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JB: married life with Jaebum in my opinion would be very domestic. Dinner together every night, or as many nights as he can. Breakfast together at the dining table, date nights on the weekends, buying furniture and going grocery shopping together JB strikes me as someone who would kill for all those marriage life he sees on TV. He strikes me as someone who wants the normal stuff and enjoys it. Cooking together and sleeping in each other’s arms every night, he would want it all.

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Mark: married life with mark, my lord I can picture it already (*cough* not my bias or anything *cough *) married life with mark would be serene and peaceful. He would want to pamper and take care of his lovely wife, little surprises here and there, cooking for her, drawing her a bath. But also it would be water gun fights in the house and pushing her in the pool. Dragging her out to a different adventure every time. Raising coco together and maybe get another dog.

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Jinyoung: married life with Jinyoung would be very romantic and domestic, kind of like JB. He seems very traditional and it feels like his married life would be the same. Date night, romantic dinner in candlelight, cheesy romantic gestures, rose petals on the bed with candles all around when he forgot an anniversary or a date. Drawing you a bubble bath and joining you to give you a massage when you tell him you had a long day. Overall romantic and traditional.

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Jackson: this man was made to be a husband (*cough * right Lisa @jisawang *cough *) he would be the protective kind. Always making sure his wife was okay and healthy and would pamper her every chance he got, which would end up being every other day. He would try to rope her into his workout sessions, which all depending on his S/O would be either very easy or very hard. He would want to have romantic nights making sure you know how much he loves you *wink wink * and other times he would come home frustrated and just pin you to the wall. Married life with Jackson will be praises and adoration from him and from you, reminding him of what a beautiful talented man he is whenever he starts doubting.

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Youngjae: oh my sweet sweet child, my little sunshine. Married life would be just that; sunshine. Everyday would be so bright and joyful he would make sure you are always happy and smiling. (Which would be hard not to cause that angels smile would be contagious.) He would be so caring and attentive to you. He would want to sing you to sleep to you every night or really every chance he got. Cooking in the kitchen; sing, cleaning the house; sing, taking a shower; sing. You would be blessed with that boys vocals everyday. He would probably get a dog in the first few months of your married life, if you didn’t have one already. He would be very playful, going out to the park, the beach, the pool, amusement park you name it, if you can play and have maximum fun, you bet your ass you are doing it. I just love that boy so much, CHERISH HIM!

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Bambam: okay dabdab. Dear lord I hope you like memes. That boy would want you guys to always be trendy. Follow every new Internet trend, fashion trend, food trend; you name it, if its top 10 you are making your life about it. He is a fashionista so life with him would always be fashionable. He will probably drag you shopping every week, so if you don’t like shopping like myself, brace yourselves, and learn to love it cause its gonna be a big part of your life. He would be very playful, cracking jokes, playing pranks, teasing. Your house life wouldn’t be domestic per say but it will never be boring.  You would be in bed getting ready to sleep and end up both laughing so hard you have tears running down your face. Bambam would always make sure you were happy, and would find a way to make it up to you if you had a fight or forgot a date. Married life with Bambam would be silly jokes and all the trends he can find and a lot of laughs, there will never be a dull moment.

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Yugyeom: okay this little bunny, this sinful bunny am I right ladies no? Okay lets just get right to it. Married life with this bun would be giggly, let me explain. This boy is pretty much shy no matter what he lets on, on stage. So even though you guys would be married it would be whole new experience for him. Even if you have been living together prior, for him it will feel like the first time all over again. He is gonna be excited for everything with you. Late nights of him showing you a new choreography, boasting to his hyungs when you make him lunch, eating breakfast together and supper would be the things he will be very serious about. Spending as much time as possible with each other and making sure you are eating. He would be a flirt, now when I say flirt I mean just with you. He would flirt just like the very first day he met you. He would feel excited about getting into the domestic life and would be extra on all those ordinary things married couples do. Married life with Yugyeom will be somewhat innocent and pure but also exciting and safe. You will never feel insecure or unstable cause he will make sure of it. *whispers * protect him*      

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when i was in second grade we were getting on the bus to go on a field trip when a boy from my class gets down in front of me on one knee hOLDING A RINGPOP and asks “will you marry me?” and i, being the bitchy little 8 year old that i was, said no and took the ringpop anyways

If you ship SungJoy we are automatically best friends. You are invited to a sleepover at my house. We are going to go shopping. We are getting ice cream. And we are going to freak out over SungJoy the entire time. No questions asked. This is how it works.

Valentine Heights

To my DC Valentine @batfamily-imagines 

From @avengerdragoness


You aren’t one for huge romantic gestures, cuddling up with your boy on Valentines Day, watching a movie was more than enough.

But because of how understanding and supportive you are to Tim’s day and night job, he can’t help but want to give you something more. So he spent the previous week making plans and scheduling, all the while keeping it hidden from your curiosity.

Constantly you were peering over his shoulder, trying to catch a glimpse of his laptop or cell phone. Though being the Red Robin he was, he easily evaded you. Leaving you to pout. You knew something really special was happening this Valentines Day when the night prior he actually went to bed. And slept… At a normal hour.. HE ACTUALLY SLEPT! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?

You just stared at him when he came into the bedroom. “What?” he chuckled, walking to the dresser to change.

“Are you feeling ok?” You questioned, slipping out of the bed. Walking up to him and feeling his forehead. He took your hand, “I’m fine, what’s gotten into you?”

“What’s gotten into me? What’s gotten into you? You’re going to bed, at a normal time, and there’s not a electronic in sight.” Staring at him dumbfounded. He only laughed before leading you back to the bed. “Don’t question it” he whispered before pulling you into bed with him.

He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest. Saying “Just get some sleep” before kissing your hair.

Sighing you let yourself relax. The warmth of the blankets and your boyfriend lulling you to sleep.


The following morning you woke up, still surrounded by the same warmth from the night prior. Gingerly opening your eyes, they adjusted to the light flowing through the curtains.

A soft smile spread on your face when you saw Tim’s peaceful expression. It wasn’t often you got to see him like this. Even when he did go to bed with you, he’d be up long before you were. So you enjoyed this moment while you could.

Lifting one of your hands you ran it through his hair, brows furrowing in his sleep upon feeling your touch. A light chuckle escaped your lips and you nuzzled your nose into his chest, taking in his scent.

His arms wrapped around you tighter, looking back up to his face catching his blue hues.

“Good morning” his voice was thick with sleep as he smiled at you.

“Good morning, love” you responded, “Hey” he pulled you to where his face was inches from yours “Happy Valentines Day”

You pecked his lips, “Happy Valentines Day… Valentine”

After dragging your ass out of bed, you went to make breakfast.

“I could make breakfast sweetheart” He offered wrapping his arms around your waist. You continued to crack eggs.

“How about you make us some coffee, which I know you do so well, and I’ll make breakfast” you negotiated, feeling him retract his arms and head to the coffee maker.

Laughing upon hearing his sigh of relief after taking his first sip. “Feeling better?”

“If it weren’t for you, coffee would be the love of my life.” He smiled over to you. Feeling a blush spread to your cheeks you diverted your eyes to flipping the pancakes.

“I love it when you’re bashful” He came up behind you, kissing your temple.

Sliding the last pancake onto a plate you turned to face him, “and I love you, now let’s eat”

Chuckling he complied and helped you carry the plates to the table. Sitting down you both enjoyed the breakfast. You tried your best to get him to reveal his plans but he insisted on it being a surprise.

After eating Tim told you to go get ready while he cleaned up. You gave him a questioning look, he laughed before saying “Will you just go, let me do this.”

Throwing your hands up in defeat you retreated into the bathroom. After taking a shower you changed and finished getting ready for the day. For the time being you were wearing comfortable clothes. He let you in on that the plans weren’t until later.

Padding into the living room you plopped down next to him on the couch. He already had your favorite movie on the tv screen, stuck on the play menu.

“I know you love to have just me and you time so I thought we could watch a movie until it was time to go on our grand adventure.” He proposed wrapping an arm around you.

“Sounds perfect” you cuddled into his chest. Feeling the soft vibrations of his chuckle. Watching a movie with the blinds drawn and cuddled together was the most perfect Valentines start you could think of.

The movie was spectacular as always, one of the reasons it was your favorite was the way it just got better after each watch.

When it ended he told you to go get ready for what he had plans and to grab your camera, which you did rather quickly.

“Ready?” he asked as you exited your shared bedroom. Taking his hand you answered, “As I’ll ever be. Especially since I don’t know where we’re going.” He only chuckled before leading you out of the apartment, your camera bag slung over your shoulder.

He lead you out to his car, opening the passenger door for you. When you were both in he turned to you with a smirk across his face. “Okay, what’s with the face?”

“In order for it to be a surprise I need you to cover your eyes” He offered you a blindfold. Laughing you took it from his hands, slipping it over your eyes. Teasing him by whispering “Oh kinky”

“STOP!” he yelped causing you to laugh. You could only imagine how red and flustered his face was. You ended up playing twenty questions with him during the ride, trying to decipher where you were going.

“Tim just tell me” you reached around for his hand but failed to find it. He chuckled intertwining his fingers with yours, “Just hold out a little longer” kissing your knuckles.

“Ugghh” you slumped in your seat.


“Alright, here we are” he proclaimed as you took off the blindfold. Looking out the window you saw yourself outside of Wayne Tower. “Being the son of the owner of Wayne Enterprises gives you special access to the tallest building in Gotham. So what do you say? Want to have a photo shoot?”

You whipped your head to looked at him, a beaming grin plastered on your face. You immediately pulled his face to yours, crashing your lips to his. He was caught off guard by your swift actions but responded nonetheless. Pulling away, “You’re the most amazing boyfriend, come on!” squealing as you exited the car.

He had to run to catch up to you. He used his master key to get through every door and eventually to the door of the roof. Stepping out you felt a burst of wind, causing you to grip onto his arm.

“Hey it’s alright, just a gust of wind is all.” he reassured, helping your slightly worked up nerves. He was always calm when you needed him to be, it was no doubt that you could always count on him.

Walking out further you saw the city skyline. The sun was setting, leaving the buildings to be nothing but silhouettes. It was a breathtaking view.

Carefully making your way to the edge, entranced by the view. “Tim this is amazing” you said in a breathy tone. He smiled seeing the way your eyes sparkled, and lips were stuck in an upward turn.

You set down the camera bag on your shoulder, taking out your professional looking camera. Bringing the view finder to your eye, you began to take pictures of the scenery. Catching Gotham in one of it’s few beautiful times.

“Hey Timmy come here” you gestured for him to come next to you. He had been leaning against the door watching you. Complying he pushed off the wall meeting you at your side.

“Take a picture with me” You handed I’m the camera. Helping him adjust his arm so you were both in it. “Okay 1.. 2.. 3” he counted down before the flash went off. You took quite a few, some silly, some normal, and some romantic.

You laughed while scrolling through the photos. The sun had set now but the city was still bustling.

You were distracted by the photos until you heard soft music playing, looking up you noticed Tim with a hand extended. “Dance with me”

Setting down the camera before taking his hand softly. He pulled you to his chest and took lead of the dance. Twirling and dipping you every-so-often. Eliciting giggles to bubble from your throat, which deemed contagious as he began to chuckle as well.

When the song ended he still kept you close. Resting his forehead against yours. Wrapping your arms around his neck, he let out a content sigh letting his eyes close.

“You know I love you more than anything right? You’re so perfect and supportive of everything I do. You understand me in a way nobody ever could, you’re outstanding at everything you do. You’re beautiful and talented and just outright amazing. I can’t imagine my life without you in it, and I don’t intend on ever losing you from it.” His words were fragile as he whispered them to you. Not noticing his hand retreat from your hip and into his coat pocket.

Slowly he knelt down on one knee, pulling out a small velvet box. Your hands immediately shooting to cover your mouth. “I love you more then life itself, so please please marry me.”

“Oh my god, Tim.” You whispered a smile blossoming on your face. “Of course I’ll marry you, you coffee loving maniac.” throwing your arms around him before eagerly meeting your lips to his. You really had a knack for these swift kisses and catching him off guard.

Though once again he immediately kissed back before pulling away and slipping the ring on your finger. You smiled again before he kissed you once more.

Perhaps big romantic gestures weren’t too bad.

White String of Fate || Peter Parker x Reader

I swear I get the inspiration to write for Peter at the most random moments. Why do I love this dude so much w h y

warnings: none; although lets be real Peter would do something like this bc he’s such a nerd (/ω\)

**i apologize for any errors, since I wrote this all on my phone. I’ll fix any mistakes later once I post this**

**dont plagiarize/repost this story lmao it’s not all that great anyways


It was late at night, and you had just completed your evening classes when you began your trek back to your dorm. Feeling too tired to eat anything, you figured you could just treat yourself to a hearty breakfast in the morning.

All you wanted to do was sleep now.

While you were walking, you didn’t think your left ring finger would get caught in a spider’s web, momentarily catching you off guard. You groan and try to free your finger, only to fail miserably. You couldn’t deny the resistance you felt when you tried to pull your finger out of the white material, “What on earth, how??”

Looking down at your left hand, you watch as the durable webbing remained stuck against the back of your finger, already knowing who it was that caught you. With a sigh, you follow the long trail of synthetic webbing and look up to see Peter Parker, your boyfriend of 5 years, settled on top of a tree.

He whistles, tugging at the webbing that connected your ring finger to the webshooter on his wrist, “Would you look at that, the white string of fate has brought us together. We’re soulmates, [Name].”

You smile at your boyfriend’s antics, lovingly caressing at the makeshift string before responding, “You goof, it’s called the red string of fate, not white.”

Peter rolls his eyes and shrugs, “Eh, same difference.” Peter drops down in front of you, jostling the web that still remained on your ring finger. “Regardless, the fact that we’re connected by this string of fate means that we belong together.”

“Peter, you’re so silly.” You ruffle his messy locks of hair with a look of complete adoration in your eyes, “I don’t need a silly string of fate to know that I’m yours. I’m yours because I love you.”

Peter sighs, and you notice the blush that paints his cheeks when he tears his thin web off of your finger, “Then I guess I’ll just need to put something else on your finger that shows that you belong to me.”

You open your mouth, about to question him when you saw Peter get down on one knee. All of the words you wanted to say dies against your throat as a gasp escaped from your lips when Peter tells you, “[Full Name], you are the kindest and most beautiful woman I had ever met. My life with you in it has been made so much better, and I feel like I can do anything as long as you are here beside me.”

You watch with happy tears welling within your eyes when Peter pulls out a black velvet box, showing you the simple yet elegant diamond ring settled within it, “I want to love and protect you for the rest of my life, so [Name], will you marry me?”

“Oh, God- Peter! Yes! Of course I’ll marry you, you lovable nerd!” Your boyfriend (now fiancé) stands up, taking the ring out of the confines of its box before sliding it on your ring finger.

It was the perfect fit.

“Thank you so much, [Name]. You’ve made me the happiest man in the world.” Peter places a gentle kiss against the finger that wore his ring, making your heart swell with even more love for the man standing in front of you.

You laugh as the tears streamed from your eyes, hanging on to Peter when he suddenly picked you up to twirl you around. After a few cycles, Peter stops spinning you around and keeps holding you in his arms bridal style. You felt the droplet of your tears land against his sweater before resting your head against his forehead, absolutely adoring the gentle shade of his brown eyes, “And you have made me the happiest girl in the world.”

Peter kisses the tip of your nose before murmuring the words that made you tremble with immense joy. “Let’s get you home, Mrs. Parker.”



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do you ever just cry because something is so perfect and beautiful and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and suddenly the world seems like a better place and you realise that for the first time in your life you are actually genuinely content?

i am of course talking about old married spirk.

Fate Or Just A Mistake [Final Part] (M)

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[Part 1] - [Part 2] - [Part 3]

Warnings: Rough smut. Minor dom!themes.

You pulled off another long strand of packing tape with an aggressive tearing sound that shattered the otherwise silence of the apartment, looping the roll around your wrist and smoothing the tape along the seam of the box flaps. Nibbling along the inside of your lips, you knelt down, hoisting the box of books onto the stack of others that had formed by the door of the bedroom. You’d been at this for the last six hours; going through everything in the apartment and plucking out the few things that were yours. The pile got even smaller once you sorted through what you wanted to keep or not–absolutely nothing that held any sentimental value.

It was the last of the three days that Jin had given you; it had taken you that long to work up the courage to simply be able to walk into the apartment. It had felt almost surreal; walking in through the front door and seeing everything exactly as you’d left it. It was as if everything was the same as it had been a week ago; as if your entire world hadn’t been turned upside down.

Your phone buzzed against the surface of the coffee table where you’d left it, tittering closer and closer to the edge. A part of you didn’t want to care if it fell off and shattered; reliving the damage you’d caused it after you’d gotten that phone call from Seokjin. After all, you hadn’t even glanced at the thing in almost a week. But now, you found your legs moving thoughtlessly into the living room and with automatic movements, you were swiping your thumb across the screen to answer, not even bothering to look at the name.

“Hello?” Your voice sounded foreign and distant, like it didn’t belong to you.

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Apparently the only person you can get together with is someone who was born the exact same minute as you, oh shit the logic right???

Marry your birthday twin otherwise your whole life is problematic. No exceptions.