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So here’s a dramatic re-enactment of what happened last night:

Apparently I respond to Phil torturing me (YEAH, @philsterman01​, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID) by drawing for hours, so here are some of the sketches to accompany part of his Adrinette scene. Go listen if you haven’t yet because THESE ARE ADORABLE (and all his stuff, really?? pretty sure I’ve said this a million times now lol)

The Marin AU is @yaushie‘s and the voice clips (HNNNG) are @philsterman01‘s (the sketches and total lack of self-control are mine TTATT)

can i just say people watching is so nice like i know that sounds creepy but when writers tell you to people watch - take their advice. you’ll find inspiration in the places you least expect to

i’ve witnessed the beginnings of so many stranger friendships & potential romances

i’ve witnessed couples fight, make up, make-out. i’ve seen friends fall out, parents and children arguing, parents and children being affection, i’ve seen people hug & and one person would look over the other’s shoulder with a sour expression, i’ve seen online friends hug for ages the first time they meet at the airport, i’ve seen people smiling & giggling at something on their phones, & old people reminiscing past experiences with friends at the corner table of a cafe

i’ve seen tears, fidgeting fingers, nervous shuffling feet, heard boisterous laughter, muffled giggles, watched a person grin from ear to ear and watched another smile timidly and blush - it’s just really fucking great

sometimes you forget all the stuff that’s out there, so really just. sit back, relax, (try not to look creepy and stare), and just. watch the world and the people in it, it’s really fucking beautiful when you take the time to look around

okay oh my I’ve calmed down somewhat but I still really cannot believe how into each other Giles and Jenny are because it’s unbelievably adorable

first off, Jenny’s face as Giles is leaving is wonderful

she starts off with kinda soft eyes

and a sweet smile

and then goes to “dorky as all get-out” once he’s turned around and is walking away

the Unflappable Jenny Calendar seen here, folks

look at this lil bean she can’t take her eyes off him and she can’t stop smiling

she tries to go back to being cool at the end but we all saw that, jenny. we all saw it.

ALSO OKAY I HAVE TO ADD the fact that Jenny looks suddenly cool and collected at the end probably has to do with the fact that Giles, who was walking away, turned around again to look at her? Like she’s all dorky grins and stuff when he’s not looking but when he turns around she has to pretend she was already going back into the classroom.

“yep. cool. just leaving. look, I’m going to toss you a flirty look over my shoulder because I’m totally confident and casual about this. not a dork. not me.”

meanwhile gILES



I cannot with these two they’re such smitten idiots even when they’re dating


Go ahead and make an acrobatics check

A little part from an old radio show with Eren, Connie and Mikasa’s voice actors! (1 and 2

For the subtitles : 
Kaji Yuki (Eren) :
Ishikawa (Mikasa): pink                            
Shimono Hiro (connie): green

It is important to know that the Voice actress answered this in a quick question/answer game, and therefore had to answer with the most obvious trait that first comes to her mind in few words
It is not a general analysis or to say that’s all what Mikasa is! 

It is also important to note, this dates back to the day only seven episodes were aired from the anime! but I thought it was too cute not to share  :)

Kaji Yuki (Eren) : 2nd question was “what kind of character Mikasa is ?” and you answered “Eren is my life”
Shimono Hiro (connie) : well , it is obvious to see her
Ishikawa Yui (Mikasa): yeah, there’s no one but Eren!
Kaji Yuki (Eren) : aah did you hear that, all Erens in Japan? (he actually says all Eren-san(s))
Ishikawa Yui (Mikasa): I doubt there is any Eren!
Shimono Hiro (connie) : well , some Eren could exist but.. haha
Kaji Yuki (Eren) : If your name was Eren too, wouldn’t you be happy to hear her say “Eren is my life”?
(don’t you just Love Eren’s VA?) 
Shimono Hiro (connie) : well I would be happy though ..
Kaji Yuki (Eren) : sorry this is not so funny ! Anyway, for Mikasa, this is the obvious thing about her?
Ishikawa Yui (Mikasa): that’s right, Eren is everything for me.
Kaji Yuki (Eren) : yeah well, Mikasa and Eren’s past unveiled a little in the anime.
Ishikawa Yui (Mikasa): yeah, that was awesome. No wonder she fell in love!
Kaji Yuki (Eren) : Ah really? For women he was that cool?
Ishikawa Yui (Mikasa):  in fact, maybe the whole humanity fell in love with him!
Kaji Yuki (Eren) : Whole humanity??
Shimono Hiro (connie) : -laughingWhole humanity? You’re exaggerating !
Kaji Yuki (Eren) : -laughing- Men and Even titans??
Ishikawa Yui (Mikasa): definitely! right?
Kaji Yuki (Eren) : why not ask the writer there, he is a man too!
Shimono Hiro (connie) : He did, He did! Even titans fell in love like: EEGGOOOO!!!
Ishikawa Yui (Mikasa): ERREEEEN!!

Hobbies are so much nicer when you aren’t worried about being good at them oh my gosh

have FUN WITH YOUR HOBBIES have FUN being bad at them if you’re bad at them, literally who cares go have fun