oh the power of google

Mob Psycho 100 AU where everything is the same, except the character names are google-translated to English. And so, some of the characters are:
Inspiration Renewal
Kashiyama (?) Shigeo
Kashiyama Road
and Aku Hanazawa

oh, and who could forget A Little Powered By Translate (google wHAT THE FUCK)

anonymous asked:

Yesterday, I might have joined Regis hell because I found out they used the likeness of the silver fox Jon Campling for him so excuse me while I jump into the world of that love triangle fic between him, reader, and Ignis for a bit

Wait, who is Jon Campling? *Google image search powers activate*

… oh my GOD

I’m so thirsty, fam… and btw, have you read @themissimmortal’s Rendezvous fic featuring that very kind of love triangle? Cause uh… I might wanna… give it another read… 👀

Imagine-- Egos

What if it was a really hectic day at Ego Inc. and Dark had to use his powers a lot. 

Dark snapping his fingers and having to control the situation. Dark snapping his fingers all day. 

Dark’s fingers getting raw from all of his snapping. 

Dr. Iplier having to treat his fingers and bandage them a little. 

“Seriously Dark STOP SNAPPING.” 

“But I neeeed to snap or else this whole place will fall apart!!” 

The next day: “Host can go FUck the doctor I gotta keep snapping or else wilford will….” 



Dr. Iplier having to tape Dark’s thumb down so he cant snap. 

All the other Egos teasing Dark about it. 

“Come on Darkipoo~~ just give me a snap and I’ll stop using Bim for target practice~~” 

“The Host walks up to Dark, continually snapping loudly in his face. The Host also wishes that he could glare at Darkiplier. …The Host is still salty from the Driplierst comment you made earlier.” 

“Hey Dark. I have seemed to m-m-malfuctioned, I ask o-o-of you that you use your powers and—-oh w-wait—-you can’t” 

Google thinks he’s very good at sarcasm. 

Darkiplier sits in the corner all day, brooding and trying to imagine punching them all in the face.