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Markiplier Ego Head Canons

I’ve been reading a few of some people’s head canons for the egos and thought I’d add a few thoughts of my own…

Googleplier: Google isn’t a bad guy. His objective to end the world is not out of malice, but rather because he sees it as a way to end all corruption in the world. Because he is the internet, able to access all information possible, Google knows what humanity is capable of, all the terrible things we do and think, how it outweighs the good, and he took it upon himself to destroy humanity before we could do anything worse. He’s doesn’t see himself as destroying the world, but rather getting rid of the ones who are destroying it.

Darkiplier: Dark is, as we all know, a manipulative sonovagun. But we also know that he has a shell that cracks at times. Perhaps Dark does have a softer side that he shows. I’ve seen hc’s about Dark being very nice to the Host due to his blindness while helping him around and others where Dark is an abusive boyfriend, his touches controlling and restricting. My idea is that Dark can be nice. He truly cares about the other egos but when his rage breaks loose, he loses that side of him and turns…well, dark. 

Wilford Worfstache: This is a theory I’ve seen around before already, but I just want to add to it. Wilf is a alter dimensional being and seeing as he is not from…here, he’s unaware of the mortality of human beings. In the interview with Mark, Wilf stabbed him repeatedly with a knife, claiming to be tickling him. He was genuinely confused when Mark stopped answering, not knowing that he’d indeed killed Mark, death not being something he knows anything about. Wilf enjoys dangerous things, not knowing they could actually result in someone’s death.

The Host: Host seems like a pretty innocent ego to me. I’ve seen hc’s that make him into a villain that enjoys narrating someone’s death to them and listening to it happen, but to me, that doesn’t really fit. After the incident that caused him to lose his eyes (perhaps he saw his own death in the future? He scratched out his own eyes to rid himself of the image but it still haunts him in his head), Host started to not talk to others. Sure, he still narrated what was going on, but he refused to speak casually. Dark was the one (during one of his good days) to pull him out of this and now he mostly only speaks to Dark and WIlf, narrating to everyone else. Oh, a little thing to add: Host has a hypnotic voice to those who let their guard down around him. He doesn’t do it on purpose, but those who hear it can be lulled into listening to him endlessly, neglecting food and water until someone breaks them out of the trance.

These are all I have so far. Hope these make sense, I’m bad at putting my thoughts into proper words… Also, thanks to @lum1natrix and @markired for the asks they answer as they’ve helped to inspire some of these thoughts 

At Peace (langst)

I should be updating my Sockathan story on Wattpad but I’m not feeling so hot so have some langst.

~ songfic kinda ~

+ I’m pretty much going to be posting langst or Oikawa angst (Tangst?) when I’m in a shit mood so get ready for that +

Lance was used to being rejected; by girls and boys alike.

So he should have seen this coming. He should have been prepared for this. But no, his hopes were high and he’d thought his feelings were -finally- reciprocated. He thought he had a chance and damn it if I don’t admit it. He was desperate.

I don’t know if we should be alone together 

He was desperate for attention, and love, and the chance to finally be accepted by somebody. Anybody. A chance to have something to live for again. A chance to be able to breathe again without the thought of his worthlessness crossing his mind and settling in a nice, quaint spot labeled “REASONS TO DIE”. The cringe is real, no matter how you think of it, but Lance can’t find it in himself to care anymore, about anything.

His constant quips usually spoken -sometimes even shouted- in a flurry of passion, are now most times left unsaid, or muttered at most.

He was hoping for a miracle.

I still got a crush, that’s obvious

“Hey, Keithy boy,” Lance chirped with as much enthusiasm as he could muster. 

Keith turned to face the blue paladin, a small smile playing on his lips. “Hey, Lance,” he replied happily.

You seem unusually chipper today, Lance thought to himself.

Suddenly. Keith chuckled, startling Lance out of his ‘thought’. 

The brunette covered his lips with his hand, eyes blown wide. “Did I say that out loud?”

If nobody’s around, what’s stopping us?
Everywhere I go you show, whatever

“You sure did, Lancelot. D’ya wanna know why I’m so ‘chipper’?“ Keith asked with a slight giddiness in his tone.

“Uhm, sure?” Okay, Lance. After he tells you whatever the fuck he’s so happy about -which is making him 100% cuter and I cannot stand it- I’ll tell him I love him, and we’ll live happily ever after.

With the widest smile I’ve ever seen, on Keith no less, Keith gushed out, “Shiro and I finally started dating!”

I don’t ever mind sharing oxygen
I just wanna get lost in your lungs

I spoke far too soon. “T-That’s great, Keith!” What did I think I could accomplish? “I hope you guys are happy together!” Of course Keith would go for Shiro. “Well, I gotta go u-uh, t-train now, so see ya!” He’s perfect.

Lance began to turn away from Keith. “Wait!” The red paladin demanded, grabbing the other’s arm and keeping him in place. “Did you need to talk about something, Lance? Are you okay?”

Just a baby, but she’s growing up so fast
And I’m allergic to the waiting

“O-Of course I am! I’m the jester, the class clown, the humour back bone of the team! Who needs feeling when you have the best sense of humour known to man?” The dark haired teenager announced, his chest puffed out and his eyes full of a dark hope. Please don’t call me out on my bullshit, I need to be out of here yesterday.

Thank god Keith’s dense as hell. “Alright Lance, whatever you say,” he chuckled and released his arm.

She’s just a baby girl
And I love to watch her dance

Tears left Lance’s eyes before he even finished turning, thankfully he didn’t notice but.

That didn’t stop Shiro from noticing, who now was in front of Lance. “Lance,” the black paladin whispered, his eyes shone with concern. “Are you alright? What happened?”

Shiro reached out to touch Lance’s shoulder, but he wasn’t having it. Tanned hands pushed on Shiro’s chest, pushing him -surprisingly- a few feet away, and in the next moment, Lance was out the door, leaving the new couple in shock.

But it’s making me go crazy

In the next few months, Lance got by in a mixture of disarray and monotone. Lotor was taken down, along with the Galra empire. The new head of said empire agreed on a peace treaty and most of the universe now lived in peace. 

Voltron was not needed anymore. And so, the team was left to their own devices. 

Pidge and Matt, the only Holts left, went on to create new, advanced machinery to help Earth evolve technologically.

Keith and Shiro went to a quiet inhabited planet, where there was a drug that could evolve the bodies of men in order to conceive, so the two can start a family. 

I don’t think that we should be around each other
When you’re in the room, you get my eyes
You open your mouth, I’m hypnotized, oh oh
I can make you laugh until you cry

Allura and Coran and the castle went on to rebuild the Altean empire. 

Hunk went home to Earth, with his family. He offered Lance a spot on his small ship to get home, but he declined, claiming he had to do something before going home.

Which, of course, was a lie. Because Lance has a secret he never told anyone, and that secret was that Lance has no family. 

The photo he showed everyone so proudly? Photo-shopped. His stories of his many siblings? MTV and YouTube. His emergency contacts on his profile back at the Garrison? His supposed nostalgia? His strict parental control? His life? All fake. All a fantasy Lance had built in his head when his real parents dumped him on the side of the road at 9-years-old because he broke his arm and couldn’t work on the farm anymore. 

You know you got all my attention
You know you got all mine, mmh

He had nothing to go back to. No purpose. No one waiting for him. No one to miss and love him. 

What was he supposed to do now? Go back to the Garrison? No, it wasn’t worth it if Pidge and Hunk weren’t there. 

What else was there? 

Lance sat in his space pod in the middle of space for hours before he realized, there’s nothing else.

Lance spent a few more hours of thinking about what he planned to do next. How would it affect the others? Will they come back? How will they react?

Baby, I can’t help but call her dad
Even though I shouldn’t say it 

In the back of his mind, one thought lingered: will they even care?

The ex-paladin of Voltron decided that his choice was the right one, and carried out his plan. 

He spent the next few hours filming a personal video for every member of the team. Even Matt. 

She was my baby girl
I might never get her back
But I don’t mind being patient, yeah

Can you let your baby be my girl?

But he didn’t dare send them yet. No, he had to send them at the very last second. 

Because he needed time to himself. He needed to prepare himself. He needed to find one, just one reason for him not to follow through with his decision. 

He couldn’t find any.

Can you let your baby be my girl?
Can you let your baby be my girl?
Can you let your baby be mine? 

With a tear rolling down his cheek, Lance sent all of the video’s to their respective person’s. Hopefully, they all get them.

Okay, I’m just gonna tell you what I gotta say, right here
I’m sorry Dave, I never meant to hurt your baby girl
She’s your little baby, she’s my soulmate

The broken boy put on his helmet, and with a deep breath, opened the door that separated him from endless space.

Location didn’t mean a thing to him, as he never truly had place to call home.

I don’t want you to worry, she’ll be so safe right here
Oh, oh, oh, so Dave, would you let your baby be my girl?

Can you let your baby be my girl?

More tears poured from his eyes, as Lance took deep breaths, and let his decision sink in entirely. He had no regrets.

Can you let your baby be my girl?
Can you let your baby be my girl?
Can you let your baby be mine? 

Lance sniffled, and although he couldn’t wipe his tears, he steadied them, pulling one last strong face. With his messages sent, his loved one gone, and nothing holding him back, the broken soldier, the brave face took his final breath. Finally, he reached up to his helmet and disengaged it, sucking the oxygen out. 

One last tear fell from his face as Lance’s final sight became apparent: the blue lion, engines blasting, rushing over to her dear paladin as the final remnants of air left his lungs, and Lance found:

that he was finally at peace.

Oh, your baby she’s mine


I’m so sorry. I was just supposed to blow off some steam but… I related to Lance. His loneliness, his perception of love, and his lack of anger. 

Rage, irritation, grief: they can’t be felt anymore.

Anyways, I was planning on writing a fic for each of the videos… what do you think? (Imma do it anyways lmao)

I hope you enjoyed this… 

12. Eating fruit/ice cream suggestively (from this list)

a sequel to the heatwave fic, as requested by @chalkboardwallfeelings

this got more nsfw than i intended, whoops ^^;;

The heatwave hadn’t let up in the slightest by the time their next scheduled patrol rolled around.

“At this rate we might actually get an akuma that turns off the sun,” Ladybug groaned, unsticking her sweaty bangs from her flushed forehead as they walked down the street, newly obtained ice cream pops in hand.

Chat tore his eyes away from the oddly fascinating sight and contemplated his ice cream pop. “Do you think we could somehow get an ice cream akuma? That, like, flings ice cream at people? That would be awesome.”

(They hadn’t talked it out so much as they’d just sort of looked at each other and come to the mutual, unspoken agreement that it was much too hot to be jumping around Paris, and that they could patrol the local marketplace on foot instead. That the market place was clear of people because everyone sane was avoiding the heat also went unremarked.)

“That… sounds kinda icky,” said Ladybug, plastic crackling as she ripped the wrapper off her own treat. “And sticky. And slippery. And—”

“I get it already,” Chat sighed, and bit off a corner of his chocolate-and-nut-covered bar. It was blessedly, blessedly refreshing. Chewing the salty-bitter-sweet coating and swallowing, he added, “But it’d be cold.”

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I really need an au where Guzma is a hugely famous singer, but the kind of singer that is hypnotizing people to rob banks and jewelry stores for him while he sings. And hypnotizes ppl to physically hurt or kill those that get in his way. Really he just has everyone under his control except for people like Nanu and Kukui.

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PDA - Peter Parker x Reader

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A/N: !!PLEASE READ THIS IF YOU’RE REALLY INTO OOP!! I’m going to be skipping over OOP for now (I usually do a request/other story and then a chapter of OOP but I’m going straight to a request bc I want to.)

Request: (by anon) Ok so I was wondering if I could request a Peter Parker x reader imagine where the reader and Peter are both living at the tower and dating and like they get caught showing PDA all the time by all the avengers so they convince the two to have a bet to see how long they can go without kissing and stuff (pssst…my prompt lists are 1 , 2 please specify which list you are requesting from)

Warning: cursing, fluff, oh god, so much fluff, food, love actually, making out

Words: 1398

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Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: A story/imagine where the reader is working as an extra on set and has a crush on Bill but they’ve never interacted or had much to do with eachother until she accidentally messed up one of the scenes so they start arguing in private, she had a panic attack/asthma and he comforts her.

Warning: Panic Attack but fluff

Note: Bill Skarsgård is sexy. Enjoy! X3! 

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Your heart was racing fast as you looked around the crowd of people as extras for the new IT movie. You liked to star in movies and plays as an extra character since being in front of so many people gave you stage fright.

Especially when you were nervous like today. You some how were able to get a role where you get to talk to Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Aka Bill Skarsgård, aka your crush you’ve had seen 2013.

You had a bad fangirl crush on him that kept getting worse as he starred in movies like Atomic Blonde, Simple Simon, Hemlock Grove, etc. You had fallen head over heels for him but you knew he’d never be able to even glance your direction but now you were going to meet him.

Well as Pennywise, but then he’s probably going to just walk away and take a 5 minute break afterwards. You were fidgeting uncontrollably looking this way and that but the director already told you he wasn’t going to show up until the scene.

“Awwww you looking for sempai?” Your friend Shelby teased nudging you.

She was also an extra but she was supposed to be in the way background unlike you. You wanted to but at the same time you didn’t want to switch roles with her.
You were so nervous your hands were shaking as you read the script trying to remember your lines that you highlighted with a fluorescent yellow marker.

You were simply supposed to walk down the street. Pennywise would come out and manhandle you to the wall and you would scream, “Get away from me! I don’t want to die!”

That’s it and then he bites down on your neck or something and then the scenes over. Simple. You should be able to remember that Right?

“Notice me Senpai.” Shelby whispered.

“Will you stop!” You growled.

Shelby simply laughed until the director called they were starting the scene in 5. You felt sick to your stomach and weak in the knees. This was a huge leap for you to become one of those people who just walk down the street minding their own business to suddenly becoming an actor with voice lines and everything.

“Dude are you freaking out?” Shelby asked.

“Of course i am! Im going to be attacked by my actor crush in a clown suit. If I screw this up I screw everything up! I won’t be an actor, I will humiliate myself, I will-”

Shelby tightly gripped your shoulders and shook, “Calm. Down. Drink some water and relax, everything’s gonna be fine.”

You nodded and took a long gulp only for bells to ring signalling it was time. You choked and accidentally splashed some water on the floor as you choked and coughed and hacked.

Eventually though you were able to fix yourself and the makeup department came over and dragged you to a chair to do final touches. You flipped your hood up for  the scene and stuffed your hands in your hoddie pockets pretending to listen to music.

The director called action and you tried to pretend to be laid back and chill looking down at the ground.

Keep your cool.

Keep your cool.

Keep your cool.

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Jerome Plays Shrink

Title: Jerome Plays Shrink

Anonymous asked: I like that AU fic idea where Jerome is the therapist but I can’t see him as a legit one. What if he was just pretending to be one to get to a new inmate? He kills the real therapist and steals his clothes, all to get some alone time with her. Omfgggg, sex therapy.

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Jerome x Reader

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Can’t Happen - G Dragon

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Genre: Angsty Smut

Warnings: Well, it’s borderline smut sooo


A/N: Okee, so originally this was GD’s Bday gift, although that didn’t happen. So I could continue this story, although it’ll take time for me to get going on it. Also the title is low key very clique??? idk I don’t love it. I hope you like it!! Inbox is always open.

~ Admin Brooklyn


“Oh my innocent little girl,” Ji Yong said, his voice soft and hypnotic. His hand strokes your hair, the gesture making you relax the anxious nerves that seem to rest in your lower stomach. He stares at you, your eyes connecting with his as you both share the intense moment. His eyes hold the swarm of emotions he feels, lust, awe, a twinge of sadness, and above all love. “You really don’t know what you do to a man.”

“Ji Yong,” you start. Your heart beats wildly, hearing it, almost being able to feel it in your eardrums. Your voice stays in its hushed whisper, although nobody else is around to hear it. You lose the end of your sentence. Ji Yong had moved his hand down to your cheek, his thumb swiping sweet and soft little strokes on your cheek. The slow yet sexy music still plays softly in the background.

“My sweet, innocent girl,” he whispered, his head leaning towards you. His hand guided your head, although you were already leaning in. Your lips connected, and he leads you into a passionate and lustful kiss. Your hand reached up to his shirt, gripping the fabric as you try to pull him closer, while his gripped your waist trying to pull you closer.

The kiss started softly. It was sweet and held passion, but as seconds passed by the kiss became more intense. Lust was added into the kiss, and the sound of lips locking together filled the room along with the still playing music. The music had seemed to set the mood, a chill lazy tune that still sounded sexy as fuck. Ji Yong’s hand slowly slid up your body, finding its destination at your chest. His hand came up and cupped your breast, making a small moan escape your lips. Ji Yong slowly pushed you backward, leading you towards your bed.

You feel the bed hit the back of your knees, stopping your movement backward. You feel him disconnect you from the kiss and push you onto the bed. Your feet are still planted on the floor as your body lays down on the bed. You watch as Ji Yong strips off his shirt, eyeing his tattoos as he discards the clothing. He leans back down to kiss you and push your torso up, your elbows supporting your weight. You begin to back up awkwardly, Ji Yong crawling as he stayed on top of you. You never broke the tender kiss, even as you had reached the top of the bed.

Ji Yong’s lips left yours, and he slowly began to leave heated kisses down your neck and collarbone. Your chest rises and falls as you take quick breaths, panting from the intense kiss. Ji Yong smirked as he looks up at you, still kissing down your body. Your eyes were closed and your mouth was slightly parted as you continued to pant for air, your mind still in a blissful state.

“(Y/N), baby,” he said quietly, his lips brushing against your skin. You hum in response, your mind still enjoying the moment. “(Y/N)-ah look at me.”

You open your eyes and look down at him. He looks up at you through the strands his hair. His eyes almost hooded, but his eyes shown through. His gaze was piercing, yet loving. You share a quick silent moment. Your eyes communicating something that you’re both too cowardly to say out loud.

“Ji Yong,” you say. “I know. I do too.” You whisper to him.

Lisa has been Erick’s baby sister for 3 years now. Ever since he was a little toddler she always took care of him when his parents wouldn’t. Now that Erick was 7, him and Lisa became very close. Lisa was celebrating her 18th birthday soon and what Erick or family didn’t know was that she comes from a long line of women that practice magic. Now that Lisa was becoming 18 it was time for her to begin perfecting her spells. She saw Erick as the perfect test subject due to the fact that he was so young, most of his retellings would sound like a fun game or huge imagination. The one spell she needed to perfect the most was the aging spell. She had trouble with this because the only thing she tested this spell on was her dog and all she could do was regress her dog back into a puppy. She knew that with Erick she might be able to progress his age easier since he was already so young.

“Oh Erick! Can you come in here!” Lisa called out for Erick. He walked into the room in his school uniform and baseball cap. “Hi Lisa!” Erick said with a smile and boyish charm. “Do you mind helping me play a little game right now?” Lisa asked Erick. “Yeah! What'er the rules so I know how to win.” Erick said curiously. “I’ll help you. Here, just sit on the bed.” Lisa pointed to Erick’s bed. Once Erick was seated she asked Erick to close his eyes. “Can I pretend to be a astronaut this time Lisa? I always wanted to be an astronaut!” Erick said closing his eyes tight assuming that they were playing another pretend game. “Shhh” Lisa said as she whispered words to herself in a different language. Erick was now in a trance like state. Lisa had made it so Erick’s mind went to sleep but his body was still responsive. “Good, this should help this go smoother than I thought.” Lisa said as she pulled out a stick and pointed it towards Erick. “Now, here goes nothing.” Lisa then began to say phrases and commands in a different language while swaying her stick up and down in front of Erick who was still in a hypnotic trance. Once Lisa was done she waited and waited until she thought that her magic wasn’t strong enough to work on a human yet.

As she was putting her wand back into her bag she heard fabric starting to rip open and tear. Confused, she turned back to find that Erick had grown into a 13 year old boy. “Yes! I did it!” Lisa said to herself. Erick was still in a trance like state so he was unaware of his current transformation. Lisa saw as Erick’s shirt and pants were much to tight for him now. She looked down and saw that his toes were sticking out of his shoes due to the sudden growth. This made her giggle a little, “oh no, I’m sorry Erick. I promise I’ll buy you some new clothes. Now, let’s get you back into your normal 7 year old self.” Lisa turned around to grab her stick out of her bag once more when she began to hear fabric tearing and ripping again. She quickly turned around. “Oh no! Erick stop growing!” Lisa looked at Erick, still in a hypnotic trance, as he grew larger. She dropped her stick in awe of how big he was getting.

Erick’s shirt ripped open immediately exposing a developing chest with nice pecs. His arms quickly inflated with muscle forming two large biceps. Lisa looked down at Erick’s legs and saw how they quickly demolished his school pants from all the muscle his legs were developing. She noticed that the wand was at Erick’s feet and kneeled down to pick it up. As soon as the wand was in her hand she noticed that Erick’s toes grew much larger and his feet bursted right out of his small size 7 shoes revealing large size 13 feet. “Whoa! Erick, I never knew you’d grow to be that big.” She smiled as she got back to her feet trying to figure out how to resolve his situation. Erick’s torso grew wider and longer shredding the remains of his shirt. His thighs grew bigger and bigger until all that was left were very tight underwear. Erick looked to be a jock in high school now causing Lisa to realize that maybe she shouldn’t try and stop Erick’s growth anymore. Erick’s face began to mature through 17 years. Erick’s innocent boy face developed into a handsome man’s. Erick quickly developed a beard followed by hair sprouting all over his body. “Uuuh wha-what’s happening?” Erick’s hypnotic trance began to diminish as he started to realize what was going on. “Uuuuhh!! Lisa why am I so big now!?” Erick was overwhelmed by the sight of his body. He flexed his muscles all over and itched his face and body from all the new hair.

Erick’s growth was almost complete but Lisa knew there was one more thing that needed to grow and it looked like it already began to grow. Lisa saw as Erick began to run the front of his tight underwear. “Why does it tickle so much?!” Erick asked Lisa red faced and in a sweat. “It’s okay Erick! I’ll help you.” Lisa rubbed Erick’s growing dick. She felt as his cock grew thicker and larger. “How does this feel?” Lisa said looking up at the 24 year old Erick. “Ooooh…Lisa…your hand makes me feel good.” Erick said moaning deeply with his head tilted back from the pleasure. Lisa waited for Erick’s balls to grow larger when she knew that she could begin stroking Erick to his first climax. “Uuuuh!!! Lisa?! What are you doing?!” Erick looked down as he saw Lisa stroking his now thick dick. Erick’s large balls were moving up and down from Lisa’s stroking. “I’m helping you Erick! Trust me!” Lisa stroked harder. “It tickles so much Lisa!! I…UH!!…I…can’t take it!” Erick tried to form a sentence from his deep breathing and sweat. He didn’t know what this feeling was but all he knew was that whatever Lisa was doing felt so good. “OOOOOH LISA!!!!” Suddenly Erick reached his climax causing him to release a thick white substance all over his chest, Lisa’s hands and face. Erick smiled with a boyish grin and said, “that was a fun game!” Erick looked at Lisa and pointed at her skirt laughing, “looks like you spilled some water on your pants Lisa!” Little did Erick know that what he was pointing at wasn’t water. “Here! I’ll help you dry it off!” Erick ran out of the room giving Lisa a nice view of Erick’s now thick butt and bulging muscular body. When Erick returned he started to rub a towel on Lisa’s skirt. “Oooh” Lisa moaned softly. “Oh sorry! I guess I’m too strong, do you want to clean yourself off?” Erick asked innocently handing over the towel to Lisa. “No, keep going you’re doing a great job.” Lisa answered and wondered if regressing Erick back into a child was the right thing to do after all of that happened.

New York City Nightmare

Characters: Loki x Reader

Summary: There are moments that change your life and unfortunately for Loki when these moments present themselves he never fails to make the wrong choice.

Word Count:  2197 words

Prompt: New York City – Chain Smokers

A/N: This is for my 800 followers celebration as requested by the awesome @thorne93 who has now given me Loki feels.  This is my first attempt at Loki so I apologise in advance, also not a happy fluffy one folks.

This wasn’t part of the plan.  You had never been part of the plan but that was just typical of how his life was panning out.  The first time he had met you it was brief but that had been all it took.  You and Barton had been tasked to guard the mysterious crater with the weird hammer in the middle of it and while Barton had been engaged elsewhere you had spotted a lone figure approach the artifact. Cautiously you had stalked him as if he wasn’t already aware of your presence.  When he turned to face you the sardonic smirk on his lips fell and his eyes widened.  Sure, you were pointing a gun at him but the fire and passion in your eyes captivated him in a way he was not accustomed to.  

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Hypnosis Sentence Meme

❝Look into my eyes dearie.❞
❝Feeling sleepy yet?❞
❝Hey, let me try something…❞
❝Just relax, not like you’ll be feeling anything soon anyway.❞
❝Three… two… one– WAKE UP!❞
❝Look me in the eye when I’m speaking to you.❞
❝You don’t want me to look at you, well– why don’t you look at me?❞
❝Sleepy, you look so sleeeeeeeepy…❞
❝You’re under my command now.❞
❝You won’t remember anything, got it?❞
❝Shut up and look into my eyes.❞
❝Shut your mouth or you’ll catch flies.❞
❝My eyes are pretty, don’t you think?❞
❝Hey! Don’t cover your eyes!❞
❝Why are you resisting?❞
❝Good boy/girl.❞
❝You’re snoring.❞
❝Shush now, I’m sick of your voice.❞
❝Drool huh, it’s suits you.❞
❝Just keep staring, yes… deeper now.❞
❝You’ll be mine soon enough.❞
❝Your mind will be mine.❞
❝Having a strong-will is so overrated.❞
❝Could you hypnotize me?❞
❝Hypnosis is a load of crap.❞
❝I don’t need you messing up my head.❞
❝Oh please, the day you hypnotize me will be the day hell freezes over.❞
❝Hypnosis? Don’t be ridiculous.❞
❝You are under my spell!❞
❝Just one peek, please.❞
❝Just watch it swing back and forth, back and forth, back and forth…❞

Sprousehart First Meeting (3 of ?)

Lili: *standing in waiting room and rehearsing her audition*

Cole: *thinking and staring at her* Damn, she is the most beautiful angel I have ever seen. I‘ll make her laugh about cheesy archaeolgy pick up lines so she knows I‘m smart and funny

Cole: *to Lili* My, my you are a special find.

Lili: *turns to Cole blushing and confused* Oh, really?

Cole: *hypnotized by her presence* Wow, and all this time I thought nothing was sexier than archaeometry!

Lili: *thinking, disappointed, but smiling at him* Oh lord…


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Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader 

Request: HI! may you please write an imagine with Chris Evans, you guys met at comic con with you dressed up as the girl version of Captain America and he was taken away by how great you looked? thank you! (anonymous)

Word count: 1448

A/N: This turned out pretty long. Oops! Well, I hope that you’ll enjoy this :)


You stood in front of a mirror making sure your costume was perfect. You had dressed as a female Captain America this year because of your huge crush on the character and its actor. You had tried to make your costume as identical to the Civil War suit as you could. The only thing different in your suit was your feminine curves under it. You made some finishing touches on your hair and makeup and did a little spin to get a good look at the whole costume. It was even more perfect than you had dreamed. “Y/N, let’s go” you friend shouted at you from the door and you took one last look. You nodded at the mirror smiling widely, you were ready. “Yeah, I’m coming” you shouted back and walked to your friend. “Man, that costume is awesome Y/N! You really nailed it” your friend admired your costume and you smiled proudly before saying “Yeah, I really did”.

You walked in to Comic-Con and took in the scene. This is going to be a fun day, you thought while looking at everyone in their costumes. You and your friend walked straight to the Marvel booth. “Yo! Miss America!” you heard some guy holler at you and you turned around to them a bit annoyed. “It’s Captain” you answered trying to mimic Chris’ deep voice and jokingly made the iconic Captain America pose. “Oh, sorry dude, my bad” the guy put his hands up in defense and turned away. You turned back to your friend “Seriously? Miss America?” you laughed at your friend and shook your head. You browsed through the booth for a while before realizing the time. The photo op with Chris Evans was about to begin and you made your way there. This was the moment that you had been waiting for the most. Today was the day that you were going to meet Chris Evans!

You were waiting for your turn with Chris nervously. Your legs were shaking and palms sweating as you stood there. You took a deep breath and tried to calm yourself down. You didn’t want to be a blushing sweating mess when you met Chris. “Okay, it’s your turn” someone said and you walked through the curtain and immediately your eyes met Chris’. “Hey!” he greeted you and you tried not to freak out. “Hey, I’m Y/N” you shook his hand nervously. “Oh shit, that’s a nice costume! Did you make it yourself?” Chris looked at you and you did everything you could to keep the blush away. “Y-yeah I did. Captain America is my favorite Avenger” you looked at him smiling. “Well, you look amazing” he said and felt the suit. “Thank you” you looked into his eyes grinning widely. Oh god those eyes were beautiful. You were almost hypnotized by his gaze. Chris was looking at you and suddenly you felt yourself blushing. Was he checking you out? No, he couldn’t be. There is no way Chris Evans is checking you out. You looked at the smile on his face and the way he was looking at you. Could it be? You shook the thoughts out of your mind. You were just imagining the whole thing.

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Can I request a imagine with genji, hanzo, lucio getting a pet with their s/o? Like what kind, what'd they name it and all that :)

Awww cuuuteeee

Genji- a Grey Bunny

“(Y/N), I got something for us!” Genji yelled walking in the door.

Putting down your controller you raced down the stairs excited to see what he got. As you reached the bottom you saw a cage sitting in the middle of your living room.

“What’s in the cage?” You asked.

“Him!” Genji turned around a grey ball of fluff in his hands.

You were confused until two little ears popped up. Two dark brown eyes met yours and you fell in love.

“Can I hold him?” You asked. Suddenly you had a little bundle fluff in your hands, “Does he have a name?”

“No, have anything in mind?”

You thought for a second, “How do you say cloud in Japanese?”

“Kumo,” he chuckled.

“Then Kumo it is!”

(ugggg I love when he speaks in Japanese)

Hanzo- Two Koi Fish

The two of you had talked about getting two koi fish for a while. Hanzo had always found them to be calming and you thought they were absolutely majestic.

Time passed and you were watching them swim around in your living room where you just had a tank installed. “They truly are amazing,” Hanzo stated.

“They need names.” You said flatly hypnotized by the two creatures.

“Oh, well what about Peace and Harmony?”

“No, too plain.”

“North and South?”

“They’re fish not compasses.”

“Well do you have anything better?”

“Well the one looks like a cow so, Sea Cow for that one. I’m not too sure about the other one though.”

You both stared at the fish. It was bright yellow a reflected light beautifully.

“How about Sunshine?” The archer asked.

“Sea Cow and Sunshine huh,” you thought for a moment, “What an unlikely pair. I love it.”

Lucio- Frog jk a Tabby Cat

Your one year anniversary was coming up and you both wanted to take your relationship a step further. So getting a pet was perfect.

After talking about it you two thought a cat was perfect (lol purfect… I’ll go home).

You walked into the adoption center and were filled with excitement. “Look at them they’re so cute!” Grabbing Lucio’s hand you started to look at and play with the cats. As time went by the two of you got separated. None of the cats were connecting with you the way you hoped.

“Hey babe, look at this one!” Your boyfriend exclaimed holding a black and white striped cat.

“Awe she looks like a piano,” you swooned.

“That’s what I was thinking. So what do you think?”

“We can get her under one condition; we call her Jazzy.”

“Oh that’s amazing! Welcome the the family Jazzy.”

Side note: his jazz skin kills me

  • Plebian Tier kink: "Oh tie me up baby"
  • Intermediate Tier Kink: "Oh man yeah hypnotize me"
  • Advanced Tier Kink: "I watched a sega game gear infomercial and at the end a guy transformed into a Hip Sega Loving Surfer Dude and got a boner"