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Guess who watched the new X-men and is now officially Nightsilver trash?~

4 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as blood, drugs and guns.

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The familiar cherry blossom tree shook violently against the wind as you pulled up the manor house, an accurate reflection of what your life had become. Taehyung had used the GPS locator in Jin’s cellphone to determine where you both were, once he had the all clear from Jimin he came to collect and return you. The entire car journey was painfully silent, the only noise being the loud rhythmic tapping of Taehyung’s large hands on the steering wheel.

As soon as you pulled up into the driveway the car door was opened for you, a strong arm pulling you out of the huge silver Audi Q7 and into a desperate embrace. Jimin squeezed your body in his vice-like grip, his powerful arms cutting off your oxygen supply as he grasped your waist impossibly tighter, a deep relieved sigh landing in the crook of your neck. You nearly stumbled backwards as the tiny pieces of gravel made you uneasy on your feet, getting stuck inside the ridges of your Doc Martens, not to mention the fact you hadn’t eaten or slept in days. You weakly wrapped your arms around his frame, happy to see your brother alive.

“I’ve been worried sick.” Jimin whispered, pulling away to face you. “I’m so glad you’re okay… I’m so grateful that Jin got you out of here before things got too crazy.” He admitted, stepping back from your body. Jin and Taehyung had gotten out of the car, both of them stood behind you protectively like guards.

“What happened?” You asked, your eyes drifting to Jimin’s office window where you could see Sung peeking down at you through the blinds, mascara running down her cheeks as though she’d been crying. Turning your attention back to Jimin you noticed he had a few small cuts on his eyebrow, and a swollen lip. He must’ve got hurt the other night.

“We tried to make the deal, but Hoseok double crossed us… His guy Namjoon killed one of our girls as a decoy-, I think he was going to try and take you…” Jimin admitted truthfully, he knew that he couldn’t keep you in the dark about the truth any longer. “Jin, I can’t thank you enough…” He moved his body so he was stood in front of Jin, the two men sharing a brotherly hug.

“I’m going to take a shower and get some sleep.” You lied, knowing that you wouldn’t be sleeping any time soon at a time like this. “I’ll see you all tomorrow.” You barely smiled, not hanging round long enough for them to oppose as you made your way across the stones, eventually finding yourself outside the safe house at the bottom of the garden.

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Carwood Lipton (he’s a sweet precious cinnamon roll and i love him)

Men of Easy company: Speirs | Lipton | Winters | Nixon | Roe | Shifty | Webster | -

Band of Brothers (2001)

I’m really loving the theme lately with big budget film and TV projects in the ‘nerds and nostalgia’ genre having White Male Entitlement as the villain


Mad Max asked who killed the world

their answer was 'toxic masculinity’

Jessica Jones answered with 'rape culture’

and Star Wars threw in 'entitled, privileged white dudes with nostalgiaboners for eras of extreme oppression for everyone else’

could we ask for a more accurate unholy trinity, or a better group to be putting this shit on blast??

Imagine : Being Hope Mikaelson’s Twin and Kol blames the Family for constantly ignoring you (part 2)

I am sorry for not having this sooner please forgive me senpai 

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Young! Reader x Father ! Klaus

Young! Reader x Uncle!Kol

It had been a week since the incident with the Kidnapping . So far every one is slightly shaken up that something like that can happen to their dear hope. Or well every one would if Kol would forget about the person who was actually tortured like everyone else did to  Y/N .

She hadn’t really spoken much since the incident . But her screams in the night , showed her true emotions .

But it seemed like tonight was not one of those nights thankfully. Kol didn’t know how much longer he could stay calm , her leg was healing nicely.  Well nicely enough when your ankle is fraktured

The originals tried to give her blood but every time she would pretend to drink it or just not enough to heal her completly.

But she was healing as her family tended to Hope’s crying. Kol watches at (y/n( , whom gasps as her sister nearly falls on the steps but doesn’t move from her seat . “Hello darling How are you ,” he says walking up to her. “I am fine uncle Kol , how are you ?” He could tell she was trying to be happy but her smile didn’t reach her eyes or heart.

“Come on love you can’t be sad forever . I am sure your parents were al–”

“Already taking care of Hope and tending her needs . Its fine Uncle Kol , they were just to busy doing other things . they couldn’t focus on me and Hope. I am just glad You we’re there for me when I needed you ” she then gave Kol a hug making him smile for the little girls sake , but he knew deep down its was going to take more than a hug to comfort the young child . 

“ hey get dressed Aunty Davina wanted to give you a check up ” he says, making a smile whip onto the small girls face as she goes to prepare with her  crutches in hand to support her body.

“So do you intend to steal away my daughter every time something happens to her ,” scowled Klaus.

“I told you already Niklaus . it isn’t stealing if she want to Come with me . It’s not like.your trying to.do you job when it comes to taking care.  Of her .” kol says. “I am taking her to the cauldron to see Davina wanted to check on her leg . ” he continues.

“Do you intend to take her to some outsider , when Freya is hear with more magic and  knowledge,” he says, as his anger rises.“Thou Davina isn’t as powerful Freya. She is more around and loving to her” 

  ” Is that so brother then tell me who is the person that helps wrap (Y/n( bandages when  Hayley isn’t around , or when Y/n needs help reaching her courtches.“

"Y/n wouldn’t even need crouthes if you even batted an eye at the girl. You fear they will both push you away when they grow up. But they have nothing to push away if you don’t care for the both of them ,” Kol says walking up to Klaus . Both of them were so angry they didn’t notice that Y/n walking into the room.

“ If its such a problem that I go out with Uncle Kol then I won’t go. No need to fight over anyone . ” she said then makes her way back to her room leaving the two grown men alone .


“Oh its you,” she said walking into the room . “Must be  horrible being a human . You know only to live ,survive only to be killed ” she says.

“What do you want Hope” Y/n says holding on to her sketch book. “What can’t I just come and check on my twin” she Scowls at the word . 

“I mean after all I need to be a bigger person here,"she pushes off Y/n’s crutches from the bed and snatches her sketch book from  her .

"Hey what the fuck,” Y/n said as Hope sits down and Klaus comes to the room.  Klaus gasps at Y/n words.

“So you expect to go out with Kol ,with that kind of language ,” he yells walking up the the human child as tears brim Hope’s eyes .

 "You and I are going to talk about this ,“ he said walking away with the fake crying Hope from the room . Y/n glares at her twins walking form and sighs knowing that they won’t believe her story .


I take a deep breath trying to calm my nerves but nothing is working.  "Little brat” I say noticing that my sketches were all torn out .  I place the now empty sketch book on the bed side table . 

I was about to try and pick up my crutches when Uncle Elijah and Klaus walks into the room and locks the  door.  "Y/n please tell me what your father heard you say isn’t true ?“  Uncle Elijah asks. 

Uncle Elijah was always there for me when Uncle Kol wasn’t around or in this families case awake or alive. I could tell he wanted to give me the benefit of the doubt but he knew I would be lying to him .

"Hello Y/n I believe your Uncle asked you ”

“Yes Uncle Elijah I did curse at Hope ,” I said cutting off ‘my father ’ if I can even call him that . He is more like the sperm donor who didn’t leave the baby mama.  Yeah that’s it.

“And what was this reason you attacked your sister,”

“Its not an attack all I said was 'what the fuck’ is exactly like say ’ what the heck’,” I say staring dead at them.

“Are you sure that is all you said ,” said Klaus

“Are you sure you have sensitive hearing cause you sure don’t act like it ,” I cross my arms , making Klaus huff in anger . “Y/n you are not allowed to go read or practice magic . When you go to school . You go and come right back . Nor are you allowed to meet Davina at all or go to Marcellus ,”

I felt like my was heart being stabbed repeatedly . “ wha- are – Fine ,” I say knowing that arguing with the two of them is useless. Everything I loved to do and take it.  

Yet if it was Hope they would let her off with a warning . I release a sigh as they walk out the room with not another word . Yes I know what I did was wrong –

My thoughts were interupted when I notice Uncle Kol walk into the room . “Hi Uncle Coco ,” I say as he picks up my crutches from the ground and leans them on my bed side tables. “I heard what happened ,”

“Not like you wouldn’t someone would off told you eventually,” I say , my sounded sad and defeated but its not like my voice should be for from it cause of everything .

“It wasn’t such a nice thing you said to Hope . ” he sits down onto my bed . I look down to my F/c bed sheets   . “If you heard what she said you would think what I said would be angelic ,” I say leaning on my head board .

“And what would that be darling ,”

“She said my purpose in life is to grow only to killed only to be killed .”  the feeling of wanting to cry engulfed me . My own sister wanted me dead . and doesn’t even think off me as a person. 

“My sisters thinks I am made to die . Maybe those people who has kidnapped me should of killed me , or better yet  ” I didn’t notice tears were coming out my eyes until Uncle Kol pulled me into his arms. Thou I am with him I feel alone .

 * Maybe I should kill me self* I thought as he rubs my back. *But  I can let Uncle Kol know my plan * I thought hugging him back. “ Are you OK little bird ” he said putting his chin on my head. I wipe my tears and snuggle into his chest . “Yeah I am fine ” I said knowing I won’t be able to bother anyone any more .


Watching TFP made me think of the trailer of Shutter Island. I haven’t seen the complete film myself, but I thought it was worth to at least watch the trailer again and I’m still not sure if I like what I found: 

1. Fog. Oh, and a boat. Oh, and two men on the boat. 
2. A remote island with a fort on it. 
3. Guardsmen
4. “The most dangerous and damaged patients, the ones no other hospitals can manage”. Uhh, you guys?!
5. A red alarm. 
6. A mysterious female prisoner. Oh wait, she escaped: “It is as if she evaporated. Uh, yes, that’s exactly what we thought Eurus must have done. 
7. A notebook
8. Strange messages on walls or (grave?) stones
9. A matchbox. Really?!
10. “This is a game. Is it? 
11. And I don’t know why, but the tune from 1.43 on sounds awfully familiar to me. I could be mistaken though :) 

And uhm… “Shutter” Island? Shutters. Mary. DVD. I don’t know. Too deep, Sherlock. Too deep… Everything seems to remind me of Sherlock ^^ 

So by the time the trailer had finished, I had become so curious that I decided to watch this: “Shutter Island: why perspective is everything”. AND IT WAS SO INTERESTING! The explanation starts with “The breaking of the fourth wall…”, so do I need to say more? Decide for yourself: 

But let’s first summarise the film. Two detectives (Let me think. Oh, Sherlock and John?) go to Shutter Island in order to find the supposedly missing patient ‘Solando’ (Eurus?). None of the psychiatrists, however, wants to cooperate.

Andrew, the protagonist and one of the detectives, is a war veteran. So let’s suppose this is a John mirror. But we get to know Andrew as being Teddy, as Andrew’s brain has come up with the character of Teddy in order to be able to deal with the violence and feeling of guilt he has encountered throughout his life.

In the mean time, Teddy gets more and more nightmares. He constantly sees his wife and he gets flashback to his war past. He finds Solando and she tells him she isn’t the one who is insane, but that she is a psychiatrist who was declared mad after she had discovered that inhumane experiments were conducted on patients. She also tells Teddy he’s drugged (TD-12?). 

Suddenly his partner Chuck disappears. Teddy thinks psychiatrists might use him for their experiments and he wants to do everything within his power to prevent that from happening. He then meets a psychiatrist who tells him HE is the one who is delusional. However, Solando had told him this was going to happen, so he plays along. But then it turns out that Chuck is also a psychiatrist. He tells Teddy that he has killed his own wife and that he has been a patient at Shutter Island for quite a while now. 

Only then we get to see what happened with Teddy in the past. He arrives home one day to see his wife has drowned their kids (has Mary drowned Rosy? It would certainly explain why there is such a huge focus on water in S4…). In turn, he shoots (the guns!) his wife (so did John kill Mary?). He goes insane after all of this and therefore gets send to Shutter Island. He creates a fantasy world to deal with all of this. 

In the end, the psychiatrists think only lobotomy can help Teddy/Andrew to deal with his past. And it seems like that’s also what Teddy/Andrew wants, as turns out in a conversation Andrew has with Chuck (the hug?).

Oh. And: ‘Shutter Island’ also (ever so gently) reminds the audience that they are watching Andrew’s strange fantasy world because: 

  • Characters act out of character (Check) 
  • Teddy becomes more and more violent (Check: John hitting Sherlock?)
  • Continuity errors that are too obvious (Double check). 

Any thoughts on this? As this is my first official post on Tumblr ever… I’ll just tag around ^^: @worriesconstantly @jenna221b @inevitably-johnlocked @whimsicalethnographies @gosherlocked 


That’s all you need, boys. (x)


It has been days since you ate or sleep in something what’s similar to a bed and slowly it takes a toll on you.
At least you found some water bottles which were left by a ‘friend’. You know that they could’ve been poisoned. But after all you’ve been through and the dry feeling in your mouth and throat, you couldn’t care less. Maybe you still have a chance to reach DC, even when your current situation looks bad. And maybe..

Automatically your hand wanders to the gun in the waistband and slowly you pull it out.
“Hey girl!..” The man continues to speak, but more quietly.
Probably he’s talking to his friends and the thought scares you more than that you could run in a herd of walkers. You take a deep breath before you start running, hearing how at least two men are following you.
“Wait! We want.. oh shit.” The man curses as you run in the woods.
Branches and foliage rustle under your shoes as you try to find a place where you can hide. For a second you want to give up, your stomach growls from hunger and starts hurting, bitter bile letting you choke.
Completely weakened you hide behind a bush and crouch down, hot tears prickle in your eyes.
“Just.. just leave me alone!” You shout in a croaking voice as you hear them.
“We just want to help you. My name is Aaron and this is my friend Daryl.” The man, Aaron, says and comes slowly around the bush, unharmed.
Instantly you aim your gun at him and he raises his arms like in surrender. Your eyes widen as you spot Daryl and even he seems shocked.
“That’s not possible.” You whisper and lower the gun.
“(Y/N)?” Daryl walks towards you and puts his crossbow behind his back.
Your head starts spinning as you try to stand up, warm arms locking around your waist as you pass out.

Soft, so soft.
It feels unreal as you turn on the other side and feel the comfortable mattress and pillow under you.
“(Y/N)?” The voice sounds familiar, but you don’t want to wake up.
Not yet.
“(Y/N), can you hear me?”
You open your eyes and look directly in the blue ones of Rick. Behind him you recognize Carl, Maggie, Glenn, Carol and Daryl.
“Am I dreaming?”
“No.” Rick chuckles quietly, but clearly touched by your words or you being here. “It’s so good to see you.”
Not able to say a word, because the lump in your throat is too big, you just nod. But it quickly fades as you notice that some persons are missing.
“Where are…” Your voice breaks as Rick shakes his head and takes your hand, squeezing it.
The tears are back as you look at your old friends.
“Hey, sh, it’s ok. You’re alive and you’re here with us.” Rick tries to soothe you, his thumb stroking over the scar on your cheek. “What happened?”
‘Too much.‘ You think, but just shake your head.
“Nothing. Just a stupid accident..”

Superbowl Surprise (Steve x Reader x Sam)

I found the lack of Superbowl fics kind of shocking so I decided to throw one out there! Hope you guys like it!!


“There is no way your Pigeons can beat my Patriots!” Steve’s confident and teasing voice rang loud over the hustle of the rest of the team as you all prepped for tonight’s game.

“Pigeons?! Did you just call the FALCONS the BEST team in the entire NFL, named after the BEST superhero in the world, the PIGEONS?!” This argument had been going on non-stop since the teams who would be playing in the Superbowl had been announced. Steve and his Patriots vs. Sam and his Falcons. Honestly at this point the rest of you guys were ready for the Superbowl to be over so the two overgrown children would just calm down.

“Guys!” You walked right in between the feuding friends, one hand on either chest as you pushed them apart, “If you aren’t going ti help us prep for the party then you’re going to be uninvited!”

“Sorry (Y/N),” the two mumbled in unison as you started walking away, swearing you smelt smoke in the kitchen where you had just seen Thor sneak into.

“She only stopped us because she knew you’d be embarrassed when you realized your pigeon’s are going to get crushed tonight,” Steve’s sly smirk only grew as Sam spluttered in indignation.

“She stopped us because she knows you’re going to be crying when your Patriots get their ass handed to them!” 

“Oh yeah? How confident are you Sam? Confident enough to make a little wager?” 

“Steve, we already made a wager. Whoever loses has to take all the missions with Tony for a month. Or did your old man brain forget? Because you know who else is old right? The Patriots.”

Steve’s steady glare didn’t phase Sam as he walked over to the table where Bucky was peacefully eating a bowl of Lucky Charms.

“I meant another wager. Whoever’s team win gets to finally ask (Y/N) on a date.” Bucky chocked a little on his cereal as his best friend’s proposal. He was about to object when but it was already too late.

“Oh you are so on!” The two men shook hands, leaving Bucky staring wide-eyed at the place where his two friends had just placed a bet on who got to ask out their ‘secret’ crush of over a year. Well. This was going to be a Superbowl to remember.


“You having a good time?” (Y/N) plopped down in between Steve and Sam as the halftime show was coming to an end. Both men were so tense they looked like they were in a meeting with Fury about how they had personally set the world on fire, rather than watching a game with their favorite team in it. 

“Sure,” the two guys mumbled with furrowed brows, giving each other side glares.

“Well cheer up guys! Neither team is doing too bad! It’s still anyone’s game!” With this bit of motivation (Y/N) gave each of their knees an encouraging squeeze, before Bucky started calling her over to help him fix the refreshment table. 

“She is so mine,” Sam crossed his arms just a little bit tighter.

“In your dreams pigeon boy!”


“WE WON! WE WON!” Tony jumped up in down screaming in excitement. 

“Tony you didn’t even pick a team to root for!” (Y/N) laughed as Tony threw his arm around her and ‘shh’d the laughing woman. 

“I am rooting for whoever wins! AND WE DID IT!” Tony started screaming again as he made hi way (unsteadily) back to the bar.

(Y/N) stood laughing before she saw Sam and Steve still quabbling in the corner. 

“Hey guys! What’s going on over here?”

“Nothing!” They both snapped in agitation.

“Whoa guys!” Bucky came up to the group and gave his two guy friends a warning look. “Let’s all just watch our tones yeah?”

:Stay out of this Buck!” Sam snapped. “Me and Steve can handle this.”

“Apparently you can’t,” (Y/N) folded her arms and took on a stern tone. “You two have been acting like toddlers for weeks now and then tonight are throwing full blown tantrums! What is wrong with you two?”

“NOTHING!” The two men shouted once again.

(Y/N) was taken aback by her two friends acting so rudely and tears started to gather in her eyes. “Okay then. Have fun then.”

Bucky’s eyes were on fire as he growled as the two men in front of him as (Y/N) walked away in defeat. “Fix. This. Now.”

Steve and Sam gulped and nodded their heads like two very scolded children.

“(Y/N)?” Steve was wringing his hands and shuffling his feet as he walked up to the women looking defeated as she cleaned up the refreshment table. . 

“What?” She refused to look at the two men who were being supervised by a still steaming Bucky. 

“We’re sorry,” Sam sighed. He took a step towards (Y/N) so she looked up into his eyes. “Truly we are very sorry. There is nothing we wanted less than to hurt you.”

“Fine, I forgive you,” (Y/N) rolled her eyes and reached out to envelope the two guys in a big bear hug. “But honestly what was going on with you guys? It’s just a game.”

“We made a bet.” Steve grabbed the back of his neck and averted his eyes once again.

“Yeah about Tony? Its not that bad is it?” (Y/N) chuckled but the two guys were still looking extremely uncomfortable. 

‘Umm. No.” Sam looked away, but met eyes with Bucky who still had his arms crossed tensely across his chest. “It was about you actually.”


“We had a bet that whoever’s team won would get to ask you out. Like on a date.” Steve’s blue eyes finally met your own. 

“You what?” 

“We made a bet-” Sam started again before getting cut off.

“Yeah. I know what he just said Sam.” 

“We’re so sorry! We both just really liked you and we didn’t know how to decide who got to ask you out!” Steve started frantically trying to explain himself.

“You!” (Y/N) pointed to Bucky who was still hovering in the background. “Did you know about this?”

“Well I-” Bucky started backing away but (Y/N)’s tone stopped him in his tracks.

“You did didn’t you! Why didn’t you stop them?!”

“You see I-”

“You are so in trouble!” Steve and Sam looked at each other in confusion as all of (Y/N)’s anger shifted from them to the metal armed man currently being stared down.

“Babe I tried I sweat!” Bucky pleaded.

“You could have tried harder! Your best friends just made a bet to see who got to ask out your girlfriend!”

“Girlfriend?!” Steve and Sam both shouted. 

“Yeahh…“ The couple turned to look at their friends with sheepish grins.

“What the heck Buck! Your team isn’t even playing!’ Sam shouted with his arms waving around in the air.

“Yeah well who needs to root for a stupid team when you’ve already won the prize?’ Bucky gave you a kiss as (Y/N) aw’d. 

“Fine you’re forgiven,” (Y/N) hugged Bucky and settled her head on his chest. 

“Um no he’s not!” Sam chimed in, interrupting Bucky and (Y/N0′s special moment. “And neither are you!”

“Yeah.” Steve crossed his arms as he stared the couple down. “You guys have a lot of explaining to do.”

“Well at we won.”


Sorry this is not the best. It’s kind of rushed because.. well… the Superbowl is on! Hope you guys enjoyed it though! Requests for fics and preferences are OPEN. NO SHIPS.

  • (In Church)
  • Saeyoung: What's wrong, Saeran? Why are you looking at me like that?
  • Saeran: I just don't wanna miss it when you burst into flames.
Your Desk is a Mess Part 2

Summary: In which Y/N gradually (and awkwardly) spends a lot more time with her office mate than she bargained for (Office AU).

Author’s Note: This series is gonna get so good, you guys. I love it.

Chapter List


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Part Two

Natasha was discreetly nudging your side, and you kept on sending her pointed looks. You pursed your lips at her, before sighing. Grabbing your briefcase, you remembered something.

“Oh, uh, Steve?” you said, turning around. The two men ceased talking, and their eyes went to you. You tried to stand up a bit taller and leant against your desk, unknowingly mirroring his stance. “I almost forgot. Janice from accounting was looking for you earlier. Something about last week’s report, some calculation error,” you said.

He looked confused for a few seconds, before nodding.

“Yes, thank you,” he said, smiling. “I’ll… yes, thank you.”

You gave him a short smile and glanced up at Natasha. She was wearing a massive grin across her face, and you rolled your eyes, sitting down by your desk.

“Your desk is a mess,” Natasha remarked, and you sighed. Part of your job involved going through Natasha’s findings and statistics, and extracting the ones necessary for various reports. Only, Natasha wasn’t very keen on handing you the documents in an orderly fashion.

“It wouldn’t be if you hadn’t messed up my system.”

“There’s a system?” she laughed.

“Don’t you have an intern to sleep with?” you mused, squinting at the schedule pinned to bulletin board above your desk.

“Oh, is it that time already?” she asked, glancing at her watch. You laughed quietly and scribbled a quick to do list down onto your notepad. “Well, I’d better be off then,” she said, sauntering towards the door. “Bye, boys,” she teased as she opened the door.

The two men paused their conversation to look at her, but didn’t have time to open their mouths before she was gone. A few seconds passed, and you suddenly felt a bit awkward, sitting with your back to them.

“Hey, stop staring,” Steve scolded quietly, and you tensed, feeling your cheeks grow a tad warmer from discomfort.

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Case Study {Part I}

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Time for yet another series! This time, we’re indulging in my ultimate fave, Bodhi Rook. This is the complete opposite of my Mobster! Cassian AU, so I hope you all enjoy reading!)

Detective! Bodhi x Reader

Plot Summary: John MacArthur was found dead in his home on March 3rd, 2017. His family, especially his wife and sister in law, are emotionally distressed. His neighbor is strangely nonchalant, a former prostitute has been demanding child support, and the weapon is nowhere to be found. New LAPD detective Bodhi Rook has been assigned to this murder, and has been paired up with you, one of the division’s finest. Try not to let your emotions hinder the case, detective.

You got out of your car, jogging past the sirens and showing off your badge to the officers guarding the house. You ducked under the police tape and into the house, spotting Jyn taking pictures of the crime for the forensics department.

You sighed when you looked at the text from Cassian earlier. A new case.

A man was found dead in his home.

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Double Date

Here is my Captain Swan Secret Valentine gift for the lovely @kmomof4​!

Summary: When Emma goes on a double date with her best friend, Elsa, and Elsa’s boyfriend, Liam, she certainly doesn’t expect that her date will be Killian Jones, a man she detests for his ability to occasionally defeat her in court.

Emma’s footsteps echoed through the hallway as she left the courtroom at a consistent, brisk pace. When she was halfway to the exit, she heard the sound of someone running behind her. She picked up the pace slightly and grimaced.

“Come on, Swan. Don’t be like that.”

When she realized she could not outpace the man behind her, she swiveled on her left heel and found Killian Jones standing two feet away from her, panting slightly. He had already loosened his tie and undone the top button on his shirt.

“What do you want?”

“I just wanted to say you did well. Is that a crime?”

“Hmm. Let me think about it,” Emma responded, tilting her head slightly to the right and looking pensively up and down the man in front of her. She certainly didn’t mind the perusal. When she reached his face, she noted that he seemed amused as well. Straightening again, Emma finished, “I’m sure I can find a reason to prosecute you.”

“Why, Miss Swan,” Killian responded, moving forward slowly, “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that you just wanted to see me with a pair of handcuffs.”

Before Emma gave herself a moment to picture what Killian might do with those, she said, “Good thing you know me then.”

With that, she turned back around and headed toward the exit. This time, the footsteps didn’t sound behind her.

“Swan,” Killian said loudly as Emma continued walking with a confident clack-clack of her heels on the white marble. “It’s bad form to walk away from someone in the middle of a conversation. I thought we were getting somewhere.”

Emma was glad that she was walking away from Killian. That way, she knew he couldn’t see the small smile and slight flush that she felt on her face. Later, she would attribute the flush to the sudden chilly wind that hit her as she left the warm building and faced the winter weather. The smile, however, she couldn’t explain – at least not in a way that she liked.

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anonymous asked:

i saw cazigan and baby in the same sentence and i need to know more please. the love would be so real for that baby oh my goodness. please bless me with this

Oh I’m so excited anon - you have no idea! I never thought I’d get to…. share Cazigan baby headcanons with the world. Oh my gosh, okay here you go:


When Mor finds out she’s pregnant, she freaks. No one’s home and she ends up curled up in the bathroom on the floor next to the toilet with a thousand and one thoughts going through her head: Her family treated her like shit, now she’s going to have to avoid doing the same to her kid. She knows she’d never be the way her parents were to her, but the worry is irrationally there anyway just to taunt her. And crap, her parents are gonna find out, aren’t they? And what if they try to take the kid from her and auction it off like they did her? They’d never get past Cass and Az to begin with if they even tried, but oh my gosh - what if they tried??? And - shit. Cass and Az. Who’s kid even is this?? She sleeps with both of them. They’ve been together for years and all love each other, but she has no idea which one the child belongs to. Will they care? Will they want to know? Does she want to know? Az doesn’t even really want kids - fuck.

Cassian comes home first and finds Mor a weeping, sobbing mess in the bathroom. He scoops her up and she spills everything to him. Cassian, bless him, doesn’t break once or give anything away while she jabbers on. Seeing him - suddenly, she’s more concerned with him and Az’s reactions than her parents. Finally, Cass stops her, taking her hands in his and kissing them.

“Stop, Mor - just stop,” he says and she narrows in on him, focusing on the hazel of his eyes. “What do you want to do?”

Mor swallows. And she knows the mascara is streaming down her face, but she doesn’t care. Looking at Cassian and the way he’s looking at her right now, how much he’s caring for her - it’s the same way she feels about the little bean growing inside her. “I want to keep it,” she says. Cass smiles and smoothly replies, “Then we’ll keep it,” no questions asked.

Mor feels better after that, but she’s still anxious about telling Az. Cass insists it’ll be fine. He goes on cooking for Mor and generally pampering her the rest of the day as though all is totally normal until their shadowsinger love comes home, flying inside the open doors of the House of Wind. And immediately - Mor knows he knows something. The shadows are thick, like they’ve been whispering in his ear all day.

They sit him down together, and tell the love of their life what’s happened. Azriel is surprised at first and kind of needs a minute to process, but one look at Mor and the tears threatening her eyes and he’s holding her in his arms. Cassian comes round behind Mor and finishes out the embrace. “We made a baby,” Az says sweetly, pulling Mor’s chin up to look at him. Mor pulls back a little horrified. “But that’s just it,” and she looks between her two men, “I don’t know… but which one of you….” Azriel shakes his head. “Doesn’t matter. We still made a baby. All of us.” Mor breaks out into a fresh wave of sobs, Azriel chuckling as he pulls her back into his chest and looks at Cassian. And that’s that: the three of them are having a baby.

They never do find out which one of them fathered the child. From that first day forward, it just doesn’t matter. Both of them take turns equally spending time with her both separately and together. They make sure that Rhys knows - if one of them is out for work, the other stays and that’s final. He doesn’t question it once.

The first trimester is all food. Cassian in the kitchen figuring out which spices to avoid and which ones Mor craves. And when he’s done, Azriel swaps out and finds something for dessert. Mor eats her way through every market place in Velaris looking for the right kind of chicken and chocolate cream sauce. They spend the most time wondering what the baby will look like, what pieces of them it will have, if it will be a boy or a girl. And Mor goes out shopping constantly to get clothes. She doesn’t really get sick - because of course Mor wouldn’t get sick while pregnant, she’s too damn perfect for her own good - but man, she’s a crier. When Azriel comes home with a onesie that has beautiful Illyrian wings sewn from red and gold and black lace on the back, she turns into a puddle of goo on the floor - it’s too much, Azriel brought her baby clothes!

The second trimester - the bump appears. It’s so small at first and it’s right front and center. Cassian and Azriel (and okay, occasionally Rhys) are the only ones allowed to touch it. And they do - constantly. They hold Mor at night when she sleeps, one wrapped around Mor’s back with his hands resting on the side of her tummy while the other sleeps in front of her and rubs circles over it until Mor falls sleep. Cassian loves to talk to the bump. He talks all day long to that thing, telling stories about its mom when she was a wild thing fresh out of the Hewn City and free, all the craziness he and Az got up to with Uncle Rhys as kids, and all the things they’re going to do together when that little one arrives finally. Mor loves listening to him talk about it. She’ll sit there all day if Cass will let her and fall in and out of sleep while he talks. Sometimes he even sings to it in that rich baritone voice he has. Azriel doesn’t talk much to the bump. But when he and Mor snuggle in to sleep for the night, or during the day when Cassian has to go out, he loves lifting her shirts up and kissing her stomach - all the stretch marks and places where the skin is pulled tight. It makes Mor feel beautiful. It makes her feel loved. When he’s done, Azriel stays hovering over her between her legs or resting at her side, and slides his hands up to grip hers and give them a tight squeeze. The baby always kicks when he does this much like when Cassian talks or sings, because it can sense his two dads there. Cassian’s favorite is when he comes home and finds Azriel in this position over Mor, asleep with his head gently on Mor’s stomach while she dozes with her head on the pillow.

The second trimester is also when Mor gets kinky af, and no ma’am I’m not even sorry about this one. She knows that stomach of hers is gonna get big in a hurry, so she’s ready to bang Cass and Az to the mortal lands and back while she still can. And oh do they oblige her. Being naked in bed with her two Illyrian men and that little tummy of hers between them is the best feeling ever.

The third trimester is a pamper fest. Mor’s feet hurt. Mor’s back hurts. Mor’s hips hurt. Everything basically hurts and everything is also swollen and damn, why isn’t this kid here yet??? Cass carries her in and out of the bathtub, rubs her feet, and is constantly massaging her scalp to keep her comfortable. Cassian gives the best massages known to man. Mor has at least three a day, if not more by the final month. And Azriel is always finding pillows for her to sleep with. She wants to stay tucked between just the two of them, but after a point, she needs the soft pillows around her and relents to Azriel’s pleading. And she sleeps. Mother above, Mor can sleep. Morning, noon, and night she sleeps and keeps her from getting too cranky over how much everything hurts and how HUGE her stomach suddenly got. (Seriously, when did it get so BIG?!?!!)

She stays home for labor and delivery. Those baths Cassian gave her put the idea in mind to have a home birth, so takes her time going through the contractions, Azriel letting her squeeze his hands while Cassian flips and freaks out about ICE. (”Where’s the ice?? Why don’t we have more! Half of it has MELTED AND MOR NEEDS MORE ICE DAMNIT”) Azriel has to shoo him from the room to cool down for a bit because it’s freaking Mor out, but when he comes back, he’s better. He didn’t find the ice, but he found ice cream! And that makes Mor laugh because, “Look Mor - ice cream!” When she feels ready to push, they carry her into the tub and fill it with just enough water. There’s healers present, but the pool is large and it’s Cassian and Azriel who hold Mor and guide her through it, holding her hands and her tummy while she pushes. She tries once and her head falls back onto Az’s shoulder and she looks at him and he just knows now she’s freaking the freak out. “You can do it. You got out. You can do anything, even this,” he tells her. She nods. “Even this.” And then another contraction hits, she’s pushing and yelling and squeezing Azriel’s hand so hard while she focuses on his beautiful green and brown eyes to stay calm, and Cassian is whooping because “There’s a head!! And shoulders, and hands!! Cauldron - it has fingers!” “It had better have fingers!” Mor hisses, but Cass doesn’t register the comment because he’s watching his son be born.

A son.

Shit. They have a son.

And he’s beautiful. Cassian catches him as he comes out in the water and the healers help him clean the baby boy while Az kisses Mor’s brow and cleans the sweat from her skin. The shadows slid around Mor in a smooth hug that relaxes any remaining tension away from her.

When they put the baby in Mor’s arms, every doubt flies. Every fear and worry she had, gone. The baby somehow managed to have blonde hair and lighter skin, the only sign of its Illyrian heritage being the nubs at its back that will grow into wings one day and the beautiful hazel eyes. She had worried, even after Cass and Az’s reassurances, that who had fathered it would be a problem still. But the baby looks more like her than either of them, so she supposes it really won’t be a problem. They’d never know anyhow. And both of them are beaming at the little thing with such pride, that Mor feels complete - looking up at both her lovers and the little bat they made in her arms. Mor has all of her boys now and she wouldn’t have it any other way.


bellechuangtw said:I just find your blog and really love it. The way you explain Kook/min really helps international army not familiar with Korea culture to knew the differences between v/min. However, I am really curious about people says Jimin is the only member who can"challenge “ or “diss"Suga. And I was wondering if you could tell the differences between Kook/min and Yoon/min? Is Yoon/min circumstances like Kook/min, too? Thank U~ 

This is completely my opinion and you are free to disagree, but I personally don’t think Jimin is someone who can “challenge” Yoongi. Don’t get me wrong, Jimin is a very dear dongsaeng to Yoongi and their bond is one of a kind and there is a reason why this couple is popular, but there are two other people in Suga’s life who serve that role a little better: Rap Mon and J-Hope. But since Yoon/seok is popular and I’m sure tons of people in that fandom have done a lot of commentaries on them, I’ll go ahead and briefly talk about Suga/Monster before I focus back on Yoon/min & Kook/min.

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A Lovely Situation ( Chapter 3 )

Lin x Reader

Summary: So this is the beginning of a little Lin x Reader that no one requested. (Y/N) is seriously crushing on Daveed, and when she finally tells him, he rejects her. Lin ends up comforting (Y/N) and getting a bit closer to her. Daveed ends up fighting for her and she gets confused with her feelings and wonders if she had liked Lin all along….


Word count: 1,855

a/n: This one took me a little bit longer to write haha. Sjajsdjdhwndixjs I didn’t know how I felt about the ending though. Enjoy !

Tags: @hamiltrashtothemax
@stupidships3335 @spookass @isis278


“I think it’s time for me to leave Hamilton.” You whispered back.

Lin’s hand dropped from your hair. Clutching onto your waist once again. He was shaking.

“No. No no no. You can’t leave me- Us!” His voice broke. Cries coming out his mouth.

You felt a wave of guilty and selfishness hit your head. You moved your head to face him. His handsome, amazing face. Both of you had swollen red eyes and salty tears running down your cheeks. You leaned in as your foreheads touch. His wet lips coming closer to yours, now just a millimetre away from each other. You pulled your head away before anything happened.

“I-I’m sorry. I just can’t stay” your voice was barely a whisper.

Lin yanked his hands away from you. He stood up. Towering over you.

“Are we not good enough for you anymore? AM I not good enough for you?” His voice slightly raised.

You felt so overwhelmed and put your hands over your face. Preventing him to see more tears.

“You’re just gonna leave us? Because of Daveed?” Each time he spoke his voice was louder.

You nodded. Slowly. Still crying. You rest your head on your knees and sobbed louder.

“I swear I’m going to kill him.” He ran out of the dressing room. Leaving you all by yourself. Crying on the sofa.

In a split second Jazzy burst into the room and flung her arms around you, attempting to stop your crying. She heard everything.

“Ssssh. Ssssh. Stop crying please. (Y/N)..”

*1 Hour Till Places*

After a while you had managed to stop crying. Jazzy still had one of her arms around you. The other was stroking your back.

“Lin is going to hurt him.” You said.

A look of realisation broke out across your face as you stood up and raced out of the dressing room. Leaving Jazzy alone and befuddled.

You looked everywhere for Lin. Knowing that he was with Daveed. Lin was not a man of violence he would only ever use the violent approach if someone had pissed him off badly. Or hurt someone that he loves.

You leaned against the stairways going up to the rooftop. Gaining your breath back after running around the whole theatre. Desperate to find Lin. You started to hear faint shouting from the rooftop. Without a shadow of a doubt you made your way upstairs. You stood on the last few steps of the staircase. Making sure they wouldn’t see you.

“Why! WHY. Did you call (Y/N) that HORRIBLE word Daveed! It is a very simple question!”

There was this passionate tone in Lin’s voice. A tone that you had never heard before.

“I don’t know Lin! I’m dumb! I’m stupid and I rejected her, I ignored her, I called her a bitch! She will never forgive me. Or believe that I have feelings for her. Again.”

Daveed’s hands flew across his mouth. He had accidentally said something that he had always kept to himself. Your eyes widened. Your breaths quickened. Again? What did he mean again!

“No. You don’t deserve her! She should be with someone that won’t call her that. NOT EVEN in the worst times!”

“So you?”

“No that’s not what I’m sayi–”

“No.” Daveed crossed his arms and glared at Lin. “No. Carry on Lin. Please. Enlighten me. Tell me how you’re the perfect guy for (Y/N).”

Lin stood still. He didn’t reply. He stood there dumbfounded.

“ANSWER ME GOD DAMN IT” Daveed clenched his fist. Looking like he was actually going to punch Lin. Come on Lin answer. Omg no Daveed NO.

Within a blink of an eye you were in front of Daveed. Blocking Lin from his punch. His fist came in contact with your shoulder. You winced at the pain that was brought to your upper arm.


Lin interrupted him before he could say the words you’ve been wanting to hear for a long time.



The two men closed their mouths and both staring at you. Wide eyed.

You turned to face Lin. Your eyes were beady.

“You. You don’t get to say who deserves me or not!” You said in a stern voice. Trying to not wince from the bruise that was already forming on your shoulder.

You spun around to face Daveed. Looking at him as if you were going to burn him alive. There was a look of guilt in his eyes. The look that says ‘I’m sorry’

“And you. YOU. don’t get to do all these things to me and then say that you LIKE me! Don’t think you can come anywhere near me AGAIN.“ You shouted at the top of your lungs. Wanting the whole of New York City to know what a jerk Daveed was.

You made your way to the other side of the rooftop. Beads of sweat. Droplets of tears. All rushing down your face at once. Your hands pushed your wet hair back and your head bent down. In only a matter of time a loud scream came out of your mouth. A high pitched sound that you needed to make. You let go. Of everything.

Your scream gathered a lot of attention. When you turned around you saw almost the whole cast staring at you.

“This-This place. It drives me crazy!”

Daveed came over to you. Trying to speak to you but no words came out.

“Leave me alone.” You’re voice was hoarse and horrible.

“I like you (Y/N). I’ve fallen in love with you. Again.” His arm raised, trying to make sure your shoulder was okay.

“Don’t you dare fucking touch me Daveed, not after what you did. And don’t say that, you know it’s not true.”

Before Daveed could even utter a word you turned to face the rest of the cast and announced that it was your last day here.

“I’m sorry to say that I am leaving Hamilton.” Everyone gasped and started to mutter to eachother. “You’ll have to find a replacement for Pippa’s understudy. All my things.” You paused. Trying to hold back your tears. “Will–Will be gone by tonight.”

You sprinted your way down the stairs -as salty tears dashed from your eyes -pushing everyone to the side as you made your way past them. Lin’s voice was shouting behind you as you tried to hurry to Pippa’s dressing room so you could lock your self inside. The plan failed. You ended up falling face first into the dressing room. Lin ended up catching up to you. He ran into the dressing room closing the door behind him.

He made sure you were okay before kneeling down and wrapping you in a warm embrace. Soon after that Lin pressed a wet kiss on your lips. At first you were surprised of his forwardness but then melted into the kiss.

He slowly pulled away from you and started to breath heavily. His hands found its way to your wet cheeks.

“I wanted to do this to you earlier. But you pulled away….” He whispered as he brought your face in to kiss you again. This time more deeply. More passionately.

“You should go back home” he paused. “Get yo-your things t-tomorrow.” Lin sounded like he was going to cry again.
“I’ll walk you home.”


The walk home was quite nice to your surprise. Lin didn’t mention anything about what had happened. He was sweet and extremely soft. You didn’t complain at the fact that his arm was around your shoulder. It offered a sense of protection. A blue and purple bruise had formed on your shoulder.

After a short while of walking and engaging in conversation you had finally reached your apartment. You both abruptly stopped at the door.

“Are you going to be okay on your own?”

“Y-yeah. I’ll be fine. Go back to the theatre you don’t want to be late to the show.”

He looked down at his feet. The tears he was holding back during the walk came out. They splashed on his shoes. Your head tilted as you hand made its way to his chin to pull his head up. His big brown eyes stared into yours. You took a deep breath. Pulled him in and your lips touched his. This kiss was one that you will always remember. His wet cheeks touching yours and his lips hungry for yours.

“You-You should get back” you said, breathing heavily as your free hand squeezed his hand.

Lin nodded. He knew he needed to go back to the Richard Rodgers. But at the same time he didn’t want to. He wanted to stay here. With you.

You planted a small kiss on his cheek and let go of his hand.

“Bye.” You both whispered at the same time.

Oh how awkward will it be between Daveed and Lin tonight.


That night Jazzy was staying at Anthony’s again. This was the only night you didn’t want to be alone. You wished to fall asleep in somebody else’s arms. Lin’s. Arms.

It was around half ten when you heard a gently knock on your front door. You lazily got out of your bed and went to investigate.

Looking out of the peep hole you saw Lin’s face. Your eyes lit up as you quickly opened the door and threw your arms around his.

“Wha-Hey! You’re going to crush the flowers (Y/N)”

You backed off as your eyes widened your hands flew to your mouth.

“You-You got me flowers?” You muffled in disbelief.

“For my favourite person.”

“Bu-But it’s 10 o'clock at night. Where in New York is there an open florist!”

“Hey we live in the city that never sleeps. What do you expect.”

A large gust of wind came your way so you pushed Lin into your apartment. Trying to protect him. He walked in and placed the flowers on your kitchen counter. Within a second he turned around to face you.

“How was the show. I’m guessing it was a bit. Awkward?”

“How’s you’re shoulder?”

“Answer me Lin”

He sighed. “It was fine. Yes it was awkward. And yes in act 2 he looked like he was ready to kill me.” He glanced over to your shoulder. “Your shoulder?”

As you were wearing a short sleeved shirt it made it easier to pull the sleeve up. Revealing your bruise.

His eyes enlarged. You saw fire in his eyes.


“Look please don’t make a big deal of it Lin. It was an accident and you know it. Please please let’s do something else”

Lin walked over to the coffee table that was in front of your sofa. Took a deep breath and asked.

“Movie night? Again?”

You nodded eagerly and pulled him down to your sofa. Your head in his arms as he put on The Little Mermaid. His all time favourite Disney Movie.

Lin stayed that night. You spent the whole night lying in his arms, eventually dozing off. Your wish came true after all.