oh the way you guys look at each other


work proximity associates — gallya scenes less gifed

No slaps, sass, or unfinished kisses in this scene — and yet it’s still so shippy. First we have Illya playing Mr. Intimidating to make sure Gaby’s brilliant plan gets followed through to the letter (you know he didn’t even say anything to volunteer; he just followed her out). Then we have Dr. Lackey trying to worm his way out of things, but, oh, no, Illya’s there to be all, ‘Do as my woman commands.’ And when it’s finished Gaby looks up (and up and up, heh) at Illya, like, ‘Hope this works.’ They come back into the main action so in synch, guys. Like look at their facial expressions (especially Illyas little glance) and their body language (as they stand very close) — they totally mirror each other. They’re working together effortlessly. And this is before Gaby apologizes for the whole pretended-to-betray-you-whoops snafu. 

“The only thing I want is you.”
“You taste so good.”


Anger rushing through his veins as he sees her talking to another guy. He should laugh it off, shooting him in the head and punish her.
But the way she smiles at him let him stop.

Did she ever smiled at him like that?

Possessive he grabs her arm and pulls her away from the guy.
“What are you doing?” She struggles out of his grip and looks at him with glowing eyes.
For seconds they stare each other in the eyes as she seems to realize why he’s so angry.
“Oh Jerome, the only thing I want is you.” She purrs, slightly submissive as she nips at his lower lip. “I’m yours.”
Normally it’s her on the knees, but he can’t help himself as he goes down on her. Her eyes widen in surprise as he pulls her skirt up and rips the panties from her body. She leans back with a small moan as he spreads her legs and inhales her scent. The tip of his tongue runs through her folds.
“You taste so good.” He praises her like a brave pet, knowing that he’s still in charge, even when she’s above him..

When I was younger and hadn’t worked in retail before, I remember going shopping with my dad once because he needed some new shirts. We went into Ben Sherman and picked a couple out. Even having never worked in a retail position before, I was still super embarrassed when he called a sales associate over and asked, “I like these shirts, but could you possibly do them both for £70?”
“Sir, this isn’t a market.”
“Well, I think it is.”
Oh. My god. Fair enough, my dad and the employee both remained very courteous to each other. My dad is a super nice person, but as he works in sales himself, he sorta knows what to do to convince people and get around things to get as good a price as he can on something. Either way, it was kinda embarrassing and every time my dad looked away, I could see the guy’s facial expression shift to one that was just 150% done.

Shout out to that guy for actually lowering the price tho.

‘so was it a hug or kiss??’

they were kissing. the show literally spells it out for us:

K as in ‘k guys, please divert your attention to their lips. look, we even made them all shiny to make you notice them. they appear to be heading straight towards each other, don’t they?’

I aka Eye as in Eye(s) closing, something everyone associates with kissing

S as in ‘Surprise, I just hugged you in front of everyone!! oh no wait, i already did that in episode 5. multiple times’

another I (Eye) as in eye(s) widening, which is something that happens to you when, for example, someone kisses you unexpectedly

N as in ‘No fucking way!!! we’re witnessing something surprising/unexpected!!’

G as in gay. they’re gay for each other. yup.

now, what does that spell? 
K I S _ I N G

where’s the second S? well you see, it’s hidden from plain sight, but a brave soul has managed to uncover it:

in conclusion: yup, it’s a hug. they were hugging each kther with their lips. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sheith: Interruptions

Shiro and Keith just want to have some alone but everybody on the team keeps interrupting them.


Shiro: Keith do you realize that we are alone right now

Keith:yes do you know what that means 😏

(Keith and Shiro start making out and Keith straddles onto Shiro and almost removes his shirt until Lance comes into the room)

Lance: Hey guys allura wants to…oh god what the hell is going on?



Shiro: Keith have you seen the others anywhere?

Keith: Pidge is working on something on her computer,Lance went somewhere doing who knows what, and I don’t where Hunk is?

Shiro: So then we are alone right now?

Keith:Looks that way how about we do something about it.

(Shiro gets the hint and walks over to Keith’s bed and start removing each other’s clothes until Hunk walks in)

Hunk: Hey guys just want to let you know dinner is almost read-OH MY GOD
(Hunk suddenly runs out of the room)



Shiro: Come on Keith everybody is sleeping,nobody is going to walk in here and no one is going to disturb us.

Keith: I am just making sure, I swear to god if one more person comes walking in here and ruins our night I am going to loose my shit.

Shiro: Calm down I know we both want to have our own time together,especially me…and I am sure no one will interrupt us tonight.

(Keith breathes to calms himself down and walks over to the bed and gives him a seduction look in his eyes)

Keith: Okay, now come over and show me what you got Mr. Champion.

(Shiro and Keith start having sex and things are going great or so they thought they did)

Keith:Oh Shiro don’t stop, please don’t stop

Shiro: Oh my god Keith I love you so much right now!

(Then out of nowhere the door opens and Shiro turns around and starts to covering himself and Keith with the blanket and sees Pidge and stairs at the horror she has in her eyes.)


(Pidge then runs away screaming down the hallway, meanwhile Keith has a look in his eyes like he’s going to murder someone)


The next day everybody has learned their lesson to never interrupt Keith and Shiro ever again and have never been more scared of Keith in their entire life.

The end

Éponine: Alright, this better be good, Taire.

R: Good is one way to put it. Welcome to the internet.

R: How was work?

Éponine: I have a Twitter, you idiot.

Éponine: And it was dead, as usual. Though some guy seemed to like my ass and tipped me well. 

R: Yeah, yeah. Oh look, you already have some asks.

Éponine: Nosy little fuckers, aren’t you?

R: She means that lovingly.

Éponine: Mhm. Well, to answer the questions: yes. Grantaire is a very good roommate. I mean, I think part of that comes from the fact that we’re each others’ salt mates, but who knows?

Éponine: Rooming with Grantaire is a bit of an adventure. You can’t really know what each day will bring, he’s a bit unpredictable. Though, he definitely has some die hard habits, both good and bad.

Éponine: He doesn’t do the dishes, but he cooks like nobody’s business so I guess that makes up for it. Yes, most of our pieces of furniture, the walls, and even a couple spots on the ceiling all have paint on them thanks to him. I mean, look at the walls behind us. He just kind of doodled those when he was bored and drunk.

Éponine: And I’m fine, thanks for asking. Just finished a shift at the tourist-y restaurant I work at and I have another shift at the bar tonight. Which means I’ll miss the Amis meeting, unfortunately. Can you tell someone I won’t be there, R?

R: Mhm, sure thing. Like the blog?

Éponine: Y’know, it’s actually not bad.

This cut scene is one of my most favorite even though I can only understand half of it because:

- Cai Quan and Shen Zhui look like they are well on their way to join the Su Zhe fanclub. Welcome guys, we have tea, clementines and heartaches in abundance for every member.

- Jingyan just sits there quietly but not so subtly beaming like a proud spouse.

- How can a small gesture like half a wave look so pretty on Su Zhe. He is extra soft and pretty here.

- Shen Zhui thinks his prince is too buffalo and needs help to court the scholar..? Little does he know.

- Jingyan just sits there beaming like a proud spouse.

- Oh so you guys are at a level of no words needed just need to look at each other already? Is this why the scene is cut for being too gay for television?

- Jingyan likes/treats Su Zhe as Su Zhe well is very important to me, and there is so little of it officially in the show. 

INTP–ENTJ “Platonic Tension”

Exhibit A:

ENTJ: *Knocks on the door*

INTP: *Opens it* Hey, ENTJ, what’s up.

ENTJ: Are you ready to do the agreement with ENFP?

INTP: Oh. He’s not here, actually. Let me see if I can get a hold of him.

ENTJ: Okay.

INTP: Um… do you want to… come in and wait, or…?

ENTJ: Uh. It’s– up to you.

INTP: Er– okay.

INTP: *Shuts door in ENTJ’s face*

Exhibit B:

INTP: *Is singing/recording music*

ENTJ: *Knocks on the door*


ENTJ: Are you recording right now?

INTP: I am, actually. *Opens door further*

INTP: I have the whole microphone setup and everything.

ENTJ: That’s awesome!

ENTJ: Okay. I was just… curious. I thought you might be.


INTP: Okay. Yeah, I am.

ENTJ: Cool.



ENTJ: See ya.      |        INTP: Uh, bye.

Exhibit C:

INTP: *Running into ENTJ who is leaving to go out of town for unknown reasons*

INTP: Oh, hey, are you getting ready to go?

ENTJ: Yeah, I’m walking out as we speak.

INTP: Okay.

INTP: Good luck.

ENTJ: Hahaha, wait, good luck?

INTP: Oh– god, I– don’t even know if that applies to your trip, it was just the first thing I thought of.

Exhibit D:

INTP: Hey, by the way, what were you doing around… um, 18:00? Were you in your room?

ENTJ: Then? No, I was running. Why?

INTP: Oh. Shoot. Well, I just wanted to make sure that like, when I was playing music that I wasn’t too loud, or intrusive.

ENTJ: Oh. Okay, well, the next time you do, I’ll see what happens with the volume.

INTP: *Nods*

ENTJ: UH, but just for the record, your guitar playing is never a problem. I think it’s really nice, actually.

INTP: O//~//O


INTP: Thank you.

Behind Closed Doors

This some comic I had that was lying on my desktop for a couple of months unfinished. It was just staring down at my soul begging me to finish it. So I did.

credits for the art posters

art poster: LaggyCreatings
art poster 2: cargocollective.com


Craig: Hey Tweek c'mere, I’ve got something to show ya.
Tweek: Oh man!

Tweek: What the hell was that for?
Craig:  Clyde showed it to me.
Tweek: That’s gross, man.
Craig: Haha should see the look of your face!!

sister:  So having fun sucking each other’s dicks huh?

sister:  I could hear you at the end of the hallway.

Craig:  Uh…You’re 6, you shouldn’t be saying stuff like that. Why don’t you go play with your Barbie dolls or something and leave us alone.

sister: Up your’s, Craig. I would love to if you guys weren’t so loud!

sister: Oh, by the way, here’s a condom. Your fuck buddy gave it to me to give to you for all I care. One advice, use it wisely.


sister: And, Dad wanted you guys to keep it down and leave your door open.

Craig: How… the fuck…? Tweek!?!
Craig: Seriously? She was looking right at you!!
Tweek: I swear to God, Craig, it wasn’t me. I don’t have anything to do with it!!

Craig:  OH ha ha very funny!


Wondering what they’re looking up, it’s called Grapefuit technique, friends showed it to me, so this comic will relate somehow ;). 

Tent Talk (Barry Allen Imagine)

*Super late but I hope you still like it!*

“Why are we out here again?” Cisco pants, coming to haul by your side.

“Beats the hell out of me.”  You sigh, still trying to catch your breath as well.

“I don’t know if this helps but even though that hike sucked it was a hundred times better than the plane to get to Lian Yu; oh man that was scary.” Felicity adds as she makes her way past us.

You and your favorite engineer glance at each other and share an give awkward chuckle, both of you not really sure how you should respond.

“The hike wasn’t that bad you guys.”

“Yeah, coming from the dude who does the salmon ladder in his free time.” You comment as Ollie passes you, carrying not only his bag but another and what looks like parts to a tent. Both arms loaded and he isn’t even close to being out of breath, these superheroes are freaking ridiculous.

“Salmon ladder? I was wondering how my brother got so buff.” You heard from behind you. “Cheer up (y/n), since Ollie didn’t get tired out like the rest of us from the trip up here, he can set up all the tents.”

“That’s very funny Speedy. Are you going to volunteer your boyfriend as well? He doesn’t seem too winded either.” Oliver replies sounding surprisingly lighthearted.

“Sure. Roy, babe? Would you mind help setting up?” She asks as she shoots her lover a charming grin. He sighs and rolls his eyes but picks up one of the tent bags nonetheless. Thea skips over, pecks him on the cheek and then makes her way over to Iris.

“I wish he listened to us that well.” Diggle says as he starts to put his own tent together. “Cisco, you are staying in here too so mind giving me a hand?”

“Oh, um. Of course not, just tell me what to do.” He answers and walks over, leaving you alone.

You scan the camp site, looking to see if anyone needed your help. Your shoulders slump as you see you are currently like more than useless. You pause, Wait a minute, where’s Barry?

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OHSHC x Reader~ Be Our Valentine?

Reader’s POV:

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I, once again, don’t have a date. This happens every year, but this year I’m hoping that I can hang out with The Hosts. This will be my first time being with the club on Valentine’s Day. They might have an event going on, but I’m hoping that they can make time for me.

After school, I walked over to Music Room #3 to see that the girls weren’t there yet. “Hey, guys…and girl.” Everyone looked up once I spoke and greeted me in their own ways. “So uh…do you guys have any plans for tomorrow?”, I asked. They all looked up again and all made eye contact as if talking to each other with their eyes. They then looked back to me and all said,“Yes.”

“Oh…okay…what are you all doing?” They did the eye talk again and said,“Stuff.” They then carried on what they were doing and didn’t acknowledge me again. ‘Well, that doesn’t hurt or anything…’ “Okay…well…I guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow then…bye” I didn’t give them a chance to respond and just walked out.

Hosts’ POVS:

Once the door shut they all went crazy, well except for Mori and Kyoya. “We were too harsh! Why couldn’t we just make up something?! She hates us now!”, Tamaki shouted. He then started crying and went to his corner. “Yeah! She probably thinks we are doing something without her!”, Hikaru shouted. “What was the point in doing that?!”, Kaoru shouted. “(Y/N)-chan hates us now!”, Honey Senpai exclaimed. “She’s my only girl friend and she hates me now!”, Haruhi joined in on the shouting.

“If I may say something, we did this so she would think we weren’t doing anything for her. Now when we surprise her tomorrow it’ll be more affectionate,” Kyoya cut into the craziness. The others looked at him and gave a sigh simultaneously. “Just stick to the plan and everything will work out.”

~TimeSkip to Valentine’s Day~

Reader’s POV:

School goes by pretty slowly, but I’m not surprised. The final bell rings, signaling that school is over. I sluggishly get up and put my stuff away. I then make my way to where I always go after school, but this time I don’t feel the same joy as I always do. 'They’re probably really busy, so I’ll just stop by and leave like I did yesterday.’

I get to the room and open the door to see rose petals flying towards me. Once they are all blown away I see The Host Club standing there with stuff in their hands. “Uh…what’s all of this?” I looked at all of them and saw they each held a different expression. Some were blushing, smiling, and even had guilty looks on their faces.

Haruhi walks up with a sheepish smile and hands me a stuffed bear and a red rose. She then hugs me and walks back to the group. Then Mori Senpai starts making his way over to me. He looks down at me and hands me a card and a dark blue rose. Once he hands me the stuff he was holding, he gives me a hug. I open the card and read it to see that each host wrote a note to me.

I smile and look up to see Honey Senpai run up to me and hug me tightly. He backs away, hands me chocolates with a pink rose, gives me a quick hug, and runs back. The twins then come up to me at the same time holding balloons with a rose in each of their hands. Kaoru hands me his balloons and an orange rose while Hikaru does the same, but with a blue rose. They give me a hug at the same time and walk back.

Kyoya then walks up and hands me a small box and a purple rose. I open it to see a necklace with my first initial and seven colored “diamonds” around it. He gives me a quick hug and walks back. Tamaki walks up to me with one arm behind his back, but I can tell he’s hiding something behind his back. He hands me a white rose and kisses the same hand that holds the rose. He give me a quick hug with one arm and walks back to the group. He then pulls out what he was hiding and he holds up a poster board. I look back to the poster board and see it was beautifully decorated and said,“Be Our Valentine, (Y/N)?”

I smile and start to tear up. I then started to sniffle and they all started freaking out. “I told you she hates us!’, Tamaki shouted. "We should have done something more grand!”, the twins shout. They all became hectic and they looked so worried and scared that I couldn’t help but laugh. They all froze and looked at me. “She’s gone mad,” Hikaru said. “She’s going to kill us all!”, Kaoru exclaimed. They kept saying stuff like that which made me laugh even harder.

I eventually calmed down and walked over to all of them. I pulled them all together and created a group hug. “You all are such idiots,” they all looked disappointed at my words, “But I guess that’s why I love you.” I squeezed them tightly with a big smile on my face. They gave a big sigh of relief and hugged back. I don’t know how long we stood there for, just hugging each other, but, too soon if you asked me, we separated. “Well how about we go watch some movies and enjoy the things you got me?”, I asked.

They all nodded and we made a lot of memories that we will never forget. Like the sugar high from all the chocolate, the high squeaky voices thanks to the balloons, and all the cuddling that was done with each other. All in all, I think I’d rather spend Valentine’s Day with these goofs then anybody else.

Hey, my little ducklings! I hope you guys have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and don’t feel bad if you don’t have a valentine cause I don’t either. Tell ya what, if you don’t have a valentine then we can be each other’s valentine! If that still doesn’t make you feel better then…here*gives virtual hug*. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and it’s kinda short cause I don’t really know what to put since I’ve never participated in Valentine’s Day soooo…yeah. Lol I did the best I could, so, once again, I hope you enjoyed! (I’M POSTING THIS AFTER V-DAY BUT ITS A-OKAY)

Exo reaction when the other members make fun of each other

Chanyeol - Wait up, there is no way you guys can make fun of me for smiling too much, at least i’m not a brat like sehun.

Baekhyun - He actually has a point.

Sehun - You’re only saying that Baek because you want to bang him…

Kai - At least he can get laid, Sehun.

Sehun: This conversation doesn’t include you ‘kkamjong’

Kyungsoo - What was that, Sehun? Care to repeat yourself?

Kris - Oh look, it’s Jongin’s boyfriend to the rescue, as always.

Kyungsoo: Listen here you little shit, go back to China.

Kris: I guess this teaches me not to get involved with someones relationships then. Geez.

Xiumin - Still doesn’t stop you getting involved with mine.

Luhan - It’s okay Xiumin, he shouldn’t worry about us, he has Tao after all.

Tao - Don’t you involve me in this, i have better things to do.

Chen - Better things to do as in failing at martial arts?

Lay - That’s a lot coming from the one who can’t dance.




$uho - I don’t get paid enough for this.

“What’s going on here?”



“Oh my god, get out of the way freak.” I grunted out to Sam who was in the way of the TV. “Who you calling freak?” “YOU! YOU FREAKIN CREATURE!” I said as a comeback. “Damn, I didn’t know you guys hated each other that much.” Johnson said, looking back and forth at us. “Yeah, well, we’re not each other’s biggest fans.” Sam said. “I knew you guys were mean to each other, but dang.” Gilinsky said. “I guess we have to start hanging out with you guys separately.” Nate said. “NO!” Sam and I said at the same time. “I don’t care if he’s around.” “Yeah me too.” “Are you sure?” J raised an eyebrow. “Just as long as he doesn’t get in the way.” I look at him with a face. “As long as she isn’t annoying!” He returns the face to me. 

The guys just nod and look at their phones as Sam and I looked at each other, quietly laughing to ourselves. Wish Sam and I did hate each other, at least we don’t have to keep a secret from the guys. We’ve been dating for almost 3 months now. I know what you’re thinking, why not just tell everyone. It’s not as easy as you think. Once everyone knows you guys are dating, you get treated differently, and get talked about a lot more because of the way you act or things you say. By how much trash talk everyone does about G and Mads and Nash and T, we didn’t want to become one of those “always with each other, lovey dovey couples.” We don’t want to be labelled as those either. So it just came to be of us pretending to hate each other. Our story on why we hate each other is we got in a huge argument about girls and guys dominance and independents and feelings and shit. I don’t know but something around that. 

Everyone started to leave Sammy’s place and I left 5 minutes before everyone and moved my car so they wouldn’t know I was still there. Sam texted me when they were all officially gone, I drove back to my spot and went back inside his house. “Freak.” He smiles at me. “Creature.” I smile back, kissing his lips. We sat on the couch, watching TV together, then he blurted out, “So how long are we going to keep this up for?” I look at him and see the seriousness in his eyes, “I-” I sighed, “I don’t know.” “If we tell them, we automatically become one of those couples. If we don’t, we pretend hate each other forever.” “At least if we break up, they won’t know.” “Yeah…” I sighed out. “Do you think they’ll get mad if they find out we’ve been lying to them this whole time?” I asked him. “Maybe? I don’t know. I feel like they don’t care but at the same time they would.” I see him start to think deeply about it. 

We sat in silence for a little. “What if they do get mad?” Sam says. “I mean, what if they are just like ‘we don’t care that you guys are dating, we just care that you guys didn’t trust enough to tell us.’ and get all butt hurt. Then they turn their backs on us and stop hanging out with us,” I cup his face as he was babbling off his nerves. “Hey,” I look into his eyes, “They would never turn their backs on you because of this. I highly doubt they would get mad if they find out.” I try to comfort him with realistic opinions. He just nods and brushes the thoughts off. 

A week later, I was at Sam’s house again, just hanging out. We were in the kitchen, making some food as he hugs me from behind, his head lying on my shoulder and his arms wrapped around my waist. I hear his phone ding, “You should go get that,” I giggle, but he doesn’t move as he starts kissing my neck. I continued to make the food, “What’s going on here?” We froze at the voice coming from behind us. Sam let’s go of me and moves as we both turn around to see a confused Johnson standing at the doorway, pointing at us. “Uh,” Sam and I both replied as all the guys walked behind and saw Sam and I standing there, in our underwear. “What’s going on here?” The rest of the guys said in unison, confused as hell. Sam and I just look at each other. 

“Guys,” I look at them, “Sam and I are…. Dating…” I look at Sam then back at them. “Surprise??” I said, shrugging my shoulders at them. “You’re what?” G asked shocked. “Since when?” Nate asked. “You guys hated each other just yesterday!” Hayes yells in shock. “We’ve been dating for about 3 months now….” I said quietly. Their faces made a WTF face. “Since when?! What?!” Nate asked again. “Hold up. What the hell is going on here?!” Swazz starts messaging his temple. Sam and I went to the room to quickly put on some shorts and came back out to the guys sitting down at the dining table, arms crossed, “You got some splaining to do.” J says. “Why the hell didn’t you guys tell us?!” G asked. “Yeah! Why did you guys keep it a secret for so long or in the first place for that matter!” J asks. “It’s just-we didn’t-” Sam started stuttering. 

“This was my idea. I didn’t want to go public.” I started taking the blame. “I didn’t want to be considered one of those ‘couples’ you guys make fun of. And I didn’t want you guys talking behind my back about it. So I asked Sam if we can just keep it on the DL for a while.” I looked at Sam then at the boys, giving me sympathy looks. “I didn’t want you guys to make fun of me of being one of those ‘relationship’ lovey dovey girls. Cause I am. But I’m not a PDA person. But there would be times where you guys would’ve seen it and probably made fun of me.” I rambled on and I saw apologetic looks on their faces. “We didn’t mean it for you to think we were going to make fun of you like that. We know you’re not into PDA so of course we’d give you more respect than the other couples.” Swazz said. “Yeah. We know you’re more of an independent person, and have self control.” Nate said. “Cause in the past 3 months, I haven’t once seen you guys get even close to hugging. If it was like Jack and Madison or Nash and T, they would always be sitting next to each other, or holding hands, or all up on each other. It shows you have more self control.” Nate continues. 

“Yeah, if you want to be a couple, be a couple. And you know half of the shit we say about couples, it’s because we aren’t in a relationship. You’re going to call us out on it whether you’re single or in a relationship.” J says. “So let me get this straight.” Hayes said. “You guys don’t actually hate each other?” Sam and I shook our heads no. “Thank god. I thought we was bout to choose sides or sumthn.” He says in relief. “So, wait, you guys are okay we are a couple?” Sam tries to confirm. They all look at each other and nod their heads yes, “Yeah. We don’t care man. As long as you both are happy, you guys should be able to freely express that.” Rupp says. “No PDA though.” J says. Sam and I look at each other, smiling, happy that it’s finally out in the open to everyone. 

Anonymous said: Steve and Tony have you ever thought of adopting? I think both of you would make good dads.

“From where does it even come from? Why are you guys trying to give us kids? We didn’t even say “yes”  to each other yet!”

“Oh, someone is panicking..”

“Panicking? Who is panicking? I’m not panicking, I just don’t understand why we got such question!”

“Suuuuure, you’re not panicking.”

“And what about you? Have you thought about having kids?”

“Maybe it did cross my mind a few times.”


“Look at that pure horror on his face! I don’t see kids in our future anytime soon. Not when I still have to take care of Tony. Maybe when he’ll get older.”

“Way older.”


Requested: this is an AU where thomas is sent to Group B instead

“You’re doing it all wrong!” Harriet called from behind you. You sighed.
“Well how else am I supposed to build this bloody fence?!” You turned around to face a fuming Harriet.
All of a sudden you heard a huge clang, the box was here again with a new Glader. You hoped she was nice,you couldn’t deal with another Harriet.
“New Blondie everyone!” Alex, the leader, called out to the rest of the Gladers.
You all gathered around the box waiting for the new addition. Beth and Harriet looked at each other signaling to open the doors to the box and they jumped down.
“Um guys,” they both said.
“What? What’s wrong?” Alex called down.
“It’s….its a….” Beth was dumbfounded.
“A boy,” Harriet finished for her.
“No way!”
“Oh my gosh!”
All the girls shrieked.
“Calm down ladies, we won’t have any of that,” Alex gave them all looks. The only thing heard was disappointed sighs and groans, “get him up.”
They hosted the boy up with shanking arms.
You couldn’t help but stare at him, he was gorgeous, with shaggy brown hair, sparkling chocolate eyes, and a cute button nose. You couldn’t help but stare. He looked around confused and dazed, and then his eyes landed on you and he smiled making you blush.
“Uh, what’s your name?” Alex asked. All the girls leaned forward in awe of this handsome stranger. He darted his eyes off you and quickly to Alex.
“Thomas, it’s the only thing I can remember.”
“That’s normal. Well welcome to the Glade, Thomas!” All the girls cheered and Alex shot them a glare. “Well, you’re the first boy, so this should be interesting. Y/N, why don’t you show him around, your the most trustworthy with our new visitor.”
“Come on!”
“Are you serious?!”
The others walked away complaining as you helped Thomas stand up.
“Hi, I’m y/n,” you smiled.
“Thomas,” he replied nervously.
“Ok, so let’s get started,” you ushered him to follow you. You showed him the Bloodhouse first. You thought his cringing reaction was kind of cute. God is there anything he can do that’s not adorable you thought. You showed him the Homestead, the Medjacks hut, the builder’s hut, and even the forest.
The last thing left was the Gardens. You began to show him how you get the rest of your food, and you couldn’t help but feel him staring at you the whole time.
“Um, this is for you,” you heard him say causing you to stop talking and turn around from touring the harvesting process. In his out stretched hand was a white daisy.
“It’s a pretty flower, for a pretty girl,” was all he said.
“You think I’m pretty?”
“Well why wouldn’t i?”
“I don’t know, I mean you’re in a place surrounded by girls far prettier than I am…” you began your explanation.
“No, no one is prettier than you,” he said shyly looking down.
“Thank-” you were cut off.
“Hey pretty boy! Over here!” Alex called him over to show him what he would be doing for his first job, thinking you were done with the tour.
“Well, I’ll see you later,” you called to him. He turned around and winked at you, “See you later, pretty girl!” He said as he tripped over a bucket causing you to laugh. All the other girls shot you a Glare.
This was going to be perfect, you thought while continuing to build the fence. You ignored Hariet’s constant yelling, as you tucked the flower in your hair. Thomas’ smile was engraved in your mind, and that was enough to get you through anything. And it was, because there was more to come.

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you get into a fight & after you get into an accident// C.H

  #6 calum

 hope you enjoy, i have a pretty rough cold so i stayed home from school so i’ll be on all day so pls send some request. 

         You and calum were a happy couple. You would fight like a normal couple, over stuff like money or how calum would come home late from work. But lately you guys would fight over the smallest things like how dinner was cold, how he looked at you the wrong way, even over how you washed the wrong pair of black skinny jeans. 

      One time you guys were just yelling at each other for no reason. The fighting got so bad that once you thought he was going to hit you. When he saw you flinch when he walked up to you, he stared crying taking you in his arm whispering to you “oh no, baby i would never hurt you like that, i’m sorry princess, i’m sorry, i love you so much”, then he would hold you as you both sob and whispers ‘sorry’s ‘and ‘i love you’, but todays fight is the worst yet 

    “ sorry i’m not happy with staying up till 1:00 a.m waiting for your ass to get home” you yell. it was late and raining, you were up waiting for calum to come home. When he finally got home a fight broke out. 

  “ well sorry i can’t please your little bitchy ass” he yelled back. “ well it’s not pleasing having to deal with an asshole like you, i never get to see you and when i do we always are fighting i’m sick of it” you fired back

  “i’m sick of you, always whining and crying, your such a little bitch” he says. 

    After a good 15 minutes of screaming and throwing stuff around the room, he said the worse thing he could ever think of. 

    “ i should have never left Sam for you, she was never this whiny and clingy like you, oh my god i hate you” right after he said that he regretted it. watching your face drop and pain coming over your face was the worse thing ever. Knowing he was the one to say those awful words makes him want to jump off a cliff. 

“ you hate me” you say in a whisper. 

   “ no baby girl i’m i love-”

 “i wish i never meet you, you asshole, why have i ever thought I loved you, i bet if your fans knew how much of a dick you are you wouldn’t have any” you say cutting him off. 

   “ baby i’m so sorry i love you and only want you” he says tears falling from his face. 

  you ignore him and grab your coat and car keys. “ y/n where are you going, don’t leave it’s raining, don’t leave me”

  “i’ll be back later to get some stuff. We need a break, i’m sick of this” you say tears falling down your face. 

  “ don’t leave, it’s late, stay here we could talk this out” he begs 

   “no, i can’t stay another second with you” you say leaving the house. 

 You get into the car and put the key in and drive off. you had tears in your eyes making it hard to drive also it was pouring rain. you couldn’t see the road at all. you didn’ t see the stop sign in front of you, or the car that was speeding down the road that was about to hit you. the car crashes into you. Your car gets smacked into a tree. you get a rush of pain. you start to get dizzy and you get blinded by the bright lights. The next thing you know is that you are in the back of ambulance and start slipping into darkness.

    calum was worried sick not knowing if you were okay, or were you where. He heard the house phone call go off. He runs to pick it up hoping it was you 

“ y/n”  “no, is this mr. calum hood” the person asked. “yes, why” calum asked. 

  “ well y/n seemed to get in a pretty bad accident, if it’s okay can you come down to the hospital” the man asks

  “ yes, oh my god is she okay” calum ask as a sob leaves his lips. 

“ we hope so mr.hood” He said. 

calum hung up the phone, ran right to the car and drove to the hospital. when he got there he ran up to the front desk. 

“ y/n l/n” he asked the lady at the front desk. 

“ room 67, she’s sleeping so don’t wake her” the lady said 

  calum ran to your room, he walked in and so a nurse putting a needle into your neck. she looked up at calum and smiled at her. he looked at you and his heart broke. 

  you had cuts on your head and bruises all over your body. he walked up to you and he took your hand into his and whispered 

“ my baby girl” he felt tears come out of his eyes, he stared to sob and kissing your hand. 

“ is she okay” he asked the nurse.

“ yes, she’s fine, she just has a couple broken bones” the nurse says 

“ thank god” calum said going back to leaving kisses over hand and face.

“ calum” he hears you say lightly. 

“ yes y/n, are okay oh my god, im so sorry for all the shit i said, god i can’t believe i almsot lost you” he says kissing you all over your face. 

“ i love you” you say 

a smile over comes his face and he starts placing kisses all over you again. 

“ i love you more princess” he says 


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