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happy twintails day! i doodled the first twintailed best gal that came to mind✨


Yesterday I went to the Doctor Who World Tour in NYC and this incredible thing happened - I got to meet Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, and present them with a portrait I did of them! (More photos at my Twitter and Instagram!) OH MY GOSH prepare for some rambling storytime now

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anonymous asked:

You offered absolutely no argument as to the validity of "aphobia," just called me unoriginal for it because other people have tried to tell you the truth and you refused to let it sink in. If someone says they are asexual, virtually no one threatens to harm them for it. Incidents of harm towards asexuals are almost always incidents that could have occurred if that person were sexual.

Oh my god, you twit.

I said you’re unoriginal because I’ve literally gotten that ask ten times before you send it. Meaning I’ve answered it before. I’ve given explanations. So have hundreds of aspecs on this godforsaken site.

If you don’t want to let the truth sink in, that’s on you. We’ve proven you wrong before, you just choose not to listen because you want to be all high and mighty and tell us why our oppression and abuse happens. If you won’t listen to actual aspec voices, then you can fuck off on the high horse you rode in on.

–Mod Mercy

Daily Lars

You know how I was going to have a nice sane person break from all this?  OK, I’m not totally reneging, I just sniggered when I saw this on IG

and harmless laughing at anyone being a nudnik today seems worth breaking my own vows for.

Also, I’m face-deep in someone’s biergarten AU (stares pointedly @me-fish) which seems to have grown 57 heads and is only 2/3rds done already.  Moral of this challenge?  I can’t do fragments, I have to stuff the whole thing with four arms and legs and fifty fucking years of backstory, not to mention all the porn I wasn’t planning on that’s bubbling up out of nowhere (also I lie: I know precisely from where).  And I’ve been doing a crash course over the weekend in Parks in Berlin.  Now I want to go to Berlin for a long weekend, it looks beautiful, in places, and I want to walk around it and get the feel of it just enough to not be making every single bit of this fic up.  For a little scrap of a story, set in a Berlin that doesn’t exist any more in an AU that doesn’t exist at all.  

why then ile fit you, etc etc. Have a teaser:

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from my twitter prompts! for mgckia on twitter!!

klance + things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear + canon verse

Keith is tired.

But not the usual sort of tired he experiences after a difficult mission. He feels this exhaustion in his bones, with every fiber of his being. And, worst of all, his brain feels like it’s been dragged through the wringer.

In his short life, Keith has dealt with a decent amount of emotional turmoil. When his parents passed away, when foster families treated him poorly, when the Galaxy Garrison expelled him- grief and anger aren’t new to Keith at all. Recently, though, there are emotions popping up he’d rather not mess with.

Including the slew of emotions from today’s battle.

He wants to be mad at Lance for saving him. He wants to punch him in the face for being so damn reckless, but he also doesn’t enjoy being a hypocrite. Which he’s almost positive the other paladins would call him out for if he reprimanded Lance.

Never in a million years did he think Lance would risk his life- for him. For Keith, his self-proclaimed rival.

Keith groans and continues his trek down the corridor to his room. As much as he’d love to say something to Lance right now, he’s far too exhausted to hold a conversation, let alone a debate. Because it’s Lance and there will be a debate if he’s involved.

Suddenly, as Keith passes the door to Hunk’s room, he hears yelling.

But it doesn’t sound like Hunk.

“Hey, man, calm down.” There’s Hunk. Curious, Keith presses his ear to the metal. “You know how Keith can be.”

“Oh, I do alright,” the original voice answers and- it’s definitely Lance.

What? Keith wonders if he should walk away, should turn back before he hears something he isn’t supposed to. And yet he can’t force himself to move.

“Then what’s your deal?” Hunk asks.

“I just- I’m sick of him almost getting killed,” Lance cries. His voice cracks on the last word, and Keith freezes. “He’s always rushing into danger like he- like he has a death wish or something!”

“He doesn’t have a death wish, dude.”

“Yeah, well…” Lance trails off.

“It’s just the way he is. He’s stubborn and hotheaded. He doesn’t always think before diving into battle, you know?”

Keith would take offense if it were anyone else, but Hunk is one of the kindest people he’s ever met. He means it in the nicest way possible.

“He never thinks about the rest of us, though,” Lance hisses. Even through the door, Keith catches the venom dripping from his voice. “What would you do? Or Shiro? Pidge, Allura-“

“And you?”

A long pause follows. Keith strains against the door, worried he might’ve missed what Lance said. For a moment, neither speak.

“What about me?” Lance finally says.

“Dude, come on. I’m serious. What would you do?”

Another awkward lull in the conversation before Lance shakily responds, “If Keith died?”

Keith stills. That tone… Lance isn’t supposed to sound like that. Ever. He’s evading the question, Keith notes, pressing even closer to the cool metal. Hunk doesn’t humor him with an answer this time, and Keith listens to Lance heave a longsuffering sigh.

“I- I don’t know,” Lance says, achingly honest.


“I mean,” Lance interjects, “I don’t know what I’d do if he… died. I have no idea what I’d do without him.”

What. The. Fuck.

Keith draws away as if the metal sears his skin. He can’t believe it. No… no Hunk can’t be talking to Lance. Maybe it’s Shiro in there? Maybe Shiro’s voice sounds odd and higher-pitched because he’s tired, too?

Even Keith knows it’s a filthy lie. He’s only trying to convince himself at this point.

Hunk’s reply is gentle, barely audible. “Yeah. Yeah, I know, man.”

The mutter of voices carry on, quieter, but Keith slowly backs away from the door. He’s sure, now, that he needs to leave before Lance says anything else worthy of panic, anything else Keith won’t be able to forget regardless of how hard he tries.

In a haze, Keith turns around and continues walking down the hallway. The worried tremble in Lance’s voice, the earnestness behind his confession, haunt Keith for the rest of the day and all through the night.

Lance is the first one. He’s the first person to ever care this much.


for rebelsaurus29

pairing: theo/blaise

prompt: adopting a kid/sending a kid to school (any age)

word count: 891

Two?” he asked, taken aback. 

“One each,” Blaise said, eyes soft with longing. “One for you and one for me.” 

“Two,” Theo agreed. “Two.” 


They chose a little girl first. Her eyes were a shade of blue that made him think of Italy and Blaise and warm postwar summers spent in heady relief. Her name was Allegra, the Orphanage said. He wanted to make her eyes sparkle, light them up with love. 

A Muggleborn, they added apologetically. 

He didn’t care. He was enchanted the moment, the very second, he saw her. 

“Cara,” Blaise smiled softly. “She’s beautiful.” 

Theo had thought it would be harder, truth be told. Most people got the children they were given by whatever strange toss of fate and what Granger liked to call “genetics”. He’d supposed choosing would be more difficult. 

But then she’d gazed up at him, with her honey coloured curls and her sparkling eyes and he’d known


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anonymous asked: Sirius and lily brotp? Please and thank you! 
anonymous asked: All I need in my life is Sirius comforting Lily
a-hurting-heart-behind-the-smile asked: Also, could you write a small Lily and Sirius brotp thing?

This got away from me a little, so to not annoy the general tumblr public too much, the rest is under the cut

The Hogs Head Inn was flooded with sixth and seventh years; voices echoing off the crumbling wooden walls, sounds of chairs scraping on the floor, laughter and loud conversations from nearby tables about everything under the sun. Lily sat alone amongst it all. She’d been dragged into the pub by Marlene and Mary, yet they had disappeared to get drinks a while ago and were still to return. She sighed, reaching for her coat – about to give up and walk back to the castle on her own – when someone sat down opposite her at the small round table, two glasses of Butterbeer in hand.

“What are you doing here, Black?” She sighed in resignation, placing her coat over her lap and looking across the table at him.   

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anonymous asked:

I'm a fellow Lucaya shipper and I agree with you that Maya liked Lucas from the start and it developed even more by the campfire I mean they were practically flirting with each other the entire time and that's were my issue came in. I don't like how Maya went from being rucas #1 cheerleader, to wanting to protect Riley from Missy and making her believe she had nothing to worry about in year book to them now being in a triangle I don't think the writers handle it well.

I kiiinda understand where you’re coming from, and granted, I haven’t gotten around to debulking the S2 episodes in detail yet, but I’ll have to respectfully disagree that the transition was abrupt.

Surface level, it might seem like it, but if you look at how the narrative went from the beginning of S2, you realize that they’ve been steadily moving the character of Maya forward in terms of allowing herself to hope and dream, and in parallel, out of “rucas cheerleader” mode. Which, btw, a part of me thinks she was somehow out of guilt, because she knew Riley had a big crush and she realized she had feelings for Lucas as early as Sneak Attack. There was another level to her animosity towards Missy; it wasn’t just protecting Riley although that was a very strong component of it. And that role she played also slots into what has been her M.O. for Riley throughout their friendship, as illustrated in GM Bay Window, which is “whatever you want”, and that’s what she thought Riley wanted in S1.

GM New World, first episode that actually deals with the events of First Date, we get this from Riley and Lucas, and that sets the tone for the season:

R: Relationships are supposed to be about two people who make the choice to come together by themselves…
L: …Of their own free will at the right point in time.

From that point on, Maya no longer pushes them together, she just goes with the flow (and it’s pretty significant that their romance stagnates as a consequence; they just don’t take romantic initiative on their own).

What happens next? Secret of Life. Another split. Initially, her reflex reaction is to protect Riley and Riley is flipping the f**k out: 

R: Tell me nothing changes.
M: That’s all you have to do, Lucas. You hear me? I just called you by your actual name for the first time ever. That’s how important this is to me. Because it’s important to her. Deny it.
L: I can’t.

And then Maya sees how torn and hurt he is, something that he hasn’t really shown them so far, but that I think she’s sensed. She makes a decision in the cafeteria there to indirectly express some form of support towards him: “I finally like you”, and “That had to hurt” (gave birth to a horse). She opts to crack a joke and try and make him feel better while Riley is still fuming next to her; that’s new. But it’s in reaction to the distress she sees from Lucas. And she understands it. Ofc this episode ends with Maya accepting Lucas for all he is (still such a Huckleberry), and Riley shoving a bucket over his head and making nice (but bringing them back to a very fragile, not entirely truthful status quo). This is the ground for the deepening bond between Lucas and Maya.

After that we have key character moments such as in GM Pluto, where Maya “hope is for suckers” puts a family picture in that box at the end, alone (it was an important staging choice to have everyone exit for her to do this). There is a whole subtext to the Riley/Maya fight in GM Mr. Squirrels that is about Riley/Maya/Lucas, Maya’s fear of what her hidden feelings coming out would do to their friendship (X). Then we get to GM Rules, and well, I really don’t need to explain how big of a step that is: Lucas following Maya, and them having that big reciprocal flirting moment in the hallway. GM Hurricane follows and is HUUUGE for Maya really starting to hope, and also introducing the important notion of the relationship that “gets you ready” for true love via Angela. We get GM New Teacher, where Auggie reads the Archie comic and blatantly foreshadows what’s to come when he brings it up to Riley and Maya at the bay window: “Well… this dark-haired girl and this blonde girl both like the same boy and they all stay best friends. Could that really happen?”

When Yearbook comes around, Maya is surprised when Lucas & her are voted best couple, but a lot of her outward denial could very well stem from the fact that it really strikes a cord within her. I mean, imagine hiding your feelings for a guy for like a year, and you guys are getting closer, but you still see it as a no-go zone, and all of a sudden, everyone around you is endorsing and supporting the relationship. It’s enough to send anyone reeling, and do a double-take. The one who should have come to the defense of Riley/Lucas is Lucas himself, if they were really the big romantic story here. Instead, Riley is the one poeticizing about their “summer rain” relationship, fighting against the whole class with their “they’re like fire”, while Lucas and Maya just sit dumbstruck in the middle. We do not get a Riley/Lucas conversation at the end where Lucas reassures her; we get Lucas/Farkle. In the “two people who make the choice to come together of their own free will” frame, Lucas was really the one who needed to tell Riley she had nothing to worry about if it was the case. But it’s not; she has something to worry about, that’s why we don’t get that scene. As for Maya, she tries to broach the subject, but is shut down and doesn’t pursue it further (”Stop. Riley, is this about the me and Lucas best couple thing?”–> “That doesn’t affect me at all.”). She goes out of her way to make Riley and Farkle come back by acting like Riley, and she comes to a realization that Riley and Lucas are “alike” and falsely concludes that that means Riley loves him like a brother. That’s not true, ofc, but you have to put it in perspective with the fact that Riley has constantly avoided verbalizing explicitly how she feels romantically for Lucas, instead just clinging to him unofficially but not going for anything real (See GM Sneak Attack: what do you want from him?). So for Maya, it’s sort of a moment of subconscious realization that Riley/Lucas have been functioning in friendly, very much alike mode. That was the gist (you’re at your best when you’re just talking to each other); that false boyfriend/brother dichotomy aside (which I think might have something to do with the Hamlet connection). She’s freaked out by it, because seeing Riley/Lucas as not being the big romantic endgame would free her; so she takes off her wig, and asks that everyone takes their usual positions.

So, when you say Maya made Riley believe she had nothing to worry about, I’m guessing you’re referring to that final scene where Riley prompts her about any discoveries about Riley she might have made while she was acting as her. And Maya avoids answering that, but she doesn’t explicitly, directly, at any point in this episode deny that there is something brewing between Lucas & her, except for her expression of confusion in the classroom. And if we fast-forward to GMT, keeping in mind Riley heard and saw Maya as Riley in that classroom (and reacted to that little scene; “what just happened?”), it’s confirmed that she’s had her suspicions for a while, namely, I believe, since Yearbook.

M: I couldn’t watch.
R: I know why. I know that you think I love him like a brother.
M: You know?
R: I know that you’ve thought that for a while.

Right after Yearbook, we get Semi-Formal, where we see how Maya, through a substantial period of time, has dealt with Riley moaning about the no-big ask, and also the I-like-him/I-like-him not. Maya just can’t push them anymore, and imagine how painful it must be to witness Riley debating and being confused about whether she likes him, while she knows she likes him, but still have Riley regard Lucas as hers. 

R: How am I supposed to feel, Maya? I like Lucas, don’t I? You were me. How did I feel when you were me? What are me and Lucas?
M: Just tell me what to say.
R: You know something. Tell me.
M: Go to the dance.

And at the end of Semi-Formal is another big shift: Lucas and Riley don’t resolve anything and fall back, once again, on “we’re friends”, but meanwhile Lucas turns and continues to dance with Maya even when she points it out to him. Lucas takes a step here, and Maya simply doesn’t do anything to stop him.

Next? Creativity. Again, this is obvious. Lucas expresses some deep concern and wishes for Maya while really looking at her, in a show which emphasized the importance of eye contact at its very inception. This is in parallel with Maya embracing her passion for art and fighting for it. GM C+T: Maya has her “oh,oh” moment with Lucas in a direct parallel to Corpanga.

So, yeah, when we arrive to GMT,  and what has been built up in S2 and foreshadowed since S1 (read my Sneak Attack posts) comes to a head, I don’t think it’s abrupt. Everything has in fact been leading up to it, and through S2, we’ve seen Riley reevaluate and frown in confusion quite a bit. What Riley did not really expect, we see in GMT3: Lucas truly liking Maya back, and going on dates with her right away. That’s what gave her whiplash. And it fits with Riley, from SOL, and in Semi-Formal, still sticking to a “Lucas” sketch in her head that is not entirely real. Oh, and here, writers twitting about Rucaya waaaay back in August 2014. But it’s not really a triangle, that’s the thing; it just seems like it is, but it’s actually a rectangle (or a parallelogram, a pentagram perhaps, heck even maybe an hexagon). 

anonymous asked:

... there are actual fans of the pokemon series that have no idea who Misty is....

oh noooo, what twits, not being born early enough to watch the show 18 years ago, and have not bothered to catch up with season 1 that was literally almost 900 epidoses back, and are just enjoying the show for what it is now, what shame, how inconsiderate

10. Your character walking in on mine being attacked by a masked assailant.

“L…Let go of me!” Aoba punched the man in the face, before running down the alleyway though the man quickly caught him before shoving his face into the wall. 

“Oh no you little twit, especially after that. You’ll be lucky if I dont kill you first….though just so you dont get any bright ideas~” he grinned, bending Aoba’s arm behind his back and shoving a small knife between his bottom ribs. 

“F….s….st….stop” He cried out, begging for the other to just take whatever he wanted and leave him be. “P….l…lease…”


Happily checking fairy tail stuff…

Oh fine Hiro Mashima Twitted something

He is such a good man and he cares so much for his fans

Let’s translate….

“Thanks for last week impressions. Next chapter things become serious”

…….OH SHIT!!!

(And with this my last sparkle of hope goes away… I’m really worried now!!! My poor little Juvia!! What happened to Gray???)

Sentence Meme {Matilda: The Musical}
  • "My mummy says I'm a miracle!"
  • "I want you to think very carefully. What do you think might be the cause of – this?"
  • "I'm a girl!"
  • "And if it's not right, you have to put it right."
  • "Your hair! It's...green!"
  • "You can pretend you're an elf!"
  • "Are you going to tell me a story or not?"
  • "I love books. Last week, I read quite a few."
  • "Don't be pathetic!"
  • "Children are maggots!"
  • "An exception. To the rules?"
  • "What's wrong with the telly?"
  • "Do we have any super glue?"
  • "He'll probably think he's in bed when he wakes up."
  • "Then your mummy is a twit!"
  • "Oh, parle Italiano?"
  • "You gotta be LOUD!"
  • "This it not your problem. You've not got the spine."
  • "And so, the great day arrived!"
  • "It was the biggest burp I had ever done."
  • "All I know, I learnt from telly."
  • "When I grow up..."
  • "Smile. We have done this a thousand times."
  • "That was badgers. It was a programme about badgers."
  • "They've trusted you, and you've cheated them."
  • "Now, get in there and stay in there, you nasty little creep!"
  • "Please don't cry, dry your eyes."
  • "I don't think this is "teaching" at all. I think it's just cruelty."
  • "Tip! Go on, tip! Tip over! Tip over!"
  • "How do you fancy a nice cup of tea?"
  • "It isn't much, but it is enough for me."
  • "You're going to Chokey!"
  • "We are revolting!"
  • "Sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty!"

Horse people’s internet advice in a nutshell(the facebook version):

“So my horse sneezed once today, what do I do?”


“My horse has a small surface scratch on his shoulder”


“A horse bit my horse today”


My horse crow hopped to the side today for the first time while it was windy.”


"My horse spooked today and I fell off, what are your favourite desensitzing exercises?”


“Here is a photo of my horse recovering from something thanks to my farrier/vet/chiropractor etc”