oh the horror of messy lines

Fanfic - Take a Picture (It’ll last longer) - 1/1

Summary: The first time Barry and Iris finally sleep together only to have their friends “accidentally” take photographic evidence of it. 

Rating: M-ish

Word Count: 2903

Warning: Non-graphic oral sex and penetrative sex

AN: Written for Day 4: Vouyerism Thursday of Westallen Smut Week

Barry struggled to open his eyes against the bright glare of the sun. He groaned in pain at the headache that pounded like a hammer behind his eyes. His attempts to sit up resulted in a wave of nausea rippled through him. All in all he felt like crap.

Slowly his mind pieced together the events that happened the night before. Cisco and him held a “finals are over so lets get drunk” party for all their friends. Everyone had crammed into Barry and Cisco’s tiny apartment to drink to the point of blacking out. Barry in particular remembered having a few shots with Iris. That eventually led to other things…

Barry rolled over in bed to move closer to the body next to him. Even with his eyes straining to stay open through his headache Barry could make out the long black hair. The petite body curled against his longer one. The curves of her face soft in sleep.  Her soft brown skin barely covered by the sheets wrapped around her body. All those features belonging to his best friend Iris.

Last night had been the first time they slept together.

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