oh there are sum changes on tumblr

I need people to follow ._.

Hi! Coming back to tumblr after a few years and seems like my taste has changed a bit, I’m looking for accounts to follow who post about (not needed to be all your post about that):

↝ Twice
↝ GOT7
↝ Oh My Girl
↝ Monsta X
↝ GFriend
↝ Winner
↝ Sistar
↝ Cosmic Girls
↝ Any SM group
↝For sure I’m forgetting many groups so to sum up, if you upload about kpop you’re the right person xD

↝ Anime (everything it’s okay but Love Live best 💕)
↝ Ulzzang stuff, like cute clothes and all that

If you want me to follow you like/reblog/follow me or something to let me know ♡

My roommate, upon finding out I’m practicing witchcraft, immediately said:

“Oh, you’re getting into Tumblr witchcraft.” And then, after talking about it for a moment, in sum, said “it’s not real.”

And I considered giving them examples of it working, of it changing energies for me, of protection and focus sigils helping me get through a day, but I could already imagine them comparing it to a placebo.

But that got me to thinking; isn’t that a magic in itself? If I can will something into being just by believing I can, isn’t that magic?

Just some witchy introspection. Carry on with your day