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“… I can’t believe you’re doing this”


*He tries to act cool, but it’s Jimin, se he breaks into an awkward giggle while speaking in a high pitched voice*
“Oh my God”


“Jesus Christ, is this my birthday? oh wait it is


/ … … This is too much for me … What am I supposed to do … /

Rap Monster

“I love being an adult”





Y/N: “…”
The girl: “What…”
Y/N: “I forgot Taehyung is not the brightest in some cases…”


[ Do you think Ardyn had little puppet shows in the throne room? You don’t hang up bodies just to have them hanging there. I doubt he did anything with them, but–

I really shouldn’t find that image as funny as I do.

Ardyn: -Comically high-pitched attempt at Luna’s voice.- Oh, King Regis, please save me from the evil Chancellor!
Ardyn: -Somehow poking fun at Regis’s accent.- I cannot, Luna! He is too powerful for me to defeat! I must bow to him! ]

Rhythm - 2

(part 1) | (part 3) | (part 4) | (part 5)

summary: you want her, you need her, and i’ll never be her
warnings: angst, injury, swearing
word count: 1501

Insufferable. It’s probably the best word you’ve come up with so far to describe him. He’s an absolute jerk, not only during the day, but also at night. Gone are the times you used to empathize with him when he’d wake up screaming his throat raw.  No more nightmares for Bucky Barnes, who stays up all night with his girlfriend and keeps you up all night to the sound of the headboard bashing against the wall or the hard, heavy panting or the high pitched voice saying “oh my god, Buck!” All. Night. Long.

You try to be happy for the bastard, you really do. You congratulate him on his one-month anniversary (even though it takes everything you have to not roll your eyes), you help his girlfriend make him a cake for his birthday, you even go as far as to extend an invitation to her for a night in with Nat, Sam, and Wanda. You try so damn hard to make sure that you aren’t showing just how much this is hurting you; the least he could do is make his sex life quieter.

It’s four a.m. right now and sounds from his bedroom are driving you insane. There’s a mission that you’re supposed to be up for in an hour and the amount of sleep you’ve gotten is precisely none. So you roll out of your empty bed, dressed in pyjama pants and an oversized t-shirt, yank open the door to your bedroom, stride across the hall to his room, and knock on his door. Three, short, loud knocks.

The screaming stops abruptly. There’s a groan, followed by shuffling sounds, then the door opens revealing Bucky, hair unkempt and breathing heavy and– and shirtless, with a sheen of sweat on his bare chest and boxers slung so low on hips. You swallow.

“Need somethin’, darling?” His voice is quiet; a husky whisper. There’s a smirk plastered on his face, but you can tell he’s annoyed by the set of his jaw.  

You clench and unclench you fists and keep your eyes on his face. “Yeah. Shut up, I’m trying to sleep.”

“Sorry doll, did I wake you?”

You exhale, nostrils flaring, trying hard to ignore the way your skin tingled when he said doll. “Don’t call me that.”

Bucky raises an eyebrow. “No?” You open your mouth to say more, but he slams the door shut in your face.

“We’re going to have to split up.” Steve’s yelling over the comms, and it’s doing nothing to help your headache, courtesy of Bucky and his S.O. You run your hands over your face, and listen in for your pairing, hoping to god that you’re paired with someone willing to cooperate. Read: anyone but James Buchanan Barnes.

“Buck, you and Y/N infiltrate the east base.” You choke on your spit, and Bucky glares at you. “There’s no heat signal there, so it’s most likely empty. Canvass the scene and see what you can find.”

You almost whine in frustration, but don’t say a word as you shove your gun into its holster and your knife into the sheath in your boot. “Let’s go.”

The jet drops you a small way from the HYDRA base. The walk is quiet, both of you scanning your surroundings for any sign of a threat. HYDRA’s smart. Even if Steve couldn’t pick up on a heat wave, you know to be careful.

When you arrive to the base, it’s empty as Steve predicted. There are no guards and the main doors are unlocked. You look over at Bucky. “You take the left side, I’ll take the right.”

For the first time in all the time you’ve known him, he doesn’t say anything snarky in response, only scowls, nods, and disappears to the left side of the building.

“Find anything?” You’re whispering into your comm, keeping your gun cocked and at the ready. The base is quiet, but something seems off.

“No,” the answer doesn’t come from the comms, and you whirl around to face the speaker, gun pointed in front of you. Bucky stands there, eyebrow cocked up in a bored fashion. He rolls his eyes, and then his expression is back to the permanent glare.

You drop the gun before speaking up. “Something’s wrong.” The entire thing seemed too easy. A HYDRA base, left completely empty, with nothing worthwhile to find? Unlikely.  

For a moment Bucky doesn’t say anything. His eyes keep scanning the room you’re in. Large, circular, with no windows. There are metal tables along the walls, with various miscellaneous tools around on them. Some sharp, some covered in blood. He walks over to one of the tables and picks up a scalpel, turning it in his hand. Then he drops it and turns to you, eyes wide. “We have to go, now.”

“Why, what happened?”

For the first time, Bucky doesn’t give you his omnipresent glare. “It’s a trap. The blood on the tools is fresh. The base is still warm. We were set up.”

Then he’s rushing towards the door, gun out and ready to attack. You follow behind him.

The first gunshot comes from the right, followed by another. You throw down a table and duck behind it, pulling Bucky down with you. “On the count–“ you lift your arms and fire, “–of three. You–“ you dodge another shot, “–run towards the–“ a bullet whizzes past your hair, “–fuck,  the door. I’ll cover.”

You reload your guns, count to three, and then you’re pushing Bucky towards the door. He’s falling back to shoot but you keep pushing him forward because you realize with a sudden jolt that you’re heavily outnumbered and if anybody needs to make it out of here, it’s Bucky. (Because fuck, there are so many people that need him. Steve needs him, Natasha, hell even Sam and Tony, and his girlfriend.) So you push him forward with your elbow as you shoot around you, and you’re almost at the door and Bucky’s stopped shooting now and he’s running out and you’re almost there and–

You feel the pain before you hear the sound of the gun. The bullet hits you in the abdomen, and you stagger backwards as another catches you in the shoulder. It’s not fatal, and you realize that they’re not shooting to kill – they’re shooting to capture.

You’re shooting blindly now, the hand of your injured shoulder on your stomach while the other unsteadily holds the gun. You can feel the blood seeping through your fingers but you don’t dare look down as you stumble forward, through the door. Someone’s yelling into your comms but the HYDRA agents are still on your tail and you’re moving as fast as you can and then someone’s grabbing onto your uninjured arm and pulling you forward. Your gun’s empty and it drops to the floor, and Bucky, who you realize is the one pulling you towards the jet, is covering the both of you this time.

How you make it back to the jet, you have no idea, but by the time you’re there, you know you’ve lost a lot of blood. Your face is pale and your hands are trembling, coated in scarlet liquid. Steve’s face is pure guilt, but the first one to say anything to you is Bucky.

“Are you fuckin’ stupid?” (You want to punch him. Really hard.) “What were you thinking, huh?”

You open your mouth to speak, but Bucky continues, “You could have died.” (You don’t have the energy to tell him that you’re dying right now, and if he could please shut the fuck up.) “Did you even consider that? Did you even bother –”

You close your eyes and lean your head back against the wall. “Bucky,” you croak out, cutting him off. Your voice is a whisper and everything’s hurting and you can’t feel your toes. He stops talking and you open your eyes, your gaze matching his. His eyes are blue – you notice – captivatingly blue.

“If I die–“ Steve, busy tending your injuries, tells you to stop talking like that and that you’re being dramatic, but you ignore him. “–if I die, I need you to know something.” The edges of your vision are hazy now, darkening.


You close your eyes again, this time for longer, and you have two super soldiers yelling at you to keep them open but you’ve lost so much blood.

You want to tell him, oh god, you want to tell him so badly, but a part of you, the part that’s congratulated him and baked with his girlfriend and watched chick flicks with her, is telling you to stop, to not say anything, because he’s already carrying the weight of the world. He doesn’t deserve another burden.

“What do you want to tell me?” He demands, and you lift your hand to beckon him close, so close that he can feel your breath tickling his cheek as you whisper in his ear:

“You’re a jerk.”

The world becomes dark.

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candycountries  asked:

I'm on a roll today so: the kid squad teases Will about you and Johnathan the same way they teased Mike about Nancy and Steve. *high pitched voice* "Oh Johnathan, you're so big and strong and handsome, I just want to kiss you!" "(Y/N)'s hair is so pretty, I'm gonna talk about how it shines in the light and how I want to take a million pictures of them and ask if you've noticed how pretty their smile is." It's all fun and games until you and Johnathan overhear them. Those kids die on the spot.

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!

You Heard Angel

Jace x Reader

Requested By @isabellarose5150

The day Clary arrived upended your whole world. You trained alone while Jace used your normal training time to teach Clary, the made up runes you’d carefully draw on him faded and were replaced with proper ones so he could show Clary how they worked.


Even your nights were spent alone, without your best friend’s arms wrapped around you. It was made worse by the hot burning flush that ran through you whenever her musical voice let out a giggle and she’d lean into him.


“Oh Jace you’re so funny.” Your voice was high pitched and girl as you scrunched your nose in disgust.


“Wow… that, are you jealous?” Alec asked with a tight smirk.


“What of her, little bouncy untrained redhead who’s only hope of survival is to cling onto Jace while talking in a real flirty voice?” You glared at Alec and shook your head. “Not a chance.”


“Ok, I’m going to leave.” Alec chuckled and left you to glare at the two training Shadowhunters.


A sweaty Jace bounded up to you, tugging his shirt and throwing it at you, laughing and trying to wrap his arms around you as you laughed and squealed while he fought your attempt to keep his sweaty body from encasing you.


“Come one (Y/N) you know you want me to hug you.” Jace yelled.


“No… no, Jace stop… ok you win.” You giggled.


“Never!” He grinned when you tried to duck around him and turned you by your waist.


The two of you raced to the training room where Clary watched the two of you wrestling until she stormed off, leaving the two of you alone. He pinned you down, grinning when you flipped him over and plopped yourself onto his stomach.


“By the angel…” Jace mumbled as he pushed your hair out of your face. He slowly pulled you down to kiss him, sighing contently when he let you pull away. “You are so jealous of Clary.”


“What I am not!” You yelped and hit his chest.


“Ow ok, look all I’m saying is you watched me the entire time I was training with her and you’re now sat on me and I’m half naked.” Jace watched your cheeks flush. “Come on (Y/N) admit it.”


“I’m not saying anything.” You huffed as your cross your arms over your chest, his hands snaking up to rest on your hips.


“You’re in love with me!” Jace sang, dragging out each word.


“Oh yeah well you’re in love with me.” You teased right back.


“I know.” He muttered.


“What?” You asked, eyes wide at his solemn comment. He wiggled his eyebrows and jumped up, catching you when he flipped you into the air.


“You heard Angel.” He mumbled as he kissed your cheek and set you down so he could shower.

Marauders Friendship Imagine: “Truth or dare”

Can I request a story where the marauders and lilys crew and the reader are playing a drunk game of truth or dare at midnight?

Requested by anon

Warning: drinking

“Wait! Let me get this straight. So in this muggle game one person asks for truth or dare. If they refuse, they have to take a shot of firewhisky. Is that right?” Sirius asked.

“Yes” Lily replied.

“I like it” He added, smirking slyly. “I’ll start! Peter, truth or dare?”

“Er- Dare!” he whispered. He didn’t look confident at all.

“Dare, eh? I dare you to do an impression of Prongs!”

All of you laughed before even knowing if he was going to go through or choose to drink instead. Peter gathered all his courage, took a deep breath and started, in a high pitched voice: “Oh, Lily! Go out with me! I know you love me, don’t deny it! Lily, you’re the most beautiful Gryffindor girl, and I’m the most handsome Gryffindor boy! It’s meant to happen, and you know it! I-”

Peter was interrupted by a pillow thrown by James, who complained: “I don’t sound like that, Wormtail!”

All of you laughed and Lily muttered: “Actually, he did a good job with the impression”

“So Remus, truth or dare?” Peter inquired.


“If you had to go out in a date with someone who’s playing, who would you choose?”

Remus blushed deeply and mumbled: “Bring that firewhisky, now”

More laughs filled the room. When he had a shot, he quickly mumbled: “Lily, truth or dare?”


“Ok. Would you rather date Prongs or Padfoot?”

You tried to hold back your laugh. You knew she would finally confess it.

“Er… James” her cheeks turned pink.

“I knew you couldn’t resist me!” James shouted.

At his outburst you couldn’t help it, you broke out laughing.

“Y/n… You found it funny, didn’t you? Truth or dare?” Lily wondered.

Shit, you thought. She wants revenge.


“Have you ever fantasized about making out with someone in this room? With whom?”

Dammit, of course you did… But like hell you were going to say it out loud.


The game went on and on until late at night. Needless to say, you had hangover, but it had been worth it.

Originally posted by onehellofahufflepuff

When Rhett is twelve years old, his grandfather dies. His father calls him up to his office and tells him that his grandfather had left him something in his will.

Rhett has several thoughts about being a millionaire, and is disappointed when his father shows him his grandfather’s wedding ring instead. 

“This one is yours,” he says. And then he shows him a less familiar, more delicate ring. “And you can give this one to somebody special one day, Rhett.” Rhett pretends to understand, and hides both rings in a box under his bed.

Link finds the rings when Rhett is fourteen years old. “What’s this?” he asks, seemingly hypnotised by the delicate diamonds on Rhett’s grandmother’s ring. He puts it on, and it fits just right, and Link flutters his eyelashes at Rhett and pitches his voice high and says “oh, of course I do, Rhett.”

Rhett feels angry and embarrassed, and he shouts at Link and tells him that the ring isn’t for him, that he’s not allowed to touch it, ever. Link puts the ring back under the bed and says “okay, Rhett, I won’t, I promise.”

Rhett feels weirdly guilty for losing his temper, but doesn’t apologise. He and Link don’t talk about the ring again.

Rhett kisses Link when he is sixteen years old. His hands are clammy with sweat and the kiss lasts about three seconds. Link asks “what was that for?”, and Rhett shrugs and says “I like you. I wanted you to know.”

Link smiles at him and grabs his hand and squeezes tightly, and for once, he doesn’t mention Rhett’s sweaty hands.

Rhett knows who he wants to give his grandmother’s ring to when he is eighteen years old. He holds Link’s hand, sometimes, and stares at his fingers, long and lean but now too big to fit into his grandmother’s ring. 

When Link is asleep beside him, Rhett takes his left hand and measures his ring finger. 

Rhett gives Link the resized ring when he is twenty. There is no wedding, even though they want desperately for there to be one. “I hope this will do until then,” Rhett says.

“It’s perfect.”

Mr. Scratch Visits

The crash from downstairs causes both you and Aaron to bolt up in bed.
“You heard that right?” You whisper your eyes wide in the darkness of the room.
“I did.” He moves to the side of the bed where his secondary gun safe is. You’re thankful that Jack isn’t home, one less person to worry about. You hear the lock click open and the metal against metal as Aaron pulls the gun out. “Come on. Stay behind me.” You grasp the bottom edge of the back of his shirt and follow him out of your room. The two of you move quietly through your home, knowing exactly where to step to avoid the creaking floorboards.
“Oh Agent Hotchner! You brought me a toy.” A high pitched male voice says then he laughs, the sound causes your blood to run cold.
“Baby go! Run. Call Dave. Tell him it’s Scratch.” You go to do as he says when a long hand reaches out and grabs your arm.
“Ah. Ah. Ah.” He chides, “Sorry pet. I have a little present for you.”
“Don’t breathe!” Aaron cries as a puff of air hits your face. You hold your breath until your lungs are screaming for oxygen and this, Scratch person, grins down at you. You can’t hold it any longer you suck in a tiny bit of air and nothing happens. Scratch is watching your face intently. Waiting for a reaction to whatever he’s sprayed in your face. You take the opportunity to punch him so he lets go of your arm, you kick his hip causing him to stumble away but you’ve used up what little oxygen you have. You breathe in a sharp breath of air and there’s a gunshot from behind you. The world gets foggy, you turn to get Aaron but he’s lying on the floor. Blood oozing from a gunshot wound.
“No!” You scream, “No! Aaron!” A dark mass reaches for you, pulling you away from Aaron and out of the house. You scream loudly and try to fight off whomever has you but they just drag you outside.
“Stop! Aaron! Help! Someone help! Aaron!” You’re screaming. The unknown figure pins you to the ground.
“-shhhh.” You hear it murmur in your ear. There are flashing lights. “Baby.”
“Aaron?” Your heart is pounding, someone puts an oxygen mask over your face. “No! Stop!”
“Baby it’s okay. It’s going to help clear the poison faster. Shhhh.” Aaron’s voice is close to your ear. How did they get him so fast? Is he okay? What poison? The blurry shapes come into focus and you see Aaron sitting next to you on the ground. He has a long scratch on his face that an EMT is tending to, but no gunshot wound.
“Aaron.” You breathe from behind the mask. He glances down at you and smiles softly.
“There she is.”
“What the hell happened?” You ask sitting up with a groan. As you pluck the mask off your face he wraps an arm around you and rests his head against yours.
“It’s an aerosol psychological drug. It makes you see your worst fears. Monsters and demons.”
“You were- you were dying.” You choke out between sobs, “I couldn’t save you.”
“It’s okay. It wasn’t real. We’re both okay.”
“What about the gunshot?”
“That was me. I killed him.” His eyes cloud over for a second and you wrap yourself in his arms.
“Thank you.”
“Protecting me, I don’t ever worry that something will happen. I know you’ll have my back.”
“Always. I’ll always go down fighting for you.”
“I know. I’d do the same for you.” You kiss him softly, “I love you Aaron.”
“I know. I love you too.” He kisses you again and you know, the nightmare is over.

Just Friends (Luke Imagine)


“Oh my God, are you two dating?” came a high pitched voice behind you. You turned to find a teenage girl, probably around the age of fourteen, rushing towards you and him. The look on her face was one of shock, excitement, and maybe a little anger.

You looked at him. He gave a nervous smile, shooting you a glance before turning back to the girl, who now stood in front of you both with one hand on her hip and the other holding up a cell phone, its camera pointed at him. “No, we’re not dating. We’re just friends,” he told her.

“Guys and girls can’t just be friends, Luke,” came her quick reply. She shot you a nasty look.

Luke gave an awkward chuckle. “We’ve been best friends for years, so that’s definitely not true.”

The girl took a step closer to him and stage-whispered, urgently, “She wants you. I can tell. It’s a sixth sense I have.”

“So, do you want a picture, or…?”

Her face turned immediately into a smile. “Sure! She can take it,” she said, thrusting her cell phone into your hands. Luke put his arm around the girl and you snapped a few photos before handing back the phone. The girl seemed satisfied and finally headed off.

You resumed walking. “Jeez, I can’t believe that keeps happening.”


“Us getting stopped by fans and their first question being ‘Are you dating?’”

He laughed softly. “It’s no big deal. They just don’t want me to get my heart broken, I guess. Or they want to be the one breaking my heart.”

“But doesn’t it seem weird that people always assume we’re together?” You turned to look at him.

“I don’t know,” he replied. “I guess I never really thought about it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, is it really a bad thing if people assume we’re together?”

You stopped walking. “Luke, if you’re about to confess your love for me, don’t.”

He laughed, continuing to walk. “No, I’m not in love with you, Y/N. But, okay, if I was forced to marry anybody in the world by tomorrow, it would one hundred percent be you.”

You smiled to yourself, opening the door of your favorite ice cream parlour and stepping inside, immediately overwhelmed with the cool, sweet air of the place. “Well thanks, Luke.”

“What, you aren’t going to tell me you’d choose me too?”

You turned to look at him, one eyebrow raised. “Not while Zac Efron is alive and well, darling.”

He rolled his eyes and headed to the counter, knowing your favourite flavour by heart. You chose a booth by the window and pulled out your phone while you waited for him. Twitter was abuzz with photos of you and him side by side. It was so weird that so many people were obsessed with your dorky best friend. The photos were kind of cute, though. You saved one and made it your phone background as Luke arrived at the table, carrying two ice cream cones.

“Thank you,” you said, smiling and taking a lick from your cookies and cream one. “So, Twitter officially thinks we’re a couple.”

“What?” he asked, completely absorbed in his own ice cream.

“I guess that girl didn’t believe you when you told her we’re just friends.” You held up your phone so he could see the photo.

He examined it for a few moments. “Why’s it your phone background?”

You shrugged, taking another lick of ice cream. “We make a cute couple.” He stared at you for a few moments, his strawberry cone dripping slightly onto the table. “What?” you asked, fiddling with your hair.

“Maybe we should be a couple,” he suggested quietly, mopping up the spilled ice cream with a napkin.

You choked on your own ice cream. “Are you insane?!”

“No, I’m being serious, Y/N,” he said, now looking you directly in the eye.

“But we don’t like each other!”

He shrugged. “I have a theory about that, actually.”

You raised an eyebrow at him. “Go on, then.”

“Okay, so you say we don’t like each other. But we’re together all the time, always hanging out, laughing, having a good time.”

“Yeah, we’re frien-”

“Let me finish,” he interrupted. “All this hanging out is basically us going on dates. Like right now,” he glanced around the ice cream parlour. “I bet everyone in here right now thinks we’re a couple.”

You eyed the parlour’s other patrons. They were looking at the two of you in a kind of dewy-eyed ‘isn’t that sweet’ type of way…

“My theory,” Luke continued, and you looked back at him. “My theory is that we somehow just skipped over all the butterflies and awkwardness of the first few months of dating and went right to the long-term relationship part.”

He finished speaking and leaned back in his seat, licking his ice cream cone as you sat in stunned silence. “That’s completely crazy,” you finally said.

“Is it?” he asked.

“Yeah, it is,” you shot back.

“Prove it, then. Kiss me right now, and if you feel nothing, I swear I’ll never mention it again.”

He leaned towards you again, an offer. You couldn’t help but hesitate. Were you scared? You didn’t think so. What the hell, you thought to yourself, and kissed him.

It was quick, just a light peck, but even still, your stomach exploded with frantic butterflies at the pressure of his lips on yours, fitting perfectly, at the taste of sweet strawberry ice cream on his lips, at the way his eyes widened in surprise after you had done it. “Shit,” you whispered to yourself. You stared at him for a long time. “You were right.”

And then his face broke into the biggest grin you’d ever seen. “I knew it! Now say out loud.”

“No, I’m not saying it, you say it!” you said, giggling.

“I’m not ashamed,” he told you. “I really like you.”

The butterflies in your stomach grew ever more excited. “Gross,” you said.

“Say it,” he said, holding his ice cream cone out to you like a microphone. “Please, for me, your boyfriend?”

You made a face. “Even grosser,” you said, but you couldn’t resist smiling.

He poked your nose with the end of his ice cream, leaving your nose sticky and cold. Your jaw dropped. “You’re the worst!” you exclaimed wiping your face.

He was laughing uncontrollably now. “Say it or I’ll do it again!”

You held your hands up in defeat, raising your ice cream cone like you were the Statue of Liberty. “Okay, okay, I like you! Alright? I like you a lot!”

“Thank you,” he responded. “I told you so,” he added, grinny cockily.

“I’m leaving,” you deadpanned, standing up from the table and walking out the door.

You felt his hand in yours before you heard him say, “Look, I saw the opportunity, I had to take it.”

You smiled at him. “I like you, but you’re the dorkiest person in existence.”

He grinned back. “Weird, I was about to say the same thing about you.”

You rolled your eyes. “So, should we go find that girl and tell her we’re not just friends?”

“Absolutely not,” he replied. “I’m spending the rest of the day with you, and later we’re going to cuddle.”

“Did I mention that you’re the dorkiest?”

“But you like me anyway.”

Music Room

Warnings: None
Characters: Daddy!Sam and Uncle!Dean Winchester, Castiel, Daughter!Reader Winchester, Readers 6 year old cousin (Mary)
Summary: (Read request at bottom)
Readers Age: 16 years old
Word Count: 859

Y/N/N: Your Nickname

A/N: So this isn’t really a part 2 it’s kinda like a whole other story but hey oh well! Enjoy!

“Y/N/N?” You heard a high pitched voice say as the door to your room opened slowly, “Yes Mary?” You responded not looking up from your laptop. “Can we play Hide ‘N Seek?” She asked giving her famous puppy dog eyes, now your dad had good puppy dog eyes but nothing could compare to Mary’s.

“Uh… Sure why not.” You replied as you got up, Mary was already out the door running to go hide, “YOU COUNT FIRST!” You heard her voice echo throughout the bunker. You chuckled and placed your arm on the wall and leaned your eyes onto it so that they were covered.

“1… 2… 3…” A little while passed, “29… 30! READY OR NOT HERE I COME!” You yelled your voice echoed. You walked down the halls and turned into the library where you saw your dad and uncle sitting.

“Hey Sweetie.” Sam greeted, “Hey dad, you wouldn’t so happen to see Mary anywhere around here would you?” You asked as you placed your arm on his shoulder and leaned up against him.

Sam shook his head from side to side, “No, why?” Sam asked, “No reason just if you see her call me.” You instructed as you trotted off to find your little cousin.

A few minutes passed and you still couldn’t find her, although there is thousands of places she could be hiding, you should’ve told her that some places were off limits. Nonetheless you carried on looking for her when you heard a few giggles come from the living room.

You smiled and walked in there, “Where oh where could Mary be? I’ve been searching for her, I guess she’s just to good.” You said loudly so she could hear you. You then saw two feet poking out from underneath the couch, you grinned.

You approached her feet then went down grabbing her ankles and yanking her out, she made a big squeal and you proceeded to tickle her.

Giggles were escaping her mouth when you stopped, you got up and helped her up. “That was fun! My turn to count!” Mary said as she ran over to the wall and placed her hands on it, when Mary put her hand on the wall a piece of the wall went inwards.

“Mary get away from that.” You said as you pulled her away, after a second a door opened. It wasn’t just any door this door wasn’t there before. “Lets go explore!” Mary yelled as she ran into the room that appeared, “Mary no!” You called as you chased after her.

Once you got into the room the lights automatically turned on, “Whoa…” Was the only word that escaped both yours and Mary’s mouths. “Look at all this stuff!” Mary said as she picked up a flute.

Your eyes instantly went to the giant black grand piano, it was really dusty, but beautiful. You sat down on the bench and rolled up your sleeves. You grabbed a nearby cloth and wiped the piano keys down.

Once they were clean you put your foot on the piano petal and fingers on the keys and began to play. Not only did the piano sound brand new but your playing was amazing, you moved up and down the piano keys playing. You were so absorbed in your playing that you didn’t notice your dad and uncle standing in the door way.

Mary took a seat on the floor as she got hypnotized by your playing, once you finished you heard three sets of hands clapping, you jumped at the sudden noise.

You looked over to see Mary on the floor clapping then you saw your dad and uncle clapping as well. “That was beautiful.” Your dad complemented, “Yeah where’d you learn to play like that?” Your uncle Dean asked as he picked Mary off of the dirty floor and placed her on his hip.

“There’s a piano at my school, I take lessons there.” You responded as you got up, you didn’t have any time to fully stand up before you were engulfed into a hug. “I’m proud of you.” Sam said, “Thanks dad.” You mumbled into his chest.

“Well don’t stop on account of us, keep playing!” Dean said eagerly as he and Sam brought some chairs in and sat down, Mary on Dean’s lap.

In the middle of your playing you heard a flutter of wings, you looked up to see Cas leaning up against the wall, arms crossed, staring at you intently. He gave you a faint smile as you continued to play.

You played and played for what seemed like hours, you didn’t mind though, even Mary came and sat with you as you taught her the basics of playing piano. She’s was able to do a little but still had a long way to go, so everyday you and Mary would sit in what is now called the music room and you would teach her.

Maybe some day you two can start a band together, who knows?

Requested by Anonymous:
“Could you do another one with Sam’s daughter and Mary (like a p2?? Idk) where the reader finds a whole knew room in the bunker whilst playing hide and seek with Mary and it’s full of musical instruments and it turns out the reader can play piano? Tysm”

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

War Of Hormone (Reader X Yoongi) - Part 1

Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | Pt 4 | Pt 5 | Pt 6

Plot: This chapter is the story of how you got to know BTS and how everything (that’s still to come) started

Words: 988

„What do we want to eat today?“ 

You stood in a supermarket in front of the vegetables. You had Lola with you, your sister’s cute little French bulldog you had to take care of for today.  You picked a fresh head of lettuce and looked at it closely. “Do we want this, Lola?”, you asked and looked down, suddenly noticing that she was missing. You let the lettuce fall into your shopping basket and looked around. “Lola? Lola?” Where was she? 

You hastily walked through the supermarket, worried that your sister’s dog might be gone. You looked in every aisle. Then you heard a male voice. “Oh, hi there.”, he said with a high pitched voice. You walked towards the source of what you just heard, hoping to find Lola there. 

“Lola!”, you called for her, ran towards her, put down your basket and picked her up. “I’m sorry”, you apologized to the stranger in front of you, and “She won’t bother you again.” “She didn’t bother me at all.”, he replied and petted Lola’s head. Only now, you actually started to look at the person in front of you. He was tall – standing so close to each other, you had to raise your head a little to be able to look into his face. You got lost in his dark eyes and it took you a little, until you realized that he was no longer looking at the dog on your arms, but at you. You felt your cheeks turning hot all of a sudden and hastily turned to look at the products on the shelf next to you. He chuckled and said: “I’m Namjoon.” 

Still slightly embarrassed, you turned back to him. But this time, you tried to avoid eye contact. “I’m Y/N.”, you introduced yourself shyly. Your arms started to feel tired, because of Lola’s weight, so you decided to put her down again and picked up the shopping basket again. 

You took a quick look at Namjoon. He seemed like a really nice guy, but you felt so awkward in front of him right now after having yourself embarrassed by staring at him like a dumb little school girl. So, you decided to leave. You’ve finished your grocery shopping anyways and you wanted nothing more than to get to your sister’s place and bring Lola back to her. “I gotta go now.”, you mumbled and pointed at Lola, “Again, I’m sorry for her.” You started to walk away from him.

“Wait.”, he said and ran after you. He ran into a small shelf with cans of soup on it and everything fell to the floor. Surprised by the sound of it, you turned around to see the mess he just made and him sitting in the middle of it all. You couldn’t suppress your laughter. Slightly dizzy, he looked up to you. “Now we both embarrassed ourselves.”, he said with a smirk on his face. You still couldn’t stop laughing. “Yeah, but I didn’t embarrass myself in front of the whole super market.”, you countered. He took a look around. Everyone was staring at him. 

He shrugged and stood up. “I’m glad that the boys weren’t here to see this.”, he mumbled. “Who?”, you asked him. “My friends – my band mates, actually.”, he explained, “I’m in a band.” “Oh, really?”, you asked surprised, “What kind of music do you make. Do I know something of you?” “Well, have you ever heard of BTS?”, he asked. For a few seconds, you just stared at him blankly. Then you shook your head and said: “No way! You’re like really famous!” Great, Y/N. You thought to yourself. That was by far the dumbest thing you’ve said today. “I…I mean, yeah, I’ve heard of you.”, you said and tried to look cool. 

You sighed and looked at all the cans of soup around you. “We should really clear this mess up.”, you said and kneeled down. You looked beside you to make sure that Lola was still with you. Fortunately, she was sitting there, quietly observing you two. Namjoon set up the shelf again. He put one of the cans on it and the shelf broke. He sighed. You giggled and came up to him. “Could it be that this happens every once in a while?”, you asked grinning. He rubbed the back of his neck. “I might be a bit clumsy.”, he admitted. “A bit.”, you repeated with raised eyebrows. “Maybe more than a bit.”, he corrected himself. “Okay, how about you just pick up the cans and I’ll try to fix this?”, you suggested. Namjoon nodded and kneeled down. He petted Lola and started to pick up the cans of soup.

While clearing up the mess he had made, you two had a really nice chat. You told each other about yourselves and made a lot of jokes. Time flew.

Suddenly, you found yourself standing outside of the supermarket, bags full of groceries in your hands. Namjoon looked at his watch. “Ugh, I’m late.”, he said, “I should have been at the studio ten minutes ago.” “I gotta bring Lola back to my sister.”, you replied. 

Although Namjoon really had to go, he didn’t want to leave. “So, Y/N.”, he said, “It was really nice meeting you.” You smiled. “How about we meet again sometimes?”, you suggested, “In some place where you can’t break something.” His cheeks turned red and you giggled. “That would be great.”, he replied. “I’m gonna give you my number.”, you said. He pulled out his phone and gave it to you. You typed in your number and handed it back to him. You two said goodbye and left, both with a smile on your faces.

And this is how your friendship began.  Shortly after this encounter, you also got to meet the rest of BTS. You happened to get along well with every one of them…except for one - Yoongi.


“‘Oh, Sammy’,” Dean smiled with a high-pitched voice, pretending to sigh dreamily. “‘That’s a wonderful plan, Sammy! You’re so smart, and handsome, and mooseadorable–’”

“That’s not even a real word!” you scoffed, rolling your eyes at Dean and turning away so that he wouldn’t see your blush. “And I don’t speak like that!”

“‘–and, gosh, Sam, I just can’t believe how strong and brave you were when you jumped in front that vampire for me! You’re the best, Sammy!’”

“Shut up!”

“What? The only reason you two aren’t making out in the back of my Baby in this moment is because both of you are too shy to freakin’ tell each other how you feel,” Dean grumbled. “Until you start torturing me like that, I have full privilege for doing this.”


20+ years later...

*future teenage son walks into the living room looking somewhat pissed*

Me: What’s wrong, honey?

Son: I just finished looking up my name on the internet for that assignment. 

Me: Oh. Haha… *voice takes on an unnaturally high pitch* Yeah, told you it meant “vigorous spring”. 

Son: Mom… *glares* you named me after one half of the “most shipped slash pairing in fangirl history”. 

Me: *breaks out in cold sweat*

Son: Not to mention my middle name just happens to be that of the actor who plays him.

Me: *really breaks out in cold sweat*

Son: *sigh* But I guess he is kind of gorgeous. *flips his long-ass hair* Just like me.

Me: *cups his cheek tenderly* I have raised you well, my son.