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Beautiful Bromance in Dramaland

We love it when our favorite characters in a drama got crazy chemistry that involves endless bickering, awkward moments, a little bit of hatred but brotherly affection inside. When those things happen between good lookin dudes, it’s called bromance and that makes a drama more interesting to watch. So, let’s check out some of the beautiful bromance in dramaland!  

School 2013 - Go Nam Soon & Park Heung Soo 

The rollercoaster bromance, between ramen lover Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo. They were once best friends, turned enemies when Nam Soon broke Heung Soo’s leg by accident and crush his dream as a soccer player. But thanks to Teacher Jang Na Ra, they reconcile and are finally best friends again. 

Boys Over Flower - The F4

The exclusive bromance. The legendary F4. They are childhood best friends who share the same sophisticated wealthy lifestyle. Everyone has their struggle and sadness, but in the end they prove their friendship. Besides, they still support their buddy, Gu Jun Pyo, who curls his hair and wears that fur to school. That’s love. 

The Heirs - Kim Tan & Choi Young Do 

The hormonal bromance. They were childhood best friends, they fought due to hormones and family issues during puberty. Later they survived puberty, fell in love with the same ordinary poor girl. Though their old conflict was resurfacing again, they could find peace and reconciliation in the end. Bless them. Love is their moment. 

Jealousy Incarnate - Lee Hwa Shin & Ko Jung Won

The full of jealousy bromance, between a famous anchorman and his super rich buddy. They get jealous of each other because they fell in love with the same lady. Even though all the love triangle troubles are caused by Hwa Shin, later Ko Jung Won became a bigger person who chose friendship over love. Their drunk moment is the sweetest btw. 

Fantastic - Ryu Hae Sung & Doctor Hong Joon Gi

The in sickness and health bromance. A sad yet beautiful bromance between Hallyu star Ryu Hae Sung and a cancer patient/doctor Hong Joon Gi. They were love rivals who turn into best friends. Though their friendship was short due to sickness, the bond is strong. They bicker over stupid things, shop together, have deep talks, and eat ramen secretly during hospital stay. 

Oh My Venus - Coachnim and his boys 

The healthy bromance. Coach Kim Young Ho took in two little brother-buddies, MMA athlete Joon Sung and little manager Ji Woong. They stay together, overcome troubles together, train together, get healthy together and do the cute dance together. 

Cheer Up! - Kim Yeol & Ha Joon 

The surviving bromance. Ha Joon is a tortured soul who experienced a suicidal attempt, while Kim Yeol is so afraid that Ha Joon might disappear someday. Ha Joon knows about Kim Yeol’s fear so he’s trying his hardest to survive for his best friend. And as always, they happened to fall in love with the same girl. 

Descendants of The Sun - Captain Yoo Shi Jin & Sergeant Seo Dae Young

The military bromance. They always got each other’s back in the battlefield. They bicker sometimes as they are best friends, but Sergeant Seo always respects his big boss who has higher rank than him. In the end, nothing makes a bromance stronger than flying bullets and fanboying a girl group together. 

Bad Guys - Detective Oh and prisoner boys. 

The badass bromance, between a detective, a gangster, a contract killer and a genius psychopath. Though in the beginning they didn’t trust each other well but their special bond becomes stronger through every case. Together they fight crimes and support each other with their special skills. 

Another Oh Hae Young - Park Do Kyung & Jin Sang

The natural bromance, between two long time buddies who turn into brothers in law. Jin Sang might have given Do Kyung wrong advice at times but he always be there when Do Kyung is down and Do Kyung always saves Jin Sang from his troubles which makes their friendship so natural and beautiful. 

A Gentleman’s Dignity - Kim Do Jin and boys. 

The ahjussi bromance. 40s are the new 20s for Kim Do Jin, Im Tae San, Lee Jung Rok and Choi Yoon. They are successful mature men with boys at heart when they hang out together. Through ups and downs they manage to protect their friendship, survive their love life and maintain their dignity. 

The Three Musketeers - Crown prince and his warriors

The historical bromance, back in Joseon era when a crown prince wants to fight crimes in his country secretly. He gathered a group of warriors who loyally follow him to set justice and peace in the country. 

Hwarang - Dog Bird & Mak Moon

The till death do us apart bromance. Mak Moon and Dog Bird/Moo Myung grew up together as orphans, Moo Myung is a fearless fighter and adventurer while Mak Moon is cowardy and weak. They always stay together and protect each other. Even though their friendship ends up in sadness but it’s really amazing to see them sacrificing themselves for each other till the end.

Goblin: The Lonely & Great God - Goblin & Grim Reaper

The immortal bromance. Goblin accidentally saved a missing soul who was supposed to be taken by the Grim Reaper. One is hot, one is cold. They share a mysterious conflicted fate yet fate brought them to live together as housemates. Since they have been living for hundred years, they are both anti-social but they find each other’s company quite comfortable.

Some of my favorite K-Drama songs from 2016, part two.  listen here

01. Chanyeol & Punch - Stay With Me (Goblin)
02. Davichi - Forgetting You (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
03. Yoon Mi Rae - Always (Descendants of the Sun)
04. Basick & INKII - In the Illusion (W - Two Worlds)
05. Gummy - You Are My Everything (Descendants of the Sun)
06. Taeyeon - All With You (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
07. Crush - Beautiful (Goblin)
08. Noel - Again (Please Come Back Mister)
09. Sam Kim - Who Are You (Goblin)
10. Im Sun Hee - Will Be Back (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
11. Rocoberry - Console Myself (Bring it On, Ghost!)
12. SunBee - Hello (Shopping King Louis)
13. Han Hee Jung - Dreaming (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)
14. Woo Yerin - Struggling to You (Beautiful Gong Shim)
15. SALTNPAPER - Bye, Autumn (Jealousy Incarnate)
16. Bernard Park - DIRT (Beautiful Mind)
17. Echae En Route - Uneasy Romance (Another Miss Oh)
18. Elsa Kopf - IF (One More Happy Ending)
19. Tearliner (ft. Kim Go Eun) - Attraction (Cheese in the Trap)

robinasnyder  asked:

For two qui-gons, so do you think that original qui-Gon survives? If he doesn't, and the other Qui stays around, then does that one train anakin? But if original Qui does survive, and the other one sticks around, then what? A part of me likes the idea of other qui and Obi-wan start dating and the original Qui gets super jealous.

“I’m grateful you were there.” Obi-Wan smiled a bit, not looking up from his pad as the transport took them back towards Coruscant. “Without you Master would have… That is…”

A low chuckle and the bunk dipped as the other Jedi settled down beside him. “I know what you mean Obi-Wan, I’m happy I managed to save him.” Qui-Gon offered, voice warm. ‘Even if he doesn’t deserve you.’ He thought, perhaps a bit viciously as he ran his hand over the redhead’s blushing cheek.

Glancing at the other, Obi-Wan smiled a bit. “The Council wants to give me the rank of knight, for slaying the Sith. I’m tempted to accept instead of going through all the trials.”

“Well, that would be up to you.” The second Qui-Gon offered before tilting his head. “Its going to become confusing with two Qui-Gon’s running around, isn’t it?”

Obi-Wan shrugged a bit. “Only when talking about you or with both of you in the same room. Master Qui-Gon is going to need to be in the Halls for a few weeks still before he can be put to speed really.”

The two went into a compatible silence for a bit before Qui-Gon glanced at the pad. “What are you working on?”

“Oh just a message to Bant and Garen. Reeft is out on an undercover mission with his master and can’t receive message and lord knows where Quinlan is.” Obi-Wan laughed quietly then flushed when Qui-Gon wrapped his arm around his shoulder and ruffled his hair.

“Well if you feel like hanging out once on Coruscant, do tell me. Unless I’m too old?” Qui-Gon teased.

‘He’s not my master, but its nice to pretend. And he is so…’ Obi-Wan glanced up at him, giving him a half grin. “Oh we’ll see if I can’t help you do some stretches gramps.” He teased.

Qui-Gon let out a loud bark and gave him a head noogie, Obi-Wan dropping the pad with a squeal of laughter.


Anakin glanced between the squeal of laughter coming further down the hall and the suddenly quiet Jedi who was also staring down the hall, watching the odd spasming grimace that spread over Qui-Gon’s face.

It reminded him a bit about how Greedo would look when Anakin talked about his speeders and how he got to drive them in the races Watto allowed him in.


“You know, I can just go read Master Qui-Gon. You could go see Obi-Wan if you want.” He tried but the other man shook his head.

“No, no Obi-Wan seems content and helping you learn basic is important.” The long haired master smiled a bit. “And you are to be my future padawan after all. Helping you is going to be a pleasure after all.” He shifted a bit, touching his stomach gingerly before settling back.

‘You might want to but you also want to be with Obi-Wan… Jedi are weird about emotions.’ Anakin settled on, going back to learning basic. He could read huttenese and bootan but had never been taught basic so it was nice to finally get that chance.

Slaves didn’t.

‘I’m not a slave anymore. And one day I’ll go back to Tatooine to help the slaves there.’ He promised himself.

No Doubts (Junhwe)

3126 Don’t talk about it!

Contains: Jealousy / Teasing / Biting / Marking / Begging

Request: Yeah. I actually got two requests for a Jealous Junhwe and it struck me in all the right places so I wrote it! 


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It had been particularly difficult to leave Cassian’s bed when her alarm had gone off - he was lucky enough to have a day off, while she’d have her hands full making up what she had determined to be a metric fuckton of extras for a secondary accident scene that was the only scene on the shooting schedule that day. At the very least, she knew that she’d see him when her day was done, and that gave Jyn something to look forward to, as always.

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Some of my favorite K-Drama songs from 2016, part one.  listen here

01. BTOB - For You (Cinderella and the Four Knights)
02. Kim Jong Kook - Idiot (The Man Living in Our House)
03. K.Will - Say It! What Are You Doing (Descendants of the Sun)
04. Choi Sang Yeob - My Face is Burning (Beautiful Gong Shim)
05. MONSTA X - Tiger Moth (Shopping King Louis)
06. Coffee Boy - Found (Beautiful Gong Shim)
07. Chen & Punch - Everytime (Descendants of the Sun)
08. Jang Woo Ram - Love Cells (Beautiful Gong Shim)
09. J Rabbit - Monday to Sunday (Jealousy Incarante)
10. Minah - My First Kiss (Beautiful Gong Shim)
11. Jessi - My Romeo (Cinderella and the Four Knights)
12. SURAN - Step Step (Jealousy Incarnate)
13. Ben - Like a Dream (Another Miss Oh)
14. Ra.D - Lovesome (Jealousy Incarnate)
15. Lasse Lindh - Hush (Goblin)
16. Standing Egg - I’ll Pick You (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)
17. Cosmos Hippie - Maybe I Like You (Cheese in the Trap)
18. Kim Gun Ho - Wrongful Meeting (Jealousy Incarnate)
19. PSY - Entertainer (Jealousy Incarnate)

title: how was i to know (i was far too much in love to see) (AO3 link)

summary: There’s a perfectly rational explanation as to why Clarke doesn’t like Bree and Bellamy has nothing to do with it. She’s mostly sure. 

A/N: This is mostly fluff and pining!Clarke. I love only ever writing, like, one kind of fanfiction!

Bree is not exactly hard to like. She’s smart, if a little lazy. Her jokes are inappropriate, but she’s charming enough to pull it off. In theory, she sounds like someone Clarke might actually like. But, there’s just something off about her. Clarke can’t like her. Not for a lack of trying, she’s looked at it from every angle. Clarke finds herself thinking about it a lot. It’s like staring at a painting that’s technically sound and still getting repulsed by it. It’s driving her insane.

But, Bree is Bellamy’s… something. She should, at least, figure out what she doesn’t like about her. He’s her best friend and she’s gotten along with most of his hook-ups. Though, she has to admit, none of them have hung around him this long.

The point is, once she understands why she doesn’t get along with his… whatever she is to him (because there absolutely has to be a reason for it), she might be able to look Bellamy in the eye again without feeling like she’s doing something wrong and just barely getting away with it.

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stellwrath  asked:

I love, love, LOOOVE your comics, art and story and I NEED you you keep doing these because I need to see more khadgrin stuff <3 Now for my question. What would happen if khadgar thought someone was hitting on Peregrïn? Like showing off things they are good at trying to impress her?

Thank you so much for your love *w* !! I will definitely keep doing all of this ! 

It’s funny I’ve got a few asks about jealous!Khadgar ! And… yeah we know he is. My stuff being based on the books, we know he is xD He’d be grumpy and try to know more (spy on them ?? okay silly sketch ensues)
I think the worst thing would be if a guy actually made her laugh xD She’s friendly so she’d probably not even suspect a thing.
(Though, honestly ? He has nothing to worry about. He’s her sun and her home.)

Again, that would mostly be in their youth. That’s one of the reasons why I enjoy drawing their teen years, there’s a lot of fun to have xD

An Explosion of Feelings - Ayay - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Naruto
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Hatake Kakashi/Shiranui Genma
Additional Tags: Feelings, Porn, Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, trauma ninjas are traumatized, kakashi’s a loser, honestly genma probably deserves better

Working title: Kakashi is fucked, both metaphorically and literally. A tribute to @blackkat’s truly delightful ‘Our Hearts are Dynamite’ Probably go read that instead.

Let Me Love You pt. 2

Summary: She never really looked at Bucky that way, but she just recently broke up with her ex-boyfriend and Bucky is more than willing to help her get her mind off of him. Maybe she would let him help, if only he would stop being so infuriatingly annoying for just one second. A five part mini-series based on Ariana Grande’s ‘Let Me Love You’

Word Count: 2,110

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Unnamed female character

A/N: Holy cow! I was not expecting that kind of feedback! Thank you guys so much, you have no idea how much this means to me! As promised, here is part two, and I hope that you like it.

Part one , part three, and part four here!

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It was Friday night.

It was girl’s night.

Getting to spend time with her friend’s had become something of a rarity. They were always somewhere, probably halfway across the world kicking ass. But this weekend they were home and- come hell or high water- they were going out; they were going to get totally drunk, eat a crazy amount of greasy food, watch terrible movies. The usual.

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Is that alright with you-A Soryu Oh ( Kissed by the baddest bidder) smut shot! (jealousy)

Soyu Oh was a silent man, who tended to disregard his own needs and emotions most of the time, especially when it came to feeling jealous towards you, his beloved girlfriend, knowing that his irrational behavior might scare you or even worse hurt you. But as he watched you talking to the Maruta guy in the doorway who confessed his feelings for you a few days ago, he couldn’t help but clench his fist in irritation as the man kept invading your personal space, acting too friendly towards you.

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