oh the inanity!

happy inauguration

a poem i wrote commemorating this occasion….

a tuft of gold, a hat of red

a man who says the things unsaid

who belittled rubio, scandalized cruz

who refused and refused to lose

pundits, journalists, dumbly floored

november eighth, 3-0-4

how the left, and middle, all griped and groaned–

“we didn’t see it coming! we couldn’t have known!”

oh the beautiful bluster of inane innocence!

when will history teach us common sense?

we’ve seen it before, how can we act like it’s new?

from the church in charleston to world war II

that scorching flame that drives friends apart

and worms its way into trembling hearts

even now that i know, i shiver when i say it;

the word on my tongue, the bitter thing hatred.



<3 huei 

Oh dear, I hopped on Tumblr in hopes there would be some posts scrutinizing the new Sherlock episode, but I’ve been greeted by the sight of seemingly endless and unfiltered rage… 0.0

Personally, I enjoyed the episode, but I understand why people are upset. I just hope all this settles down. It did seem awfully strange they left it on such a…not-cliffhanger. Maybe they’re still leading up to something? I still have faith in the show and its writers, in any case.


look at amethyst! look at how excited she is over the prospect of teaching peridot, and especially something that’s such a vital part of her own life. look how important it is to her that peridot is included and doesn’t feel left out and inadequate, to uplift and validate her!



So earlier this evening I was in Dunkin Donuts with a friend.

And it was only an hour or so before closing so they didn’t have much left, but they still had like, 3 dozen donuts and a bunch of munchkins.

And the guy in front of us in line just buys ALL THE DONUTS. Literally, all of the ones they have.

And then he turns to everyone in the shop and says, “Who wants donuts?”

So he took a couple of the donuts he bought, and told the rest of us to take however many we wanted. Then he left them at a table and told the people behind the counter that whoever came in to buy donuts could just take them, because he had already paid for them all.

It was amazing. The kindness of strangers, man.

I want to take this moment to appreciate Laura Hall and Linda Taylor on Whose Line is it Anyway.

Because we all know the comedians are funny. Ryan and Colin and Wayne and Aisha (and Drew in the old Whose Line) and whoever the rotating guest is. They’re all great.

But like Laura Hall and Linda Taylor have amazing improvisational music talent. Especially in the game Greatest Hits, where Colin and Ryan have free reign to name any song style or artist out of nowhere, and then those two women play those styles.

A couple of weeks ago they called for a “Neil Young and Kanye West duet”. Seriously. Where does that come from?

So props and accolades and appreciation to Laura Hall and Linda Taylor. Whose Line is all the better for you there.


Because I am WAY too Danny Phantom to live right now and it’s nearly one am and I realized I could do this and thought it was a good idea:

Have a terrible fifteen minute Ember McLain closet cosplay!

I realized I had the proper colored wig and I own a lot of black clothes so…with some REALLY hasty eye make up and a quick ponytail and pinning of clothes this happened!

I don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed, but if I wanted to I think it would be pretty easy for me to put together an actual Ember cosplay.

Though I’m not sure I want to paint myself her blue-gray ghostly pallor.

But seriously I think I want Swimming Anime to be filled with bad puns about swimming all the time. Regardless of whether it is played as straight up sports anime, if it turns into some kind of psychological horror with a straight up Madoka Magica twist, if it becomes a BL dating sim, whatever genre! Just…swimming puns.

“We’ve just gotta dive right in!”

“Let’s take the plunge”

“I’m kinda out at sea here, what’s going on?”

“I’m sure these new uniforms will really make a splash!”

“The swim team is really making waves this year”

Et cetera…all delivered by one character (Probably whichever is the Swim Team Captain/Senpai, as long as that guy isn’t the tsundere character) with a sly wink and groans from the rest of everybody.

longroadstonowhere replied to your post: Dreamblogging again, for the first time in a…

now i want to find and buy a crop top like that for todd, just to confuse you

That would be totally hilarious. But would he wear it? That is another question entirely. It is one thing to own a ridiculously neon crop top. It is another thing to wear it (and another still to wear it to the gym?)

Last DP post was about things I thought happened earlier in the series, and now I’m realizing there are a bunch of things I thought happened later.

(1) The Episode “Prisoners of Love” - which is episode 8. That’s the one where Danny accidentally knocks his dad’s anniversary gift for his mom into the ghost zone and Walker arrests him. I’ve never actually seen the first five minutes of it before, and I think the only other time I’ve seen it was sometime during when Season 3 was airing, so that explains why I thought it happened later

(2) Jazz finding out Danny’s Secret. I could have sworn that happened in season 2, but it happens in “My Brother’s Keeper” - episode 9. And there are 20 episodes in the first season.

(3) The episode “Shades of Gray” - where Danny accidentally destroys Valerie’s life and she gets the tech and becomes the Red Huntress. Again, I could have sworn that was also season 2.

Man…I’m realizing while I remember all these episodes, there’s a lot that I really forgot. 

So I’m rewatching the entirety of Danny Phantom because of reasons.

And I’m only on episode six, but like - that’s the first episode where he has and uses the ecto-beam ghost ray. That’s kinda far in the series considering it’s such a basic power.

Also, the Box Ghost shows up for the first time in episode three, which is also the first appearance of Skulker. Which, again, I figured he showed up earlier. Or rather, forgot that he didn’t.

Not quite going to liveblog, but might occasionally comment.

I love Danny Phantom.


Junko Enoshima cosplay test! Just in time for all those conventions I’m not going to.

Rough test here - no makeup, no wig cap, and one of the shoes is not yet red-laced (I ran out of lace. It took three and a half meters of string to lace the one boot).

But I think it looks good! I’m actually really proud of how it came out - it’s not the best cosplay, but it’s the first one where I made a bunch of pieces on my own and used my new sewing machine and I’m pretty pleased.