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The thing that really pisses me off is how ADHD is so trivial to so many people. Like it’s something everyone has, just a little. It’s not. It’s a serious condition, that has real effects on my life. And what’s worse is that it’s become so trivial, that no one bats an eye at an “ADD stands for attention… Oh a butterfly!” joke.

People treat my condition as a joke, even people here on Tumblr. It’s not a joke, and I have grown up learning that the thing that harms my everyday life and relationships is a joke. It’s made me think that it isn’t my condition that’s doing this, but instead it’s just that I am a terrible person. I have thought for so long that I was a broken person, because I was taught that ADHD isn’t serious. I have seen countless posts about neuroatypical people, and thought my condition was too minor for me to be included.

ADHD is not a joke, it is not a title you can apply to yourself, it is a serious condition that majorly affects my life.

I will fucking throw you through a window if you think that ADHD isn’t real. That it wasn’t real when I was in danger of failing all of my classes because I couldn’t focus on learning, even when I tried. Or that it isn’t real how I can’t stop myself from doing something I know I shouldn’t because my ADHD forces me to act upon my impulses.

Please don’t treat my condition as a trend, or a joke, or a badge you can wear around. It harms my way of life, and I blame myself for being a terrible person. Please help me feel like a valid person.

dying for nothing

I give up my childhood too easily,
I die for strangers whose stories I cannot trust,
whose voices I do not hear.
Oh, but the promises they make
for what holy gifts they’ll take.
And I won’t fight it, oh no, I don’t fight.
My grip will loosen, and I will smile like there’s love,
not entirely certain if I am willing to lose
things lost long, long ago.

There are spiderwebs here,
the dust settles in your eyes and I remember–
yes, it comes back to me–
I remember that I do not know who you are.
The dust settles and it makes a home in my lungs,
and the shame creeps from its hiding spots;
hanging from the chandelier, hanging from
the corners of that uneasy, diffusing smile,
dragging it down like secrets,
handing out my innocence like caramels,
unlabeled, forbidden by mothers,
falling into short, pudgy hands:
salty, vermilion, reaching.

They peel back the wrappers,
swallow candies whole,
teeth begging for childhood,
the naiveté long lost and never returned.

Ignorant Comments on North Korea Declaring War

Note: This is a long post. I do not claim to know the ins and outs of Korean politics.

So I just wanted to address some of the thoughtless and ignorant comments i’ve seen amongst kpop fans, in response to the sudden news of North Korea declaring war on South Korea.

It was only a few hours ago that I first heard news that North Korea is declaring war on South Korea. Now my first reaction to this was “Oh shit, this is really serious.” But it seems like some had other concerns.

The first thing I see on Tumblr in a kpop related tag is a text post of someone saying “I hope my oppas and unnies will be safe and healthy!!” Now there is so much wrong with that whole sentence. Do you hear yourself? One of the worlds most dangerous dictators is deciding to go to war on another country, and you’re only thought is about IDOLS? For real? Did you forget about the other 50 Million people who live alongside your biases or did you think the whole of South Korea was populated by celebrities? 

Let me paint a picture for you. A little under 30% of the South Korean population live in rural areas. In a worst case scenario, those who live in such areas might not be in the financial state to buy a plane ticket and evacuate to a safer environment. On the other hand, “GD oppa”, “CL unnie” and the rest of the yg squad can use their money, hop on a private fucking jet and buss out real quick. Not everyone is as lucky.

And to add, when you were thinking all about your precious idols, did you think about their families? Many of them are normal people same as you and me. Most probably live far away from their children. Just think about a war starting in your country and you are not able to check up on your family because you live too far away. We all care about the idols, but lets give some thought to all the others out there.

So to all you thoughtless and ignorant assholes who don’t give a fuck about what’s going on, go read a book and get your IQ up a bit. And to those who think they know the ins and outs of Korean politics, keep their politics out of your ugly koreaboo ass mouth. Thanks ^_^

p.s: South Korea and North Korea have been at war for years and years and still are. Technically, North and South Korea are still in a “war-state”. So don’t freak too much.

Edit: There have been numerous articles about the situation. Some state that the North has declared war and some say that no such thing has occurred. Since I don’t personally know what is true I advise that you only go to trusted news sources and just keep yourself educated. ;) 

anonymous asked:

Why do I read all this "concerned Zayn is falling apart" comments all over Tumblr and Twitter? Do clubbing, going to events, being seen with musicians, tweeting more often, taking cute selfies (sometimes, with fans), looking hotter, fresher and healthier than ever, count as falling apart? Honestly, people are being so dramatic.

they just dont like the idea that Zayn is fully capable of living his life without the others. its always been a thing since idek maybe 2012? “oh zayns never going solo he needs the boys too much, he’s too shy he cant do it alone, he cant live without liam” etc etc. its all just an idea they made up

from how i see it, it looks like he’s in more control more than ever

*tunes a guitar* Please chill out about Frozen being shitty and Moana already being better. 

*slowly strums guitar* both movies are equally enjoyable/going to be enjoyable for different reasons 

*strums faster* don’t be a dick and start saying woooaoooh she looks so much like rapunzel look at that copy paste bullshit lolololololol 

*strums faster until fingers start to burn* also please if you’re not Polynesian don’t start going on tumblr posting shit like “oh my god im a total polynesian from my dads brothers friends sisters cousins bosses side so i get to appreciate this movie more than you :)” because i remember how many people do and still do that when it comes to Disney POC characters and from someone who’s actually polynesian watching you idiots fill up the tags with false information about Samoan legends or Hawaiian myths is literally the worst fucking thing ever

*strums until my fingers are gone* just don’t be a dick about this movie already my god its only been a few hours since photos were released and if i have to deal with half of you idiots until this comes out in like two years so help me god

Letting go was never easy for me. It was always the painful, violent act of pushing away every thing that reminded me of you
while my heart pleaded with me, begging,
“oh, God, please don’t do this to me.”
Letting go meant prying at my fingers until they started bleeding, 
my skin would rather be torn open than to willingly accept your absence.
Holding my breath like a child, who’s father wouldn’t give her what she wanted. I contested until my face turned blue.
It was foolish of me to think that you were fresh air, and I needed you in order to breathe, or that anyone could be worth the lack of passion caused by my lungs beginning to shrink.
I was digging my heels into the ground as life forced me to move forward. And I knew you were moving forward when you said,
“I just don’t know you at all.”
All it took was that tone in your voice, and suddenly every memory of you telling me that you loved me dissipated.
Along with all of our text messages.
I cried out,
“God, where did all the time go.
How did this happen; I wasn’t always so bitter.
Where do I go from here.”
But I knew the only thing I could do was release what did not belong to me, everything I did not need, from my bruised and bloodied hands. 
I no longer want clenched fists pressed to my chest like I have something to prove, or anything nobel to fight for.
This was something meant to be held with open hands.
You were not able to stay, and someday I will understand.
—  This is the last thing I’ll write about you // m.g. 
  • So, this is what happens when I'm not in little space and Daddy thinks that I am...
  • My personality is a bit more... blunt.
  • Kitten:*doing non-little things on tumblr, looking through pictures*
  • Daddy:*looking at kittens most recent post of pretty pictures* Oooohhhh I want iitttttt...
  • Kitten:Nuh. Is not allowed.
  • Daddy:But wwwhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy? *in a super whiny voice*
  • Kitten:*completely concentrated on something and not in little space at all* Because you whine like a little bitch.
  • Daddy:*bursts into a fit of laughter* Wha-ha-ha-haaatttt?
  • Kitten:*realizes what she said and starts laughing with the "Uh oh" face on*

Hey everyone, i just reached my first thousand followers and this is completely insane. Thanks so much for all and each of you, this feels amazing and unbelievable. To celebrate, I decided to do my first follow forever. So here are some really fantastic blogs that make my dash beautiful. I’m so sorry if I forget anyone, there’s just too many nice people around here. Bold and italic are mutuals. 


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its really hard not to like nicki minaj

oops i meant **the condesce

sorry autocorrect

theyre both great tho

oh sweet mother of mary on a stick yES I DO COMMISSIONS 

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OH LAWDS! I WOULD INVITE ALL OF EM TO CUM TO MY HOUSE *cough* I mean, be welcomed in by a gentleman like me. If things ever DO get gentle ;D.

Here it is, yet another random Yiff post. I feel like everyone has been missing out on my youtube, make sure to check it out. I’m 24/7 on youtube everyday. Posting stuff on tumblr is like every few days. Depends… But I hope you enjoy this post! Zbogom everyone! -Ratchy


So I am now trying out an USB for my computer to get internet however it only works outside in the fucking forest so I’m typing this from the wilderness. I literally just walked out here with my laptop, sat down and started blogging, take that mother nature (it’s cold as shit)

Come What May - Act I: Scene I

Well here it is. The ever allusive, long awaited beginning to the thing that essentially all brought us here today. A big big big shout out to that long ago Anon that first asked the question as well as oathkeeper-of-tarth fortythousandth submarine-violin-tide and docholligay for asking questions, supplying ideas and being my sounding boards for this plot. It’s still a major work in progress but I’m so excited I just couldn’t wait to show it to y'all. Please forgive me for any formatting/major errors, I typed pretty much all of this part in my phone on a plane/train and had to code some to get tumblr mobile to work with me. Hopefully everything’s ok. Please let me know what you liked, didn’t like or anything in between. This will probably be my longest HaruMichi fic to date.

Act I: Scene I: Children of the Revolution

“It’s perfect,” she said. “I’ll take it.”

The landlady had only shrugged, leaving the key on the table as she went. Haruka barely noticed her leave. She stood in the middle of the room, turning slowly as she beamed at the bare walls. Her first apartment. It wasn’t a big place to be sure, with its small room and it’s tiny kitchen, but it was hers. And even more importantly the view was spectacular. With the windmill of the Moulin right outside her window she could see everything she needed. The windmill, the elephant, the skyline of Paris. She was in the heart of the bohemian capital; creativity and inspiration had almost assaulted her upon her arrival and she had no doubt it would remain the same as long as she stayed.

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Holy shit. Okay Steven Universe fandom things are getting out of control. Do you love Pewey? Okay. Do you hate it? Okay. Do you think it’s lesbian erasure? Okay. Do you think it’s not? Okay. Do you send people hateful messages over it? Whoa whoa hold on.

The context of this message is that apparently tumblr user peweyparadise has been receiving DEATH THREATS over this. Oh, and did I mention they’re only 13? Yeah. Not only is telling a 13-year-old to kill themself one of the worst things imaginable that you could do, it’s also illegal in a fair amount of jurisdictions.

In the interest of not starting a flame war I’m not going to say my personal position on Pewey except for one crucial part: IT DOES NOT WARRANT DEATH THREATS OR EVEN HATE MAIL WHATSOEVER. If you really feel the need to tell someone your opinion on it, do it nicely. Don’t be an asshole.

I don’t follow peweyparadise and I hope I’m not overstepping any boundaries by posting this but I got really pissed of when I found out about this and I hope you all are to.

I just wanted to do a little thing to wish heathers orlando a happy closing!! I’ve heard nothing but good things about this production and I wish I could have seen it but you guys are super wonderful and have really cute faces and I enjoy drawing your super cool 80s hair.

nicolemlvisco thatsthat24 candiedcurves idk if anyone else is on the tumblr but y’all are really great okay like wow

(late) Fanfic appreciation Day

I guess it was yesterday but i had things to do. Indeed, i shouldn’t be on Tumblr. But i saw this and it’s important.

It kinda bothers me when fanfics doesn’t get as many notes as any other publication. I don’t get it. When i find something i like or it’s awesome, I always share it with my friends (even the ones that are not in the fandom. They gonna fall soo, don’t worry). In fact, it´s like this:

  • Me: Hey
  • Friend: Hey
  • Me: You know what i read/found yesterday?
  • Friend: A fanfic
  • Me: how do you know?
  • Friend: It´s always about a fanfic
  • Me:Hmm… well, anyways. It was….


So it would be nice if you reblog when someone post a fanfic or so. Obviously, just if you like it! (I’m not doing it now because, you know, i shouldn´t be here :C )

Now, about the fanfic aprecciation day.

I just wanted to say that you´re amazing, fucking amazing! I´m so glad that you’re so brave and nice to share your writing with us. THANK YOU.

I´m not ussually read hmm other books that are not about my studies ‘cause i don’t find them useful. It’s almost like a waste of money and time to me. One day i bought one and it´s still there without being open, even when my friends said it was good and a best seller or so. 

With fanfics it´s different. I mean they are so good. They give so many worlds to live in, emotions to feel, place i want to visit… You made me crave love even though i always thought it wasn´t important (I hate you for this). You made me cry even when i thought i could think rationallity and play it cool. (My mom always is “Why are you crying?!” “It´s just this story is sooo sad” “Oh my god…” ).

 You made me understand a lot of think i never thought could happen or i didn’t give a shit about it. Also you make me experiment feelings that i’ve never felt before but when you write you convey them so well.

You even made me read pairings i don´t like/support but it was totally worth it :) I wouldn´t be in Miyusawa if it wasn´t for a fanfic. 

It kills me when i see post like “I’m the worst” or “My writing is not good enough” cause, fuck, It is good! It’s awesome. At least for me (sorry if it’sot enough) and for some pretty a lot of people too. I’m not gonna say you´re perfect. Nobody is perfect in this world. But you´re pretty near (XD) and even though you have a long way of improving and i wanna be there to read it.

I´m just gonna tagged you. It´s too embarrasing to put an review of any fanfic you have or choose just one :)

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Oh my gosh, my ref sheet from scribble-lee is finished! Watched him do pretty much the whole thing in about half an hour earlier today, and I couldn’t be happier!

So at any rate, this is my new character, Buck! I’m planning on getting some commissions for him from banzai-jinto and soothe-bell, as well as others (and drawing some myself), and at some point, I might open up a Tumblr account for him as well. 

Full character description (at this point, at least), is here on my FA

NOTE FOR staff: In light of recent events on Tumblr, I feel it necessary to note that the artist of this image has given me explicit permission to post this art here, and that I can provide proof if necessary. Please research your accusations before shutting down accounts.