oh the memories we made

Girl, get out of that small, suffocating town
and never look back.
Trust me, the memories will haunt you there.
Oh look, where we first made out in his rusty blue pick-up truck
went apple picking after hours, running around like goons
his friends house, where we went far because we loved each other intensely and purely, like a child loves its mother

I couldn’t get out. But i hope you can.

—  S.E.

you know how in the song “i’ll make a man out of you” from mulan, captain shang calls his soldiers a “spineless, pale, pathetic lot?” well when i was little, i thought he was saying “a spineless pail of beddiclot” and automatically assumed that beddiclot was a bad thing to be so i used to insult my gradeschool peers by calling them that when they trifled with me and, unable to tell if i was shitting them up one side and down the other or if i was using some collegiate vocabulary they’d never encountered, they just absorbed the abuse without ever calling me out on it

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Taylor is indeed taking herself out of the spot light and out of the narrative. if this is her last era. I hope I can go to her tour since she never come near my contry. I'm sad just thinking about this lmao. We'll have to eventually move on with our lives and someday we'll store the merch in the basement to giive it away eventually. We'll stop streaming her music and when our kids talk about their favourite artists one day we'll only have the memories. oh wow I just made myself cry great.

My eye holes are bleeding water