oh the look on his face


You’re watching Ethan’s video and there is a glitch in his camera. Your eyes are trained for this, ever since Anti. Your eyes strain to see it again, and you caught it. You brush it off as a camera malfunction and continue with the video. A few minutes later, there is another one with audio distortion. You go back and pay attention to what he’s saying and it’s, “You’re all going to die!” Your eyes flicker up to the camera and go back, watching the face cam. He’s looking at the camera. This type of stuff happens periodically throughout the months and every time it’s brought up, he brushes it off as his files corrupting.

At the same time, Mark keeps on hinting at more ego things. A host thing here, Darkiplier there, etc. A few glitches and your good to go. Mark disappears like he normally does when Egos are brought up.

A week before Marks silence, Jack says he is going to visit LA for a little vacation. He’s having a ball, and all his videos are pre-recorded. Anti pops up here and there but it’s mostly cryptic stuff.

‘3 days’ it says in zalgo and that’s the last we see of all of the glitches in Jacks, Marks, and Ethan’s channels.

‘2 days’ pops up

‘See you soon’ in his Tumblr bio

There is a collab between Mark and Ethan and it’s all normal. Ethan’s character kills Mark’s character and there is a small glitch, nothing more. Near the end, the camera distorts and glitches and we get flashes of Ethan killing Mark. But it’s not Ethan. The video ends normally.

Marks video was similar, from it being a collab and all, but after we see the glitches of Ethan kill Mark, there’s a ringing in your ears, a flash of a dark man, and it’s over as soon as it started.

Let’s go over to see Jacks channel, shall we? It’s normal but we keep on seeing a figure behind Jack, but it’s not any of the Egos. There was a flash of blue hair and Jacks throat was slit.

Tumblr goes ballistic, making this Dark Ethan stronger, stronger than the both of them. Gifs here, drawings there, and he’s rebloging them all. There are theories of him, but none of them are right. They think Ethan’s in danger, but he was already gone, Mark and Jack are the ones really in danger.

On Ethan’s channel is one video instead of two. It’s a normal horror game, but there is a slight ringing, and a red and blue tint to it. A couple of glitches and distorted laughs are heard. Nothing much. Ethan snaps his head to the camera, smiles, and says, “ They’re back.” And the camera glitches out.

It’s black, and then Ethan pops up, but it’s not really Ethan. He looks both ways and snaps, bringing Anti and Dark together. “You’re probably wondering why you’re all here.” Ethan says in his peppy voice, with no glitches, no audio distortion, nothing.

The glitches start up, and get out of control, and Ethan’s barely distinguishable voice say, “We are going to take over their channels, and I have a plan.” And there was silence throughout all their social medias.

Seventeen: Diamond Edge in Chicago

I’m here to tell you ladies about my 3rd concert experience and meeting Seventeen. It was sooooo much fun. Seventeen had a packed house, all the way sold out. every seat filled. I’ll tell you what I remember from the concert + high touch after the concert. I’ll give you highlights because I’m bad at telling stuff in order, so forgive me.

  • Dino  was first at the hi touch and he’s soooooo cute slash handsome with his big smile. We high fived each other. and I told him “oh my God Dinoo” that’s all I said to Dino and he just smiled so big and giggled.
  • Vernon was such a sweetheart looking every fan in their eyes at hi touch. When I saw that I got nervous. I was shaking thinking about being face to face with Vernon. I called him “bae” and he just laughed and raised his eyebrows at me all sexy while smiling and I almost tripped because of it. The devil is a lie. LET ME TELL YOU RIGHT NOW! VERNON IS SOOOOOOOOO VERY HANDSOME! I THOUGHT TO MYSELF damn, is even real?
  • Woozi called the fans in Chicago beautiful. Yes looks wise, beautiful. I thought that was so sweet. This man is so talented. I felt like jumping on the stage to hug him.
  • Jeonghan, is he even real? so gorgeous. I love his personality. When I got to him in hi touch he was laughing a bit because I was laughing, he’s so ugh un real. He just seems like such a sweetheart, I wanted to take him home.
  • Jun is sexy. boy can D-A-N-C-E. Like don’t play with bias list Jun.
  • Hoshi was sick sadly, so he wasn’t there :(
  • The8, Seungkwan was giving their speech in English and Vernon was helping The8 with his English and it was so fucking cute!! I can’t even!
  • Seungkwan’s voice gave me chills and I appreciate him for speaking in English with us, even though he didn’t have to.
  • Hip hop team went hard af on their mixtape song “Coincidence” when that beat dropped we all screamed so loud, I was ready. They were so into it, jumping up and down and my ass was jumping too looking a mess.
  • Mingyu did a little sexy dance break and he said in English he’s shy and Vernon was laughing hard at him.
  • The8 and Vernon kept whispering to each other, probably spilling major tea.
  • The8 was so precious during hi touch he almost looked nervous but then I walked up to him and he gave me a big smile and I said “Aw love you.” And he said “Thank you” so faintly.
  • Mingyu with his fine self he didn’t just hi give me he grabbed onto my hand while I went in for a high five. His eyes are so gorgeous up close and that smile had me weak in the knees bitch I thought I was gone fall!
  • Wonwoo DONT GET ME STARTED! Ok first of all his voice! Deeep! I was like damn I knew it was deep in songs but not that deep in person, when he performed live it’s so sexy!! And during hi touch I just said “Wonwoooo” and he laughed and I was so proud to make him laugh. His smile is so beautiful!! 😍
  • S.Coups I’m mad I wish I could’ve said something more clever but I just said “AGH SCOUPS” like…that’s it…but he just giggled and high fives me. He’s an Angel.
  •  Joshua so even more handsome in person! They all are but Joshua looked like he came straight from an anime, his eyes are so beautiful. He was so sweet and said “hello”

I’m awful because I don’t remember every single thing that happened but the hip hop team stood out to me because I’m such a hard core hip hop unit Stan. They were being… how should I say? …sexy? Different in the states. Showing out, great fan engagement, I enjoyed it, they seemed to enjoy their first concert in the US too. If I had to point out anything I would say I had a connection with Vernon and Mingyu 👀☕️🍫I’ll just say that.            


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Boy: Harry

Summary: Based of Selena’s song Fetish. Harry has a bit of a obsession with the reader.

Warnings: Smut, obsessive!harry.

A/N: most likely gonna do a part 2 to this tbh, also ik my gifs are sitll shit lmao im working on making them better :) actually nvm internet being a bitch and not even letting me upload my gif oh well

masterlist // send in requests

“Y/N! Wait up, love!” Harry called out too you as you walked past him. It wasn’t a surprise that Harry was a insane and thing most insane people tend to do is obsesses  over one thing and thanks to a couple of lonely nights with Harry, you were that one thing for him.

“What do you want Harry?” You asked turning around to face him. He had the look on his face, the look he reserved for you. A look of pure admiration.

“You baby. I always want you.” He told you running his hook along your cheek. You flinched at the cold touch of the metal.

“You don’t want me, Harry. You just think you want me.” You counteracted pushing away his hooked hand.

Harry just shook his head, “No, I want you. Don’t you want me?”

“I could take it or leave it. But I know you won’t leave it.” You said smirking. Though he did get a bit annoying at some times, you couldn’t deny you liked the attention you got from Harry.

“I’m not ever going to leave you.” He whispered in your ears, “Come to my place tonight. 7 sharp. Don’t be late.” And with that, Harry vanished leaving you to wonder if you were going to actually show up tonight.

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Why Did He Have to Go

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Requested by Anon.

Request: Hello! Could you maybe do a Brett imagine? Maybe where the reader is stiles sister and it’s based on when Brett dies(this season) and how she’s there and stiles finds out and everything? Thanks so much! 

We were down in the tunnels, trying to find Brett. He had gone missing and all that we know is that he is hurt. Scott had gotten shot, and Liam, Lori, and I had split up I’m search of Brett. We kept turning left and right, and the farther we got, the stronger the smell of blood became. Soon, Lori started to hear a heartbeat. We followed her until our sights came across Brett. He looked horrible. Blood soaked his clothes, and he had blood all over his face. 

Lori and I both ran up to him and crouched down. “Oh, Brett.” I said to my boyfriend. “You’re going to be alright.” 

Lori started to help Brett up and the both of them started up the ladder. Liam and I both thought that this was a bad idea, and tried to stop them. But it was too late. As soon as Lori’s feet were out of sight, the only thing that I could hear was a car screeching on it’s tires, a loud bang, and Lori screaming. Liam and I both scrambled up the ladder, and what I saw caused me to scream out. 

Brett lay there dead, and Lori was there holding his hand. “I couldn’t take his pain.” She said. 

I ran over and sobbed and held onto both Brett and Lori, while Liam was being irresponsible and wolfing out. People all around stopped and stared. They pointed and some ran away. But that was the least of my worries. The love of my life was dead. Why did he have to go? 

A few days later, I still wasn’t over the death of Brett. I had cried and cried, and my dad, the Sheriff tried to comfort me, but nothing helped. Brett was gone, and nothing was going to bring him back. 

Later that day, Stiles called to check in, seeing as though he was all the way across the country. I answered the phone, and he didn’t even wait for me to say hello before he started speaking. “Hey, Y/N! How are you? I’m having so much fun here! It’s great, and I really wish that you could be here.”

I sniffled. “Hey, Stiles.”

“Y/N? What’s happened? What’s wrong?” He asked, worry laced in his voice. 

I let out a sob and a hic-up. “Brett!”

“What about him? Did he dump you? I’m so gonna come and beat him up”

“I’m afraid you’re too late for that.” I cried.

“What do you mean?” 

I let out another sob and replied, “He’s dead!” I continued to cry.

Stiles was silent on the other end. 

“Stiles?” I asked.

“What do you mean, he’s dead?” 

“I mean he’s no longer with us, no longer breathing, he’s going to be buried, he has passed, he’s moved on! How else do you want me to put it?” 

“How did he die?”

“Oh, Stiles!” I cried. “It was horrible! Nobody should have died the way he did! He was on the run from a new hunter, apparently he got stabbed my his own lacrosse stick, then he was shot with a poisoned arrow. He went into hiding down in the tunnels, and Scott, Malia, Liam, Lori, and I went looking. Scott got shot with some spike thing, but Liam and Lori wanted to split up, so I went with them. We finally found Brett, and he looked like death. Blood was everywhere. We thought he was going to be okay. We were going to get him out of there, but then Lori started to move Brett towards the ladder to go back up to the surface. They both got up but then-” I had to stop because another sob erupted out of my mouth. “Then, they both got ran over by a car. He died instantly. He was already too weak. Lori couldn’t even take his pain.” 

I sobbed and sobbed and Stiles kept quiet. It wasn’t until I quieted down did he speak. “I’m so sorry, Y/N. I really am. I’m coming home.“

“No. You can’t. You stay there, we’re going to sort things out.” I said quickly.

“Nope. I’m coming home, and I’m bringing a friend with me.” With that he hung up the phone. 

Who was this friend? What did they have to do with Stiles? 

I didn’t know and didn’t care. I just couldn‘t wait to see my brother.


Ok so I was tagged in a whole bunch of selfie things and I finally decided to do one. I think I was tagged by @extraongdinary and @kimsjaehwan to do one where it’s your look going out vs. staying home. Actually I went to a party yesterday which would have been perfect for this but I forgot to take a pic of my outfit R I P so i’m doing a makeup version lol. Anyways this is my makeup yesterday vs. my bare face

I look like a mess because i’ve been emo over Daehwi oh and if anyone sees him at icon TELL HIM I LOVE HIM AND THAT IM ONE OF HIS BIGGEST FANS FDLSKFJKDLSFSKLJ

I’m going to try and tag some new people I would like to get to know too this time around ( i hope everyone’s ok with it)

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donaldtheduckdad  asked:

Heya! I'm super surprised and glad that you share my headcanon of Donald repeating the last words of his sister. I mean, look at his face, it's a painful and sad expression while he's saying it... And now I imagine Della saying to him: "Let go, Donnie. Trust me." and... and... oh my, the (Duckfeels) hit me hard now :'-(

Yes! I’m glad someone else shares this same headcanon. I’ve watched that scene a few times now and with every watch I’m more convinced it’s there to foreshadow.

Imagine Jerome Saving You From the Bus Before Blowing It Up

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You hated being in cheer. It was just you following in your mother’s footsteps. You didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. You, with your sharp wit and lack of general cheerfulness, were probably the least liked member of your squad. 

Hell, you didn’t even notice what was happening on that bus until you heard the screams. You pulled out your earbuds and tuned yourself into the conversation. A man with bright red hair was pouring gasoline or kerosene or something onto the other cheerleaders. His eyes flicked onto you.

“Oh! Look who decided to join us! And what’s your name, doll?” You kept your mouth shut, a look of defiance on your face. He walked up to you, slow and creepy. He grabbed your jaw and held it firm, forcing you to look him in the eye.

“Someone’s quiet. You don’t seem very afraid, are you?” He inquired. You shook your head and let a small smirk dance on your lips. He let out a chilling laugh, one that made your skin crawl. He let go of your face, walking to the front of the bus. He turned towards you once he reached the front.

“You coming or what, dollface?” He giggled. You stood up and began to strut towards him. The hands of your teammates grabbed at you, screaming, crying, begging. You ignored them all, brushing off their hands. You never broke eye contact with the madman in front of you. As you reached the front of you, he reached out his hand and you took it. He led you down the stairs of the bus, but before you got off, you turned back towards the screaming cheerleaders.

“Sayonara, bitches!” You yelled, tossing a hand in the air dramatically, before continuing your walk of fame.  

How I feel about Atem's darker sides:
  • Early manga: Geez, his face is creepy! But his expressions soften over time, and he has a strong sense of justice.
  • Toei anime: Not as creepy looking and his Shadow Games are more mental than physical. My favorite parts of the show.
  • Orichalcos: *hides under covers* OH FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD, MAKE HIM STOP! IT HURTS TO WATCH!

Title: Minor Set Back
Character: Jake Peralta
Previous Part: http://ofnifflersandkings.tumblr.com/post/164256777712/title-operation-match-making-character-jake

Jake leaned back in his desk chair, arms folded across his chest as a small pout took up his face. His gaze was cemented to your desk where you and Amy were having a conversation and laughing. His eyes narrowed and he pulled a face at Amy, who looked at him with a knowing smile before turning back to you.

After the first successful coversation over coffee, Jake had tried to do so again for the past week. But everytime he even thought about moving to the kitchen, Amy would rush past him, two coffee cups already in her hands so he couldn’t get to you.

“I hate that woman.” Jake mumbled to himself, nearly having a heart attack when Charles came rolling up in his chair behind him.

“Oh, so the romancing didn’t go too well?” He asked, observing the two ladies chat about something with happy faces. “I mean hey, you’ll find someone eventually, and at least Amy gets a friend.”

Jake swiveled his chair around. “What? No? I was talking about Santiago. I’m still trying to win over (Y/n).” His brows knitted together as he tried to scheme up a plan.

Charles nodded. “Huh, well didn’t you get her number? What did you learn about her?”

Jake sighed, casting his eyes down at his hands. “Not much, just that she’s kind of,” He paused, looking up at you mid laugh while he smiled. “Wonderful.”

Charles moved closer to him. “Really? Tell me about her?” He encouraged, practically bouncing in his seat at the prospect of his best friend having a crush on someone.

Jake turned around so he was facing him. “For one, she’s a total movie nut, we had an intense three hour debate on which Die Hard movie was best. She’s not that into sports but she let me rant about the Mets game.” He went on a small tangent about the fun conversations the two of you had been having over the phone for the past week.

He only broke off when he saw Charles looking at him with a weird expression on his face. “What? Why are you giving me that look. It’s getting creepy.”

Charles just sighed. “Nothing, so are you gonna ask her out?”

“I’d like to but,” Jake lazily pointed to Amy. “Santiago’s been keeping her from me, and I wanted to ask in person.”

Charles ears perked up and he straightened his tie. “My time has come, I got you covered, buddy.”

Jake was about to ask him what he meant but Charles had already abandoned his chair and walked over to the two of you.

Whatever he said to Amy must have worked because in an instant she was grabbing her jacket and was out of the door.

Charles looked back at Jake and gave him a dramatic wink along with a thumbs up before leaving you alone at your desk.

Jake watched you work for a moment, suddenly feeling very warm and nervous now that he no longer had an excuse to not ask you out.

He stood up from his chair, walking over to your desk and cracking his knuckles to try and distract himself before he totally psyched himself out of asking you.

“(Y/n)! Hey! Long time, no see.” Jake said, plopping into the chair beside your desk with a smile.

You looked up from your work and gave him a puzzled smile. “What do you mean? I said hello to you when I saw you this morning.”

Jake laughed nervously. “Haha, yeah. What I actually meant to say was that,” His mind was running a total blank like it usually did around you. “Santiago left pretty suddenly huh? That was super weird.”

You laughed, pulling out your drawyer and revealing a collection of dozens of pencils tied together in different piles. “I know right? Apparently there was some kind of technical situation at her apartment and she had to step out.”

Jake reaching into your drawyer, pulling out one of the wads of pencils and observing them. “How come you so many of these little dudes? Don’t they all the same thing.”

You gave him a smile and shook your head. “I guess you could say that, but certain pencils are more sheer while others come off darker, some of them have different variations in line shape,” You noticed he had a confused expression on his face and you chuckled. “And you don’t really care about any of this, do you?”

“No! I think it’s kind of cool,” Jake said, taking one of the pencils out of the stack and twirling it in his hands. “I think anything that comes out of your mouth sounds cool,” He instantly looked up at you. “And that definitely sounded less weird in my head.”

“Thank you regardless,” You said, starting another draft of a criminal sketch for a recent statement a witness gave you. “It’s nice to have a conversation with you in person for a change, I feel like all we really do is text one another.”

Jake perked up, accidentally dropping the pencil onto the ground. “Yeah! I totally agree, which is actually what I wanted to come over and talk to you about,” He picked the pencil off the groun and started fidgeting with it. “I thought since it was Friday, you might wanna come over to my place after work.”

You smudged off a bit of your picture and then smiled at him before taking your pencil back. “I don’t think I’m busy, but yeah I’d love to.”

Jake clapped his hands loudly. “Great! Sounds like a plan.” He was mentally congratulating himself for a successful task completed as he went back to his desk.

“Uh, Jake,” You called back to him.


“I kinda, have to know where you live to go there.”

Jake’s brows shot up. “Oh! Yeah! That would be helpful wouldn’t it?” He dug into his jacket pockets and pulled a slip of paper out of one, grabbing a pen and scribbling his address. “Come around 8:30?”

You took the paper. “Works for me.”

“How’d it go? I could only read your facial expressions but it looked fine.” Charles asked whenever Jake pulled him into the locked room.

Jake scratched the back of his head and resisted the urge to start pacing. “I mean I think? She’s coming around my place later tonight.”

“That’s great!” Charles said with a happy clap of his hands. “You know, if this ends up going well I call dibs on being the Best Man at your wedding.”

Jake shook his head. “Let’s think about the present right now, if we’re being honest here, I have no idea what I’m doing.”

“It’s just a date isn’t it? Just do what you usually do.”

That was when Jake remembered something about your conversation. “I never specified that it was a date.”

“What do you mean?”

“I just asked if she wanted to hang out at my place” Jake said with a groan, placing his hands on his head.

“Oh that’s bad,” Charles said with knit brows. “That’s really bad, I don’t even think I’ve done that.”

“Thanks for the support, Charles, I really appreciate it.”

“It’s okay! It’s a simple fix, just go clarify it to her now!”

Jake swallowed, and his hands suddenly felt very clammy. “Yeah,” He said with a totally unintentional voice crack. “Yeah, I can do that.”

Charles clapped a hand on Jake’s shoulder. “I believe in ya, buddy.” He encouraged before leaving the locker room.

Jake tried.

He really did.

But anytime he would come up to you again, he’d open his mouth and nothing would come out.

It was like his body was telling him not to do it, because then you’d probably call off the whole thing.

You didn’t have to stay at the precinct as long as the detectives did on Fridays, so when you started putting on your coat and packing up your things, Jake started to panic.

Amy looked over computer at him. “Hey, you don’t look to great? Something wrong?”

Jake was about to think of some elaborate excuse when you came up to their desks.

“Hey Amy, how’s your apartment?”

“Funny thing, I went over to check and the maintenance guy said everything was totally normal. I tried asking Charles about it but his eyes bugged out and then he ran away.”

You tilted your head. “Weird,” You went to say something to Jake, but you noticed he looked a little sick. “Jake, are you alright? If you’re not feeling well we can just reschedule our date.”

The color instantly returned to his face and he sat up straight in his chair. “Date?”

“Oh, is that not what it is?”

Jake saw the minor disappointment in your eyes and he could have broken out into song. “I would absolutely not mind it being a date.”

You smiled. “Good, after all, you still owe me a portrait. I’ll see you later.” You said with a wink before walking away.

Amy looked over at Jake. “Did you just wheeze?”

Jake, who was watching you walk away with the most dazed look on his face, turned back to Amy. “That is definitely a possibility.”

[New Formula] Male Mc Mystic Messenger ZEN Route: Day 6

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{}{}{}{}Coffee Shop{}{}{}{}

Zack sighed as he cleaned the coffee mugs. He had pinned his bangs back as the steam was starting to make him feel oily. He already suffered break outs when he was a teen he didn’t need to suffer again. He flicked his fingers as he reached for the towel and looked over to see the businessmen wonder out of the shop holding a box of donuts. The bell chimed, “Oh after you sir.” 

Click, click, “Thank you.” 

Zack froze and looked up. His eyes met with crimson ones. “So you are here. I’m glad I decided to visit today.” 

Zack clamped his mouth shut and looked at ZEN in shock. He wasn’t wearing his shop cap so he couldn’t hide his face. He gripped the towel and nodded. “Shouldn’t you ah, be resting?” Was all he could say. 

“Hahaha,” ZEN walked up to the counter with his crutches and leaned against the marble, “worried about me?” 

Zack nodded and put the towel away. He turned around to grab some new mugs and felt his hands. How was he supposed to act?! This was so sudden… “Yes.” He said as he stood back up and moved the tray of mugs under the espresso machine. He took a deep breath and smiled. “I heard you have amazing healing powers. So I guess you’re doing better.” 

“I am. Are you on break yet?” 

Well there was no one really in the shop now that rush hour was over. “No but I can get up when I see a customer. Would you like a coffee?” 

“Yes please.” ZEN looked up at the menu and hummed as he read over the choices. This was just so normal. It honestly felt a little odd. But what was he expecting? Maybe a chorus singing while angels parted the heavens and there came ZEN, or something like that. 

“I-if you don’t mind, may I suggest a drink?” When ZEN gave him the okay Zack grabbed a plastic cup and moved to pour coffee into blender, “Oh yes, any allergies, besides cats that is.” 

“Heh, no none others.” 

Zack turned on the blender and poured in chocolate sauce and banana sugared mixer. He threw in a bit of ice and looked up at ZEN, yeesh he’s really staring at me. Zack felt heat rise to his cheeks and cleared his throat. “W-what actually brought you here?” He asked as soon as he turned off the blender. 

“I was sick of being cooped up in my home-” 

“It’s only been like half a day, geezus.” ZEN stopped mid sentence and looked at Zack,  “Erm… sorry.” 

“Pfft you really do speak your mind don’t you. Ah, thank you.” He took the cup from Zack. 

Gnn, our hands touched… “So you were feeling stir crazy?” He rushed over to ZEN’s side to help him sit down. GNNN, I’m touching him. And dammit, he’s muscular. 

“Ah yes, I was-” ZEN sat down and took a sip through the thin black straw, “-hey this is really good, what is it?” 

“Banana mocha coffee.” Zack sat opposite of him and undid his apron. He rubbed his neck and slipped his hand under the collar of his shirt and massaged out the knots. “And so now your here… thanks for the heads up.” 

ZEN smirked. “If I had told you, you would’ve ran off or hid behind the counter.” He reached out and wiped a bit of chocolate off of Zack’s cheek. 

Zack looked down at the table to hide his slight embarrassment. “Yeah you’re not wrong.” He looked back at ZEN in the eyes before darting his away. He wasn’t trying to be rude but this was hard. “Soo… ahem…” This was really hard. “I… I’m sorry.” 

“Sorry? For what?” 

“I have no idea what to say, and your leg is all broken, and you came all the way here only for me to look at the floor and act all awkward.” He looked at him straight in the eyes.  

“No need to be-” 

Zack slapped his cheeks and shook his head. “Okay! Do-over!” 

“Really Zack-” 

He leaned on the table causing it to rise, “So! Whoa! Ahaa…ah… So!” he gained back his momentum. “How are you?” 

ZEN stared at him for a long moment before laughing. “What are you being so nervous for? Although you’re acting really cute right now.” 

“Is that what gets you all the ladies?” Well, shoot, it was working on him but whatever. “Saying they look real cute?” 

“Haha well, it’s not like I’m trying to just play people but when I meet my fans I like to see them smile.” 

“Mmhmm.” Zack leaned back and stretched out his legs. “Your coffee is getting cold.” 

“Well… it’s iced coffee.” ZEN chuckled before bringing the straw back to his lips. 

“Why are you really out and about? Did something happen?” 

ZEN sighed and put the cup back down. “You sell pastries?” 

“Take your pick.” Zack got up and handed him a small menu. When ZEN pointed out what he wanted Zack moved back to the counter and started to warm up the cinnamon bun in the convectional over. 

“I called the doctor. I told him I’m already feeling a lot better and that I can go back to work but he refuses to give me a work note.” 

Zack placed the pastry on the table and sat back down. “I already put my own cash in the register” he raised a hand, “it’s fine.” He gave a cheeky grin and peeled off some for himself. “Cuz I get a treat too.” 

ZEN stared at him with his own grin for a long while before clearing his throat. “I… aha… I um… ah? What was I saying?” 

“Doctor wouldn’t give you-” 

“Ah, right right right. Long story short I got pissed and I just ended up here.” 

Zack smiled. “Well, I’m actually happy your janky legs led you here.” 

“Janky? Haha that’s cruel.” 

Zack stuck out his tongue then let out a small chuckle. He picked off more of the cinnamon bun and smirked. “It’s times like these that I’m happy I have no customers.” 

“I like spending time with you too.” ZEN smiled. 

“No, I’m talking about the free food.” 

“Shut up.” ZEN tried not smile but his mouth betrayed him anyways. “Dammit around you I can’t even put on a nice performance.” 

“I noticed. I’m feeling kinda gipped right now.” He teased and sucked off the frosting on his fingertips. “It’s okay I won’t-…. erm… ZEN? You okay?” 

ZEN looked completely shell shocked. He was just staring at Zack with his face nearly as red as a tomato. 

“Oh my gosh!? Are you running a fever? I can get you an ice pack!” Zack moved to get up. 

ZEN gripped Zack’s wrist tightly. 

“….I-is everything all right?” 

ZEN stared at him for a long moment before getting up. “I need to go.” He struggled to get up.

“Let me help -” 

“It’s fine! Ah… I mean it’s fine.” 

The door chimed and customers walked in. “ZE-” Zack tried to help him once more. 

“Shh, it’s fine.” He got up and left a tip on the table. “Thanks for the coffee.” 

Zack watched as ZEN hurriedly hobbled off with the crutches under his arm. He looked at his wrist. “Did… I do something wrong?” 

}{}{}{}{ ZEN POV }{}{}{}{

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What if David still managed to insult max without knowing it like "Cmon max, you need the exercise!" "What do you mean I NEED it?" "......you just do!" Or "Well, what does he know any.. Oh, wait. Its a woman! Sorry, max. We have to face facts! You look 'stupid' in that jumpsuit! But its okay! Because I don't think you look any different than you normally do!~"

Eh, I personally don’t see GLaDOS David doing any of that, since it seems directly against his personality. But you do you, yo!

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“You can do whatever you want to my body, but don’t you dare think you own me.” He said looking up at Max. Google's shirt was missing and his belt was undone, his hands handcuffed to the bed.

Max lifted his brows, tilting his head. “Oh Google…. Honey… I do own you though, I bought you after all” he smiled, sitting on his knees in front of them. “And I keep you like this…” He cupped their face. “Because you run away if I don’t.” He hissed, his nails digging into the sides of their face. “I keep you here because you’re the only one I can keep from leaving me!” He yelled. “Everybody leaves me!” He slapped them and got up, running a hand through his hair. “Bottom line…. I do own you, Google.”

  • Kuroo: Oh, look. It's Akaashi. The Ice Prince himself. The guy who never carries a smile on his handsome face, how you doing? Did you miss me, too-beautiful-get-ugly-soon I mean, dude?
  • Akaashi: Like a cold. You know, when I get to lay down on my bed and not be able to breathe through my nose and my head's pounding and my eyes are wet and red. That's how much people in general miss you, Kuroo-san. I hope life's treating you fairly.
  • Bokuto: Aw, guys! You have no idea how excited I am that my two favorite people love each other so much!

The climb up Shuttlingsloe to have a picnic on the giant Trug :D 
In case anyone needs reminding (because it is taking me so long) this is what the giant Trug looks like, and Shuttlingsloe hill is his face. I have a feeling we walked along his belly today too; I’ll have to check the map and see!
Oh, and please hop over and check out Trugs I’th Hole too, where my stuff is. Thank you! 


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        Oh shit, Junior definitely knew his face. That was definitely Morty and Summer’s dad. The teen tried his best to make himself look presentable in that split second, running a hand over his hair, and briefly readjusted the turtleneck of his red sweater. Though no matter how nice he looked, he’ll never be able to cover up his pointed teeth or radiant emerald eyes.

        “You’re… Summer’s dad, right? Mr. Smith?”

Tails down for what

The door slammed open as Dianite stomped In looking troubled .
“Sister I need your assistance” Dianite said quickly
A Confused startled looking spark with coffee down his shirt is the only one there
“Hello uh Dianite what is your need for ianite” he says cleaning himself up
“Look I need to talk with my sister not her husband don’t you have grandkids to babysit or something” Dianite says obviously getting impatient
“Ianite is upstairs but”…Dianite leaves before spark finishes his sentence
Dianite heads up the stairs. His thoughts are muddled and his wings are puffed out in a nervous defense
Ianite is upstairs watering her plants spotting her brother she smiles
“Oh Dianite what brings you here ” she says turning to face him
“How did you ask out spark we both know he didn’t have the balls to ask you out” Dianite says this quickly obviously nervous
Ianite is quite taken aback “what brought this on brother ” she smirks “did you fall for your little champion” she chuckles
Dianite says no a bit too quickly and ianite quickly shus Dianite out making a plan to get the two together
Dianite knows that look on his sisters face and he wants to run.

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like imagine sitting face to face on his bed and his face is blushy because hes never had a girl in his room before especially with his door closed and your talking and its cute and soft and youre playing with his fingers while you talk and hes smiling down at you and you bring his hand up to your mouth and kiss his finger tips softly and you have this look in your eyes that makes pride feel warm inside and then you open your mouth and start sucking on them and his face goes RED

“aw that’s sweet she’s kissing my fingers im so happy she likes me as much as i like herWOAH OH MY GOD RED ALERT”