oh their hands *swoons*

…it’s the little details that do one in, really.  The arch/shape of Benedict’s eyebrows as Doctor Strange, coupled with his adorable nose crinkle, has me completely bewitched…

mission: the Flooded District
  • Daud, playing on Very Hard: I have one more surprise.
  • Daud: I ask for my life.
  • Corvo: *panting and bleeding* ... what the hell?
  • Daud, playing on Easy: Oh no *puts hand to forehead* You've beaten me *swoons* Whatever shall I do now
  • Daud: The Killer of the Empress, laid low by a bodyguard!
  • Daud: Oh the shame! Oh the humanity!
  • Corvo: *awkward cough* can I take your pouch and go?
  • Daud: Oh please, sir, take my coin, it's yours! Take my gold! Take my extra bone charm!
  • Daud: I shall pass into the West, and fade, and remain an npc!