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Little Stephew fic with a protective Matt please!!!

Stephanie started slightly as she felt an arm slide around her waist, only to relax upon looking up and seeing her husbands face.

Thank god he was back from the bathroom, maybe he could get rid of the tipsy stranger who had sidled up far too close to her and had been churning out frankly disgusting comments regardless of how many times she flashed her wedding ring or said she was here with someone. It was moments like these, Stephanie would admit, that Matthew’s slightly jealous streak came handy.

“Sorry to interrupt-” Matt began, only for the man to cut him off with a wave. “Gittout, I have dibs.” At that, Steph saw Matt’s forced almost friendly expression turn to something a lot less neighbourly and more Hello Neighbour. “Actually no, you really don’t and I’d appreciate it if you stopped harassing my wife before I kick your fucking teeth in.” Matthew replied with a frankly unnerving smile. “Choice is yours, friend.”

My favourite kdramas-2016

Fun to watch: 

  • Oh my venus
  • Descendants of the sun
  • Page turner
  • Lucky romance
  • W
  • Shopping king Louie
  • Jealousy incarnate
  • Cheese in the trap
  • Reply 1988
  • Age of youth
  • Uncontrollably fond
  • The man living in our house
  • Weightlifting fairy kim bok joo
  • Doctors
  • Entertainer
  • Beautiful gong shim 


  • Moonlight drawn by the clouds
  • Hwarang
  • Moon lovers: scarlet heart ryeo
  • Legend of the blue sea (partly historical)
  • Six flying dragons

Crime, mystery, thriller, action

  • Remember
  • Let’s fight ghost 
  • Signal
  • The K2
  • Neighbourhood lawyer Jo Deul Ho
  • Police unit 38

Science fiction and fantasy

  • Goblin

*not placed in a particular order just in different genres*

Kdrama be like

Female lead: I’ve been single my whole life, men don’t find me interesting…

Male lead: *takes interest in her*

Suddenly, the rest of the male characters towards the female lead:

Some of my favorite K-Drama songs from 2016, part two.  listen here

01. Chanyeol & Punch - Stay With Me (Goblin)
02. Davichi - Forgetting You (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
03. Yoon Mi Rae - Always (Descendants of the Sun)
04. Basick & INKII - In the Illusion (W - Two Worlds)
05. Gummy - You Are My Everything (Descendants of the Sun)
06. Taeyeon - All With You (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
07. Crush - Beautiful (Goblin)
08. Noel - Again (Please Come Back Mister)
09. Sam Kim - Who Are You (Goblin)
10. Im Sun Hee - Will Be Back (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
11. Rocoberry - Console Myself (Bring it On, Ghost!)
12. SunBee - Hello (Shopping King Louis)
13. Han Hee Jung - Dreaming (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)
14. Woo Yerin - Struggling to You (Beautiful Gong Shim)
15. SALTNPAPER - Bye, Autumn (Jealousy Incarnate)
16. Bernard Park - DIRT (Beautiful Mind)
17. Echae En Route - Uneasy Romance (Another Miss Oh)
18. Elsa Kopf - IF (One More Happy Ending)
19. Tearliner (ft. Kim Go Eun) - Attraction (Cheese in the Trap)

No Doubts (Junhwe)

3126 Don’t talk about it!

Contains: Jealousy / Teasing / Biting / Marking / Begging

Request: Yeah. I actually got two requests for a Jealous Junhwe and it struck me in all the right places so I wrote it! 


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Some of my favorite K-Drama songs from 2016, part one.  listen here

01. BTOB - For You (Cinderella and the Four Knights)
02. Kim Jong Kook - Idiot (The Man Living in Our House)
03. K.Will - Say It! What Are You Doing (Descendants of the Sun)
04. Choi Sang Yeob - My Face is Burning (Beautiful Gong Shim)
05. MONSTA X - Tiger Moth (Shopping King Louis)
06. Coffee Boy - Found (Beautiful Gong Shim)
07. Chen & Punch - Everytime (Descendants of the Sun)
08. Jang Woo Ram - Love Cells (Beautiful Gong Shim)
09. J Rabbit - Monday to Sunday (Jealousy Incarante)
10. Minah - My First Kiss (Beautiful Gong Shim)
11. Jessi - My Romeo (Cinderella and the Four Knights)
12. SURAN - Step Step (Jealousy Incarnate)
13. Ben - Like a Dream (Another Miss Oh)
14. Ra.D - Lovesome (Jealousy Incarnate)
15. Lasse Lindh - Hush (Goblin)
16. Standing Egg - I’ll Pick You (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)
17. Cosmos Hippie - Maybe I Like You (Cheese in the Trap)
18. Kim Gun Ho - Wrongful Meeting (Jealousy Incarnate)
19. PSY - Entertainer (Jealousy Incarnate)

The bidders get jealous of MC’s ex at her high school reunion ~ KBTBB Request!

I received a request from a lovely anon for a head-canon where MC goes to her high school reunion with the guys and see her ex who she still has some fondness for and the guys get jealous.

Time for a little fluff and jealousy from the bidders!


Baba - ‘A high school reunion? Sounds like fun,’ Baba grinned as you told him about the upcoming reunion that was being held for your old classmates.
‘I wondered if you’d come along…I don’t really go to these things much…but with you,’ you remarked, trailing off as a blush touched your cheeks.
‘Of course I will pretty lady! Anything for you,’ he remarked, kissing your forehead softly. Truth be told, Baba felt an undeniable sense of pride that you would want him to accompany you to such an event.
Travelling to your hometown, the event itself was being held in a prominent old building that often hosted balls and other large scale events.
Regarding it with something of a wry grin as you both approached, you couldn’t help but look at Baba questioningly as he let out a chuckle.
‘It just seems so strange, coming to a place like this for an honourable reason,’ he murmured in your ear, making you smile as you rolled your eyes.
‘Try to behave,’ you responded, trying and failing to sound serious as Baba put an arm around your shoulders.
‘Anything for you pretty lady,’ he smiled, keeping you close as you both walked inside.
As you caught up with some old friends while Baba got you both some drinks, your friends were all talking about how good looking your boyfriend was.
‘He looks so mature! How did you even meet?’
‘I doubt you’d believe me even if I told you,’ you responded, smiling knowingly as Baba rejoined you.
‘Hey, did you know that Akira is here?’
‘Really?’ you asked in surprise.
‘Yeah, isn’t it strange that he’d come along to the same event,’ your friend smiled.
After talking with them for a little while longer, you had been enjoying a little time with your boyfriend when you heard a familiar voice.
Turning to the sound of your name being called, you found your ex boyfriend walking over to you, a warm expression touching his handsome features as he embraced you lightly.
‘I could hardly believe it when I heard you were here tonight…’
‘Yeah, me neither. It’s been forever,’ you responded, feeling Baba’s hand suddenly grip yours as you looked up to your boyfriend fondly.
‘Baba this is Akira, Akira this is my boyfriend, Mitsunari Baba,’ you remarked, seeing your ex glance between you with something of a forced smile that didn’t get past Baba.
‘It’s a pleasure,’ he nodded.
‘Likewise,’ Baba returned, ‘though we were actually just leaving. Come on pretty lady,’ he remarked, offering you a radiant smile as you bade a rushed farewell to your ex who seemed to gaze after you.
‘Baba, what’s going on? Why did you want to leave so soon?’ you asked once you were back in the car.
‘I didn’t like that guy…’ he remarked, his expression serious as he looked ahead.
‘Baba…he’s just an old friend. You know that right?’
‘He was stupid enough to give up someone as precious as you. I couldn’t even begin to comprehend such a thing. You are too rare a treasure…I can handle a lot of things, but the thought of losing you to another man? I just can’t…’
Looking at Baba in surprise, you were still processing his words as he looked somewhat guilty.
‘Are you jealous of him?’
Averting your gaze for a moment, you were about to say something when Baba sealed your lips with a kiss.
Feeling his hands in your hair, you were unable to deny him as you let out a slight gasp, giving Baba entrance as his tongue slipped inside your mouth.
‘Is it selfish of me to want you to myself?’ he uttered as he broke away, looking into your eyes with a mixture of love and concern.
‘No…I love you…’ you whispered, your voice weak from the intensity of his kiss as you leant your forehead against his.
You had never imagined such a passionate night would be the result of a high school reunion…

Soryu - When you received the news that a high school reunion was being held in your hometown, you debated over whether or not to go.
You knew you would be able to get the time off work, but honestly, you would have preferred to go with Soryu. Though you had no idea what he would make of it.
Soryu was a busy man…would he really want to be bothered by something as seemingly trivial as a high school reunion?
Going to meet Soryu at his office after work, you had taken the letter with you, deciding to ask him about it then.
Being greeted by an ever cheerful Inui, he directed you into Soryu’s office, telling him that the mobster had been expecting you.
As Soryu glanced up the moment the door opened, he offered you a warm smile as he stood up from his desk.
‘I was wondering when you’d come by,’ he remarked, offering you a gentle kiss.
‘Actually, I had something I wanted to run by you,’ you responded, holding up the letter you had received as Soryu looked over it curiously.
‘A high school reunion?’
‘Yeah…I’ve never been to one before, but I wanted to know if you would come with me…I understand if your too busy, but-’
‘You want me to join you?’ Soryu remarked, looking somehow surprised.
‘Of course I do. You’re my boyfriend. I’d love to introduce you to my old school friends,’ you responded with a smile, making him blush slightly as he averted your gaze.
‘Well, when you put it like that…I couldn’t possibly say no,’ he responded, taking your hand in his as he felt a swell of pride at the thought that you wanted him to go with you.
The following week; having travelled back to your hometown, you both headed straight to the hotel to get ready before going to the reunion that night.
Dressing in a form fitted blue silk dress; Soryu couldn’t take his eyes off you when you walked out of the bedroom.
‘Do I look okay?’
‘Breathtaking,’ he responded, slipping his arms around your waist as he placed a gentle kiss on your nose.
‘Are you sure we have to go tonight?’ he muttered, his sultry voice making your cheeks go red as you nodded.
‘Yes we do!’ you responded, your voice a little higher than normal as he chuckled at your reaction.
The evening was going well after you arrived at your old high school. Mingling with your old friends, although Soryu seemed a little withdrawn at first, he watched over you fondly as you enjoyed yourself.
It was only when he heard a man’s voice calling out your name that Soryu tensed up. Wishing he had his gun on him, Soryu turned as you greeted an unfamiliar man with a smile.
‘Haru! It’s been so long!’ you smiled, ‘how have you been?’
‘I’m great, but look at you, you look beautiful.’
Averting his gaze at the complement, you went on to introduce your boyfriend.
‘Haru this is Soryu Oh, my boyfriend. Soryu, this is my ex, Haru,’ you remarked, feeling Soryu’s arm slip around your waist comfortably as you stepped in beside him.
Staring at him in a seemingly uninterested manner, Soryu really wished he had his gun.
‘Well, erm, it was really good to see you,’ Haru remarked, his gaze constantly shifting to your boyfriend as you tilted your head to the side.
‘Is everything okay?’
‘Yeah, fine. Actually I was hoping to run into you but I wasn’t expecting you to be dating someone…’
‘Of course she is. I’m a lucky man that someone was stupid enough to give her up,’ Soryu responded, something of a smirk touching his lips as you glanced to him in surprise.
After making a hasty retreat after that, the rest of the evening went along smoothly, though Soryu remained close to you after that, showing you discreet signs of affection when he got the chance.
By the time you left, your curiosity had gotten the better of you. While Soryu draped his jacket over your bare shoulders, you breathed in his scent as you looked up to him fondly.
‘Were you…Were you jealous before? Of Haru?’
Looking away from you; Soryu seemed to consider your question for a moment before nodding.
‘Yes…I am more than aware that you didn’t have a good first impression of me. I feel guilty just thinking of it. But it annoyed me that he assumed you’d be single. Like he didn’t realise just how much of an incredible woman you are. I wasn’t about to let that slip.’
Gripping his hand, you came to a stop, tugging on Soryu’s hand lightly as he turned to look at you, concerned you were upset with him.
Reaching up you cupped his face in your hands and kissed his lips softly.
‘I love you,’ you whispered, missing the deep blush on Soryu’s face and he captured your lips with his, pulling you close.
‘Let’s go home,’ he breathed in your ear, ‘I want to finish what I started earlier…’

Ota - ‘A high school reunion, huh? Sounds fun!’
When you discovered that your high school was having a reunion, you weren’t sure about the idea of going. It actually surprised you that Ota was enthusiastic for it, though you still weren’t convinced.
After some consideration, you had eventually decided to go, hoping that it would be a good chance for Ota to meet some of your old friends.
What you hadn’t planned on, was your ex attending the same reunion.
It wasn’t that you had ended on bad terms, but when you thought about it, Hitoshi was very different from Ota…
‘Hey!’ he beamed, enveloping you in a warm embrace. ‘It’s wonderful to see you.’
‘You too Hitoshi,’ you smiled, ‘it’s been years.’
‘It really has.’
As Ota watched over the two of you talking away about old memories from your school days, he couldn’t help but feel the jealousy welling up within him.
Were you trying to make him jealous?
As soon as the thought entered his mind, Ota dismissed it all too easily. Of course not. You were so innocent, you probably had no idea that you were upsetting your boyfriend.
Wearing his usual glasses, you weren’t sure how people were fooled by his disguise, but it worked.
‘This is my boyfriend, Ota,’ you remarked, gesturing to him, though Ota looked entirely bored.
Nice to meet you. You look familiar, did we go to school with you?’ you ex asked politely.
‘No,’ he answered curtly, leaving you feeling uneasy as you continued talking with Hitoshi.
After he had walked away from you both, you turned to Ota with exasperation.
‘Why were you being so rude?’
‘He didn’t interest me. Would you be happy if I was talking so happily with my ex?’
‘Well…no, but…’
‘So what do you want me to do?’
‘Nothing,’ you responded with a sigh, sounding utterly defeated.
‘Let’s just go home,’ you remarked, giving up on the idea of having a nice evening and leaving.
Sitting in the car with Ota on the way back to Tres Spades, you didn’t say a word.
Watching the scenery pass you by, you couldn’t help but feel a weight in your chest. You were happy with Ota. You didn’t need anyone else. So why did he have to act that way?
By the time you got back, it was incredibly late and you just wanted to go to sleep and forget about the reunion. It had been a mistake to go.
Going up to the penthouse level, the other bidders were still around in the living area.
‘Hey, how was your reunion?’ Baba asked with a smile.
‘Fine,’ you responded, your voice flat as Eisuke glanced between you and Ota.
‘Did something happen?’ Eisuke asked with a raised brow.
‘No. I just don’t feel like chatting. I’m going to bed,’ you responded, walking out of the room without a second glance to your boyfriend as you headed to the suite that you shared.
Once the door was closed, you kicked off your heels and felt the slight ache as your feet touched the plush carpet and you let out a sigh.
Hearing the door behind you as you went into the bathroom, you were taking off your make-up when Ota appeared in the reflection of the mirror.
Dropping your gaze, you became aware of his hands on your hips, slipping around you as he rested his head on your shoulder.
‘You don’t see what I see…’
Looking up to meet his gaze in the reflection, his expression was completely serious as he held you close.
‘What do you mean?’
‘The way they look at you. So many guys are drawn to you because you are so pure and honest in yourself. I get irritated by it…maybe you think it’s immature but I didn’t like that guy. He clearly wanted you back, even if you can’t see it.’
Ota knew he was lucky to have you. Even if he struggled to openly admit it. He knew he had issues and his ways of dealing with it definitely couldn’t be considered normal, but you humoured him anyway. You put up with him and for the life of him, he couldn’t work out why. What had he done to deserve you?
‘You were jealous?’
Seeing him avert your gaze with a slight pout, a blush touched his cheeks as he reluctantly admitted to it.
Turning in his arms, your expression softened as you leant your forehead against his.
‘I love you, Ota…’ you remarked, your voice gentle.
‘I love you more,’ he uttered, his eyes meeting yours as he suddenly captured your lips in a passionate kiss.
Bracing yourself against the sink, you had hardly a moment to catch your breath when Ota’s hands wrapped around your thighs and lifted you up.
Wrapping your legs around his waist, Ota carried you to the bedroom and set you down gently on the bed.
‘Let me show you how much…’ he breathed, his eyes looking into yours with love as he hovered over you. He left no illusions that night as to how much he treasured you.

Mamoru - ‘I just don’t get why I have to come to this thing…’
Breathing a sigh, you were starting to wonder yourself whether or not it was a good idea.
‘It’s my high school reunion…everyone brings their partners to reunions like this.’
‘Great…a night with a bunch of kids and brats. Just what I need.’
Thinking it was useless to argue with him, you suggested that Mamoru just wait in the car or come back to pick you up later.
Noticing the frustrated expression on your face, Mamoru put out his cigarette as he put an arm around your shoulders.
‘Come on, don’t get mad at me. You said yourself you weren’t sure if you wanted to come to this damn event.’
‘No but sometimes; I just wish that you’d consider how I feel. I thought if I brought you along to my high school reunion I’d be able to enjoy introducing you to some of my old friends. But I’m not going to force you if you don’t want to be here…’
Ignoring his calls as you turned around and walked inside, you couldn’t help but feel your mood dropping as you looked around at all the couples who were there together. It was just as you had expected. Pulling yourself together and reassuring yourself that you could still enjoy your evening, you went ahead and found some of your old school friends chatting away.
As they turned to you, you found yourself instantly drawn into a conversation with them, chatting about how long it had been and what everyone was doing now. It was strange to think it had been so many years since you had been among these people, though as the topics turned to work and partners, you couldn’t help but feel a little disheartened.
Maintaining your smile as you suppressed a sigh, you had been listening intently when a voice called your name.
Turning around and finding a familiar face, you couldn’t help the honest smile that finally touched your lips as you saw your ex boyfriend.
‘Hey! How have you been?’ he smiled, putting his arms around you in a warm embrace.
‘I’m good. I didn’t expect to see you here…’
‘I could say the same about you! This is the first reunion I’ve seen you at,’ he responded.
‘Well it is a fair distance to travel,’ you admitted.
‘Are you here alone? Looking as beautiful as you are tonight, I’d have though you’d have someone with you.’
‘I do, though he’s not really a fan of this sort of thing,’ you responded, trying to act as though it didn’t bother you.
‘Well he’s missing out, you look great.’
Things had ended on good terms with your ex and while you hadn’t thought about him for a long time, you couldn’t help but feel happy to see him. That was when a familiar voice rang out behind you.
‘There you are sweetheart, I’ve been lookin’ for you.’
Feeling an arm slip around your waist as Mamoru pulled you in close, you noticed the way he seemed to be studying your ex.
‘Ah, this is my boyfriend, Mamoru Kishi. Mamoru this is an old friend of mine and ex boyfriend from high school.’
‘Nice to meet you,’ your ex remarked politely, extending a hand, which Mamoru shook firmly.
‘Yeah. I’m sure you’re real thrilled about me showin’ up. I hate to cut it short, but I’ve got a date with this beautiful girl right here,’ he responded, making you blush as he pulled you away from the conversation, barely allowing you to say goodbye as he walked you from the building.
‘Mamoru! Hang on, what was that??’ you remarked, though he didn’t stop until you had both rounded the corner. Pulling you in close, Mamoru kissed you so deeply and with such passion that all other thoughts became incomprehensible.
‘Mamo…’ you uttered breathlessly as your lips finally parted. Feeling one hand firmly around your waist and another in your hair, you were completely at his mercy as he regarded you with desire in his gaze.
‘I’m sorry for makin’ you mad sweetheart…but seein’ that guy getting so friendly with ya…I just couldn’t hold back. It’s crazy how jealous you make me. I love you baby girl…you know that right?’
Nodding, you could barely form a response as Mamoru captured your lips with his again. He might drive you crazy sometimes, but it didn’t compare to how much you loved this man.

Eisuke - When you discovered your high school was having a reunion, you were initially excited at the thought of asking Eisuke to go, though he seemed relatively uninterested in the idea.
‘Okay,’ you responded, your shoulders slumping slightly as you headed back to work.
Thinking it over as you left the suite, Eisuke started to think perhaps he had been too dismissive.
Noticing that your laptop was still open on his coffee table, Eisuke saw a pretty blue dress on your screen. It was simple, but definitely elegant. Realising how much you probably missed your old friends, Eisuke began to consider that maybe you had wanted to introduce him to your friends.
It had been worth telling you he had changed his mind for your reaction alone. Though it got even better when he presented you with the dress you had been looking at online.
He had been so proud as he watched you chatting with your old friends that night. The girls were actually pleasant and didn’t fawn over Eisuke like most would. Granted, a lot of them had partners themselves, but he still appreciated their relaxed attitude towards him.
It was only when your friend started to forewarn you about something that a voice called your name.
Looking around to see none other than your ex boyfriend, Eisuke felt you tense slightly as you were rendered completely speechless.
‘Hey, it’s been a long time.’
‘It has,’ you responded, offering him a smile as Eisuke studied him carefully. Who the hell was this guy?
‘Katsu, this is my boyfriend, Eisuke Ichinomiya. Eisuke, this is Katsu. I dated him for a little while in high school,’ you remarked, glancing to him and seeing the grim expression that touched his face.
‘Mr. Ichinomiya,’ Katsu remarked, extending his hand, though Eisuke turned his nose up at it.
‘I have no interest in speaking with someone such as you, much less exchanging pleasantries. I’m sure that you regret giving her up. She is a rare treasure. I suppose for that I should thank you.’
‘Thank me?’
‘For being idiotic enough to think you could do better…it’s allowed me to show her the life she deserves.’
Taking your hand, Eisuke pulled you out of the hall and away from your old school.
‘Just come,’ he sighed, his voice laced with irritation as he led you back to his waiting car.
During the drive back, you had been relatively quiet, looking out of the window as you considered what Eisuke had said. Was he jealous? Was he mad at you…?
The latter of the options seemed the most likely, but you still didn’t understand.  
‘What are you thinking?’
His voice seemed softer as he spoke to you know, making you glance to your boyfriend as he regarded you carefully. You could only make out his face under the passing streetlights, but somehow, he looked concerned.
‘A lot of things…’ you admitted.
‘Care to indulge me?’
Taking a moment to think over what you wanted to say, one thing stood out to you beyond all else.
‘You were wrong…with what you said before.’
‘What do you mean?’
‘I’m not deserving,’ you responded quietly. As Eisuke’s eyes widened, he studied your expression and tried to understand why you would feel that way.
‘I hear it all the time. How lucky I am. From the girls at work or anyone who sees you. But I don’t believe I’m anything special enough to deserve it.’
Hearing a click, you realised Eisuke had unclipped your seatbelt as he pulled you into his lap.
‘I won’t hear any more,’ he stated, cupping your face in his hands.
‘You are more deserving of this life than any woman I have ever met. You don’t see why everyone is drawn to you. The other bidders make passes at you all the time and you think they’re just being nice. You have no idea what it does to me when I watch these men think that they can claim you. But to think that someone as pathetic as him could make you question what you deserve…I will never allow that.’
Kissing you deeply, Eisuke’s hands held you close in a warm embrace. His touch was so gentle, yet his kisses gave no illusion as to how deep his feelings for you went.  

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Is that alright with you-A Soryu Oh ( Kissed by the baddest bidder) smut shot! (jealousy)

Soyu Oh was a silent man, who tended to disregard his own needs and emotions most of the time, especially when it came to feeling jealous towards you, his beloved girlfriend, knowing that his irrational behavior might scare you or even worse hurt you. But as he watched you talking to the Maruta guy in the doorway who confessed his feelings for you a few days ago, he couldn’t help but clench his fist in irritation as the man kept invading your personal space, acting too friendly towards you.

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Let Me Love You pt. 2

Summary: She never really looked at Bucky that way, but she just recently broke up with her ex-boyfriend and Bucky is more than willing to help her get her mind off of him. Maybe she would let him help, if only he would stop being so infuriatingly annoying for just one second. A five part mini-series based on Ariana Grande’s ‘Let Me Love You’

Word Count: 2,110

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Unnamed female character

A/N: Holy cow! I was not expecting that kind of feedback! Thank you guys so much, you have no idea how much this means to me! As promised, here is part two, and I hope that you like it.

Part one , part three, and part four here!

Originally posted by agent-peggy

It was Friday night.

It was girl’s night.

Getting to spend time with her friend’s had become something of a rarity. They were always somewhere, probably halfway across the world kicking ass. But this weekend they were home and- come hell or high water- they were going out; they were going to get totally drunk, eat a crazy amount of greasy food, watch terrible movies. The usual.

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Double Agent Vader fic: The Unstolen Child

@tendokage asked what Double Agent Vader thinks of the Inquisitors, which gave me the kick I needed to finally finish this fic.

This one is set between ANH and ESB, so follows almost all of the fics I’ve published in this ‘verse so far, except for Apology Accepted.

A little insight into what Ahsoka’s been up to in the Rebellion, as well as why the Empire seems to be mysteriously short on candidates for the Inquisitor Program…

The Unstolen Child

Ahsoka crouched low in the musty darkness of the cramped closet and focused all her thought on disappearing. Emptiness, she thought. I am nothing. We are nothing. We are air and shadow and there is no presence here.

Behind her, Aneeya Adu was shaking soundlessly in the dark, one hand clasped over her daughter Oholi’s mouth. Ahsoka knew they were there because she could feel the air they displaced, the solidity of other bodies in a close space. But she couldn’t sense them in the Force.

She had to make certain that remained the case.

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