And what could that be?” he was playing too but you had seen this too many times and each and every time it ended with the girl walking away. Alone.

“Oh I could always show you pretty quick.” she grinned, finally feeling successful.

“Hm let me think about it.” he paused for a moment “How about… no.” yes he was getting very annoyed, you knew that look all too well.

“Honestly?” she pouted, obviously not realizing what she could get into if she kept hitting on him “Because- I mean-” she grinned at him “-She doesn’t have to know.” she leaned even closer to him but Damon didn’t bat an eyelash. Maybe the old Damon would have been affected but not this Damon, under all the cockiness and smartass remarks you knew what a real sweetheart he was. Sure he didn’t like you saying it out loud because well he had a reputation but it was the truth. He cared about you and really loved you, there was no way he’d just leave you for another girl. You had been able to crack through that hard facade of his in the first place. You had been able to help him get his humanity back, numerous times at that, so no he wasn’t just going to cheat on you.

But that, despite how deep you knew his feelings to be of you, didn’t stop you from feeling jealous. Maybe you were a little irrational at times but truth was you knew how handsome Damon was and you knew he would draw all the ladies’ attention. Sometimes you really wished they would know what he really was. You would certainly laugh at seeing them run away frightened when you actually would always stick with him.

But once again, nothing stopped you from being jealous.

“Too bad she already knows then huh?” you asked, finally walking towards them and Damon finally noticed you, a smirkforming on his lips instantly.

“Oh you-” she started speaking but you cut her off before she could say more.

“Yeah me.” you grinned cheekily “And sorry to break it to you sweetheart but as you can see-” you gave her an annoyed look “There is no way you’d ever be able to take this hot stuff home when he has someone like me.”

“(Y/n)-” he started speaking but you hushed him by placing a finger over his lips.

“Now why don’t you make yourself useful and go brink that drink oh and your way there find a dictionary to learn the word ‘decency’ because you certainly have no idea what it means, yeah?”

“I- I-” she blinked stuttering.

“Yes, yes you. And bring me the same too, alright? No need to lose your job over a man who’d never come with you even if you were the last woman on Earth ok?” you didn’t leave any room for her to reply and even if she looked angry and was about to snap at you you knew she couldn’t because as of the moment you were the only one right.

And of course you didn’t even wait for a reply from her. Instead you turned to Damon who seemed ready to speak but couldn’t say a word. Of course he didn’t have to apologize to you but at the moment you were slightly angry with him. You swang one leg over his and you sat on his lap, each of your legs on his sides; wrapping around his waist. You grabbed the hem of his jacket and giving him a small smirk you crashed your lips to his. He jumped at first but, as you expected, he didn’t miss a beat to respond to the kiss.

You heard her say something and walk away but you didn’t pay much attention to her. You kissed Damon somewhat sloppily, your tongue tangled with his in a hot mess as his hands found your thighs. He gave them a squeeze and groaned loudly when you pressed yourself harder on him. Your hands rested on his neck and you pressed him to yourself. You breathed heavily as he did, your teeth grazing over his lips every so often and you heard him let out a small growl. His hand moved to your ass where he squeezed but before he could do anything else, and oh boy he did want to, you pressed your hands on his chest and pushed him away.

He let a small wine but you smirked at him, pleased with how red his lips looked from all the rough kissing “That- is for everybody that needs to know who you belong to.”

“Something tells me you’re a little jealous huh?” he grinned, his blue eyes sparkling with mischief.

You scoffed “Like hell Salvatore! I am just marking my territory.” you shrugged and leaned down, burying your face at the crook of his neck where you kissed and licked before you finally sucked at the soft spot. You knew there would be a hickey that would soon would disappear but you were content for it to be there even for a little while.

“Mhm” he groaned “Marking your territory? I like the sound of that.” he ran his hands up your back “Why not mark it a little more, you know just to make sure everybody can see it.” he smirked and you pulled slightly away, narrowing your eyes at him.

“I’m going to get you back for this you know it right.” you let a small growl and he grinned even more.

“Oh I look forward to it.” he breathed out and you rolled your eyes.

You hoped off him and grabbed his hand “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

“Oh I so love you not getting jealous!”

You never thought you’d be attracted to the idea of strolling around town hand-in-hand while wearing matching Hawaiian shirts, but you’d do anything to make Harry happy. And if what made Harry was wearing similarly patterned clothing whenever possible, you’d do it! Harry had a quirky sense of style and you always admired it, and you’d pick absolutely no one else to walk around with wearing flamingo-pattered button downs. Sometimes you’d come home to see multiple bags from high-end luxury brands thinking that Harry went on a crazy shopping spree for himself, but only a quick peek into the bags would make you realize that he probably spent way too much money splurging on matching shirts and blouses for the two of you. 

“Hey, look a’ you!” Harry’s eyes popped open when you stepped into the room, a grin immediately gracing his features. “What a foxy lady…” He teased, getting up from his seat on the couch and walking over towards you. It was Day 2 of Harry starring on the Late Late show, which meant it was Day 2 of you wearing a dress that matched perfectly with his suit. 

“Never thought I’d ever wear a bloody Donald Duck patterned satin dress.” You joked, smoothing your hands over the fabric before twirling around in a circle so Harry could see the whole custom-made outfit. 

“I love it! You look amazin’ in it.” Harry purred, leaning forward to give you a quick kiss as his hands slid down to grasp at your waist. “Love the material, too.” He hummed, an arm slinking around you to pull you closer. “Nice and smooth…” His hair tickled your chin as he tucked his face into the crook of your neck to plant kisses to your skin, a smile twitching at his lips when you let out a shallow breath. 

“Cut it out, you perv.” You snorted, pushing him away gently once you rememebered there were probably security cameras in the dressing room. “Let me see your suit! Give me a twirl.” Harry beamed, taking a step away from you before turning in a circle and showing off his suit. 

“Oh, you look so pretty!” You gushed, reaching forward and fixing his collar to make sure that he was looking his best when he walked out on that stage.

You look so pretty!” Harry grinned, cupping your cheeks gently and giving you another kiss. Sometimes it concerned you how much you and Harry loved each other. 

“You both look pretty!” You turned around at the sound of James’ voice, your cheeks heating up slightly. You never liked getting caught being all mushy with Harry. “C’mon, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Duck. Show’s about to start!” 


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yandere!EXO reaction when they get jealous

(requested by anon: Yandere!Exo reacting to someone talking to their crush/girlfriend? Love this blog btw!)

BTS version

warnings: swearing, angst, violence

little note: yandere = a person either in anime or real life who would harm or kill others for looking/interacting with their crush as well as make their crush happy whatever it costs

As a guy, whom you knew from school, approached you, you felt a burning gaze coming from behind you and you didn’t need to turn around to know who it was. You quickly finished the convo and came up to your boyfriend.


He was staring blankly at you, not saying a word. „Sehun it’s no-“ „Am I not good enough? Maybe you got tired of me so you don’t need me anymore?!“ he grew furious and started shouting. You ran up to him and cupped his cheeks, rubbing them softly. „I need you.. so much“ he grabbed you around the waist and pulled you closer, resting his forehead against yours.


„Oppa ple-” „What does he have that I don’t?“ he hit the air with his hand in anger. „What?!“ he leaned a bit forward as he yelled. You reached him quickly and put your hands around his neck. He tried escaping your touch but you didn’t let him. You played with the back of his hair, calming him down. He picked your chin up, gazing into your eyes. „You’re mine“


You approached him and as you opened your mouth to say something, he lost it. He kicked the nearby table with his leg and threw the chair away. You ran up to him, pressing your hands against his chest. He tried pushing past you but you managed to stop him. You hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek many times. He groaned softly and turned his head towards you, kissing you deeply.


As you approached him, he shot you an angry yet vulnerable glare. He looked down to the floor, still not saying a word. You got up to him and hugged him, planting a small kiss on his lips. As you saw he was unphased, you sighed and moved away but he pulled you back and kissed you. „I don’t want anyone else to look at you the way I do. No one“


„What did he want? Ask you out on a fucking date maybe?! You know, you should go since he’s so interested in you“ he breathed heavily and looked at you with regret. He touched the back of his neck in anger but not at you, at himself for yelling. „I’m a fucking idiot, you should really leave me I-“ you pressed your hand gently over his mouth. „Oppa stop.. please“ you removed your hand from his mouth and hugged him tightly, listening to his heartbeats that calmed down slowly.


„What did he want?“ he asked calmly but you knew that was just a mask. He watched you like his prey as he moved closer and closer to you. You hit the wall and he placed his hands on each side of your head. „I won’t ask twice“ he growled. „He just wanted to chat, I don-” he hit the wall with his right hand, almost leaving a hole in it. „He doesn’t get to look at you. What’s mine is mine“


He stared at you with a deadly glare. “Kyungsoo he’s ju-’‘ “Oh so I’m not ‘oppa’ anymore?!” he chuckled sarcastically, starting to shake from anger. You quickly hugged him, resting your left hand on his chest and softly rubbing it. You kissed his neck gently. “Oppa it’s okay..” he calmed down instantly, pulling you closer.


“Xiu let me e-’‘ he cut you off midd-sentence. “Who the fuck is he? How the fuck does he dare to look at you that way? Only I can look at you!” he pointed at himself as he kept yelling. You reached his hands and slowly traced them up until his hair. You softly played with it while resting your forehead against his. “Shh I’m here..” you cooed, softening him slowly.


You wanted to calm him down but it was way too late for that. He furiously punched the wall beside him, leaving a small dent. He breathed heavily and rested his head against the wall. You came up to him from behind, caressing his back in small circle movements. He grabbed your hands and turned you to face him. “I’m sorry, I would never hurt you..” he brought your hands to his mouth and kissed each palm gently.


He looked at you with a hurt expression as he exhaled. “Wow I am that easy to replace am I?” your eyes widened at what he said. “No oh my God Lu ple-” “I saw the way he was smiling at you and he wants what’s mine” he said with a low voice, his posture changing from anger. He grabbed you around the waist and closed the gap between you. “But I don’t share” he growled against your ear making you shiver.


“Who would say no to such charm right?” he said with evident sarcasm in his voice. “Kris really it wa-” “Don’t say it wasn’t like that when it was!” he shouted at you, his eyes changing a shade darker. You looked hurt and your face showed that pretty well. “Oh my God no I didn’t mean to yell, I’m so sorry please..” his voice was cracking. “Please don’t go” he almost cried out so you cupped his face and kissed him deeply. “Just don’t yell..” you pleaded after the kiss. “Promise ”


“Are you blind? Don’t you see his fucking intentions?!” he yelled as he moved closer to you. He smirked at you but it wasn’t a good kind of smirk. “Or do you just want attention?” you looked at him, hurt and wide-eyed. “Oh my God I didn’t mean that I was just angry and.. I’m so sorry” his voice cracked and he fell on his knees, sobbing. You fell on your knees too and caressed his cheeks. You straddled him and cupped his face, kissing his cheeks and then his lips as he pulled you in for a long make out session.

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Does It Have To Be Like That? (Tom Holland x Reader Drabble)

Summary: Reader plays Maria Reynolds in Hamilton. Tom thinks the kiss in “Say No To This” is too long.

Warnings: 1 swear word.

Prompt: “IT’S TOO LONG LIN. TOO LONG.” -Anthony Ramos

A/N: I’M BAAAAACCCKKKKKK!!!! And still obsessed with Hamilton. Not the best but I hope you like it!!

“And that’s when I began to pray, Lord show me no to say no to this. I don’t know how to say no to this. In my mind, I’m tryin’ to go but then her mouth is on mine and I don’t say no.” Lin sang, and you walked towards him. You cupped Lin’s face and kissed him, he had one hand on your back and one on your thigh. 

You finished the show and walked back to your dressing room to find Tom waiting. “Hey, babe!” You said as you shut the door. “Can you unzip this?” You asked. No answer. “Tom? Babe?” 

“Does it have to be like that?” Tom asked, completely ignoring your question. 

You turned to look at your boyfriend, “Does what have to be like what?”

“The ‘Say No To This’ choreography.”

You laughed. “Is Tommy getting jealous?” He looked down. “Tom, Maria is a seductress, so yes it has to be like that. And we have to make it clear they had an affair, so yes we have to kiss for 3 seconds.”

“Your to friendly with Lin off stage too.” He told you. 

“Tom, babe, I love you.” You told him, and then placed a quick kiss on his lips. “Plus, Lin is married. And has the cutest son. Besides, I have a really hot boyfriend, he’s British and he’s motherfucking Spiderman.” Tom laughed and kissed your nose.

Just then Lin walked into the room. “Another awesome show tonight Y/N! Oh hey Tom! Did you like the show?” 

“It was pretty awesome. But that kiss is too long Lin, it’s too long!” 

“Oh shut up Tom. He loved it Lin.”

Jerome x Reader: Pretty Jealous Psycho

Originally posted by kristieltrips

sorry for the repost, again. please, let me know if it’s alright, if it’s not then i’ll delete it and try to write something else.

[Y/N] [Y/L/N] was a crazy bitch. And she was one of The Maniax.

She met them at Arkham, obviously.

[Y/N] was reading an old fashion magazine. She could tell it was 7 years old, not only by a date but also by the clothes. Why would they even wear those stuff back then? It was so wrong.

She didn’t want to caught any attention, she may be a sociopath but she had her standards. She knew she was better than all these people.

So as she continued to read she heard a shy voice. “Hi..”

And that’s how she met Arnold Dobbins A.K.A a total sweetheart.

He didn’t understand many things but he was nice to talk to. So she decided to stick with him.

He introduced her to his “friends”, Robert Greenwood and Aaron Helzinger. They were both pretty cool, Greenwood tried to get to her at first but she proved she can defend herself. that was enough for him.

But there was this other guy, Richard Sionis. He really got on her nerves. He thought he’s better than everyone because of his money.

That’s not [Y/N] being a hypocrite. She thought she’s better than everyone just because. Not because she had money. That was different.

[Y/N] was a pretty girl so she wouldn’t have a problem with getting something she wanted, from him. She even considered that when she wanted a lipstick, she was so tired of those monotone stripes, and everybody knew he could get her something like that.

But she didn’t even try to get on his good terms, because of Barbara.

She wasn’t that bad in her opinion, she could talk to her sometimes like normal girls would do, but deep down [Y/N] didn’t want to trust her.

But there was still one, not mentioned person.

Jerome Motherfucking Valeska.

He flirted with [Y/N] (or like he’d say Gorgeous) non stop but on the other hand he flirted with every girl, so she shouldn’t feel so special.

As she thought about it more and more, [Y/N] noticed he’s doing it mostly with her. She was glad because there was one thing she truly hated about herself.

The jealousy.

Yes, she could admit it to herself but only to herself.

It’s not like she was in love with him or something but that’s just how [Y/N] was. She was jealous.

[Y/N] was in her room in Theo Galavan’s penthouse.

She was listening to her favourite songs and couldn’t help but sing along quietly. She was a good singer.

[Y/N] laid on her bed as she looked at the lipsticks Theo got her. Finally. And they were waterproof, nice.

She picked the bloody red one and stood up to apply it.

Standing before a mirror, with one lip already red she heard a knock.

“Who’s that?”

“It’s me Arnold. Can I come in, [Y/N]?”

“Go ahead.” She finished the other lip and put down the lipstick and turned around to smile at her friend. “Hi, what’s up?”

“You look pretty, [Y/N].” He smiled gently.

She chuckled. “Thanks, Arny.”

They stood in silence. “So..? What’s up?”

“Ah right! Come downstairs, there’s a new member of our gang! And she’s a girl too!”

“What..” She couldn’t finish because of him dragging her out of the room.

What she saw before her was weird. All The Maniax, Tabitha, Theo and unfamiliar girl. In [Y/N]’s opinion she had a face that basically asked to be punched. Hard.

Geez, she didn’t even hear this girl spoke and she already wanted to hurt her. Is that a new record?

“[Y/N], I’m glad you came to join us. Now, with everybody here, I’m happy to introduce a new Maniax member, my niece, Silver.” The girl had a fake smile on her face and looked at Jerome, fluttering eyelashes at him.

‘What. A. Bitch.’

“Silver’s been here before, obviously but she doesn’t know you and which room is whose, so any volunteers to show her around?”

‘No, Jerome. Don’t do it. Just don’t. Please. Let your personality of a showman die, I beg of you.’

“I can do that.”


Of course Jerome was grinning but the look on that bitch’s face. So smug… She is going to regret it.

She knew Jerome wasn’t hers but she really wanted to change that! That slut can’t mess it up for her!

[Y/N] was angry at herself because she knew jealousy mirrored on her face. She could tell by Silver’s look. Oh, and Jerome’s because he fucking smirked at her.

“Erm, is that all? ‘Cause I’d like to go to my room now.”

“Yes, Dear, that’s all.”

So she went to her room.

She didn’t want to see this Silver girl walking everywhere with Jerome with his arm wrapped around her. She laid on a bed and watched her favourite cartoon.

‘I wish I could just live in this cartoon and have a happy life with [whoever you want]. I wouldn’t have to be jealous because he/she/it would pay attention only to me!’

She heard a knock and voice outside her door.

“And that’s [Y/N]’s room. I like to call her Puddin’ ‘cause she’s sweet. But careful she’s also dangerous, she wasn’t in Arkham because of nothing, Darling.” Giggling was present.

Ugh. It was such a wonderful speech but he just had to ruin it with that “Darling”

Yup, [Y/N] was still jealous.

“[Y/N], you there? Can we come in?” Another knock.

“If you need to..” She mumbled under her breath.

She heard them come in.

“What do you want?” She didn’t even look at them, still at the screen.

She was mad because she noticed how much Jerome was enjoying it. Her jealousy amused him. And that was the worst thing because secretly she was sensitive. She didn’t show it, but still.

“Oh ya know, just showing this pretty girl around.” Ew, did he really think she’s pretty?

[Y/N]  stood up. “Oh yeah, so, you showed her here, just stay away from this room, okay, bye now.” And she shut the door in their faces.

“What was that?” She heard an annoying voice on the other side of the door.

“I don’t know, she’s probably… tired.”

[Y/N] cried in her pillow in anger.

She didn’t leave her room in a very long time now. She had her own bathroom anyway. She also wasn’t there when they ate. She was too sad, too angry and too jealous to be hungry. She was lying on her stomach, face in a pillow. She didn’t hear a knock and someone coming in because of the music.

“Hey, Doll..” It was Jerome. She didn’t move.

She felt the bed sinking in and a hand on her back. “Baby, don’t be like that.” Like what?!

“Don’t do this to me, [Y/N].. I’m worried.”

I’m doing something to you? Do you even hear yourself?!” She choked out tears. It was hard for her, she was upset.  She raised herself to a sitting position, her face still a little red.

“There, there, doll. No need to cry.” He hugged her, the way her face was in his chest.

“Now, do you mind telling me why you’re so upset?”

“Don’t act like you don’t know it. I see how you’re enjoying it.”

“[Y/N]. Look at me. I had absolutely no idea that it was so serious to you. I’m sorry. I thought we were just teasing each other. You know you’re my favourite. You always will be.” He smiled gently at her and leaned in towards her.

“I am your favourite..? Isn’t Silver prettier?” She looked deep in his honest eyes as she felt a hot breath tickling her face.

“Of course. She may be a stereotype of pretty but you, Honey, are gorgeous. Not only to me. And I love you.” He closed the distance between them.

They broke apart to breathe. “I love you too, Jerome..”

And they kissed again, even more passionately, with a love song playing in the background.

Being Veronica's Girlfriend Would Include...

Hi could you do a being Veronica’s gf would include please? Thanks

Originally posted by magnusizzy

I’m sorry if it’s not very good, I hope you like it though

  • The second your eyes meet across the hall, she needed to know you.
  • She talked to you first, obviously, and there was no hiding from her.
  • “Hi, I’m Veronica Lodge, you are?”
  • “Y/N L/N.”
  • “I think we should hang out sometime, Y/N.”
  • You had her in your first four classes and she became your go-to partner for projects.
  • She would sit by you at lunch and pester you with questions.
  • “What’s your favorite color?
  • “What do you like to do?”
  • “What movies do you like?”
  • You both bond over shared movie taste and pop culture.
  • You become friends with Betty, and Kevin too.
  • You and Veronica are always talking about how you both ship Kevin and Moose.
  • “I ship it.”
  • You plan shopping outings with Veronica and Betty quite often.
  • You try on really horrible looking dresses and show them off to each other.
  • “Damn Y/N, you look good!”
  • Veronica is very vocal about how you look and her compliments always make you blush.
  • She loves it, and it’s on one of these shopping trips when she realizes she has really strong feelings for you.
  • You all have a sleepover at your house, just to hangout over the weekend.
  • While you’re getting snack, She tells Betty that she might love you and Betty urges her to ask you out on a date.
  • Before she can protest, you come back with a big smile on your face.
  • As the sleepover continued, Veronica started to flirt with you more openly.
  • When she went to go to the bathroom, you admitted to Betty that you really like Veronica.
  • “I can tell. I think she does too.”
  • “Really?”
  • “Of course. Just the way she looks at you.”
  • Veronica comes back before you could say anything more.
  • A few days after the sleep over you get a call.
  • It’s Veronica.
  • “Do you want to come over to my place later, maybe watch some movies?”
  • “Will Betty be there?”
  • “Uh no, she has homework.”
  • “Okay, I’ll be over at four o’clock.”
  • Veronica cleans up her room in the apartment and dresses up a little.
  • Little does she know, you’re doing the same.
  • Fussing with your hair and your blouse, all while texting Betty about how nervous you are.
  • “It’ll be fine Y/N, Veronica totally digs you.”
  • You head over to Veronica’s, your heart thumping like mad.
  • You knock on the door, and it flies open to reveal a happy looking Veronica.
  • She leads you inside, introduces you to her mom.
  • “Oh, you’re far more pretty than Veronica describes you!”
  • Veronica shows you her room, shutting the door behind you.
  • “So, what movie do you want to watch?”
  • After what felt like hours, you both decided to watch a Romance movie that neither of you had seen yet.
  • Throughout the movie you and Veronica laughed at the cheesiness of it.
  • “That would never actually happen, life doesn’t work like that.”
  • “You don’t know that V! Things happen.”
  • “Oh really?”
  • You bit your bottom lip and nodded, trying to ignore the tension.
  • Veronica started leaning in and then you started to lean in.
  • Soon it was a full on make-out session.
  • Your hands were in her hair, her lips all over your face and neck.
  • “V, I,” she kisses you quiet, “V.”
  • She pulls away from your lips, leaving them kiss-swollen.
  • “I love you.”
  • “I love you.”
  • You both start laughing, having said it at the same time.
  • After that, you start to publicly date.
  • Holding hands in the hallways of the school.
  • Sharing milkshakes at Pop’s.
  • She loves to spoil you, with gifts and kisses.
  • She loves your hugs; you’re just so warm and you treat her so well.
  • When Kevin sees you two together he just rolls his eyes and says:
  • “I ship it.”
  • You go over to her place a lot, have dinner with her and her mom.
  • The gossip surrounding Veronica and her mother never bothers you once.
  • “They don’t know you like I do, I love you.”
  • “I love you too Y/N.”

okay but a shallura wedding au where like coran walks allura down the (space??) aisle and shiro just takes one look at her and he just starts CRYING and he’s like “oh my god she’s so pretty” and after they get married shiro’s just showing allura off to everyone like “guys!!!! this is my wife!!!!” and allura thinks it’s so cute and it is very cute and those two deserve each other and lakhfgerinsdf;trgfd


I got an ask earlier this morning accusing me of being a fake fan for the pure simplicity of me disliking characters and not agreeing with some of their actions. So I’ve decided to make a post with all the things I HATE about this show. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve invested a lot of time and effort into this show, trying to piece together all the pieces and make sense of all the plot holes, but we have to admit there are some major issues with the show which go past just hating a character for being a shit person. So here all the reasons PLL ANNOYS ME.


- They always demonise poc characters or kill them off. For example, killing off Yvonne to set the pace for Spoby to slowly get back on track.

- This show literally glamourises attractive people not having to take responsibility for their actions in the face of the law. The show is literally called Pretty little liars, no wonder they wouldn’t have charges put against them for anything they do. I mean Aria killed Shana and got away with it, Jessica’s killer is yet to be revealed but so far got away with their crime, Ezra stalked and dated underage girls and didn’t get charges against him??! These people get away with shit just for the fact that they are attractive

- Alison’s character development has been so poor. We have literally been thrown nice Alison in our faces and are expected to forget that this girl bullied multiple characters oh the show, emotionally manipulated her friends and pretty much everyone in her life, faked being kindnapped, faked her death and used Emily on multiple occasions

- Aria forever remains a door mat for Ezra. Ezra could do her so dirty and Aria would be there like his little lap dog. She took him back after he stalked her and lied to her for years and suddenly there’s no trust issues? He then cheated on her on live television with Nicole and Aria much like Veronica, chose to ignore it. And omg, I wanted to go to New York and drag her little ass back to Rosewood when she drove all the way to New York to pay Nicole a little visit like what the fuck Aria? You going to go square up to a woman who doesn’t even know who you are?! All because you’re fuck boy predator cheated on you?! PSA: IT IS EZRA’S FAULT GO BE MAD AT HIM, DO NOT MELT BACK INTO HIS ARMS AND CONFRONT NICOLE. Fuck sake. ALSO ARIA ACTING LIKE JENNA GETTING HER EYE SEIGHT BACK WAS INCONVENIENT?!!!? BITCH YOU WERE A BYSTANDING IN HER BLINDING. YOU CAN STRANGLE YOURSELF.

- Veronica not leaving Peter’s cheating ass is something I’m so against. I understand that she loved him and built a life with him. But she could’ve have taken Spencer and Melissa and built something that wasn’t built on lies. I feel so bad for Veronica because Peter cheated on her with both Jesica and Mary (unknowingly) and now there are children out there who born from affaires.

- PLOT HOLES. Maybe these will make sense as the story goes on but there are so many of them

- Useless red herring characters. We are always and forever being lead to believe that the most irrelevant characters have something to do with A.D. They literally drag it out and have the girls play detective when it ends up being pointless.

- Bad portrayal of mental illness. Can we please just think about the fact that to avoid prison time, every A has willingly revealed themselves and acted crazy to be institutionalised Instead of spending time in jail.


- Hanna; Okay, I agree with @prettylittleliarsxxxx time jump Hanna sucks. They literally brought back the shop lifting Hanna. How shit for character development. She’s saltier than McDonald’s fries at the minute. Getting angry at everyone. She’s irritating me so much. And this is coming from a Haleb shipper, but it pissed me off that Hanna and Caleb just flew back into their relationship without even giving Spencer time. Also, the fuck is up with them putting Spencer and Caleb together? Like that just goes against every girl code. It’s a no zone.

- MONA. Mona is quite frankly the best thing to happen to this show. Yes, she might have tortured the girls as A but she redeemed herself over the seasons, and really does care about Hanna. These girls still alienate and demonise her and they’d e pretty little dead girls if it wasn’t for her. She’s helped and saved their asses so many times. I just want Mona to find happiness. She deserves it.