oh the inverted world

The signs as alternative albums

Aries- White Noise // PVRIS

Taurus- Like Vines // The Hush Sound

Gemini- Oh Inverted World // The Shins

Cancer- Clouded // This Wild Life

Leo- Folie a Deux // Fall Out Boy

Virgo- The 1975 // The 1975

Libra- More Than Just A Dream // Fitz and The Tantrums 

Scorpio- Death of A Bachelor // Panic! At The Disco

Sagittarius- Homesick // A Day To Remember

Capricorn- Beacon // Two Door Cinema Club

Aquarius- The Dream Walker // Angels & Airwaves

Pisces- Put Yourself Back Together // Real Friends

-sa ✨

anonymous asked:

what are some good jalex one shots or stories? i need something to read.

ooh man prepare for a lot. i’m constantly reading jalex lmao and i have sooo many faves. 

would you believe me if i said i didn’t need you - i recommend literally anything by this author. but this one. it is so, so good. here’s her account bc wow she’s amazing: forever young. 

keep your friends close and your enemies closer - fucking wonderful enemies to lovers fic. truly iconic. 

a beautiful disaster - a beautiful, long story that makes me so emo. 

sleep - a really sad one shot. tw: rape.

endlessly - an angel/demon au that i am obsessed with. 

violet - my favorite smut one shot of all time. alex in purple? mmm.

oh, inverted world - college au. 

the chocolate cake analogy - a very long, very fluffy ongoing jalex fic.

69, bro! the walk of no shame - bc how could i not link this one. seriously. you have to read this. smutty and wonderfully bro-ish. 

poison - the infamous prostitute fic. this is everything. 

wet hot american summer - alex is so horny in this one. you’ll love it. 

can we fast-forward to go down on me? - another sex pollen! i love those. 

my head’s a prison and nobody visits - if you really want to hurt, read this jalex/merrikat love triangle. 

fireworks - the very infamous jalex fic that’s kind of a rite of passage. 

and just to shamelessly plug myself, i have written four stories:

hell is so close to heaven 

the beach house

stay together for the kids

don’t get your hopes up

i hope that’s enough! you can always send another ask and ask for more if you want. :)