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Update (22nd November)

Alright guys so here’s what’s coming up this week!

  • New Part of ‘the Blame’ tonight
  • Then a new part of ‘Oh Dear’ this saturday 

Coming up this weekend!

  • Billy Hargrove imagine 
  • Two/three Jim Hopper imagines
  • First part to the Loki series I am starting
  • Steve Harrington imagines

If there’s anything you’re dying to read this weekend and want me to write it let me know. 


So instead of doing anything else, I got obsessed with the Howls Moving Castle AU.  

  • Me @ 1 AM: I think I'm going to start this new show, seems interesting
  • Me @ 3 AM: This show is the best. I've already finished 5 seasons, scrolled through half of it's Tumblr tag, went through 20 of its popular ships, and read its entire Wikipedia

Happy Anniversary @ask-drunk-chara !!! This is still my favorite UT blog (along with *FTC) and it has influenced me a lot! Added Core!Frisk cause I miss their bday ;;

Core!Frisk belongs to @dokudoki


all is golden in the sky

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Summer of Progress

Touring from September 8 - October 29


Kageyama Tatsuya will replace Kimura Tatsunari to play Kageyama Tobio.
Fuchino Yuuto will replace Hashimoto Shouhei to play Nishinoya Yuu

On Nekoma, Inuoka will no longer appear but
Ishikura Noah will play Haiba Lev.

The cast will also feature 6 new actors for Fukurodani, and…

Nagao Shizune as Shimizu Kiyoko
Saitou Ami as Yachi Hitoka