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Klaine one-shot - “Gift with Purchase” (Rated PG13)

To prepare for a big audition, Tina takes Blaine to Sephora for a little freshening up, where Blaine meets the sales associate of his dreams. (2277 words)

Written for @hkvoyage, because I don’t think I ever thanked her enough for “writing me into” her big fic, Butterfly Wings :D

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“I don’t know why I let you talk me into this,” Blaine says, turning on his heel and walking down the street the way they came. “This is ridiculous.”

“No, it’s not! It’s brilliant!” Tina grabs Blaine by the shoulders and spins him back around with surprising strength. “I’m not saying get a full glam makeover, just a little touch up. You want to look your best for your audition, don’t you?”

“I guess. It’s just … I haven’t worn makeup in so long. I feel kind of silly putting it on now.” Blaine can’t help feeling a bit self-conscious. He’s been cultivating a new image since high school – a more macho image. It hasn’t exactly been working for him the way he’d hoped, but one thing it doesn’t include is makeup.

“Nonsense.” Tina turns him slightly, directing him to Sephora. “BuzzFeed says that men these days get touchups all the time. Everybody from baristas to CEOs drops in on their lunch hour to get freshened up.”

“You know, you can’t trust everything you see on BuzzFeed, Tina.” Blaine puts his hands out and pulls open the door before Tina can push him straight through the glass. “Besides, I don’t think that plumper lips or the perfect smoky eye is going to help me get this part.”

Tina shrugs. “You never know. This is a Broadway role you’re going for.”

“You might have a point.”

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Time's Up

Summery: You have a crush on Sehun but he is too much of a playboy to even notice you
Member: Sehun x Reader (Feat. Other EXO members)
Type: Angst, Fluff, School!Au
Length: 1,930 Words

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

I still trying to find what kind of voice is best for the blog so please let me know! I actually bothered to outline this one (lmao sorry other scenarios) I hope you enjoy let me know what you think! P.S. I almost added a bit where Kyungsoo and me are making out in the kitchen but I opted out but you can imagine it’s there if you want ;) (It’s canon)

- Admin Kain

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The hallways always had a depressing tone to them. The matte greys and faded blues, the torn posters and dirty floors. The environment looked like it should be derelict with paint peeling from the walls, graffiti decorating every surface possible and worn, rusted windows that had a darkened tint preventing the light to even attempt and warm the interior of the beaten-up building. The sunlight wasn’t always necessary though as when Oh Sehun strode through the hallway like he owned it he seemed to emit his own light. His glowing skin, twinkling eyes and the way his smile seemed to radiate all of these features had the impact of not only brighten up the worn-down school building but also your entire day.

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