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Hi! I just thought I would drop in to say how much I enjoy reading what you write! While there are quite a few writers in the tmnt fandom you are by far one of my favourites! [Also the fact that a lot of what you write contains Donatello certainly is a bonus for me ;)] but I just wanted to say how wonderful and captivating your writing is! Thank you for doing what you do!!!!

THIS IS SO SWEET??? i don’t expect anon compliments and so when i do get them, im just SO HAPPY!!!! ahaha, THANK YOU SO MUCH! <333!!! I’m glad you like my writing, and Donnie because all i write is donnie ahah. :DD ILY ANON

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its all "fun" on the nausea train... serious tho no it sucks, hope youre able to eat better soon.

ugh I know I’m already nauseous enough every day as it is X( oh well I’m used to it

thank you ;U; <3

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What if a human from earth ended up in the Zelda world and has just been running around for months scavenging food, fighting monster not finding any one. tell sidon finds them fighting monsters and breaking there sad little stick barely able to beat them. They look like hell bloody, bruised and starved then they see him and start freaking out begging for there life because everything they meet wants to eat them or some shit. How would Sidon react? what would he do? (Sorry it's super long thanks)

Hmm this is the first time I’ve ever gotten an ask like this. It’s a really cool concept!

-Mod Pinks

Human s/o from Earth found (Sidon)

  • He is so confused.
  • Honestly thinks they’re a hylian until he sees their ears and realizes oh dear.
  • He is used to hearing people think that when they first come across him, but from the way they’re barely surviving, he knows this is different. More desperate. More fear.
  • Kneels down, keeps his voice soft as he tells them that he does not plan to eat or harm them
    • Instead, he asks if they need help, tentatively stretching his hand out for them to take.
  • Willing to wait there for hours if need be to get them help-he’s so concerned by their state, and using a stick as a weapon, they aren’t going to last.
  • They accept his help when they pass out- starvation, desperation, everything- just catching up to them at once. 
    • BB shark has to rush to catch them.
  • Immediately takes them to the healer in the Zora Domain, does his best to care for them until they come to.
  • When they do, he and the King have a few questions for them
  • Is fascinated by the idea of another world of new people
    • Asks so many questions
  • Teaches them to survive
    • Shooting, fighting, etc
  • Me: [sends email to govt official informing her that the contract documents have been uploaded to an online portal and the originals are ready to be mailed.]
  • Inexperienced bureaucrat: [calls me on the phone] We need your documents.
  • Me: Yep. I put them in the online portal like you requested in your email.
  • Bureaucrat: Oh no, we don't use that portal. We can't actually download anything from it, or the files get scrambled and we can't read them.
  • Me: ...It took hours to upload everything to the portal in the manner you requested, but I did it, because you said that was a submission requirement.
  • Bureaucrat: We need it digitally.
  • Me: [thinking that we may have different understandings of the word 'digital']
  • Me: Okay, I will send you an email. Actually, several emails, because the package of 21 PDFs is too large for one email.
  • Bureaucrat: Yeah, we're gonna need it in email.
  • Me: Got it.
  • Bureaucrat: And we're going to need the originals too.
  • Me: I acknowledged that in my email yesterday. The notarized originals are in a FedEx envelope, waiting for the go-ahead from you after you tell me the digital versions are correct.
  • Bureaucrat: Yeah, 'cause we don't have your notarized originals.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: They're not due til tomorrow.
  • Bureaucrat: Yeah, we're gonna need them by the deadline. Which is tomorrow.
  • Me: Got it.
“Is it too late now to say sorry?”

Yesterday I was so pissed off with all the things Lauren wrote about “us”. Oh, God… I got so mad with that shit, cuz she always says that we have to spread love and…wtf?? She will never be able to fight something with hatred … the same goes for some of her political stuff. She needs to understand that to change something you have to engage, be inside the politics, gather people and fight for what you believe. That’s how you change something, not just attacking Trump or the Camren shippers on social media. She has every right to feel invaded because we know VERY well that some Camren shippers can really be very immature. After yesterday I was thinking about all this drama and I asked myself “why are u so angry with what she said? You are not what she’s saying …” … so if she generalizes, we have nothing to do. Unfortunately, there’s a part of the fandom that she denies and admits she doesn’t like without even knowing all of us, and many of us just want their happiness. In the end, Camren has a lot of shipper going from just shipper to trying to prove that they are not delusional like she said. This is the feeling she will awaken in people when she acts like yesterday and an hour someone really crazy will go to the last consequences to prove that we are not delusional AT ALL!

Well… my heart is just tired of so much drama, but my ship denies to go down… so here I am… again…back in the game.

Sorry, Lauren.

****whistling Sorry, by Bieber*****

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I don't like being that guy Tenk but I've been trying to find it for a while now: what anime is the "I am a genius. OH NO!" image you used so often from?

I think it’s from the second-most recent gundam one, or something (the one after build fighters 2)? I’m pretty sure it was a mecha show.

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Is 🅱lease rly a slur im so confusef gxgzvzhfz

gjnfjkFUFkc no it’s not a slur but I’ll explain 

I use  🅱lease a LOT, or just using the  🅱 in words that don’t need it, like I can Allie (@iancancer)  🅱allie and then there’s  🅱ella (@joj-i) but one day I had said “ 🅱️lease 🅱️api (Please Papi)” an I got an ask that asked if white people were allowed to say blease

oh! so I use the meme 🅱️lease 🅱️api (Please Papi) a lot and i received an ask that asked if white people were allowed to use it I said 🅱️lease is a 💲🕒⛎® 

here’s the ask

and no,,,it’s not a slur

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Oh man hades you used to be my favorite mod but now I know you're from ohio and as a michigander I am now obligated to Fight you



yiffytwink said: why would they give the krogans nuclear weapons!!!! its like giving a kid a bunch of candy and then blaming them for getting a tummyache!!!!

[salarian voice] we gave nuclear weapons to the krogan and they won the rachni war, yay! :) oh wait they’re still using the weapons. oh, they’re using them on each other. and on other planets… and on us…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. this is definitely their fault

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ya ok but hear me out... either a budo and gaming club leader friendship or rivalry (lol)

I feel like Budo would be trying to get him to the art martial club, because Gaming club leader can defend himself? Like he’s far away from the heroic persona, but he needs no one to protect him. So I kinda feel like Budo would bug him a bit about joining club?
“Dude, you’ll do a great job if you joined us!
- Oh you mean getting sweaty in some stupid white pyjamas while you’re quoting Bruce Lee? I’ve better shit to do and I don’t wanna waste my time.”

However, they’re probably not in bad terms, it’s just “join us! C’mon, Pippi can be the leader of the gaming club!” - “get your ass outta my club,you and your pyjama” but they’re ‘friends’.