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Day 3 - The Reveal

Day 3 of the 30 Day OTP Challenge. This takes place right where the scene of Nancy and Steve studying cuts off. I always wondered what happened after she was just staring at him all heart eyes so this is just my interpretation.

Nancy continued to watch Steve as he read the question from one of her many notecards. She was barely listening to what the question was, just watching his lips move and eyes scan the paper. His eyelashes fluttered every now and then when he blinked and it endeared her to say the least.

His eyes lifted from the card and looked to her expectantly. Nancy shook her head out of her trance. “Sorry, what?”

Steve chuckled. “Were you even listening?”

“Not really, sorry. I was just… never mind. What was the question again?”

“No, no. You were just what?” He prodded.

Nancy felt her cheeks heat at the prospect of telling Steve that she was distracted by him. She cast her eyes downward.

“I just… you’re still here,” she said, catching both Steve and herself off guard. That wasn’t how she wanted it to come out. Steve frowned.

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

Nancy felt foolish all of a sudden. She couldn’t find the right words to say what was on her mind and her thoughts weren’t coming out right. She struggled to make him understand her concerns that she was nothing to him and that all he wanted was something she wasn’t ready to give him.

“I mean, why are you still here with me?”

“I told you, I can’t have you failing this test.” He dangled the flash cards in front of her as if to remind her she still hadn’t answered the question written on the paper.

Nancy chortled and gently shoved his shoulder. “No, I mean, I said no to, you know, that,” she explained awkwardly. “I thought you’d be long gone by now.” She was ashamed to think that low of him, but rumors, gossip, and reputations were ever-present at school and Nancy couldn’t help but fall prey to them at times.

Steve shrugged. “You didn’t want to. I get it. It’s cool, really,” he said, and then a devilish grin appeared on his face. “Unless you changed your mind.”

Nancy rolled her eyes and laughed. “Shut up.”

“Seriously though, you really think I’d just leave?” he said. Now it was Nancy’s turn to shrug.

“I like you, Nance,” he said suddenly, and her heart fluttered a bit at the nickname. It was the first time he had called her that and it felt right rolling off his tongue.

“You do?”

Steve ran a hand through his hair sheepishly. “Yeah. Like, a lot. You’re different from all the other girls at school, and I know that sounds lame and corny, but you are. You’re smart and you don’t care about all that popularity bullshit. It’s nice.”

If Steve had overheard some other guy say all that to his girl, he probably would’ve puked right then and there. He wasn’t much for sappy, sentimental speeches, but he felt like he would explode if he didn’t spew the words out fast enough. What was this girl doing to him?

Nancy blushed and looked down again, unable to meet his gaze. She was doing her best to stifle her ear-splitting grin that was threatening to expose itself. Steve Harrington liked her. He actually liked her. She felt on top of the world and it was all because of him.

After a few moments of silence, she finally spoke. “Nitrogen.”

“What?” Steve asked and she could practically feel his confusion from here after a speech and response like that. Nancy finally looked up and motioned towards the flashcards still in Steve’s hand.

“The question on the notecard. ‘Which element has an atomic number of 7?’ The answer is Nitrogen.”

Steve flipped the notecard over to check and grinned. “You’re so ready for this.”

Based on a true story my older sister watching zootopia for the first time

The stuff she said about the movie😂
My older sister:
•Oh my gosh the bun is so cute
•Dude is it me or is that fox in overalls rude I wanna punch him
•is that shakira?
•Dear lord why is that other red fox hot
•I should not be attracted to such a voice and looks
•Yo just watch the sheep is gonna be bad
•(at the sky tram)oh my gosh there falling in love bruh there cute otp
•oh wait the sheep is helping them
•oh nevermind its the mayor dude
•Whoa did not see that coming
•Omg why would she say that
•oh she found him,He kept the pen omg he’s in love
•Now kiss
•see I told you the sheep was bad
•he became a cop oh my gosh there a couple
•"you know you love me" bitch he can’t just say that and not kiss her
•I’d kiss him what who said that!
•….I’m zootopia trash now no turning back


jake peralta doing IT for/because of amy santiago

30 day otp challenge | day 2: on a date


White Day  ♡ (˘▽˘>ԅ( ˘⌣˘)

Me finding fanfictions, a summary.
  • Me: Oh wow look at this new fanfic
  • Fanfic summary: These two mother fuckers are gonna fuck. thats all ive gotta say.
  • Me: *CLICK*
  • -After Reading-
  • Fanfic Author: BITCH THERES A SEQUEL!
  • Me: *Click*