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Cue Battle Against a True Hero!
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Chapter 2: Renegade
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It all happened in a blur. One moment he was there, the next he was gone.

If she hadn’t screamed, they wouldn’t have known.

Nobody knows why Na Jaemin was shot on November 24th, but Alpha Sigma Rho and Omega Theta Phi are determined to find out.

This is the second part of my 1,000 followers special, the story will be updated every friday for four weeks, as there are three parts to the story not including this. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an ask!

Italicized members are the ones that show up a lot or have major roles in the story.


Joohyun: Nicknamed Irene because of her motherly nature, fourth year student, leader

Seulgi: On varsity softball, third year student, secretary

Wendy: Leader of poetry club, third year student, vice president

Sooyoung: Nicknamed Joy because you rarely see her frowning, second year student, recruitment officer

Yeri: Majoring in criminal studies, second year student, treasurer


Taeyong: On varsity tennis, fourth year student, leader

Taeil: Works at the campus bookstore, fourth year student, treasurer

Hansol: Dj at all of the frat parties, fourth year student, member

Johnny: Captain of varsity volleyball team, fourth year student, vice president

Yuta: The house’s resident fuck boy, third year student, secretary

Kun: Accepted to college with presidential scholarship, third year student, housing officer

Doyoung: Has a brother on the local police force, third year student, fundraising board leader

Chittaphon: Prefers to be called Ten, because his nobody can ever pronounce his name right, third year student, recruitment officer

Jaehyun: Yuta’s second in command for resident fuck boy, third year student, new member education board leader

Sicheng: Nicknamed WinWin because despite his shy nature, he gets the most ladies because of his visuals, third year student, member

Jungwoo: Transferred in from another school halfway through his first year, second year student, member

Mark: was accepted to every school he applied to, second year student, public relations board leader

Yukhei: Prefers to be called Lucas because, like Ten, nobody can pronounce his name, second year student, member

Renjun: Assistant set creator for theatre department, first year student, member

Jeno: Majoring in industrial engineering, first year student, member

Donghyuck: Half of the annoying freshie prankster duo, first year student, member

Jaemin: Donated all of his game consoles to the house to earn respect from the older guys, first year student, member

Chenle: the other half of the annoying freshie prankster duo, first year student, member

Jisung: Gets babied by the others for being the youngest frat member, first year student, member

once upon a tyme there was a boi named clum clum. his moms naym was joi. joi sed “calum u look stoopid with those blond streeks in ur hare i’ve alweys lyked mali mor” clum clum sed “mum pls i am beeng punk rok” joi sed “sun ur knot punk rok but ur as ugly as a rok” clum clum powted and grabbed a beer bc he was sad. clum clum said “mum i am turning 20 toomorrow” joi sed “oh crud i hav been raysing u for 20 yers pore me sum of that beer so i can 4get abowt u ya dum rok” and then clum clum and joi got drunk 2gether. THE END.


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I was belatedly tagged by @alltlmelou to do the url song challenge
I tag @starrysunrises @bubblxgumbitch @demonartis @thursdayslastforever @raindropsonlemondrops and anybody else who sees this and wants to do it
g - Ghosts by Gabrielle Aplin
a - Atlantis by Bridgit Mendler
l - Like an Arrow by Lucy Rose
a - All the Pretty Girls by Kaleo
x - X-files theme song (lmfao I didn’t think this through)
y - Yellow Light by Of Monsters and Men
o - Oh My Stars by Andrew Belle
f - From Eden by Hozier
t - The Lion’s Roar by First Aid Kit
h - Hello My Old Heart by the Oh Hellos
e - Emmylou by Vance Joy
g - Growing Pains by Birdy
u - Ulysses by Josh Garrels
a - Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene by Hozier
r - Run For Cover by Gabrielle Aplin
d - Droplets by Lewis Watson
i - I Found by Amber Run
a - All About You by Birdy
n - Northern Wind by City and Colour
s - Skin by Rae Morris

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qwsxdfcvgh no i'm just a crazy girl who is desperate for her otp to make out in random places and do the frick frack, writing helps me to relax XD but thanks ;u; i'm dying of joy k.


I always imagined Mikasa and Levi doing the frick frack in a film noir theme! the scene is a penthouse that Levi owns! when he invites Mikasa, there would be champagne and candles and curtains everywhereeeRAH’!

But their strengths and badassery colliding would cause the world to end ;u;