oh these two forever i swear



Guilty Ship, I swear. But oh man, this girl. Can’t believe after all these years I finally got to meet my glitter queen. The first thing I did was whip out glitter and smear it across her face in celebration. You got me through some terrible times, and you absolutely made my whole weekend. Keep sparkling Sailor Les

Episode 2.10 - immediate thoughts

I have feels. And they’re multiplying

Red Jamie - the born leader, who is properly afraid of what is to come, but isn’t afraid to own that vulnerability. (Just have to say Sam is amazing throughout this episode)

Jamie and Claire’s parting - the fierce impassioned kiss, trying to forever imprint the feel of each others lips just in case, God forbid, the worst should happen, the nods, and finally that bow. SERIOUSLY I CANNOT WITH THESE TWO. I SWEAR THEY WERE DESIGNED TO DESTROY US ALL WITH THEIR DELICIOUSNESS.

Claire and Fergus - motherly irritation versus adorable mischief (so accurate)

The battle scenes - just an awesomefest of awesome. The mist, the music, the actual fighting, the cinematography, the sheer horrific realism. Fergus caught up in the midst of the terror (oh, my heart ). BLOODY PERFECTION.

The reunion. How they come together like a clam. Jamie’s hand on her back. Re-grounding himself in her sweet strength and loving embrace. His face conveying exhaustion, shock, horror, pain, and then the love and relief at being alive to hold Claire again.

And Jamie’s look of fear in that first moment he strides through the door - what has he been imagining could happen to all the women alone with wounded Prisoners of war? His sheer relief when he sees Claire and she’s fine. She’s unharmed. And she’s his.

Murtagh’s face through all of this - his joy at Claire and Jamie’s bond. Emotions people, EMOTIONS.

BPC’s outburst at Dougal - mark me, I almost applauded him. Love how this scene deftly highlighted Jamie’s brilliant quick thinking to disarm a tense situation.

Actually all the Dougal /Jamie stuff this episode - loving this build up of tension. Jamie is the better man, and Dougal knows it, and both admires his nephew for his ingenious mind, and loathes him for it. Superb.

And lastly, Angus and Rupert. I knew it was coming. I thought I was ready. What an idiot. I so wasn’t ready. 😭😭😭