oh the humor these two have

  • Leo: merry Christmas!
  • Guang-Hong: merry Christmas. Can I open the package now?
  • Leo: yes!
  • Guang-Hong: *rips open box* oh. *breaks into a huge smile*
  • Leo: do you like it?
  • Guang-Hong: it's adorable.
  • Leo: my name means lion and I know you have stuffed bears so I figured a stuffed lion-
  • Guang-Hong: you're cute when you babble.
  • Leo: *blushes* I love you.
  • Guang-Hong: I love you too. *blushes* Open your card.
  • Leo: ...what is this?
  • Guang-Hong: a receipt. For a plane ticket. I'm coming to visit you. Pick me up at the airport at five o'clock, Monday.
lost and found

summary: adrien and marinette get drunk together, adrien spills his guts, and marinette quickly realizes that the partner she lost two years ago after the defeat of hawkmoth is right in front of her. oh, boy. aged up AU.

genre: romance, humor, angst, crying children 

cross-posted: ao3


“Do you remember Ladybug and Chat Noir?”

Marinette felt her brow furrow in a knee-jerk reaction. She almost wanted to laugh. Did she remember Ladybug and Chat Noir? She had lived and breathed Ladybug and Chat Noir. They formed a core part of her soul. But it had been a long, long time since Paris had needed its heroes.

After the defeat of Hawkmoth, Chat Noir had disappeared. And after a few weeks of showing up on rooftop after empty rooftop waiting fruitlessly for her partner to come out from the shadows, Marinette had forced herself to retire Ladybug as well. After a tearful goodbye with Tikki, she’d handed the earrings back to Master Fu and assured him that if evil ever returned to Paris, she’d take them back in a heartbeat.

The depression that had ensued had been unfathomable in its depth. The eighteenth year of Marinette’s life was a black hole that she hardly remembered.

Subconsciously, Marinette raised a hand to one unadorned earlobe. It was only when she saw Adrien look at her curiously, cautiously, that she realized she hadn’t responded yet. “Uh—uh-huh,” she said, nodding.

“Well, what if…” Adrien’s eyes fell to his hands, which were folded in his lap, but he appeared to force himself to look back at her once more before continuing to speak. “Mari, what if I told you that I was Chat Noir?”

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Fluffy headcanons of Unknown with a s/o that’s a lot like Seven? 

  • ‘Oh no not another one’
  • ‘One Saeyoung was enough aND NOW THERE’S TWO’
  • He’s kinda salty at first
  • Because you have the same crappy sense of humor as Saeyoung
  • and the same god-awful puns
  • jfc pls stop
  • You did share some of Saeyoung’s serious traits though
  • You both are incredibly selfless and loyal
  • but you also carry the same seriousness and crippling self-doubt
  • He has to deal with the same negative and positive traits of the both of you
  • But Saeran loves you both immensely nonetheless
  • He manages to pull through for the both of you
  • Bless this sweet child
S'more Otayurio
  • Otabek: Sorry to disappoint, Yuri, but you do not have a "mean look".
  • Yurio: Oh please, I have a mean look! It makes people quiver in their boots!
  • Otabek: If by "people" you mean "adorable baby kittens", then yes. Before they wobble over and lick your face.
  • Yurio: *glares daggers at Otabek*
  • Otabek: Aw, look at all of the kittens coming over! How adorable!

-I’m from the future! I’m here to-
-Kill Trump! Yes! Thank God!
-What? No! Trump was the greatest President of the Twenty-First century! His two terms fixed America in immeasurable ways.
-…what? Impossible!
-No, truly.
-Then why are you here?
-Came back to grab some Hershey bars. Don’t have ‘em in the future. Yum Yum.
-Why not?
-Haha! Trump banned all black colored candy.
-Oh my God! See! He’s insane-
-Black candy was found to cause diabetes 100 times faster than any other candy. He won a lot of prizes for the ban.
-What the fuck. What about that Pence guy? He’s downright evil.
-Father Pence? The first American Pope? The man who came out as gay in office and everyone was like “That makes sense” and he was like “Yeah, all of that scary stuff was just a front. Can I be Pope?” and everyone was like “A gay Pope? Sure, we’re all happy and peaceful now so why not?”
-…no no no. You’re not from the future, you’re just crazy.
-If I wasn’t from the future could I ollie on this skateboard like this?
-Damn. I was wrong.

“Ohhhhhh, no.”

Ted the Animator: “What? What’s wrong?”

Carl the Animator: “I can’t find any of the closeup cels of Velma’s mouth, and there’s no time to make new ones before the deadline.”

Ted the Animator: “…didn’t you tell me your kitten ripped those up? Like, two days ago?”

Carl the Animator: “…oh. Yeah.”

Ted the Animator: “Methinks this problem just maaaaybe could have been avoided via better planning.”

Carl the Animator: “My bad, my bad.”

Ted the Animator: “So, how’re you going to fix it?”

Carl the Animator: “Uh… well, why not just use Daphne’s mouth for a scene?”

Ted the Animator: “It’s totally different, though. Daphne has lipstick, and a different mouth shape.”

Carl the Animator: “Oh, come on, they’re nearly the same.”

Ted the Animator: “…beyond the fact that I don’t think Velma is really the ‘lipstick type,’ won’t it look weird and out-of-place? The viewers are all used to seeing her mouth look that one way for years.”

Carl the Animator: “Got a better idea that we can implement in the next 15 minutes?”

Ted the Animator: “…fine, go for it.”

Ted the Animator: “…yuuuup, that looks every bit as weird as I thought it would.”

Carl the Animator: “Hey, relax, it’s-”

Ted the Animator: “The executives are gonna get letters.”

Carl the Animator: “Shh, shh, shh, relax.”

Ted the Animator: “We’ll be in trouble, you know.”

Carl the Animator: “Calm down, calm down… say the mantra.”

Ted the Animator: “…”

Carl the Animator: “Say it.”

Ted the Animator: “’…the kids won’t notice.’”

Carl the Animator: “Good job.”

Ted the Animator: “The kids won’t notice.”

Carl the Animator: “Feel better?”

Ted the Animator: “Yeah, I guess. So, uh… what deadline was this for, anyway? Sending off footage for the final edit?”

Carl the Animator: “Huh? No, the pizza place closing at 7:30, duh.”

Ted the Animator: “…your work ethic is breathtaking, Carl.”

For the deValierites a Masterlist of my Theories

Here is my Veraverse Timeline

Here is a list of my Besame Mucho Theories

Here is a list of my Lily of the Lamplight Theories

Hypothesis for things not written

Here is my Plot Analysis of Finished Works

Bold = Recommended; Italicized = New

If you have more unanswered questions about George deValier’s work, feel free to ask.

Also, if you’re interested in how the process for making these theories works, here’s the deValier Think Tank.  Password is “deValier”.  But now it’s a team effort so we all stay motivated and keep moving.  You’re welcome to just watch us work.  So far it’s me, thatconvictcolony, and thehomosexualunit

If you’re interested in joining the Think Tank, please read the rules first and then send me the e-mail that links to your tumblr account.  I have to use that to invite people and I don’t keep them. 

Please do not use my theories to try and finish his works!!!  I am NOT OK WITH THAT!!  I want him to come back just as much as anyone, so give him that chance.  

I still believe he will come back some day.  And I want his stories to be there waiting if he does.

This is what I have so far.  I will update the list as I add more stuff.  But there’s like two of his works that I still haven’t read because I haven’t been emotionally prepared, plus I still need to re-read all of the rest of his stuff to get quotes and whatnot.  I’ll probably be more motivated after his message from May 29th 2015. (I still believe in him, I’ve come back to many hobbies I had years ago several times and it’s clear to me that he really loves this stuff.  So I believe in him)

Also, I know there is a mistake on the timeline that I haven’t fixed (one of the years got moved, it was happening a lot when I was making it and I just missed one).  If you see others, let me know.  I have the original document of that and can redo it.  

I have started writing my own fanfiction because it helps with the theories and it’s good for me.  You can find those here


request for: @one-cup-of-burgers

Paring: ReaderxGabriel

Word Count: 209

Hope that this is okay!! I’m terrible at dirty jokes haha


You sat on your couch with Gabriel, laughing and making jokes as the two of you watched some Netflix together. It was the first time in a month the two of you had been able to hang out and you were absolutely ecstatic. Gabriel had been your favorite angel ever since the day you two met.

“Gabeeee,” You whined, leaning your head on his shoulder. “We’re out of popcorn.”

He laughed and threw his arm around your shoulder before snapping his fingers and handing you some more popcorn.

“Is that enough popcorn for you?” Gabe joked, nudging your side.

“Oh yeah, this is great.” you grinned.

“That’s what she said.” Gabe winked and wiggled his eyebrows. You laughed lightly at his terrible joke. He always did have a dirty sense of humor.

“Okay, Gabe.” You rolled your eyes, smiling.

“And that’s what you’ll be saying later.” Gabe, once again, shot you a wink before stealing some of your popcorn and throwing it in his mouth.

You opened your mouth and then closed it, unaware of what to respond to the flirtatious angel.

Gabe smiled at you. “What’s wrong, sweets? Cat got your tongue?”

You looked up at Gabe before uncomfortably shifting in his arms.

“Alright, Gabe.” You sighed. “Alright.”

  • Me, an intellectual: Oh my leg hurts. I must have strained it yesterday when I was running. It will probably be okay in a day or two.

Expomise (WIP) by thankyouforexisting

Expomise: a transformation spell that bonds two objects together.
/ Yuuri is at Hogwarts. So is everyone else./

“Hey,” Yuuri dares to say, voice low, “Maybe we should write this down…?”

“Oh,” Victor blinks in surprise at him, his long fingers wrapped around a long dark brown wand, “Sure, you can take notes.”

Pause. Yuuri doesn’t really want to say anything, but he powers through. He’s going to make new friends and be more outgoing, he has to. “Aren’t you gonna do it, though? Do you have a really great memory?”

The boy stares at him as if he’s from another planet, “I’m Victor Nikiforov.”

Yuuri stares back, uncomprehending, “Yeah, you have a cool name.”

“No, I mean,” Victor purses his lips, frowning in confusion, glancing to check if their Professor’s looking at them, “I’m like, Victor Nikiforov.”

crocordile  asked:

number 16!

Is there a ship that made you realise something about yourself?

There is a ship that should have made me realize something about myself, and that is Phedre/Melisande, which was a ship that made me Feel a Lot of Things, and yet somehow I did not think “oh hey, I am definitely a kinky and queer person”.

I feel like most of my ships say something about me, most of it not particularly good. 

On a less humorous note: Steve/Loki as a ship made me realize that for all my love of fucked up pairings with people who hate/hurt each other, there is a lot of my heart that belongs to pairings with two hurting people who can help each other heal.

While sitting in his high-chair, your baby drops the spoon. You get up, pick it up from the floor, give it back to Baby - only for him to throw it away on purpose. 

If this scene sounds familiar to you, you might wonder why he does that. Is he rebellious and tries to upset you on purpose? Does he have a really silly kind of humor? No and no. In fact, your baby is busy conducting his very first scientific experiments. His brain is starting to understand two important concepts. 

The first one is called “Cause and Effect”: When i throw away the spoon, mom picks it up. When i do it again, she does it again. Oh, yay!

The second is called “Object permanence”: When i throw away the spoon, it disappears - No, it doesn’t, mom picks it up! It’s still there, even when i can’t see it!

To fully grasp these concepts, your baby needs to repeat those experiments again and again and again. That’s annoying to you - but try to smile at your little scientist! 

  • Anakin: Ahsoka's about to help lead her first campaign.
  • Padme: Ahsoka, how old are you?
  • Ahsoka: 14.
  • Anakin: ...
  • Ahsoka: ...
  • Padme: 14? Really?
  • Ahsoka: Yeah
  • Padme: Oh, excellent. I was 14 when I led my first military action, too. Great character builder, good place to meet future allies, life long friends, and hus...and other people. Have fun you two.
My addiction to my OTPs has completely ruined me for relationships.

Oh, you’re not a high functioning sociopath with predilections toward short army doctors? Sorry, no can do.

Oh, you don’t like to kill people and then eat them with your murder husband? Not my type.

So you won’t wear purple and makeup and blow a city to bits? We won’t mesh well.

You don’t have a strange fixation on a teen boy and don’t orchestrate encounters between the two of you on a constant basis so you can kill him? Nope! nopity nope!

Full of Hot Air (the animators, that is)

Oh noes! That dart is gonna pop one of Scooby’s balloons! 

What a catastrophe! There it goes, right into the-

…oh. It went right through the balloon, leaving it unharmed? And somehow made a little explosion effect happen two feet below, on top of the purple balloon?

…and none of the balloons popped.

What the heck just happened? Have I completely misunderstood how darts and balloons worked all my life? 

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Favorite Music/Artist: No particular favorite, in really digging the Hamilton soundtrack though for the past two months
Last TV Show Watched: Alaskan Bush People
What I’m Wearing Right Now: Leggings and a Pokémon t shirt
When Did I Create My Blog: oh gosh, 2009 maybe? I think it was just before I came to college.
What Kind Of Stuff Do You Post?: This blog is almost exclusively horse/western blog
Do I Have Any Other Blogs?: yessum
@whaddupsmalls is my personal blog filled with bad humor and anything else I think is cool
Do I Get Asks Regularly?: It’s been 84 years, and I can still see the 1 notification. The inbox had never been used, the asks had never been sent. My blog was called, the blog of dreams. And it was, it really was.
(…no bc I’m a loser lolololol)
Why Did I Choose My URL?: At the time I was leasing Facile and she is a little bay QH
Gender: Female
Pokémon Team: My Moon team is Alolan Raichu, Icineroar, Talonflame, Lapras, Mudsdale, Hypno
Favorite Colors: purple, yellow
Average Hours Of Sleep: 7 during the week, 10 on weekends
Favorite Characters: Well honestly I know there’s a bunch but all I can think of is Linda and Louise Belcher bc they are me
Dream Job: I would love to be a wildlife photographer or dog trainer, or perhaps stay at home dog mom
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watchashea  asked:

"To me Person of Interest is almost too flattering. Like, if the police were to pound on my door and go 'A man has been murdered in your building and you are a person of interest' I'd be like 'Moi? Oh do go on. Fresh.' "

john mulaney starter sentences | accepting.

                     “Can you be serious for like two fucking minutes…?
                     We saw like… three guys get murdered last week,
                     we have to think of a good alibi.”

anonymous asked:

39. describe your favourite spot in your house. 41. the best joke you have. 45. if you could combine two places in the world, which two places would you choose? 49. describe your pets ( or family if you dont have pets )

39. Favorite spot in the house: Propped up in the corner of my bed to read at night; curled against Qrow in the evening watching television; sitting at the dinner table with a glass of wine and all the faculty, laughing at a silly joke.

41. Best joke: Oh dear. This really isn’t my forte. My humor tends to be dry, sarcastic, and in the moment….I have this question in my inbox twice, so let me think about it….

45. Two places: Is it cheating to ask that I combine my house with the ability to move it to new locations? Rather like the Tardis, but less blue…

49. Pets: I have one cat, named Patches, who is a blue-eyed tortie and quite fat. Oobleck also has a tortie, but she is very small and very fluffy. Qrow and Glynda both have dogs (Qrow’s dog is adorable but…not smart). Oobleck also has a rose-gold colored snake, which terrifies Ruby. ^_^;;