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Rental Love* (2\?)

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Male/22/Long Island N.Y.C.
Tired of showing up stag at holiday events? Want your family to stop thinking there’s something wrong with you? Just want some arm candy for a work event?
Look no further. Your solution is here!
I will attend holiday events with you as your paid date.
Accepting all genders as applicants.
Email solace.w@fastmail.com if interested. Interview & application will be set up there.
Nico di Angelo has been telling Hazel Levesque about his boyfriend for weeks. The bad part? Nico doesn’t have a boyfriend, the holidays are coming up, and not all of Jason’s ideas are horrible.
They’re all a bit surprised about the last one.

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Isaac Lahey Imagine- Because Of Me (Part2)

Part 1       Part 3     Part4

You and Malia were on your way to Scott’s house for the weekly pack meeting and as usual you were both late. “No, we’ve got a good ten minutes till we have to be there” Malia said, checking the time on her phone. You decided to walk together from your house, by decided I mean your car broke down so you had no other choice. “Malia we were supposed to be there at half past, we’re twenty minutes late” you sighed. “We better hurry up or we’ll have to listen to one of Stiles’ lectures on the importance of punctuality again” she smiled. You remembered that vividly, you were both sitting there for what seemed like forever listening to a ranting Stiles, while you were making sarcastic comments and trying not to laugh. “It's like another fifteen minute walk” you groaned. “Or a five minute run” she said, her eyes glowing blue. “Malia, you know I hate sport-” you began saying, before realising she had already started. "Great” you muttered before running after her. By the time you got there, she was waiting for you at the front door. “It’s about time Y/L/N, I better tell coach to sign you up for extra track practice” she laughed. You simply flipped her off and opened the front door. You walked into the living room and everyone’s heads shot up at you, but you weren’t met with the usual clap or sarcastic comment on how nice it was for you to finally arrive. You followed Liam’s flickering eyes to see none other than Isaac goddam Lahey standing in the corner of the room. You couldn’t deal with this again. You turned around and walked back out without a word. “You make me do math, you’re doing this” Malia said, grabbing your shoulders and bringing you back in. You huffed and sat next to Stiles, the only other person that wasn't excited for his presence. Pack meetings were one of the places you didn’t have the comfort of Brett. You tried to listen to the meeting but you were too distracted, you had to ignore Isaac’s glances, while giving Malia the look to show her just how irritated you were, while trying your hardest not to look over at him and not to mention everyone was waiting for your input on things like usual and when you didn’t say anything everyone knew why. “Until we read the book, I don’t want any of you walking around at night on your own, we don’t know enough about the dread doctors yet” Scott said, rounding off the meeting. “So I’ve got enough room to drop four of you home” Stiles said, standing up. “I’m staying at yours to study and you pass Kira’s and Lydia’s house on the way there” Malia suggested. “Alright, Y/N I’ll drop you home as well.” Stiles offered. “My house is completely out of the way. You should take Liam instead” you said, picking up your bag. “You should take the ride, I’m sure the dread doctors are mostly going after humans and I don’t want you to be in danger because of me” Liam piped up. “Honestly, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me” you smiled. “You’re not going home on your own” Lydia declared. “My mom’s coming to pick me up from the end of the road” you announced. “Are you just saying that, or do you actually mean it?” Scott asked, raising his eyebrows. “Erm maybe…” you groaned, knowing they wouldn’t just drop it. “Why don’t you ride with Isaac, he’s got room and he’s heading in the same direction” Malia suggested. How kind of her. You widened your eyes and shook your head gently at her, she simply smiled at you in return and high fived Lydia and Kira discreetly. Clearly, the three of them had been plotting. “I don’t think that’s a good idea, I mean she hates me” Isaac tried to say quietly to Scott. “I think it’s a great idea” Kira added. “I don't” Stiles mumbled, before Malia punched him in the arm to shut him up. “I think I’d rather walk and take my chances” you said, attempting to leave, before Liam pulled you back in. “Isaac can take you home.” Scott insisted. “I’ll be fi-” you began saying, before noticing his serious expression. You looked at Isaac who was looking back at you awkwardly. “Fine” you whined, while walking outside and to his car. It couldn’t be that bad, surely. Everyone began walking to the cars and Scott stood at the door to wave you all off. You lent against the passenger side, with your arms crossed waiting for him. He opened the door and you both got in. This was definitely going to be awkward.

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Valentine’s Day Kiss

inspired by a @ramendobe post

Megamind/Roxanne, pre-movie au

K+ rating

AO3  |  FFN

“Seriously?” Roxanne says.

“It’s for charity!” her boss says, gesturing expansively, a grin edging onto his face.

“Uh, huh,” Roxanne says, unimpressed. “Roxanne Ritchi gives a kiss for charity. Very…cute.”

“Right! It’s a Valentine’s Day thing!”

“Right,” Roxanne says, “so on Valentine’s Day, I kiss whoever donates the most money to the annual Metro City Children’s Home charity drive, do I?”

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Turn loose the mermaids(Part 20)

Here we go again. Thanks to @miracujess for being my beta and dealing with my sleep deprived bullshit. As for the chapter….the storm ain’t over yet, mates.

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Chat Noir’s steps were graceful, much like the animal he got his name from. Stealthy, lethal, proud. But not today. He was walking so forcefully, it was more than certain that his heeltaps were ruined by now. On the deck, people were either busy taking care of the masts or being treated by Max in a corner. 17 men went in Swampy Cove and only six came back. Chat felt happy all the people from his main crew survived, but that didn’t excuse their mistakes. Observing that Max was done bandaging Alix’s arm, Chat rose his voice.

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You’ve Got The Wrong Man

Warnings: T

[read it on ao3]

AN: Set in IzunaIsAlive!AU and beta’ed by the lovely @redhothollyberries!


Sypnosis: Madara’s attempt at courtship is awkward at best.


Madara is twenty-three years old when he starts thinking about settling down.

It’s not so much the societal pressure that pushes him to (even though he’s aware that when his parents were his age Izuna was already running around kicking and screaming), and it’s not so much Hashirama practicing how to conjure geraniums at will that prods him to either.

It’s looking forward to crashing the Senju brother’s lunchbreak, three days a week, and watching the crinkle of Tobirama’s eyes when he chuckles. It’s the poking and jabbing, deliberately and with glee, at Tobirama over a cup of tea, inciting him until he’s about to throw a kunai at Madara.

It’s a certain smile, a certain head tilt, from a certain hard-headed Senju that certainly sends his heart pounding like drumming song.

Then one day, it hits him.

Madara’s bent forward, winded from a pretty nasty kick to his sternum when he looks up. There is sweat streaking down the marks on Tobirama’s face. His eyes are slanted and focused, vicious red lined with dark black eyelashes. The grind of his teeth promises pain, and the stern line of his jaw promises efficiency.

Gritty, fierce and deadly.

Oh no. Madara chokes on air, breathless for a completely different reason. Oh hell no.

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Regulus returns to Hogwarts after the summer that Sirius runs away from home and comes face to face with his brother for the first time in months.

Regulus closes his eyes and sighs when he hears his compartment door open, only to be quickly slammed shut.

He’s really not in the mood for his peers trying to make small talk with him about going back to Hogwarts.

“Aren’t you going to say hello Regulus?”

Regulus inwardly groans and as he opens his eyes, his fears unfortunately deemed to be true.

Amycus and Alecto Carrow loom over him with snide smirks on their faces.

Regulus can’t stand them.

The pathetic, brainless twins are rude, obnoxious and their idea of fun is setting fire to muggle-born students’ books or robes at any time of the day.

Of course Regulus isn’t supposed to care about them hurting muggle-borns but still…there are more tactful ways to go about things.

But despite how much Regulus loathes these two idiots, he must keep up appearances; he is a Black after all.

Not to mention over the summer he became the new heir to the Ancient and Noble house of Black.

His mother made a fabulous announcement about it, she invited all of her friends around for a dinner party as they celebrated not only Regulus being announced as the rightful Black family heir but they rejoiced over Sirius’s disownment from their glorious household.

His mother made some tearful speech about how they tried their best to save Sirius, how they desperately tried to help him see the light but his mind was too clouded by all of the cruel, hateful, lying words of people like Professor Dumbledore and the Potters to see clearly and to listen to the people who knew best, his family.

That night, his mother blasted Sirius’s face off of the family tree until all that was left was a dark, suffocating black hole with whiffs of smoke emitting from it and as she did it, his mother smiled sadistically as if this was the greatest masterpiece she had ever created.

That was the last night anyone ever mentioned Sirius in their house but it certainly wasn’t the last time Regulus thought about him.

On the contrary, Regulus has thought about little else but his older brother all summer.

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the wolf is giving birth (ava/odin)

Something I’ve been writing on and off for a while. I’m uncertain if I was able to express this story in the way I wanted but I tried my best to be coherent. (just a heads up, this is a fairly long fic. I couldn’t stop myself from writing something just overflowing with corny sappiness. I also tried writing Magpie the best I could, even if we haven’t been properly introduced to her yet.) I hope everything reads clearly!

high school au, ava/odin


She had hurt herself again.

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Jealous? You Shouldn’t Be

Title: Jealous? You Shouldn’t Be (Persephone P5)
Summary: Crowley has something up his sleeve to defeat Amara as well as Lucifer!Cas.
Words: 2,133
Author’s Note: Caught up to the story line. And now we wait. (I’m also toying with doing an alt ending because it would take the story in another direction. But I’m not sure)

Prologue, Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 6, Part 7, Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11

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making up for teenage crime

“I think Mr. Ackerman is fucking Mr. Smith,” Eren mumbles, shirt half off and pants unzipped.

Jean stops sucking a hickey on Eren’s neck. “Dude,” he says slowly, “what the fuck.”

The thing is – Eren filled out sometime between 10th and 11th grade. Spent a summer in Turkey with his mom’s family or something, worked on a farm. He came back brown as a nut with legs for days and a tendency to slip into Turkish when he got embarrassed or worked up. 

They grew up a block down from each other in a town too small not to know everyone in. That meant that when Jean was five and petty and he pushed Eren in the sandbox because Mikasa held Eren’s hand during the kindergarten field trip instead of his, it spawned a rivalry that lasted twelve years, through Marco’s gentle chiding and Mikasa’s not so gentle threats; lasted precisely until Eren came back after spending that summer gone, cocked an eyebrow at him after a routine fight, and asked if he wanted to make out instead.

Which – Jean was 17. He was a lot of things. He was probably going to get into a decent university next August, a bigger one in a distant city.

“Uh, yeah,” he’d answered intelligently.

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Take Me to Church (Sam x demon!Reader)

Character: Sam x demon!Reader (Neutral)

Word Count: 2,282

Warnings: Sexual Themes. Violence. Mentions of Season 10. Mentions of Addiction. Swearing. Prayer. Blood.

Request: Hey I was wondering if you could write a one shot with Sam based of the song “Take Me to Church” by Hoizer!! Thanks!! Love your account!!

Inspiration: Hoizer - ‘Take Me to Church’

AN: Due to the fact that the request didn’t explicitly ask for smut, I decided against adding any; however, I would still recommend reading this with some caution, as it still has some sexual undertones.


*Disclaimer* I have no affiliation with Hoizer


Taking a peculiar amount of comfort within the cool, misty autumn night, you waited in total silence, sitting upon the top step of an abandoned front stoop.

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shevni  asked:

but imagine the best man is in love with *both* of them! OT3 for the win. That way no one gets their heart broken :)

(idk if this was intended as a prompt but thats what’s happening)

Poe wasn’t going to get drunk. He wasn’t. He was going to be the perfect best man, hold the ring and watch as Finn’s eyes lit up when he saw Rey walking down the aisle (no fucking man is giving me away, thank you very much, she’d snapped at Han when he’d offered to walk her down the aisle, before graciously offering him the position of her maid of honour). He was going to give a perfect speech, make Leia cry (because he’d bet Jess $50 he could), and then sit down, shut up, and smile his way through the rest of the night. 

That had been the plan anyways.

To be fair, he’d made it through the actual wedding part okay. His chest had gotten tight at the look on Finn’s face when he caught sight of Rey, gotten even tighter when he’d turned as well and saw her walking down the grassy aisle between the two rows of lawn chairs. She’d looked perfect, the sunlight lighting up her dark hair twisted into careful curls by Leia (which were guaranteed to be ruined within the hour but whatever). Her plain white dress was so perfectly her, as was the bouquet of wildflowers spilling out of her hands. Of course, Finn looked beautiful too, because the universe apparently hated Poe. His white suit cut a sharp contrast against his dark skin, his smile so bright as he looked at Rey that Poe had to turn away and take a couple of deep breaths. 

Between the guys from the auto shop and the entire company’s worth of firefighters there was so much hollering when they kissed it would have been easy for Poe to get distracted, to miss the way their lips lingered. The way they smiled at each other, clasping together their hands with their matching rings, plain silver bands. But he didn’t miss it, and no one in that entire field missed how in love with each other they were. 

And that was when Poe started to drink. 

He wasn’t going to drink a lot. Just a glass or two, to fortify his nerves, honestly. Just one swig from Jess’s flask… but then Finn helped Rey tie up the skirt of her dress when she got annoyed with it while trying to run back and forth between tables. 

He was just gonna have one glass of champagne… but then Rey bent in half to talk to Maz, nodding seriously at whatever the crazy old lady was telling her. 

He was just gonna have one mixed drink… but then Finn got a little bit of icing on Rey’s face while feeding her a piece of cake, and Rey straight-up smashed an entire slice onto Finn’s face in response. 

(after that he kind of gave up keeping track) 

It didn’t really hit him until Han finished giving his extremely awkward maid of honour speech and Poe stood up to give his best man speech. Suddenly the room was spinning, he was leaning heavily against the table, and Rey and Finn were giving him matching concerned looks. 

Aw fuck, he thought, taking a deep breath.  

He isn’t really sure what he says, to be honest. He’s too nervous and too drunk. Halfway through though, he does come back to himself a little bit, noticing the alternately horrified and amused looks on the crowd’s face. Jess, of course, is laughing so hard she’s actually crying, that asshole. 

“Anyways,” he says, trying to wrap up what he’s pretty sure was a very rambling and embarrassing story about the month he and Rey had both kept insisting Finn drive back to this awful small down just outside the city with them (Rey had needed to keep checking to see some old guy out there was ready to sell her his amazing vintage car yet, Poe mostly did it because it was hilarious how upset Finn got over the place). 

“Uh, what I’m trying to say is that I love you guys,” Poe turns to them, raising his glass, “you’re the best people I know and I love you both and I hope you’re so fucking happy forever.” That gets some laughs, and everyone cheers loudly. Finn blushes, because Finn blushes at everything, and leans over to kiss a laughing Rey on the cheek. Poe should sit down, that was a decent ending to a terrible speech and he should really just sit down…

Poe doesn’t sit down. 

“No like, I really love you guys,” he hears himself continue, unable to stop the incredibly inappropriate words pouring out of him. Everyone’s staring at him, he should stop, he should shut up, just shut up now before-

“I’m in love with you.” He says, and the crowd goes instantly quiet. So of course, he speaks even louder. “I’m in love with both of you.” Oh good now he’s crying, great. This is going great. 

“So yeah,” he concludes, looking at somewhere over Finn’s left ear, unable to look at either of his fucking newlywed friends. And then he finally, blessedly, shuts his mouth and sits down, hitting the table and making it rattle on his way down. The volume in the room is picking up again, thank all the gods, the gathered crowd begging to mutter amongst themselves about the spectacle he just made of himself. He kind of wants to sink under the table to be honest, staring down at his empty plate determinedly. At least he’s stopped crying.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Rey’s shout effectively silences the crowd again and Poe looks up at her, startled. She’s staring at him with the exact fierce determination that made him fall in love with her in the first place. She’s also standing, hands on her hips in a way that makes him very nervous. Surely she wouldn’t beat him up at her own wedding, would she? 

(who was he kidding, she would absolutely kick his ass in her wedding dress)

“Poe Shara Dameron, did you seriously just declare your love to me and Finn at our fucking wedding?” She pauses long enough to make it clear that she actually expects Poe to respond. 

“Yes?” He says, more of a question than he means it to be. 

“I’m going to kick you ass.” She states, moving to climb over Finn to get at him. Finn, now that Poe is looking at him, just looks really stunned, and not very inclined to stop his wife from clambering over him in order to beat the shit out of his best man. 

“Please don’t,” Poe says instead, pushing his chair as far away from her as he can. He is vaguely aware of the entire room still staring at them, but is far more preoccupied with the immediate threat of physical violence. Luckily his pleading seemed to finally snap Finn out of his daze, the other man hooking an arm around Rey’s waist to stop her, though Poe was pretty sure that the fact her skirt had gotten tangled around the chair had more to do with the halt in her advance than anything Finn was doing. 

“You love us?” Finn asked, ignoring Rey as she unsuccessfully attempted to detangle herself. 

“Yes?” He says again. 

“Well shit,” Finn says with a growing grin. “We love you too.” 

“What.” Poe says. 

“We’re in love with you too.”

“What.” Poe says again. He’s pretty sure his brain has literally broken down because he has absolutely no idea what is happening. 

“C’mere,” Finn says, reaching out with one of his unfairly long arms and grabbing Poe’s jacket, hauling him forward and, before Poe has a chance to realize what was happening, is kissing him. Poe freezes, shocked, until he feels Finn’s tongue sweep over his lower lip. He surges forward, probably making some embarrassing noises into Finn’s mouth as the other man fully licks into his own mouth. 

When he finally pulls back, gasping for air, he only has a moment to take in the fact that Rey is no longer trying to free herself before he is again tugged into a kiss. Rey is a more aggressive kisser than Finn, and Poe swears he could feel it all the way down to his toes. Also, apparently Rey likes to bite. 

When they separate, the room is utterly silent. 

That lasts for about five seconds, before their collected friends and family start fucking screaming. Poe can hear Jess shouting “fuckin’ finally”, but he can’t bring himself to care about the fact that he was literally never going to live this down. Can’t bring himself to care about what people will say, how badly the team down at the fire station is going to tease him. 

He’s too busy smiling at the loves of his life, who were smiling right back at him.

Derek Jr.

Hey I finally did it! @dontthinkaboutzimbits hope it’s good lol This is based off of a post by @kryptmachine

“What the fuck, Dex, that’s–”

Motherfucker–why? Why would you even–”

“You’re not listening to me, Poinde–”

“I’m not listening? You never fucking listen to me, you fucking douchecanoe–”

“What the hell kind of insult is douchecanoe?”

“Shut UP, Nurse–”


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Spontaneous Human Combustion

This is my Secret Valentine fic. It’s essentially a College AU.

Thanks to Ilarual and rebornfromash for the eyes.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.  They had agreed, they would go to college together and get an apartment together because while they might not always get along, while in truth he was one of the most obnoxious human beings on the planet, she knew him and trusted him and knew he had her back.  Maybe they weren’t going away for school, but they could at least get out of their parent’s houses.

It worked out all of one semester before Blake (though he still went by Black Star, the nerd) declared he was moving in with Tsubaki, his girlfriend of three months. Yet, he had insisted he had the perfect replacement lined up to take his place, and Maka had reluctantly agreed to let him handle it because it was easier than having to listen to him bellow about how she should trust her god.

Worst mistake of her life, that.  

So now here she was at the dawn of a new semester facing Soul “Eater” Evans on her doorstep with a box in his hands and a blank look on his face.  She didn’t know why they called him the Eater and, quite frankly, she had no interest in knowing, just as she had no interest in having him, him of all people, as a roommate.

Stupid asshole Black Star.

Maybe if she played dumb…

“Can I–help you?” she asked.  

“Uh, yeah, this shit’s heavy,” he groused, muscling past her into the apartment to plop the box in the middle of the living room.

“Um why, exactly, are you putting a box in the middle of my living room?” She continued with the act because while she knew Star had procured a replacement, she’d never been told who–seemingly with good reason.

He frowned at her, his blank look disappearing.  "Because if I’m gonna live here, I’m gonna need my shit?“

“Riiiight,” she said then sighed.  "Star said he’d found a good guy to take his place–didn’t figure on it being you.“  The distaste in her voice was palpable.  She didn’t know Eater well, but what she did know made her stomach turn.  

Star had taken a shine to him when they met the first day of classes and they’d become fast friends–which meant he hung out at their apartment a lot, and he went out with their little group a lot, and Maka, quite frankly, couldn’t stand him.

For one, he was always–and by always she meant every time they saw each other–insulting her.  Pigtails, bookworm, and worst of all, tiny tits.  As if her–her breasts were any of his damned business!  He also constantly told her she read too much, she was a nerd, she should get out more–every time they met, it seemed, he would have something negative to say.  And she tried to ignore him, she really did, but she stupidly took the bait every time and would waste her night arguing with him when she wanted nothing to do with him!  Plus–plus– there was also that whole ridiculous following of his.  One semester in and he already had a reputation as a ladies man.  There were countless girls who drooled over him; it was like her gross papa all over again!

He hadn’t responded to her bit of rudeness, just shrugged and, rigging the door to stay open, left the apartment.  A few minutes later, he appeared with another box and Maka sighed again as he plopped it into the middle of the room.  Well, if Star had sublet his room to this asshole, then she supposed she was stuck with him for the rest of the semester before she could work something else out for next year.  She may as well help.  

As he made his way out of the apartment again, she followed and, on the threshold of the stairs he turned, eyebrows raised.  "Where are you off to?”

“To help you, dumbass.  The quicker you get your stuff in, the quicker you can go put it in your room and get the hell out of my hair.”

“Duly noted.”  He grinned at her sharply, and she hate hate hated how it made her stomach flip. She loathed him–her stomach was a bloody traitor.  

She was so going to nut punch Star for this mess.  

He had a small truck downstairs she’d seen before, though she couldn’t recall when or where, and there were several more boxes, a mini fridge, a mid sized flat screen, and a ridiculously oversized stereo.  They took a few trips to haul it all up, and then move it from the living room to Blake’s old room.  Apparently, her new roommate would be taking over Star’s bed seeing as he no longer needed it.  Since Maka was well aware of what her previous roommate had been doing in said bed of late–thin walls were a bitch–she helpfully advised that he flip the mattress since no one deserved to deal with that, not even Eater.  

He raised his eyebrows again and she shrugged.  "Before he moved in with Tsubaki last week, she and Black Star spent a lot of time in his room.“

Her look of distaste must have spoken volumes because his own face twisted in disgust.  "Right then.  Lysol, steam cleaner rental, and flip the mattress. Got it.”

“if it’s any consolation, Blake never flips it. He’s way too lazy.  And the mattress was new when we moved in.”  

“Blake?”  He looked confused.

“Black Star’s real name,” she offered flatly.

“Oh, yeah.  Forgot he had one.  Never heard anyone actually use it before.”  He scratched the back of his neck, his face unreadable.  "Anyway, thanks for the heads up–and uh, for helping with my shit.  I appreciate it.  And, well, I know I’m not your first choice as a roommate, but–“

"Look,” she cut him off.  "Just–make sure you pick up after yourself and don’t hog the bathroom and it should be fine, okay?  You do your thing, I’ll do mine, and that’s that.“

"Yeah, sure,” he said with a small nod, face still blank, unreadable.  

“Great.  Have fun unpacking.”  And with that, she turned on her heel to seal herself in her own room.  Hopefully, he could manage to follow her very scant rules and they’d survive each other until the end of the semester.

Of course, she should have known she’d been hoping for too much.  This was Eater she was talking about, after all.

The very next morning, his boxers were on the bathroom floor when she went to shower.  The very next morning. Maka definitely should have known.  Using the business end of the plunger to shuffle them onto, the offending item hanging haphazardly from the rubber, she marched to his room, kicked the door twice to a groan of “what the FUCK?” and then, opened it to march inside.  He was sprawled out on his newly disinfected bed, covers kicked off, shirtless, with a morning tent pitched prominently in his sleep pants, blinking up at her blearily with a decided scowl plastered to his face.

She quickly averted her gaze, feeling her face go hot, as she screeched, “Cover up you–you–perv!”

“’M not the one who came barging into someone else’s bedroom,” he grumbled sleepily, but she heard the rustle of covers and, risking a glance, noted a blanket was now over him and he was sitting up, glaring at her.  She chose to ignore the decided rise of the covers in his lap, meeting his glare with her own.

“What–is this?” she practically growled, waving the plunger and boxers like a makeshift flag.  

“Uh, my shorts.  And the plunger?” His face was maddeningly blank in an instant.  

“And what.”  She didn’t miss a beat.  "Were your underwear doing on the bathroom floor?“

"Uhhhhh.” He scratched the back of his neck.

“Next time.” She swung the plunger, heaving the boxers into his face.  He scowled as they fell into his lap.  "Use your damned hamper.“

"Whatever.” He shrugged, blank expression returning.  He looked her up and down and she suddenly remembered she was clad only in a thin tank top and boy shorts and couldn’t repress her flush.  "Anyway, tiny tits, you should be thanking me.  Probably the closest you’ve ever been to a guy’s shorts.“  He smirked at her then, waggling his eyebrows suggestively.  

"Ugh, you are so gross!” she shrieked and, grabbing up a book from his desk behind her, hurled it at his head, hard, before spinning on her heel to exit the room with a loud slam of his door.  His yelp of pain was satisfying as she settled back into her own room, though it couldn’t last.  If this was how things were going to be, it was going to be a long, long semester.  

The next day was Monday and classes started.

Their interactions continued very much like that first morning for several days as the semester actually began.  He would leave his crap on the floor or his dishes in the sink or drink from her milk carton, and she would yell and throw things at him and call him names, and he would shrug her off and make snide remarks and cause her to storm off and lock herself in her room.  

After three days of this, she grew tired–her classes this semester were tough–so on Wednesday, Maka started quietly picking up his little messes and avoiding him entirely. It just… wasn’t worth it, she finally decided.  On Thursday, the messes escalated: a sink full of dishes, clothes everywhere in the bathroom, his shit strewn in the living room.  She picked it up, said nothing, continued to avoid him.

On Friday, when she didn’t awaken to a bathroom strewn with dirty clothes and a sink full of disgusting dishes, she was shocked, puzzled, but not displeased.  She went to class, came home, and shut herself in her room, still wishing to avoid him.  Best to avoid him, to keep their interactions, and therefore, her stress, minimal.  

When she heard the knock on her door shortly after he got home she almost jumped out of her skin.  Her new roommate had never, not once in a week of living here, come to her room.

Decent enough in a tank top and pajama bottoms, her hair slung in pigtails, Maka called out, “Yes?”

“Can I, uh, come in?  Just for a sec?  I don’t like talking through the door.”  The last part was mumbled, but she still caught it.  

“If you must–just make it fast.  I’m reading.”  It was the truth–she had to finish Mansfield Park for Monday.  

The Eater opened the door slowly, carefully, before shuffling inside.  She noted he had changed into loose sweat pants and a tshirt, and tried not to notice how he managed to look hot even in loungewear; the man was stupidly good looking in spite of, or maybe even because of, his odd coloring and features.  

His red eyes looked past her as he cleared his throat.  "So, uh, I realize I’ve been sort of an ass about–um–everything.  So I sorta bought you dinner–hope pizza with pepperoni is okay.  And I thought, if you aren’t doing anything, maybe we could watch a movie.  Um, together.  I mean.“  He looked nervous.  Why did he look so nervous?  Hell, his fidgeting was so bad it was starting to make her nervous.  "If it’s cool with you.”  He ventured to meet her eyes for the first time, and though his expression itself was habitually blank, his eyes looked almost pleading.

She held his gaze for a moment, considering, then nodded slowly; if he was going to hold out an olive branch, well, far be it from her to torch it.  "Alright, but only if you make popcorn.“

"You got it, Tiny–” her small smile slipped into a glare.  "–er, sorry, Maka.“  It was the first time she could recall him actually using her name, and the way he said it was so–well, it was nice not to be called tiny tits or pigtails or bookworm, anyway.  

"Good.” She smiled sweetly at the small victory. “Let’s watch a movie.”

And so, they did.  And it was actually–not unpleasant. Pizza was good, he refrained from giving her shit so she did the same, and when he wasn’t being a dick, he had a caustic wit that, directed at the rom com he’d let her choose, was more entertaining than the silly film could ever be.

She found that she was actually enjoying herself and, when he suggested they make Friday nights movie night halfway through, she agreed before she even knew what she was saying.  

Maybe–maybe it would help them get along better, make the semester as roommates a little more bearable.  Maybe.

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250 Followers = Drarry Fluff

You guys are the best, I don’t even know what to say. I often forget that there are like, actual real people out there reading along as I cry over my OTPs and flirt shamelessly with my Wives.
I’ve no idea how you aren’t all sick of my nonsense, but as a thank you, I’ve written you some fluff. This is my first time actually writing Drarry, so don’t be too hard on me! This is also a partial birthday gift to pinkfreud17, who provided me with the prompt: Draco finds a kitty cat, adopts it, & then Harry comes looking for it because shocker, it’s his! And they fall in love & become daddies to their cat. 
Thanks to the lovely alpha-exodus for being my last minute beta! 

As consciousness began to take over, the first feeling Draco noticed was the warmth radiating from behind him. Squinting one eye open, he turned away from the sunlit window to look at the messy black hair poking out from the blankets. He pulled the covers back just a touch to reveal the handsome face he had completely memorized. Harry Potter had been sleeping in his bed for twenty-seven days now, if one was counting (which Draco certainly wasn’t) and Draco wasn’t sure he’d ever get used to the novelty of waking up next to the relaxed face of the man he’d fancied for years. He couldn’t be positive when the attraction started—whether it was noticing Harry’s immensely improved dancing skills at Ministry galas, their now friendly exchanges in the lifts, or the fact that he now wore clothes that fit his brilliant body properly (even if they did usually consist of Muggle t-shirts with strange designs on them). Either way, for almost a month now, Harry had finally been his.

It was the rain that started everything. Of course damp weather frequented London, but this rainy day had still been unusually warm. Draco had left off his Umbrella Charm and allowed himself to walk the last few blocks to his flat, indulging in his own guilty pleasure of allowing the deluge to soak him. This was a secret habit that he’d developed in the years after the war, because he enjoyed the cleansing feel of rainwater. A block away from home, Draco heard the muffled sound of a distraught animal from down an alley. As he peeked around the wall, he noticed a very wet cat hissing at the sky. The animal was smokey grey and almost blended in with its surroundings, but it had bright golden eyes that shone bright in the dreary air.

“Aww, poor baby,” Draco cooed. “Let’s get you out of this mess.” The cat didn’t have a collar, but allowed itself to be picked up and immediately curled into his chest.

“I suppose you don’t agree with my love of rain, huh, kitty?” When it mewed in response, he chuckled and apparated them into his living room. Casting a Drying Charm on them both before lighting the fireplace with a flick of his wand, he then set the cat down on the carpet. Draco watched in amusement for several minutes as the creature sniffed its way through the room before settling down decisively in front of the hearth.

Over the rest of the evening, Draco had fed his new friend some canned tuna, set out a water dish, and spent an embarrassing amount of time playing and murmuring endearments on the floor. He’d even gone as far as to create a makeshift litter box with some conjured sand. He did wonder what a common cat was doing in a Wizarding neighborhood, but didn’t really dwell on it all that much. Later that night, when Draco was sitting on his couch reading with the cat sleeping by his feet, he heard voices in the complex hall. A moment later, there was a knock at his door. Reluctantly, Draco set his book down and made his way over to answer it. His wards hadn’t been activated, so it had to be someone he trusted–probably Pansy, who found it amusing and quaint to use his flat door rather than the floo. When Draco opened the door, however, he was completely unprepared for the sight in front of him.

Harry Potter stood in his doorway, looking just as surprised as Draco. “Er- Hi, Malfoy. I, um, didn’t know you lived in this neighborhood. How weird, I can’t believe I’ve never run into you, I mean, I live in the next building over and you’d think we’d have seen each other around at some—”

“Potter, not to be rude, but what do you mean you ‘didn’t know I lived here?’ What in Merlin’s name are you doing here, at my door, then?”

Blinking at him for a moment, Potter inexplicably blushed and finally seemed to gather his thoughts. “Oh! I’ve actually lost my cat, she got out earlier and she hates the rain. I’ve been knocking on doors hoping someone brought her inside, but now I’m starting to worry she ran off when it started pouring. You haven’t seen a cat around today, have you? She’s a grey short-hair.”

Throughout Potter’s explanation, Draco’s heart had begun to sink a bit. Before he could answer, however, the cat sauntered out from the living room.

“Stevie!” Potter exclaimed, and darted past Draco to scoop up the creature. “Oh my poor honey, I’m so sorry you got caught out in the rain! It’s okay, daddy’s here.” Draco stared at this unabashed display of affection and he gritted his teeth because it decidedly did not turn him on. After a few moments of coddling, Potter seemed to realize he was standing in the middle of Draco’s flat, and he bit his lip sheepishly at Draco.

Closing the door behind him as he walked back into his flat, Draco cleared his throat. “I found her several hours ago and brought her in with me. So, she’s…yours? Why get a cat? Why not a kneazle?”

At this, Potter chuckled. “She found me one day about a year after the war. I was leaving a Muggle club, and she was out in the cold, half-starved. So I took her in.”  

Of course it was altruism. Draco barely refrained from rolling his eyes, but then hadn’t he just done the same thing with her today? He looked at Potter questioningly. “Stevie?”

Potter’s face broke into a dazzling grin. “I’d been worshipping the classic rock albums I’d found in my godfather’s house, and had just discovered the Muggle band Fleetwood Mac when I adopted her. Their lead female singer’s named Stevie.” He shrugged before continuing, “Thanks for taking her in, Malfoy, I, um, wouldn’t have pegged you for a cat-lover.”

Draco was still trying to figure out how to deal with Potter being in his home. He felt slightly uncomfortable, but at the same time, he didn’t want him (or the cat, if he was being honest) to leave. “It’s quite alright, Potter. Would you… since you’re here, would you like to stay for a drink?”

“Absolutely, but if we’re going to hang out in your home, Draco, I insist you call me Harry,” he said, beaming at Draco.

“Alright…Harry,” Draco muttered on his way to the liquor cabinet, attempting to ignore the shiver that traveled through his body. They spend the next hour or so bickering light-heartedly about this season’s Quidditch picks and drinking more than was really proper when you had a ridiculous crush on your guest. When the conversation lulled, the silence was surprisingly not awkward. Draco began rubbing Stevie’s tummy, who purred contentedly from her spot between the two of them, and when Draco looked back up, he noticed that Harry’s illegally green eyes were fixed on him.

“Stevie likes you, you know,” and it was more a declaration than a question. Draco simply hummed and continued petting the cat, when suddenly Po-Harry was an inch away from his face. “My cat is an excellent judge of character, Draco.”

As Draco’s body physically convulsed at the way his named rolled off Harry’s tongue, Harry’s eyes widened, and instantly he was kissing him. Fucking hell, it was the most intense kiss Draco’d ever had. Not that he expected anything less from the Chosen One, but the bone-melting passion oozing from Harry still made him reel. Their tongues were everywhere, desperate and sure, tasting everywhere as if it was their last chance. When Draco bit down on Harry’s perfect lip, a beautiful groan escaped him, and then Draco was pulling him off the couch and towards the bedroom. They stopped several times in the hallway to slam each other against the wall and assault each other’s necks, but finally they got to his room and were hurriedly attempting to undress without parting lips. When Harry threw his Muggle shirt (another band one, he’d told Draco the name earlier…Pink Freud? Something like that), Draco paused, trailing his fingers across Harry’s gloriously toned abdomen and began to grow nervous.

“H-Harry…are you drunk? Is this…why are you doing this?”

Pushing Draco’s hair back, Harry held his face and looked him carefully in the eyes. “I like you, Draco. I’ve been interested in you for longer than I care to admit right now. And so if it’s alright with you, I’d like to take advantage of the fact that you seem to like me, too.”

Draco nodded with an affirmative noise, and they were back to getting naked in an instant. Their lovemaking was wild and perfect and much more emotional than Draco would have ever imagined, especially when Harry spent fifteen minutes apologizing with burning kisses for the scars marring Draco’s chest. Harry took ages to prepare him, reducing Draco to a writhing, screaming mess. When he finally replaced his wicked fingers with his cock, Draco saw stars. Their bodies were perfect together, and they riled each other up with moans and promises until they came hard, Draco first, with Harry following three thrusts later. As they laid in the moonlight seeping through Draco’s window, they stared at each other, panting and sated. Neither of them said a word, but when a startling weight disrupted the bed, Harry laughed.

“C'mere baby,” he whispered, and then Stevie was in between their chests, kneading at Draco’s skin and purring. Draco met Harry’s gaze and whispered, “This is perfect.” Harry answered with a kiss, and after that there were no more words. The three bodies cuddled together in the night air and fell asleep to the sound of rain.

Twenty-seven mornings later, and Harry had only gone home to get Stevie’s necessities, his albums and record player, and some clothes. Twenty-seven mornings later, the cat meowed at him throatily from her place on the foot of the bed, and Harry woke up and smiled sleepily at Draco. Twenty-seven mornings later, and it was still perfect.

Projects with Perks

Summary: Klaine AU / alternative meeting. Kurt hates group projects, especially when his partners don’t contribute to the work at all. Luckily, the new transfer student, Blaine Anderson, seems to be different. PG-rated.

A/N: This is cheesy and fluffy and overall very light cause I couldn’t deal with anything else last night. It’s basically me channeling my own group project frustration into something creative. I feel like everyone’s better off like that. ;)

Kurt hates group projects. He absolutely hates them. Yet, his teachers insist that it improves team work. It never does, he wants to shout at them. But he doesn’t really need a repeat of being sent to the principals office after the fiasco that was Britney week his junior year.

Speaking of Britney – he got paired with Brittany. Kurt sighs quietly to himself. At least he likes her. In his last French project, he got paired with Azimio, of all people. Still, Brittany being… well, Brittany, there is not a big chance that she will have the slightest idea of what their project even is about. Kurt almost doesn’t dare to read any further but curiosity gets the best of him.

Noah Puckerman, the list reads. Oh, great, Kurt thinks. Puck usually skips half his classes, sleeps in the other half, and fails almost all of them. So, basically, he got paired with the two people least likely to graduate in the end of the year. Peachy. Just peachy.

But there’s another name on the list. Blaine Anderson. Kurt frowns. He doesn’t know anyone at McKinley with that name and he’s pretty sure that he knows everyone in his English class. Just as he’s about to raise his hand, his teacher starts to speak.

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He Realises He Messed Up PART 2 (Calum/4)




Calum’s P.O.V.

I sit playing a stupid game on my xbox when the door goes. I decide just to ignore it because it’s only going to be one of the boys. I haven’t spoken to them much since I saw (Y/N) in that restaurant; I haven’t spoken much to anyone, actually.

Except, whoever it is at the door, will not get the picture so it looks like I’m gonna have to get rid of them myself.

“What?” I spit as I open the door, but I’m left shocked by who is standing on the other side.

“Oh how very nice it is to see you too” (Y/N) spits back

“In my defence, I was expecting it to be one of the boys” I shrug

She sighs, “Well…it’s not”

“Yeah I can kinda see that” I state

She rolls her eyes, “Look, can I come in already?”

“Yeah, sure, whatever” I say, standing to one side.

She steps into the house and looks around as I close the door behind us, “So, err, what do you want? I didn’t think you’d ever want to speak to me or see me again”

“I don’t” She says abruptly, “Well…not completely”

“So, why are you here then?” I repeat

She sighs, “I don’t know, okay? I just…seeing you in the restaurant the other day really through me off guard. You looked really upset when you stormed out like that. I guess I just wanted to know if you’re okay”

I laugh, “That was nothing. Michael pissed me off, so I left. I’m fine. It’s him you should be checking up on, not me”

She looks me in the eyes, “Cal, I know you’re lying” she says softly.

“I’m not lying.”


“Okay so maybes I’m lying” I sigh

She nods, “I know. So what’s the real reason?”

“I can’t tell you” I shrug, sitting down, “It would ruin everything”

She furrows her eyebrows as she sits down next to me, “Ruin what?”

“You and your new relationship. It would ruin it all and you’d hate me more than you ever have done” I reply

She smirks, “Unlikely”

“No. Likely. Very likely.” I insist

“Okay so what is it Calum?” She pushes

“You shouldn’t even care” I declare

“I shouldn’t, but come on, we’ve made it this far” She shrugs at me

I groan, “Fine. Look. I made a mistake, (Y/N). Cheating on you, I mean. Just letting you go the way I did. I didn’t even fight for you or anything. I never really thought much about it after you ended it, I just went on the way I did. Sleeping with girls I’d only just met, groupies, whatever, you name it, I did it. Hell, it was so stupid. And I never even realised why those few months following the split were the worst few months of my life, until I saw you the other day with…that guy. I never did get over you. Us. I’m sorry, this just makes things so awkward”

She shakes her head, “Well you know what they say…what goes around comes back around”

“I know. I deserved it.” I agree, 

“You never did tell me why you did it, you know” She reminds me, shyly.

I sigh, sitting back in my seat, “I know. I was too scared to tell you the real reason”

“So tell me now” She urges

“I was scared of committing. I…I loved you so much, I still do but, I got scared and I sort of chickened out. I know it’s a pretty shitty excuse but I can’t help what scared me” I explain

“But all you had to do was tell me we were going too fast and I would have slowed down” She argues

“I know. I know that now. I’m telling you, if I could change the past and done it differently, I would jump on that so fast. I really would” I reply

She doesn’t say anything, she just slips her hand in mine.

“But honestly, I’m glad that you’re happy with this other guy. It’s all I want for you” I smile to her

“Yeah well I don’t think this relationships gonna last anyway” She shrugs

I furrow my eyebrows, “How come? You looked so happy with him the other day”

She sighs, “Josh is lovely. He makes me laugh but, I can’t see us lasting. I know it sounds crazy, but I feel like we’d have a better chance of making it, than me and him”

We look at each other in silence, when she does the unexpected. She leans in, and although I want it, I pull away. Standing up, I shake my head.

“(Y/N), I really wish I could, but it doesn’t seem right. I’m your ex, and there is a reason for that.“

“What if I don’t want you to be my ex any more?” She cries

I sigh, “I cheated on you. I broke your heart in several different ways. How could you even suggest that you want to get back with me?”

She shrugs, not answering my question.

“And what about Josh, ey? If we kiss now…you’re cheating him. And then you’re just as bad as me, when in reality, you’re so much better than me” I continue

She stands up, “I thought you wanted this?”

“I do.” I whisper, “I want it so much, (Y/N), you don’t even know…but it isn’t fair. You’ve come so far in a year, do not let a fantasy ruin what you have with Josh. I never intended to come in between the two of you”

She looks me directly in the eye, “You are not a fantasy. You are the only boy I’ve ever truly loved, and yes Calum, I know it’s wrong and I hate myself for that but I can’t help the way I feel”

I shake my head, “I know you can’t. I would never say you had a choice. But I think that you wanting me back is some sort of tragedy. You’re worth so much more than a dick like me. Aim higher”

“I don’t want to” She insists

“STOP saying that!” I say gently, “You think you want to be with me, you think you still love me, you think we could still work. But as much as I want all those things too, if I can’t forgive myself for what I did to you, how can you forgive me?”

She sniffs, “Calum I…”

“Shhh” I hush as I pull her into a hug, “It’s okay. It’s okay.”


Part 1

If the Stars Aligned - Part 5

Ok I’m posting this very quickly then going to bed. Also… the next part gets a little steamy ;)

Thanks for reading!!

Part 5:

The sounds of the Beatles echoed throughout her apartment, sending out an air of calm. Rae put away the scissors she used for cutting hair back in the drawer after cutting Finn’s this morning. She went over there after her hangover had subsided, doing as she had promised the last night.

Liam was there, not acknowledging the talk she had asked to have with him the night before. When Rae asked if he had time before he left for his business trip to discuss some things, he laughed, saying there wasn’t anything to discuss. But he promised to stop by hers before he left, so maybe she could plant a few things in his mind then.

The family she nannied for went on holiday at the beginning of the week, not to return until the day after tomorrow. This left Rae with nothing to do except think about the state of her relationship with Liam.

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anonymous asked:

Omg could you continue the bara cafe soumako please! It is so good and I love your writing, it flows perfectly in my mind!

Part 1

Makoto was in the kitchen, putting away the last of the clean plates when he felt it. Warm and solid against his back, Sousuke’s body strong and bearing down on him.

“We’re all alone.” He whispered into Makoto’s ear, the breath causing his skin to come out in goosebumps.

“Yeah.” He stuttered as Sousuke forced him around and pressed him against the countertop.

“I’ve been desperate to touch you all day, Makoto.” He purred, the other man shivering as he heard his name falling from his lips.

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