oh the inverted world

The signs as alternative albums

Aries- White Noise // PVRIS

Taurus- Like Vines // The Hush Sound

Gemini- Oh Inverted World // The Shins

Cancer- Clouded // This Wild Life

Leo- Folie a Deux // Fall Out Boy

Virgo- The 1975 // The 1975

Libra- More Than Just A Dream // Fitz and The Tantrums 

Scorpio- Death of A Bachelor // Panic! At The Disco

Sagittarius- Homesick // A Day To Remember

Capricorn- Beacon // Two Door Cinema Club

Aquarius- The Dream Walker // Angels & Airwaves

Pisces- Put Yourself Back Together // Real Friends

-sa ✨


@kangyungbrian tagged me to post nine albums i’ve been listening to and then tag ninne people, thanks ash<33

1. Hozier- Hozier I really like this album and his voice, my fav song from it is Cherry wine bc i find it so calm and relazing, plusit’s really important
2. Al1- seventeen One of my fav kpop albums, don’t wanna cry is honestly my life
3. I like it when you sleep […]- The 1975 I love the 1975, their music is so good and different and i really love songs like A Change of heart and Somebody else
4. Sigh no more- Mumford and sons I can listen to literally all of the songs on this album. Dust bowl dance is such a nice song tbh
5. Exit: E- Winner Pricked, i’m young, taehyun. Do I have to say anything else
6. Pomade- Drug Resturant I fucking love this band, man
7. Oh, inverted world- The shins So this album is so good, The Shins are something special
8. Kwon Ji Yong- G-dragon I love Gd, an amazing album. Untitled, 2014 is my jam. Also this album is the reason i started talking to a guy?
9. Everybody- Logic Can I just say that this album is so important. 1-800 and Anziety are needed songs. Everything he talks about is just, important. Idk the songs are overall so fucking great and I stan the whole album tbh

So imma go ahead and tag @angelboyjeonghannie @babyunbaek96 @look-its-bts-trash @wonfeels @who-is-a-kpop @reihyung @nyxbam @mystarsinthesky and @x072195x