oh these precious messed up kids


Imagine an au where everyone survived and wolfstar was cannon

  • like imagine Lilly and James have a wedding to go to and everyone else is busy and Lilly is freaking out because “James we have no one to look after Harry and it’s been three months since I’ve had a night off dammit I’m going to this wedding!”
  • and James being like “well we do have two people we haven’t asked….”
  • and Lilly groaning bc last time they watched Harry, they came home to a sugar high baby with purple hair and the house looked like it had had a party of giants in it but Lilly and James need a break so she reluctantly lets him call them…..
  • not twenty minutes later Sirius and Remus burst in the front door shouting “PARTY AT THE POTTERS”
  • and Lilly just sighing bc she knew this would happen and to try and control the damage she gives Remus (the slightly more responsible one) a detailed list of all the things to do (put Harry to bed no later than 7:30, don’t give him more than 4 sweets please, make sure he brushes his teeth) and not to do (no teaching Harry any bad words, no dance party’s at midnight because damn boys we have neighbours and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO YOU INVITE OVER THE ORDER AND HAVE A PARTY AT THE POTTERS THANK YOU)
  • Sirius and Remus assuring them that all will be fine and practically pushing them out the door
  • then Harry appears at the bottom of the stairs with a devilish smile and asks “party at the potters”
  • and Sirius just picks him up and is like “that’s right Harry, party at the potters”
  • anyway they spend the next few hours teaching harry how to play gobstones and running round the house with pot-shields and wooden spoon swords playing battles
  • and when they’ve all calmed down THE TWO SPOIL HIM ROTTEN
  • like Sirius pulls practically the entire contents of Honeydukes out of his bag and Harry’s eyes just light up
  • and Sirius teaching him little spells as long as he “promises not to tell mummy and daddy because they’ll be very unhappy with uncle Sirius”
  • and Sirius suggesting they bake cookies and Remus is all “Sirius it’s nearly 9 o'clock! It’s already an hour and a half past Harry’s bedtime we can’t bake cookies now!”
  • and Sirius just grins at him and kisses him telling him to “lighten up Mooney, we hardly ever get to babysit!”
  • and Remus smirks like “this is why we never get to babysit” but the three of them bake cookies anyway
  • which actually turns into a food fight with Harry and Remus teaming up to see who can pour the most flour over uncle Sirius
  • and then it’s a full scale war and before they know it its 11:30 and Jesus Christ Lilly and James will be home soon!
  • so they convince Harry to be a good boy and let uncle Remus bath him and put him to bed while Sirius cleans up the massive mess they’ve made
  • and after half an hour Remus runs downstairs because “oh merlin Sirius this boy is too adorable come see!”
  • and Remus taking his hand and them quietly going into Harry’s room and their hearts bursting because their Godson is the most precious thing in the world
  • ten minutes before Lilly and James come home, Remus and Sirius are snuggled up on the couch with a blanked draped over them quietly talking about how much fun they’d had when Sirius just
  • “Remus I want one”
  • “hmm?”
  • “I want a kid. I want us to have a kid”
  • and now they’re excitedly talking about visiting an orphanage soon and arguing over the colours of the baby’s room because “goddamnit Sirius I will not subject my child to having orange walls
  • them falling asleep together, still smiling, and James and Lilly coming home to an unexpectedly tidy house, Harry in bed and no obvious signs of damage
  • however Remus and Sirius are woken up early the next morning by an angry Lilly in her dressing gown and slippers demanding how Harry managed to learn a spell to turn himself blue because “for Merlin’s sake you the the boy is only 6!
  • and Remus and Sirius just giggling because even an angry Lilly Potter couldn’t take away from their happiness right now

Stay with me, safe and ignorant—just stay with me.
I’ll hold you and protect you from the other ones—
the evil ones don’t love you, son.

Pain is nothing new. Pain is life. Pain is the thing that wakes him up in the morning and the way the sun rises and how his blood beats through his veins and is absolutely nothing that could ever scare him, but this—this fucking hurts.

“I really don’t know why you’re going through with this,” Dean says. Sam’s facing away from him, fiddling with the blood on the table, and his shoulders are high and tight in that stupid sling. Weak-ass bitch. “Your brother’s not coming back.”

Sam sighs. “Would you stop with that,” he says.

He sounds—he sounds bored. The black licking fire behind Dean’s eyes rages and he swallows with difficulty, puts a smile on. “What’s the matter, Sammy,” he says, lingering over the name. “You don’t like the truth, I know, but someone in this family’s got to stop the lying, sooner or later. Might as well be me.”

He earns a disgusted glance over the shoulder, for that, and he forces his smile a little wider. Sam turns and plants his ass on the edge of the little torture table, folds his good arm under his screwed-up one. “Are you hearing yourself?” Sam says, giving him a fake little smile back. “You’re a demon. All you know how to do is lie.”

“Is that right,” Dean says, leaning back in the stupid chair. The rope chafes over his wrists and the Mark pulses hot and dangerous, tucked up under the pin-prick wounds inside his elbow, and the blood singing through him is a constant burn of acid, fever-hot and distracting, but not distracting enough from the pure pleasure of the thought that occurs, with Sammy smiling at him so smug and superior. So certain. “So it doesn’t matter what I say. I’m hurt.”

Sam rolls his eyes. “Right,” he says, and goes back to filling syringes, or whatever the hell.

Dean licks his lips. The last traces of holy water sting on his tongue. “Too bad, you know. Let’s say this works. Let’s say you change me, and you get your brother back. Poor sucker’s better off buried, as far as I’m concerned.” Sam gives him another hard look and Dean shrugs, makes his expression beatific. “Let’s face it, the real reason you want me back is you want to make me your bitch, all over again.” Sam stands up straight, mouth open and face all shocky. Dean smiles, and nods at the sling. “I guess it’s hard to do the five finger shuffle with the bum arm, but come on, buddy, this is kind of going the extra mile for a piece of ass. Can’t you train another dog to go ass-up for you?”

“That is not what—“ Sam cuts himself off, swallows, but he’s all pale. Yeah. This’ll work. “Shut up,” he says, eventually, “I’m not talking about this with you,” but Dean’s just getting started.

“All these years, letting you do whatever you wanted? It’s pathetic. I couldn’t wait to get away from you as soon as I turned, did you notice? Crowley offered me an out and I took it. I don’t think you can really blame me. Even the King of Hell is a step up from letting your little brother fuck you over, and I mean that in every sense of the word.”

Sam’s shaking his head, rigidly upright but looking down at the floor. “This isn’t you talking,” he says, and fixes Dean with a bright-eyed stare. “It was never like that.”

“Oh, you don’t think so,” Dean says, lifting his chin, and then Sam steps forward and stabs in the next syringe and the wave of bloody pain rolls over him like a goddamn tsunami, mind-blanking, agony so deep it feels like his cells are breaking apart. The world goes hazy and he feels like screaming—maybe he is screaming—and sweat breaks out fresh, the stinging salt just another ripple of pain in a shocked-apart world. His vision flickers and he can’t see Sam, for a second—Crowley’s there, smiling at him, running a hand through his hair. Smug prick that he is, it still feels good. Crowley always gave him what felt good. No strings, not ‘til the end. He tries to focus. How is he going to get Sam to kill him, if he doesn’t do his part—and so through the roaring haze of blood he clears his throat and feels it tear and he licks his lips and hurts and he opens his mouth and hopes that his voice works and says: Letting you fuck me, that was simple self-preservation. You’d do whatever you wanted anyway, and it’s not like Dad was ever around to keep you in line, so hey. Carrots are easier than sticks, you know? You think, maybe we didn’t know any better, and so it was just two kids messing up, messing around, and it’s something normal, now? Something that’s precious? Please. I fucked Crowley the first night we left, in a hotel outside Lincoln. Nothing’s special about fucking, Sammy. Oh—what, you going to get jealous? Baby gonna cry because someone got a piece of your pie? Come on, that ship sailed a long time ago.

“What? What are you talking about?”

Dean blinks and the world swims. His veins hurt. He didn’t know that was a thing that could hurt. He keeps talking, his mouth sore, his throat a dry wracking spasm. “What, you think you were the first,” he says, to the spots dancing in front of his eyes. “I was fucking guys twice your size before your dick even worked right, dumbass. There’s nothing about me that’s all yours, and there never has been.”

“Dean—what? Wait, what do you mean—when—“

He swallows against the dryness and there’s Dad, standing tall and forbidding and staring at him, and Dean smiles as wide and fucked-up as he knows how and says, “Yeah, you wanna hear about it? How I was putting food in our mouths? Where did you think the money came from, idiot?”

Dad frowns at him, shakes his head, and Dean closes his eyes, tips his head back. No point to it. His father was a piece of shit and his brother’s no better and Crowley’s a pathetic shitstain who can’t be trusted, even with Dean’s mouth on his dick, even when they were having the best time of Dean’s life, absent all guilt and everything that tied him to the earth, and Sam—Sam needs to stab him, okay, Sam needs to dig a knife in deep and carve into Dean’s heart and make all of this blinding pain just—stop. It’s the least he could do.

“Stop, stop it,” he hears, and Sam’s got a big skinny-fingered hand clamped around Dean’s wrist, where it’s slippery, and he blinks open his eyes to find that he’s rubbing his skin raw, bleeding up against the ropes. Whoops. Blood’s supposed to be going in, not out. “You’re hurting yourself.”

“You’re hurting me,” he says, voice a weird rasp, and Sam looks right at him, eyes deep dark wounds in his pale face. Good. “You’ve always hurt me. Nothing’s left, kiddo. You’re a monster and I’m a monster and we’re all going down together. Some of us just got there a little earlier than others.”

“That’s not true,” Sam says, kneeling up close. His eyes are earnest on Dean’s. “I’m going to get you back. I’m gonna save you. I swear, Dean.”

If he leaned closer Dean could bite into his throat, where the heart pulses strongest. Get his dose of human blood the old-fashioned way. He smiles at Sam, instead. “You swear, huh.” He closes his eyes, lets the fresh ripple of pain roll through. Tastes the sulfur at the back of his tongue. “Well, I swear too, Sammy. We’ll see who gets to keep his word.”

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YAS MY QUEEN HAS SUMMONED ME…… i mean… *cough* yep um here’s your headcanon request…

2009 dan(only 5’4) + 2016 phil(6’2)

Also added daddy kink in there because fight me


    Dan was running around the flat in a fit of giggles with his wet tail trailing water behind him. He only had briefs on, and a big goofy smile of course. Phil chasing behind him with a towel and telling him he was going get him. Dan ran into the living room and jumped into his pile of stuffies and buried himself inside. Phil  walked into the room as if he was sneaking and looked over at the stuffies to see two little kitty ears picking out. And the giggles of course.

    “Hmm, I wonder where Dan is hiding,” Phil chuckled, hearing Dan giggles once more. Phil then got on his knees and crawled right next to the pillows and threw is arms in and grabbed Dan up. Dan squealed and snuggled up in Phil’s chest. Phil pet his wet ears softly, loving the purrs that his kitty filled the room with. Dan knew his daddy had to leave for work soon, so he used all the time with him he could. Dan felt Phil rubbing the towel over his tail, drying it. Dan teasingly swayed it around so that it would be harder for Phil to dry. “Hold still kitten. Don’t want to be punished do we?” Phil raised an eyebrow playfully and continued to dry Dan. Dan pouted and looked back up at Phil.

    “But I wanna play some more daddy,” Dan whined and snuggled into Phil. Phil frowned and rubbed little circles on Dan’s back. Phil then took Dan off his lap, which caused Dan to whine some more, and put on the winnie the pooh jumper he was holding on Dan. Dan giggled again as it got caught on his ears. Phil found himself frowning again as he saw that Dan was started to get too big for the jumper. It was just long enough to cover his belly button, but if Dan were to put his arms up it would show. Dan smiled and buried his sweater paws in his face. Phil couldn’t help but chuckle, how could he not. Phil leaned forward and kissed Dan’s forehead before standing up. Dan stuck out his bottom lip and hung his arms around Phil’s legs.

    “Kitten, you know I have to go to work. We can watch movies and play games when I get home, okay? You can color and watch tv while I’m gone. You know where your stuffies and pacis are, yes? Maybe taking a nap will help make the time go faster,” Phil stated and ruffled Dan’s wet curls before he left to go change for work. Dan whimpered and walked over to his toy box and grabbed his pale pink, sparkling paci and reached for the ipad. He crawled over to his stuffies and snuggled into them, purring as he did. He unlocked the ipad and went to the videos app and scrolled through all the cartoons he owned. He heard the front door open and shut, signaling Phil had left for work. Dan started watching The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh as he started to drift off into a nap.

    Dan knew something was up the second he started to wake. He felt an intense throb between his legs and a strong wave like feeling in his abdomen. Dan winced and whined the second he opened his eyes. His paci was on the floor now, probably spat it out during his sleep. Dan tried to sit up, flinching as he did so. About now was when Dan really started to freak out. He looked down at his briefs and saw a bulge in them. He slowly pulled at the waistband to see that his kitty parts were all still and red. Dan felt tears leaking out of the corner of his eyes. Was he broken? What was going on? Dan even saw a weird milky substance leaking out of the tip. Then another wave of heat hit him. He cried out and clutched his tummy.

    “Ow ow ow!” Dan sobbed, but in the act of falling over, his clothed parts hit one of his stuffies. Dan gasped loudly and squeaked. Now that felt good. Dan experimentally rolled his hips against it again, getting the same intense feeling. Dan was now a whimpering mess. Once he managed to sit up all the way, he pulled the bear stuffies between his legs harshly and bucked into it again. Dan nearly screamed at the pulsating pleasure that was racking through his body. He was full on panting now and subconsciously rubbing against the object. He felt like what he was doing was wrong, but he wasn’t going to stop.

    “D-D-Da-a-add-dy! Uh uh,” Dan cried and gripped the bear harder. He felt the heat in his groin get even stronger than before. He felt like he was going to explode. There was now a deep ache in his balls, which felt swollen already. Before he could really understand what was going on, a huge pleasure spread through his small body, leaving him crying out loud high-pitched moans. The neighbors could probably hear. Dan panted, but soon looked down and saw a big wet spot on his briefs. Did he have a accident? His daddy was going to be upset. Dan then saw some of the stuff that came out of him was on his bear, staining his face. Dan had a sobbing breakdown. This was his favorite one! Dan got up, but then ended up falling down and hitting his head on the ipad. This made him cry even harder. He grabbed the bear and hurried to the bathroom, but fell again in the hallway.

    “Daddy p-p-ww-ease get h-h-home soon,” Dan sobbed to himself. To make matters even worse, he felt his kitty parts getting all stiff again. Dan just squeezed his thighs together tight and tried to ignore, which was  near to impossible at this point in time. He clutched his teddy his his hands and cried into it. He sat like this for awhile.

    The front door opened with a creak, sending dan’s ears up and his tail limp. He hadn’t moved nor had he stopped crying. He looked the definition of a mess. He heard Phil shut the door and take off his jacket. Dan curled up even more and kid his tear-stained face.

    “Dan? Where are you?” Phil hummed as he looked into the empty living room. Dan let out a rather loud gasp for air as for some reason he had been holding his breath. Phil immediately headed towards Dan’s room, but then stopped. He saw his precious kitten bawling on the floor. “Oh my god! Dan are you hurt? Why are you crying love? Shit, what happened to your head? You have a bruise!” Phil got on the floor and tried to pull Dan into his arms, but Dan resisted and cried harder.

    “I’m broken daddy!” Dan sobbed and looked up at Phil with tear-filled eyes. The sight nearly broke Phil’s heart. What had made Dan so upset while he was gone?

    “You’re not broken honey. Can you tell daddy what happened?” Phil asked, running his fingers over Dan’s ears. Dan flattened his ears and handed his teddy to Phil. Phil took it and looked at the face. There was a large white stain on it, which Phil recognized. Phil then looked over and saw Dan pulling his jumper over his crotch like he was trying to hide something. “Dan, be honest, what’s all over your teddy?” Phil said sternly. This caused Dan to let out a wrecked sob.

    “I don’t know daddy. My kitty parts hurt and I accidentally touched teddy, but then I couldn’t stop…” Dan sniffled. Phil frowned and was about to speak when Dan spoke up again, “And now they hurt again!” Dan bellowed and let go of his shirt, Phil now saw the very obvious little tent in his briefs and the wet spot. Phil wanted to laugh slightly, but he knew that would be cruel.

    “Dan, sweetheart, you’re not broken, trust me. I think I know what’s wrong though,” Phil smiled and kissed Dan’s wet cheek. Dan cocked his head to the side and looked up at Phil with curiosity.

    “If I’m not broken, then what’s wrong?” Dan asked, the sobbing now subsiding.

    “I believe you’re becoming a big kitten, Dan. This is your first heat. That basically means that your kitty parts want very special attention. They want to be touched.” Phil cooed and pulled Dan into his lap. Dan purred, but soon winced when his crotch pressed up against his daddy’s stomach. Phil chuckled at his kittens desperateness.

    “Can you help make it go away daddy?” Dan whimpered and very lightly rubbed himself against Phil. Phil very quickly grabbed Dan’s hips and held him still.

    “Of course Kitten. I’m going to carry you to my room like the little prince you are,” Phil groaned and picked up Dan bridle style. Dan mewled and threw his arms around Phil’s neck. Once they got to Phil’s room, Phil lightly laid dan on the bed and pulled off his jumper and messy boxers in one slick motion. Dan gasped at the cold air touching his throbbing cock, not making anything better. Phil looked down at Dan hungrily and crawled between his legs and started sucking on Dan’s neck. Dan mewled loudly and started bucking up at Phil. Phil knew it was cruel to leave His baby’s cock alone any longer, so he started stroking him. Dan let out a choked whine and gripped Phil’s shoulders.

    “I’m going to make you feel real good, okay Kitten?” Phil asked and pulled away from Dan. Dan nodded and watched as Phil crawled down between Dan’s legs and nudged them apart. Dan was confused at first until he felt Phil lick a stride over his clenching hole.

    “Daddy!” Dan writhed and gripped the sheets so hard his knuckles turned white. Phil continued the lap at Dan’s fluttering hole until he decided that was enough teasing. He then slid his tongue in and searched for his Kitten’s little bundle of nerves. After about thirty seconds, Phil knew he found it by the way Dan’s body reacted. Dan felt like he was in heaven. His whole body was overtaken with pleasure and he was practically shaking. Phil smirked against Dan’s hole as he saw Dan look down at him with wide, lust-filled eyes, panting as well. Phil gave Dans prostate no mercy and attacked it. Phil knew Dan was getting close when his moans became even more choked and desperate.

    “D-D-Daddy my t–t-tummy feels funny,” Dan panted as he felt a strong bursting feeling in his lower stomach. Next than Dan knew, he was coming all over himself. Phil stroked him through it and went back up to dan’s lips to kiss him lazily. Dan reached over to grab the tissues, but Phil grabbed his arm.

    “Oh, we’re not done yet Kitten.” Phil groaned.

    And Dan audibly gulped.


Yo yo yo(ok i’ll stop now) I hope you liked it ^~^ @subbydan

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three words for kirishima: skin graft meshes


Okay, so I had to look up what a skin graft mesh was, and it was actually really interesting?? From what I understand, it’s where the surgeon takes skin from a healthy portion of the body (the donor section) and grafts it to a damaged area. There can be ‘smaller’ grafts, where only a section of healthy skin is taken (like peeling a potato) or the whole skin (it can also be pretty gory to look at, so be aware of that if you wanna look up pictures). It looks like the donor skin can be meshed, too, like a chain-link fence, to avoid complications like infection and sepsis. 

One part of me is all for Kirishima getting a skin graft. Boy got himself pretty messed up it looks like. Oh you precious kid we love you but pls take care of yourself once this is all over. Getting a skin graft would probably help him heal quicker and decrease his scarring, too!! The other part of me is thinking that he wouldn’t have enough healthy skin left for a direct skin graft. Though, given the diversity of quirks, they could probably come up with something.

This is a really cool idea, anon!! I lowkey headcanon it now, tbh!!

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Nightrizer, how did you feel about the latest episode of Gravity Falls?

I have a LOT of feelings on this episode, and contrary to most people, I don’t hate any of the characters. :D

First of all, I am SUPER proud of Dipper in this episode. My tiny, brave son stood there confidently challenging this alien security droid that could have easily vaporized him on the spot and didn’t even falter. Dipper goes to such great lengths to protect his family, but at the same time it scares me because it’s EXTREMELY reckless. He jumped off a cliff and smashed into a giant robot to save his sister. He stood defiantly in front of a dangerous alien weapon to save his uncle. He bravely faced off with a crazy mind demon to save his Grunkle. Lets not forget all the times he shielded Mabel with his body to protect her when confronted with danger.

The fact that he’s only twelve makes it even more impressive, but still scary. He shouldn’t have to go though all this in the first place, which is another reason why he should return home after the summer instead of staying. I actually want Dipper to become Ford’s apprentice, just not right now. He’s just not old enough to be dealing with this stuff yet.

As for Ford….

I still love him, but he really needs to get slapped in the face with the realization of what he’s done/doing. It’s going to come crashing down on him sooner or later, I just hope that it won’t be too late when it does.

I was shocked at how malicious a majority of the fandom treated Ford after this episode. He’s not evil, and his intentions are good, but people seem to demonize him more than Bill. It all depressed me tbh, especially since I relate to him a lot. Don’t get me wrong, you are allowed to hate a fictional character, of course. It just seems like no one is willing to look deeper into his character or even try to understand him like I do…oh well. This poor old man is so messed up and oblivious that he doesn’t know he’s doing bad things, and I want the kids to be the one’s to make him realize this.

We didn’t see much of Stanley this episode, but he was so precious towards Mabel in that one scene. ;u; However, I think that sneaky little eight-ball is hiding something still

And poor Mabel! She had such a bad day and was left in the dark about the rift. She didn’t deserve this at all, someone please save my smol daughter. ;n;

I love Bill as a villain, but he really needs to just calm down, and stop hurting people please. I knew there was another reason he wanted the physical world other than to just cause chaos, what I didn’t see coming was that Blendin was going to be his next pawn. I guess that explains why he was seen in Gideon Rises and why “Blendin was here” was written on the wall in ATOTS. Also, it looks like Blendin will have to help fix this mess because he probably won’t be able to return home to the future since that future might not exist anymore thanks to Bill.

In conclusion, I’m not ready for tomorrow’s episode. ;;

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Could you do a reaction of BTS reacting to their child getting bullied and what they do please?Thank you!!!

I want to die so i can reborn as their child, how amazing would that be?


Bully: *kicks sand at child*

Child: Why you do that?

Bully: *mocks* why you do that?

Jin: Cause you’re probably jealous because you don’t have a handsome dad           like me

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Child: Stop it!

Bully: Make me, you fatty!

*Suga walks in*

Child: Dad…

Suga: You messed with the wrong kid. Where are your parents?

holy shit i just realized he teared up in this gif

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Rap Mon: Baby, what’s wrong?

Child: …a boy in class started teasing me

Rap Mon:  Oh.. I see, let’s get some ice-cream, how does that sound?

Child: YAY!

Rap Mon: Give Daddy some big kisses~

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Child: *crying*

Jhope: Who dares to make my precious cry? 

Jhope: *Hobi’s magical aeygo*

Child: *small smile*

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Child: I have to tell you something, Dad.

Jimin: What is it, son?

Child: You know the girl who teases me? She’s kind of cute.

Jimin: *gif*

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Child: Dad, I’m being teased at school…

Taehyung: *gif* WAT

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Jungkook: Why do you have bruises on you?

Child: Someone hit me…

Jungkook: Tell me who. 

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a/n: I’m very against bullying. Harassing and cyber bullying are never the solution. There’s so much negativity in the world already. We don’t need more. Right now, what the world needs in kindness and positivity. Please be kind to everyone. Spread happiness. <3