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An owl lands next to Newt, a red envelope in its beak. The owl drops the envelope when it begins to burn, suddenly bursting into flames, starting to scream, ‘NEWT, I MISS YOU DEARLY, WE NEED TO MEET UP! PLEASE, LITTLE BROTHER, I NEED YOU, NEED YOU SO MUCH! I WANT YOU TO HUG ME! I LOVE YOU!’

… Right.  Do any of you happen to work in the Ministry?  The Auror department, perhaps?  I think my brother may have had a bit too much to drink tonight.  It would be much appreciated if someone could check up on him.  

I think I’ll just… floo over to his flat, see if he’s home.



Ok, but you know I’m very crazy about THIS fic, yes? I’m practically like a second mother to it right now, and I want to adopt Sophia

Also, yes, I love hippogriffs VERY MUCH, indeed

Newt: Theseus, it’s your brother. Pick me up or I’ll draw all over your jeans. 

(Parks and Recreation; Season 1, Episode 4: Boy’s Club) 

 A mashup for every episode (4/125)

Theseus (Newt x Reader)

a/n: I’m so sorry this took too long. Writer’s block and I’m back at school.

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Word count: 2900+

Warnings: Jealousy, angst

Request by anon: theseus always trying to flirt with Reader at Hogwarts because he’s mr. popular & everyone loves him but reader is actually head over heels for his little brother who they share care of magical creatures with? side of jealous/sad newt w happy end?


You were getting sick and tired of Theseus’s flirting. Every time at lunch and between classes and free time, he somehow managed to find you. Most of the time, you were with his younger brother, Newt, and when you weren’t he would turn the charm to 100.

Like now.

You were in the library, studying your little heart out because finals were just around the corner and Newt was nowhere to be found. You’d gone here in hopes for peace and quiet, but unfortunately, it evaded you.

You heard a knocking and looked up to see Theseus sitting across from you, looking through your notes and analyzing them.

“Pretty handwriting for a pretty girl,” he complimented, winking at you as he shuffled the papers. You sighed, pulling the notes away from him and going back to studying.

He sat there for a few minutes, fidgeting and staring at you before he pulled the notes from in front of you.

“Give them back,” you grumbled, not in the mood for his games today. “Please.”

He held them away from you for a few seconds, studying your expression before a grin flickered across his face.

“Go with me to Hogsmeade this weekend and I will,” he bargained, eyes shining with mischief.

A quiet ruffling of pages filled the room as you shook your head.

“I’m going with Newt this weekend. I can’t ditch him.”

His smile faltered a little before he smirked, raising an eyebrow.

“I heard he’s going with Leta. He was going to tell you today,” he grinned, shaking the papers in his hand slightly.

You could feel your heart drop as you frowned, eyebrows furrowing as your mouth dropped.

“I—Oh… okay,” you mumbled, searching for words.

“So, go with me?” He lowered the papers to you, an offer.

“Let me think about it,” you conceded, taking the papers, his fingers brushing against yours. There was no spark like the one that happened when you touched Newt. Every brush of skin with Newt sent tingles throughout your body.

“Thank you,” he beamed, a flirtatious tone permeating each word as he let go and stood up. “I’ll let you get back to studying.”

He sauntered off, a cocky and satisfied grin plastered on his face. He wasn’t his brother, but he could be funny and charming when he wanted to be.

You shook your head, sighing and gathering up your papers. You wouldn’t be able to study now with all these thoughts running through your mind.

Newt just decided to ditch you and go with Leta instead? Even though you’d been planning this for a while. Even though you’d had special plans for this.

You stood up, contemplating how much more you could take. Lately, Newt had been hanging out with Leta more and it seemed like he’d gained feelings for her.

You knew she was absolutely gorgeous and he deserved better than you, but that didn’t stop it from hurting. Merlin, you were head over heels for him.

You had half an hour before Care for Magical Creatures, your last class for the day, and spent it in the owlery, cleaning up after them.

When it was time for class you trudged over there, dreading the class you shared with Newt. Rest assured, you absolutely adored the class and thought it positively marvelous, you just didn’t look forward to seeing Newt all that much at the moment.

You couldn’t believe he’d just leave you for her. Weren’t Hufflepuffs supposed to be loyal?

Of course they were! Why were you freaking out without getting his side of the story?

Though there was still a lot of doubt and apprehension clouding your mind, you shook your head and continued to class, pulling open the door. There was a slight chatter going around the room as you walked in, searching for the familiar mop of red hair.

“Hey, Newt,” you greeted, a slight smile curling your lips. He glanced up at you before he ducked his head rather guiltily.

“I’ve, uh, I’ve got s-something to tell you,” he confessed, avoiding looking anywhere near you as he fiddled with his hands. You stopped for a second, your mind racing through possibilities as you sat down.

“Oh,” you mumbled, realizing what it might be. You nibbled on your bottom lip nervously, the small amount of hope you’d gained disintegrating painfully.

“Now, please, please, don’t get upset,” he pleaded, talking faster now that you were running out of time til class started. “But, I—I, uh, kind of in—invited Leta to come with us. To, uh, to Hogsmeade.”

You let out a low breath, a quiet buzz filling your mind much like the one in the classroom.

“Oh.” You felt a small sense of relief that he hadn’t left you entirely. “O-okay.”

“Please don’t be too upset. I know this was supposed to just be something between the two of us, but she had no one to go with,” he rushed out, glancing up to you apologetically.

“It’s fine, Newt,” you said, almost roboticly.

You shook yourself, shoving off the feelings of insecurity. You forced more emotion into your voice and face, shrugging slightly as a fake smile replaced your frown.

“You can go with her,” you told him, watching the way he startled and stared up at you for a moment. “Theseus asked me to go with him.”

He fumbled for words, eyebrows furrowing and scrunching.


“No, Newt, it’s okay. I know she’s your friend and you want to spend time with her,” you interrupted, waving off his answer. “This way you can spend time with her and I won’t be alone.”

“I… Y/n, I— I want to spend time with you, too,” he stammered, at a loss.

“Honestly, it’s okay Newt. I’m sure I’ll have fun with Theseus and you’ll have fun with—with Leta,” you said firmly, grabbing your quill as the professor came in.

“Y-y/n,” he lamented, sounding slightly distressed.

“Newt,” you cut him off, your tone almost warning. He closed his mouth, sighing as he grabbed his quill, too.


Class passed quietly and fairly fast. You disappeared afterwards, nursing a fractured heart and allowing it to hurt.

With no more classes to distract you and no Newt to spend time with, you were a little lost, unsure of what to do.

You went back to the library, a favorite place of yours, and started searching for a few books. You loved to lose yourself in the different worlds and would read whenever you got the chance. After finding a sufficient stack, you found a quiet corner to nest up in, setting down the books beside you as you slid down to the floor.

“Hey, Y/n,” you heard someone greet softly as they settled next to you.

“Hey, Theseus,” you sighed, glancing up at him and giving a small twitch of your lips as a greeting smile, too drained to do anything more.

“I’m assuming you talked to Newt then, if you’re in here moping,” he said quietly, gently placing a hand on your book.

Another heavy exhale.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you upset. I just wanted to hang out with you,” he apologized, eyes darting around your face.

“Why, Theseus? If you knew me, at all, you would know that I’m not going to be another one of your conquests,” you snapped, albeit without any malice. You were mostly just tired.

Tired of pining for someone you couldn’t have. Tired of fighting for his attention. Tired of how much heartbreak you suffered through every day.

“Of course I know that,” he chuckled, looking amused. “I also know that you’re completely in love with my brother. I’m just—just looking out for him, you know? Trying to get to know you a little better.”


He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, his nervous exterior much different from his usual confident and sarcastic behaviour.

“I know, I know. ‘What about the flirting and little comments and all that?’ I just, well, I just didn’t want to make it obvious. I know I don’t act like it all of the time, but I love my little brother. I care about him and I just wanted to make sure you were good for him,” he explained, looking around and not letting you get a word in.

“He deserves someone like you, Y/n. He deserves someone good and happy and who loves creatures just as much as he does. Someone who can make him happy,” he added, a small but sincere smile making its way to his lips.

You were absolutely bewildered, your entire thought process thrown off course. You fumbled for words, mouth gaping and forming nonsensical sounds.

“Wha—But you— H-how did yo— How did you know?” You blurted, a flush staining your cheeks and ears.

He gave you a look, his eyebrow raised and a challenging smirk playing on his lips.

“I’m not blind,” he laughed quietly, shaking his head at you. “Though my brother obviously is.”

“I—I, uh, I— Oh Merlin. I don-don’t know what to say,” you stammered, embarrassed that his older brother knew that you were head over heels for Newt.

“You don’t have to say anything, it’s alright. Honestly, I think you should probably just go back to your room and rest rather than stress. I can put your books away.”

He stood up and offered you a hand, pulling you to your feet.

“Thank you,” you told him, your voice sincere. You gave him a smile, a real one, and began to leave.

“Oh, Theseus,” you called back softly. He looked up at you, three books in his arms.


“I’ll go with you tomorrow. To Hogsmeade. Newt is going with Leta, so…”

His brow furrowed as he studied your expression.

“Alright. I’ll see you then, okay? For now, go get some rest.”

You nodded at him and left, making your way to your room. As soon as you got there, you collapsed onto your bed, sleep overcoming you within minutes.


You’d gotten to Hogsmeade without seeing Newt and it both relieved and concerned you. Theseus had chattered and talked to you frequently, trying to distract you from it and your overthinking.

When you’d finally caught a glance of Newt, he’d been towed along behind Leta into the sweets store where you and Theseus were headed.

“Hey, let’s go to a different store,” you propositioned, turning abruptly and walking in a different direction. His hand landed on your arm and he pulled you back.

“Nope! We are going over there because you need to stop avoiding him,” he tossed back lightheartedly, in such a good mood that it rubbed off on you.

He tugged you along playfully, glancing at your exasperated expression.

“Come on, quit pouting and let’s go,” he laughed, his hand holding yours. It wasn’t uncomfortable, more like holding hands with one of your best friends or a sibling. Purely platonic.

“Alright, alright, fine.”

He pulled you along into the store, doing a quick look over to search for Leta and Newt. They were over by the chocolate frogs, talking quietly.

“So how long have you known?” You asked him softly, pulling your hand from his.

“About you being head over heels for my brother?” He questioned, raising his eyebrows as he looked down at you. “For about as long as I’ve known you. It was sweet and a little sad, watching you fall for him. I’m pretty sure I knew before you did.”


“Yeah. I could see the way you looked at him, your actions, and just how you acted around him. I even saw the moment when you finally realized that you were in love with him. It was a pretty mundane moment, you know? Just a regular, everyday occurrence. Not romantic or really all that special. I saw you guys at lunch and he was talking about something, his creatures I’m assuming, and you were just looking at him with so much love.”

He let out a quiet laugh, breaking eye contact for a moment to look towards Newt.

“Then you just froze, with this look of pure panic on your face and I could tell. I’ve seen the same look on Newt’s face,” he continued, gazing back at you with a dreamy, reminiscing expression.

“Yeah, with Leta,” you finished, breaking the thoughtful haze surrounding Theseus.

“What? No, wi—”

“Y/n? Theseus?” You heard Newt call, walking towards the both of you with a troubled expression.

“Oh, hey, Newt,” you replied, your mood plummeting at the sight of Leta holding onto his arm.

“Hi, Theseus,” Leta greeted, smiling sweetly, too sweetly, at him and placing a hand on his arm. “What are you doing here?”

You scowled at the fact that she was flirting with him right in front of Newt and ignoring him. He gave a forced half smile, used to the attention being diverted to his older, well liked brother.

“Getting to know Y/n,” he answered honestly, shrugging off Leta’s touch and noting the way Newt’s expression screwed up in irritation and jealousy.

“Just making sure she’s the right girl for my little brother,” he added mischievously, grinning at both of you and ruffling Newt’s hair playfully.

Both you and Newt balked, mouths gaping and sputtering out nonsense words, flushing a dark red.

Theseus let out a quick snort of laughter, placing a hand over his mouth as he surveyed the scene in front of him.

You were a blushing mess, stuttering out syllables and fumbling with your hands.

Newt was the same, his freckles disappearing under the dark flush and mouth opening and closing.

Leta was an angry red, a look of disbelief and anger staining her features as she glared at the open mouthed figures.

“Theseus!” You exclaimed at him, both mortified and terrified. You avoided looking at Newt, instead fixing your gaze at Theseus’s amused expression.

“Thanks,” you spat out, funneling your embarrassment into something you could deal with easier. You shook your head angrily and stalked off, leaving the shop entirely.

Theseus rolled his eyes at your dramatic actions. However embarrassed you might be, you’d be thankful later on. This was exactly the kind of push you two needed or else you’d never confess.

Frustrated and mortified tears came to your eyes as you stormed away.

As horrified and utterly terrified as you were, you couldn’t help the small amount of relief that filled you. It felt so much better for you now that you weren’t harboring that humongous secret anymore.

You heard someone exit the store and follow you, their hurried steps catching up with you. You stopped, still facing away from him and roughly wiping away the tears.

“Theseus, leave me alone. Newt wasn’t supposed to know! Now our friendship is ruined a-and I—I. I’m in love with him and you know that. Even being friends was enough and now I…No-Now I don’t even have that,” you cried, turning around to see what he had to say for himself.

“Oh god,” you murmured, eyes wide and your heart hammering as you stared at the freckled man in front of you.

He stared at you in what looked like awe, but was more likely to be repulsion. He took a few staggered steps towards you, glancing at the ground when you flinched ever so slightly. He reached out a hand to you and came closer, until he was right in front of you.


You stayed silent, shaking almost imperceptibly.

“I, uh, I— Are— Please tell me it’s true,” he rushed out, an almost frantic look in his eyes.


“Please, please tell me you feel the same way,” he pleaded almost desperately, glancing around your face.

“The same… Way?”

Could he possibly like you, too? Could he possibly feel the same way you did?

“No, Merlin, of course not. I—I…,” he sighed, rubbing his face with his hand as he turned around to walk away.

“I do.” The words escaped your lips before you could think. You hoped with all your heart and soul that he meant he had feelings for you, too. “I-I, uh, I do feel the— the same w-way.”

“Really?” He whipped around, taking a few staggered steps to you and raising a hesitant hand up. “You—You really do?

His eyes were glassy, as were yours.

“I really do,” you laughed quietly, your voice a little husky from the tears. “I really, really do. Have for a long time.”

A smile spread onto his lips, mouth pulling up into a full blown grin. His eyes sparkled as he gently placed the hand onto your cheek, smoothing his thumb along your cheekbone.

“As have I.”

You were beaming now, eyes shining with tears. You brought your hand up to cover his, smiling as you held eye contact. It was so different looking into his eyes for a prolonged time.

He had flecks of blue and gold in his gorgeous green eyes.

You rushed forward, crushing him in a hug and laughed through tears into his shoulder.

“Oh, thank you,” you laughed into the fabric, clutching him closer as he wrapped his arms around you. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“For what?”

“For everything.”

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*same anon who asked for baby Newt & Theseus again* OH MY GOD!! That was ADORABLE!! I can't handle how cute that was & the little story/explanation you gave. "I've been wanting to draw these two again" PLEASE DO! I love Newt & Theseus in fanart/fics so much! And you linked mamin to it too! If they respond I might just die of happiness. You two are my fav fanartists & I get so excited when I see either of you posted something new. I'm still fangirling over the fact you responded to my ask. <3 <3

HELLO THERE! HEHE THANK YOU I’M SO HAPPY YOU LIKED IT Aaaahhh I love writing little tiny ficlets :’D I honestly just like to babble about the characters I love so I end up doing that HAHA I’m glad you find them entertaining!

Aaww, yeaa, she did respond! Mamin is such a sweetheart and I love talking to her about Theseus’ and Newt’s bond

ohmygod, I don’t even know what I did to receive that sort of praise but I am so so so flattered??? I don’t even know what to say??? It’s such an honor to be called someone’s favorite fanartist so thank you so much!

aaaa I actually did a continuation drawing that’s about the small filclet I wrote in the prev post! And I also did another ficlet thing heh

Newt wakes with a shudder, a sudden coldness cloaking over him and a sense of wrongness halting his breath with a shaky gasp. His hands twitch towards the blankets that have been pushed away, eyes still heavy with sleep. It ins’t until he hears the first soft whimper that his body jolts, instantly uncurling from his fetal position. Theseus. His mind registers with alarm that the warmth he had been missing was in fact, his brother’s embrace.

He sits up, face twisting in concern. The sight of his brother’s quaking, curled up form had his stomach knotting itself, and the unnaturally high-pitched whines of distress cut through the ringing silence of the night and right into his heart. Newt reached out a gentle hand to brush back sweat-soaked locks, the other moving to tenderly stroke down Theseus’ arm. His lips formed around his brother’s name, hushing and whispering gentle assurances.

He hated seeing his brother like this, usually so strong and composed, now small and fragile. Theseus was anything but. Newt carefully draped his arm and leg over the shaking form in a manner emulating Theseus’ usual sleeping position; ever the protector. Voice pitched low, he began to hum a soft melody, singing quietly to dispel whatever night-terror had dared disturb his precious family.

Newt may not be able to protect his brother from the real horrors of the world, but here, in their own space, he offers his love and comfort as respite- a soothing balm to ease the wounds inflicted by living. He embraces the role of his namesake, keeping vigilance over the night alongside the moon until sobs die away into occasional soft hiccup and the shudders finally still.

Newt doesn’t have the heat of his brother’s arms encasing him in their protection, but somehow -having Theseus in his arms, safe- he feels all the warmer for it.

Sugar Daddies and where to find them

Chapter 7
Heart attack

One of the things Newt likes about Percival is that he always gets himself some time to help him with his creatures. He spends the afternoons in the case, feeding them and keeping Newt company while he takes care of the rest.

He has no idea how, but the Niffler has grown fond of him and even Pickett is not as grumpy as he always is when he has to share Newt with another human.

And Percival actually listens to him; he learns about magical creatures and the best way to take care of them. He also has started to convince Picquery to change (little by little) the laws in America in order to protect them.

That’s when Newt gives him the first kiss. He’s so happy to hear Percival’s ideas about teaching the auror how to handle a situation in which a creature is involved, that he throws himself at him and gives him a quick peck on the lips.

For a second, Percival is so surprised he freezes, but as soon as he recovers from it, he walks towards Newt and cups his face in his hands.

“May I?” He breathes. Newt can see his dark eyes open wide, his look focused​ on him with such an intensity that makes him shiver in the spot.

“Yes,” Newt decides after a few seconds. He knows his face is completely red, he knows he shouldn’t be nervous about not having much experience in that kind of things, but he is anyway, still, he wants to try.

Percival’s kiss is very different from his, the Director moves like a predator and his eyes are full of mischief and his heart responds with a jump inside his chest even before their lips touch.

It’s different, but Newt finds himself liking it. Percival kisses like he’s desperate, like Newt’s lips are the answer to a question he’s been asking his whole life.

It’s overwhelming, but addictive at the same time.

The Director’s hands are on his waist, his grip tightens and suddenly Newt is being pulled close to the other’s body. He gasps when he feels teeth trapping his lower lip gently and as soon as his mouth is open Percival’s tongue starts​ its exploration. Newt moans and tries to follow the pace of the kiss, giving as much as he gets.

This time is Percival the one that shivers.

And then he stops because he needs air and because he’s not as distracted as he was before and his rational thoughts are coming back to him. Newt realizes he has never kissed someone with so much passion and the desire as he kissed Percival.

He groans, embarrassed, and buries his face in the curve of the auror’s neck.

Percival chuckles.

“What is it, mon coeur?”

Newt groans again. It’s gonna take him a while to get used to such intense, undivided attention.


Now that he’s aware of Percival’s feelings towards him, Newt notices he seems unable to keep his hands to himself; he likes putting his hand on the magizoologist's​ back as they walk side by side, he smiles before kissing Newt’s cheek and it doesn’t matter if they’re not the only ones in the room, if they’re in the middle of a meeting or if Picquery is rolling her eyes at them.

That’s how everyone finds out they’re dating, although Queenie told him once they already knew the Director was ‘head over heals’ because it was obvious for the whole department.

Newt also realizes how much Percival loves to buy him things and how 'dangerous’ is for him to mention, even briefly, that he likes something.

He finds out when they’re on the streets, looking for a wizard, known to be one of Grindelwald’s followers, and Newt spots something after the corner of his eye. The shop is closed, but the objects on sale are on display and Newt sees the golden necklace with the tiny dragon in the middle.

He grabs Tina’s coat, she’s the one next to him, and mentions how accurate the dragon is crafted and that is obviously a Ironbelly. She smiles at him, but shushes him almost immediately and tells him to focus.

The next thing he knows is that Percival approaches and takes his hand.

“Stay close to me,” he mutters and Newt nods.

And that’s the end of it, he forgets about the necklace. At least until the very next day that Percival Graves arrives MACUSA with a present for him and Newt gasps when he opens the box to see the very same necklace he liked.

He’s ready to tell Percival, as many times before, he doesn’t need to buy him anything, but the Director looks so pleased with himself that Newt bites his response and allows him to put him on the necklace.

Of course Percival takes advantage of the moment and hugs Newt from behind and kisses his neck.

Newt looks at the tiny Ironbelly in his hand and smiles despite of himself. Although, he’s still not used to the expensive gifts.


Theseus Scamander arrives days later; it’s a complete surprise for Newt when he sees him especially because he’s in Picquery’s office. Tina had told him the President wanted to see him and for a second Newt panicked thinking it was about one of his creatures.

It’s not, but Picquery doesn’t seem very pleased.

“Mr. Scamander, could you please remove your brother from my office? It’s very early in the morning and I do not wish to deal with personal matters right now.”

“Yes, of course, Madam President!”

“Come here, little brother! I’ve missed you!” If Theseus is annoyed it doesn’t seem like it, at least not at the moment; he grins as soon as his eyes lay on Newt and takes him in his arms.

“What are you doing here, 'Seus? I thought you were busy.”

“I am, but I always find time to visit my favourite brother!”

“I am your only brother,” Newt points out, unable to hide the grin on his face.

“And that’s why you are the favourite,” Theseus says and pulls him close. “I’ve decided I’m gonna spend a few weeks here in New York with you, what do you think?”

Before Newt can respond, Picquery sighs, pinches the bridge of her nose and pours some liquid in a cup that doesn’t look like coffee or tea.

“I'm​ glad you decided to come,” he says.

Picquery drinks​ the content of her cup in one go.


“So… Newt. I… heard some disturbing news from Clarice. But you know how she is so I thought she got to joking or something, because it seemed so… unbelievable when she said it. I came here not only to take care of you, but to make sure it wasn’t… real. Because it’s not, right?”

“I think I don’t follow, 'Seus. Are you talking about the Grindelwald problem?”

Theseus shakes his head, impatient.

“No, I meant- Wait, what’s this?” Frowning at Newt’s necklace, Theseus asks.

“It’s an Ironbelly! Beautiful, isn’t it?” He practically beams, taking the figure in his fingers.

“Well… yes, but it seems a little- I didn’t think they payed you that much for being a consultant.”

Oh, right. Theseus doesn’t know about Percival, because Newt hasn’t told him yet. Feeling a little flustered, he looks down and bites his lip.

“I didn’t buy it, it was a gift.”

“A gift, huh? Who gave it to you?”


Theseus leans in, lips pressed together.

“Percival as in Percival Graves the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement?”

“Yes.” After his brother’s response, Theseus’ eyes roam over Newt.

“Is that a new scarf? What about that pocket watch?” There’s something wrong, Theseus seems tense asking those questions.

“They’re all gifts from Percival.”

“He seems a very generous man,” the british auror says through clenched teeth.

Newt grins from ear to ear, perhaps his brother won’t react too bad if he tells him, after all he just complimented Percival.

“He is! He also helped me with Clara!” And Newt tells his brother the story; Theseus is indeed very focused, he doesn’t notice he’s grabbing his cup of tea a little too hard.

“Such a nice man.”

Glad that Theseus thinks highly of Percival, Newt decides it’s the perfect moment to talk about his relationship with the Director.

“'Seus, I think you should know, Percival and I are-”

“In a relationship,” the Director finishes the sentence for him, while he stands next to Newt. He bends to kiss the ginger’s cheek and offers hand to Theseus. “Percival Graves.”

“Are you okay, 'Seus? You look like you’re about to get sick,” Newt worries, stating at his brother’s frown.

“I’m fine,” he mumbles and only then takes the Director’s hand. They both shake hands, but the grip might be a bit strong, or at least that’s the impression he gets from watching them.

“Theseus Scamander, Newt’s older brother and also his guardian,” he emphasizes.

The younger Scamander rolls his eyes.

“I’m not a child anymore, 'Seus.”

Theseus rises from his seat to be at the same level as the other wizard. He ignores Newt completely.

“Mr. Graves, you say you’re in a relationship with my brother. May I ask what kind of relationship is this? What are your intentions towards my little, innocent brother?”

“I just want to make him happy.”

“By buying him pretty things?” Theseus snarls and now Newt’s is on his feet too. He wants to walk in between, but the table makes it impossible. “I know what you’re doing.”

“You do?” Percival’s eyebrow quirks up and he grins with all his teeth, but Newt knows it’s not a sincere smile, he knows this looks like when a predator shows his teeth to another. “Please, enlighten​ me.”

“My lovely Newt, I was looking for you!” Queenie’s melodic voice snaps them out of it and Newt has never been so glad to see her. “Tina and I were planning on inviting you to grab something to eat, but as I see you have company…”

Theseus opens his mouth, but Queenie cuts him off before he can even speak.

“You must be Newt’s brother! I’m Queenie Goldstein and this is my sister Tina.” Theseus shakes their hands. “I have an idea! Why don’t we all go to eat something? Yes? Oh, it’ll be lovely, don’t worry…”

Newt's​ not so sure anymore, but at least Percival and Theseus are more relaxed now. He hopes things stay that way.

Just A Little

The Other Slytherin (Series)

Newt Scamander x Reader


Summary: A little push in the right direction can make all the difference.

“Achoo!” You sniffled as you took tentative sips of the tea Newt had prepared for you. 

Newt tried his best not to look you in the eye, especially after what had transpired yesterday, the thought of it still brought a blush to his cheeks and he was quite sure you were still upset over it. “Are you sure you’ll be alright?” He asked in concern.

“I’m fine. You should get to work. Those House Elves can’t exactly relocate themselves you know.” Your voice sounded slightly muffled and nasally as you expelled a small cough. You had caught a cold the day after you’d given poor Dougal a cold bath, and now you were sick in bed with Dougal chittering worriedly beside you and Newt who had assigned himself to be your nursemaid but also using you as an excuse not to go to work.

“I really should stay to look after you, I mean what if something happens and you can’t um…go to the bathroom?” Newt was grasping at straws at this point, trying to think of anything to avoid his work.

The glare you gave him was so intense, he actually feared that he would spontaneously combust at any moment. “Scamander,” was the only thing you said, but the unspoken command was there.

“Please don’t make me go to work. Ever since meeting Dougal, I’ve realized how dreadfully dull and tedious everything is! I’m losing my mind behind all those papers.” Newt resorted to begging now, looking genuinely upset at the thought of spending another day behind a desk pushing paperwork. 

“If you disliked the job, then why did you apply for it?” You asked him.

Newt sighed, as his eyes wandered around the room, a bit embarrassed at the reason. “It was the only job they were willing to give me given my…failed education. Theseus even had to convince the Department to even let me apply!”

“Hmm. I see.” You considered this information as you took another sip of your tea.

“So does that I mean I can stay for the day?” Newt asked hopefully.

“No.” You bluntly replied, Newt’s expression fell and he groaned as he trudged to the doorway of your room. 

“Can’t I at least leave early?” 

“No.” You motioned a shooing gesture with your hand as you sent him off. Newt pouting the entire way as he left the flat. Once you were sure he was gone, you summoned a piece of parchment, quill, and ink as you quickly wrote a letter to a good friend of yours that owed you a few favors.

“Are you sure about this?” Theseus asked you as he looked through the letter you’d given him. Re-reading it to make sure that nothing had changed from the first time he’s read it over.

You frowned at his hesitance and you were quick to remind him what he owed you. “Jason already approved, I just need another senior officer as a reference. You owe me this, Theseus. Especially after what you put me through. Even more so after what you’re planning to do!”

Theseus had told you that he was planning to leave the Ministry in order to enlist in the muggle war that was currently plaguing the world. He’d voiced his desire to enlist before and it was only due to his mother’s sudden turn in health that kept him from leaving. However, his mother was now back in good health and his little brother seemed to be in a good place…Newt could be in an even better place if he agreed to what you were proposing.

“I’m still reeling at the fact that you two are living together! I didn’t even think you two were–”

“We’re not! For the last bloody time, Theseus, he’s only there for Dougal!”

“Right, the monkey.”

“He’s an ape!”

Theseus gave a sigh as he rubbed at the bridge of his nose hoping to alleviate the sudden headache that he was getting. “Putting him out in the field…it’s too dangerous! He has no proper training!”

You groaned at his reoccurring reluctance at allowing Newt a new position in the Ministry as a field agent in the Beast Division, simply because he was the doting big brother that wanted to keep his little brother safe. “He’s a grown man, Theseus, for Merlin’s sake! Why can’t you believe in him for once? He can do this! He’s the only one who can!” 

Theseus looked at you in astonishment at how readily you had such confidence in his baby brother. Despite the fact and you and Newt were never really that close, you always thought Newt was much more than what most people gave him credit for. You were always the first to defend Newt whenever he got into trouble and always the first to support him when he needed it, the sad part, however, was that Newt wasn’t aware of it. You were one of the things that Theseus envied about his little brother, a person that would always have his back no matter what.

“You’re right.”

“I’m always right.”

Theseus gave you an unimpressed look, “Everything is changing so fast. Sometimes it doesn’t even seem real. I just worry about him.”

“I know how you feel. I’m probably the one closest to worrying about him the most next to you, but he needs this. He practically begged me to not make him go to work the other day, being behind a desk is driving him mad. This will help him have a job he can actually be proud of.” You urged Theseus, as you gave him a quill.

“You’ll look after him, won’t you? When I’m gone?” Theseus asked you and you frowned at his wording.

“You don’t even need to ask that. And don’t even think about dying over there. We had a deal, the only one allowed to kill you is me.” You shoved at his shoulder in a playful manner, but Theseus barely even moved as he chuckled in remembrance of one of the promises you two had. He heaved a sigh as he finally signed the document with a flourish.

“That’s right. You already have my death planned out. I suppose that means I won’t have anything to worry about then?”

“Just worry about how you’re going to repay me for all the other favors you still owe me.”

“What? You mean to tell me this only counts as one?”

“Of course it only counts as one!”

“What?” Newt asked in a breathless tone as his eyes flitted between you, Theseus, and Jason.

Jason frowned and looked towards you in askance, “Was I not clear? I thought I was pretty blunt.”

“I think you were a little too blunt,” Theseus interjected as he waved his hand in front of Newt who’d gone into a catatonic state. “I think you broke him.”

“He’s fine,” you told them as you pushed Theseus’ hand away from Newt’s face. “Scamander? You still in there? If you don’t want the job we can always give it to someone el–”

“NO!” Newt suddenly exclaimed, startling you and Jason, Theseus was unaffected. Newt cleared his throat at his sudden outburst as he tried to regain his composure. “I mean, I would be honored to accept this job. I can’t even believe you’re giving me a promotion, I mean…why are you giving me a promotion?”

Jason stumbled at finding an explanation as he looked towards you, but you glared at him and he was quick to remedy his blunder as he told Newt, “Theseus recommended you!” Theseus nodded at this. “He said that you were very passionate about studying magical creatures, diligent, and from what I’ve been told you’re looking for a way to preserve them, rather than eliminating them for secrecy’s sake. That’s where you and I get along. I’ve been trying to tell my fellow wizards that the destruction of magical creatures will only result in the destruction of our own way of life.”

“They need to be protected!” Newt agreed wholeheartedly.

“Exactly. Now, this position isn’t exactly the most glamorous. For the most part, you’ll only be cleaning the enclosures and tending to the creatures we have here on the site. But if you show real prowess at handling the creatures we have, then we can discuss moving you out on the field.” Jason explained to Newt who’s grin kept growing and growing, he was practically giddy with his excitement. 

“Oh Mr. Fields, I promise I will be the best beast keeper you’ve ever had. I swear to you, you will not regret it. I will do my utmost to show you exactly what I’m capable of. Thank you, thank you so much!” Newt reached out and shook Jason’s hand, Jason merely chuckled as he gestured towards you.

“You really should thank your–” Jason began, but you quickly elbowed Jason’s side and he moved his arm to gesture to Theseus instead. “…your brother! Yes, Theseus really convinced me that you would be the perfect man for the job.”

“Oh, Theseus thank you! I promise to make you proud!” Newt said happily as he gave his brother a hug.

Theseus chuckled a little nervously as he returned Newt’s hug, he always felt a little uncomfortable when he had to lie, but he’d gotten used to it after all these years of taking credit for things he wasn’t responsible for. “I’m already proud of you, little brother.

Newt then turned to you, smile still gracing his features, he wasn’t really quite sure why you were here, but he was happy all the same to see you.

“I’m here for moral support.” You explained and Newt easily accepted it. 

“I’ll try not to drive you mad with my ramblings,” Newt promised.

“You already drive me mad, just promise to bathe before you come home. I don’t want you tracking the smell of dung everywhere.” 

“Deal.” Newt smiled and was mildly surprised that he had the strangest urge to give you a hug as well, but he stopped himself fearing you might not welcome the sudden physical contact.

“You start your new job tomorrow, Scamander,” Jason told him as he bid you and the brothers farewell, leaving to return to his work.

Theseus sighed as he clapped his hands and said, “Well, now that we’ve delivered the good news. Let’s talk about the bad news.”

“Bad news?” Newt questioned, looking between you and Theseus as you exchanged hesitant looks with each other. Newt suddenly felt dread overcome him.

“We’ll talk about it over tea.” You suggested as you tentatively took Newt’s arm and started leading him out, Theseus following behind you.

“You’re going to war? But I thought wizards were banned from participating?” Newt looked at his brother who had just told him of his decision.

“We are, but there’s a group of wizards who are going against the ban and helping anyways. I know you don’t like it, but I’ve already decided and I’m leaving on the next boat in a few days. I’ve told Mum too, she’s back home in Dorset, so you don’t need to worry about her.” Theseus told his little brother. He reached out to grasp Newt’s shoulder trying to both explain himself in a way Newt will understand and in some way to comfort him. “It’s one of the reasons I agreed to your promotion, a better job means better pay so you’ll be able to take care of yourself. And you’ll finally be doing something you love and not just pushing paperwork around!”

Newt wasn’t really sure what to say, it’s not like he could stop Theseus from leaving, but also he was proud of his brother, for fighting for what he believed in, fighting for his country, fighting to protect others. “I…I’ll miss you,” was the only thing he could think of to say at that moment.

“I’ll miss you too. I do have to admit, I’m more worried about you than I am for myself.” Theseus teased, trying to lighten the mood.

Newt frowned, “I can take care of myself, I’m not a child anymore, Theseus.”

Theseus merely chuckled. “I know, I was just teasing. After all, what’s there to worry about when you have her looking after you?” Theseus slightly turned his head to look towards you, sitting at your own table a few feet away from them. You had wanted to give the brothers some privacy, but still remain close in case Theseus did something to upset Newt.

Newt blushed at Theseus’ implication and cleared his throat of the sudden non-existent obstruction. “We’re not like that. We’re just friends.”

“Funny, since you were hardly ever ‘friends’ until recently. Apparently, you’re living together now?” Theseus questioned, giving his brother a pointed look.

Newt’s blush grew deeper, “It’s simply for convenience! It’s closer to work and I’m studying a creature she keeps at home. You can’t tell anyone about the creature!”

Theseus merely gave a smirk, “Whatever you say, little brother. Your secret is safe with me.”

“I’m telling you it’s not like that!” Newt continued to protest, turning even redder.

You watched the brothers tease each other and sighed in relief, knowing that Newt wasn’t overly upset about Theseus’ decision. At the very least he had his new job to distract him from any sad thoughts. Newt didn’t voice it, but you heard him crying at night over Leta and the only thing that seemed to bring him any comfort was his time interacting with Dougal. It just made you surer of your decision to invite him into your home and the news of receiving his new job was the first time you’d seen him smile so big in a long while. It made you happy to know that you were able to help him through a difficult time, even just a little.

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anonymous asked:

Mister Scamander I was just thinking , well you don't seem to be much of a drinker , but I could be wrong. Do you drink alcohol? What kind of drunk person are you?

I’m not much a drinker no, and then only very occasionally.  I’m afraid it might come as a bit of a disappointment for me to tell you that I am quite boring and quiet when intoxicated.

… not one word, @asktheseusscamander, brother dearest.

one would think
saving a life would give
at least a little incentive
for love, for gratitude.

she risked everything
to make him a legend
by giving him a sword
and a ball of string.

it worked, of course it did.
she knew the labyrinth and
love had meant more,
more than even family.

it was hushed words
and frantic footsteps leaving
everything known behind
for a promise that was broken.

girls have forever been told,
“do not trust men, they always
leave broken pieces behind.”
she should have believed them.

the savior abandoned by
a man too cowardly to
even face her, but he had
been warned of her purpose.

why else would a god
answer the cries of a
foolish girl and offer her
the stars as a wedding crown?

and promises from gods
are not taken lightly.
the gods will outlive the world
and with him, she could too.

—  Oh, Ariadne, Theseus led you to better things
Another Mafia AU 2 (I need a title for this)

On mobile so can’t link here. Have a quick look for Another Mafia AU on my blog for part one till I can get on my laptop. Xx

Ok so I am trying to link tell me if u can see part 1 : http://classicalcassiopeia.tumblr.com/post/155318710393/another-mafia-au


II. Percival

The long boardroom was filled with a heavy atmosphere. Percival, at the head of the table was surveying leather bound dossiers in front of him, meticulously flicking through each of his sub companies’ financial data. Finally, he smiled. It was not a happy kind of smile; rather it put one in mind of a particularly hungry shark.

“Excellent work.” He snapped the folders shit and slid them into his own satchel for later full review. “I expect to see the same next time. You are dismissed.” With that, he rose and strode out the door, his secretary Tina falling in step beside him as they strode from the high-rise office building.

“Ah boss. Done with companies for the day?” Tina smirked at him from the opposite seat. “Got something more important in mind?”

Percival relaxed, loosening his tie. “Might do. Don’t get uppity Goldstein. Hate to relegate you to traffic.”

She snorted but stayed quiet. They both knew he needed her as a guard, he couldn’t stand any of the others for long periods, and tended to send them off crying within a day. 4 hours was the official record. Besides, traffic was basically looking over the smuggling goods and inventorying them. Dull. He only sent real morons there.

In the ten years since Graves had become the leader of the Family, Tina was the only one who had lasted more than two months guarding him. Three years in and she was indispensable as a PA and as his bodyguard. She had come to work for him when she was just eighteen and out of high school. With a younger sister to take care of and no parents, Tina had turned to her mother’s line of work before her death and joined the Macusa clan. Working her way up, she had been spotted by Graves as tactically brilliant and ruthless enough to follow through on her plans. They had been fairly inseparable since.

In fact, the only time they argued was when Queenie, Tina’s baby sister, decided to join the family too. Tina had been desperate for her sister to go to college to stay out of the family business to to speak. Queenie had disagreed and really, who was Graves to stop anyone from joining up? It took a period of coldness between them but the problem resolved itself when Graves assigned Queenie to Intel. She was safe out of the ranks, so Tina was happy; and she was terrifyingly good at her job and very quickly rose to take over the department, so Graves was happy. Queenie was just happy to be able to work near her Teenie and be doing an important job.

The car drew up to the huge brownstone residence of the main Graves family. Percival’s parents had both died in a shootout when he was twenty two, so he had take over all the business straight out of an accelerated college degree. Thankfully in addition to business savvy, he had a thick skin, excellent survival instincts and was a decent shot with a gun. After replacing almost the entire upper echelon with his own people, Percival had expanded business operations and now controlled not only almost the entire underworld of New York City, but was also a billionaire outside of his Family work, controlling several huge conglomerates with a finger in almost every pie there was.

As it was, only Percival lived there now. Tina and Queenie as well as his other section heads as well as a few other guards had rooms as well but they were only there when necessary.
As he got into his rooms, Tina doing a quick check before hand, he immediately set a bath running, shucking off his suit. God he was exhausted. It was almost eight in the evening by this point, and he had been at work since seven thirty. He still had pages and pages of paperwork to go through. Sliding into the steaming water, he finally relaxed fully.

The bath was going cold and Percival was just beginning to consider more hot water when there was a bang on the door. Rising quickly, Percival threw on a towel and grabbed his pistol, always close by, to open the door. Tina was standing there, looking a little wild.

“Sir, sir I am sorry to interrupt but this is something - something you need to hear about. It’s the Alpha squad, something went wrong in the general patrol. Queenie has all the details but she said it was urgent and-”

“Tina, breathe. I’m going to get changed and I will be at HQ in fifteen minutes on the outside.”

He shooed her from his room and sharply closed the door. Fuck. Alpha was one of his best squads, his most reliable lieutenant commanded it, his top men were in it. If something has gone wrong with them on a general patrol of his territory then that was very very bad.

In well under the promised quarter of an hour he was striding into Intel for his promised report. Everyone looked to be silently panicking, except for Queenie, who was sending out all the orders with a face of granite. A relived cry of “Boss!” Rang out across the room as she turned to usher him into her closed off office.

“What is going on Queenie.” His voice left no room for dithering or small talk.

“Alpha team were on a patrol down by the Hudson. The Carlacci ambushed them with at least four squads. The group managed to pop them all but three men were shot, several more had knife wounds and even Lieutenant Kim was wounded. Just on the arm sir, don’t worry.”

Percival broke in here. “The other men are being treated by now I hope? And cleanup has sorted out the Carlacci scum?”

Queenie hesitated. “Well. Cleanup has been by and I took the liberty of reassigning the Eta and Phi squads to cover the rest of the Alpha patrol. With Commander Fleamont’s permission of course. However-”

“However what, why haven’t my men been treated?”

“It seems that the new tenant down there is a doctor. They ended up in Jacob’s bakery, seeing as it was the closest safe house. Turns out that his neighbour set up a free clinic next door and heard the commotion. Apparently he helped out immediately, removed the bullets and sutured the bullet and knife wounds without asking any questions. We got them checked out when here but the doctors just called me to report that the work was expertly done. The only things he couldn’t treat were some concussions, which can’t be treated anyway.”

“I see.” He mulled this over. Everyone was going to be well, which was good. He hated losing good soldiers. But this newcomer, who was he?

“I was just getting a file on him.” Ah, apparently he had said that last bit out loud. “From what we know so far, his name is Newt Scamander. He is originally British but has been travelling the last four years, all under different names, and he came in from Equatorial Guinea apparently plying his skills for food and board. Nothing early than that yet, sorry. We’re still getting info coming in.”

More and more interesting. The name indicated a relation to a pre-eminent British crime family but he was in the US, whose underground remained very cold to the British one. He didn’t even seem to be doing Mafia work. He would just have to meet the man himself and see why he was here.

“Keep looking. I will visit him tomorrow morning and give him my personal thanks for helping some friends.”

Standing, he commended her for her work. Queenie, he mused, really would be wasted in another field. Seeing as the situation was under control for now, he would return to sleep and reassess once he awoke.

He did just that.

Bright and early the next morning Percival reviewed the complete file on the incident. All men were fine. Lieutenant Kim was to report in that afternoon. And he, well he had a certain doctor to visit.

Tina, who thankfully slept when he did, was ready to go in the car already.

“Queenie is in bed, she’s been up all night. Got this Scamander’s address though.” Tina said as a greeting.

He sighed. “Good good. She works hard.” The car pulled away. Peri cal spent the ride reading the file on Scamander. It seemed that he had got his degree at Cambridge, had left the country almost immediately after graduating and from there had hopped across Europe and Asia, saving hundreds of lives. From there he had flown to America a couple of months ago and set up his little clinic. Shy, quiet, he had nevertheless become friends with Jacob quickly and was by all accounts, the opposite of a troublemaker. So what was the second son of the Scamander family doing here? Oh, that heir Theseus had tried to cover his trails and the false identities he had used around the world were very good but Queenie and her agents were better.

They had arrived. For this, Percival had chosen buttery leather boots, dark jeans and a white button down with a navy jumper over the top. Attractive but practical. He smirked. Just like him.

He entered the tiny clinic entrance, the door tinkling pleasantly behind him. Tina slid in behind him unobtrusively. A quiet voice called out to “wait just a moment, please, feel free to take a seat.”. Percival elected to stand and wait near the counter. There was no one else there, after all. Less than a moment later, footsteps came closer and a man entered from a screened door behind the counter.

And dear god, was this man beautiful.

——– Part 3! : http://classicalcassiopeia.tumblr.com/post/155437877323/just-another-mafia-au-3-still-needs-a-name